Mama (2013) - Horror, Thriller

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A young couple take in their two nieces only to suspect that a supernatural spirit named Mama has latched itself to their family.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Andy Muschietti
Stars: Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 75 out of 326 found boring (23%)

One-line Reviews (260)

All in all it's an engaging horror film, and I recommend seeing it.

Mama (Dolby Atmos) (A) English -------- my Rating : ★★★★½ BREATHTAKING .

save your money and wait till it comes on TV if you really want to watch it.

The movie drug in the middle, kinda got boring.

The storyline was very good, and kept you on the edge of the cinema seat!!

The film got off to a very slow start and didn't really speed up much.

'Mama' begins excellently, full of mystery and suspense as we are brought together with an intriguing story line.

overall it was a great experience and I highly recommend it.

Horror fan to horror fan take my word for it this is a mainstream attempt at the genre, an internet meme of a movie and a waste of your time.

With a pg-13 rating, you can expect a lot of intense pop-out scenes.

There is a roughly 5 minute long tracking shot at the end of the 2nd act that is relentlessly intense.

The characters were predictable.

The narrative of this film is somewhat tedious, there is unnecessary padding and emphasis on the emotional which is not given any proper context or explanation.

I have to say, this was a surprisingly intriguing and well-made horror movie!

With that being said, it still works and some of the direction they do go with the finale was a bit unexpected which makes up a bit for the disappointing reveal.

Mama immediately grabbed me from its intriguing opening which was also beautifully shot and felt very Spanish so I knew that I was in good hands, directing-wise.

It wasn't the best movie of all time, but it was definitely worth watching.

It shows the "ghost" a lot, probably too much, instead of leaving more for the imagination, which left me pretty bored in the second half.

just another drab story.

Please folks, don't waste your hard-earned money on sub-par horror movies like this.

The film is not good at all.. The acting is very good and I appreciate that on behalf of some of the horror movies that have been coming out lately, but the scares and the ability to keep the audience on the edge of their seat is just not there.. The CGI is out of this world and actually used for about thirty minutes straight near the conclusion of the film....

It will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you wonder, what is next.

This is a thrilling movie that contains restless horror as when the ghastly and threatening being attacks .

The story is fairly slow for a lot of audiences and there aren't any particular 'jump scares' that are thrown at the audience, there are lots of subtle hints in there and important parts that build up to what I thought a good finale.

Two most important things i like most in this movie is first its story telling which will make you sit through out even at some-point as i said previously the pace was slow and second most important thing was the brilliant acting of two child artist Megan Carpenter(Named Victoria in this movie) and Isabella Nillesse(Named Lilly in this movie).

The story is overly complicated, overly emotional, disjointed, and too long.

Visually Stunning and Emotionally Charged.

The acting is passable and Jessica Chastain is hot but the plot is nosensical, predictable and has a twist at the end just for the sake of having one in an attempt to save this movie from being completely forgettable.

Overall is this a very good movie whit a great story and a lot of exciting moments.

The middle hour of this film is incredibly contrived and convoluted and filled with cheap jump scares that overexpose the films villain.

We all knew he was going to die, so why dragged on his death?

Mama is not smart, new or different but long ,slow and boring experience.

That made it much easier and actually more enjoyable to see him bond almost instantly with Victoria as Lilly was obviously going to be more difficult.

But it does have a Downward Spiral of Effectiveness from the very Intriguing Beginning to the Unsettling Middle to the Awful and Disappointing Ending.

Most horror movies I have seen, not a favorite genre of mine, are more boring than horrific.

And to cover up the cheapness they did much of the "scariest" part of the film in the dark (yawn).

10 last minutes SUCKSHad to get it of my chestLuckily I now that many of you did love the ending..This was a classic film, and deserved a (boring?

I enjoyed it for what it was, which is an efficient horror film that'll give you the creeps and has child actors who WON'T make you want to gouge your eyes out.

I enjoyed it and I think so will you.

An unsuccessful attempt to take us back to "The Sixth Sense" times,Mama is a semi-horror super-boring film that will make you really angry with the path that modern horror or thriller movies have taken.

Save your money people, and your time.

But since "mama" is a ridiculous CGI projection, we yawn.

An intense movie like this needed some sort of relief and it has a few funny little bits.

Like Pans Labyrinth (a vastly superior film) the plot teeters on the edge of a horror film and a fairy tale (albeit.

so, i'm not talking about the (poor) characters, or the predictable narrative.

It is also a waste of money.

Save your money, folks.

MAMA is creepy, dark and totally unpredictable.

The entity, and even the younger sister, moves in a terrifyingly fast and disjointed fashion.

Several suspenseful and horrifying events begin to take place while the girls continue to talk to shadows in the walls and call out for Mama.

Further, besides the sisters, every character is uninteresting.

This would appear to be doubly true if said horror film is released in the usually dreary month of January.

don't waste your time its horrifying .

It's a fascinating trick of manifesting its mysteries and fear.

Unfortunately, MAMA is a crushing bore that doesn't do much other than repeating the same scare over the course of 109-minute running time.

The emotional ride was largely due to the restrained yet effective performance of Jessica Chastain as a single rocker-chick who was suddenly given the unexpected and unwelcome responsibility of being a step-mother to two very disturbed girls.

As well, the film tends to meander in completely uninteresting scenarios, with the vindictive grandmother trying to get the girls under her custody and not trusting the couple to do so merely for her own good or the sentimentality of slowly winning over the younger, more feral sister with motherhood tactics she'd never prepared for before, which is a plausible intuition from the storyline but really comes off as tired and cliché from the continued usage of the tactic in other movies.

Mama is something else however it still has those horror movie clichés, like those easy loud jump scares and some ghostly pathos, but there is a fascinating concept behind the scares that leaves the audience a beautiful story than just a cheap horror shock.

The film seems to constantly border on the line of Horror cliché and interesting ideas.

A lot of people I feel will struggle to understand the ending and with the slow build up if they haven't got into that I can imagine that the ending will leave people feeling they want more.

The fact that Lily has to leave with Mama adds a great dramatic element to what could be a typical boring horror film ending (They give Mama her baby and all live happily ever after).

Both of them are gradually discovered living on their own in the cabin, and later brought to an institute where they are studied and held under intensive care by a psychiatrist named Dr. Dreyfuss (Daniel Kash).

This movie has a fascinating premise - what would happen if children were raised by a ghost?

Horror has been one of the least appreciated film genres nowadays for relying nothing more than the excessive amount of violence and repetitive jump scares, plodding the storytelling by its completely lifeless characters who are ready to get killed.

And it all ends in a rather twee, predictable and unsatisfying way, which is a real shame.

The result is a mildly entertaining horror film that falls short of its full potential.

One part I did enjoy was Jessica Chastain, she was a good fit for her role, and was very enjoyable.

Even with all its predictability, "Mama" still somehow manages to remain generally incoherent and (especially, closer to the end) full of obviously contrived coincidences.

This is one of the bests horror movies I've seen in 2013, the story has unexpected ways of going.

Had good potential, but a trite ending .

Formulaic but enjoyable ghost story .

As far as these clichéd ghost horror films go this is a pretty entertaining one, that delivers the spooks you expect it too.

Personally, it's kind of more interesting when it simply tells the story of the two kids and the Mama ghost even though it features a horror cliché of ghosts telling their past to the central character.

Mind Blowing .

However, the audience is only inclined to follow this theme after Mama suddenly becomes a dull computer rendering.

So I bought the tickets and went in expecting to see just another typical scary movie where they'll have you jump out your seats a couple of times and leave the theater thinking "the ending could've been way better", it surprisingly did way better than just that.

Throughout the movie, there are plenty jump out scares, but even more noticeable is the overall eeriness of the entire movie that will send chills down your spine even at the most unexpected moments.

This overall plot was completely predictable as it has been done COUNTLESS times.

However, the way the story was developed was entertaining and well done in my opinion.

This movie, however, takes the other extreme: nearly nothing happens throughout the whole movie, aside from a few scary bits (first scene with the butterfly!

I recommend "Mama" for ages 13 and up because of its intense content.

" This movie deals with a father and two small children who survive a car accident in the woods, and they find a cabin, and the father gets "dragged away.

"Mama" has a few stunning visuals and delivers the promised amount of scares.

Still, it is a movie well worth watching.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Coming up, the movie gets extremely intense, suspenseful, creepy, and more scary.

Chastain is excellent as the punk rock chick reluctantly mothering two children before her time, the two girls, Charpentier and Nelisse, are also top draw, exuding the sadness and confusion that children of that age would obviously be feeling under these circumstances.

Daniel Kash makes the most of his problematic nearly pointless plot-device role, while Mama herself is voiced to unnerving effect and even more so in action with Javier Botet.

Finally, a modern horror flick worth watching.

Overall, 'Mama' is a pretty good film with a few decent scares and a plot that goes against boring convention.

The ending was just confusing.

Mama completes an intriguing horror quartet of Gullermo del Toro produced/directed movies: The Devil's backbone, Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage.

Save your money .

A horror movie worth watching .

First-time feature film director Andrés Muschietti succeeds to create a horror film that was visually stunning as it was emotionally charged.

I found the revelation of what the mama is pretty silly and the back story got very confusing towards the end.

It does juggle well the balance between suspense and sudden jumps, and it is a quite enjoyable horror movie, several steps above the average horror flick.

A great many horror films play on the maternal instincts inside all of us, this one spins it into a very enjoyable thrill ride.

I feel that everything that is used to scare people has become so much of a cliché that even watching it in the dark wouldn't make me jump.

Bringing an unexpected warmth to the film,Nikolaj Costrer-Waldau gives a great,double sided performance as Luke and Jeffery, (something which is oddly not included as an element in the plot) with Waldau showing the warmth Luke has towards Lily and Victoria that Annabel slowly catches,and also impressively,shows Jeffery someone who is dead behind the eyes and at his wits end,who sees that the only thing he can do is to murder his daughters.

Last year, when Guillermo del Toro helped executive produced Troy Nixey's directing debut in a supernatural chiller called DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK, many horror fans were expecting an edge-of-the-seat spookfest but what they got, was a horror-movie yawner instead.

Cliché scares.

This film has horror themes, with all the predictable mainstream horror clichés, especially with the never ending shock moments, the inexplicable scenes where the heroes must stay in the house and the fact that they do any investigations at night.

I find this movie quite entertaining considering the fact that most people have found this movie below par.

The sight of the two little wild girls is one the most terrifying part of the film, we expect them to turn out to be ultra-violent, unpredictable and worse, evil.

Its distinct lack of gore, and high level of well-crafted story, makes for an exciting experience for both horror lovers, and those who don't necessarily appreciate the genre.

I really enjoyed it and so did the people I saw it with.

The ghost doesn't behave in a natural (or indeed logical) way, it only serves to deliver cheap scares to the audience, by creeping up behind the main character and peeking at the camera over their shoulder before vanishing, or popping right up in front of the lens to peek right at you with shamefully predictable timing and so on and so forth.

And "Mama" can move with either lightning speed or plodding slowness, depending on what the story calls for.

Some scenes felt too long and repetitive such as when they were in the house.

So here is a case where strong performances overcome a somewhat weak and predictable story.

This unpredictable behavior kept the tension high for me and kept me wondering just where the movie was going.

The mystery of the story and the meaning behind it all keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The scariest, most unpredictable film I've seen in a long time.

It was anything but predictable.


I highly recommend it.

Camera work was steady and the dolly shots were smooth and suspenseful.

I think CGI must have been used to make her movements appear more animalistic, but a child of her age maintaining such seriousness is riveting to watch.

The casting in that respect in my opinion seemed to be superior to that of "Hugo" where the wooden screen duo of Asa Butterfield, and Chloë Grace Moretz looked bland, lacked chemistry, and in general left an artificial aftertaste.

I am not giving it ten stars only because it was a bit depressing in places, but after I left the theater, even the depressing aspects of this movie caused me to think about it.

The idea of a couple of little girls adopted by a vengeful ghost is very interesting and compelling.

The slow, steady & smooth manoeuvring of camera brings a discomforting element into the story while those sudden bursts of startling immediacy delivers the jump scares.

What I'm trying to say is that it's all rather predictable and a little wearying in places.

The acting, especially from the kids, some trippy and macabre imagery , and a bit of a twist might make you want to sleep with the lights on.

Whilst the writers do well at building on the background details related to Mama,I feel that the puzzle solving thread that the main characters were attempting to finish was sadly left with a number of pieces missing,with the investigation of the children's imaginary friend Mama by Gerald Dreyfuss, (played by a stern Daniel Kash) giving the film a tense atmosphere of it preparing to deliver a truly knock-out twist,which it disappointingly never unleashes,due to the way that it wraps up Dreyfuss extremely intriguing thread,being one which leads to a strong impression that huge parts of his plot line ended up on the cutting room floor.

If you are expecting a thrilling horror movie ...

It is extremely formulaic and almost exclusively consists of genre clichés.

Welcome to the Hollywood big cliché (although with crappy CGI more often than not).

The rest of the film is familiar ghost-movie stuff, meaning predictable plot-twists, a too large portion of sentiment and an avalanche of textbook "boo!

Eventually I thought it was a frightening movie with a very intense atmosphere and properly placed scare moment (and I'm not easily scared).

Chastain is, I agree with the critics, a very unconvincing goth punk rocker, black hair or not, so I could not pay much attention to her, to be honest, even with the involvement of Guillermo del Toro, I couldn't pay much attention to anything, only one or two bits were relatively creepy, some of the special effects were okay I guess, but the story was muddled and nonsense, the pace was slow, and overall I just found it pretty boring, a disappointing horror film.

They use some of my favourite scare tactics (using a camera as a light source, unexpected appearances by the entity, etc...

I, for example, was not expecting from it anything even remotely comparable to the famous "Mystery Man" scene – a little masterpiece from David Lynch's "Lost Highway" where a potent combination of the subtle makeup, the background sound, and the mind-bending dialog creates a thrilling creepiness of enormous power.

Very boring stuff 7.

The 11 minutes of children's drawings at the beginning were utterly pointless.

Don't waste your time on this, except if your 12-year old wants to see his first horror move THAT bad or something.

but after a while things become shady and hard to follow.

The movie will take you on a suspenseful ride wondering what is next.

The Trailer was very deceiving, which contained most of the scary scenes therefore ruining the movie and making it that much more predictable.

Bored beyond measure by today's emphasis on visuals, I feel the art and graphics here are stunning and different.

Its honestly better than a ghost popping up in the end, extracting vengeance like most horror movies does so cheaply and then ending the movie in a big cliff hanger (like The Women in Black - although good movie, a cliché ending that just about every horror-ghost movie has).

The scares become less frequent, the pace lacks its tautness, the dialogue gets confused and things start becoming predictable and contrived.

Unlike most modern horror films, this movie's ambition is to tell a compelling story.

Leaving such threads aside the real story, which does not depend on anything that took place in the bulk of the film except for one child's affection for her rescuers, only begins after a curiously pointless encounter in the house in the woods and a second glimpse of the Helvetia sign.

The feral children scenario is unique and fascinating and when the movie sticks with that theme, it's nearly flawlessUnfortunately, the entire story seems to derail in the last act and becomes a ludicrous concoction of plot holes, overwrought melodrama and morally problematic decisions.

It's a pretty good system ( it gave us last years underrated Sam Rami backed "The Possession) and it allows us to get another Guillermo Del Toro project as the wait for Pacific Rim becomes increasingly unbearable.

Boring and slow .

Generic story with generic acting, bland CGI and a rather predictable ending.

Flawed but compelling.

In fact, it's quite the opposite: it's entertaining and fine to watch.

This storytelling arc i found very suspenseful and the great character development in Annabel and Victoria, the bigger sister, lead up to the climax, which is very heavy on emotions, pain and a triumph of the director's extraordinary vision.

This is in my bottom two worst movie endings.

If you have absolutely nothing better to do go ahead and watch this, buy looking out your window might be more entertaining.

Absolutely Terrible, and very Predictable...

It's also overlong at 100 minutes and padded with repetitive scenes that add nothing to the film.

It's executive producer is horror master Guillermo del Toro, and the film provides a maximum of mind blowing excitement and terrifying images that are solidly backed by an unforgettable storyline.

I would love to see a modern day horror film that frightens you with it's story and it's intense believable acting and terrifying premise.

The performance from Jessica Chastain is mind blowing.

Many of the characters were fine and had a little more development than I expected in a horror movie, yet their development was very linear and predictable despite the emotion they portrayed.

If you are a normal person of normal intellect you are just likely to be very bored.

Oddly familiar and predictable.

Well after some nice wine tastings and some cheese eating and after I have just witnessed this moving picture with my eyes, I can say that this moving picture is a total waste of time I wouldn't want anybody to waste their precious time seeing this.

Like I said, nothing original, minimum startle factor and a ho-hum ending.

It is tense, disturbing, and very riveting.

The on the Toilet waiting for the + or - to Tell the Tale of the Unexpected.

I was pulled in to this world that is frightening, intriguing, and confronting.

Their performance in the movie had so many layers that add some depth to their roles and were engaging, spooky and heartbreaking.

The film goes really down hill during that dream sequence, as it appears to be a video game cut scene out of a FPS Rail shooter, the over use of CGI in a terribly contrived ending makes the movie feel like it's running 20 minutes too long.

Tragic stories are exciting and implausible all at the same time.

He crashes the car after going off road and off a cliff, but they survive the crash, and they find an empty isolated cabin, and when the father tries to kill his daughter again a creepy ghost attacks him and saves them.

We see an early scene with a father and his two young children driving perhaps too fast on a remote road while it is snowing, and distracted by the older daughter saying "Please slow down daddy" they slid and crashed down an embankment.

It is really worth watching it.

The few scenes that are predictable are given a little spice to make them unpredictable and I really enjoyed that aspect of it.

BUt, there is only poor character development, dull plotting throughout, and few if ANY scares.

It's unpredictable, interesting and different from what we usually get.

In short: A typical, poorly-made Hollywood horror film that's predictable from beginning to end.

The beginning was interesting but at the end it was getting boring and the ending was terrible and it made absolutely no sense!

Throughout the film, i would find myself looking around the room out of boredom.

The film can be a little too boring.

However the lackluster script, the horrible CGI and the dull acting made it a terrible experience for me.

"By looking at the critics and reviews so far, it does not seem highly positive as a few hardcore horror movie fans have given some crucial feedback about the realism, originality, and how the movie is kinda predictable.

Overall, this film is boring, bland, poorly put together, and to be honest not worth your time.

Both its title & tagline hinted that emotions will come into play in this feature at some point but that very sentimentality also turns its final act into a bland affair and concludes the film on an unsatisfying note.

Suspenseful and Creepy.

The point for me is this visual energy that exhilarates, usually starts slow and builds to ritual dance.

There were creepy, suspenseful, intense moments that made most of the creepy parts scary.

It is about as average and boring as a film can be which is always a disappointment.

The movie also has its weaknesses like pretty much all horror films do considering the protagonists always seem to make stupid decisions, but that is what makes the genre so entertaining at times.

Unfortunately the movie falls flat with some unintentionally funny moments, bad CGI and a cliché ending.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone because I had a hard time trying to understand the story and was bored constantly the entire time the movie was going from one dreadful scene to the other and finally I even had to admit to myself that I no longer cared what happened when it finally came to its terrible and pitiful end.

Mama is an unfortunate misfire, a film that's too contrived to be called effective and truly scary.

It may be the tipping point in this type of film was Poltergeist, where ever so dull Spielberg used all sorts of sfx gizmos to clarify Hooper's metaphysical force in the walls of the film.

An Original Story With a Contrived Plot, Awkward Horror Elements and Too Much Mama .

The show is worth watching just to see them.

Acting wise, the ever rising Jessica Chastain excels once again, barely recognisable in her punky Goth get up, but beneath the cliché rock band chick is a beating human being, one who responds to the situation thrust upon her as best she can.

It's genuinely creepy, kind of suspenseful, and a hell of a lot of fun.

The rest is a yawner.

But again the main story, swathes of backstory about a mental asylum in the 1800's and psychological nuance are contrived, too much is cleanly explicable.

They should be entertaining, even if they don't give you nightmares.

Those waiting for any unpredictable twist or turn of the story end up bitterly disappointed at the end.

To go into more detail would ruin this movie, even if it is predictable, I will leave the door wide open to the small-minded individuals.

Still, a good, original horror movie worth watching.

But the story was bland and cookie-cutter, just another forgettable horror flick.

There are very intense moments in this movie, there's a scene maybe 10 minutes in where the children's father is about the pull off a murder/suicide that really brought some emotions out in me.

However, the overall setting and shots in the film, combined with good acting, allows for an enjoyable horror, just don't take it too seriously.

I found the story fascinating and is open to interpretationand good for repeat viewings.

And while (as far as new age horror films go) I thought "Mama" was for the most part pretty effective and will be giving this movie a recommendation, I am also recommending that (for the most enjoyable experience) one walk out of this movie around 15 minutes before the final credits roll, when this film completely falls apart.

It is so powerful that what follows after it seems quite mundane in comparison.

We already know there is a spirit involved as we half glimpsed "Mama" during the pre-credits sequence, what we need now is a good story and a healthy quota of frights and peril for Waldau and Chastain as they become surrogate parents to the troubled youngsters; And again, Mama mostly delivers all that is required of it for a good night in by the fire whilst perched on the edge of your seat.

The entire movie was very predictable, which ruined the jump/frightening scenes.

A frightening movie with a very intense atmosphere .

The film dragged a lot and i would not recommend it to anyone.

This figure will create a lot intense moments and the result is an emotional roller-coaster that will take you to a breathtaking finale.

Two years ago, he produced a suspenseful let-down called Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, and now he produced another movie called Mama, and it's a crap-ton better.

Enjoy and embrace Mama for its cliché's and obvious build- ups.

Also, the movie has some breathtaking visuals that are truly stunning to look at, though they are also horrific to look at as well.

This is a solid ghost story, atmospheric and frightening, but softened by an overuse of unnecessary CGI and far too many cliché genre inclusions.

But for this movie, I was on the edge of my seat with tingles running up and down my back.

The movie itself was an enjoyable fest of suspense and jump-out-of-your skin frights.

The pace is also slow-moving, with nothing much happens and the revelatory finale is a huge disappointment -- especially when the director finally shows the full-bodied creature of "Mama".

This movie had all the thrills of a scary movie and the elements fright used in the film had everyone in my theater on the edge of the seat.

It had creepy moments and managed to be an entertaining hour and a half.

Not for a moment does she falter, even when her fiancé is confined to intensive care and the kids (and their mama) play all sorts of nasty tricks on the poor girl.

I was glad that the steady cam was steady as most steady cam operators seem to be born with a tremor of some kind so you walk out of the theater with a bad case of the spins.

The scares were frequent and they kept me on the edge of my seat.

The disjointed figure that moves at unnatural speed (which made the short movie famous in the first place) is eerie, scary, fresh, and beautiful at the same time.

What made this one really good, though, was that's its mainstream plot was set upon a very clever, well though off story, unlike paranormal activity for example where they set the movie just for that adrenaline rush it gives you.

As I found this more enjoyable then The Women in black and sinister put together and this movie but PA series to shame, I thought this had some really good Jumpy scare in this movie I did Jump really early in the movie, this dose have some really good intense though tout the movie.

The dialogue is clunky and the pace quite slow with an idea clearly trying to be fleshed out into a story that just doesn't work.

It was the little things that were done to create the atmosphere in this movie that really pushed it along and made it so enjoyable.

The worst movie I have ever watched .

I mean, there was not an ounce of originality throughout the film, pointless jump scares, creepy kids, all topped off with a stupid, stupid heroine!

Boring .

It had fine performances, a startling and fresh premise, some creepy moments, but the CGI ghost was asinine, the scares dull and ineffective and has an unconvincing ending.

The dull colors and grey wash of the scenery really helps the spook level of the movie.

A horror film that is definitely worth watching.

But inspite of the clichés and overly repetitive plot structure,it is a well-played, well-shot horror flick as it doesn't treat audiences as naïve fools.

The director (don't know his name, some confusing foreign name I gather) certainly knows how to work his audience and I look forward to what he can conjure up next.

If not, you are simply going to be bored, find it unbelievable, be rolling your eyes, and then you'll come here and write how lousy the film is.

Yawn .

They both go downstairs in an empty house.

The film has several thrills and suspenseful moments with a great performance from Jessica Chastain.

It was a homicide, in my opinion, let a "pre-Mama" woman to the end of the rope and, by accident, led to the unexpected tragedy: she did not die completely.

It is an original story, but there are bits which are very predictable, some bits which are just pointless, and some bits that didn't make sense.

Overall I found it truly amazing, unpredictable and petrifying most of the time.

hey ;) Few things were confusing ...

The girls take refuge in an empty cabin and are overseen by a protective spirit.

Except a lot of confusion.

The entire plot leads to an unexpected climax (well...

" The lonely, creepy, isolated atmosphere, the intense focus on the mother and daughter characters, the classic female character in jeopardy with little or no outside help or influence...

Or a Baz Luhrman film with dull colours and understated characters?

If you like horror flicks with a lot of jump scene's than this is surely your thing and somehow I enjoyed it too.

Bland acting, rubbish story, filled with clichés you've seen a million times over and a complete waste of life.

She always brings a sense of empowerment mixed with vulnerability to her roles that is always compelling to watch.

This movie is a waste of time.

The plot and the acting totally made up for that, there was also a lot of suspenseful jumpy scenes.

It also has some very predictable jump scares, and that bothered me because this movie would have been just as creepy without the jump scares!

The performance from Jessica Chastain is mind blowing.

Don't waste your time (and especially money) like I did .