Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018) - Comedy, Musical, Romance

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Five years after the events of Mamma Mia! (2008), Sophie prepares for the grand reopening of the Hotel Bella Donna as she learns more about her mother's past.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Ol Parker
Stars: Lily James, Amanda Seyfried
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 106 out of 697 found boring (15.2%)

One-line Reviews (290)

But it was just a total waste of time

(Kids, your parents will tell you what that means)When producing musicals, to a general audience, they should be snappy, hip, fast-paced and fun.


He had -hands down- the best chemistry with Lily and therefore was the most enjoyable to watch compared to young Harry (Hugh Skinner) and young Sam (Jeremy Irvine) who both fell a little flat in their parts.

Waste of time and money .

The plot, with its frequent flashbacks and flash forwards, is hard to follow.

Very jolly and enjoyable nonetheless and, as in the first film, the women - notably James and Seyfried, were far better singers than the men.

and total waste of money.

A summer flick for sure, a happy series definitely, and an end could still be not in sight, because they already have two movies with very little plot.

No, but it seemed bland and without character - kind of like the Anakin Skywalker performance in the Phantom Menace.

All I know is, I left the theater today totally happy and still singing.


It was slow and sad, yes sad.

The others will most like veer between somewhere mild boredom and mild amusement - the latter thanks to beautiful locations, visuals and the joy of witnessing famous actors performing evergreen ABBA songs, some of which were also used in predecessor.

Enjoyable .

As someone a bit entranced by British actress Lily James, and as someone sadly a bit slow on the uptake (!

It started out a bit slow, but then as the original cast of Mamma Mia started showing up, or not, the rhythm picked up and the humor kicked in, there were a lot laughs and enjoyable scenes as old flames and the back story of "Donna" (Meryl Streep) was brought to life.

This film for me can be reviewed in two half's:A) the present - 8 B) the past - 3When the film was in the present it was funny and engaging.

The harmony with wich they maneged the old and the new, was refreshing and yet exciting as it brings back memories.

I went in with a open mind and came out thinking you would have to have an empty space where your brain is to enjoy this drivel.


Was a good film but dragged down by big scene .

I love the unique story line that is unpredictable and interesting.

Here We Go Again" is not flawless, but entertaining.

On the plus side, choreography and settings are at times breathtaking, and a particular joy (which we also came to the cinema for) is the doting, colourful, authentic treatment of things like the layout of a hotel bedroom, the appearance of an old British university, a restaurant in Paris, or time spent in an orange grove or a a somewhat run down Greek taverna.

So overall I would give this movie a solid 10/10 it was just so entertaining from "when I kissed the teacher " right the way up to "Super Trooper" and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to just laugh for 2 hours.

Fun song, fun dances, a predictable storyline and a lot of cliches.

Horrible script, bland directing.

It was also very confusing because they didn't explain what was happening until 3/4 of the way through the film, and no, it was not supposed to be like that to cause mystery and suspension, they just didn't add to the plot.

The first film was perhaps the most entertaining summer blockbuster and I've repeatedly watched the DVD both normal and singalong version, I just knew the sequel would be something special.

I enjoyed it with my girlfriend from the beginning to the end.

But it ended up just taking my time, because the film was mostly irritable and empty in substance.

I brought my Mam to see it last night we enjoyed it the songs were great loved the lesser knowing songs the scenery throughout the movie was gorgeous it was funny and sad we laughed and cried we both enjoyed it I definitely would recommend this film

The "over the top" approach can be richly entertaining if it is defty held in control.

Lily James' Donna is certainly not Meryl Streep's Donna but I really, really enjoyed it.

It was kind of slow paced compared to the first one.

The story and the movie are pretty quickly forgettable but for those in the mood it is an entertaining almost 2 hours.

Also, the flashbacks to Donna's youth are so quickly intercut with Sophie's current day story that it gets confusing in places, especially for those of us old enough to vividly remember when Abba was THE pop band of the day.

The overstuffed characters with their textbook sub-plot, is one of the dullest recipe in this mishap of misconception.

The first half was very slow and it jumps too much between times.

This is just so bland.

The songs chosen were generally slower/emotive than Mamma Mia although of course they squeezed in Dancing Queen and Waterloo etc. The singing from each cast member really is diabolical and even with auto tune it could not be fixed.

This movie is just harmless fun with some enjoyable music.

just like i said, it's empty like there's a big hole in the sea.

that gets very tiresome very quickly because the viewer (at least I did) wants to hear songs not used the first time around.

This movie had so much potential but instead of making it as good as the first one they made it kind boring and had unnecessary story lines.

Therefore, you are giving the bases that it will always be fun, exciting, and uplifting.

I skipped a good part of it, because it was either boring or cringey.

watching donna's summer romances whiz across the screen of the living room TV was a lot more enjoyable than i'd ever imagined.

This year's sequel is directed by Ol Parker (THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL and husband to actress Thandie Newton), and though the melancholy is slathered on a bit too thick, it also fulfills its number one priority - entertaining the fans.

We both enjoyed it immensely!

Ultimately, the only parts that dragged were the parts with the original cast.

I'm empty.

It was an enjoyable movie.

Here We Go Again is a complete waste of money and time.

25 minutes in and I am bored .

Unfortunately some of the young supporting players weren't very good singers, but the main cast was entertaining.

A weak and pointless sequel.

Don't waste your time or money.

The younger male cast are competent but somewhat bland.

Maybe this is the way out for the producer to filled the big hole in the sea, by filling it out with Cher appearance, but no, sorry the hole still empty.

The lack of emotion by cast members and particularly poor acting by Harrys unidentical past self portrayed by Hugh Skinner with his nauseating performance left me in an unbearable state of cringe.

The story is kind of old and predictable.

ABBA made all the songs in this film and included all of the favourites such as: Dancing Queen and a stunning Fernando sung by the one and only Cher.

That being said, the songs are just as catching and you will find yourself listening to Fernando or Andante, Andante on repeat for a week after you walk out of the theater because of the great renditions in the film.

Meryl Streep ( who has passed away in the move ) also makes an appearance in the church ( close to the ending ) when the baby is being christened and leaves the church through the main doors into a bright light - clearly she leaves to Heaven ,,, absolutely riveting performances

Confusing, forced and bland .

The main actress is boring, with no charisma.

Don't waste your money, wait for the rental to come out.

The young versions of all characters are boring, not great singers, and poorly acted.

This is definitely an unpredictable and interesting film.

The dance scenes mostly looked bland in comparison to the original.

A really enjoyable feel good film .

Very enjoyable

However, the performances are outstanding, the songs are well performed and the scenery is breathtaking.

Im not going to say that the movie is extremely depressing and ugly because Streep isn't in the movie, but it does indeed something is off and empty like a big hole in the sea and that hole should be filled by Streep performance.

I really enjoyed it.

Of Course it's not all bad, the musical pieces and songs were great but unfortunately the rest of the movie just seemed slightly bland and lifeless, which is the complete opposite of what the original was.

The songs are so slickly produced and the dancing sequences so well choreographed it is immensely enjoyable.

Not Oscar material, for sure, but an immensely enjoyable film to watch.


I really enjoyed it and I recommend this film to anyone!

Songs are hit or miss as well - From the strong, emotional ones (My Love, My Life, One of Us, I Have a Dream) to completely pointless ones (When I Kiss the Teacher, Fernando, Super Trouper).

Snore fest.

Entertaining .

A tragic waste of my time .


The movie takes place present time and in flashback, now I must say the flashback parts are the most interesting moments, until towards the last act the present scenes are so bland and so uninteresting, the movie itself seem pretty bored with the present scenes and it seems why it kept cutting to the flashback scenes.

Entertaining and decently performed in what one might consider a truly daunting and one of the most difficult of musicals to produce and film.

The movie felt bland and lifeless and after 45 minutes I removed it from the Bluray player and sent it back to Netflix.

I mean it's good, but kinda boring, it's all on a type

This one in contrived, pointless and ruins what the first one created!

Most events were rather predictable and I found the development of the plot kind of childish.

Or bland nonsense in two.

It lacked the lively exciting pace of the first one.

The original had incredible energy and life, this offering dragged on like a dying cat.


Disjointed writing with no explanation of what happened to Donna.

Enjoyable and solid performances.

Otherwise, a light, enjoyable, fun and somehow nostalgic film- a must watch at least for those young at heart!

While I absolutely loved the play, 10 years ago, and the first movie was enjoyable, this sequel's story just didn't make any sense.

I felt it was a total waste of money for me.

The movie released, critics seemed to enjoyed it.

A feel good movie that is entertaining and you'll want to watch again .

Anyway we enjoyed it.

OK, the "Waterloo" scene is a definite stretch, but once again the over the top approach to the number is enjoyable and entertaining.

This is a feel good, fun, absorbing, (at times emotional!

Story-line a bit difficult to follow unless you cheated like my wife did.

The current time scenes were pretty boring and just revolves around everyone being depressed about Donna.

which are mostly slower unrecognizable songs.

The screenplay by Ol Parker is raw and under-cooked to create any impact on its self-created and pretentious emotions.

The only bit nearly worth watching was Cher and Meryls Cameo's 10 minutes before the end.

Here We Go Again' does right, it is stunning visually.

The choreography was uninspiring and at times looked like a flock of baby geese learning how to fly by flapping featherless would-be wings.

So I got dragged to see this with a group of people...

Alas, I thought it was one of the slowest movies I have ever watched.

It was the most entertaining sequel I've seen.


I debated whether I wanted to see the sequel at the cinema, but then I watched the original again and I had much more fun, and I saw film critic Mark Kermode enjoyed it, so I just went along with and hoped to have fun.

Unoriginal and bland with terrible singing.

I'd have to say she ruined Mama Mia 2 with her singing witch sounded like constant yawning, and made me mad that she was in it more than Donna thanks Cher you made my rating from a 7 to a 5.

This was as pointless as Sex and the City 2.

Writing is also weak, with a lot of the jokes falling flat and much of the script is formulaic and undercooked, sometimes vulgar as well and going well overboard on the froth.

We enjoyed it, and will watch it again.

Colin Firth appeared bored to be there and very lack lustre.

Furthermore, at the Greek end, an unexpected pleasure comes from the lines of wit and wisdom given to more minor Greek-local characters (Omid Djalili as a passport-stamping official, Gerard Monaco as Alexio, Maria Vacratsis as Sofia, and so on) - all the more so as these occasionally acknowledge the toughness and cultural resilience of a Greece that has been through crisis for some years now.

I was very bored for the first hour then had moments of interest for the second.

I expected average, at the very least boring.

Bland .

A fun and entertaining flick, that is aware of it's funny ness .

Horrible movie and a total waste of time.

As the title says, the movie was really enjoyable, with a great story that explains how Donna got to where she was in the first movie.

Also, Director Ol Parker falls well short of achieving the enjoyable visual and audio quality of the original film's musical numbers.

Don't waste your time .

I think it's a better film than the original - it's certainly a more solid story - albeit that unexpected sheer joyfulness coupled with Meryl Streep's deeply emotional performance doesn't - can't - burst upon the audience with all the surprise of the first film.

Bravo to everyone involved in the making of this thoroughly enjoyable, joyous experience.

Lily James and Amanda Seyfried held it together, and made a cheesy sequel worth watching until the end.

There is no story which would be above a kindergarten level.

I walked in tired after a tough week and walked out with a huge smile on my face and humming songs I had never heard of before.


But it WAS a very enjoyable film and could have been a 10 for me - if only.........

Donna was killed off in the first film, so for the first time watcher, that is confusing because most flashback movies are between a future and past character, and it takes a while to get your head wrapped around this different presentation.

Upbeat & Enjoyable .

I truly believe it's superior to the original, leaving out the slow pacing of the first, having the film go back and forth between young Donna and hotel renovating Sophie, I think the pace benefited from the big decision.

Pointless movie .

The situations are far fetched and obviously contrived.

The most exciting part was Cher and Andy Garcia.

Skarsgård, Brosnan and Firth also perform very well, and be well seated and prepared for a short, but intense performance of Cher.

However, the soundtrack and dance scenes are extremely worth watching/listening to without the dragged out and sagging plot.

The addition of Cher to the cast is pure genius, and the story is beautiful and entertaining.

Anyway it's all very bright , tuneful, happy and entertaining in a lightweight sentimental way, as you'd expect and my wife, well she absolutely loved it.

But the present time scenes were so dull and forced that I couldn't stop rolling my eyes.

Lily James is literally the most stunning person both inside and out and I guarantee you will fall in love with her by the end of the movie!

TERRIBLE lipsyncing makes this UNWATCHABLE.

The songs are great, the performances are mostly serviceable, the direction is always engaging, and the script is the good kind of cheesy.

Save your money.

There was no plot to speak of .

At that moment, I can see a more compelling plot device where both stories are mirror images of each other told at the same pacing with both cast doing the same songs.

The sequel starts just about where you would expect, with the unexpected passing away of you guessed it!

The film has a lot of great musical sequences that are exciting and entertaining with memorable songs.

Watchable But Slow .

As much as I got a ticket for the original 10 years ago even after watching the Broadway stage show, today I just want a mindless, escapist and entertaining night to reminisce some old unforgettable recollection of myself.

But it is a very good Musical and a thoroughly entertaining film - even if you aren't a musical aficionado!

If your looking for a movie full of gut wrenching cringe, terrible accents and pointless plot devices then look no further.

The three dads thing was the only part I found entertaining.

Bit slow at the beginning BUR THEN Cher and Andy Garcia bring it together .

The script is confusing and a desperate attempt to soften Meryl Streep absence.

Painfully dull and remarkably boring.

Chapeau to director, producers and cast - so enjoyable!!

I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and it reminded me a lot of the old Hollywood musicals I love and miss.

This made no sense to me because some of the present parts of the movies, with Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) were slow and depressing without Donna (Meryl Streep.

The singers are average to poor voices; the story is absolutely contrived; there is 0% emotional investment in the film.

A great sequel and building block upon the original and on its own not only stands perfectly well but is a very well made film with the quality of it and style being very memorable, despite one or two musical numbers feeling slightly "forced" and unnatural its a fully enjoyable film

Naturally, also, the scenery of Greece and the stunning blue ocean water are lovely, lovely, lovely.

Movies are made to entertain the watcher - sometimes movies make us think, other times they keep us on the edge of our seats in suspense.

And enjoyable.

, with an excellent cast, superb directing, intense face close-ups, choice song selection, beautiful scenery, and superbly-produced musical numbers resulted in a huge smile factor for me throughout the movie.

Confusing .

Bottom line slow and sad = failure

This is first musical movie I am watching.. I enjoyed it...

Every line was whispered, uneventful and lost...

The first Mamma Mia was so enjoyable; funny, romantic, slightly cheesy, great cast and musical numbers.

It's worth watching.


We all were in a agreement that it was the most enjoyable movie we had seen this year thus far...

The main problem with the movie is the scripting, which fails to narrate a clear story, jumping back from past to present with no sense of continuity, making the story quite confusing.

) but something about killing off our beloved Meryl made me into a weeping mess and all I could do was love the movie for what it was: pure entertaining fun.

The bad is that it tried too hard and was missing much of the charm that made the first one so enjoyable.

I don't like musical, but the people in the movie are so beautiful and handsome, and every single scene is so stunning that I cannot hate this too much.

What did I waste my time on????.

Entertaining .

Still a good musical, like the first one, not a masterpiece, but entertaining.

We came out feeling empty and depressed.

I would not say that this is a good film, but I really enjoyed it anyway, it's a film that makes you laugh, smile and let you have a good time!

This film is everything you expect out of mamma Mia but made 10x better by the addition of Lily James whose enthusiasm really came through in her performance as well as having a stunning singing voice - she really makes the film.

If you like predictable Hollywood mush that spoon feeds your every emotion you will LURVE this!

The constant transitions/fades between 20 years before and present required attention, but was fascinating, eye-riveting and ABBA's music and cameo never fail.

All in all, this film was an enjoyable flick most of the family could see.

The plot was fine and it was enjoyable to watch.

It is badly made, confusing , and I nodded off during it.

Where do I start, absolutely no story line, possibly just someone looking for another payday by duping folk into going too see sequel or buy a DVD, I really couldn't fathom the storyline and the point of some of the characters.

That's the reason why I said there is no story.


I can definitely say I thoroughly enjoyed it again.

Lilly James has an enjoyable spunk has young Donna, that makes you wish this whole movie could have been told totally in flashback.

There are inconsistencies galore and the dual timeline, which a nice idea, gets confusing in places.

The story line just seemed to go nowhere and was pointless.

its a story about a bored girl travelling and having sex with multiple men.

Dont waste your time.

From upbeat, dance filled sequences to the more emotional, slower tracks there is a tempo for everyone in this film.

The first Mamma Mia was not a great film, but it was full of life and it was fun and entertaining.

Actually, a defibrillator would have helped this comatose snoozer.

The writing is actually bland.

An entertaining musical that stay true to the original movie for the some parts.

That alone makes it a somewhat enjoyable experience that actually comes across as sweet at parts.

I wouldn't waste your time on this cringy, exaggerated sequel when the first film was a classic.

Thoroughly entertaining.

Cons: -Unfocused -Boring and poorly paced -Cher was in it -The present day scenes were awful

If I were to describe this film in one word, it would either be nonsense or bland.

I was bored.

However, I left the theatre feeling empty and sad.

What I loved about this film is Donna's personality and how they managed to make her sleep with all three of Sophie's potential dads without looking easy or selfish.

This was a huge waste of money and talent.

The film had no plot.

The dance sequences are mostly bland.

Pointless rehash of the original.

The story structure is just like The Godfather Part II, mixing the past with the present, as before you can ignore any imperfections and go along with it, singing along with your favourites, and the "My Love, My Life" sequence cannot fail but have you in floods of tears, just about as enjoyable as the first movie, a fun jukebox musical romantic comedy.

Harry wins her heart, temporarily, by giving a rousing rendition of ABBA's Waterloo.

You'd have to keep her in a torture chamber and sleepless for 3 days to get the "result" (swollen face) we saw.

I don't get the bad reviews, but this ks IMDb where there seems to be a glut of people who think every movie is the worst movie they have ever seen.

Must the filmmakers subject filmgoers to this pointless sequel?

Lazy and kind of pointless.

It was boring and definetly overrated, the storyline was just all over the place.

It is entertaining and well staged.

Slow-moving too and the script is full of plot holes and inconsistencies.

While the film is passible (carried by the actors) the direction is flat, the editing is boring and Cher isn't in it enough.

Story is strong in this one and it's engaging too.

A good and entertaining musical .

enjoyed it .

empty inside...

Most importantly, it was extremely entertaining and a joyous cinematic romp for viewers.

The entire beginning up to the middle just felt empty, depressing, and pointless.

It is entertaining and has a perfect cast.

", so everything here looks fine and it's really enjoyable.

Hard, boring, winter or autumnal days - here's the antidote.

Although this didn't tickle my fancy, I can see why people would be singing along through the dance numbers, whilst getting emotional during the dramatic scenes but I struggled to stay awake.

Colorfully and funny but found the musical part boring.

Why Hollywood is making unnesesary sequels For terrible boring movies.

Suffice to say I enjoyed it as much as she did!

On the other hand, the young versions of these characters are fun - especially Hugh Skinner as Young Harry, and of course James herself as simply a breathtaking force of nature.

Whilst the plot is a bit slow at first and the emphasis does seem to be more on the visuals, it definitely picks up.

It's actually genius, and totally unexpected.

I was starting to doze off within 10 min and then to have Cher included was an unnecessary and awful decision.

Boring, boring, boring and childishly.

1hr54mins 9/10 lily james plays meryl steep younger self and by goodness does she blow the roof off with an oscar worthy performance she blows the roof with a stunning voice she sings better than sophie charcters wow what a sequel i wasnt expecting much from this as i went to see m i p fall out over this ine put the word of mouth is that it really good and i went to see this and i was blown away with it as the younger fathers of sophie child we see why she stayed on the island and met them on her way and found the girl band of sorts with musical hits to booth as we see the harry, bill and sam in calacarry so we see sophia forfelling her mothers wish to reopen the hotel as we see the reunion on the island as the armada comes to the rescue of the hotel an young donnas story this film is fun for every one it takes ten years after the first one cher has a cameo with a man called fernado his time everyone can sing properly, even Pierce Brosnan.

To end it, add to the mix some cliché comments about how bad men are (when the guys depicted in the films couldn't be more characterless) and you have a perfect waste of money in the cinema.

This movie was really dull.

Only some scenes with Cher and Andy Garcia are really entertaining and funny.

Entertaining .

This is definitely a chick flick, which becomes more tedious as the movie goes along.

Don't waste your money on a rental.

The pace was slow, the story was fluffy-light, and it wasn't worth the movie.

I find it highly entertaining and moving (in parts).

The flashbacks were entertaining, as well as provided some well-needed character development!

Lily James was spectacular, adorable and absolutely stunning.

Cher's appearance was just plain odd but was entertaining as it looks like Michael Jackson is walking down the steps (she eats well and doesn't smoke and drink, that's why she has smooth skin....

Sky, also, rattles Sophie by hinting he may accept the NY job while an unexpected guest arrives to stir things up!

Fans of ABBA, and musicals, will probably find it enjoyable enough (especially if you like the first film).

My wife and I went to see this recently and it was about the most enjoyable movie experience ever for me because it is such a feel good make you happy while singing along type movie.

Dreary, dark and depressing.

I really hated her role, not because of her character but because she was completely pointless.

Bored thru the first 60 minutes.

Difficult to follow .

The cast just seems bored and sluggish.

The performances are good but the overall movie is just too cliche for me to like it.

Don't waste your time or money.

If you want pure escapism for two enjoyable hours I recommend this movie.

Mundane waste of your life .

The plot is boring, barely a person that can sing.

So boring, poor play, artificial dialogues, a total waist of time.

This is still an enjoyable movie, but the potential, as witnessed in the first third, could have made Mama Mia (2) simply breathtaking.

The actors are doing the best of what they are giving, some look bored and phoned in.

Towards the beginning of the movie it is a little slow.

Nevertheless it completes the story and is enjoyable to watch.

The script is confusing and a desperate attempt to soften Meryl Streep absence.

This shows up splendidly in song sequences, with "One of Us" as a duet early in the film being a stunning standout.

Mamma Mia was entertaining, fresh and really pleasant to watch.

It was much more intriguing than the original one, the whole past-present thing was so cool.

My wife has learned her lesson alright she knows and told me, so boring MAGA will fix forever

Utter confusion .