Man on the Moon (1999) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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The life and career of legendary comedian Andy Kaufman.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Milos Forman
Stars: Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito
Length: 118 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 47 out of 555 found boring (8.46%)

One-line Reviews (246)

It is saved only somewhat by a terrific impersonation and a fascinating subject.

Fascinating Bio Of A Strange, Strange Man .

the movie is cinematically pleasing, very entertaining, and as true to Kaufman and his style of comedy as possible.

He took risks of course but if you are to judge him from this movie you would come up empty.

While structured in a semi-interesting way, the movie worked too hard to be entertaining and not hard enough at making Andy a believable person--it was impossible to get to know or like Andy.

Breathtakingly dull .

As a fan of the pioneering Kaufman, I found this film to be thoroughly entertaining, and those who have never heard of the man will likely also find much to be astonished here.

Courtney Love's performance as the leading lady is a matter of taste, but it really doesn't matter because this is Jim Carrey's show all the way and he makes the film worth watching.

In particular, Jim Carrey's introductory chatter and the running of the "end credits" at the beginning of the movie were merely tiresome and irritating.


He wasn't a HUGE star, but he was an entertaining man.

He was too complex and unpredictable to make a fascinating and engaging biopic about.

I liked this tragicomedy a lot, and even though it could have been improved from good to great, it was still a largely enjoyable and interesting film.

) Andy unarguably received pleasure from confusing his audience.

Director Milos Forman gives us a full-depth look into the eyes of this unpredictable genius who rose to super-stardom, raising eyebrows and creating controversy wherever he went.

Kind of a pointless movie.

" The overall quality of the film is jaunty, disjointed, and rather nonsensical.

Pointless flashbacks.

Critics complain that while engaging, this film does not let the viewer in on who exactly Kaufman was.

The movie was very unpredictable.

It was interesting, and fascinating having the knowledge that it was true to life and I would recommend it to anyone.

Not only is this movie informative, but amazingly entertaining.

Awful waste of time .

I know, that some would say that was the whole point but if you just wanna make a superficial examination of a person's character then you'd better make it a lot more entertaining than this.

Un-compelling, uninteresting and not very easy on the eye.

Truly Enjoyable .

The film is gripping from the start as you are taken through some unbelievable scenes of Kaufmans early days to the even more bizarre days of his succesful time.

The strength of "Man on the Moon" is that there is an inner fascinating charisma inhabiting the main character, and in a way the movie succeeded thanks to Kaufman's aura and despite the direction.

I just finished watching this movie, and it left me feeling so empty and unsatisfied, it makes me feel sick.

If I wasn't cracking up, I was sitting on the edge of my seat with my mind constantly active and overwhelmingly entertained.

Thoroughly entertaining and what an insight into the life of a comedian-entertainer.

Courtney love is only so so,And danny devito who presumably only did this film out of respect for his late TAXI costar,is about as fun as watching paint dry.

The movie was long but compelling enough that I wasn't wondering when it would end.

`Man on the Moon' becomes, ultimately then, more compelling as a steppingstone in Carrey's development as an artist than as an elegy for the artist who once was.

A gripping story told well .

As a biopic, this movie is extremely slanted - it takes the few moments where Mr. Kaufman actually made an audience laugh (generally out of nervous confusion rather than actual enjoyment), inflates them to gross proportions as sappy music swells in the background, and the viewer is left with the belief that Mr. Kaufman was a great entertainer.

Personally, I find the movie to be entertaining and memorable both because of and despite its eccentricities.

" Andy Kaufman's "Latka" was surely one of the most intriguing characters on "Taxi.

An excellent director and top grade cast complement a balanced and entertaining plot that has many quality moments, both dramatic and comedic.

He did his best in making an entertaining film.

And yes the movie was entertaining.

Man On the Moon is entertaining to watch if you're curious about Andy Kaufman's life, certainly.

A waste of time .

The supporting cast is also quite intriguing, not the least for including several individuals playing themselves, such as wrestler Jerry Lawler, talk show host David Letterman, "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels and most of the cast of "Taxi".

a stunning performance and a wonderfully done film from beginning to end!

However, the film is very enjoyable, interesting, and funny.....

But the scene impresses on more than one level because it gives us a fascinating insight into Andy Kaufman's mind.

The movie is the most absorbing piece of cinema I've seen in a long time.

Although not a biography in the traditional sense, I nevertheless found this movie very entertaining and at times moving.

Instead we get Carrey, acting as Kauffman, entertaining himself (and annoying his audience - and me!

From that perspective, this film was well worth watching.

He has been criticized for making an empty film, without telling details about Andy Kaufman's life, showing only his shows, his polemics.

Intelligent and enjoyable Film .

He understood that a live performance is seldom more intriguing than when it is going wrong.

The movie started off on a disjointed note, with a scene of Andy performing in front of the wall in his room, believing that there is a crowd applauding him, before his dad puts an end to it.

Jim Carrey delivers on of the greatest acting achievements of the nineties in this stunning biopic about the legendary comedian Andy Kaufman (the man on the moon, according to REM).

Starts off a tad disjointed and rather rushed, but very entertaining on the whole .

Jim Carrey is great but there was no plot.

The kicker is not that Carrey nailed Kaufman's funny-voice personae--you saw that coming--but how beautifully he nails the stony, beatific, bland "real" Andy voice.

) But Forman has a strong sense of narrative drive, and Kaufman's life is weird and gripping enough to hold the attention throughout.

Still a very boring movie.

Kaufman died too early and that is the only compelling part of his story.

At the end, I highly recommend it.

It was a stunning piece of casting.

Here through comedy--the most un-pretentious art form--we can truly enjoy the madness without all the highbrow beard-stroking that often clouds the subject.

More entertaining than engaging or interesting really.

If he was anything like the person portrayed by Carrey (and other readers assure us he was) there was something profoundly wrong with the man, but because people found his problems entertaining, they preferred to watch him self-destruct.

Director Milos Forman(One flew over the cuckoo's nest, Amadeus) has done some fine,gripping, funny dramas.

or comedy central in which uninteresting comedians try to explain why Andy was brilliant.

It's a fascinating look at someone no one really knew.

I just got out of the theater a matter of hours ago and I must say that this has been one of the most stunning movies of the year.

For example, most of the cast of Taxi played themselves, creating a very disjointed effect since most of them look significantly older than they did in the early 1980s when the real show aired.

Portrayed fantastically by Jim Carrey (which gives an Oscar-worthy performance, here), this is a story of a talented man that brings you strong and contradictory emotions: At one point he can make you laugh, at another he can (intentionally) bore you to death; at one point he can make you berserk with his vulgar and rude jokes, at another you can become deeply touched by his strength and willingness to live and entertain his audience despite his grave illness.

An Entertaining Look At The Life Of Andy Kaufman .

A very different person from Jim Carrey, who usually strains so hard for any meager laugh that he's completely unwatchable.

Waste of time .

But after awhile the movie got boring, and is the most boring DVD i have.

Kaufman was never funny, and this movie was as dull and painful to watch as "Cable Guy".

This film is uniquely entertaining and redefines the words hoax and optical illusion.

But for the rest of us who have barely heard of Kaufman, the movie is powerful, entertaining and touching.

Excellent movie with a stunning performance by Carrey .

All of this is highly entertaining to watch and will make you love and hate Andy Kaufman's character all at the same time.

A compelling performance about a man who was not compelling at all.

Without an angle or a point of view to it, a biopic is just dull.

Compelling, couldn't tear myself away.

Andy Kaufman (for those who don't know), was a famous entertainer who usually shocked people with his unpredictable actions.

Of course, you know that near the end of the movie, Kaufman will die, and although the film deals with it as painlessly as possible, I left the theater saddened that I hadn't paid more attention to Kaufman when he was alive.

He was unpredictable, original, eccentric and good hearted.

While Man on the Moon is slightly hampered by a disjointed beginning and rather rushed pacing, it does pick up and overall it is very entertaining.

Man On The Moon, like most of Forman's films, is both highly entertaining (especially Jerry Lawler's performance as himself and the bits involving Tony Clifton) and moving (the final sequence).

What you are left with are joyous thoughts, intense thoughts...

Thoroughly worth watching.

One of his bits was reading a book onstage, such as The Great Gatsby, in a dry, boring voice, then tease the audience by giving them a choice between playing a record or to continue reading.

A truly wonderful and fascinating film, thanks to Jim Carrey and Milos Forman.

The film features a fantastic Milos directorial detail, as expected, filled with a solid cinematography, script and enough attention to detail; however, the true cinematographic proof of this film I consider to be the fascinating performance of Jim Carrey.

This is a perfectly good and entertaining movie to watch.

The soothing fact of the film is that he wanted to be original all the time and that is something worth watching.

Maybe Kaufman fans will be bored because there are no surprises for them.

As my friend noted as we walked out of the theater, "You couldn't even tell it was him.

In short, this film is an intriguing testament of the need for the balance of artistic challenge for the artist and the need for the audience to entertained at the same time.

") And every moment involving the grotesque un-actor Courtney Love as Andy's designated arm candy is deadly dull.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT - it is very funny and real 10/10THANK U WEDDY MUCH ANDY!

Man on the Moons is chop full of energy, it zooms along like a very entertaining bullet, it is truly vibrant as is Jim Carreys, well not performance more embodiment of Andy Kaufman, he proves that the academy is truly dumb for not even nominating him once he has deserved it four times for Eternal Sunchine of the Spotless Mind, The Majestic, The Truman Show, and most of all for his best performance in Man on the Moon.

Steve Martin did ('The Spanish Prisoner', among others), as did Mike Myers (with '54', establishing himself as this generation's Peter Sellers), and Robin Williams (though, in his case, is often not completely, but that is a separate discussion), all with stunning success.

man on the moon and larry flynt look so boring visually, just like any tv d.

As everyone knows, impersonating a celebrity is funny for about five minutes, but when the impersonation is stretched into an entire film it becomes tired and pointless.

Kaufmans Bland Exit .

Definitely watch this film: no matter how much of an Andy Kaufman fan you are, or even if you absolutely hated the man, the film is engaging on another level that seems to delve behind the comedy to the man underneath, and may even make you want to find out just a little bit more about the real Andy Kaufman.

On another note, the movie is enjoyable the entire time.

This is a fascinating film about Andy Kaufman, and while it was a fulfilling film, it leaves you wondering if even the cancer was an act, and whether or not Andy is really still out there somewhere, just avoiding the shallowness of the commercial television industry, as well as his own typecast persona as a character on a television show that he hated.

As with all Milos Forman films, the craftsmanship is impeccable and the soundtrack highly enjoyable.

) Andy unarguably received pleasure from confusing his audience.

I never thought too much of his shtick, "Latka" after all was a very pandering character who succeeded very well at precisely what it was supposed to do, namely appealing to warm and fuzzy instinctive maternality on a banal level, a television staple.

I personally found it entertaining.

But this movie leaves out the one important aspect of Kaufman's multiple personalities that made him bearable and entertaining: his innate sweetness.

Stunning performances.

MAN ON THE MOON was as an homage to Andy, NOT an explanation, and far better than those dull, lifeless documentaries on E!

then rolls the end credits, and i wonder if this movie is worth watching.

One of the WORST movies ever!

Late in the film, his agent, played by former Taxi cast member Danny DeVito asks Kaufman if he is really trying to entertain people or if he is just entertaining himself.

His entertaining talents have come handy to him in this movie.

Courtney Love's performance as the leading lady is a matter of taste, but it really doesn't matter because this is Jim Carrey's show all the way and he makes the film worth watching.

The decision to play out Kauffman's acts as simply elaborate hoaxes may be brilliant but it gets rather tiresome after you have seen it two or three times and it is done to death in this movie.

It's about as muddled and confusing as Kaufman was.

"Man on the Moon" is a truly stunning look into the mind and the genius of Andy Kaufman.

Lacks insight but is still very entertaining thanks to a great Carrey .

The recreations of Andy's TV events aren't well captured, and the wrestling stuff gets dull fast.

His TV appearance with 50s puppet Howdy Doody appears as dull and pointless as the ABC moguls say it is, despite Danny de Vito's attempt in the role of Kaufman's agent to talk the performance up.

They both started out as impressionists, and they were creative and forever entertaining to watch.

Jerry Lawler also puts in an entertaining turn.

At the end, I heard one of them complaining: 'This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

What you have here, aside from one of the most entertaining biopics of all time (makes Spacey's take on Bobby Darin look like a comic book in comparison) is one astonishing man portraying another astonishing man.

Anyway, the very stale, predictable Hollywood biopic style of the film is so far beneath the intelligence of its subject that it's practically nonsensical.

Not really Milos Forman's fault that the movie remains too shallow, since he's obviously capable of making an unsympathetic and unpredictable character accessible and likable (watch "The People vs.

The movie is great and I highly recommend it...

Entertaining, though shallow.

The first about half-hour to hour is boring.

The movie wasn't very illuminating in that it didn't really allow us to get to know Kaufman, and so when I left the theater I didn't know anything more about him than I did going in.

If it did, he wouldn't be so fascinating.

Add to this Jim Carrey's stunning performance, aided by a strong supporting cast, and the film succeeds brilliantly in its primary goal - that of transmitting to us a very basic idea of who Andy Kaufman actually was.

No Plot .

And did we really need over a half hour devoted to Andy's pro-wrestling stunts, they were pretty boring back then, here they almost stop the film dead in it's tracks.

Most, unfortunately, was rude, condescending, self-indulgent, embarrassing, cruel and, worst, unfunny.

It's a worthy and exciting film.

This movie was extremely funny and very entertaining.

Andy Kaufman's hunger for the unpredictable was shown with style as the plot jumped from episode to episode, and instead of feeling it was just a story you feel it is a look inside a man's mind.

This was a very entertaining film.

Andy Kaufman receives a brilliantly fitting and entertaining tribute with this fine movie.

Carrey portrayed the mind of the man excellently, in what started off as an enjoyable comedy and ended as a tear jerker.

He pushed the boundaries of comedy, often challenging audiences with material that was just as likely to result in jeers, boredom and/or discomfort rather than laughter.

It's "look-behind-the-scenes" portrait of an unusual man is fascinating stuff.

It's very hard to explain how amazing and special this film is, but it is absolutely worth the watch because it is absolutely amazing.

I really enjoyed it a lot.

While it was entertaining as such, the burning question remains unanswered, namely, `What is this guy thinking as he behaves this way?

Different and entertaining without a doubt, it tells us in an interesting way the real story of Andy Kaufman, a comedian (non-comedian) who tries to bring to the world of entertainment his new form of entertainment, one that to this day, seems to be still misinterpreted.

But the movie itself was boring, depressing, and unflattering.

The film is very entertaining indeed and Carey shines in his role as the mis-understood comic of the eighties.

As I noted previously, Carrey does a stunning act as Kaufman; an example that shows how he wanted to identify with his role, is that during the filming he insisted to be called "Andy Kaufman" both on and off stage!

Kaufman was great at getting a reaction out of people and even if the crowd didn't enjoy it, it was entertaining.

Man on the Moon is a great movie,with a fascinating screenplay,excellent performances and solid direction.

Jim Carrey's performance in Man on the moon really is stunning.

I found it very funny though and it was an entertaining way of informing me about his career.

Most importantly, he's made a good film, one that's not only watchable, but continuously engaging.

I found Man on the Moon to be an entertaining and informative film on the life of Andy Kauffman.

A stunning film, with an equally stunning performance by Jim Carrey .

" While that movie was just an excuse for excess, Man On The Moon is a touching, brutaly honest, thought provoking, entertaining movie about a guy people over-looked and thats a shame.

The film is still good, but could it have really been bad since it recreates a succession of life's episodes that are funny or intriguing indeed, with a documentary-like realism?

Very entertaining.

He seemed to welcome such confusion for the most part.

As someone young enough not to know Andy Kaufman well, it was truly gripping.

The end of the film does focus on this, but waiting through the first hour and 15 minutes is a waste of time.

I have seen a few things of Andy Kaufman before this movie came out, so I wasn't a huge fan of his, but despite that fact, I highly recommend it.

Jim WAS Andy in this movie, and the story was moving, funny, and very entertaining.

This bio takes the view that the real Andy was a bore and a loon and we spend most of our time looking at the on-stage version.

I've seen documentaries about Kaufman that were just as entertaining and revealing.

The whole wresting incident is a waste of time because wresting itself is a waste of time.

I can't watch the whole movie, because its so boring.

Plus a star who's self-indulgent nonsense is cringe-inducing.

What a stunning performance - he IS Andy Kaufman.

Man on the Moon is an intense, well acted and ultimately moving biopic.

So in my case, the film is a dedicative portrait of an eccentric entertainer whose ideology of performance is all about entertaining himself and treat his audience as a receptacle of his sensational idiosyncrasy and excruciatingly manipulative fabrications disguised as parody or mockery.

On or off the stage, a character on the edge.

"Man on the Moon" feels more magical and surprising when you watch it for the first time, because there are many unexpected events which don't share the same appeal once you see them for the second time.

This is all thanks to Milos Forman and a stunning Jim Carrey, who really becomes Andy Kaufman.

With the exception of the scenes involving Tony Clifton (Carrey) the movie is slow and, much like Kaufman himself, difficult to figure out.

A film that harbors one of Carrey's best individual performances (a performance that will be examined in upcoming Netflix doco Jim and Andy), Man on the Moon does a fantastic job of recreating many of Kaufman's most infamous events from his early rise, his Taxi fame, wrestling exploits and perhaps most fascinating of all, his washed up Las Vegas singer alter-ego Tony Clifton.

Furthermore, I cannot understand how a morbid screwed-up manic-depressive individual can aim at entertaining an audience which he despises profoundly.

However, "Man On The Moon" is at best a mildly entertaining biography that is at times hilarious, but at others down-right boring.

He totally immersed himself in the character down to the most meticulous detail.


I tell others to rent this, don't waste your money till you've seen it.

Though, Mr. carry deserve more recognition for his (boring) performance (I don't know if he really was engaged with it) If you watch the documentary "Jim & Andy" at NetFlex now, u may got more dignity and respect for your money that you paid to watch a movie.

The man portrayed is not a saint by far, perhaps not even likable at times, but Carrey and director Milos Foreman make him utterly intriguing.

It is a must see for Andy Kaufman fans and will still be entertaining for those who missed Kaufman's work.

I feel guilty by writing these lines because overall, I enjoyed the film, hell, I can't even get the great drums moment and the catchy 'Abudabi' song off my head, the film needed more moments like the one in the Carnegie Hall, if not more intellectual, something more entertaining or appealing.

Very entertaining.

The movie is a good way to discover Andy Kauffman, a fascinating character.

Ostensibly, it lay, I imagine, in his metaphorically giving the finger to his audience while entertaining them at the same time.

As in life, compulsive practical jokers become incredibly irritating and tiresome, and the joke wore thin way before the end.


Too many great comedians would have made far more compelling stories - think Abbott and Costello and their triumph over Hollywood in the 40s, etc.This movie was truly a feel good movie (where the good guy wins).

Boring .

You can definitely tell Jim Carrey was fully immersed in the character (as he consistently does) and that is exemplified in the Netflix Documentary "Jim and Andy" which I would definitely recommend watching afterwards.

Funny and fascinating, Man on the Moon is a truly unique movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good biography or comedy.

In capturing the comedian's talent and worth with an excellent supporting cast, Man On The Moon offers an engaging tribute to a still, very under rated comedy figure.

The movie is one long tedious bore, and Carrey does nothing to lift the sinking film.

It's still funny and very exciting watch about an unpredictable man going to great lengths to tease its audience.

Watching the dramatized development of this strange career is as entertaining as it is fascinating.

He is more interested in making himself and his friend Bob laugh at their own genius than entertaining his audience or so it appears.

In summary, this is a fascinating biography, to say the least.

Carrey's performance is incredible, but when playing strictly the character of Andy Kaufman, his role is neither exciting nor funny.

After the release of "Man on the Moon," there were rumors that perhaps Jim Carrey really was Kaufman, who he bore a startling resemblance to, and one that could have easily been altered with facial surgery.

" As for this mish mash of a story about a mish mash of a "comdeian", it's only entertaining to the morbid curious and clinical minded.

But I felt the movie was neither emotionally moving or completely entertaining.

Stunning .

All in all, interesting film and an entertaining one.

Finally, I would like to emphasize this is a very disappointing movie to the core, I ve seen for quite some time and I wonder why some one would waste time and money in creating this kind of movie.

Jim Carrey plays Kaufman in this Milos Forman directed flick that examines the controversial and confusing career that Kaufman had.

While the movie was entertaining, and Jim Carrey did a dead on Andy Kaufman, overall I found the movie to be lacking the answer to a very important question: Just who was Andy Kaufman.

They're friendship is touching and intriguing too.

The movie in itself was extremely entertaining.

Therefore, at the last scene, we have that unforgettable bored to death look from his wife and his producer while all the acclamation of his fans for the biggest practical joke ever in the history of the character.

Larry Flynt was also a waste of time.

This was a very uplifting film, I really enjoyed it.

Between the 41st minute and 91st minute the film goes into an enjoyable dull period where most actions by Andy have no explanation.

If you're just looking for an entertaining movie, skip it.

Whilst People versus larry flynt was more entertaining and thought provoking..this film is somewhat subdued and pointless.

The only exciting and original thing he did was the Wrestling thang w/ Jerry Lawler and that was made into another film which is far and above this tripe.

Carrey's performance is wasted in a useless script by someone who either did as little as possible to research Kaufman's life, or tried to and discovered it was impossible, or more than likely found his real life too boring to write a script about, and so we have this.

It's about as muddled and confusing as Kaufman was.

While Jim Carrey does a remarkable job of imitating Andy Kaufman, and the movie is somewhat enjoyable (in a formulaic, hero-worshiping manner), it is majorly affected by the facts about the person it concerns.

This film is enjoyable.

The most boring film I have ever seen.

This is a fascinating film about Kaufman, who was certainly one of the strangest "stars" Hollywood ever encountered.

If you enjoyed it as much as I did buy it.

Entertaining biopic.

Pointless biography .

Man on the Moon B+/A- 6.6.00 2.35:1/5.1 First Viewing 16:9 EnhancedThe entertaining story of Andy Kaufman.

Watched it five times again and again in one week and enjoyed it every time.

It was particularly fascinating to be reminded of the bizarre Philippines hand-on surgery without anaesthetic which I saw in documentaries of the early 1980s.

because he conspired to make this incredible dud of a biopic to bore the heck out of audiences.

I found the movie entertaining, and definitely worth watching, although I had a bit of a problem with the way Milos Forman handled the re-enactment of scenes from Andy's career.

Either way, I found it a very interesting and entertaining film with a stand-out performance from Jim Carrey.

In this film he's portrayed as an obnoxious, antisocial jerk whose humor mostly consisted of alternately insulting and boring people.

This film is entertaining even though it had the flaws of character analysis.

Here's to hoping there is a 3 1/2 director's cut lying around somewhere that gives more background on this fascinating performer.