Manhattan Baby (1982) - Horror

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An archaeologist opens an Egyptian tomb and accidentally releases an evil spirit. His young daughter becomes possessed by the freed entity and, upon arrival back in New York, the gory murders begin.

IMDB: 4.9
Director: Lucio Fulci
Stars: Christopher Connelly, Laura Lenzi
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 15 out of 43 found boring (34.88%)

One-line Reviews (46)

While there are obvious nods to THE EXORCIST and ROSEMARY'S BABY (the exorcist's name is Adrian Mercato), the movie never really becomes a rip-off, as it takes the borrowed aspects of those previous movies in unexpected directions.

We're left with an overly long badly dubbed film, which while still interesting to watch for huge fans of the director, is still pretty boring at times.

This one just did not do it, it needed an explanation, all I know is that the medallion the girl had was somehow doing rather pointless things.

Most of MANHATTAN BABY's plot is confusing and honestly quite stupid, so even if you DO follow what's going on, you don't really care.

This film IS very hard to follow, but easily worth the watch.

There's too many hints that something went badly wrong in production, like the disjointed story or the recycled soundtrack (from the Beyond).

Its your basic average boring slasher...

I enjoyed some of the other supernatural horror films of Fulci's, but this one kind of ends up being pointless as while leaving things unexplained in "The Beyond" worked, it hinders this film.

An entertaining, and bizarre film.

Second rate Fulci with a confusing script and virtually no gore.

As is often the case with Fulci's pictures, the acting is wooden and the pace a little slow.

This is Fulci's worst movie.

But the score here seems too repetitive of his other work and there is a jazzy element that doesn't fit.

While many of his films often have a slightly sleepy quality to them, Manhattan Baby has to be one of the sleepiest and most uneventful.

If you have some acquaintance with other Fulci films, especially the ones from the so-called "Gates of Hell Trilogy", then you know that eyes are, to say at least, a repetitive motive, from the gore set pieces, like the nail killing in "L'aldilà" (eng: The Beyond), to the many eye close-up shots in the dialogue scenes of "Manhattan Baby".

This time around, Fulci opens with a somewhat intriguing opening in Egypt where archaeologist Chris Connelly finds the tomb of an ancient Egyptian god of evil.

First of all,the script by Dardano Sacchetti and Elisa Livia Briganti is very confusing.

Manhattan Boredom .

The plot is put together through unrelated and nonsensical scenes, and many of these are boring and annoying.

The actors are all pretty wooden, the direction uninspiring, and the script pure nonsense.

While I wouldn't call this a runaway success, it tends to work on its own terms and is very enjoyable indeed.

), probably some misogynistic sexual violence or at least some decent "full-frontal", and usually a relatively entertaining plot.

Still it contains some beautiful surrealistic and atmospheric scenes which are worth watching.

the eyes of the father) and mundane blindness: the inability to see and to understand.

" While it's not like the aforementioned Fulci greats, it remains entertaining and it does deliver some good scares.

Hard to follow but worth the watch .

Characters in the worldly sphere also tend to be very one-dimensional: the father is the scientist, the man of reason, the babysitter is the beautiful and lively girl, the parapsychologist is the somewhat sinister and dark man surrounded by antiques and stuffed birds, etc. And then there's that simple and repetitive sax score during many of the urban sequences, an almost vulgar soundtrack that is in violent contrast with the fantastic chaos raised by the medallion.

Overall, the movie held my interest, but is too slow at times.

Yes, this movie is a bit formulaic, and yes, it does move a bit slow in parts.

So we have the dad who refuses to believe anything strange is happening when one of the mom's coworkers simply vanishes and sand is left behind and we have a pointless scene of a security guard being killed in boring fashion.

It's actually quite amazing just how dull and un-involving this Egyptian thriller really is.

If fails to be scary or suspenseful on any level, at times achieving almost 'Airplane!

boring as hell .

Unfortunately this movie has plenty of the former and hardly any of the latter, making it pretty dull and hard going viewing for the most part.

boring at best .

Having very little plot worked for "The Beyond" as it had better pacing, kills were never all that far apart.

It was so boring I fell asleep and hardly remember anything.

One of the most enjoyable components is the typically eclectic music score by Fabio Frizzi.

A rather boring, tepid film from one of many's(not mine" acknowledged masters of horror.

Other than that it is a waste of time.

In that respect, it's all right, with a stunning opening sequence filmed in Egypt.

I've sat through 14 of his films now, and even his later period films like the deranged Cat in the Brain are more entertaining than this.

There's some scenes in this one that are genuinely breathtaking.

Language is often banal and stereotyped in this film, as in many others by this director.

"Manhattan Baby" is slow-paced, poorly edited and just way too confusing.

That's the flick's major flaw: It's BORING.