Manichitrathazhu (1993) - Comedy, Horror, Musical

Hohum Score



When a forbidden room in an old bungalow is unbolted, the spirit of a vengeful dancer is unleashed.

IMDB: 8.7
Director: Fazil
Stars: Mohanlal, Shobana
Length: 169 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 1 out of 37 found boring (2.7%)

One-line Reviews (12)

This movie is worth watching, don't miss it!!!

A unique blend of Nail biting drama,Suspense,horror,Thrilling sequences and breathtakingly stunning climax.........

This movie is a perfect mix of intelligent comedy and intense suspense.

The first half of Manichithrathazhu may be slow, but the second half becomes gripping.

The comic parts become tedious at times.

Psychic thriller, suspense, Comedy, a bit romance, horror, fully entertaining .

The movie plot is thrilling, mystic and powerful.

Stunning dance performance and movie is renown for Sobhana's psychic dance!

It is engaging .

Great psychic thrillers contain elements like horror, suspense, drama, a bit of romance but, does it contain other entertaining elements like Great Comedy, what about beautiful love songs, Friendship ?

It is an quite engaging movie.

Although the film isn't perfect--there are minor plot holes, and Mohanlal's entertaining performance goes over the top in some scenes--Manichithrathazhu is one of the best Indian movies I've seen.