Marauders (2016) - Action, Crime, Thriller

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When a bank is hit by a brutal heist, all evidence points to the owner and his high-powered clients. But as a group of FBI agents dig deeper into the case - and the deadly heists continue - it becomes clear that a larger conspiracy is at play.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Steven C. Miller
Stars: Bruce Willis, Christopher Meloni
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 18 out of 83 found boring (21.68%)

One-line Reviews (72)

So the real question is, is this a story worth watching?

And the boredom is easy to read from his facial expression.

It then plunges into a boring and incoherent mess with so many overlapping story lines that the script must surely have been written by a committee.

His direction is muddled and flashy with slow montage shots of people walking in the rain, running or fighting.

I found myself yawning a lot and I couldn't keep being interested in the rest of the story.

all in all a very good watch if you are an action movie fan and just a enjoyable watch.

Meloni is intense and charismatic, and he really anchors the film, and some of the supporting actors, most notably Jonathon Schaech, rise well and above the occasion.

The film itself is terrible, a wannabe Heat featuring a plethora of boring characters, each with their own little vendetta, and a gang of crooks who look like rejects from The Purge films, with some impressive sound effects.

Any hope left of a good, suspenseful story is completely vaporized towards the end.

To summarize: Super thrilling and interesting plot combined with great actors.

It is just a B-movie, with a good action start, eventually going nowhere storywise.

Despite so many arguments and violent clashes between the huge egos of the characters, Marauders goes by with an unbearable slowness, revealing obvious "secrets" which don't draw the attention or form a coherent story.

MARAUDERS is a typical digital thriller with various bored-looking actors turning up to contribute nothing performances while the brunt of the screen time is given over to less well known performers who work harder.

You are bored, this is your movie.

And there was a lot, in my opinion, of pointless drama.

As for now, we have a confusing overstuffed film with some great set-pieces and surprisingly good performances.

I'm guessing many people fail to follow the plot, which I'll admit wasn't the easiest, but if it was too easy to follow it wouldn't have been as thrilling.

Mindless action that is entertaining, which is all you are looking for sometimes.


A Well Done Enjoyable Movie With A Really Hard To Follow Storyline .

the story-line was intriguing, something you couldn't see from a mile away.

Mrs Shullivan and I just looked at each other and said simultaneously "Well that was a confusing waste of time that I will never watch again.

The script for "Marauders" was nearly impenetrable with confusing relationships among the various task forces and characters that were not fully fleshed out.

From there it grows more intriguing until the first half and then becomes a big mess very poorly resolved and full of clichés.

Some reviewers mention "bad acting" -- to the contrary, the actors are spot-on, and were obviously directed to maintain a near-monotone voice and attitude throughout the film; reminiscent of The Spanish Prisoner (Steve Martin and Rebecca Pidgeon).

The movie starts good, with a lot of action but as the movie advances you realize that it is kind of boring.

The robbery scenes are so pretentious and over the top, it's practically begging for you to look at what it has to offer.

Marauders' denouement hits a blank that ultimately shouts out what really happened in just a few minute slot it's an intriguing bit that gives the whole film a lesson that the previous hour and forty-odd-minutes did it's best to muddy.

But these enjoyable action scenes can ONLY be seen at the very start of the movie.

Even though the movie was predictable, there were some minor surprises towards the end of the movie, and still, the ending felt so meh.

But for a feature film of Thriller/Action/Crime, the Plot turns took the audience off the Narrative Drive of the story and was confusing as well.

The actors are good (Bruce Willies, The FBI agent and the actor from Entourage) but the movie is so predictable you have the feeling through the whole movie that you have seen this already.

Still it's entertaining enough and I wouldn't have kicked myself if I had paid to see it in the theater.

Good watch, just confusing storyline.

Thrilling crime drama, that can be too complex.

VERDICT: A noisy, disjointed and frankly lazy crime thriller that constantly gets lost in the far-fetched filled with clichés plot that for a huge chunk of the film is under the immense body count and the large puddles of blood.

So, Hollywood's most Prolific Con Man is here bouncing off of Christopher Meloni for some Verbal Sparring and the rest of the time "Acting" Bored as Hell.

The plot is very intriguing to me, but I reckon it should be easier to understand it (just a bit easier, cause it may be a bit confusing).

Yes - the plot meanders a BIT - but this film is a lot easier to follow than some of the pretentious crap that people post such accolades for.

They also could have made the connections between characters a bit clearer for those of us who are either slow or can't see through all this rain and they would have had a top-notch film.

After that it gets rather dull.

It's a compelling thriller that keeps moving despite all the obstacles in Meloni's way.

01/25/2019 I think that one of the reasons this movie was hard to follow was the fact that so many of the dark haired actors looked alike, confusing the viewer as to who did what?

Or bored.

In the end, the only really engaging scenes were those of masked figures creating mayhem and madness in banks.

It's moderately suspenseful with legitimate attempts to bring emotional depth and interesting backstories to each of its main characters and that's something you rarely see in conspiracy movies.

None of these questions are answered because of the following reason: The PLOT was heavy with disconnected, disjointed turns and branches.

But ohhhhhh noooooo, just like most avid film goers we wanted to see more and more action filled scenes with a great suspenseful plot.

I spent part of a lazy Sunday afternoon watching this and - enjoyed it.

There is really good acting but the story is confusing and hard to follow.

For a relatively small film, this film is quite entertaining though of course with better writing it could have been better overall.

The other tv actors are mostly fillers, trying so hard to look tough ALL the time, that it becomes tedious.

Adrian Grenier had the best opportunity to have a really great character and you see glimpses of it but he looks bored and the character is written like garbage.

Here's a clue: THERE IS NO PLOT.

Set in Cincinnati,"Marauders" weaves multiple plot strands together in a confusing and unsatisfying action-thriller.

The screen-writing is poor by times, much of the dialogue is tedious.

The ending of the film is so puzzlingly empty and stupid.

' With that concept in mind writers Michael Cody with Chris Sivertson have fashioned a whodunit that is loud, fast moving, crude and entertaining as directed by Steven C.

The Story World is film noir/dark/intense/ sophisticated/tense.

The story itself was kind of predictable, with a lot of hints to who were the bad guys (which should be kept a mystery until the end in this kind of plot), breaking my curiosity, leaving the movie to be dull.

In their attempt to be smart they just end up being confusing with a story with far too many sub sub stories that get all jumbled together.

This is a crime thriller that keeps you gripped with witty sarcasm backed with intriguing twists and plots.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

We could have then maybe, just maybe "assumed" that the rest of the film was just as suspenseful and intriguing that we would get too over excited if we continued to watch anymore.

Not a bad movie & is worth seeing, but too generic & predictable to say its a good movie.

I felt empty watching this movie.

Too complicated to be entertaining.

Though for a bank heist thriller, Mauaraders is quite entertaining fun and suspenseful is what we watch for.

In summary, Marauders is a horrible movie, and an absolute waste of time.

This, again, isn't a bad movie at all and is worth seeing, but too generic and predictable to say this is a good movie.

The rest is simply too boring and an incomprehensible mess.

Enjoyed it.