Marianne (2019) - Horror

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Emma, a famous and successful French horror writer, is forced to return to her hometown after the women who haunted her dreams fifteen years ago begin to re-appear. The work she writes is ...

IMDB: 7.9
Stars: Victoire Du Bois, Lucie Boujenah
Length: 50 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 37 out of 169 found boring (21.89%)

One-line Reviews (76)

I was falling asleep by mid 3rd episode and I may have covered my eyes once only to feel super silly for doing so and haven't had the urge to cover my eyes since the 2nd episode.

Unique Gripping Horror Series .

There are few scary ideas (seen before) runing throuhg the whole seaaon, its just boring.

The other characters are empty, abstract, it's like nothing behind them or inside them.

Very few slow spots.

But this, well it's riveting!!

Started good and will go very slow after 5 episodes.

There were some scary aspects to it, but the story was so disjointed it just wasn't enough to keep my interest.

So this could have been a great show, if the characters were more compelling, the narrative more straightforward and above all, void of the unecessary comic relief.

Still it feels slow sometimes.

I fell asleep watching it and it took me a week to watch 8 episodes...

Anyway, that's a small gripe in an otherwise enjoyable series.

There are a few, repetitive, nursery-rhyme-like quotations having to do with the history of the eponymous MARIANNE, one of which is that she was buried "5 feet down".

The confusion and tension in this are perfect, I haven't had a good scare in ages.

Unexpected horror masterpiece.

original and worth the watch .

Notna dull moment.

I loved the seaside setting, cue crashing waves and ominous lighthouses, the hugely likeable heroine and a slight drift away from the formulaic.


The first episode was scary and promising, then it got slower for a couple of episodes, then became faster.

Yawn, Supposed to be scary.

Hard to follow, scary at times, it ultimately just a useless binge if you're bored.

No unnecessary fun around, straight to the point horror and a gripping series.

But of course, Lucy had Emma's cell phone in her hands when she died and everyone should have concluded that Lucy was engaging in her hide and seek behavior when this happened since there would have been no other reason for her to hide.

Pretentious and horrible main character .

This show is worth watching.


So yeah, no plot you can follow, no actual horror rules you can get a grip on.

Emma is an intolerable bore of a protagonist, one whom I will not be satisfied until she comes to a gruesome end.

So if your idea of scary is being bored to death then by all means please watch this.

Slow start and bad acting.

Boring and seen .

Add that to the chaotic disjointed storytelling It's pretty poor.

The pacing was decent except for a few lulls here and there.

The show felt significantly longer than 8 episodes and just kept dragging on, even when all those intriguing plot points were lost long ago.

The second half of the season feels like it just melted together into something nonsensical and outright boring.

I first saw the trailer for this new Netflix original during the summer, I remember thinking that it will turn out to be a huge disappointment for horror because so many 'horror' films nowadays are simply boring, full of predictable jump scares and lack story.

I was bored within the first 15 minutes of the episode but tried to keep watching, it stays the same dull, boring, bad acting and casting.

Beyond boring .

Dull, slow, repetitive, story's been done before.

A random, disengaging, disjointed mess.

In my opinion it really takes me out of the story and makes it unwatchable when I hear horrible voice actors.

The story's premise is as formulaic as can be in the horror genre, especially inspired by S.

Ignore them enough, as with MARIANNE, and you get laughter, boredom and irritation where you should be getting fear.

Where the series was let down imho was the confusion it seemed to have as to what it was.

They stop being scary after the first episode and just become a tediously predictable nuisance.

I strongly recommend to everyone watching this scary thrilling series.

Cut those boring and meaningless Stuff out of it .

In fact the scariest moments here tend to be the slowest.

There are several scenes which will leave u speechless on the edge of your seat e.

Same repetitive story line.

Solid, gripping, atmospheric French horror series which has some really spooky and scary moments.

I admit the scenery is amazing but adding those "artistic" shots it makes it pretentious.

Slow paced horror story mixed with wannabe drama and a bit of soap love story.

its repetitive,slow and will be a struggle to complete the series.

The story is ok, slightly different for some aspects but i found it extremely boring and not at all scary.

Super predictable twists.

Couldn't even get through the second episode, boring, don't know why everybody is giving it such great reviews..

But the acting was a little unbearable, especially by the protagonist.

Disjointed, boring, predictable and really, not remotely scary.

Waste of time.

When you just dont know what to watch and you are bored.

I mean, OK, I get it, it's a Scary Moment, but don't take a minute of my time to show someone progressing toward The Scary Thing, and maybe pick up an implement in painful slow mo.

And once your brain is wired up, the scares are much more authentic, deep seated and entertaining.

This slickly produced (maybe even over-produced) Netflix horror has every single cliché going.

The woman playing Marianne is perfectly cast, and the other actors are quite enjoyable as well.

Falls into old and trite resources.

Good production, if a bit slow at times .

Very entertaining.

Boring .

The characters are either unlikable (such as the rather pretentious lead) or bland, or both.

But it is very disappointing to see such a good cinematography wasted on a lazy story full of random silly rules, cliches and dull jumpscares.

The story moves along at pace and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Very predictable, not scary.

Too much confusion .

Don't waste your time ...