Mars Needs Women (1967) - Sci-Fi

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Dop leads his fellow Martians to Earth on an interplanetary quest for females. Dop proves that Martians have impeccable taste when one of his first conquests turns out to be sexy scientist Dr. Marjorie Bolen.

IMDB: 3.3
Director: Larry Buchanan
Stars: Tommy Kirk, Yvonne Craig
Length: 83 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 11 out of 33 found boring (33.33%)

One-line Reviews (23)

So instead of fun, the movie dishes up a heaping helping of boredom.

It was a time when a doctor specializing in space medicine was known first and foremost as a "stunning brunette".

The only one of Buchanan's AIP-TV flicks that isn't a remake of an earlier movie, it has all the ingredients of a Z-grade mess: start with former Disney standby Tommy Kirk as the bland leader of a Martian expedition, add Batgirl Yvonne Craig as a scientist who (for some strange reason) falls in love with our favorite Matian, sprinkle in some aggressively-dull footage of a local (Dallas) football game, stir-in enough double-entendres and leering by the male cast to make you gouge your eyes out, and you've got...

He in turn bespeaks the confusion of his soul, an embodiment of the whole piece, rightly an olla podrida of mental acuity and the most conspicuous of all jigs; that quasi-caromed, state of palpitate we mortals call seduction.

Boring .

Marjorie Bolen turned out to be a stunning brunette, who found it hard to hide her charm behind her horn-rimmed spectacles.

Mars Needs Women is aggressively unwatchable.

One of those women happen to be Yvonne "Bat Girl" Craig, which is kind of fun, but overall this is a terrible movie that is only worth watching for so-bad-it's-good camp value, which did entertain me a fair amount.

"For the next few minutes, we get to watch exciting stock footage of the X-15 and fighter jets trying to intercept the Martian craft, while Colonel Bob and his aide stare blankly at a loudspeaker explaining all the action.

Ed Woodisms notwithstanding, this is about the worst movie I've ever seen - a horrible, contrived plot...

Don't waste your time--you've been warned!

Filled with non-acting, bad costumes, and awful writing courtesy of auteur Larry Buchanan, the film also utilises tremendous amounts of (dull) stock footage.

What Mars really needs is something more exciting than this.

I know, because I was there in the 60s and I remember the pace of life was oh so much slower than it is today.

And even then I may be giving it too much credit as the entire movie was rather boring from start-to-finish.

Loses camp points for being so slow and boring.

Mars Needs Women, bad as it is, has the good fortune in having a cast that knows how bad it is and plays it for all its worth for some unexpected laughs.

After 20 minutes of eye rolling, I was mouth exercising (through yawns) as I struggled to get into the spirit of it all.

The whole sequence of the two Martians at the hotel, acquiring a press badge and so forth, was actually engaging and not really unintentionally funny.

That's because it's just plain DULL and pointless.

Dull as dishwater sci-fi movie about "martians" stealing women for breeding purposes is slower than a dead hamster in winter.

I was wrong it was just boring and could not be saved even by Bat girl.

It's got some fine cheesy moments (And Yvonne Craig is about as sexy as they come), but overall, more of a yawn than a laugh riot.