Mary Poppins Returns (2018) - Comedy, Family, Fantasy

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Decades after her original visit, the magical nanny returns to help the Banks siblings and Michael's children through a difficult time in their lives.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Rob Marshall
Stars: Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 178 out of 915 found boring (19.45%)

One-line Reviews (444)

I have to score it over 5 simply for its stunning visuals, I have to.

It's good to see that the film tries its hand with an original soundtrack, to recapture the magic of the original but still feel just as fresh on its own, however it's unfortunately plagued with mediocre musical numbers that are both dull and completely non-sensical.

I think they also overplayed the everything is possible thing with her way too much, making the movie seem more contrived.

Slow Start, Long Movie .

Later I learned why- to stay awake!

Emily Blunt does a great job portraying the titular character and the kid actors are enjoyable.

The film is engaging throughout and avoids the traps of being overly sentimental or super sugary sweet without moving a million miles from the framework of the earlier film.

This is as at its core it is a very bland film with music you will most likely forget as you exit the film.

Rob Marshall with an incredible direction and stunning choreography.

It stayed boring.

Don't waste your time.

This version was a predictable formula movie with dull songs and it went on and on and on.

But for its long running time and several repetitive musical sequences.

Borefest .

the look, dull and boring.

Don't waste your time seeing this.


Complementing the music are the visceral visuals with breathtaking cinematography from Dion Beebe.


Very enjoyable, although it does drag a bit towards the end and I found the comedy more cringey than funny.

Quite frankly, the songs are bland and forgettable in the new Mary Poppins.

In the first five minutes of the movie I was bored.

Though, there wasn't a lot of tension in this film anyway, most of the scenes that tried to be suspenseful ended up being simplistic, like the characters somehow finding their way home using just lights.

Whilst I do agree it is not as good as the classic Mary Poppins and does not compare, I still think it is a good film in its own right and enjoyed it.

'Mary Poppins Returns' is an undeniably fun and charming sequel while it lasts, with some great performances, entertaining musical numbers, and a fairly engaging narrative with some good character arcs.

She's also stunning.

Emily Blunt was more entertaining in James Corden's "22 Musicals in 12 minutes" than she was in this, and Ben Whishaw is downright dour as Michael.

What an unexpected surprise .

The plot is contrived around the original, as are the characters, situations, and songs, which are somewhat tuneless.

The cast was incredible, the costume designer stunning, the production design marvelous and the visual effects nostalgic.

I left the theater singing songs from the original and can't recall any of the tunes from Mary Poppins Returns.

) section completely removed me from the film, i felt this section went on far too long and had some very uneccessary and poorly blended 'extreme sports' elements which were laughable.

Story-wise he adds pretty much nothing, except a pointless romance story line with Mortimer's character that in fact was entirely pointless too.

Also the race to the bank is eventually pointless as the banker knew Colin Firth's character is a crook all along and he also knows that Michael has enough money to pay off his loan anyway without resorting to the shares mentioned.

What i was disappointed about is all of the new songs, although charming and enjoyable to watch, sung well and entertaining with great animations, dancing, and acting, the songs are absolutely not memorable in the slightest and fell flat, i even found some songs so fast and wordy, i couldn't quite understand them.

" The plot was predictable down to the kite.

But the original really had no plot, here they pressed in a contrived plot, I say contrived because the plot and it's resolution is signaled far ahead and it is not very original.

Boring movie, terrible songs and a thumb sucked story make this film a total waste of time and money.

Both Enjoyable and Forgettable .

Don't waste your time watching it!

The songs go on for way too long and don't progress the story at all.

My only nitpicks include not having at least one memorable song from the first movie be used as a way to close or even have Julie Andrews cameo (though I applaud Andrews for giving Blunt her blessing and admitting that she wanted it to be Emily's show), but the sequel stands out on its own despite a few scenes that teetered between "amusement" and "boredom.

I was bored halfway through the movie and almost fell asleep.

The kids were funny and entertaining as well!

Visually entertaining.

I was sat in the cinema and there came a point where children were crying to go home (my little sibling included), people falling asleep (I tried my very hardest not to) and even people beginning to whisper as the film dragged on.

I however thought it was a huge waste of time and money.

Dull as dust.

The performances were great, dancing was wonderful, but the story was contrived and felt very manufactured.

Mediocre and dull due to poor script .

On the other hand, the pace dragged all through the beginning and it wasn't as funny as it could have been.

it gets repetitive, there're major situations very similar to the first one, which makes it look like a copy, a simple example is that the first one had uncle albert with his laughing problem, now this one has cousin topsy whose world turns around every second wednesday.

It's definitely a kids movie but entertaining.

So for the boring things that kids just dont care about, I would give the movie 7 out of 10 stars.

Never did the young kids get to sappy or cutesy, they were relate-able and enjoyable the whole time.

Songs were boring.

In their own way though, to me they were very pleasant and well composed, the best being "Can You Imagine That" and "Nowhere to Go But Up", both actually very hummable, and the one miss being the completely forgettable and pointless "Turning Turtle".

This also makes the film incredibly predictable; although even without the same scenes you can guess a mile off what's gonna happen.

Most of the casting decisions were terrible and performances are dull.

This same drab story line does not carry far in 2019, it may have done well in the early 80's.

This movie even though having great acting is so boring and disappointing compared to the first.

This film was absolutely stunning.

Don't waste your time watching it!!

A most fun and enjoyable movie!

Long and boring!

The songs were awful and unmemorable, whilst the dance sequences unimaginative and boring.

Downsides of the film: Slow start, the songs were...

The script lacks vivacity and drags on and on until we eventually reach the predictable end.

When they try to Mary Poppinsify every aspect of the movie to the point everything becomes, repetitive, flat, boring, and soulless.

In fact, we learn at the end of the movie that the entire enterprise was completely pointless through the appearance of Dick Van Dyke.

I have to admit, that movie feels a little childish for the adult viewer, but beautifully executed musical and dance scenes are so well carried out, that it is enjoyable to watch even for adult viewer.

This Lightman is a palpable person, a compelling guy whose job of street lights is like a symbol, to have some light!

Fifth, by the end of the show it was actually more exciting than the whole movie after sitting there for more 2 hours, I wanted to leave.

It was colorful at the magical parts and captured the dull and dreary gray of London.

Had to leave the theater from the PTSD 40 minutes before it ended.

This version has a different tone and is somewhat visually darker that the original, but it can stand on it's own as a very well done and entertaining movie.

I was a musical..what! Within the first 45 minutes I felt like nearly every song was shoved in there and poorly placed.

The kids had a hard time sticking with it, and the adults simply had a hard time staying awake.

Very enjoyable return to Mary Poppins .

Thoroughly entertaining and highly enjoyable.

The story was disjointed, and the songs don't make much sense.

Rather than being the delightful family extravaganza it aims to be, this is a film that proves both boring and painfully annoying to watch, such is the mess created by Rob Marshall's desperately poor directing throughout, as well as the infuriatingly hectic screenplay, the misjudged animated visuals, and generally underwhelming musical numbers.

Very predictable also and dragged out.

Boring and went on forever .

If I was to rate the film I would do so on cinematography, continuity and all the things that would bore children.

We were all struggling to stay awake.

It's actually a little spooky hearing those lush Kostal orchestrations used on such dull new songs.

Starting off with a tedious first 15 minutes, the film then proceeds to split the story between the adventures of the young children off in fantasy land with Mary Poppins, while we see Michael and Jane Banks scurry around London desperately trying to save their house from being repossessed, with no apparent link between the two at all.

Worth watching!

Much like the original movie, Mary Poppins and the children journey into an animated world, but unlike that film, which used it as a quick, quirky aside to the main story, the adventure into the animated world is dragged on for far too long, and the interaction between the human and animated characters is far too jarring for the good of the story at the early point it occurs.

Oh God how much I loved and enjoyed it.

save the money and watch aquaman instead

I loved the original movie and I somehow appreciated some cameos, some details taken from it, some recurring situations, but this got repetitive and boring.

(By the way, her cameo was totally pointless.

I was expecting the film to end with them realising they don't need a big fancy house to be happy, they have each other but no, it basically says that because Michael had not been charitable as a child (spending his money to feed the birds) it meant he had all the riches he needed to save the house and keep the extra shares money, which frankly was a problem that was stretched out for far too long.

Alive with colour, fabulous music, splendid scenery and stunning choreography, Mary Poppins Returns delivers a fresh new magic to the popular story.

Add in a couple of bright and enjoyable musical sequences, and you've got a genuinely enjoyable finale, but one that is way too little, way too late to save the film as a whole.

It pats homage to the original including Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke having small yet oddly enjoyable roles.

Songs where dull and not a single song that I will joyfully sing along to.

At just under 2 hours 10 minutes, this movie dragged a little and could easily have been trimmed down by 30 minutes or so.

Good- Original font used in film opening/ending Settings and background were stunning Quotes and nods to original film Costumes and characters StorylineBad - Music !

This is an extremely enjoyable film, despite occasionally poor dialogue - almost unforgivable in a film with this budget.

There are way too many songs, and the movie is far too long it's honestly ridiculous.

I enjoyed it and loved it!!

Boring .

The premise is boring and unrelatable - a misplaced title deed - what?

Yes, whilst the plot is predictable, it's still charming.

My family were falling asleep and we left after realizing that it's nearly two hours and a half long.

The score is excessively long and boring.

That makes the story slow and a little bit boring.

Boring, uninspired, terrible story, terrible acting, forgettable music, all on all total rubbish, was trying so hard to stay awake total torture watching this...

I'm a MASSIVE Julie Andrews and original Mary Poppins film fan and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Meryl Streep - so often the best thing about any film she's in - is both over-the-top and slightly pointless as Topsy, Mary Poppins' indiscriminately Eastern-European cousin, and the clear equivalent to the first film's laughing/floating Uncle Albert.

The only non-catchy songs are the ones that are a bit slower and "Turning Turtle.

The story is clever and the music works to make it an enjoyable film.

**I saw the movie in its Spanish version** The acting was great, the references to the original were sweet, and it was a feel-good, enjoyable movie.

Awful attempt for propaganda .

The original was the first movie to broach the subject of the suffragette movement, and this one tries to approach the recession, but offers up a solve that has to do with luck, thus transforming the topic in something as uninteresting as a broken nail.

The acting is great and the songs had a great entertaining factor!

Unexpectedly enjoyable.

Very boring .

The song's, while enjoyable, are not the original songs either (was disappointed not to hear one or two of them).

Has to be one of the most boring movie I have ever seen.

And all the accompanying banal music pales versus the original.

The songs were boring and forgettable unlike the original songs or for that matter most Disney songs!

Aside from that it's an enjoyable movie and i'd recommend it to anyone who liked the first movie.

From the moment the animatiom scenes began i was bored stiff - they are frankly silly!

Boring .

Dick Van Dyke saves the otherwise dull film.

Its not going to be the original film, but this is something new and exciting.

how pretentious and atrocious ...

The arrival of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins was exciting and believable.

It is great fun, hugely entertaining and well made.

Enjoyable for all ages.

I really wanted to like this movie, especially since it featured A-list actors, lavish production design, and stunning costumes.

Mary Poppins Returns is such an enjoyable and fun ride that you must definitely see if you either like the classic film or just movie musicals.

Mary Poppins defies every law of physics just to muck around like little a bored idiot while other characters jump up and down with excitement.

It's not quite funny, or emotional, or spirited, or exciting enough.

UK needs to make better movies like The Favourite and should stop focusing on the boring and outdated type of "British humour" or car crash bio-dramas like Darkest Hour or Bohemian Rhapsody.

And I've read alot of reviews with 1 star rating, waste of money, blah blah blah there is a line in the film "the grown ups will always forget" this line is aimed at all of you bad reviewers you have lost touch I what this film is about the imagination and what it's like to be a kid running around flying a kite.

If this sounds technical, it's just in words what your ears will find ordinary, uninteresting, and bland.

As a result, the whole thing felt disjointed and more like a set of scenes stitched together than a proper movie.

Good to cast some british actors in the movie, but what was the most exciting thing to see is the 2D animation, I had no idea how great it would look.

Musicals are more enjoyable in theatre even though this was such a lengthy film.

Overall it was dull and boring.

Cast were brilliant it is a warm film authentic in its presentation yes the songs sent too good but enjoyable enough it's beautifully filmed

The songs were so frequent it became tedious.

But the music was lacking; it was either fast paced or extremely slow music with no inbetween.

It was so boring, half of the theater was half asleep.

Disney is really liking this struggling father cliche now, aren't they?

Dont get your expectation too high, the movie is boring and half the theater dozed off.

Save your money on this one!

With a U rating certificate, this movie would attract young children and I can imagine that many would get bored watching this.

Second the whole movie is very dreary, England isn't always dreary.

It´s a dull copy of the original; they just removed the story.

It looked kind of weird seeing the characters look like they were enjoying the most boring musical songs...

Perfectly Fine Enjoyable Family Film .

The music hall scene is fun and exciting as well as being a marvel.

Good acting etc but far too long and magical overkill.

I have see "Mary Poppins Returns" twice now, and I enjoyed it even more the second time than I did the first time!

Lessons for all generations lie the nanny's wisdom, utilizing a variety of worlds and settings to help the Banks family find their way in the harsh London streets Much of the story contains nods to the original plot, while others hold something new and exciting in their powerful sequences.

Slow at times, that is easy to overlook due to the iconic nature of the movie.

Waste of time .

" Unless you're a hopeless masochist or in love with the tripe that is Mary Poppins (who seemed rather creepy), save your money and see a good movie instead.

Music was fun and it's visually beautiful but storyline was so bad and everything was expectable and boring.

To be fair it was really enjoyable .

Boring and meh.

The unexpected in this film?

Sure, your children might want to see it, then there is no way around that but if you have a choice, don't waste your money.

Dumb and boring songs that lasted for about more than a half of the movie.

My kids found it very boring (boy - 4, girl - 11)...

Worth Watching .

Mary Poppins returns is a very enjoyable film.

Instead it's dull and drags a lot.

While not a perfect movie, it's a good followup to the original that was a very enjoyable evening at the movies.

The songs were dull.

The movie is heartwarming and definitely worth watching.

The story isn't creative, intriguing, or subtle.

Also, MP doesn't appear until 20 minutes into the film, and it's just so dull.

1930's London is also truly stunning in its scope and fairytale-like visuals.

Yet another dull product out of Disney factory.

I fell asleep...

Thirdly, while Emily Blunt is a good Poppins, it's a long boring stretch before she enters the mivue.

That being said, the movie might still be entertaining for children and if that is it's only goal that the movie has reached it.

They waste no time introducing characters you should already know and love.

The songs were boring and forgettable.

Why were the dull tunes given the go-ahead?

Nevertheless, a wonderful film, highly recommend it.

Threat of losing the house is another cliche.

Meryl Street's character was terribly misplaced and both her and Colin Firth's character was completely pointless.

Emily Mortimer however was quite boring and again, the film wouldn't have been any different without her being there.


It's absolutely stunning.

Basically yeah it all starts with absorbing and processing lots of fiction, narrative.

Boring .

Okay, I may not watch this new offering as often as I have the original, but it was entertaining without being rude, profane, crude or violent.

And that goes for any sequel, But if you take it for what it is, a charming, fun and enjoyable movie you can take the entire family to (how often can you say that), you'll have a nice time.

Mary snore-pins .

The visuals are stunning to look at and I loved how they brought back 2D animation which I missed terribly as Disney stopped making 2D animated movies since 2011.

Fell asleep halfway through the film despite my best efforts.

Overlong with completely unmemorable musical numbers that dragged, especially the lamplighters sequence.

Waste of time .

Our family enjoyed it thoroughly!

Song's were boring, I wouldn't have minded the movie being that long had it been good, I only stayed because I thought it had to get better boy was I wrong.

And the film was way too long.

The special effects were excellent, especially the cartoon-sequence, but the movie dragged a bit for me.

The characters are not much likable (perhaps excluding a short scene from the always amazing Meryl Streep), pace is painfully slow in the first half and middle.

It was boring .

It is made for the whole family and is worth watching, child or no child.

Yeah it was as much of a snore fest as this one was.

"Everything about this movie is confusing, cold, and forgettable.

Worst movie I have seen for a long time .

The storyline is slow, very slow and boring.

If you want to watch an entertaining movie called Mary Poppins, watch the original!!!

Pointless subplots, ridiculous plot holes, wasted talent.

Enjoyable .

So disappointed and dull .

The story was shallow and predictable.

Worse, the cheesy and predictable dialogue introduces the film - with all of the key set-ups rooted in these silly introductions.

And songs that were difficult to follow, and will never leave the impression that the original film did back in the day.

The song sequences were forgettable and went on far too long, often with no relevance to the movie.

The build up was just to boring and short.

Again, this is a film for children, it lasts for two hours and ten which is too long.

Clever and fresh and unexpected.

"Mary Poppins Returns" is a perfect acceptable, somewhat entertaining film (perhaps even more so for children than adults).

And poor Colin Firth was saddled with a thankless role of a boring, barely two dimensional (forget three) villain.

The plot seems messy and contrived and overall extremely disappointing.

They are enjoyable and they linger on the familiar making them so.

The main thing is that my Kids enjoyed it !

Lack of story is the ultimate let down here.

I was worried because of how predictable, contrived, and simplistic this film was and that because of Mary Poppins's belief in everything being possible that she was going to bring the mother back somehow, whether in spirit or physical.

Not any sort of masterpiece, but enjoyable.

The songs are too many, not very good, all sound the same, and have nothing to do with the story, it just feels like they've been put in at random to stretch a simplistic short story into a 2-hour boring snooze-fest, and are instantly forgettable.

The start was slow, music was forgettable, the kids were scared during a few parts, and Emily Blunt was too cold for Mary Poppins.

The film was slow, boring, dragging & most importantly, loaded with too many songs that cranked up the run time to a stupid 2 hours & 8 minutes!

Practically Pointless in Every Way .

Worst movie ever It's a concert rather than a movie and the songs are forgettable Good for kids under 5

Lin-Manuel Miranda (Jack) was just a bland actor, and while he did a nice ode to Van Dyke in terms of singing he fell short in bringing life to Jack and making the character his own.

It's a whole boring game with a bunch of bland mini games inside.

The sets will put you in some magical re-imagined-passed universe, while the dialogues don't hold up, the songs are bad, and if you actually pay attention to what's going on, you are bored.

Bake in some over cooked forgetable songs that seem to have nothing to do with the movie, a good cast with a bad mustache acting well with nothing to say, great London locations and visuals, and a going through copycat beats of the original movie (they end up in a cartoon land, they do a roof top dance etc etc), and you get a overlong snore-fest of a movie that shouldn't have been made.

The direction was weak makng characters like Michael and Jack look pointless and irrational and Mary, smileless and staring into space.

Dont waste your time.

In theory, this should have worked, but the music was all wrong - it was slow moving, and it was way too long.

The film is a musical just like the original and I found often the songs were cheerful and fun whilst rounding out a very entertaining and overall enjoyable times out at the cinema.

I wanted to leave and spent most of the time dozing off and looking at my phone.

Boring .

Totally worth watching and re watching for years to come!

Predictable nice ending.

" I imagined children fidgeting in their seats, asking "When is this going to be over?

LMM and Blunt are constantly smiling, the resolution is predictable, and I never really doubted that everything would work out fine.

The script left them as little more than predictable good-cop-bad-cop cartoons.

I highly recommend it!

The leery was by far the best performer and my kids faces really lit up when he was on the screen but the rest was rather boring.

There's really only one memorable song (or two at a push) and, though most of them and their accompanying dance scenes are enjoyable while they're occurring, you'd be hard-pressed to recall any of them or even their choruses, certainly word-for-word, after the credits have rolled; pretty much any of the songs from its predecessor come to mind first.

Otherwise, this film is far too long and overstuffed with unnecessary musical numbers that grow dull after awhile.

The kids were getting restless after an hour.. Occasional moments of fun and excitement in a very long dull movie.

The visual effects were magical and marvelous, stunning, one might say.

Mind blowing awesome audio-visual treat; a hearts delight .

Don't waste your time!

After sitting through this doozer snoozer, I put on the original Poppins ...

Overall, the movie projects a feeling of attending a circus performance - a hodge-podge of disjointed animation and dance sequences barely glued together to make a coherent story.

The songs could've been better, but they are still entertaining.

They are clearly created with great love and care and to be honest, some of the messages are even more touching than the original ("nothing's lost forever only out of place", "don't judge a book by its cover", "trip a little light", even the topsy turvy song that seems to be the least popular is very clever and enjoyable).

It does have some very poignant moments but it also has some very bland ones too.

For children it's everything you could ever wish for with lots of magic, intriguing characters and very memorable songs.

because it is kind of BORING....

Too many songs, it was difficult to follow the story.

Emily Blunt did a fantastic job with her role, but the movie itself was boring and I feel like I'm officially dead inside to think that about Mary Poppins.

The songs are enjoyable though sometimes they can be annoying at times.

My husband was yawning and checking his watch every 15 minutes.

I only now just realize any rationalizating logic I can add about how to just maintain this imagination as the movie focuses so much on would end up nothing because for eons people have already done the very same thing saying zillions of things on this matter trying to rationalize how to be all these good things how to not be bad things and there's nothing to add, just more mud slinging and drawing lines in the ground, wikiquote is filled with countless quotes to fall asleep to.

In my opinion, it has a very, very slow start.

Honestly, I got sleepy and bored when the light-keeper (am I right?

It is heartwarming and thoroughly enjoyable.

Also, Meryl Streep's role was so pointless and rather a waste of a storyline and song.

I also felt the film was too long & dragged, it could've easily have been 30 minutes shorter.

but for me, I fell asleep in the middle.

That's one of the main sources of boredom.

The entire story was trite and the song lyrics were insipid, trite, fake positive philosophy.

Big fan of Ben Whisham, but thogh he had some great moments overall I expected more intense acting as I know he can.

It was so bad, I wanted to leave within 20 minutes.

Lin Manuel is quite bland, the kids were ok and Ben Wishaw just plays Ben Wishaw.

I found this movie to be quite enjoyable.

Waste of time .

Easy to watch and enjoyable.

Not to mention, a stunning 18 minute segment of live action song-and-dance and traditionally hand-drawn animation that is stunningly state-of-the arts.

The children were irritating, the songs were forgettable and bland, the animation wasn't a patch on the original, and the story- oh the story- well I just hated it!

For a Family / Kids movie the story line is sooooooooo slow.

The characters were engaging, the costumes exquisite, and special effects were marvellous.

It was a unanimous vote that it was well done, but boring.

Boring story line.

Two of the most beautiful songs I ever heard are here: the lullaby, "The Place Where Lost Things Go" and the wonderful, rousing showstopper "Trip a Little Light Fantastic".

Emily Blunt is riveting as cinema's most famous nanny and also perhaps the most underrated of female sociopaths, a woman capable of any magic she chooses and who will promptly accuse any observer or witness of being utterly out of his or her mind.

Terribly boring and nothing like the original .

Very Entertaining and my kids enjoyed.

What makes it fascinating that despite it's critical phrase, five Oscar wins and timeless fandom, the author of the books, P.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

They wanted to leave in the middle.

While recent modern retellings like Cinderella and Beauty And The Beast have used the traditional fairytale style to their advantage, crafting an unparalelled elegance and majesty, Mary Poppins Returns is a film that's far too messy and dull to be able to capitalise on that innocent and elegant vibe created through that traditional style.

Director Rob Marshall and writer David Magee are far more concerned with pulling you into a fantastical world of catchy songs, breathtaking dance numbers, and lovingly rendered hand-drawn animation.

I made it through to the end of the film, but even Mary Poppins's exit was confusing.

That said, this was literally one of the most boring movies I have ever seen!

Mary Poppins Returns, like other nostalgic Disney cash-grabs, is a boring, soulless movie that is not worth your time and money.

Even though he is truly excellent, the fact remains that his Deus Ex Machina appearance just rendered the entire movie pointless in one fell swoop.

Emily Blunt was no Julie Andrews, so hard and boring most of the time.

The songs are sweet & there are sufficient nods and winks to the original to make it an enjoyable film in its own right; and that's how to treat it.

But they seemed to copy the old film to a stunning accuracy.


This was stunning.

A waste of time.

, and etc. This film is definitely worth watching in every perfect way.

The movie is very slow so my twin granddaughters got particularly fidgety after about an hour.

So many long boring scenes.

The animated sequences were particularly entertaining utilising the old style of Disney animation.

Really long, slow and boring .

Others in the group fell asleep.

Do yourself a favor-save your money and watch the original.

Her Mary is stiff, cold, pretentious and unlikeable.

" The music was awful and boring and scenes were just silly.

Really like Streep but she and her character were just bizarre and she overdoes the acting, with the character feeling like a going nowhere plot-device practically forgotten about quickly.

The film's music is incredibly formulaic and predictable, and the story's pace is often erratic.

Entertaining and fun :))) .

A highlight too was the Doulton bowl/vaudevillian animated sequence, loved the animation itself and it was just very entertaining and charming with a tense end.

It was basically a rubbish version of the classic but alot more boring where nothing really happened to make me sit up.

They'll get bored as the movie lacks fun and is very long for them to sit through.

What a waste of stars,money and my time .

Although it's quite slow started, but it's getting more excited and entertaining through the rest of the movie.

The move is long and sometimes boring.

The child actors were also great and were very entertaining in the movieLin Manuel-Miranda as Jack the chimney sweeper was incredibly memorable and I hope I see him acting in more movies in the future.


Even my children were ready to leave before the end...

The music, though not as memorable as the original films soundtrack, was enjoyable enough (particularly the books song).

I'm mystified by the bad reviews and people saying it was boring, a money grab, and the music was lousy.

A nice little movie, but a bit dull.

The lyrics and orchestration far outstripped the quality of the musical score, which was blah and repetitive.. No haunting equivalent of "Chim Chim Cheeree" or "Feed the Birds, Tuppence a Bag" or even "Supercalifrajilisticexpialidosis (sp?

Extremely Boring .

It is simply beautiful and a welcomed return to the character Emily Blunt is simply stunning and perfect for this character.

Dull, boring, predictable, lacking magic .

I love this movie as it brings ack so much childhood memories and also brings to us enjoyable music.

The story was bland and the songs were boring and forgettable.

(It will contain spoilers but seeing as the whole thing was utterly predictable, that's not a major issue)The plot - Jane and Michael Banks are older.

I wouldn't mind this if I was entertained, but honestly it's fairly bland and been there done that.

These type of characters in movies are very astounding to pull off and make them not dull, but entertaining.

The plot was engaging and drew me in to the new story about the challenges facing the next generation of Banks'.

The music was bland and forgettable.

I'll write this or short and sweet- it was a really great and enjoyable family movie.

An enjoyable sequel or remake to the 1964 classic .

Predictable with the end given away5 minutes after Mary Poppins arrival.

The film is thrilling and tells the story of the Banks family who are experiencing family and financial problems and end up having the misfortune to receive notice that they would be without their home if they did not take their debts to the Bank.

" Given that we know Meryl is a great singer (from her stunning turn in "Mamma Mia,") her performance is part character and part watching a Hollywood legend perform.

It's too dull for children, and it's certainly not enjoyable for adults.

A really enjoyable sequel that touches on all of the originals' tones.

Therefore, some audience members might be disappointed (or surprised) by her take on the character, as this time Mary Poppins provides more snappy and confident dialogue rather than showing lots of kindness or heart felt compassion.

Story line was, yawn.

The musical numbers were quite entertaining although not mind-blowing enough to counter the one-dimensional and stale performance that Emily Blunt gives in the film.

mundane choreography, bad lighting and staging.

In Old School flourish, the leeries (city street lantern lighters) break into the breathtaking musical number in the London night.

Boring, too long, too much singing .

The plot was predictable and rather stodgy.

The film had a very good story, very good scenes of comedy, fantasy and music; The actors were very good, the soundtrack was fantastic and the sound mix was very good, I highly recommend it.

It's not bad, it's just kinda pointless .

That didn't happen with this one, no one cheering, no one humming or upbeat, over the moon as we left the theater.

Slow start, very boring, disappointed .

Emily Blunt's stunning characterization first and foremost.

But the animated part is worthless, the sequence with the lamplighters is too long, and the part with Meryl Streep is just plain WEIRD.

Fell asleep several times and I just wanted it to end.

Visually stunning and well acted by all the lead actors.

This said the film is an enjoyable watch with fun songs, great effects and clever choreography.

If they want to drag their children or grandchildren to see it, like my mother did, way back when,but they will be bored out of their gourds,and reach for their smartphones within ten minutes.

But I felt this movie moved at a better pace, which is why I enjoyed it more than the original.

This is anything but entertaining!

Visually stunning Emily Blunt is wonderful as Mary poppins the story is charming as are all the characters.

The songs range from mediocre to dull.

Definatley worth watching and is good for kids of all ages.

I think she made Mary Poppins a little too cold and kind predictable in some of the things she did.

It's only downside are the predictable elements and the fact that whilst the songs are good they are forgettable.

In this Broadway style musical version, the whimsy is replaced with a more complicated storyline and the fun seems contrived.

Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins is compelling and totally watchable.

Breathtaking .

When I first watched it, I thought it was a little boring.

save your money and time..

It felt empty and soulless.

Emily Blunt is often of the best actors working today and its sad to see her talents wasted in this completely pointless sequel.

Very wooden acting, boringly awful songs.

We took our grandson who is aged 3 and the slow pace to the movie made our afternoon a terrible experience in trying to keep him entertained and not disturbed others around us.

It features several huge production numbers, if you think that's boring then you shouldn't be going to see a musical.

The main problem is with the films story, it's very formulaic, easy to predict, has an awful Deus Ex Machina save the day at the end.

Uninspiring, lack lustre performances, terribly written songs that bored me silly and just an awful couple of hours that I can never get back.

It just dragged on and on.

Long and uninspiring.

Boring movie.

Emily Blunt did a spectacular job, but it all felt a bit contrived and forced.

Extremely dull movie.

I felt like the director and actors were aggressively trying to match that magic from the original movie, only to come up way short in their effort with a weak script and uninspiring music.

The music is gorgeous, Emily Blunt's performance is breathtaking, and the message of the movie will leave old and new viewers in awe.

It was formulaic and overwrought.

The plot was a bit daft and the ending seemed disjointed and rushed.

None of the songs seem that memorable, with the best probably being the 'Trip a little light fantastic' one from all the lamplighters, but like the chimney sweeps in the original, it goes for way too long.

Stay awake for this movie.

but still be kinda bored.

Overall I really love this film while my 10 year old brother found it boring as he thought it was too long and even my mom hated it as she preferred the 1964 version.

This Movie it just amazing it will take you back to your childhood, grab the popcorn as it will take you on a magical ride too far off lands what will keep you entertained with dancing and singing what will have you on the edge of your seat.

Starring Emily Blunt in the lead role, it is a charming and enjoyable follow-up to one of Disney's best live-action films.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As far as the movies goes: it starts out so slow.

The scene often drag on and on and every time it looks like the movie might take a turn to the better it goes right back to the boring, old story.

Overall, though, I found "Mary Poppins Returns" to be basically entertaining, if far too reliant on following the general structure of the original to really carve out a niche of its own like that one did way back when.

The acting and dialogue from the children was so forced and cringey it was unbearable to watch at times and I found myself resenting characters I was meant to root for.

Very entertaining, with lots of color and imagination, this was a lot of fun to watch.

Unexpected is what should drive a family fantasy movie, particularly one with so many expectations built into it.

An apsect I enjoyed about the first is that the normality of the mundane world took the primary residence for driving the plot, allowing people to understand that they can take the lessons that they learnt with jane and michael from Mary Poppins' magic, and apply them to their own very real lives.

I was surprised that my five year old grandson enjoyed it, so that made me happy.

Even Mary's earlier reflective mirror scene was extended to create a more entertaining entire mini-funny episode.

Worst Movie of the Year .

The songs go on far too long, most of the actors were either irrelevant or kind of annoying.

adventures are as entertaining as the original.

It was fun and exciting and I've owned a DVD of it for years, which I re-watched the night before seeing the new film.

No soul, formulaic .

What this film needs is time and distance from the original and despite its flaws, it is still tremendously entertaining, the songs and dance routines are all great and the themes of the film will resonate in a similar way to the original.

We were all on the edge of our seat.

I'm sorry I just didn't get it, awful gibberish songs, no plot and I'm sorry just an awful film.

All in all Mary Poppins was entertaining.

Julie Walters, funny, Meryl Streep, crazy and entertaining, Colin Firth, evil and good at it.

The story line kind of predictable, though I have never watched the old version of Mary Poppins, i kind of knew what kind of ending the story will have at the end.

Some of the animated characters were frightening to my six year old, who started crying that she wanted to leave.

Rushed, hackneyed, devoid of new ideas, a total bogus copy of the original with a new coat of superficial shallow waste of your time paint.

A charming and enjoyable follow-up to one of Disney's best live-action films .

The story is as unimaginative as it can be and doesn't really make the audience what happens next because it is so predictable.

I found it entertaining.

The mark of a good musical is when you leave the theater humming a song or two.

The actors were dull.

The visuals and acting are great and the last song is good but overall it's dull and disappointing.

The music (I'll argue for the instrumentation over the vocals) was also compelling.

Overlong and tedious throughout.

When Emily tries to recreate Julie's "Stay Awake" scene it is terrible.

I went to accompany my wife and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it so much.

Much is made of Lin-Manuel Miranda, but aside from looking like Billy Zane, he's as dull as kite flying.

The songs were forgettable and the story was dull.

Tedious , unmemorable and totally forgettable.

Boring, and just quite painful to watch.

I wasn't expecting too much from the movie, so I wouldn't say I was disappointed when watching, if anything, it was all too predictable, which is a shame.

Worst movie I've seen in a cinema .

It's actually a bit of a dry opening that may have some impatient kids wondering why their parents dragged them to see this.