Masters of the Universe (1987) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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The heroic warrior He-Man battles against the evil lord Skeletor and his armies of darkness for control of Castle Grayskull.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Gary Goddard
Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 28 out of 193 found boring (14.5%)

One-line Reviews (103)

Though the constraints of its relatively low budget do show in places and it has not aged as well as it might, Masters of the Universe is an enjoyable sword-and-sorcery space opera better than most of the kid-vids of its time and still well worth a viewing.

This movie is very exciting and a great one to watch over and over.

It's actually very fun and action packed, Dolph Lundgren was a perfect He-Man for the 80's and Frank Langella is perfect as Lord Skeletor.

"Masters of the Universe" was actually the first film I saw at the cinemas and the only time I ever walked out of one.

I'm pleased to say I still enjoyed it as much as I did back then!

They mastered the art of boredom...

Overall, this is a very entertaining film and I rate it 8.5 out of 10.

Laughable, Boring and Lacks Any Real Energy .

As we were to see afterward, with wasted projects like Lost in space key things that made the cartoon entertaining only appeared once if at all.

It is so bad it is actually entertaining for taking itself so seriously and the story, when not on Earth is average.

The sequence where they invade a school gym and chase Julie around it is excellent, far more exciting and scary than similar chases in many horror films (including some of those Courtney Cox has been in).

Filmation's prior feature, the limited-release "Secret of the Sword" is historic for its cheapness factor (as it is a condensed version of the first 5 episodes of the She-Ra TV show), but at least it's enjoyable.

Sure, it could have been much better, but for any He-Man fan, this movie is worth watching.

Jon Cypher is particularly uninspiring as Man-at-Arms.

But "Masters of the Universe" is cult and entertaining for the fans.

Action is slow.

Still, it's a very entertaining movie and it brings back good memories from my youth.

Other actors as James Tolkan (who played a cliché detective who waits his retirement), Neil Cypher (Man at Arms was not that special) was solid, Chelsea Field (Teela was not that much developed also, she was there to look good in her tight white battle-armor… ).

As a whole, it's a chase, but it's a slow chase.

However,having watched it again last night,I now consider it to be a pretty fundamentally empty film.

Well worth watching if you were a fan of the cartoon.

if u didnt like it u must be boring .

Though the make-up, costumes and special F/X are a bit cheesy, and overall the acting is bad, Goddard has put together a movie that is fun and exciting, and by lightening up on the menace has made it accessible to the whole family, including the younger set-- and, of course, since it's based on the children's animated TV series, it's just what you would expect, or should I say, hoped for, going in.

Not me, or my friend as we both found their romance and storyline boring.

On the other hand, Chelsea Field is pretty bad as Teela while Courtney Cox is boring and rather forgettable as Julie Winston.

The dialogue is appalling, the action is predictable and is only there as an excuse to kill more time.

It has its share of plot holes and some bad effects, but for what it is worth, it is fast paced (stuff almost always happens except those 'family' stories), costumes are funny, one-liners are cheesy, sets are interesting and so on.

This is a great sci-fi action flick fantasy, which is very entertaining and is meant for all viewers of all ages.

And you will certainly those who are habituated to the fast action, will certainly resent the slow action.

Lundgren plays He-man in the guise of the plastic doll he is based on and his acting is incredibly bland.

see it for what it is, a entertaining movie.

The bad thing about that is the film clocks in at 107-minutes, which is way too long for this type of thing.

Despite this, Masters of the Universe does not convince this viewer that it holds much worth, seemingly being more contempt as a cliche-ridden, empty shell of its source material and of the Star Wars franchise.

I think Sorceress' outfit is bad, some special effects look dull and Dolf Lundgren's (He-Man) accent is terrible.

The colourful combination of the good guys and bad guys so entertaining to watch in the way superior kid's show is totally absent here.

Okay, so this film isn't exactly Oscar material, but it's extremely enjoyable!

Also dragged along is Detective Lubic (James Tolkan, the Principal from the Back to the Future films) and they all end up in Eternia to listen to another Langella monologue and eventually see He-Man save the Sorceress and kick Skeletor's ass.

This results in two very different visions of the same characters, and probably results in plenty of confusion from those who expect the cartoon and get something with lasers and Courteney Cox.

The acting was wonderful, the story line was suspenseful, and the overall fantasy was enthralling.

These actors made this movie enjoyable.

The overall plot is predictable as hell.

Well presented take on the cartoon series, and entertaining storyline for those without the background .

I saw it again recently and enjoyed it.

Courtney Cox (TV sitcom "Friends") is bland as Julie .

this really is your typical fantasy film of the era, every cliché every funny little niche is here as you would expect and the funny thing is it was actually meant to be a blockbuster.

It's definitely an enjoyable film if you view it with the spirit in which we made it - which was to be engaging family sci-fi.

It has a trite plot, terrible acting, and special effects that were bad even for the 80s.

This would-be epic about ¨ Sword and witchery¨ is an entertaining romp through space and time .

Instead, we got a couple of new creatures; we got annoying teenagers that could only exist in 1980's Americana and, of course, Charlie, the most pointless character in the annals of cinema.

Piece of well put together, entertaining, eighties cheese .

The story is as interesting and gripping as any, and all the actors put a great performance in their roles, especially Frank Langella with that brilliant make-up job.

The pace is also very uneven, first you have about 10-15 minutes of very fast fight scenes in Eternia and then the action is transfered to Earth and the pace becomes rather slow, taking the time to introduce all the earth characters and their motivation.

This movie is definitely worth watching if you're a fan of He-Man, Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Star Trek Voyager, or Courtney Cox-Arquette.

It's a surprisingly entertaining movie that delivers plenty of enjoyable escapism.

In which case go back to watching so called classics and pick out another sweater from bland wardrobe and rot.

On of the worst movies of all time .

While I did watch the cartoon, even as a child I got bored a couple of episodes in and found it repetitive and mindless.

However, the dazzling, pale-green eyed actress Meg Foster, in my opinion, makes it worth watching.

By this one action, they take everything that made the cartoon exciting to kids and flush it down the toilet.

Sure, we got some excellent FX work, a great Bill Conti score, and a terrific Castle Grayskull throne room set, but we also got bad costumes, a stupid Grayskull exterior that looks like a pirate ship, a plotless script that's all noise and no depth, substandard fight choreography, and really bad acting.

Please see this,its very action packed and it`s an adventure you`ll never forget!

The performances of most of our actors range from adequately bland (Courtney Cox) to unacceptably terrible (poor Billy Barty), with Dolph Lundgren in particular even more stiff than his hulking muscles appear to be.

Cheesy but Enjoyable Sci Fi Adventure.

The movie is quite easy to take from start to finish, with pacing that doesn't falter, lots of colourful visuals and effects, a score by Bill Conti automatically calling to mind John Williams's work for "Superman" and "Star Wars", and entertaining characters, although the villains definitely fare better than the heroes; Langella is commanding as Skeletor, and Meg Foster likewise delicious as Evil-Lyn.

This has to be one of the worst movies I have seen in the past 15 years.

All I felt while watching the MotU movie, besides boredom, was a vague sense of embarrassment and unease: had I really looked forward to this cr*p as a kid?

Very enjoyable .

Along the way two annoying kids tag along with our heroes for a (boring) match between good and evil.

" I've read people dogging Masters of the Universe and, with boring crap like Groove getting praise for being original (Human Traffic?

Worth The Watch .

Everyone else is just too vapid, too bland, and just too unsuited for the roles to be any good.

Embarrassing and dull .

An enjoyable romp of a movie, aimed at kids of all ages and enjoyed by many.

Actually, it was a more than halfway decent realisation of a cheap and cheerful, formulaic Saturday morning cartoon.

However, it's good enough, in-yer-face and quite exciting to watch, with He-Man taking out hordes of bad guys with his sword, laser beams everywhere, mass destruction and some good old rough and tumble.

Not awful, just boring .

I had the toys, the books, the lunch box, the underwear-pretty much everything I owned, in fact, bore the likeness of my all-time favorite cartoon character.

Director Gar Goddard does quite an generic job with David Odell's scratchily rapid screenplay (with an uncalled for sappy conclusion), but the speedy story does have its moments and Goddard generates a couple exciting flashes of creative gusto.

The abundant breathtaking images , which labor mightily to reproduce the source materials in some impressive scenes and eye-popping look .

I think it would fit well in the 250 worst movies of all time chart.

The film as a whole is kind of a bore and pretty forgettable, which is probably how I felt as a kid, too.

Silly but Entertaining .

It is entertaining and have qualities on many levels.

All in all, I think this is the best of the many low-budget STAR WARS imitations that came out in the 80s and a very entertaining drive-in style "night at the movies.

For a film to be so bad it's unwatchable, to me, it has to be as shallow and boring as, say Groove.

But the special effects and acting are great, the film has a lot of exciting set pieces, and some great monster make up effects (Skelator rules!

All in all watch this movie because it's really, quite engrossing.

Being derived from an already pretty vapid cartoon series, the film even blands it out further, with a mawkish, tritely sentimental end and a predictable plot.

There's only one thing terrible about this movie--It's terribly entertaining!

"Masters of the Universe" is a silly but entertaining fantasy adventure film.

He is to talk slow, be level-headed, and search for justice.

Like Langella, Foster manages to convey evil without too much menace, and few actors have such absorbing, riveting eyes, which she uses to great effect here.

The film is highly enjoyable in a campy way, and entertaining to watch.

But this film is just a particularly empty,rather soulless mess.

It shouldn't really be enjoyable when it has so much working against it!

James"kletskop"Tolkan was also very enjoyable as detective Lubic.


While many reviews I've read mention it being boring I found it was just cheap on every level.

Most of this is just boring.

And the resolution at the end is so predictable and cheesy I even stood up in the theater as a six-year-old kid and yelled, "Bulls***!

Forget Jack Nicholson and his boring Joker.

Few will give it a chance and realize the direction is good, the acting is good, the music is good, that it's exciting, funny, scary, suitably epic and absolutely action-packed and that it looks fantastic.

But I actually enjoyed it - until it came to Earth, which was a mistake...