Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings (2002) - Adventure, Comedy, Family

Hohum Score



There's a boy who gets a book to a magical world where he learns how to be a man in many ways. There are no rings.

IMDB: 2.4
Director: Kevin Summerfield
Stars: Timothy Stultz, Ken Mitzkovitz
Length: 86 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 14 out of 40 found boring (35%)

One-line Reviews (26)

This is the worst movie ever made.

I highly recommend it as a very good kids fantasy film.

Jim the gardner was particularly weak as he just stood around and listed every cliche in the book.

worst movie ever...

It came in the same 4pk of rubbish family DVDs as The Adventures of Chris Fable, aka The Wylds (check my review on that), and that was the true worst movie of all time.

I saw this movie out of boredom and, well, I can't say I wasn't entertained.

This was the biggest waste of an hour and a half the I have ever experienced in my life.

This was probably the worst movie ever made.

This movie renews my faith in true cinematography, because I had assumed that the worst movie I'd ever seen, "Blood Rayne", was the worst a movie could be...

I am not going to comment on every actor, but I think Tim & Princess are very good and the mouse is very entertaining.

The characterization is ungodly predictable where not non-existent.

The first time I turned it off after 45 mins because it was too boring.

For one, I'd like to say, this is the worst movie ever made!

While most motion pictures get boring after watching them repeatedly, I get the same kick out of this film as I got when I first watched it.

After watching it we decided it was one of the worst movies ever.

All the while the scene is cut with pointless closeups of a mouse and a hawk.

Anyone who claims that this is the worst movie ever has simply not seen enough movies.

In-fact, it was so bad that I can honestly say that it is the worst movie, I repeat THE WORST MOVIE ever put into the bargain bin...

With the help of some unexpected friends, he achieves that goal, though he is called a FOOL in the process.

The situations that occur are frequently contrived to the point of absurdity and with an eye toward cheap melodrama.

The storyline is cliche as are all the characters.

This is by far the worst movie ever.

Are the actors and makers of this waste of time, money and effort proud to say that they were involved in this train wreck?

The script, including the mandatory bwa-ha-ha-has from the chief bad guy, lurches from banality to banality.

It also lacked any entertainment value, as I, who have a ridiculously liberal sense of humor, found myself falling asleep instead of laughing.

Still Entertaining - Still Ticking.