Me Without You (2001) - Drama

Hohum Score



Two best friends grow up on the Isle of Wight and in Brighton in the 1970s and 1980s.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: Sandra Goldbacher
Stars: Anna Friel, Michelle Williams
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 8 out of 41 found boring (19.51%)

One-line Reviews (30)

As in that film, the truthfulness of the representation is somewhat compromised by the casting of a very attractive actress (here the American Michelle Williams, who's nice to look at though her accent sometimes slips) as the supposedly plain friend; but the period references are not overplayed, the atmosphere convinces throughout, and first flowering of teenage sexuality is deftly and enjoyable portrayed.

Maudlin and Uninspiring .

A lot was predictable and the destructive nature of Marina and the nasty way she thwarted Holly's potential relationship with Nat was hardly the actions of a best friend.

It is a fascinating topic and one to which many women can relate.

Holly must deal with control issues from all around her: first her stodgy parents, then dodgy Marina, who has her own agenda, even as she is trying to sabotage Holly's.

Their lives completely entwined by the time they realize that their differences are often unbearable irritants, the two eventually reach a kind of strained truce.

The film does not know what it wants to be or what it wants to say or what it's really about and this lack of direction and confusion comes out in every aspect of the production, making it a difficult, dull and annoying watch.

Rather dreary although competently acted .

etc. With no real plot, the film simply travels through time hitting all the obligatory benchmarks....

Williams deserves more credit for her stunning performance in the film.

Both women are fascinating.

It spans decades of growing up, coming of age, and finally becoming unique individuals who learn to define themselves and accept themselves and each other.

Secondly, whilst i believed totally in the relationship between Holly and Marina, the addition of Nat brought much confusion.

This humourless, tedious affair has angst-ridden best friends Anna Friel and Michelle Williams growing up (or maybe not) and competing to see who can be the most miserable and self-absorbed sod on the planet.

It's nevertheless worth watching, especially for those who feel nostalgic for 1970s and 1980s fashion and music and for those who have experienced a close, deep friendship drifting into a stifling and over-dependent osmosis.

I'm a middle-aged white man, not a teen chick, and yet I must confess to having felt that this was a fine bit of work from so many POVs- and an entertaining package for their efforts.

question answered in a rather boring manner.

The sub plots are weak and annoying and usually involve secondary characters coming and going randomly and causing a bit of uninteresting melodrama.

I still enjoyed it, if only as a taste of a youth I never quite had myself.

The soundtrack also comes across as a little 'stuck on' and predictable: a Joy Division poster hangs on the wall, records of The Clash, Adam Ant and Depeche Mode spin on the turntables and an attempted suicide (by Marina's mother, deftly performed by Trudie Styler) is accompanied by the music of Nick Drake, himself a famous suicide.

Very good acting, absorbing movie .

It is a truly intense dynamic between these three souls, one that has inspired me to recommend the movie to others, both men and women as it reaches both sexes.

The visuals are stunning and colorful.

Friel and Williams are compelling as two friends who, even as children, had little in common.

This 2001 film from British director Sandra Goldbacher is a coming-of-age story about intense female teenage bonds and what happens to them on the road to adulthood.

Such can be overlooked because Holly and Mariana are so intriguing.

The performances of Williams and Friel were engaging enough to overcome even the most worn-out plot; i.

It also has a small ongoing stream of sensuality to it that seems forced and predictable.

Yes, it sounds like cliché.

I highly recommend it!!!