Men in Black II (2002) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Agent J is sent to find Agent K and restore his memory after the re-appearance of a case from K's past.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 143 out of 622 found boring (22.99%)

One-line Reviews (373)

But it's always enjoyable to visit an old friend, even if they aren't on top form.

it was a decent and enjoyable time-passer.

If you are uncertain if it's worth watching, check your own local for the reduced rate theaters and catch it there.

Funny and Enjoyable, Albeit Nowhere Near what the First was, .

Absolutely pointless!

Thanks to the pace of the movie the action becomes more exciting.

This is probably the most thrilling and most involved sequence in the movie, and since you've already seen it in the trailer, the scene won't surprise you when it appears in the theatre.

I had seen the scene with Michael Jackson in MIIB already before, but only today I watched the whole thing, and it was really very boring.

I really enjoyed the originality of the first film (even on second 'pre-sequel-refresher' viewing) but I found this movie to be pretty dull and I was glad to get out the cinema.

I loved the first men in black movie so i came into this movie expecting to love it, and i walked out having met my expectation.

This movie is really mundane.

The plot itself is a lot smaller and nowhere near as engrossing as its predecessor.

Like the tag line says, Don't waste your money.

Instead, we are treated to 89 minutes of contrived nonsense and an endless parade of references to the original film, in a sequel that truly feels written by committee in a studio-executive's office in order to be as unoffensive and broad as possible.

The original MiB, Get Shorty, and the Addams Family movies areall excellent examples of timing, pacing, and scripting working tocreate an entertaining whole.

There was no story just a vehicle to show off a new rap song.

The really annoying thing is that the first one was very entertaining.

But basically, MIB are on the all-exciting race against time to beat the aliens; MIB MUST FIND THE HIDDEN THING ON EARTH BEFORE THE ALIENS DO AND KEEP THE PLANET FROM EXPLODING!!!

He virtually yawns as he delivers the final "revalation".

His replacement, Agent J (Smith, looking bored after his superb turn in "Ali") has to bring him back into the fold.

Even part 1 of MIB was better, and I found part 1 already boring, too.

Hardcore fans will enjoy it but to expect something really entertaining for regular audiences will be setting a standard that is too high for this sequel to reach.

All in all, a rather pallid follow-up to a wonderfully entertaining original film.

Honestly increased the rating by a point for his "thrilling" scene.

The plot is wafer-thin and predictable.

Very entertaining sequel .

Men in Black II (2002)* 1/2 (out of 4) Boring and bland sequel has Earth coming under attack from a dangerous alien (Lara Flynn Boyle) so Agent Jay (Will Smith) must bring Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) out of retirement.

Here the limits of the plot requires them to have little screen time together and when they do share scenes they are usually engaging in a fight for the upper hand.

' Still, it's used well, and Sonnenfeld keeps it all moving along at a brisk pace that keeps it fun and engaging.

Even if you're curious, take my advice and save your money at the rental shop and/or your bandwidth on the P2P systems, and keep your happy memories of the first movie.

Clever, funny and very enjoyable ***1/2 out of five .

After watching it again, this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Of course, some parts are funny, of course, there's an element of enjoyment in watching good old Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones playing with the big guns again, to see Rip Torn, the worm guys and even Michael Jackson's cameo but the heart isn't in it, and speaking of hart, even the romantic subplot with Rosario Dawson felt forced and dull.

The story for MIB2 is tremendously stupid and pointless, it's a balls-less stale rehash of the first movie.

My wife says, "It sucks, sucks, sucks and is the worst movie I have ever seen!

Smith and Jones do great once again, in a flawed but very enjoyable sequel story.

My mother and her friend (who both ADORE the first one) walked out of the movie after 1 hour.

Will Smiths worst movie so far.

Kudos for director Barry Sonnenfeld, production designer Bo Welch and much of the special effects crew for providing a colorful atmosphere that bursts with liveliness in an otherwise formulaic episode of summer sequel season.

The gags are so much worse than on the first part, the plot is simply childish, and all you're left with after you leave the theater is the strange feeling in your mouth, that you have watched something weird.

I strongly disagree with the "bland sequel" that takes up the main page of this entry.

VILLAIN The villain is pretty boring.

Will Smith's performance was dull and uninspired, proving he has a long way to go before becoming a real actor instead of just some box office gimmick (see Tom Cruise).

The villain's boring persona is masked by her looks, and the "evil plot" doesn't nearly tie into the story as well as the first movie.

Apparently unable for the most part (though there are a few brief entertaining moments) to come up with a script as smart and entertaining as the first, they settled for an alien with testicles on his chin, giving the talking dog a bigger part, and toilet jokes.

Smith and Jones: together they recapture the first movie's larger-than-life sense of fun, and give this sequel its most entertaining moments.

As in the first film, there was a lot of back-and-forth banter between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but being as though it reminds you too much of the first film, it grows tiresome very quickly.

Frank is so damn funny and engrossing, the movie was bound to be a hit.

This is not as good as the 1st Men In Black, but still a very entertaining and underrated sequel, Tommy Lee and Will Smith had wonderful chemistry once again, I highly recommend this one!.

If you haven't seen it, don't waste your money.

Really enjoyable as a matter of fact.

One wonders if he was dragged kicking and screaming back to the set due to contractual obligations.

Overall a very fun and entertaining movie.

But, lots of laughs in this film - an enjoyable romp.

The reasons why this film falls short of the guilty pleasure that was the original, are that it's stale, smarmy, overly serious, sappy in the wrong places, confusing without explaination, Tommy Lee Jones is terrible (a sad thing, really, he's very talented) and Will Smith is even worse.

Enjoyable enough .

Bland sequel to the hit original finds Wil Smith having to recruit Tommy Lee Jones out of retirement to help him defeat an evil alien (Lara Flynn Boyle) intent on world domination.

In white, sprawling generously over shots of stuff happening in outer space, it's more than attractive; it's positively intriguing.

They were enjoyable comic relief.

Besides Kazaam, one of the worst movies I've ever seen!

The Warburton cameo was pointless, the MJ thing was only in there because he asked Sonnenfeld to put him in it, and it just came off as a "look at me everyone!

Save your money.

It was funny and enjoyable.

The snappy dialogue and the chemistry between Will and Tommy that we saw in the first MIB are gone.

In fact, it's the two leads who make the sequel worth watching.

While it was entertaining it still is a knotch below the original.

Slightly disturbing, but still thoroughly enjoyable .

), but I'm just glad I was able to get the matinee showing so I wouldn't have to waste any more money seeing this movie than I had to.

All the "cute" characters were utterly annoying (Frank the dog first and foremost) and the plot was muddy and confusing.

Some occasionally clever ideas, with a few solid laughs here and there, but the film is ultimately left with that dull, seen-it-all-before feeling as the plot is basically recycled from the first film and tries to squeeze as much as it can out of its two great leads.

Waste of Money .

Found story to be confusing to follow and Will Smith almost tries too hard to be sarcastically serious.

Solid, entertaining sequel with magnificent eye-candy .

"It was more fun, exciting, and all around better the first time around.

The first MIB was fabulous, original, and entertaining from start to finish.

" The problem with that is that I just feel Jones is better suited to the whole MIB persona, and I felt Smith quickly became tiresome without Jones balancing him more fully.

The makers found incredible success in the first film, so they took the safe--and bland--approach to the sequel.

The first one was clever, engaging, inventive and most of all funny.

No magic, waste of time .

It does it with enthusiasm, and adds sufficient new effects to make the whole film enjoyable.

It was entertaining in the mindless sense.

I left the theater happier than when I entered.

Every bad thing you've heard about this movie is true so I wont waste your time repeating the same things.

Men in Black 2 in comparison with the first and third is drab.


And people who were waiting on the edge of their seats for the next "Men in Black" movie (as opposed to, say, parts two and three of "the Matrix").

Having got that out of the way, the film still manages to amuse, though there are moments where it does make you groan rather than laugh, the jokes being so predictable.

At it's best it's slick, at it's worst it's clunkily predictable.

You'll be expecting something so dire that the reality will be a pleasant surprise, nay, even enjoyable.

A rather unappreciated film really, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

This is not as good as the 1st Men In Black, but still a very entertaining and underrated sequel, Tommy lee and Will Smith had wonderful chemistry together once again!.

With the predictable plots, lines that could have been phoned in, wooden acting, and rehashed themes, it looks like Sydney (Random Hearts) Pollack and Robert (Dr.

The first movie rushed that and it was a bit contrived, but Jones was able to slow it down and make it work.

l enjoyed it from the first minute to the last, the alien dog was hilarious, ....

Nonsense, unfunny,@disappointing and plain dull (Spoilers in) .

The film was full of fresh ideas, filled with new and exciting concepts into the whole ‘alien-conspiracy' theories.

Tommy Lee Jones seems to be totally bored this time around.

''Men in Black II'' is not fantastic as the first movie, but it is a good and entertaining movie to be watched anyway.


There was no story, no likable characters, no chemistry...

The stunts, special effects are gadgetry are just impeccable, as are the sets and cinematography, and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones still make for a charismatic and entertaining duo.

I didn't walk out of the theatre hating it or feeling ripped off, I just walked out feeling absolutely nothing.

waste of time and money .

With the first Men in Black, most of it is telling Will Smith "J" about the aliens and what the men in black do which is funny and unexpected.

Overall a purely entertaining movie with very witty lines.

The actors seem very bored (Rosario Dawson is the first person I've seen who can be described as a macguffin - she's got absolutely nothing to do in the entire film), the exception being Will Smith (reduced to doing slapstick) who appears to be so desperate to be having a good time that he overacts in the absurd.

I would explain in greater detail why it is ridiculous, but I fell asleep during the middle.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones looked bored and given the thin plot and awful script I'm not surprised.

Way Short with Film & Credits coming in at UNDER 90 minutes, The Story was weak and by-the-numbers and Nobody's heart was in it - Smith & Jones were going through the motions and acted as If they couldn't be bothered and were in it purely for contractual reasons, The SFX while great after a while were tiresome and seemed to be overdone to a huge amount to cover the inadequacies in the plot - The Comedy was forced and where was Linda Fiorentino who took over Jones' role at the End of the first?

A lot of effort was put forth to create mediocrity, an estimated 140,000,000 dollars all to fuel bland aspirations.

It's just good clean fun, fully as entertaining as the first movie with, if anything a tighter plot and more character development.

Dull and short, for die-hard fans only .

The first Men In Black was incredibly engaging from the instant the music began through the end.

Enjoyable for the moment .

The special effects are really gripping and exciting.

I went to this movie knowing how short it was, but it just went by so fast and the movie was a bit unmemorable that it was a waste of time to drive to the theater.

Men In Black II borrows elements that made its predecessor astronomically fun, yet somehow made a boring sequel.

Believe me, there are some good moments in this movie and I laughed more than once it's just that there are so many things wrong with this movie and the movie leaves an overall pointless impression.

MIB 2 was enjoyable for the moment.

The first MIB was an entertaining summer flick...

Great special effects, boring plot, some good acting, and way too many plot twists.

He was wonderful throughout the whole film: his confusion and skepticism when Agent J tries to bring him back to NYC; his amused naivety when watching Agent J talk to the alien who had the makeshift deneuralizer; his sorrowful, tear-filled expression when remembering the true story of the Ambassador he had fallen in love with.

It was sooo short and boring and again with very poor FX that I went out of the cinema with the worst feeling I ever had for a movie that I went to the theaters for.

The reason why the first movie was so enjoyable was because of the repartee between Smith and Jones.

This film is definitely *not* as good as the first film, and the previews contain most of the best bits, but it is often quite entertaining without ever really having any parts that I would call bad.

But it's entertaining, a bit disturbing (watch out for the closing scene - it tops the first one's ending), funny (Frank dressed up as an MIB agent is one of the funniest scenes I can remember in a long time), and at parts, clever.

The predictable follow-the-numbers, up-against-a- deadline, end-of-the-planet screenplay by Robert Gordon of "Galaxy Quest" and Barry Fanaro of "Kingpin" lacks the wit, whimsy, and the wonder of the original "Men In Black.

I found parts of the actual story difficult to follow.

The film's just so bland and boring, offering nothing that can't be found (for much cheaper) in an episode of "Men in Black - the cartoon series".

But, on the other hand, it was too short, boring and just some of the same old stuff.

The pacing sucked, the comedy wasn't, and the plot bored.

Tony Shaloub is engaging as the pawnbroker, believable as a computer geek and gets his head blown away several times.

Save your money; rent the first one again.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is one powerful, funny duo, but in this film, they played some really tasteless, boring, dry characters.

This movie is ok, and still enjoyable but part 3 was more entertaining and original.

Light, fun, enjoyable .

Still, it has its fair share of memorable moments and is enjoyable throughout so, while it's never quite as fun - or, indeed, as good - as the first, it's also not terrible; it's just pretty paint-by-numbers and, therefore, disappointing.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld once again makes a cameo appearance, as does Michael Jackson (yes, the Michael Jackson) in a pointless bit part.

The ending is incredibly dull, repeating the one of the first movie (which was cool) just on a smaller scale.

While entertaining, "MIB II" - like most sequels, just isn't as good as the original.

" The funniest parts of this movie are most certainly seen in the trailer, and even Frank the Pug (in a surprisingly welcome comeback) seems dull singing "I Will Survive" for what seems like the 60 billionth time.

This was boring and not interesting, while MIB 2 made me laugh a lot more and enjoy way more than MIB International.

Aside from Tommie Lee Jones scene-stealing, the best thing that can be said about this film is that it's short enough so that you don't feel you've lost too much of your life watching it, but, seriously, don't waste your time.

This is another in the long line of summer blockbusters that figures that eye-candy will make up for any lack of plot or intelligence (ie Star Wars II, Reign of Fire, etc.)The story itself is uninspired, we care about nobody, the jokes seem to just be repeats of everything that worked in the first film.

Men in Black II is clearly the worst movie I've seen this summer.

That having been said it was still very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun with the jokes about the post office with my friend, a postal worker.

Other then that, this film was a total waste of time and money for me.


There was exactly one joke in this movie that actually worked, and it was A) a mildly racist cliché and B) in the commercial.

While it clearly was a step down from the original I, waits to get pelleted my tomatoes and sharp objects, actually enjoyed it.

Entertaining is the best word to describe MIIB, and is the mood you should have if you go to watch this movie !

When the story has basically been recycled from the original (this time with Will Smith mentoring Tommy Lee Jones's character,unlike in the original where Jones mentored Smith,zzzzzzzzzzzzz) it shows even more.

Really, he just sits there going "and that worm is CGI, but the close up of it's face is a rod puppet", interesting for 5 minutes, boring as heck after the first half hour of it!

Despite every thing the movie is enjoyable.

All before J's next yawn.

But the action is really fascinating and can delight you during the whole view.

I think it's a great sequel to Men In Black, and it's just really enjoyable.

Smith and Jones looked bored and embarrassed to star in tbis lame and silly sequel.

Did I find it entertaining?

I really wasn't sure what to expect out of this sequel but the very, very, very last thing I did expect was something boring.

I read that they had to rework the climax because of the World Trade Center attacks, which reminded me of a film that suffered from the same issue: "Die Hard 3" which had to end on a weak and predictable shootout because the original sequence involved a building explosion, and it was after the Oklahoma bombing.

Too short, no real chemistry between the actors, ok special effects but nothing spectacular, boring epilogue, very few laughs and generally just barely worth watching.

A few chuckles here and there but no real laughs, and no real plot.

Now, in conclusion, if you liked MEN IN BLACK, I highly recommend this even harder adrenaline pumping sci-fi ride that'll have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish to any Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones fan who hasn't seen it.

Fun, Entertaining Sequel .

I found all the characters to be either interesting or engaging, and often both.

It was a parody of parodies, with fast-moving humor and memorable scenes, cast, and characters.

Sure, we saw a bunch of friendly aliens (in the Post Office and the check-in station, etc) but the lack of exciting aliens to confront the MIB was disappointing.

The only good thing about this film, is that it's a decent outlet to do on a boring day, other wise the length of the film shows just how long it took to come up with the story of the film...

Men in Black II was a boring and unfunny film from Barry Sonnefield.

Definitely one of the worst movies I've seen all year.

I also must admit, however, that the movie seemed a bit contrived and that some humor was forced and overly done.

It was downright entertaining.

well what can i say other than this film really bites i can't remember watching a film that bored me to death so much now normally will smith makes a fairly entertaining movie but this had some real crap in it, some horrible acting shockingly poor comedy and a very weak story line god i hope they don't make another , it's near enough the worst movie i've seen for a very long time.

And again J and K are saviors of world and boring story.

Tommy Lee Jones's character has been pulled out of retirement on some phoney pretext, and he too looks bored (certainly he goes well beyond deadpan).

I'm sure if there was no script and the two actors had just been asked to ad lib the whole movie they would have done a MUCH better job.

There are also a couple of genuinely fascinating concepts the movie introduces, such as the miniature globe that's actually another planet altogether and an alien race living in a train station locker that worships the keyholder as their god.

This is a reasonably entertaining film, although not anywhere near as good as the original.

Final Shuttle:Movies: Would've been a waste of money.

But my greatest challenge as a viewer was getting over the dull comic timings, which sometimes had everyone in the theater completely quiet.

It's not bad, per se, and there are some good moments (see the locker colony, and the cheeky reveal at the end) but annoying villains, an empty "romance" (I can't even call it that seriously) and a lame plot linger more than anything else.


Sure, its nothing too deep or too inventive as the first one – but it's a solid, entertaining sequel with magnificent eye-candy nonetheless and a hell of a time at theaters (first) and on DVD (later).

The most attractive and fascinating aspect is the phenomenal palette and variety of extra-terrestrials you are navigating among.

It's a total waste of ur time and money.

However, Rip Torn and Tony Shalhoub were definitely entertaining, and the Michael Jackson cameo was funny and disturbing at the same time, just like the, er, man himself.

Boring, not funny at all, and cheesy.

Save your money and re-watch the original MIB.

This is just a disappointing waste of time and money, which in due time will no doubt influence another, equally disappointing and uninspired "Men in Black III".

Some can be quite enjoyable.

The plot seemed contrived, as if they wrote it solely to make a sequel, rather than because some writer actually had a great story idea that had to be made into a movie.

Dull, bland, generic and pretty boring.

I'm not a prude, and I did not object to the risque "humor" because it was vulgar, but because it was truly boring.

Characters from the original pop up here and there (the talking dog; the worms; the alien store owner who keeps getting his head blown off -- yes, it happens again here, several tiresome times), muttering similar lines under similar circumstances.

The first one was a highly enjoyable film; this one is mediocre with very, very few laughs.

Too long, too predictable, too full of plot holes.

I am a huge fan, but the story was so contrived and LAME when it came to bringing Tommy Lee Jones back in.

Aside from him, the characters are predictable and the story pretty weak.

At its best, however, MIIB is often ingenious (the clues K must uncover and follow to fully remember where the light is; what goes on in K's locker, how to neuralise the entire city, and so on) and generally entertaining.

This was a piece of summer fluff that, while enjoyable, was weak.

The first one depicted a totally undeveloped and uninteresting bad guy (the one performed by d'Onofrio).

I saw this movie, aware of all the bad reviews, with the optimism that it may be enjoyable.

The original was fresh, exciting and funny.

Unbelieveably stale jokes, boring special effects, and a completely uninteresting plot to boot.

Please don't waste your money on this movie.

It's like being led by a tour guide through a skull-numbingly boring museum exhibit, with Agent J walking us through the motions of just getting through the movie and getting the experience over with.

But this bomb is patronizing, money-guzzling and worst of all, a bore.

The first Men in Black was good and actually made me interested into it and waiting for its sequel but when I watched it I just got bored.

There was no plot, and the acting was terrible.

People in the theater aren't laughing - but they're not rolling their eyes either, they just sit there completely blank, with a slight touch of confusion.

Enjoyable Sequel with a New Villainess .

Not a patch on the fantastic original but still a funny, very enjoyable film.

Entertaining and funny ...

There is also no story and no fun.

With long stretches of tedium and boredom, it is far from the quality of it's predecessor.

Pointless and unfunny to say the least...

People who are trite are good as gold .

And it would not discourage me from seeing MIB3 if and when it comes out, but advice to the film makers: Slow it down.

Had they done that to us, we may have enjoyed it more.

I found it boring and now where near as enjoyable as MIB.

When the pace of the movie starts to slow, to build story, you still aren't caught in boring monologue for what seems like hours.

waste of time .


Predictable unfunny and exaggerated - a sequel not bothering with

Ho hum.

What a yawn .

I found parts of the actual story difficult to follow.

They were wonderfully creative and entertaining.

But it's well done, fun and entertaining-- it's a kick just being able to spend some more time with these guys.

Overall, MIB2 is done well enough to be fun and enjoyable without feeling like a second-rate rehash.

Tommy Lee Jones doesn't turn up until about 20 minutes in, and seems totally bored with the entire escapade.

Everything was lush and exciting--all new, all surprising.

C´mon, save your money, rent the first one and buy the kids some ice cream.

That being said, it does have some redeeming points which stop it from being unwatchable.

Will Smith was boring, as was Lara Flynn Boyle, and Tommy Lee Jones simply could not rescue such a dismal effort.

MIB 2 - A Waste Of Your Time .

Pointless .

An enjoyable time-passer.

i also thought the main villain was weak and uninteresting.

The story is very incohesive; the dialogue banal; the acting woeful.

Not funny enough to be a comedy, not realistic enough to be a drama, not interesting enough to be a fantasy, Men In Black just may possibly be the worst movie I've seen in the last year.

What a waste of time.

Surprisingly enjoyable sequel boasting good action sequences, often dazzling special effects, some pleasingly funny moments and good-natured performances from the two leads.

She islargely listless and uninteresting.

Please - far too contrived to be funny.

Waste of money and time .

After seeing the first 3 times in theaters, then buying the video, we were hoping for another one just as exciting, witty, funny and creative as the first one.

Although MIB2 can't match the laughs of the first movie, I still enjoyed it, and I recommend it, for two simple reasons: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

It's all just more of the same with a more confusing plot.

This movie was awful, boring, and had the dumbest plot every.

When we left the MIB at the end of the first installment, K had resumed his normal, mundane life.


What a complete waste of my time and money.

At just about 90 minutes, this would call for a fast paced film.

it WAS somewhat entertaining.

And the train station locker is another, off-the-wall concept--unexpected and unusual.

Being a pug owner he was by far the best reason to see the movie, however, this was a very funny movie - I don't know about it being better than the 1st, but it is worth watching at any price.

Waste of money .

Well acted and action orientated, Men in Black II is worth the watch for anyone looking for a good adventure or comedy.

However, like its antecedent, any immediacy generated by the entertaining plot and colorful characters is once again spoiled by the seemingly ubiquitous act of product placement.

Waste of Time .

Especially when it serves absolutely no plot purpose whatsoever.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen...


Look, all I want to say is: save your money, this movie is poorly filmed, badly written, and is not funny.

i cant really rememeber laughing out loud at this movie, the odd chuckle was raised but if the film would have gone on for longer than its poorly 88 mins, i would have become bored!

Ok,I just got back from watching MIB II and all I can say is, why did I waste my time?

Not a truly awful movie, Smith is fine(ish) & Lee Jones continues with the MIB 1/Fugitive character that has kept him going through all these years - the script isn't remotely funny, Jack Nicholson's ex is rather dull and Rip Torn looks vaguely embarrassed - presumably until he read the pay cheque.

One fascinating directing, script technique that is rarely seen in a comedy is the use of silence, the prolonged pause and the use of facial expressions, and the moment to carry the scene.

The character of Agent K has also changed from the first with Jones portraying a more bored and unenthusiastic character.

Bored and lonely, he is a workaholic.

More enjoyable than the first one.

It had an offbeat script and very engaging leads, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones made the first film memorable.

However, it was enjoyable to watch & would be good for kids.

This is a short and confusing, but quite entertaining sequel to the enormously popular Men in Black.

bland sequel .

Sad fact remains: part one was a good ride of shallow yet entertaining hollywood cinema.

Well, obviously, MIB II wasn't as good as the original "Men In Black", but it was quite enjoyable.

This film was ok but the storyline was so weak and went so slow i did like the original way better will smiths performance was pretty good but the movie was so lame it was boring welll theres gonna be a thrid i hope it is better then this sequel please!!!!!!!!!!

Consequently, boredom eventually sets in when you realize the movie almost never offers any surprises or fun ideas.

And in MIB fashion, ends with an unexpected twist.

Will Smith and Tommy-Lee Jones will entertain you the whole time with laughs, action packed sequences, cool new gadgets, and classic alien friends/enemies.

Waste of time - No 1 was GREAT - No.

Its very slow moving with in depth details controlling the dialogue which is unnecessary when Jay is talking about certain operations which are irrelevant to the plot.

But the movie's extremely short length (it felt like an hour) and lack of any cohesiveness will bore most others.

I honestly enjoyed it for what it was.

Of this computer made movies with lots of the usual action and thrilling scenes and images.

However the team obviously concentrated on the aliens and they are both original, and in their female human form, completely stunning.

)This is a enjoyable summer movie that you'll rent or buy when it comes out.

One of the worst movies i've ever seen.

So all in all this is an inferior sequel by all means with just enough to look at to keep you from getting bored.

The rest of the film is - yawn - special effects.

There were many parts in which i was falling asleep.

worst movie for 100million dollar budget ever.

The only other sequel I have found this contrived is Star Trek III - the Search for Spock (or search for a plot as I like to call it).

Where the first film was original, the sequel makes it bland.

Roger Ebert makes an interesting comment in his review of Men In Black II, stating that the original was so enormously successful because it was unexpected and we had not seen anything like it, while the second one is a rehash of the original, and now we HAVE seen something like it.

The movie ends with a speech from Zed, K, and the dog that makes you want to walk out of the theater and check whether you came into the right movie.

Good thing since it was sooooooooo boring.

Overall, it was an entertaining film.

The second film was composed of an uninteresting plot with an undeveloped and unecessary romance, too much CGI, with a low play to use talking animals to seek crowd approval.

Particularly, he is quite good in the beginning before settling into his typical, but still engaging antics.

A very fun filled fantasy-Comedy that is so underrated, but i loved it & it was really nice seeing Agent J & Agent K back together with alot of fun silly humour & some cool action, there's exciting fx & cool Aliens that make this a totally entertaining film.

A lot of errors are present, like the lack of story about Laura's life explaining why she is the light of Zartha, if she is K's daughter with Lauranna or not,as well as Johnny Knoxville's character just disappearing without reason.

In this pointless sequel, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are stuck in a mainly lifeless thing-a-ma-jig about a shape shifting alien that takes the form of a Victoria's Secret underwear model and goes hunting for a crystal that will, somehow and for some reason, destroy the Earth.

Ultimately the film is as drab as the suits worn by Smith and Jones, and where the original MIB was a good, snappy kick, MIB II needs someone to give it a good, swift kick to get it going.

These 45 minutes went this fast because the whole movie is SO EMPTY!

Smith is sometimes funny, but mostly predictable and a little flat.

The rest was pritty boring.

Weak and Boring .

If you ask me, MEN IN BLACK II is an even harder adrenaline pumping sci-fi comedy ride that'll have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

There really is no plot so I can't really tell anyone what really happens besides having people trying to be funny and pointless action.

This movie should have rated GB&S; Godawful Boring & Slow

Just for the record, I loved the first Men in Black movie, it was funny, original and just enormously enjoyable.

Yawn, wake me up.

Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Rosario Dawson give good performances throughout the film, but the plot is often hard to follow.

She was just boring, unsexy and unfunny.

Never mind that whatever appealed to us about Jones and Smith's characters has been lost – EVERYTHING about their characters has, in fact, been lost – and that the aliens, underneath their brash, zany schtick, are all crushing bores.

Plenty of Fun for No Plot .

Worth watching just for the aliens and terrific F/X.

Otherwise, go for a walk and save your money.

On a positive note, the alien really knew how to pick a human disguise :)Save your money for something more than 80 minutes.

Even harder adrenaline pumping sci-fi comedy ride that'll have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish .

I actually did enjoy this sequel more than I did the first movie, which is an unpopular opinion, but I thought it was more entertaining.

This one is, and it's actually surprisingly entertaining.

The villains are totally forgettable, and the talking pug Frank (while entertaining for a scene in MIB1) wears thin after a few moments of screen time.

I smiled through the whole film, it was thoroughly entertaining and my only complaint is that it was over too fast.

People like to trash this movie, but I found it to be enjoyable, despite feeling more tired than the original.

I'd rather see MIB2 again, which sadly seems destined to be one of the last enjoyable movies of the summer.

Men in Black II, while having a great ensemble cast, being visually stunning and displaying some mastery of 3-D special effects wizardry, is a movie that suffers from a severe case of 'bad Hollywood sequel writing'.

The model villain was a complete bore and Knoxville's character was a dismal attempt at a Beetlejuice impression.

I didn't expect MIB 2, with virtually the same team as last time, to be such a weak, un-funny and pointless waste of time.

"Men in Black II" is never going to top anyones list of films, but to see the partnership of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones again, it's worth watching at least once.

Back in Black and exciting as ever.


And we actually had a villain worth watching inVincent D'Onofrio as the largest cockroach in the universe.

Fun and Entertaining .

Don't watch it, it's a real snoozer.

Well made entertaining sequel .

Not A Good As The 1st Men In Black, But Sill A Very Entertaining And Underrated Sequel, Tommy Lee And Will Smith Had Wonderful Chemistry Once Again.

1 - It is extremely entertaining and just an hour-and-half long; 2 - It has a much softer edge to it with more humor than the original; 3 - the special effects with the variety of little aliens are excellent; 4 - it's easier on the profanity than the first film, making this more kid-friendly; 5 - at 90 minutes the length of the movie is just right.

There, I just made the movie about as exciting as it gets.

Save your money..

A completely pointless sequel (or rather scene by scene remake) of the fun original.

While the sequel may lack some of the scares and better told mystery, it's still a enjoyable laugh.

I found the story hard to follow as well.

Men In Black II is a disappointing shame as it wastes two superb actors in the shape of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith who look plain bored and just want to get it out of the way.

I spent the entire time looking at the clock even though it is shorter than 90 minutes because it was just so boring.

I've heard good and bad about this sequel, but I thought it was OK and enjoyed it.

Or 4,or 5,or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Nod ya Head, if you were bored like I was .

But it is entertaining and stands on its own merits.

Maybe this movie will be mentioned in the books of cinema history, where some actor patented the invention of being so frigidly dull as a perfect slap on the face of Hollywood's hackneying.

Barry Sonnenfeld's direction is snappy, the computer effects seamless and there are a great many excellent sight gags and smart one-liners in Robert Gordon and Barry Fanaro's script.

Except for one worthwhile alien (the one that hovers), it is uninteresting.

It's the time when you anticipate some of the most exciting and action-packed movies of the year.

The action scenes (if you want to call them that) are so dull and been there done that that I found myself begging for them to just be over so I didn't have to suffer anymore.

The worst movie ever made..5/10

This movie is mildly entertaining.

Also the villain is boring compared to the first movie.

(sometimes the ad campaign hints that the movie will suck, and sometimes the ads can be very compelling for a movie that winds up being very mediocre)Thing is, certain movies seem like such a no-brainer that I throw caution to the wind and go on opening-weekend, just for old time's sake.

It was original, unexpected and deservedly a hit.

Now while the sequel doens't have the freshness of the first film, it has a lot more action and I actually liked the action packed ending more than the slow finale of the first film.

And you'd think that at least the jokes would make up for this, but most of the comedy was pretty bland and only merited sparse giggling in the audience.

This is quite possibly the worst movie I've seen in the last few years.

She has a basic motivation similar motivation for the Villain in MiB 2 but the difference is that the one in the first movie was actually funny but she is just pretty bland.

The first film was one of the funniest, original and entertaining comedies to come down the pike in quite a while, which makes the failure of the second one so much more profound.

Most reviewers argue that Men in Black II is dumb cash-in standard issue sequel with no story, no script and with blatant product placement to boot.

I am very dissapointed in this film, I watched it at the cinema a few days ago and the only time I laughed was when the dog was singing in the car, the rest was boring and I couldn't wait for it to finish!!!

The movie fails at the most unexpected place, Will Smith fails to deliver.

He's just sort of a nasty grumpy guy in this film, and the duo's back-and-forth feels more contrived and mean-spirited.

Don't waste your money .