Men in Black: International (2019) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In this new adventure, they tackle their biggest threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: F. Gary Gray
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 114 out of 433 found boring (26.32%)

One-line Reviews (316)

Lol The movie was pretty enjoyable.

The story is incredibly unengaging, just so dull and uninteresting.

Engaging and exciting the entire time.

There are one or two moments that made me audibly groan with disappointment at the laziness of the storytelling, but they're outweighed by the numerous good moments and the token 'alien buddy' that apparently every movie has to have now is actually enjoyable (unlike the Porgs in The Last Jedi'.

The movie was very entertaining, well paced plot.

All in all, the film has its issues, and plenty of them to spare, but makes up for it with its entertaining nature, lovely chemistry from its two main stars, and cool atmosphere.

Save your money and don't watch this garbage.

The fighting scene and weapon is boring and no creative.

Gary Gray's misfire, Men in Black International, just enough to make this chapter in the franchise yet another example of the latest boring sequel from a series that seems to get progressively worse.

With sci-fi this uninspired, a mystery this uninteresting, and comedy this lazy, MiB: International is one of the most unwatchable movies I've seen in awhile.

Seriously, we have a hard time understanding the mediocre ratings - the movie is definitely holding up its side of the bargain when it comes to enjoyable entertainment.

A lot of big-budget blockbusters these days get bogged down in endless CGI-heavy fight scenes that take over for story and ultimately becoming boring.

This movie was exactly what I wanted it to be, enjoyable, funny, and entertaining.

Half way through the movie my fingers got itchy, they wanted to push the fast forward button, to put it into 1 word, the movie is boring.

Highly enjoyable and didnt miss Will Smith or TLJ like I thought I would.

Enjoyable movie as MIB style.

Problem is for the audience he doesn't seem to have changed at all, making their claims and concerns empty and meaningless.

It's kinda boring to me.

This movie was very entertaining and I had a few laughs as well.

Very entertaining, all the kids loved it.

The story is dull.

MIB International is a highly flawed, yet moderately enjoyable take on the MIB franchise.

It's well shot, nicely edited, and, above all, exciting to watch.

This movie was utterly and completely pointless and a horrible mess of a plot.

The normally entertaining and humorous, Chris Hemsworth even seemed to phone it in.


The villains are pretty bland.

Unfortunately the positives are so mundane and generic that they're barely worth mentioning.

The story is boring, the two leads have little chemistry, and the humour is mild at best.

Very entertaining Good acting Great effects Very enjoyable film, worth going to see

Don't waste your time.

Enjoyable reboot .

Gary Gray's direction doesn't exactly turn the tide either, the action sequences are messy, filled to the brim with atrocious visual effects and straight up boring.

A clunky, but overall enjoyable addition to the franchise.

Lazy, formulaic and pretty pointless.

On the whole a fairly enjoyable experience that's action packed and fairly family friendly, Id highly recommend

Now the villains, there are 2 guys who can change state of matter and man they were boring they barely spoke in whole movie.

Boring, childish, annoying and silly.

This movie, in my opinion, was a waste of money.


An enjoyable 90-minute romp.

Despite some issues though, the movie is still kind of enjoyable in a bit of a mix of so-bad-it's-good with actual fun presented from the movie.

Predictable , full of special effects , and plenty messy .

Disappointingly Boring .

Rebecca Ferguson's character was only used for pointless action while the other supporting characters just suck in general.

I use the word 'supposedly' because neither villain is given any background, backstory or anything else, making it impossible for us to gauge the significance of the world ending (*yawn*) threats posed by these, umm, well, I don't know what they are...

Fun and enjoyable .

Very enjoyable.

Except for some nifty CGI, this is one dull adventure after the next.

She did the best she could, and by no means is a bad aspect to this atrocity, but my word was the line delivery bland.

Very predictable plot twist with very bad or rather none villain.

Those villians made the movies a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Overall, the film turned out to be fun and entertaining.

Very Gripping And Gets Right Into The Action Gets to their point and doesn't hesitate to tell there story

Boring, predictable and not funny AT ALL.


I see people giving this God awful movie 8 and 9 stars and it's confusing.

Sony should be taught a lesson for making such waste of time and money movies.

Different but enjoyable .

againSUMMARY:A Men In Black Movie is all about being an entertaining spectacle of comedy, story, and latching on to our heroes and finding some moving pieces.

The villain was bland and predictable.

In the whole movie, there is only one fight sequence that is actually enjoyable and it features Tessa Thomson's character fighting an alien.

Bland .

The story line is boring and is not creative at all.

I blame it on the uninspired script and the bland direction.

It is really fun and entertaining.

The villains are bland, and although some of them have pretty cool powers, their motivations are as derivative as their personalities.

By the time you get to the predictable twist with the villain.

They were boring and had about 2-3 lines throughout the whole film.

Watch this for the exciting wit and colorful special effects.

I fell asleep .

Buy the bluray and fast forward through the boring parts.

Boring .

Gary Gray Writers: Matt Holloway, Art Marcum Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Kumail NanjianiLIKES:Decently Paced New Aliens and Designs Nostalgia Simplistic Story Funny Kumail Nanjiani's character DISLIKES:More Aliens Predictable Plot Missing Some Wrap ups Other Acting Is A Little Forced Missing That Natural Humor Underutilized characters Not Campy Enough The Political Messages...


The Story is predictable from the start to finish and the action scenes were just disappointing (and no i will not start about the logic).

Moreover, to add insult to injury, the film is generally predictable, though there was one particular saving grace that was revealed towards the end which I found interesting - for all of five seconds; after which the film forgot it had been mentioned.

Weird yet predictable premise, jaja binks type characters that I don't care about and bloated with cgi effects.

Overall it was an enjoyable trip to the cinema.

It tries to be this mystery movie but the film is so predictable that it loses any mystery.

But still worth the watch.

It was enjoyable to sit down, grab some popcorn and finally walk out feeling like a watch a good, decent, FUN movie to entertain me.

Very Gripping And Gets Right Into The Action .

Men in Black: International is an enjoyable reboot.

If you go in expecting a good story it'll dissapoint, but go in expecting just some simple time killing fun, it's enjoyable enough.

-Villains are stupid -No story -bad special effects -No chemistry between the 2 agents -Too long

I honestly don't have much more to say about the movie because it's that boring.

The story is predictable and the performances aren't anything special.

The result is a plotless and absolutely predictable SciFi James Bond Adventure.

Awfull MOVIE EVER, what a waste of time and money, if people say is fun or is a good movie, honestly their dumb or 6 years old, a 10 years old kids and older people cant say this CRAP is fun or even watchable, dont waste your time or money.

This was entertaining.

I really wanted Men in Black: International to work, but this reboot of the franchise has changed much of the stuff that made 1 to 3 so enjoyable.

Most intense one is when the two lead role actor fight with Riza in her house at Italy!

An entertaining watch.

Movie is predictable with little laughs or action.

Love it or hate it type, I did yawn several times.

fun filled and exciting..maintained the humour and thrill of the original movies ...


Dull, blank and without any soul!

Overall the movie is so boring and so waste of time.

Enjoyable MIB .

For Hemsworth alone, especially for the ladies, it is most enjoyable.

boring, lame humor, annoying convoluted mess.

Don't waste your time and money.

This film is more predictable than the phases of the moon, you see every plot turn and twist coming.

Visuals are stunning, great new score by Danny Elfman with the hints of the same great old tunes is superb, tons of really witty jokes, good acting and overall a very fine nostalgic atmosphere.

Tessa Thompson is actually fine, but Chris Hemsworth just seems to be a monotone and annoyingly glib "Thor" redux.

Some scenes are so slow and others are just way too fast.

Upon arrival, she is partnered with Agent H (the always entertaining Chris Hemsworth), whose charisma is not enough to save this movie, his character's unprofessional attitude making it hard to fathom how such an individual wandered into the good graces of such a secretive organisation.

I found it to be kind of slow and I was having a hard time getting engaged.

The jokes were SO forced and sometimes dragged out SO long, god how can anyone think this was funny?

Worst movie bad humour.

However, felt like everyone had better things to do or were just bored.

But in our Universe, it's just a bland nostalgia cash-in deprived of story, characters, charisma and anything likable.

Very funny, light and entertaining .

Poor acting, bad jokes, and little action made this the worst movie I've seen (or not seen since I fell asleep) in 2019.

Overall, I still credit Men In Black: International for being entertaining and fun throughout if you're just looking for something to hold you over until Toy Story 4 or Spider-Man: Far From Home.

And on the other hand, the best asset is the creativity on how varied number of creatures are presented, these tiny aspects keep giving us hope in this overlong two hours of journey- basically a slow death.

I did enjoy it, even though it was predictable with a typical cliche ending that I knew was coming the whole movie.

The worst thing a film can be is forgettable, bland, and unnecessary.


Good flick, entertaining from start to finish .

The acting wasn't good, lack of explanation of how things work, bad guys and weapons are pretty lame, a lot of effect with no science, and many more that makes this movie bland and forgettable.

Entertaining .

Men In Boring .

The movie was very bland and surface level.

Very entertaining show - two thumbs up .

I'm so glad I don't waste a dime on hollywood movies any longer (this is a Chinese production via Tencent as they have bought out many of the former hollywood studios...

Boring and mildly humourous with no style of its own.

One of the worst things a film can is bore me, and because his film is so poorly written, any moments that were meant to be "subtle" foreshadowing and hints, we as subtle a brick through a window.

Dull and Duller .

Nearly all the plots are predictable and seem familiar to other movies that I see.

Slow,mess and weak !!

It's worth watching

Aside from the visuals, Liam Neeson, And The antagonists; the film has a predictable and cliche premise, the actors have no chemistry, and the characters range from being uninteresting to immensely irritating with little to no development.

No, but neither did the other 2 sequels and for what its worth I enjoyed it more than the last installment.

A lot about this is incredibly bland, including the villains.

It's predictable for one thing and leaves little surprise in how things are going to pan out from obvious foreshadowing.

It kind of gets slower and more boring closer to the end, and then just rushed straight to it.

Boring .

To see such movie waste of money and time.

dull .

This was not a kids movie anymore than the others were and I, a 48 year old man enjoyed it immensely.

The supporting characters and the villain are very bland and uninteresting.

Though the film may seem to be lacking the charm, creativity, and just plain depth of the originals (or at least the first and the third), Men in Black: International still proves to be a fun and entertaining ride, especially for fans of the franchise.

It was very boring and felt like it was trying too hard to impress.

A predictable plot reveal unravels and the final act of desperation unveils itself to be a two minute showdown holding no substance whatsoever.

I wanted to have fun with this movies, and for all intensive purposes it wasn't doing anything I hated.

It's actually really funny, exciting and interesting as well.

There's this scene where they keep detaching all this crazy looking silvery weaponry from parts of their car blowing away the badguys and it's like from a video game as they get a diff gun and just stand around letting loose more blasts while the badguys are further down the street standing around conveniently and we get to check out different blasts but at least the audience can be dumbly dazzled by all these effects, Yawn.

conclusion - you can watch this movie if you getting bored i wont irritate you

Tessa's acting is bland, lack excitement and generally emotionless despite almost everything her character does and see in the movie is a first time experience.

Simple, but enjoyable.

Unlike the first two it lacks the sharp witty humour and verges on boring.

The action is absent or quite boring, the story is plain empty from any ideas and it has a finale that is predictable from the first freaking 3'!

Your kids might like it, there are some cute side characters that I think might appeal to kids, one of them really stole the show and was way more entertaining than Chris Hemsworth.

The cons were that while the pacing of the story was fine, the pacing within the scenes was a bit too slow which gave the feeling that it was overstaying its welcome a bit.

Enjoyable film .

Very entertaining.

These sequels and this film the humor feels forced and boring.

Ultimately I give Men in Black: International an uninspiring 6/10.

Not terrible, but entertaining enough .

Watching this movie was a waste of time.

It's a movie that you take a girl to to because it will most certainly be empty and it has pleasant background noise

Anyone who says otherwise is trying too hard to be a self proclaimed "movie critic" this is worth seeing and throughly enjoyable!

The very first thing that popped into my mind while viewing this was how inanely bland it felt.

Everyone seems to be rating this poorly but I rather enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

I was bored to my bones watching this movie, I had to take my cell phone out to play just so that I wouldn't fall asleep.

No subject, no aim, no plot and this movie killed the original Men in Black spirit.

unfortunately i was not super pleased with this movie, it lacked depth and emotion and the story was pretty confusing to follow for me.

I actually enjoyed it more than I expected to.

Elsewhere Liam Neeson phones in a yawn-inducing turn as head of the London MIB branch, Rebecca Ferguson is awkward as infamous arms-dealing creature Riza, and Kumail Nanjiani is the standout (low bar) as the voice of an over-confident 2-inch tall alien soldier.

Complete and utter waste of time & money!!!

It's a competent, generally enjoyable film with solid performances and a solid story.

The 'villains' of this movie, the alien twins were very bland and not well developed, in fact most of the time they simply appear as a blob of 'space glowing stuff'.

A sentence given is "have you ever abanonded logic for passion" is compelling.

Kindly change the genre like Stupid or boring kind of that.

Not to mention that during a large portion of the movie, I was bored out of my mind and wanted it to be over.

I enjoyed it a lot .

Why do I rate this so is because I am not offended by anything in the movie, there's a lot of dumb fun but at this point it's just better than like loads of duller movies, also never into this series' other movies because I didnt care for those leads, be honest does anyone?

Go re-watch the entertaining 1997 original instead.

Quite entertaining .

This movie was completely predictable.

Outside of that the film, is boring and forgettable.

Light and Enjoyable .

The fact that the characters are quite as engaging leaves flat pieces to play out, who become more focused on comedy than being a hero.

In fact it's just straight fact boring, predictable script and it feels rushed.

I recommend that you save your money and skip this film.

An origin movie for a new female 'M' character, a young hopeful (but tediously dull) recruit who is paired up with an experienced mentor, so nothing new.

Watching men in black movie again after a long time was a enjoyable experience, i remember laughing hard in last MIB 3, and this time international has made me do it again, personally thank you for it, i was able to relieve my outside trouble.

It is an enjoyable movie.

With the addition of Chris Hemsworth and Liam Neeson this movie was very enjoyable to watch.

First of all is kind of boring movie to watch, the scripts are predictable and jokes are very obvious, The action scenes are sometimes slow.

This new installment may not have our favorite agents we started with (in physical form at least), but it holds a few treasured components that kept it entertaining for me.

this is an entertaining spectacle.

Such a waste of time and money.

an absolute waste of time and money.

Action packed, great acting & nice twist.

Boring Movie, No Fun, No Charisma .

) to swiftly move the dull story along?

(I actually enjoyed it because I got to see "Thor" and it was very cute seeing them working as a team.

Found this to be a fun and entertaining watch set in the MIB universe.

We go to watch these movies because we enjoy the adventures the agents go on and all of the hilarious alien disguises and the ridiculous weaponized alien technology that is so fascinating to watch.

A small alien that looks like a chess piece named Pawny was more entertaining than anyone else on here.

Quite enjoyable...

What a waste of my time and money.

"Summatively, "Men in Black: International" is a massive disappointment that is plagued by a convoluted plot, an unnecessarily bland directional approach, and a repugnant screenplay.

The movie, yes too quirky and predictable at some parts is a very fun action ride that is enjoyable for many audiences.

Do yourself a favour before watching this film think twice save your money for something else...

Please dont waste your money on this film.

It is bland, uninventive, repackaged and so very, very boring I had a hard time staying awake.

The dance and music is dull that my grandma dance better than that.

I however would like to see Tessa and Chris in another Men In Black movie if they could come up with something exciting for them to do.

The severe lack of story, depth or intrigue is, coupled with the two dimensional archetypes (Liam Neeson with his stereotypical gruff manly voice is a fine example of this).

However it also has the worst villains in the franchise, who lack any personality and the plot has some predictable moments.

The script is tedious and lacked in plot, development, and fun humor.

Save your money and time and just watch the earlier men and black movies.

Predictable, fun, unnecessary reboot .

Pity they're working with such a bland script, ending in a film that seems to cater to new audiences, rather than those who grew up watching the edgier MIB movies before it.

I enjoyed it.

It was fun and entertaining mib .

The cg is surprisingly impressive and the action is enjoyable.

PC, bland and unpopular .

The actors, good looking but the storyline a bit boring, predictable.

Hollywood is just pumping out these dull,boring,sanitised cash cows & this is about as bland as it can get.

No charme, no story, no agent k.

We enjoyed it.

There's no amount of actor charm capable of elevating such a slapdash, clunky and utterly dull reboot that goes from weakness to weakness over its excruciating (nearly) two hours runtime.

There was a lot of avoided cliché moments that could've come with two people of the opposite sex working together, like needless jealousy and undeserved flirting.

Beyond that, the setting of this film is very bland and bare.

Also women have been in the "Men in Black" series since the beginning so the repetitive "Women/People/Humans in Black" jokes get real stale real quick and I believe will not age well with the movie.

But as a film it's all quite flat and unfortunate to say - dull.

Like I said, it's entertaining enough.

Problem is, that the array of one-dimensional supporting characters were scribbled in such a flurry that the story itself rapidly became boring and uneven.

While watching men in black i found myself laughing out loud to many of scenes with Tessa and Chris as their chemistry on screen is very entertaining as well as Emma Thompson who has made her return from the previous film and Liam Neeson who is a new recruit to the franchise but another enjoyable one to watch.

I didn't like MB 2, but I enjoy this one, I wonder if the hate is political because Liam Neeson is in it, who knows and I don't care, it was an enjoyable film and I enjoyed it.

Chris Hemsworth should just stick to marvel and Sony should stop with their crappy uninspiring reboots.

Its enjoyable if you want a couple of hours of fun.

In a nutshell, Boring.

Stupid movie ever long and bored only things l am sleeping well wake up still going on

Boring .

Gary Gray adds an enjoyable film to the MIB franchise.

The problem with this is, any of those moments where the story can take an intriguing twist, are lost because of the forced humour.

Such a waste of money and talent.

Seems all these fillums are so formulaic & uncerebral,a script written in probably 6 minutes for 11 year olds a himbo & the rest for pc then just make the previews look so great then fill the other 113 minutes in with wooden guff.

This is due to the predictable script that most comic moments give away before they are really shown to you as a viewer.

To simply put it, Men In Black is simply forgettable, boring, and not funny in the slightest.

The action scenes were lacklustre, the story was dull and overall I thought the film was one of the worst of the year so far.

THIS is a dumb as heck movie, and I enjoy it not giving an iota if things make sense but just getting things from point A to point B and they even have the characters mention how they enjoyed riffing off each other, that's probably what they just figured to do to make it entertaining for the movie itself.

Unfortunately it was too dull to keep me awake in an uncomfortable theatre chair.

But, the studio didn't forget the cheque book, as we are treated to some sumptuous visuals in Marrakech, which really make the film worth watching.


Don't waste you Time and money .

The movie is entertaining.

The movie was so predictable and clichèd that at once I stopped myself from thinking that something out of box will happen.

The men in the film just run around acting like petulant children with boring I'm better than you arguments or acting like frat boys.

And that dichotomy is the film's primary weakness, because "MIB: International" is as formulaic as a recipe for Toll House cookies.

Fell asleep and still kept up with the plotline.

The film was therefore boring and cringe worthy.

A Waste of Time .

It's worth watching .

This scene had some intense martial art in it!

Men in Black: International is a ho-hum sequel and my latest review.

Liam Neeson bored himself through the film I guess he just really enjoyed the paycheck for it.

Dont waste ur money .

Surprisingly Entertaining .

That said had low expectations so enjoyed it for what it was.

Men In Black: International is a DULL and FORGETTABLE film!

Its a boring movie , not funny , just watch it at home later

This latest MIB may lack the thrill & fun of Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones.

Beyond inept this waste of time .

This was one of the worst movies I have seen this year.

I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18, due to some intense action, suggestive references and language.

The world is still entertaining and so were the supporting roles.

Yawn and Laughfest - Verdict 6.5 .

Gary Gray has given us another mindless yet super entertaining movie, just like Men in Black(1997), Men in Black II(2002) & Men in Black 3(2012).

It was quite enjoyable to watch, I don't think it was a waste of time or money.

The story is uninteresting, you almost don't care about the 2 leading characters, the bad guys have super power like super villain (they don't have ideas to do a proper bad aliens without super power nowadays) and the pseudo jokes are for 3-years-old kids.

Overall, the movie is as bland as porridge.

I'm glad I used my cinema pass to watch this, because the thought of paying £11.50 (as I watched it in 3D) would have left me feeling what a waste of money.

The story in and of itself is exactly what it shouldn't be: convoluted, unnecessarily drawn out and frankly, boring.

If you expect to see a complex and super unpredictable story, than you're barking the wrong tree dudes!

But overall, it was a really enjoyable movie.

This film isn't meant to be taken seriously, but with that qualifier it is suggested that it will do something else like be explosively entertaining or laugh-out-loud funny, which it isn't.


Unlike many others, including critics, who are displeased with the film, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

Fell asleep for 10 minutes until wife woke me up.

Only thing that disservice this movie is the boring plot, which I think they can easily overcome the next one especially with the oversea success of this one.


The writing is incredibly predictable.

Still, there are enough entertaining action sequences and humor to satisfy general moviegoers.

Such a waste of time .

Overall I was pretty disappointed but not because the parts were not good , the problem was that the plot was dull and empty, I didn't have many bad things to write about because there were not many things to write about in general.

It was dull in comparison with its previous predecessors....

I didn't love it, but I certainly didn't hate it, and I have to say it was pretty enjoyable.

Most of what's enjoyable about this sequel have been cribbed from other movies, like the star pairing from "Thor: Ragnarok," the villains' similarity to the Twins in "The Matrix Reloaded" and the many references to the original "Men in Black," including the score and the basic character arcs of a rookie learning the ropes from a top agent.

The worst movie ever ...

It was enjoyable to see the transition of Tessa's character as an every day person seeking out the answers of the universe, into a woman of the MIB agency solving crimes to save the galaxy.

BORING isn't enough .

I woulnd't recommend this movie at all, save your money for something better or wait until it comes out on TV.

And in the end it is also extremely boring which is really surprising for such a kind of film.

Characters in this movie are bland and boring, plot has no direction and all, characters in this movie exist just for the sake of it.

A complete waste of time and a low point for all involved, MIB: International will offer very little even to the least-demanding of cinema goers.

to jokes and one liners doesn't make you smile(forget laughing), no story line was so easy to enter the MIB HQ?

At the risk of appearing grumpy, the original Men in Black (1997) was infinitely more enjoyable!

Still, it's quite enjoyable when it gets going.

This was a waste of money and not worthy of Imax.

He was the only one redeeming feature in this dull film.

A typical loose consensus based on a far-fetched script: wanting to please everyone, Hollywood bores everyone.

The quirky banter between the two of them prevents boredom in most scenes.

This movie is boring, the plot predictable and the acting mediocre, which was a shame since these are big ticket actors.

I just enjoyed it

Glad that I was convinced to go to the cinema with the family to watch it, because it turned out that "Men In Black: International" was actually rather enjoyable.

The story is interesting-ish, although saying that compared to the other films I can understand why some people would find it boring, bland or uninteresting.

Of course, the final 'reveal', if you will, is quite predictable, but that's primarily because it's quite cliché.