Messiah (2020) - Drama

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When a CIA officer investigates a man attracting international attention and followers through acts of public disruption, she embarks on a global, high-stakes mission to uncover whether he is a divine entity or a deceptive con artist.

IMDB: 7.3
Stars: Mehdi Dehbi, Michelle Monaghan
Length: N/A Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 97 out of 807 found boring (12.01%)

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It's gripping and leaves you wanting more!

I'm six episodes in and FINALLY something exciting has happened.

No matter what the answer to this will turn to be, the description of our society, with all its plagues, with all the pain endured by human beings, is painfully realistic and accurate To me, having seen 5 of the 10 episodes, it seems that the series manage to keep the fragile balance of equal distance that it is needed when dealing with those flammable issues and at the same time to be highly entertaining while giving food for thought.

Just watch it entertaining TV.

The show starts okay but after 2-3 episodes it becomes very slow and shallow!

entertaining, binged .

Very enjoyable, which both my husband and I looked forward to savoring after a long days work.

The ambitious project requires leap of faith in order to embrace the intent of the series - but the slow, lightweight storyline and bland script could not do it for me.

Then the storyline playing in Israel so thrilling sad touching!.

This series is thrilling and very engaging.

And my God, right from the beginning it was very captivating and intriguing.

Very entertaining.

Boring as hell .

While the show was entertaining and had a fair level suspense, none of the characters were particularly likable.

Worth watching.

Palestinian Propaganda .

I am two episodes in and find the show intriguing.

As an average movie and tv show go'er, this is a pretty boring show and I had trouble continuing to watch it.

The show only follow the main character when he say diffrent fluff sentences that can meen 100 diffrent things and the other 90% of the show is dull cop drama.

So slow.

The filming is a bit messy, the script made me cringe a couple times, some characters are cliché and the tv show is at times predictable.

Boring .

Do not understand the low rating some people gave it, so I wanted to try and put in writing how much I enjoyed it.

Not that I've ever had such a experience or am ever expecting to, but I still can relate to this evocative version of the fantasy.

Its very Suspenseful, you are kept waiting, you want to know, is he the real deal, a con artist or some mentally ill hobo.

Waste of time...

Propaganda .

I was intrigued sufficiently to keep watching, even at the snail's pace they set.

Very slow a lot of loose ends .

Defiantly worth the watch .

This show keeps you on the edge.

Makes you think and is very entertaining.

Fascinating Watch .

It's an intriguing show, and we'll worth watching.

Fascinating and Intriguing.

The predictability of the casting of the 'Messiah' and the slow pace of direction make this a less than compelling watch

Watch it, put aside your political knowledge and you may find it totally fascinating, just as I did.

So the beginning of the series is pretty much interesting, but towards the middle of the series it kind of gets dragged.

Weak direction, bad storyline, acting is average overall show is waste of time.


Controversial, many people will tag it as propaganda .

Story was compelling.

Ask yourself what if jesus comes during these times..messiah took it to the next level, its a smart tv series by letting people decide if he is true or not, by letting viewers decide if he is a hoax or the truth, and love the idea that he doesnt come in a specific religion he always say i walk with everyone , so no religion affiliation when it comes to al mesi, however the tv series looks expensive location shooting and all and authenthic , israelites speaks hewbrew, arabic countries speaks arabic i love it , it looks authenthic , its bingeable , not perfect but really is interesting, again this is a fictional tv series i hope we get a seaSON 2, im atheist but i enjoyed it ...

its very Suspenseful .

The show effectively embraces the zeitgeist of our time and it tells a very compelling story about what might happen if somebody came to the public's attention and seemed to reflect characteristics of the Messiah.

Nothing adds up here, waste of time.

Sorry, but from a decent and entertaining drama I expect more, much more!

Pathetic, slow and undramatic .

Compelling character arch's, smart writing, and a message that you'd hope the second coming would bring.

Nothing happened!

But like so many shows today it's drawn out to make 10 episodes.

As a television show, this was ont only intriguing, it was thought provoking and well acted.

It's confusing at times, while jumping between different locations and following several different main characters at the same time.

Everything is brilliantly made and entertaining.

Superb acting, great cast, the storytelling is absolutely stunning, almost elegant how things unravel.

unbelievably thrilling till the end.

Finally a series that it's definitely worth watching.

Balanced, suspenseful, enlightening .

Worth watching!

Boring plot: yes Very slow pace: yes A lot of unecessary drama: yes Political issues everywhere: yes Miracles: not so much

Intriguing .

Engaging layered plot, never able to watch one at a time.

Don't waste your time.........

Very boring show with such bland charisma and performance from pretty much everyone, the lead actress is the best thing and it's only because her acting.

Hust the sub plot with the daughter of the pastor was boring and took the piss, i hope season 2 focuses more on the main characters which are awesome

The production and location shooting, not sure how they got permission to film at the Dome of Rock in Jerusalem, adds to the intense realism.

Intriguing .

-The progression of each episode is slow with barely enough information to catapult you to the next one.

However, if you like a fascinating mystery that keeps you thinking long after the credits and longing for season 2, you won't be disappointed.

Superb, well done, intriguing

Sometimes it felt a bit slow.

Intriguing .

So sweet dreamsAs for the rest of us, enjoy this very entertaining and refreshing adaptation of a combination of several topics that we have al seen in many guises previously.


For me, had they of given explanations I would've found the viewing experience to be far more enjoyable.

Intriguing and well worth a watch.

The story was intriguing, and it raised issues such as how we're educated on history, why we willfully don't understand other religions, why we put up with corrupt leaders and why we're so convinced we deserve to live in safety while others should be banished to live with war and poverty because of an accident of birth.

Confusing if you look it up in religious belief .

I just found it uninteresting.

Brilliant and compelling.

Worth the watch, it is very very good and excellent acting!

Over rated, too many episodes, plot that went nowhere.

It's an amazing serie worth watching

The pacing of the show is SLOW.

Snore .

An engaging and thrilling drama with clever storyline and impressive performance by the cast adds depth to the series.

Obviously, one of a kind and thrilling scenario.. impressive acting from relatively lesser known actors/actresses.. Certainly recommended.!

I'm not a religious person at all yet I found this a poignant story, with well developed characters (Michelle Monaghan does a phenomenal job in my opinion) and a fascinating message of unity that is so very relevant today.

it's creative, and meaningful, i quite enjoyed it

This is one of the most original and intriguing stories I've seen since The Game.

Which means I'm falling asleep....

Basically, this show is a bunch of nonsense that occurred so that the boring political thoughts seem profound by having them come out of the mouth of a messiah.

The episodes are very slow and by the end of season 1 not much has happened!

It is a multi layered, thought provoking, intriguing drama/ thriller, fair to all cultures nations,conflicts and religions it deals with.

I started watching and each successive episode got more predictable and boring.

Boring and misleading.

Full of amazing twists, gripping suspense, incredible acting, brilliant storytelling.

It's intriguing and provocative to every thinking person.

Intriguing show that offers an interesting look in the mirror for many people

This is a ginormous bore.

The problem with Netflix Messiah web series is that it is too long.

Another political propaganda .

Great story - great actors - Each characters has a deep story- The tension in some scene are crazy- I really enjoyed it.

Gripping .

Typical Propaganda & Uneducated on the matter .

A complete bore.

Even though it's quite dragged (the entire thing could have 8 episodes without losing any content), Messiah is definitely worth watching if you are interested in exploring the way faith works and if you aren't overly sensitive about your own faith.

Very well build show - really intriguing story .

Great TV show, somewhat slow at times .

Just a waste of time.

Thoroughly enjoyable.


All of the main characters are unappealing and few of the many, boring subplots make any sense.

This is an ok series as long as you realize it is a liberal propaganda series that perverts biblical beliefs.

It is full of naive ideas like "let the USA take their army out of everywhere" and boring

So give it a try, its very watchable and entertaining.

Are we watching the same boring and dragged show?

Messiah was interesting,thought provoking, intense fun!

Nothing happens .

The preview looked boring.


The main characters are so cliché, one dimensional, preachy and very boring.

Nothing happens, more of nothing happens, then a bit more nothing happens and it ends answering absolutely none of the storyline in a field.

The writers of Messiah have not only crafted a well-written, compelling story with interesting characters and terrific acting, they've included real substance and authentic representation of religion.

Torturously slow.


Why people followed him , worth watching , not bad at all....

I am atheist but I gave it a 5 because it was entertaining.

Boring, flawed script ...

But if you do not like such issues, then you can be bored.

Knives Out was so slow it made Gosford Park seem like a Mission Impossible movie.

Very intriguing .

Great writing, great acting, some really interesting videography of shots that I found refreshing and entertaining that added to the essence of the scene and/or message.

Completely engrossing.

And the creative forces did a great job with making the various storylines intriguing and interesting.

Mind thrilling.

I found myself watching the next episodes because of the cliffhangers at the end of each episode, but being mostly bored for the majority of the time.

It's the portrayal of the CIA as the good guys, played with cardboard cutout actors and terrible dialogue that dragged me out of this show.

Outstandingly intriguing.

Its engrossing, engaging and entertaining.

Slow ...

An intriguing game is played during the 10 episodes and we can only speculate who is who.

The episode layouts were repetitive and the rest is a rip off of Homeland.

I would have rather removed that cliché suicide bombings from the show and made it more authentic about the people suffering from the cruelty of the war and occupation.

This is a fascinating portrayal of a modern-day messiah who never claims to be the Messish, just someone sent by God as a messenger to deliver a warning to our world that peace will only be possible when all troops are withdrawn, hostilities cease, and forgiveness abounds.

End of your seat thrilling.

This movie is needed in our times of chaos and confusion.

I have to say that that I find it laughable that the creators of this thing would think viewers would find "The Messiah" compelling.

Bored me to death .

Jesus dude gets credit and leads a bunch of homeless Muslims out into the desert to the borders of Israel (yawn..) where they sit and wait for him after he's captured by what I consider Mossad.

Sensitive, intriguing and there should be a season 2.

Beside the entertaining factor, it says the truth: Religion is dividing people, turning against each other for centuries.

this show is extremely intriguing, it keeps you questioning the true identity and motives of the so called ''messiah''.

Unique, thrilling and wonderfully executed.

Absolutely worth the watch; suspenseful and intriguing.

But the story itself is intriguing and holds to the end.

this program was engaging, well written, well acted and thought provoking.

Very enjoyable little fiction .

Pro migrant propaganda .

As confusing as it was, it made more sense than it should?.

Slow and messy is the world we live in.

Entertaining and thought provoking .

Good but slow .

However it cannot save such a boring script uninteresting half baked characters and terrible dialogue.

An at times confusing incendiary thriller.

Decieving, false propaganda , unrealistic, bad quality, fool dejjal

Although a very nice concept, this is a clear pro migrant propaganda.

In addition to all of that, the story is gripping and keeps you guessing all the way through.

Fascinating .

I really hope there's a second series, where the Messiah exposes all those that tried to do him wrong or used him as a propaganda tool; The CIA, so paranoid they're convinced that any Arab trying to do good is a tool of Russia or Al Qaeda.

Intriguing and thought-provoking!

Worth watching .

Awkward & stupid, total waste of time.

Thoughtful, Respectful, and Seriously Entertaining .

The series is a well made entertaining show which makes you think about some of the fundamentals of life and brings up what if's.

Kept us on the edge of our seats with twists and turns.

Very boring.

In no way does this cause some metamorphic change in how I feel about faith and fiction, but it is certainly entertaining and stimulating.

Considering all the controversy, after watching this series, I can say one thing with certainty that this series is surprisingly compelling and bingeable.

I really really wanted to like it but instead found it boring and and lackluster.

Intriguing and entertaining.

Waste of time.

This was a slow burn and I finished it in a week.

Nothing happens.

The rhythm was unreasonably too slow.

Aside of this, it is very slow, filled with many scenes, not bringing anything - just to keep the viewer watching it and wait endlessly for some explanation which will never appear.

Very intriguing.

The big problem for me is that the show was too slow and too messy both at the same time.

The most intriguing and relevant conclusion the show draws is that there is danger on either side of the faith/skepticism continuum.

It had boring subplots in the middle episodes though that made no sense and were probably added to fit some of today's PC culture.

Enjoyed it completely .

just mind blowing ...

Overall the show is really confusing even at the last episodes you are kept wondering is he jesus or not or this is another illusion or is he dajjal

But as most new Netflix series it is too long at times and the viewer (me) loses interest.

Poorly written , far too long .

Very entertaining.

It's a very intriguing series that makes you want to know "what's going to happen next".

Watch it with an empty glass.

What a waste of time.. Terrible acting and what an absolutely awful plot.

I saw whole season and enjoyed it a lot.

Recent real life events and a slew of alternate news sources made this show completely unwatchable for me.

Some of the scenes are well done, some of the performances are good, but most of it is pretty boring.

A gripping and well scripted and casted plot worth binge watching.

She's simply a point of view, which makes her scenes worthless and pointless to watch.

Unfortunately I found the pace a little slow at times, and some characters a little unnecessary.

Propaganda .

Whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim , or something else or non or the above, you will find this series at worst entertaining and at best thought provoking.

-The acting is bland at best, while the characters and their development are poorly written and non-existent, respectively.

Terribly Overrated and over-hyped tedious drama.

Netflix series Messiah is a gripping and thought provoking "what-if" fictional story of a middle eastern man who alludes he is the chosen-one and guided by God.

Gripping .

Worth watching.

The subplots are boring.

Slow .

I went into this thinking it would be a bit more action driven (due to the trailer), but I had no problem with the, at times, slowness.

It makes you want to know more It's always exciting

The show takes its time but is fascinating throughout.

A very intriguing and entertaining show.

I am two episodes in and find the show intriguing.

Fascinating and shocking.

Intriguing idea with big-budget production .

Amazing show loved each minute of it , Very intense and interesting .

The side stories/characters were excessive, and at times tedious.

Predictable from begging to end.

If you want to watch paint dry then this show is for you.

Some parts may seem dragging but overall it is pretty engrossing.

I highly recommend it and like I said do not prejudge it based on your religion.

Cheesy predictable storyline was hard to take serious or connect to.

It gets tiresome and you start fearing that this will get dragged out another season or three.

Totally Unexpected.

Absolutely ridiculously boring!!.

I almost 'loved' it, and certainly enjoyed it enough to binge all 10 ep's.

Interesting but insufferable slow.

An intriguing and thought provoking piece of drama .

I am agnostic and I don't have a specific political color, I am sure many people will feel offended and tag it as propaganda though.

A genuinely intriguing story on a completely new subject matter.

It's extremely slow and boring!!!

Everything was predictable.

Thrilling, captivating, amazing.

The script particularly is so nuanced and well drawn out, that I'm assuming the performances were easy to pull off.

Another propaganda .


We"binged" the series last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

And so far, i really enjoyed it.

Which is a fascinating topic when looked at from the position of what it would do to society, politics and people; religious or not.

I really enjoyed it .

I thought the plot was deliberately made confusing to keep the ending grey.

Boring a smack in the face.

If you can put aside any political or religious bias it makes for an entertaining show, this show is not propaganda one way or the other, this is a fictional story about Whether the main character is divine or fraudulent.

The set up is intriguing and keeps you hooked.

When the show started and i saw Syrian refugees marching towards Israel i thought: Well, here we go again full blown propaganda show.

I really tried to put propaganda angle aside and just enjoy the show.

There is a HORRIBLE opinion article that I cannot believe Forbes let go out on the internet saying this show is a waste of time and he thinks his stupid time traveler (very original) plot is better.

Trite t.

The only good thing this show has going for it is that it is so bad, the dialogues so bland and simplistic and the plot so very shallow, that your are glued to watching it and see how it ends, much in the same way that a bad song sticks in your jead and demands to be listened to again and again!

Not A NETFLIX type of series Boring, Slow , Nothing Impressive.

I wouldnt recommend anyone to sit through this bore, episode 1, 2 and 10 is all you need to watch.

The plot is suspenseful and will have you guessing the entire time.

The pace is sometimes slow.

The story is compelling and the acting is very good.

Of the 10 episodes only episode 5 is a bit too slow.

If you wished to be bored for hours on end, I highly recommend it.

Highly recommend it :)

I'm so bored with most of the box sets on Netflix and elsewhere.

Sensitive writing, intriguing, great cast especially Mehdi Dehbi.

Extremely realistic, worth watching, just be patient to pass first episode .

It is good starting 2020 with such an enjoyable show ...

I went into this with an open mind only to discover that it is subtle propaganda.

Watched this series though all episodes were slow the structure was up and down and we are left witb a lot of what happened.

This is different, it's fresh, it's modern, engaging, exciting, emotional, it has everything.

I guess I should be thrilled that predictable outcomes weren't prevalent.

Enjoyable From Beginning To The End.

The pace is very slow.

An intriguing, and quite plausible idea, but slow and cumbersome delivery .

I binge watched the season and really enjoyed it.

An Entertaining Piece which makes you pause .

Breathtaking .

Very intriguing.

Intriguing .

Whether you are a believer or not (I would like), the series is intriguing and well done.

Bland best describes this show which takes a compelling IDEA and runs it into the ground by not actually going anywhere.

Slow and boring .

Absolutely ridiculously boring.

There is many smeared, unnecessary and boring scenes.

Keeps you on your toes constantly with new and unexpected developements.

Yes at times it can move a little slow.

On top of its refreshing, human, and intriguing presentation I rejoice that Palestinians and migrants are portrayed as human beings rather than something far less.

I wanted to share some reflections about the controversial new series, "The Messiah", as I believe there is a lot of confusion surrounding it.

Totally enjoyable.

Great original concept and intriguing storyline.

We're only on episode 3 but it's completely gripping.

Very intriguing.

So far very intriguing.

Great season keeps you guessing all the way through, is he a messiah or not, hope there's a season 2 well worth the watch 👍🏼

Intriguing .

Very interesting and intriguing to watch.

Intriguing for many muslims .

drama masquerading as a deep mystery but coming off as pretentious mumbo jumbo.

The story drags out for what seems like forever with long, boring dialogue about the lives of people I couldn't care less about.

Entertaining but slow at times .

Refreshing, Human, Intriguing .

The story leaves enough loose ends to fuel at least another 2 seasonsI found it compelling viewing.

Interesting and intriguing .

It is really intriguing !

Unique, intriguing, Intelligent, topical, even quite bordering on amazing in some instancesHonestly, I'm hooked.

) So, based on the fact that show is just fictional, it is still only mildly entertaining and a bit slow and boring at some places.

I really enjoyed it every moment i think it really worth your time it has well written scenario and characters no matter what your political or religious belief its just good show ab CIA vs terrorists

Intriguing .

Good things but tiresome story .

I enjoyed it because I didn't get it and I still don't know the truth about it and I really can't tell if he's good or bad, if that's a simple thing to be qualified upon this days.

Again, very much worth the watch, IMO.

It was so compelling that I had to binge watch the whole 10 episodes.

Stinks of mediocrity - Uninspiring, flat .

I'm saying it is boring to watch a group of people, only one of whom has some character depth, get lectured on morality by a mysterious guy who also lacks character depth.

I just finished this series and found it fascinating.

It's a slow burner and may be a little too slow for some viewers but stick with it and be rewarded with a timely, sensitive and interesting drama.

boring and full of naive ideas .

Not being religious myself, I can still appreciate the intended message, well worth the watch.

Very very very VERY slow .

stereotypical & boring .

what is so great about this slow and boring series ?

I find it ( as I am on episode 5 ) a really good watch and intriguing ..It also stirs up my Christianity a bit and make me wonder about the meaning of life etc I haven't given away any of the plot so you can watch and enjoy as I have done ....

Very long and boring until the seventh episode.

Looking forward to seeing where they go with this in Season 2, it's kinda unpredictable, and I like that.

It's gripping and deep.

Really enjoyed it and can't wait for season 2.

Well written, filmed, and engaging.

Very slow and boring beginning, great ending .

Intriguing !!.

The plot is interesting on paper but cheap directing and dull acting make it certainly not worth 8 stars as it is rated as of early January 2020.

This could have been a lot better with some more info on how easy people are fooled by religious leaders.. The acting is great and the production is A+, but nothing happens and you get bored.

It's just too dull for me.

Very exciting and your feeling about the messiah keeps stumbling until the last second of the last episode.

Flat, boring dialogue got on my nerves and English is not my first language.

Aside from it being beautifully written, exceptionally produced and directed with fabulous actors, music and everything and so is an excellent and gripping drama to watch anyway, what I found really clever and insightful, was the way in which the dialogue of the lead character never lent towards any religion or any view other than the pursuit of a universal truth.

We had a few laughs over built-in cliche's.

Such a mesmerising and intriguing storyline with so many layers to it and such raw and authentic characters.

It's a thrilling story with a twist of faith.

I highly recommend it and hope we see other seasons.

I felt compelled to review this title, with incredible acting and script, it raises philosophical and social questions and it's very entertaining.

This was painfully slow.

I admire the creators for sticking to the artistry instead of falling for the trap of entertaining audiences with shallow and annoyingly straightforward nonsense.


What a great mind boggling thinker it is.

On the edge of my seat .

I am still off from work, and bored to death in some fly infested part of South Africa.

Very enjoyable .

The worst series from netflix so far, boring, dull and slow.

Intense, an AWESOME show .

I need to rewatch some 24 to rinse this predictable episode(kiting until season n?

Nearly too true to life in some aspects, which is a brainsmoothie in itself, but equal parts thrilling and confronting.

It's borderline boring, if I maybe brutally honest.

Predictable and pusillanimous, this series has no socially redeeming value.

Felt a lot like Homeland , with entertaining twists.

Gripping and original .

Intelligent, Riveting and Courageous .

Entertaining and made me watch till the end.

I thought that was intriguing and the premises was something new and unique.

The elements of a great Netflix series are all here: excellent acting, beautiful photography, gripping storyline, smart dialogue.

The series was very intriguing, and I'd have binge-watched it in one sitting if I'd had that much contiguous time.

With all that said, Messiah is bingeable and well worth the watch.