Mid90s (2018) - Comedy, Drama

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Follows Stevie, a thirteen-year-old in 1990s-era Los Angeles who spends his summer navigating between his troubled home life and a group of new friends that he meets at a Motor Avenue skate shop.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Jonah Hill
Stars: Sunny Suljic, Katherine Waterston
Length: 85 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 45 out of 235 found boring (19.14%)

One-line Reviews (106)

Besides being a nostalgic trip back to Mr. Hill's and also my childhood this film serves as a great coming of age picture about fitting in...

It's supposed to be a character study and a coming of age story.

' It's an engaging cultural look at growing up in that era and place, and is loaded with the texture of sex, race, and drugs that permeated the skate scene of the time.

Foul mouth kids, skating around pretending they're tough but all they were was boring.

Just mind boggling.

Even though the actors weren't so bad, I found the video at the very last scene the most entertaining actually, it was natural and had a realness to it that wasn't really captured in the rest of the film.

However if this movie is any indicator of your ability to write and direct, even with input from Scorsese, and heavily borrowing from other coming of age 90's movies, stick to what you're good at.

There are a lot of laughs in the film but this is solidly in the drama/coming of age category.

Great cast and a really convincing verite style contribute to a really enjoyable and engrossing come of age tale involving a lonely kid in LA - in the mid 1990s - befriending a bunch of stoner skaters.

It's hard to tell a coming of age story without cliches and mid90's certainly goes there and takes things pretty far in the name of make a directorial debut splash.

Being a skate-kid was pointless and stupid, so this is a film depicting pointless stupidity?

The frequent amount of cordon bleu charm concealed within Mid90s immeasurably won me over despite the formulaic tropes and aphorisms it commonly fondles alongside.

It's a tamer version of feeling an adrenaline rush.

"some of the reactions of sunburn's brother were just straight up confusing.

It's fascinating to see certain actors and actresses try their hand at writing or directing, because you never truly know what to expect from their first outing.

They were mostly a pointless or detrimental bit of the narrative too.

This is a film worth watching for anyone.

A complete waste of time.

my guilty pleasure, regardless of director, has always been the "coming of age" film.

And of course with these coming of age films, it is filled with nonstop heavy language, drinking and teen partying.

To me this was a film about a bunch of idiots doing idiot things for essentially no reason, utterly lacking in plot, conflict, or anything else to make it engaging.

Entertaining- kids with heart .

Cliche'd and just straight lame.

Lives up to expectations, but in an unexpected way.

Stevie (Sonny Suljic) is a teen whose abusive home life drives him in the mid 90's to the streets of LA into the friendship of older eccentric skateboarders who introduce him to a liberated life, whose conversation is free association and whose experiences can, among many adventures, lead this young teen to make out with an older girl, more an emblem of coming of age than sensuality.

Loved it - great cast and downbeat vibe make for engrossing skater pic .

The stylistic choices by Jonah Hill and the nostalgia is what makes this film enjoyable.

Most of us who were teens who grew up in the 90's often forget how busy we were with living a mundane life with no social media nor internet.

And even though, the movie is quite all over the place at the beginning, it is still enjoyable to watch.

It could have been so much more and I think it missed the mark It was slow, dragged on and the "magic" just wasn't there.

Seems like someone filmed random boring moments from the 90's :-( Hill needs to practice directing .

Actually film was quite entertaining, showing interesting caricatures of "skaters" of the '90's.

Great character development, a coming of age film that is as real as it gets!

The actors are very natural and very engaging.

"Mid-90's" is the coming of age story about a 13 year old boy in Southern California, who discovers skateboarding and then slips in with 'the wrong crowd.

Started off as the same old formulaic coming of age BS that covers the shelf in this genre.

Apart from having no plot and dragging on, making a 1.5 hour movie seem like 3 hours, this is just a horribly done film.

Mid90s is a great coming of age story for alternative kids.

The latter is the thing that shines through, being the most enjoyable aspect and most prominent theme.

Taking the next big step in his impressive and building career, Hill has stepped behind the camera and in the writers chair to deliver his feature film debut, a likable, unique and nostalgic trip back to a time gone by with the coming of age skater-centric dramedy Mid90s.

Mid90s: A coming of age drama set in 1990s Los Angeles which is far edgier and darker than is usual in this genre.

It's not particularly thrilling, but it is mildly entertaining, and is an alright movie overall.

I asked the 3 other people I saw this movie with what they would give it out of ten and they all said 2 because it was boring.

The story is a basic coming of age yarn about a kid from a broken household who yearns to fit in somewhere, and in his case that somewhere is a clique of vacant skaters who inhabit a downtown skate shop and basically do nothing of interest throughout the entire film.

Nonetheless, Mid90s is an emotionally engaging and visually captivating directorial debut.

Very enjoyable film if you brought your big boy pants and can get through some of the foul language.

There is no plot to speak of...

If you enjoy a good Indie-vibe coming of age movie or stories about children without too many moral lessons then go for it.

It tries hard, but ultimately it "tries too hard", and the film slogs along like a cliche' tropefest.

Shot beautifully, the upcoming actors brought this alive through exciting energy

So boring.

What a stunning and unquestionable TEN!

His mid90s, as writer/director, is one of the best coming of age story in recent memory.

The plot is intentionally thin, with little reliance on easy answers and predictable characters.

Worth watching.

but towards the third act.. it's all yawns.

Complete waste of time .

But to be cool you had to do stuff, like in the streets (trespassing, jumping off roofs, and just be crazy on a bicycle, skate, etc.). Adrenaline sports were getting popular.

While Mid90s is certainly a decent directorial debut, Jonah Hill's intentions of bringing as much 90s nostalgia to the screen as possible, while on the other hand delivering a compelling drama, just didn't go together that well.


I don't believe you need to have lived this life to enjoy and appreciate this film, this can be viewed as a great coming of age film.

Alot of nostalgic moments everything said you wont waste your time or your money on this film .

This is such a fun, entertaining, real-life, eye-opening movie on so many levels!

Unfortunately it's boring and predictable writing let it down in a major way.

Boring .

Though a handful of scenes would've played out better had Hill chosen a slightly older actor to play the lead, his camera work is top notch and the film picks up steam along the way, resulting in a pleasing and somewhat evocative debut.

Probably Authentic but Utterly Pointless .

No real plot or storyline, this movie is almost more of an attack on skateboarding culture and lifestyle.

This is a movie you'd expect from someone with zero experience in film and tv, plotless and without any story.

Literally a complete waste of time.

Save your money and watch random skate videos on YouTube.

Jonah Hill a well respected actor for multiple films decided to switch rolls for this exciting thriller of a movie Mid90's, as the director and writer of this film.

From the very raw and real screenplay to the incredible score by the great Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, to the overall messages throughout this film, Mid90s is as entertaining and funny as it is dramatic and eye-opening.

No real plot, and seems like more of an exercise in simply making a nostalgic film by just recreating the 90's.

Very unsatisfying, but that's what you get with a film with no plot.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

While I feel that almost anyone could appreciate this film, the "coming of age" story that is presented.

Enjoyable film, even if I wasn't into this stuff when I was a teenager in the 90's, I still appreciate the culture references and some of the music.

A pleasing and somewhat evocative debut .

However, I find the pace really slow, and the plot is rather thin.

That is not a bad thing and Hill's film is at the same time unique, he is also pulling inspiration from his own life as he grew up immersed in skate culture.

My childhood was kind of like the movie -- boring.

Most individual scenes also play out in rather entertaining ways.

Slow, boring and a total waste of time.

Jonah Hill transports us back in time with this solid anochronistic coming of age drama/comedy.

It's a hangout movie of sorts, but Hill's original script imbues the story with plenty of drama and an engaging, surprising character arc for Stevie.

" This version was a colossal waste of time.

Plodding on a familiar structure, fortunately Hill doesn't thrive upon huge antics, his unswerving content, even though flat line, is something to look upon.

I also feel like the movie was rushed, despite a few very bland and long scenes which were supposedly meant to spark the emotions of the viewer.

Some other instances of dialogue between characters were very minimal and effortless or exaggeratedly simple to follow language that again the audience would find pretty entertaining, as conversations from some characters were very delirious (i.

The movie was so short, but really I felt quite bored halfway through and really lost interest in the characters.

I really enjoyed it.

No plot.

I know this review may have sounded quite negative, but I really liked the movie and I'd highly recommend it and I look forward to watching it again soon and see if my opinions change.

The kids in this group are far more grown up, engaging in drinking, smoking, and even trespassing.

There was no plot and there was too much unnecessary negativity without even a proper ending to the story.

The bedroom scene with the older girl was cringe-worthy, and when his mother goes to the store to yell at the other kids saying Stevie was never going to see them again, he just came back the next day like nothing happened.

No plot, no point, not realistic, don't bother .

No plot, no ending, just a bunch of kids getting in trouble, that's not the mid 90's I knew.

The reason I bring this up is that while I was never a part of the skating crowd, I did find culture fascinating and even fun.

Scraping off the nature and the sluggish memories that they are dipped into, Hill's eye on their emotions gives them an absorbing angle to project.

Coming of age done well.

The manner of speaking, clothing, technology, just general mannerisms, etc., are all spot-on and engaging for those who "lived it" (I was basically the same age as Stevie in that same period, so I could relate as well as anyone).

It happens so abruptly and it goes back to this slow pace, and everyone is depressed.

The concept, a coming of age tale of someone growing up in the mid 90's, is a great idea for a movie.

" This movie seemed like it might be trying for some kind of lesson, but it ended up being a total waste of time.