Midsommar (2019) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Ari Aster
Stars: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor
Length: 148 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 417 out of 1000 found boring (41.7%)

One-line Reviews (847)

Don't waste your time.

The story was slow and boring whilst you waited for the next horrible thing to happen.

And the ending was very strange and confusing.

Don't waste your time .

Only two want to leave after the suicide scene (by the way it is illegal just to burn bodies without some formal investigation in modern society).

Waste of time.

Beyond that, I found it predictable.

This dude is disturbed and his films are a waste of time.

Far Too Long With No Redeeming Qualities .

Slow, strange and filmed far from Sweden .

Thus.. so much for plot and all that.., the more so, because lately my "raison de la review" has focused on only two things -- the synchronous mirroring of my personal life in any particular film (doubtless of no interest to you whatsoever), and the inevitable Hollywood/NWO indoctrination/propaganda being spewed by it.. (the film, not my life.

As mentioned previously, the plot is somewhat predictable, and that is fine for a movie like this because if anything, this just increases the dread the audience feels for the characters.

Long drawn out scenes that are telegraphed too often before they even occur.

Slow Burning Horror Movie with Lots of Depth .

I think this is truly the worst movie I've ever seen.

Had you paid attention you would have noticed several shots of the sky above Harga, in which definite chemtrails were present -- thereby (as good homeopathic propaganda will do).. merely, if only subliminally.. adding just another drop of lethargy to our midday tea.., until sooner or later what's achieved is a "new normal".

The worst movie I've ever seen.

basically a movie about hippie cults done in an "artsy-fartsy" manner.

The movie's slow burn approach and subtle hallucinogenic effects gradually take over, like an approaching acid trip.

The acting is superb and the story line intense, the emotional journey the protagonist goes on keeps you engaged until the end.

The movie was way too long.

This movie is super screwed up and beyond boring!

The cinematography is beautiful and tone is so unsettling that it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire movie.

I had to keep hitting the 10 seconds ahead button on some scenes that were too drawn out.

Solid movie and visually breathtaking!

Don't Waste Your time .

Am I the only one who thinks this is the worst movie I've ever seen?

Good pictures but waste of time .

And no, my rating doesn't mean I didn't "get it", it's this low because it was boring.

The screenplay is fantastic, setting up the movie in a suspenseful way.

Stunning .

I realize there were a number of plot devices designed to make this seem natural, such as being drugged, distracted, separated etc. But it just made it all seem a bit contrived that they didn't make any serious attempts to escape.

It is too slow and predictable.

One of the most boring films I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

More like a boring documentary about bozos having sex in a flowerfield and rehashing old plot lines with absolutely NOTHING new.

Personally, I found the film rather tedious and the plot obvious.

I bring this up, because imho.. in our current climate of aggressive social engineering, propaganda plays a big part.

I could list numerous examples of what I'm talking about, but then I'd have to write more about this steaming pile of pretentious, wanna-be art house crap than I want to (and people will give me grief about writing spoilers and such).

This is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen I have been on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end ,you are just being sucked into the movie I never go more to Zweden .

If you like Saw, or slasher movies, don't bother with this, it's a slow burn, it's beautiful to watch, breathtakingly shot, and is sinister as hell.

This stunningly immature work of horror under blue skies about a well scrubbed overly benign cult into ritual gore bordering on the operatic opens with an intriguing table setter, a labor intensive slaughter of parents, before it goes full tilt silly at a remote Swedish village where members frolic in white with woodwinds and wander lust.

2 words: predictable and boring .

In the first place, it's so damn SLOW!

Still, what makes this film compelling is its characters and the journey they go on.

A complete waste of time.

It was the worst movie I've ever seen.

What a waste of time I'll never get back.

What a waste of time .


Totally, pointless.

However the main characters bored me.

Don't waste your time!!.

Boring most of the time and disgusting for the rest of the time.

While watching the movie I kept thinking "this is disturbing as it is slow and I can't wait until it's over.

DO NOT mistake this film as horror it's not horror, it's long, slow, boring, racist, anti-white propaganda (the director said this himself).

It's stunning.

Despite the film feeling a bit too long all cast members produce strong performances throughout, the cinematography is breathtaking and the script keeps you enthralled as the unique plot develops.

Awful and a waste of time .

The weirdest most boring movie I've ever watched.

Don't waste your time on this dribble.

It was like watching paint dry - in slow motion.

Self-indulgent, tedious garbage that's nowhere near as intellectual or avant garde as it thinks it is.

If you do make sure you have some coffee because you may doze off with some of the meandering.

It is well directed for sure, but it's a movie where there's only 1 line, one straight boring line with no surprises.

Its the most boring film I've ever watched, and the stupidest thing is that this is considered as a horror.

Unnecessarily long, predictable and pointless.

At bottom, I'm struggling to see how this movie is worth watching -- especially if one has already seen Wicker Man.., neither of which movies I would particularly recommend for young children btw.., as tempting as that might be for the increasing number of neo-druidic parents.. eager to induct their children into the delights of nature worship, etc.., not to mention geronticide (which was re-popularized during the Obama years).

The beautiful scenery , breathtaking cinematography is 10/10 no doubts.

Midsommar definitely has some unsettling scenes but goes on way too long.

Long, slow, and boring propaganda .

The longest and most boring movie, not worth it.

Captivating mesmerising unexpected jaw dropping mind twisting OMG.

Really intense movie, not recomendet to watch it in cinema...

Waste of time.

It's also predictable.

And as each crazy idea unfolded and we, the viewer, were treated to more outlandish ceremonies I began to realise that the film was going nowhere.

He has successfully created a completely new genre that is terrifying, impacting but most importantly, fascinating.

Way too much suspension of belief to enjoy this boring movie.

I can handle long, slow burn films but this was just pointless.

Very slow and long.

Don't waste your time...

Not entertaining: yes it's weird, but also pointless .

Performances are getting boring afterwards because for almost 2 and half an hours, almost all characters are in the same mood, no change in the mood.

The people whom invited cannot change anything, it is predictable what they choose, and cause previous happened, they would choose what inviters like.

Lead by a rather stunning performance by Florence Pugh, "Midsommar" finds a college girl named Dani (after stricken with a real-life nightmare) going to Sweden with her boyfriend's entourage.

May be the worst movie I've ever seen .

Compelling and thought provoking.

As for the propaganda (not so briefly).., this was far less surprising.

There are entire portions of the movie spanning 30-40 minutes where literally nothing happens.

It was a slow burn that didn't feel overdrawn.

Incredibly boring movie, at some point i stopped caring about it and was just starring at my phone.

gory yawn fest .

This is a painfully slow movie - it takes about 65 minutes for something interesting to happen.

"I appreciate the effort, imagination and creativity they spent on these movies but there just appears to be a cliché common to these European horror movies that is not entirely appealing to my taste.

I usually find made-up rituals a bit boring.

The movie was undeniably slow, but I actually enjoyed it all the way through, I would have liked it more if we got more explanation as to what was happening to the main characters though as that wasn't really explained at all.

The movie itself was very engaging too.

I found the actors to be pretty bland and the music pretty irritating.

Drawn out shots aren't scary solely because they're long either.. perhaps it would be scarier for people who relate to these kinds of religious rituals more?

These filmmaking resources include unusual long takes, sometimes without close-up shots, only long shots or american shots, which gives the film its own distinctive style, combined with the daytime photography which is absolutely breathtaking.

3 hours of nothing.

It's visually stunning and beautifully filmed with excellent direction from Ari Aster.

Super boring and long with no real climax .

slow, unknown story, stupid ending,, idiotic gestures and so many other things.

That is how boring the characters are.

Where The Wicker Man (Director's Cut) runs at a reasonable 99 minutes, its engrossing story whisking the viewer along as Edward Woodward's character attempts to solve a mystery on a remote Scottish island, Aster's film (The Director's Cut) takes a whopping 171 minutes to tell its very familiar tale of unwary outsiders falling foul of an strange religion that practises bizarre rituals.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

It's an interesting movie, but it goes on far too long, since you can not really invest in the characters or feel for them and the solution is not very clever, you can see it coming long before the ending.

Super slow, predictable with no payoff.

I was sighing the entire film and couldn't wait for it to be over, SO BORING I'D RATHER HAVE WATCHED PAINT DRY.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen .

The film's stunning use of cinematography often framed the screen in the style of a painting and sometimes there were subtle uses of asymmetry to remind us that not everything is as it should be.

No plot, no action, no nothing .

A slow burn journey to nowhere.

It was a pointless movie and predictable.

It is super boring, nothing happens, just a girl crying for the most part of the movie.

Refreshing to see a movie with a lot of originality even though it was predictable but still hugely enjoyable, i have just ordered the Directors Cut with extra 24mins of footage.

This was pointless I had to plug my ears through out, because the noise was so awful.

Good in parts, but, overall, too predictable .

It's 148 minutes of boredom and agony.

The problems I found with the film is that it is predictable and that's what makes it not as great as Hereditary.

Very promising at the beginning but at the end I was disappointed; it was predictable and full of cliches; characters are just types you have seen before in other horror movies...

If you're after something truly compelling and enjoyable then look elsewhere.

And tension was too slow.

Waste of time .

But this movie is too long and too lugubriously paced to be as effective as it might otherwise be.

Very stupid movie, don't waste your time on it Its worth 0 out of 10Very stupid movie, don't waste your time on it Its worth 0 out of 10Very stupid movie, don't waste your time on it Its worth 0 out of 10Very stupid movie, don't waste your time on it Its worth 0 out of 10Very stupid movie, don't waste your time on it Its worth 0 out of 10

Slow and did not give me the creeps.

Ari should definitely try more hardcore tense horror like hereditary which hr is apparently master at unlike pretentious sub-genre 'exploration'.

Just plain old awful and boring.

Characters are dull, the action is unnecessarily prolonged and at times predictable.

The movie was slow, boring and unrealistic, I wasted 2 hours and 27 minutes.

An utter waste of film, props, cast, writers, money etc etc. Truly awful

Engaging and entertaining as a film should be.

They tried to convey something bizarre by mixing grotesquerie with beauty but ended up with a washed out plot that is both predictable and reeking with "gurll powerr" elements that completely ruin the execution of a realistic character.

I'm no film critic but usually when I get to the end of a film I can at least understand where the director was trying to go with a film, but this was just confusing...

After a long and, I think, pointless prologue, a group of graduate students arrive at a festival in Sweden that's a 4 hour drive from anywhere.

Don't waste your time for 2 hours

So the main aim of a symbol becomes POINTLESS.

Engaging and Entertaining .

The characters were boring and this movie was nowhere near being a horror film.

It's slow, very slow and boring.

It was easily one of the worst movies i've watched.

Worst movie I've ever watched in my life.

Grotesque, demonic, boring, awful .

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Pretentious crap .


It was pretty bad if you like slow burners .. If you don't, watch it any.

2.3 hours of my life ill never get back again, im angry at myself for even giving this movie a shot.

Yes it is quite long, but the mellow slow start and gradual build is essential to understanding the depth of the movie.

I know there is a message on dependency in this but it gets lost in all the cliche slasher film tropes and wicker man ripoff themes.

Dull as dishwater .

Someone said ita a suspenseful horror/thriller - those are my favorite - , plus high rating convinced me.. but that was about 20 minutes of the film, the rest is slow and about nothing- trees, grass, people staring into the void.

The movie feels more stagnate than suspenseful at times.

b) the plot is predictable.

Boring, slow and way too long.

Haunting but a very slow burn...

Over long, no surprises, dull lifeless direction.

After 1 hour mark, the movie fails to hold up and sinks rapidly into bland, forced and obvious depths.

I don't know why Hollywood left out the fact, that the midsummer "traditions" depicted in the movie that the reactionary nationalist cult celebrates, are just something Swedish state centralizers dreamed up in the 1900's (as part of the state Swedification propaganda about Sweden being a culturally unified country with one people, one language and one historical background)?

Banal horror movie .

165 Minutes of Empty Artsy Weirdness .

Waste of 2.50 hours of my life.

I was waiting all along for some sort of plot twist or something interesting didn't find one untill the end, probably the worst movie I've watched in 2019.

I can't even express how insanely disappointed I am with this, I've wanted to see this movie for so long and I truly thought I was missing something because it was all so predictable and didn't make sense.

Slow, boring, and glossed over too many details .

And since the plot is kind of predictable, the ending feels a little too slow for me.

Still, the movie is extremely slow (note: i'm really ok with slow movies) in a way that when it endend i was left wondering where was the plot or if really was any.

Absolute waste of time.

From that point on everything was extremely predictable.

Don't waste your time .

This film was so disgusting, and the emphasis on disturbing elements seemed incredibly empty as well.

Unfortunately it seems like they were more preoccupied with the cinematography than the storyline (literally nothing happens) or the character development (the main characters are thoroughly unlikeable or otherwise undeveloped).

But the only thing Midsommar proved to me is that he is not artistic, pretentious, and obsessed with his work.

This boring movie is for try-hards, geeks and wanna-be cultured losers, just like the entire main cast.

But unfortunately the most predictable ending of course occurred.

I fell asleep every single time.

Dont waste your time .

Long-drawn-out story without any message, far-fatched plot, no reference to the real midsummer culture and celebration of the Swedish people.

but as a Swede kinda confusing, perhaps more so for me than anyone non-Swede.

One of the worst movies ever .

In fact, don't go watch this movie expecting jump scares, cliche comic reliefs, one dimensional characters and an unambiguously good or bad ending.

Well done in many ways, but too tedious and weird.

Stupid, boring film.

Those drawn out arcs are required to fully understand the otherworldliness of this movie.

what a waste of time and money.

It was predictable as well.

But after a couple of minutes it become pretty boring and it makes you want to sleep.

Slow, boring .

Honestly, I'm not the type of person to review a movie, but I found this so slow, so annoying, so not scary, not even visually disturbing, just very annoying.

waste of my time ever.

It was predictable and slow.

In fact, the longer passages, in a 2:20 run time, add to your feeling of being immersed in the characters situation.

It's boring, it's seriously boring, the only concept this people have about "horror" is make you feel uncomfortable while watching their movie.

What a waste of time .

Like Hereditary, only even more boring .

Suspenseful and makes you think about the nature of relationships as well as the power or religious belief over the human mind.

And yes, I know that I always talk about character development, but God these people are bland!

Had high hopes but what this movie turned out to be is extremely predictable not sure why it gets such high praise.

, collectively (the propaganda now) leading us all toward a sort of chronic, mass anesthesia, attended by slavish obedience to the nearest cell tower.. and an emotionless wife and several "unclouded" children to keep us hopping.

However, Florence Pugh left the strongest impression due to how expressive she was during the film's most intense scenes.

Some surprises, some things predictable.

Meaningless movie: grotesque and unintentionally comic.

It's okey if a movie chose to develop at a slow pace, as long as it serves the experience.

The rest of the main "outsiders" cast all felt like redshirts and were just fine but really were so cliche that you know how it ends for them.

Very entertaining.

Another negative is that it is very confusing that the outsiders do not immediately leave after the jumping-to-the-death-thing.

Slow, confusing, odd - verrryy odd.

Long movie , Boring enviroment , No ending .

Very shallow characters, predictable story and boring dialogues.

Waste of time and money!.

Seriously, don't waste your time .

Too slow and waste of time.

A terrible waste of Time .

NONE of the village people are really developed, or given interesting motives for anything, and the main characters are as boring as your child's 4th grade play.

Boring, misdirected, no story, no sense.

This was basically one giant cliche with no truly frightening moments.

Don't waste your time.

Predictable final outcomes await the American characters in the second half, and there is little suspense or surprise in this film.

Don't waste your time with this.

If this film had been a drama/horror about the sister's mindset leading up to her awful end, I think I could have enjoyed it.

This waste of time is just weird.

It was visually stunning and had a nice character arc for a female in a horror film, something rarely seen.

I had to watch it in two parts because I literally fell asleep watching it half way.

Good grief, not deep just hysterically horrible, long and BORING .

It's as if the diretor/writer made it their personal drive to make the film so unbearable in the hopes of outraging the audience.

Boring total time waster .

A bit of ritualistic sex and the sight of a bloke with his lungs pulled out of his back are about the film's only other noteworthy moments before the whole boring mess finishes in inevitable fashion, stealing its fiery climax from...

the Visual effects are stunning and this will leave you wanting to hit up a pagan festival in Sweden.

The predictable 'friends dying one at a time' didn't help either.

this movie was probably the biggest waste of time I thought from the previews might be pretty entertaining...

There are too many wasteful or drawn out scenes and it more frustrates than intrigues.

Also it's an extremely boring horror movie.

If you watch it and expect a horror movie it's going to be a very long and boring one.

Unfortunately this psychological "horror" effect seemed more like a by-product of a really boring movie without climaxes or depth.

Her friends - a bunch of bland characters that you do not care for.

Waste of Time.

Beautiful image but boring story .

Surreal and compelling from start to finish and Florence Pugh is going to rule the world.

It was bizarre, gross and boring.

There's the usual sex and violent content, but it all feels very meandering and dragged out, saddled with unlikeable characters and a genuine lack of meaning and narrative cohesion.

Too slow he said.

Slow and painful.

This movie was really uninteresting.

honestly I just waste my time to watch it....

Ari Asher's previous film, "Heredity", was an infinitely more developed and visually compelling film than "Midsommar.

" The aftermath is unpredictable and unspeakable acts and acts of violence.

Until certain point where it started to get kinda of repetitive and boring.

Waste of time.

I can't believe how some people rate it so high, the writer obviously didnt spend too much time writing the script, a plot so obvious and thin dragged out for 2 1/2 hours, no frights or scary moments worth writing about.

Breathtaking, it consumes you .

It could actually be a bit too long and the middle sequence after the mid-act climax is WAY too long for such an intense climax.

Pointless plot and ending!

Basically a Wicker Man remake, but more boring and drawn out.

Boring, long, cliche movie with a very predictable story that has been done better before.

It was predictable and any doubt about how this movie was gonna end is shown in all the art work they portray through out the film.

If you are aiming at a slow burn horror like the Shining then there better be blood streaming down the walls and a psycho with a knife.

This is his style: really slow paced stories, I saw it in "Hereditary", I saw it also here.

Just like Schiller's Reel on SNL, this movie was stylish, kind of intriguing and nothing made sense.

This was a modern and very boring adaptation of the theme used in the original wicker Man movie.

The film while initially intriguing becomes abruptly, about halfway through, very painful to watch, probably to compensate for it's lack of substance.

I watched the wicker Man straight after this film..please..wicker Man was boring.

Also, nothing happens for about entire first hour.

Boring, pretentious dross for the critics to drool over .

It's predictable from the moment they walk into the camp and their decision making goes from poor to extremely bad minute by minute.

There was definitely more room for this shocking stuff, that would really make for an intense horror movie.

It was predictable that Dani chose to sacrifice Christian.

Sooo long and boring .

From their arrival on the spot, they will witness unpredictable events, which will become increasingly violent and insidious, to the point of making them the main protagonists without their knowledge.

Pretty to look at, but predictable .

It was very slow and annoying at times!

Uncomfortable and boring .


For that the story is too suspenseful, there is an evil dark ambiance to it that wants you to watch more.

Slow, boring and simply annoying.

This is the worst movie I have ever watched.

The drug sequences are especially tedious.

This is literally the worst movie I have seen in over 30 years.

What her character goes through and how she ends up at the end of the film is intriguing to watch.

I've seen reviews saying that the film is unrealistic and that there is NO story or mystery in the film.

It's a shame that this movie has such a great beginning and ends up being completely predictable and boring.

The only thing it kind of has going for it is the cinematography, which is nice at points but is overshadowed by the utter confusion emptiness of the plot.

When I watch a horror movie I want to be on the edge of my seat.

In conclusion Midsommar is a pretentious and unoriginal movie that borrrows too much from the original Wicker Man and if it was any slower it would be going backwards in time.

It was so mind numbingly slow.

Good story that is fun to follow - 1 StarMemorable dialogue - 1 StarFeel a pull to watch it a second time - 1 StarMusic/Score stands out - 1 StarNo noticeable plot holes - 0 StarsStory gets resolved in some way - 1 StarI personally like the story - 1 StarMemorable likable characters - 1 StarMost things about the story are believable - 1/2 StarDoesn't get boring - 1/2 Star This film is beautifully shot and has a rich story with tons of foreshadowing if you pay attention.

Some may find Midsommar a very intriguing film, but many will find it quite unlikable due to its inappropriate content, lengthy running time (138 minutes), and slow pace.

The movie was super boring.

Florence Pugh is really good in the film's first half, but by the end she's so zonked out and hysterical that her performance grows tiresome.

It is absolutely unwatchable.

The story was great and it keeps you interested all the way through, but it may be very slow for many and unfortunately the pacing is not as smooth as Hereditary, since the difference between them is 20 minutes (or 44 minutes, if you compare it with the Director's Cut), so the film takes it's time and doesn't rush anything, but in some moments it may feel way too long.

Instead of wasting 3 hours of your life watching this toss watch The Wicker Man instead.

Yikes, this was the worst movie of 2019 And possibly all time.

No point, no deeper meaning, just an incrediblu dumb movie, don't waste your time

Way too long for bo reason.

Don't waste your time!

I felt like those parts really reminded me of the campy B rated type horror flick that I personally love, while still maintaining that intense psychological thriller feel to it.

Yes, you can predict something bad is going to happen, that's the point, so how can you say it's predictable?

There is just no script.

Even as the movie started, I felt it was so slow in parts.

As others have pointed out the acting is decent and the cinematography is great but the story is slow and makes little sense.

There are so many breathtaking shots in this film that it almost becomes more mesmerizing than scary.

It aims at depicting disparaging glimpses of pagan Litha and comes off pretentious, the ritualistic, purification, blood sacrifice, rebirth, fertility, blah, blah.

Don't waste your time .

Babette, suddenly, caught on the wrong side of history, escaped to Jutland, living alongside provincials who believed that "earthly love and marriages were considered of scant worth and merely empty illusion".

Midsommar is a unique experience and very much worth watching.

Anti-pagan propaganda .

This was rather boring and was hoping for something more than a long drawn out slow moving story of a bad relationship and people being brought to their own demise as a sacrifice.

They MUST know by then something is really off and that this cult is extremely dangerous, but as every cliche horror movie they act as stupid people because the script need it to.

The beginning scenes were depressing,shocking & unsettling in itself & that was just abit of "Dani's" backstory & her family but that was so intense & dark even before we get to The shockingly scary summer festival in Sweden!!.

Slow, plodding and hopeless.

Worst movie ever, don't watch it you will waste your time

Anyway I enjoyed it, especially the gorgeous cinematography.

Slow, drawn out, pretentious, nonsensical drivel .

The scenery was boring and the setting/props looked like something out of a high school play.

Both Hereditray and Midsommar are self-indulgent, Midsommor especially.

Pointless and weird.

Bad acting, annoying scenes and weird scenes along with some unnecessary horror (blood, again weird stuff) makes this a waste of precious time.

Pointless, directionless wastage of time.

Absolute waste of 2.5 hours of my life I'll never get back

One of the worst movies that I have ever seen!

Terribly boring with even more terrible music.

Banal horror movie who pretend to be great cinema.

Something comes along different,slow burning,and well shot and slays it with that contempt.

The movie also get a bit dragged out and boring.

There is no plot, no story, no character journey, no conflict, nothing.

Predictable and slow.

No storyline, no plot; a bunch of pointless "metaphors & symbolization" to try to make it sound more sophisticated than bc bc it is.

We saw this at home and we were utterly bored.

Absolutely breathtaking visually and emotionally.

I feeled like a sad waste of time.

it really was promising but it lost me at 2:20 of nothingness drawn out.

It's extremely slow and not meaningful.

Boring and NOT HORROR .

Despite its slow pace, it rattles along rather well as things get quite horrific for the visitors, but this for me fits into the journey being more enjoyable than the destination category, in that I didn't find the finale that satisfactory.

"Midsommar" is one brilliantly made disturbing Horror Thriller, it's a slow burning tight trip into terror & it's done beautifully & eerily with a sense of dread hanging over everything all the time, a masterful piece of Cinema.

Nothing happens for the first hour, it's really slow and boring and the ending is just a rip off of The Wicker Man.

The worst movie I ever saw.

This was a very enjoyable movie.

Entertaining and intelligent, even if it meanders more than it should .


Loved this movie..if you love this genre..and you love slow movies you won't be disappointed.

Midsommar is intriguing, disturbing and frightening and i highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of the horror genre or even a fan of psychological horror in general.

Subplots went nowhere, everything was bright and crisp and loud with no nuance.

One thing that was interesting about this film is that unlike Hereditary, which was unpredictable the entire way through, in this film the outcome is fairly apparent.

I waste 2 hours of my life watchig this bad trip.....


This movie is exactly like the people who wrote good reviews for it; pretentious and boring.

Slow and boring rip-off of The Wicker Man .

There is so many crazy scenes in the movie I do not want to spoil but I'll say you gotta be in the right mood with this movie because it is very long and it is kind of a slow burn.

Take it from a reviewer who actually enjoyed slow movies like A Ghost Story and Bad Batch, this is not worth your time without copious amounts of fast forwarding.

Don't Waste Your Time .

Some of the weirdness is surprisingly good but at most parts it gets back to slow and uninteresting.

Please don't waste your time.

The plot is unlike anything i've seen before, it is original and unpredictable.

Biggest waste of time, overhyped BS!

I think this might be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It was such a waste of time that I can't believe someone filmed this...

For this reason anyone who will see this movie feel boring .

Don't waste your time.

It felt like something was missing and it all turned out to be a bland story.

waste of time .

All rather predictable and a little dull.

Even after watching this beautifully shot film twice in 48 hours, I cannot fathom how people can enjoy the slow burning pain that is Midsommar.

I came into this movie excepting it to be an intense psychological thriller, and not so much a "horror" film with camp and gore and scary monsters lurking about.

This movie was way too long and drawn out for what it was.

Like others have pointed out, the movie progresses at a snail's pace and extremely predictable in most of the storyline.

No story, no interesting themes, no interesting characters, somewhat nice visuals at times and the rest is just nothing.

If you're into extremely boring & dragged out 'set the tone' scenes, you're easily creeped out, wimpy, hip, overall pretty pathetic when it comes to being able to stomache things, then this movie is for you and will wow you.

You're just too full of yourself to see what a waste of time drivel this movie is.

Don't waste your time on this utterly boring, depressingly atrocious movie.

They are slow, giving you time to feel rather sick about it all.

I enjoy character development and a good slow burn.....

+ is probably the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Super boring and not worth my time.

Cinematographer Pawel Pogorzelski and composer Bobby Krlic do a stunning job creating an audiovisual acid trip gone horribly wrong.

It's long, slow, boring, sometimes graphic, and just plain bad.

Fascinating, I guess.

I kept hoping there'd be some interesting deviation from the obvious plot being laid out before us, so I watched it all the way through, but, sadly, it was all entirely predictable.

There is a very raw feel to it & an incredibly intense atmosphere that's gripping all the way through from the shocking beginning to the disturbing ending, Midsommar is a terrifying new modern Horror Thriller MASTERPIECE!!.

The visuals ranged from borderline pretentious to out-of-the-box amazing.

Slow start, slow middle and slow end .

I didn't expect a gigantic jump scares, which are pretty expected nowadays, I knew that it's gonna be mind-disturbing and unsettling, and it was, it freaked me out, but the issue with the movie is, that every unsettling, or scary -psychologically- was in broad daylight, and that's my biggest issue with the movie, that it failed to reach the same atmosphere as Hereditary did, yeah the movie was scary, but it was always in daylight, I understand why it was in broad daylight, but there was a couple of scenes in the night, and they could use more of that to build an even scarier tension, but unfortunately they didn't, and that dragged the movie down.

The acting was quality but the storyline was very predictable and superfluous.

The movies starts kind of okay and then it goes deep into pointless megabytes of recorded time to reach the highs of the totally boring, pointless and predictable end.

I even dare to say that it seems pretentious at times.

Don't waste your time seeing it.

It's more like a boring kid movie than a scary movie.

It's really hard for me to give a 1 star to any movie, but this is just a really bad, really boring movie.

This movie is slow,long &boring.

It is a long quite boring film.

Bear in mind.., Propaganda is often best (most effective).. when administered in small or subtle doses.

Totally waste of time.

This movie was a definite waste of time and I would never recommend it to anyone.

Firstly, I would like to say is that this is a boring movie.

Don't waste your time!!!

Worst movie ever made.

To that, I can only respond that it is indeed atmospheric (thanks to the score), but Ari Aster has no right to feed me a self indulged, overly drawn out pantomime passion project that you literally see coming on a washing line.

how I regret having lost those three hours of my life!

The most boring movie i have ever seen in my life.

The contrast between wholesome, beautiful moments in a visually stunning part of the world, mixed with small pockets of despair, raw emotion and graphic violence, is haunting.

Some say Ari Aster is a filmmaker worth watching.

If you would like to see something related to Scandinavian folklore/mythology, watch the Ritual, which is far more original and intriguing than Midsommar.

I should keep watching deeply through each scene because the rituals, the beliefs and everything in that particular community seems different and the mood that provides them was so engaging.

It's formulaic and very slow.

Ari Aster did a very good job with this movie, that slow building tension all a long is brilliant.

Predictable and boring, and why not develop story lines and just end them.

The movie felt honestly a bit pointless, the end is not there because the plot became too complex and weird where it seemed as if they were struggling to end it.

Waste of time .

Promising start, but becomes dull, derivative and ridiculous .

The first 90 minutes nothing happens, I just had to stop, go out with my friends to the Oktoberfest, I really needed a break from that snore fest.

There's nothing 'new' in this film that hasn't been presented in one form or another before, but, it's a far cry from the repetitive jump scare, haunted inanimate object guff we've been offered time and time again recently.

However, the movie was predictable and it seemed to take forever to get to any point.

The movie dragged on and on.

Aster's heavy handed, poorly edited money scenes are sluggish and unintentionally comic at times but one will find little to chuckle about after being duped into tolerating this obscenely lengthy gore bore.

And the location was stunning too.

This movie was much more casual for me, and a good entertaining psychological horror.

This is a deeply unsettling, slow burn, sense of impending dread kind of horror.

Boring, bad acting and a plot?

Especially the eerie, suspenseful sounds.

The compelling set-up, with palpable grief and slick (if a bit pretentious) directing, devolves into such silliness that it is more easily enjoyed as an unintentional comedy.

I was fighting to stay awake twice, and I was thankful I did for the spectacularly ridiculous conclusion.

Moving at a snail's pace, the first hour of Midsummar is a massive challenge for the viewer, as the students travel to the village of the Hårga, meet the locals, and take part in ancient rites which involve lots of chanting and taking of hallucinogens.

Worst of all, it is a waste of time.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time just trying to wrap my head around what was going on.

I highly recommend it.

I still give this film 7/10 based on the fact that it is entertaining, the performances are very good, looks great and mood is quite unique for a modern horror.

Possibly one of the worst movies i've seen in my entire life .

For all the buildup, the story ended up being predictable and flat.

This film is so boring and dreary I'm very upset I spent money on it.

This movie is super intense!

The movie was boring and no excitement at all.

Coming off his directorial debut with 'Hereditary' last year, writer and director Ari Aster brings yet another beautifully shot, well acted, visually stunning and very unsettling horror film.

First of all it's way too long, sometimes we watch the sky for 30 sec for no reason.

Long, boring and dumb!

The movie is beautifully shot and realy stunning to look at.

Instead he's knocked out and the movie resumes it's slow pace.

I'd rather waste just an hour and a half of my life on a poor movie rather then two and half hours.

Predictable and uninspired.


Artsy Fartsy.

If you are part of the 99% of people that judges a film based on its entertainment value rather than as a piece of art, then don't waste your time on this pretentious rubbish.

I felt weird after I watched it which I guess means it was better than I wanted to give it credit for because if something can illicit that kind of visceral response, it must have been compelling even if I want to resist that notion.

Slow paced and creepy.

After this it gets annoying and predictable.

Don't waste your time like I did.

An hour and a half in and I was watching the clock, bored out of my mind by more unnecessary and gratuitous gore, hoping the whole thing would end soon.

This is one of those things many large budget movies really like to neglect, example is cutting 30 times in in one scene, even in uneventful scenes.

Just loooooooooooooong build-ups to the predictable.

Long winded, predictable.

Predictable ending, void of character.

Secondly direction and script are tacky, weak, pointless and highly uninspired.

It's interesting, it's beautiful, it's intense, it's really well-made and it is super gory!

Yes, it's overly long, it's slow and boring at times, there are lots of pointless scenes (they intercut the story progression scenes with random weird stuff to slow it down a little) and all the additional plotlines go absolutely nowhere, but in the end, I still appreciate the time I spent on this film.

Borderline worst movie ever made .

Enter cliche Wickerman/Rosemary's Baby storylines.

Instead of growing tension and menace at the remote hamlet, the creepy cultists offer long-winded rituals, tedious chanting and absurd occult beliefs.

The horror just fell flat, and the story became a slow family drama with bits of blood sprinkled on top.

Its very predictable and unintelligent, uninspiring and worst of all unoriginal, basically a rip-off from The Wicker Man (1973).

Worst movie ever seen!

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life!

This was a very self indulgent movie made by a man who obviously thinks he is some kind of artist.

She is stunning.

I wish I walked out on this movie.

While I appreciate Aster's clever use of visual clues in both films, in this film it wasn't compelling enough to rise above the achingly long, drawn-out dramatic scenes.

Brilliantly boring and stupid.

It was painfully slow.

Boring Boring Boring .

stupid ending just like Hereditary, boring, no gore nothing scary about this movie just plain boring and ridiculous and the rest is annoying and nudity.

However, if you enjoy movies that make you use your brain, have a slow build horror that hits you like a brick wall, or mess with you on a psychological level.

Stupid, pointless, idiotic movie.

I enjoyed it a whole lot more than these "oops my kid is possessed"/creepy nuns/teenagers/pointless slasher garbage they keep rehashing.

What a waste of time....

Long and boring and nothing really happening.

I definitely went in expecting some low level of torture porn, but hereditary was so gripping that I eventually caved and watched it.

This is the WORST movie I have EVER seen!!.


) NOTE: Please do not jump to conclusions, merely because I use words like "indoctrination" or "propaganda".

I feel the ghost of Nicholson's "The Passenger," and "A passage to India" now-a boredom resembling a sand dune.

don't waste your time.

Complete and utter waste of time.

it's 2,5 hours waste of your time!

It's just dull as watching a fly move is legs for two and a half hours.

And the movie itself is boring, the plot just drags along whitout any sense of direction.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen!

A truly boring film.

It rushes itself into absolute boredom!

Pretentious and Boring .

This movie is a complete waste of time!

If you want to shoot a slow burner then I suppose that you have to fill that up first.

Boring scenery, people staring at each others, circle dances, meal, more circle dancing, chants, more meals...

Easily the worst movie I've ever seen .

Movie is slow-paced and Kinda has very little incidents included contrarily to the Time of the movie, so it is empty, lots of movies you've seen in this atmosphere and this movie goes the same way.

It's long, boring and pointless, after one hour I just started to fastforward (don't think I missed any important stuff).

It was overly long and had so many pointless scenes that dragged on forever.

Most of the time, we are talking about celebrations culminating in gargantuan binges of food and / or hectoliters of alcoholic beverages, but in the presence of closed communities, which perpetuate long-standing habits, it is possible to witness unexpected events, literally alien to the conception of time.

Slow and meandering story where nothing much happens, especially in the first hour.

It is so boring, so predictable and the lead Actress is such an annoyingly, clingy creature that I couldn't find one redeeming quality in her or even the movie, a real dud.

The movie beginns very slow and that's the speed over the whole playtime.

Derivative, predictable, more funny than scary .

The first time watching it, I fell asleep.

pretentious crap .

Too slow .

Don't waste your time or $$money.

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

I can only explain this good rating by the fact, that many young people, who have never seen any of the good old movies made before 2010, are now into reviewing movies, because it is completely mind-boggling to read that anybody enjoyed this movie and found it exciting, interesting or entertaining in any other way.

Slow gory boring .

Buckle up for long, boring, unnecessarily drawn out scenes with irrelevant dialog that you sometimes can hardly hear because volume levels are all over the place - loud soundtrack interspersed with distorted feedback noises & distorted music and chanting.

" until the totally predictable last scene plays out.

Beautiful and disturbing, but also frustrating and predictable .

Such a long film, definitively waste of time, all the big high for nothing.

But for my money Midsommar is just ok, just try and skip all the long drawn out moments of silence throughout it, you'll probably save 30 minutes of your life that way.

While a lot of viewer's may find this film on the pretentious side, a lot on the other hand will feel relieved with it.

A slow burner that never really explodes .

I've seen all of them and this is more like a tedious trip to nowhere.

So slow it's mostly pretty boring.

Complete waste of time.

Don't waste your time.

It was mysterious, intriguing, weird and brilliant all at the same time.

On top of that the movie felt very predictable.

Waste of time .

by far the worst movie of 2019.

Long and predictable.

A predictable film, full of all kinds of little "colorful" details copied from other genre films.

Now, the pacing for the film is quite slow and the horrors are subtle.

The cinematography is great and the actors certainly do their best, but by the end I felt this had become predictable, random (Viking execution methods for shock value, etc.) and a bit like a boring slasher film.

terrible plot, ridiculously boring and very drawn out.

Boring .

Waste of time .

Stupid Movie, Pointless .

That was intense.

Its over 2 hours and there are some many just boring dragged out scenes.

" This movie was gross (and I don't mean the fun kind of gross that you see in ridiculous, gory horror movies), predictable, kind of boring, and left me feeling super uncomfortable.

The film can be a bit hard to follow, and or slow, but it proves to be a certainly thrilling ride with many questions to still ask, and many i'm sure people will seek and follow.

It's a true slow burn that rewards that rarest of quality these days: patience.

it is basically a 2 hour waste of time.

Worst movie I ever watched .

Pretentious, and blunt .

Even though the story is completely predictable, the movie managed to hold my interest to the end, and I didn't feel like I had totally wasted my time.

What a complete waste of time.

A slow burn with a big ending .

It's Hollywood propaganda with the main goal is to divert people from looking at an alternative to the mainstream global capitalist way of thinking.

So tedious, predictable and boring .

, except it's a bit more violent and slow.

Please don't waste your time unless you're wasted already .

Waste of time .

Don't waste your time.

Weird, absurd and too slow .

But it's worth watching and will provoke plenty of discussion and it is more refreshing than many horrors around at the moment, if a bit annoying.

The actors play ok but the story is boring and really really uninteresting because all of it is predictable and too random.

Don't waste your precious time on this or you will feel totally regretful ...

When the girl witnesses his betrayal, which she not only expects, but almost wills into existence, then she grieves, and her retinue grieve with her, and there is a real sense of the sharing of grief not only making the process easy for her, but more intense, it is paradoxical and palpable, and with a little restraint, it could have been a profound beautiful moment in cinema.

Worst movie ever

Besides, every second reveals budget problems, mediocre actors and camera crew, predictable, stereotypical, boring plot.

Disturbing, boring, too long, overrated, not that impressed tbh

It's an original concept but frankly I found the second part boring.

Great cinematography, but otherwise I've had more thrilling times getting off of anesthesia from a colonoscopy.

Director Ari Aster (Hereditary) might claim that Midsommar only pays homage to brilliant UK folk horror The Wicker Man, but all I can see is a blatant, bloated and extremely tedious rip-off.

Most boring and dumb movie ever .

The same should be done for the pretentious and artsy style of some scenes.

I thought Wicker Man was the worst movie until I saw this movie.

Pointless waste of time!

Breathtaking visuals, stunning cinematography.

No logic, slow, boring, bad acting, no plot.

Yes it's somewhat predictable, just like any other thriller nowadays, but unlike some that takes overly pretentious route (*cough "us"), this feels much more perceivable.

Extremely predictable .

all visuals no story .

Once the film starts at the commune, I started to fall asleep-partly because I was tired but it was just too tedious to watch.

Waste of time.

Completely predictable.

Long, artsy fartsy pagan ritual story in similar vein of movies like The Wicker Man, only mostly seen from the point of view of an outsider who survives & embraces the savagery.

I really liked all the characters, the tone and pace of the movie is really enjoyable, it has some really creative cinematography with many long takes, and a very messed up story about a happy and peaceful Swedish commune.

This is slow moving train wreck that at times will feel tedious.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

It's a slow, bleak, disturbing indie horror movie.

This movie is a waste of time.

Beautifully boring .

Also, if you got the Director's cut on iTunes, be prepared for more longer and slower scenes.

Total waste of time.

Waste of time .

Boringly mediocre & Cliche-based .

it's all so visually stunning.

the movie is bad, its a waste of time.

Dragged out, too long and ridiculous.

Slow, annoying characters and overly long.

No plot, no substance, not horror, just obligatory crap.

It's a pointless movie and I would like my 2 and a half hours back.

Too slow and waste of time .

Worst Movie Ever.

Story and plot are basically non-existent, scares and thrills are simply not there, the pace is slow, characters are undeveloped mono-dimensional cardboard figures...

At nearly 3 hours run time it is a pretty bad waste of time.

The camera work was also good, but that one scene where the camera flips upside down while Dani and her friends are driving to Stockholm was breathtaking.

Pointless and useless.

The characters are a bit stereotyped and the story predictable.

While slow at times, "Midsommer" does not betray the exciting premise, fortitude and engaging drama of the original "Wicker Man," slowly leading the audience to more subtle and nuanced veils of what is true and what is not.

Disturbing visuals and imagery are constantly diluted by overly drawn out scenes and, in some cases, stuff which is frankly hard not to just laugh at.

It is at most gruesome rather than scary, it's pretty predictable most of time.

I loved the acting and all the work on the cenimatography and the sounds was good and also the story was ok but the bild up was very slow and the movie ended with a lot of questions and I hated that the most


Tedious .

The movie it's totally stupid, boring and confusing...

Riveting .

If you don't have any plans of seeing it or you won't have a chance of watching the The Director's Cut - the Theatrical Cut still feels complete and doesn't feel like something is missing in it, so it's still a better option, but if you enjoyed the experience like me, then it's worth the watch.

The characters are rather dull and there is somewhat of an unconnected feeling throughout the film.

Movie is utterly slow, boring and to make it worse, long.

Cinema audiences' admiring response to 'Midsommar' is the most mysterious aspect of this ho-hum 'horror' film which shamelessly copycats "The Wicker Man".

This is the worst movie I've ever seen ...

At the beggining was so boring and the end it seemed i was in the beggining.

While the hereditary was phenomenal, I found this to be a bit dragged and was confused to say the least.

The movie had nothing to say, just mixing movies with a poor perspective storyline that came from a confusing mind.

A bit slow, like having one hand tied...

Hereditary had it's problems, there is no denying that, but Midsommar is just full pretentious writing and art driven spoiler mosaics tied neatly between the opening segment and the end credits.


Watching Paint dry is more entertaining.

Pretentious and Pointless .

It's stunning, gruesome, sickening.

What a waste of time.

This story follows a great main character with a boring, full of uninteresting, one-dimensional minor characters.

Why anyone would go to such a boring place and endure all this insanity, typical people go missing and no one bothers to worry much even though there is no other place they could have realistically gone.

It's also boring.

This movie is pointless and a waste of time.

2.3 hrs of boredom

I thought it was slow and hardly a horror movie.

Surreal, slow and what.

It's not perfect, but it looks fantastic, builds really well, however it's quite predictable.

The only problem is that they decided to tell the most borning, basic horror story in this setting with all the boring tropes.

Pretentious, dull and overlong.

Don't waste your time with it.

From the beginning till the end the film goes steadily but it was engaging.

Worst movie i have ever seen.

This was an intense, uncomfortable, beautiful experience with a heap of WTF thrown on top.

The villagers are fascinating and spellbinding.

This is a very engaging movie with an interesting premise, decent writing, gorgeous cinematography and excellent acting.

However, for these long scenes to be suspenseful, you have to not be able to tell what's coming.

I enjoyed it especially because the subject of the movie is a very upsetting one for me and I had experience with some light drugs so I could appreciate some drug-related stuff.

It's slow and meandering and lacking in some much-needed horror elements.

BUT still it was welcome and unexpected!

Anyone hoping that this will herald a turning point in the film will be sorely disappointed: the dull drama continues, with an excess of singing, dancing and a glut of aerial overhead shots, with hints of weirdness to indicate where the film is heading (as if we didn't know already).

Overall, I give it 3 stars, as the scenery is breathtaking, the music is unsettling, and it was not the worst movie I've seen.


And absolutely predictable.

Imho, Hollywood is now mostly about propaganda -- some of it.. perhaps well intentioned and long overdue.., some.. simply paid for by "The Powers That Be", and aimed at creating a "global" future, the details of which virtually no two "conspiracy theorists" can agree on.

For a start it is not a horror movie but a psychological thriller albeit a very, very, very slow one.

I have seen a lot of movies and this was truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life.

Thoroughly enjoyable and crazy.

The moving is BORING and LONG.

Don't waste your time or money.

But as the movie proceeded, I felt more and more uncomfortable as well as shocked about the overly cruel scenes and lost interest in the story, as it was quite predictable at some point.

It deepens the horror genre in a very exciting way.

It was too predictable and uninteresting, sometimes cringeworthy.

I'm not going to spoil anything, but quite early in the film, there's a quite shocking moment (or it supposed to be shocking) the reaction of the characters lasts literally 5 minutes and the next scene is just about them doing other stuff like nothing happened.

No plot.

boring,wierd,2 and half hours of nothing...

" Get off your high horse, this movie is way too long and way too boring.

However, the wait is not for everyone, as there are some really slow scenes.

Even in the first 10-15 minutes, when scenes take place in normal apartments and bars, there is some really fascinating cinematography at play, and once it gets to Sweden, every shot is breathtaking.

This made for a tedious second half of "don't go in the basement" style goofs.

No story to tell here, just a series of shots and misdirected actors.

A complete waste of my time.

Felt like it was 5 hours long, horrible acting, non-sensical plot, dragged on forever!

This movie was a total waste of time.

Unless you are in the film making business, it's a waste of time .


The storyline is boring, the characters uninteresting.

Brightly lit, underplayed, slow burn horror .


The movie was incredibly slow which did not help at all in making it scary.

If anything, the slowness of the action only added to the ever-growing feeling of dread.

I admit the introduction was intriguing but the very slow pace of the movie just bored me.

Utterly unoriginal and predictable.

It's long, slow and ultimately doesn't deliver.

None of the characters are likeable, plot is bland.

Top 3 - worst movies ever .

The plot was sort of original but pretty predictable, and the scene where we were supposed to feel disgusted and disturbed are just not so much of that...

Stupid waste of time .

Visually stunning .

And it's sooooo boring.

Don't waste your time watching this movie !

Ponderously slow and turgid.


Aside from the bad acting and cringeworthy scenes, the story was confusing and made no sense, while at the same time progressing very slowly.

Beautiful scenery is constantly juxtaposed with hints of horror and gore to make for an equal parts enjoyable and traumatic experience.

Waste of time .

The generally boring and tasteless plot is accompanied by disturbing scenery of extreme violence for which the authors must be very proud as they keep feeding the viewer with repeated close-ups every time they run out of ideas (most of the time).

Worst movie ever .

Way too long and boring for the whole 2 and a half hours.

Not a great film, predictable, irritating score and just a bit tedious to be honest.

One of the dumbest and worst movies I've seen in a while.

) It puts forth creative, colorful, stunning and original sequences and visuals, and delivers on the terror element in ways that you will neither expect or could possibly imagine.

Its long periods of bland dialogue and oddball scenery with a few moments of gore.

Decent horror but slow .

It was very slow in terms of pacing, and never seems to actually pick up.

Seriously, what an awfully drawn out bunch of claptrap.

Waste of time.

At first, i had high hope on this movie, because i love Hereditary, and the thriller was good.. But turns out quite the opposite.. The movie was so slow, like watching those chimney channel if you know what i mean...

The script may seem over, and yet, under-complicated, but all together proves to be an impressive mix of tension, confusion, and pure terror.

This was honestly one of the worst movies I've ever seen!

It was a decent horror, bit slow moving in parts and gory for some people maybe.

Creates intense emotion within the viewer .

Acting seems to be well enough, but the writing is disjointed.

It's a pretty well done movie, and I would highly recommend it!

Gold in the sense of laughing out loud at a woman singing in a shrill voice while holding the hand of another female while literally getting ceremoniously fucked, but admittedly rolling my eyes and getting a bit bored by the end, but perhaps I'm just lucky at having watched junk TV on Netflix lately, which makes me appreciate the very slow pace and stupendous acting in this film while also understanding that it's not supposed to be serious or something you can draw real-life conclusions from, and also because I knew nothing about the film beforehand and had zero expectations.

Honestly, if you give this pretentious load of BS a bad review, you obviously just dont "get it.

More laughable than scary, intelligent or creatively intriguing.

Tense, trippy and visually stunning .

Long, predictable, no substance.

Otherwise the story is really boring and it drags on.

What a waste of time!

I found it to be absolutely boring!

You knew what would happen, to an extent, but it's still able to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Worst movie I've ever seen .

It was just boring.

Otherwise I highly recommend it.

Complete waste of time .

The action is very slow , there's no logical beginning and no logical ending.

I guess it does not have to be, but since Hårga is a well-known little village in Sweden connected to the Devil (check out Hårgalåten on youtube) it get a bit confusing.

No plot and no story line.

PRETENTIOUS AND BORING, with what basically amounts to lazy plagiarism.

Biggest waste of time ever .

Pretentious shi'ite.

Just a bit boring .

It tries to be a horror film I guess and gets gruesome and weird towards the second half of the movie but does bore for most of it.

Instead, we continue at the same slow pace until the end where Dani watches the bodies of her friends and boyfriend being burned as sacrifices.

A Fascinating and Unique Blend of Terror .

100% predictable, full of cliches.

(OK, I hear you again - yes, the unexpected can be jarring and effective.

What an utter waste of time.

The film itself feels like experiencing an awful drug trip to the viewers at times due to morphing backgrounds edited in, and also the confusing plot that can be difficult to follow, especially for a more impatient audience.

Don't waste your time unless you want to be screaming at the screen from boredom.

Too slow of a story line, never any real action!

EVERETHING is predictable as hell.

save yourself and watch anything else before you think about watching this silly, boring confusing mess of a movie.

Don't waste your time.

Don't waste your time.

The movie is so slow and there is not a single horrifying moment in the film.

I lost 2 hrs of my time watching this bad story movie .. I don't recommend it at all unless you are in the film making business , my advice to you is to look for another movie and don't waste your time with this .

I Wasted time of my life, worst movie in history, no doubt, it should get banned of this world

But the self-indulgence of the film went too far in stringing out the mundane activities of the village and an arty approach to the horror genre.

Second; to the filmmakers' credit, they didn't pile on the jump-scares but opted for the long, drawn out scenes leading to something "horrible".

Things took an unexpected turn when two of the group of people wearing white tunics sacrifice themselves by jumping from a ver high precipice and the impact was graphic.

Okay, now it has dragged on for over 45 minutes, with the main character having orgies and more.

Pros: Gorgeous camera work and set designGreat actingEthereal MusicGood disturbing scenes of horrorCons: Incredibly slow paceWill Poulter's character is a buttheadDirector's Cut has no subtitles and the dialogue is a little hard to follow without themAlso, fans of Robin Hardy's legendary film about sacrifice and cults 'The Wicker Man' will probably complain about this film being an arthouse copy of it.

It was the worst movie ever.

Don't get me wrong this isn't one of those slow burners, it's boring, a lot of scenes could have been cut short.

First of all and most importantly, imo, the design, costumes and cinematography was stunning.

Slow, pointless, boring movie I have eve seeing.

Predictable and didn't seem to go anywhere.

Waste of time .

Waste of time .

The slow pace mistakingly perceived as "boring", the plot being weird and bizzarre, amongst other negative remarks.

It's purposely slow and thoughtful.

While I feel as if the pacing was a bit slow, It never lost my interest once.

My rating of 7 is mostly for the visuals, which are in fact stunning.

Boring, pointless mess.

Overrated, no real ending, plain boring, empty, unimaginative, waste of a good story, stale.

Best part was the old people jumping to their death/getting smashed and the rest was a total yawn fest.

There is a scene near the end of Midsommar, where our lugubrious Queen of the May is plodding across the turf, essentially towing a densely intertwined train of flowers behind her very handsome.. uhn.. gown.., which is roughly the size, weight, mass, and shape of a Volkswagen Beetle.

One of the most pretentious films I have ever seen.

However, the beginning is slow and a lot of it could have been eliminated, making the film a little shorter.

Why would these guys stay after days full of boring boring stuff.

I cannot overstate how mind numbingly boring this movie is.

I was expecting scares, fear inducing scenes but all I got was over the top gore and predictable cliches.

This will be felt as boredom and an overall sense of stupidity, regret and anger for paying the high cost of the ticket.

This new entrant into the category of pastoral grotesque is slow and filled with unlikable characters.

First, there is the highly predictable, de rigueur injections of male-bashing, reinforced by an inevitable showcasing of dickish behavior -- lying, obfuscation, condescension, anger, mansplaining -- supplmented by emotional weakness or excessiveness, and bouts of raw immaturity or effeminate self expression -- reinforced by a litany of emasculating images, such as our vaguely unattractive and oily protagonist (who bore an unnerving resemblance to Seth Rogan) trotting about the tundra in his birthday suit.., and further reinforced by robes and "pedal-pushers" worn by all the heathen gentlemen.

Immersed in music to provoke emotions that the images do not transmit by themselves, it is a film of excessive duration to tell an essentially simple story of fanaticism, cultural shock, materialism and primitivism in a hippie-like community in Sweden, with two pathetic leading characters who have traveled from United States to Scandinavia, and that, at least on my part, did not have my sympathy and did not allow me to connect: a woman who does not stop bawling, clinging to the memory of dead relatives, and a man who, in the end, is nothing more than an insipid stud.

Worst Movie Ever .

I can kind of relate this experience to the one I had when watching "Suspiria" (2018), meaning that the films entire purpose is to just be gross, disturbing, and pointless.

Clichéd and Entirely Too Predictable.

Worst movie ever .

Not entirely sure what to make of it, but worth watching once.

A bit more engaging than "Suspiria.

You can see this one coming at you from a mile away, and it's moving so slow you've got all the time in the world to be aware of that.

Extremely predictable, Director's downgrade.

The story is very predictable since once you know that this is supposed to be a horror movie, the good guys must somehow perish.

-Unique setting -Unique feel -Amazing camerawork -Intriguing plotOverall, this is a good movie that had the potential to be a great movie if it weren't for a few small errors.

Boring, wannabe artsy piece of crap .

You can more or less compare it with the Wicker Man, but then slower , almost 2,5 hour.

It's a slow burn.

Everything else is either predictable or straight forward (if you take random villagers at their word).

What an absolute pile of pretentious drivel.

Boring and predictable.

The film was generally very predictable.

Completly pointless, boring, waste of time of a thriller.

No story at all.

It is intelligent, complex, brave filmmaking that wrestles with many real-world issues while simultaneously entertaining us.

I do not know how this is horror, maybe it is so horribly boring, that is why.

Horrible slow movie for 80% and then disgusting and weird for 20%.

A boring costume party trying desperately to be a movie .

Boring, vapid and overlong.

Ari Aster brought us something that was unexpected and masterfully made film with some problems that i have that did hurt the film and lowers the score down a bit.


Visually yes it's stunning the story however was boring.

Such a waste of time.

This very well may be my most hated movie of all time, it was predictable, disgusting, depressing, and just all around mortifying.

Camera work and editing were probably done by bored interns , and they got what they paid for .

Totally a waste of time.

Like a generic horror movie with the traditional college group going to a distant and dangerous place; except and for the worse this one is much more pretentious.

I usually love and into the slow pacing movies.

Disgusting + stupid story + waste of time 7.2 !?

There is no plot.

this piece of crap is boring, unimaginative, its cinematography is from a decade ago.

The ending was painful and dull.

The sex scene has to be one of the worst scenes of all time , long , drawn out awkward and just so weird .

Don't waste your time .

Save yourself precious time you could be using to enjoy watching paint dry and walk away from this pile of garbage.

Sick Disturbing Disgusting Disappointing Tedious Pointless Not horror Not a thrillerWhy do some people think that when something is extremely eccentric it's got to be valuable and it's probably beyond their comprehension?

Otherwise it was dragged out needlessly long.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Pointless movie.

An absolute waste of time and when the film finally ended I was pissed off that I'd wasted over two hours for nothing.

What it was, was slow (not usually an issue if the speed leads to a decent film), weird and extremely easy to predict, to a point where I kept thinking "Theres gunna be a twist now, surely.

This film could easily have been 1 HR long danced along in a tedious manner.

You have to be okay with a 2 1/2 hour meditation on grief and loss and confusion that's sometimes quite slow or even seemingly happy.

Boring characters, predictable meaningless story.

The absolute worst movie I've ever seen.

Whilst reading a review by "Hampersnow" ..600 hour long bore ?.

Absolutely stunning .

A film markedly pretentious, with no connection and that takes 2 hours of life from any incautious person who watches it.

So, even if I got lulled into wanting it to end, it went out with a sizable bang.

Long, boring, dumb, skirting on ridiculous .

Love slow, psychological horror.

Ari Aster makes movies that are not for everyone, even people that love the horror genre, can be bored by its length.

boring movie.

It was so long and drawn out that nothing happened in the first 90 minutes, except one random horrific event.

This is supposed to be a scary thing, but it is far too long and tedious.

Slow burn movie aimed to shock audiences.

What a waste of time!

What a waste of time .

Such a fascinating movie.

enjoyable .

While some have commented on how "slow" the pacing is or how little actually occurs, this is a plot driven film of psychological elements.

Boring .

The whole movie was so damn predictable and felt like a chore to watch.

Long and predictable .

It's a long film at over 2 hours and after the first 45 minutes it settles into a suspenseful middle section.

Slow , shockingly boring , waste of time .

Don't waste your time !!

The whole movie is boring, illogical, and stupid.

It was so simple, and predictable as the "love story pictures" that looked like drawings made by drunken children.

This film was so damn wired I enjoyed it personally it's not horror that's for sure maybe like a physiologic horror bcs obviously is all about the mind.

Boring and a waste of time...

The movie is so bad and so boring that I just went to a YouTube video to explain the movie and the ending to me.

The cinematography was absolutely stunning, watch in 4k if you can.

Gorgeous Slow Burn Horror .

But it can be nice sometimes with slow paced movies like this, to set the tone and all, works better if you're in the right mood for it.