Midsommar (2019) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Ari Aster
Stars: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor
Length: 147 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 376 out of 1000 found boring (37.6%)

One-line Reviews (823)

The film highlights all that there is to be afraid of in broad daylight and the director pushes the limits of the medium in almost every way, and the results are stunning.

Very thrilling and uneasy.

This movie is visually stunning.

The absence of light might possibly underscore these events as the result of unexpected actions.

No horror, no twist, no surprise, just nothing, just boring.

I also understand the she got a family in the end but even then this film is so self indulgent for the ending that it made no sense.

It has a slow pace and it is well into the movie before the "horror" begins to unfold.

Last but certainly not least, there is a stunning score, and in the end titles I noticed the score is composed by British musician Bobby Krlix, better known under his stage moniker The Haxan Cloak.

It's predictably unpredictable!

Beautifully Boring .

It's one of the worst movies ever.

Its so beautiful and immersive in every aspect except it has no story.

A strange beast of a film that's hard to pin down and even harder to review, Ari Aster's follow-up to his brilliant classic in waiting Hereditary is at times an equally impressive psychological and visceral horror but also one that struggles in parts to overcome its self-indulgent run-time, collection of unlikeable characters and a feeling that the slow build up isn't quite worth it come the nothing short of bizarre final portion.

The plot was pretty slow and many elements felt left unanswered.

Nonetheless, it is definitely worth watching.

It is very simple, people brought to a secluded location to be carefree, with a pagan cult behaving strangely and slowly becoming more suspicious and sinister, the twist here is that it in a location where the sun never sets, you can see obvious similarities to The Wicker Man, it is perhaps a little too long, and as a "slow burner" it is maybe too slow at times, but the continuing strangeness, occasional shocks and tension keeps going, a reasonable folk horror.

If you come here for another cliche-filled horror movie, you'll be disappointed.

Side note: If you leave the theater feeling as perplexed as I did, I'd highly recommend going on YouTube afterward and looking up "Midsommar Explanations".

However I felt that the overall story was slow and underwhelming.

A huge bore coupled with gratuitous violence and gore.

DONT waste your time and money.

The Swedish mountains and scenery make this a visually stunning film.

Drug infused weirdness with a weird story and weird dialogue and weird people with weird acting on top of even more pointless weirdness?

You'll leave the theater asking yourself what the hell did I just watch.

Artsy pretentious garbage.

There're some trappings and attempts at originality along the way but the end result is boring, unpalatable and predictable.

I found it creepy but enjoyed it!

Violent, Shocking, Strangely Funny and Slow Burning Second Film from Ari Aster .

Had some good moments but all in all too slow

They remade Wicker Man, but made it super boring with a scene of gratuitous gross sex that lasts far too long.

At least Hereditary had a good first hour and some genuine shocks before it inexplicably had a second half so bad I almost walked out.

The ending was bland and at no point during this or any other part of the film did I feel peril or menace.

While it takes the term slow burn to a whole new extreme and doesn't have quite the final impact of Hereditary, Midsommar is a truly unsettling film which challenges cinemagoers and pushes the medium forward in exciting new ways.

Pretentious and boring, and ultimately shallow .

Just a lot of slow build up to nothing.

I asked myself why dude, why all many times :) Total waste of time, don't watch it, u will thank me later.

The cinematography was fantastic in places, the soundtrack very similar to Hered's was good, but apart from that..It even got interesting toward midpoint when one of characters takes photo's of things he shouldn't.. I thought a turning point in the film was coming but disappointingly it just carried on at the same mundane irrelevant pace and slowly, predictably came to its ending act, which I embraced wholeheartedly.

I thought this was a stunning movie- beautiful art direction, cinematography, acting, music and story.

It is a total boring nonsense.

In fact, this entire film is so visually stunning and audibly seductive I was immediately drawn in.

Dont waste your money .

Slow moving!

Like the characters, this movie delivers a try unexpected experience.

Midsommar is a huge slow burning nightmare that slowly evolves into a very real and genuinely terrifying experience that will only freeze you and force your eyes to stay still, pondering at the screen.

I struggled to last as long as I did watching this rubbish - almost 2 hours of my life wasted before I walked out.

Boring typical movie with religious cult background.

There was no plot twist what's or ever, and if there was suppose to be one, than at least I saw it coming from a mile.

The alternative horror subplot provides suspense as Aster's reputation precedes him into this film, but the shock value of certain "unexpected" moments is unimpressive and forgettable.

While many are tearing this apart for being disturbing , sickening or pretensions the director has committed the greatest sin of all, it's Boring.

It just nonsense and too slow.

Waste of time.

It's worth watching .

Its pretentious, dull and nonsensical.

This was very corny and predictable.

Waste of time.

Long, creepy and tedious...

Bored to freaking death.

I just wish a lot of things were explained in the film better rather than ending it with more questions and a confusing state of mind.

The worst movie that could anyone watch, just wasted two and half hours for nothing!!

The movie has a very slow pace and slightly overstays its welcome which might be frustrating for less patient viewers.

Awful waste of time.

Don't waste your time and money on it ,

*standing ovation*Overall, I left the theater feeling highly disturbed and appreciative of the art and intentionality that went into creating this movie (mostly highly disturbed though).

boring, uncomfortable and comical .

The story is straight forward and if you survive 2 hrs than there is a predictable twist.

Worst movie I'd ever seen in my life.

Take it from me, this is the worst movie I have ever seen, ever.

A surprisingly enjoyable experience .

It's naturalistic and very well acted and will seem slow and underwhelming to the wrong audience.

boring and no horror .

Bit Boring!!!.

Long, boring, stupid and above all unintelligent.

This film was written by a 16 year old on LSD, PLEASE people do yourselves a favor and don't waste your time watching this movie it's freaking HORRIBLE & it's pointless.

There is no plot.

Still, his previous work Hereditary is more intense, has a more clever story and is way harder to digest.

And even after one insane event after the other, they just kept staying like nothing happened.

Despite the story is slow telling, that is so awesome when they make us confuse.

Continual discordant music, irritating wailing and rather dull.

Although this is a very slow paced movie, it is VERY intense during several moments.

The music is a lyric-coral element which once again contributes to create an evocative and ceremonial atmosphere.

It's not scary, which wouldn't even be so much of a problem if it had an engaging story and good characters, and you leave feeling absolutely nothing, wondering what the whole point of it is.

Bizarre but riveting .

The worst movie I've ever seen.

Overall the movie is enjoyable in spurts, but ends up feeling empty and forgettable.

Surprisingly entertaining.

But other than that it is an uninteresting piece of drivel.

Possibly one of the most boring movie that I watched in my entire life.

All the characters and storylines went nowhere.

Yawn onto the next

Maybe hard to know what to expect from a new movie by such a director (who seems to love sects btw), but I had some idea that he would experiment more with the unexpected, shock / shame and discomfort.

I find it amazing, there were so many shockingly intense parts that pulled me in further.

Dani was well-played as the obligatory confused, wide-eyed innocent but the character was nowhere near as compelling as Edward Woodward's straight-laced virgin cop in The Wicker Man.

Whereas the US scenes are dark and confined, taking place in small poorly lit rooms with the characters wearing drab costumes, once the film shifts to Sweden, the visual design changes completely.

What a piece of crap, waste of time .

At first an intriguing premise when dealing with the troubled relationship between the main protagonist and her boyfriend (who is certainly not of the same acting chops) then turns into a silly farce where a strange Swedish cult slowly turns sinister and to incredibly ludicrous extremes.

" There are so many laughable parts of this movie that are intended to be intense.

It was also way too long.

To start of WOW this movie was a trip, you where constantly from start to finish unsettled and on the edge of your seat.

I mean there is some scenes in it where you know it's funny but at the same time it's kind of gory and it's just stupid I thought the movie was pretty pretty stupid and pointless I was very disappointed I believe I wasted a lot of money and more than that I wasted time watching this movie.

Its overlong and a bit dull, and nowhere near as good as his previous film, watch that instead.

Where Hereditary is populated by numerous sharp, stand-out sequences that often result from unexpected plot turns, Midsommar operates more as a mood piece with far fewer moment-to-moment fireworks.

Like Darklands this is pointless retread of familiar themes of paganism and renewing the land by the sacrifice of blood.

It is a slow movie, not scary at all, it's just a bunch of weird scenes.

I was disappointed and bored to be honest.

You can see it is made with attention to detail, and I always appreciate that, but the pacing is slower than needed.

It is also important for the viewer to embark on the long wave to feel its tension and despair, otherwise it will be a long, boring and tiring trip.

Following the death of her sister and parents 6 months earlier (in an intensely disturbing but gripping opening scene), her mental state is vulnerable, leading her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) to resent her somewhat, particularly when she decides to join them on their trip.

Tedious remake of The Wicker Man .

I also want to leave the cinema thinking - wow I want to know more about this, I want to learn about the deeper meaning to it.

Way too long .

Pugh looks gorgeous; (b) music; it's bold, evocative, and atmosphericNow the bad points: everything else.

Waste of your time.

Worst Movie Of The Year For Me .

Practically nothing happens in it, and it is too slow (even if they wanted to set the mood or a tone, or suspense?

But getting bored several times in the movie with a lot of repetitive ideas, this will decrease my rating to 5.

The worst movie of 2019 .

What a pointless mess.

yes, a lot of art in it and also yes, it is too long.

That's all that i want to say in a review at this time, other than I HIGHLY recommend it

Zzzzz .

It was a bit cliche, boring and slow at times.

Please lads and lasses, that movie is as close as Hereditary with its stupidity, dont waste 2.5hrs of your life.

It is one of the worst movies of the year.

Too long and very predictable.

There are a lot of these good things in this trippy, at times nerve-wracking and sometimes wince inducing holiday to the woods of Sweden as we follow the grieving and anxiety ridden Dani and her group of "friends" that includes Jack (letting it all hang out) Reynor's self-indulgent boyfriend Christian, Will Poulter's girl obsessed comic relief Mark, Vilhelm Blomgren's unnerving Swedish national Pelle and William Jackson Harper's thesis driven Josh, who discover quite quickly that secluded European festival's may not be the smartest of holiday destinations.

I was expecting a horror film, but I got a slow gore flick with overextended shots that could save moments of a viewer's life.

It's just annoying and pretentious.

Pretentious Death Porn Disguised as High Art .

Midsommar doesn't try to scare you, but rather leave you unsettled with its countless memorable shots that will stay with you once you leave the theater.

Without sense, bored, stupid and ridiculous.

Ultimately, the film has nothing to say about its subject matter and offers few thrills, which begs the question why was talent and effort wasted on such a pointless endeavor?

I wont be talking about the bad and predictable script, the awfully bad acting, the horrible direction and the

This has to be one of the worst most boring movies I've ever watched.

Worst movie ever .

The beginning was interesting that it just got boring and over dramatic.

This is the sort of pointless, meandering post-modernist story that really draws inspiration from, as many others like it do, from beat poetry, and the impressionist way of 'telling stories'.

To me, Hereditary nver felt really scary or deeply disturbing, but it was definately entertaining and worked really smoothly as a family drama with Toni Collette giving a powerhouse performance.

Still worth the watch for the shocking scenes and rituals, and just a mind blowing psychological movie.

Not scary in ANY way, but just ridiculous and a bore.

Beautiful Cinematography but drawn out .

Definitely one of the worst movies I have seen in my life.

This has gotta be one of the most laughable pathetic waste of time movies ever made.

Save your money.

I have never, ever in my entire life wanted to leave the cinema during a film, bar this.

Cinematic speaking it is great, but the story is unbearable .

It dragged on and on only for it to slow down even more.

As brutal as it was, this scene was breathtaking in its visuals, touching in its solemnity, as well as engrossing in the dramatic stillness waiting to see what was going to transpire.

Boring and predictable might be enjoyable if you are tripping.

It was boring and long and I was wishing the film finish as soon as possible.

Waste of money and time.

The movie has no story, no development and no meaning.

Midsommar is a amazingly realistic movie which is because it can be real, what makes it so is that ure being introduced to an entirely new culture, which makes it open for new things and very unpredictable.

What I got instead was unexpected, though pleasantly so.

the weirdest, bunch of nothing, waste of money and time.

The main character has a slow decent to madness after she's crowned may queen also worked really well.

Other than that, it was strange, slow, and meandering.

This is actually the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

It's a good film that shows the way we celebrate midsummer, but it lacks some kind of unexpected development or climax.

Don't waste your time on this one.

Another issue I had was that the whole creepy cult cliche is just that-a predictable cliche.

Midsommar is a very slow paced movie which can be boring at times if it weren't for the likeable characters and somewhat frequent humor.

This is a fairly entertaining well semi-horror/dark humor film with a mountain of mostly tolerable plot holes and a jumbled ending and message.

But damn sure it is something overy long, predictable and slow.

It's slow.. it leads you down one path that plays off the experience of anxiety and other mental/emotional disorders.

Boring .

This was beyond dull.

Is this the kind of movie people will consider a 7.5/10?I worry for the future because this movie was a criminally dull script with shallow characters and almost no horror or thrill or depth.

Way too long for it's substance level.

And it's a slow torture.

Great SHOCKING INTENSE SUSPENSE Thriller that gets you going from the UNEXPECTED HAPPENS in the movie.

Let's start with the good points: (a) cinematography; it's visually stunning, and Florence H.

Bored to death and making audience felt asleep!

His previous film, Hereditary, had a similar effect, but that film was at least original and compelling.

Too much slow scenes not bringing anything in sense of plot, too poor expression of main characters, too weak explanations of observed events as results of too much concentration on intrinsic qualities of denizens in general which is very reminds plenty of old fashioned movies which I've seen and not quite liked.

Also this movie is way too long and which makes it predictable because you will have time to predict every possible outcome and then pick the one that makes the most sense (which is not very hard to choose tbh).

Pretentious, overlong and predictable .

I found Midsommar weird yet fascinating...

Terrifyingly potent direction brings forth disturbing horrors that get a bit self-indulgent in the second half .

Don't waste your time...

How Ari Aster, the man that brought us possibly the best horror flick of modern film in Hereditary churned out this complete nonsense is a mystery equal to that of the building of the pyramids..It's ridiculous in (many) places, way too long, predictable and our main protagonists are as thick as they are annoying.

Crap, slow and boring, not scary It's really weird tho

A waste of time and money .

That movie just felt truly scary, and had a very investing story, along with well drawn out characters to follow.

The film is off-putting by nature and I can see some more casual film goers really hating it, but if you like slow burn thought provoking horror that really leaves an impact after seeing it then I would highly recommend Midsommar and I can't wait to see what Ari does next.

Even the history around their commune is dull enough that I felt like I was in school.

This movie is long, creepy, and boring and I tell my friends to pass on paying to see it.

The middle drags a bit - a few over the top gory/shocking scenes interspersed with somewhat self-indulgent and overly long/weird ritualistic scenes and beautiful cinematography.

*SPOILERS* It comes to a slow burn, literally.


Got to be one of the worst movies ever.

It really dragged on and on.

One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in ages

The characters make decisions which are so out of norm that it's frustrating to watch, story is entirely predictable, boring not to say the least and the only thing impressive is the cinematography and Florence Pugh did an amazing job and remains to be the only standout in the movie.

If you like movies with unexpected end then go and see Midsummer.

There is no story.

That was a big waste of time.

Don't waste your time!

This is a brilliant film and well worth the watch.

Those who are mature enough to handle this portion of the movie will be richly rewarded with the most beautiful cinematography of the year and a compelling story that is so raw and so searing that it will likely leave you breathless.


It's set by a familiar nightmarish thematic that builds itself by distortion of time and place, igniting by an unbearable life-shifting trauma while shaping itself by an expressionistic strategy aided by stunning cinematography and camera tricks, and performed brilliantly in a simple and natural quality that enhances the sense of truthfulness to its alien environment.

You are going to be immersed in the the amount of detail that creators have put to create rituals and related events look legitimate.

Had to mute the movie at the beginning when Dani was SCREAMING/WAILING in her bf's arms, if I had seen this in the movie theater I would have walked out right then.

Think I need my teeth extracted boring characters boring film if you don't think it's bad you must need a labotomy there is, zero horror sorry big zero from me

Do you want to waste your time?

Absolutely a waste of time and completely dreadful.

The story right after was told in a slow pace -- and still -- some sins to add on.

In my opinion "midsommar" lacked suspense and it was so predictable and cliche.

Waste of time/Disappointed .

Midsommar is an impressive vehicle for sure, but it does suffer from a couple of flaws, where like I said earlier, it's painful predictability, as to the fates of our young hormone, adrenaline fueled characters.

The film is slow moving with its direction.

So slow, nothing happend, so bored...

Expect the Unexpected in your seat .

Too long and not very scary, but well crafted and entertaining .

this is a waste of time....

Lastly, I believe that ending is too long and not explained well.

This film wasn´t a bad movie, but make more enjoyable the speaches, make the spectator to feel the sensation to nothing bad are to come.

Quite frankly, it soon becomes a bore; it's not scary, thrilling, tense, or even dramatic, and any semblance of theme or character is thrown out of the window.

Shallow, Empty, Pointless .

But the turgid predictability of the screenplay kills any latent tension, so there is no shock at all, and the violence is just boring.

Really boring characters take a really long time to make dumb decisions in very predictable ways.

It's visually and technically stunning - the cinematography, the colours, the composition are all exceptional.

A very long and sometimes tiresome movie, where you just don't leave because they promised you a horror film.

Dont waste your time watching this movie, because the plot is meandering and has no story whatsoever.

" Like "Hereditary," this movie creeps along at a slow, methodical pace, becoming increasingly more disturbing to watch.

Boring at times, disturbing at others, based on absolutely nothing and not believable at all.

The "shocking" moments became predictable and uninteresting.

This movie is so slow, it felt like watching a slow motion dressman commercial in slow motion.

It's just so slow and, honestly, boring.

But once that gets released on blue-ray I'm picking it up and hopefully all of the confusing/unanswered questions will be reviled.

or whatever) and too boring to be entertaining.

The slow dying and uncertainty of every scene and ritual makes the daylight horror movie amazingly unpredictable, bizarre, unique and beautiful.

This is a deeply disturbing and engrossing film.

It's is worth watching for its beautiful cinematography alone.

very slow, getting more ridiculous as it went on.

I have no idea how this is possible, as it felt so ponderous that I fear that it's being over is just a surprise ending and the truth is I will soon wake up and still have forty minutes left to watch.

Howevere, the "mating" scenes did bring the theater patrons to rousing rounds of louder and louder laughter; which was repeated, to a lesser degree, through a couple of other scenes.

Slow, deja vu and not as good .

Midsommar was to my account, one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

Lack of plot .

Heredity was much better than this dragged out boring acid trip was.

I gave it two stars because visually, yes, it is stunning.

It was the most annoying uninteresting tiresome movie I have seen the past decade or more.

If you want a beautifully scored movie with remarkable cinematography that is painfully disturbing and gory but has little to no plot, then this is the movie for you.

I didn't exactly have high expectations of this film due to the writer & directors previous film, Hereditary being pretty boring & slow.

Slow with an u fulfilling ending.

Entire film too slow and many upside down and aerial scene!

Anyway, the movie is heavy, macabre and disturbing, impossible to be indifferent after watching, has a very slow pace, graphically strong scenes and is extremely bitter from beginning to end, with virtually no comic relief, which has so much spoiled horror movies lately, that in the end they end up looking more like comedy.

Worth watching!

Pointless derivative rubbish .

Slow, unpleasant, absurd .

All in all, a very enjoyable film.

Worst movie ever .

The worst movie I ever seen!

I spoiled a big part of the ceremony's purpose for myself but still found it fascinating.

What an awful and boring movie.

Strongest point is the cinematography, weakest point are the characters and the predictable outcome.

The longer i watched it, a lot worse i felt about this movie, The mood of the movie is pretty dull, the only thing that stands out from the movie is the cinematography, I give you that aster.

The pace of the movie is extremely slow.

Although the movie does a good job at drenching everything in tension & dread (you just KNOW things are gonna turn crazy eventually, everything is done at a very slow pace and understandably a lot of people will lose patience before the outright horror/gore kicks in.

fler cheated of our time with out even getting a senses of impressions other then boredom.

The plot is relatively simple and predictable even though many critics try to interpret too much into the movie to forcedly fill the void.

A hypnotising and confusing experience.

Surreal, Atmospheric, Slow Burn Horror .

Worst movie ever.

The plot is intriguing.

At one point i was trying to relate with the female lead.. I found it pointless because i was unable to.

Worst movie ever .

Stop with this pretentious weird garbage that goes nowhere.

The movie burned excruciatingly slow with minimum excitement and predictable turns.

If you fee compelled to waste over 2 hours of your time and 20 bucks of your money then go to the theatres right now.

The story is extremely predictable, the pace isn't deliberate, it is decidedly slow to the point of suicide and the ending...

Pretentious .

and of course the end is predictable as Aster wanted to pay hommage to a certain movie.

It was slow, way too slow and way too long.

It's a horrific, stunning, alluring piece of cinema that easily draws you in with the pleasing aesthetics, amazing acting and hidden motives.

The other characters ranged from equally annoying to uninteresting.

I think I get what the movie was trying to be, but it took such a slow and choppy path to get there.

Apart from that, a thoroughly engaging if overlong 7 out of ten

And whilst the characters are underwritten, and the film is painfully predictable (especially if you're familiar with The Wicker Man (1973)), it's beautifully crafted, brilliantly shot almost entirely in glaring sunlight, and vastly ambitious.

The fact that the movie was very slow pacing and the characters were not developed properly.

It dragged and dragged to convey something that should have taken no more than 75 minutes - tops!

What the trailer does not show you, however, are the long tedious forever stretching scenes which shows you the community's weird culture.

As much as I adored Hereditary (a movie that you either love or hate, according to what many other people expressed; personally I found it brilliant), Midsommar adds something new to the whole concept: it's a broader work, which similarly to Hereditary bids its sweet time before reaching its acme, but which undoubtedly doesn't leave the viewers indifferent, once the pace unravels from its initially apparent slow rhythm.

The last 80 minutes I was just soooo ready to leave.

There's nothing all that engaging about the story, and perhaps its most - or, maybe, only - intriguing thematic aspect is reserved until the very end - the final shot, even.

Boring, pretentious "arthouse" film.

Mostly depressing, barely entertaining.

2 hours and 30 minutes of boredom.

Disjointed some, the movie is drawn out a bit too.

Worst movie I've seen in ages.

if you want to see the most unbelievably boring movie of all times this is it.

All up the film is just pure slow burn horror brilliance that is one of the Top Five films of the year.

Way too long .

The movie has multiple underdeveloped plots that all lead nowhere, and scenes that drag on seemingly just to lengthen the films run time, I was starting to fall asleep, and when leaving the theater heard the same sentiment repeated from most of the audience.

Bizarre (Pointless) Cult Movie .

Too long, very boring, overly gruesome in parts.

Coming off of his intense HERIDITARY, Ari Aster's follow-up certainly doesn't let up in the dysfunctional family drama department from the get go.

Well what a waste of time that was.

Don't waste your time with this film, I wish I could give it less than one star.

It's a great horror film and being as though it's only Aster's 2nd feature, the next step in his career is an exciting thought.

Worst movie ever!!!!.

It was just weird and too focused on these pagan rituals and ceremonies which is dull when you're expecting a horror film.

Don't waste your time .

You can tell a lot about how much thought went into the movie by its ending,The film is far too long , although the cinematography /colours are very appealing.

This was just a foolish waste of time that goes nowhere.

It is long and tedious .

The characters in the film are quite intriguing.

Dont waste your money on garbage liks this or i might also make a movie in an abandoned field with a barn to earn some quick bucks!

This is not a regular horror movie, this is more of the psychological theme, slow paced and no jump scares.

The best bit of acting was in the first 10-15 minutes but after that it was a total snooze fest.

Save your money and 2 and a half hours of your life.

Don't waste your money!!!.

Each "scary" or thrilling revelation is terribly banal as with each one's coming and going the audience is left thinking, "Yeah, that makes sense, rather than "I can't believe what I just saw!

Waste of time, like serioussly don't watch....................

For one it is overly long and could have an hour taken off as this contributes to the languid pace and does not create enough tension.

It's devoid of cliché horror tropes which is really refreshing given the state of the horror genre today.

Three anthropologist students are invited by their Swedish classmate to assist Midsommar festivities in his secluded hometown but what starts as a fascinating trip soon becomes a horrifying experience.

Every artsy thing it though it was doing to be clever just came off as trite and irritating.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but after coming off the masterful Hereditary and what that film ended up being, this film did feel a bit directionless at points and definitely dragged.

Do yourself a favor and don't watch this one, it's way too long, it just feels like the director wanted to jam a lot of subtleties that make no sense in just one movie.

Its boring...


Boring and unsavory .

Over hyped like most boring movies.

It did seem slow at times and a lot of Scenes were like wtf?

This movie very slow and boring.

It made me feel uncomfortable and just weird for sure but it felt kinda dull blank like it has never fulfilled its potential .

It's actually very boring, very quickly.

Possibly one of the top 5 worst movies I've watched .

Or, if you like me can keep an open mind to things like this, go with the flow of beautiful and sometimes quite absurd images, drop your grip on reality and just enjoy one of the most entertaining movies in many years!

Utterly boring, predictable and forgettable.

The characters are unlikable, the story is boring and stupid.

Story was pointless, plotline was slow and uninspiring.

Badly acted, predictable, overlong and frustrating.

Overlong, pretentious, and unoriginal, Midsommar is a dull and boring followup to Hereditary .

But it's far too slow paced, and it lingers on human anatomy and its various states of decomposition a bit too long.

What a waste of my life.

Honestly the only good thing about this movie is that i can say what is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Worst movie ever, the rating is a trap, its just boring and weird, nothing happens, no meaning

This is a story that is so desperately contrived that every dramatic turn is signposted so far in advance that it's a trudge waiting for the consequences to be delivered.

All in all, nothing new under the sun, just one more pretensious "masterpiece" that looks impressive but in the end is just another weak cliché that takes itself waaaay too serious.

It's just a waste of time really.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

It is not scary, it is very slow and there is not a real story.

I don't know where to start this movie is absolutely horrible, It's a big waste of time with one of the worst endings I've ever seen.

I thought Hereditary was great and I really wanted to like Midsommar but I found it quite predictable.

waste of time .

Then we move into a slow burn look at a group of friends as they travel to Sweden to visit what they slowly discover is a murderous cult.

It's unusual horror but the unusual is nothing special, too long and waste of time and most important is not horrific at all.

Midsommar is nonetheless entertaining.

Childish, boring and predictable.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Too long, too slow, not enough scary scene!

Contains a lot of blood and gore, violence, profanity, alcohol and drug use, sexual rituals, and very intense scenes.

A very slow film, don't waste your time.

'Midsommar (2019)' takes a very long time to get to a very predictable and, frankly, uninteresting point.

Slow and Boring .

Same old boring story, nothing special.

Also worth noting Christian the dull bf was sewn into a gutted bear before being burned alive.

Watch at your own risk of dying - of boredom.

This is too lengthy and slow paced with lots of unnecessary lengthy rituals scenes.

From an incredibly effective opening hour that perfectly establishes a sense of fear and ominous threat thanks to a hard-hitting pre-credits segment, some stylistically outstanding directing by Aster (never has a shot of a car driving along a highway been so engaging) and a captivating turn from rising star Florence Pugh who makes the very difficult character of Dani work thanks to her commanding presence, Midsommar does so much right but as things progress further and further into Aster's uncomfortable examination of grief, mental illness, folk music and cultism, Midsommar at times flat out stalls to a halt with murky character decisions and repetitive sequences that culminate in a visually arresting and shocking climax that sadly manages to tie things up satisfactory, not exemplary.

I was expecting more after the very, very good Hereditary, Worst horror movie ever it was so slow , dragged on and it was so boring.

I can understand why people may not enjoy it as much as others, but personally I find Paganism, Cults, Communes etc fascinating & I feel much more creeped out over things that are weird & out of the ordinary than a few cheap jump scares & same old haunted house or murder films.

Just save your money and time and stay away.

waste of time and money.

Instead I have waited for over 2 hours for something exciting to happen.

It's probably a conscious decision to try to heighten tension and make the audience feel the frustration and disorientation of the characters; but instead, it instills boredom.

Yes and at times visually very good, however the terrible story, monotone limp acting, over the top running time and the GOD AWFUL score really did make this an excruciating experience.

So many scenes that would've been quite shocking or chilling all lose their impact and even though what you're seeing is crazy it doesn't feel it due to the incredibly slow pacing of this film!

Bad cinematography, awful directing, boring story.

While some viewers might favor jump scares and slashing action, this perfectly crafted folk-horror appeals to those looking for more than predictable plot devices.

Then it became SLOW.

Tedious waste of time, don't bother, seriously don't bother.

Biggest piece of garbage of my life if you can choose between watching paint dry and this pick the paint .

Movie was some slow and much nudity!!!

Enjoyable movie??

This movie was amazing visually and the way it was filmed, but the storyline was SO SLOW.

Absolutely the worst movie of all time.

Just don't waste your time by seeing it.

It was also pretentious, self-indulgent and lacking a sustained coherent story.

I must tell the truth I hated this movie it was boring, slow and I have no idea what was going on.

it's a little slow, very disturbing images throughout, and the sex scene is highly sensitive.

a boring nonsense movie .

The climactic scene (while predictable) has a certain grand guinol quality that partly redeems the bloat.

It left an intense impression on me, i was shocked, stunned and speechless after the end for quite some time.

Cinematography Breathtaking, Screenplay Lacking .

This movie is way to long over the 2h mark, and this might be why it get soooo boring at some point before something happens.

As a Swede i am struggling with a disappointingly non authentic setting, a story i dont know if to take seriously or disregard as uninteresting and, in parts, poor casting.

Boring, not even a horror or thriller, just weird.

It was a 2.5 hours torture method trying to bore me to death.

Actually the slow build-up here also works very nicely.

When I watched the trailer my expectations were high and I was pumped, however after seeing it I realized that the trailer was better put together than this two and a half hour written waste of time.

Americans might find it a bit boring because they can't concentrate on anything longer than an episode of the Simpsons plus it was very well thought out which again could let it down in America.

Midsommar is painstakingly slow...

I'm Swedish, and this was one of the worst movies I have seen.

Saw this last night and felt it was very pretentious and lacked depth (minimal character development, long and boring).

I really enjoyed it, it really builds up the tension throughout the movie, and makes you feel more worried and scared as time passes.

His direction whilst at times misguided and heavy handed is also undoubtedly skilled and there are one or two truly stunning moments that linger in the mind, the first coming merely minutes into the film.

Save your money.

The vibe of the movie was just so unsettling and downright disgusting that I left the theater wanting to vomit instead of being intrigued in the characters and the story.

This movie is really weird you could say in a good way but its characters are just soo annoying and everyone except the girl acts really stupid, its also really long and sometimes boring.

Both movies have a slow pace and are controversially received.

Even the part after the phone call sequence when Dani discovered her sister had killed herself & their parents via gassing from a gas exhaust from a running car dragged.

By the way, I had expected that the non-setting sun would make the atmosphere in the film more intense, something that did not happen.

The costumes are aching to be copied by fast fashion, the set designs are intriguing and add a level of strangeness, the music by Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak is very very good, reminding me of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Bjork and other (the best ones really) composers.

Confusing I don't get the story, if there's one.

Thought-provoking, creepy, and a bit tedious .

I'll start with saying this is possibly in my top 5 list of worst movies only because after watching the movie a couple days ago I still don't know what I watched.

Me and my girlfriend waited and waited and waited for something thrilling to happen.. instead all we got was a slow pased movie that shows of a cult that is getting their visitors high as fu.

Very Boring .

So incredible drawn out and predictable.

My eyes were glued to the screen despite how slow and uneventful the plot was.

A difficult but gripping watch .

Slow burns work best when there is mystery present, when the audience has questions they want answered.

Don't waste your time or money.

Boring and Not Worth Your Time .

As to be expected from Aster, the cinematography was absolutely stunning, with some very beautiful shots and purposeful framing.

Above all it is pointless it has no story I jush wish i could unsee it.

Midsommar tries to replicate that feeling of utter disarray but falls flat and becomes predictable.

It's bor of the worst movie i've ever seen DO NOT LOOK AT THIS MOVIE

Waste of my time .

this movie dragged on forever.

Odd and boring.

The mix of the slow moving camera that snakes around like a third eye in the scene, the red flashing lights and the slowed down action really showed instantly that whatever the Dani and the spectator are about to find out is truly disturbing.

Long, predictable, disappointing.

It has stunning cinematography and a beautiful color palette.

Even with these criticisms I still found this film throughly enjoyable and would definitely revisit and recommend

It's so boring.

Strangely engrossing most of the time - probably hoping for a surprise.

Snorefest .

Slow and predictable.

Bored for more than 90% of it...

I personally think it's a waste of time to watch it

Midsommar was a good film, a little madness towards the back end which was slightly too much but a part from that I quite enjoyed it.

Even the Nic Cage remake is better than this artsy fartsy effort and you can tell by all the pontificating ever-so-clever shill reviews which just illustrates that half of these so called arty types have not got a clue what the average man in the street wants to watch or even what they are talking about!

This movie is a complete waste of time.

I wouldn't call it a horror movie, I'd call it a creepy boring movie.

An absolute bore.

Thankfully, it was just compelling enough that I chose to stay awake.

This movie is a long, tedious, nonsensical and worse version of the Wicker Man.. it's bad.. and even it was original, it would still be bad.

It's a waste of time and will leave you sat puzzled and disturbed.

After this movie my heart was beating fast, I was truly immersed in the experience of Midsommar.

It was an extremely predictable movie that was extremely boring!

This will, I'm sure, alienate some of the audience, it's a film about aesthetics and atmosphere, rather than twist and jumps, and I would understand anyone whose takeaway about the film was that they were bored.

It's altogether intense, funny, and insane.

A drawn out and pointless plot, unlikeable and unrelatable characters, and so many scenes that range from boring to ludicrous all make for a movie that makes a pube muffin sound more appetizing.

The slow takes really makes you feel that you are a part of these characters as they see this cult unravel.

Slow burn masterpiece .

Sure there's some gore but not even the gore can make up for how slow, long and tedious this movie is.

Midsommer boring .

Waste of time!!.

Intense and creepy slow burner.

the movie has no story or purpose or anything .

I would have rather watch paint dry than, watch this mess.

It's pretentious.

Dani's mental trauma is pretty well executed even though it's a little too contrived and ill explained (rather the events that lead to it)...

Consistent cinematography and sound, this film is a great empty-theater experience.

Don't waste your time.

Worth the watch for the cinematography alone .

When the group goes to Sweden there are a few moments of horror and definitely a feeling that something is not right (which you expect from reading the synopsis) but way too much of the ceremonies, chanting and communal wailing which I ended up getting a bit bored with and wanting more to happen.

Just sort of glided on the edge of meh.

See it in a theater so you can be fully immersed in the experience.

What a waste of time.

You can't name this a movie, it is a waste of time.

I was very close to just leave the theater but I didnt because I wanted to see the ending and it was very meh and predictable.

Otherwise it's a snorefest.

Long, Tedious and Predictable .

Many, many people will come away confused, annoyed, and disappointed, but if you are willing to arm yourself with intellect and ask some difficult questions, you will find this compelling and ultimately satisfying as a moving piece of thoughtfully executed cinema.

Rosaldo argued that only by experiencing intense emotional trauma after the death of his anthropologist wife in the field could he understand how Philippine Ilongot headhunters feel compelled by rage to respond to family members' deaths by hunting for a victim and taking their head; before that he just wanted to analyze or interpet this as a interesting piece of "culture.

The characters bore the hell out of you and no connection can be made too them.

The bad news: This was the wackiest, most insane, Unintelligible, pointless movie I've ever seen The good news: It was well-made and showed me that the Swedes can be unbelievable party animals.

It's slow, methodical, eerie.

There was no plot to speak of & the film simply went nowhere.

The film is gripping, and I love that the narrative is unhurried, given room to breathe.

The movie is far too long and this just becomes an exercise in tedium as it meanders its way from scene to scene and they could not even come up with a different ending than the Wicker Man and is really just a very poor copy of an original classic.

It overreaches significantly, but is endearing and intriguing almost because of that.

Nothing happened.

Shocking direction but slow moving.

Extremely boring and without substance .

Boring .

This movie is incredibly pointless, boring, full of left-wing propaganda, and weird for simply the sake of being weird.

Stupid, boring, predictable and an absolute waste of two and a half hours!

Nothing happens in this picture you can't predict a mile off, (even the killer closing shot is fairly obvious when you think of it).

I dont get the movie, no jumpscare, nothing scary, very slow paced movie, boring, a lot of plot holes, the story is bad and predictable, the only thing that keeps me from giving this movie zero star is the cinematic shot!

In conclusion the movie has a great setting, a great cast and a stylish direction but lacks in plot and doesn't present many surprises.

Honestly dont waste your time with this film i have no idea how this has a 7.8 rating on here at the time of me writing this.

Slow, boring and pretentious .

Aster's Stunning Sophomore Entry .

I will admit that all of the scenes in this film were necessary for the film but just dragged on far too long.

Sad, Uninspired, Waste of time.

Try just a precursor of this banal horror story to reveal itself in the most ordinary fashion.

The story is slow moving which may lose some audience.

A well written and engaging story .

It ended with a long, boring, and very shallow movie.

Wouldn't recommend to waste anyone's time on this.

Thank you Travis Fimmel for your intense, intelligent and unique portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok - were it not for you, I probably wouldn't have watched Vikings and therefore I wouldn't know the background for the awesomely gruesome and medieval rituals in Midsommar.

Plain boring and uninteresting .

Bad films can be forgiven if they are not boring, this dragged from start to finish.

However, that's the weird 'artsy' part of themselves talking who think a slow burn is a bright burn.

Some people in the audience left the theater way before the end of the movie, we regret we did not do the same after we watched it until the end.

Intense, artistic and different .

With just one major shocking scene that seems completely out of place this film is a slow burn of frustration.

Don't waste your time .

If not, it'll bore you and even seem funny or absurd and really slow for sure.

It is a dragged out artistic vision, full of metaphors, allegories and foreshadowing details.

We waited and waited for something to happen but nothing happened .

Slow burn surreal movie with some horror gore elements to it.

Those intricate ritual details are interesting at first, but, soon one wonders if Aster and his editors fell so in love with them that they lost the thread along the way, more concerned with fetishistic attention to minutiae than telling a compelling story (Aster has recently said that he is going to add another 30 minutes or more to the already bloated 147 minute run time!

I think I get what the movie was trying to be, but it took such a slow and choppy path to get there.

The music slowly builds up tension, that never reaches it peak, yet never allows for a release, leaving an empty feeling in the stomach, having a cerebral feeling of anxiety.

A waste of time and money .. It's a silly movie that has no goal and Its not scary .. its is a failure

You get hint all the time on what is gonna happen next, still it keeps you intense.

Unfortunately, it's predictable.

Like I mentioned before, worst movie ever.

And when they get to the commune the scenery is stunning, with blue skies, wild flowers and friendly locals in folky white embroidered clothes.

every minute in the film is predictable.

In the end it was dull and pointless.

From the dark, dreary opening, to the gorgeously sunlit greenery, this movie made me think to myself, "now this is why I love movies.

Only flaw is you'll get 'Get Out' vibes because storyline seems same and couple of times it's predictable

It went from a great and intriguing start, amazing acting etc, interesting dialogue, and then unfortunately it went bizarre and slow.

The unique atmosphere, intriguing characters and stylish cinematography make up for some lengths and an at times simplistic plot.

A suspenseful, drawn out trip of terror and trauma.

I waited months to see this and even watched the trailer several times just to psyche myself for the full 2 and a half hour run time which, I thought, would contain stunning visuals, visceral violence not before seen on film, amazing cinematography, atmospheric chills (a la Wicker Man, The Innocents) and an absorbing soundtrack which would further unnerve me and have me on the edge of my seat.....

Simply the worst movie in the history of motion pictures ...

Bland story telling, bland characters lack of telling us what was going on.

One of the things I noticed right off the bat was the realistic and relatable nature of the mundane conversations and the more intense moments with the characters.

If you're expecting a thrilling, edgy and gripping fright fest - you'll be sorely disappointed.

it was telegraphed some two hours and 15 minutes before, right after the initial 15 minutes of this long, pretentious and above all boring movie.

You've read all of the other reviews about the fantastic acting, stunning scenery and cinematography, and unsettling score so I will concur and skip those aspects.

Terrible Waste of Time .

Paid over $ dollars to watch this movie in the theatre and I fell asleep for about 30mins of it.

Dont waste your time .

Don't waste your money or time unless you like tripping scenes which actually were pretty good, the rest of the movie sucks bigtime

I will admit I was very hesitant to watch this because of the ending of Hereditary, but I felt like the ending of Midsommar complimented the rest of the film even though I found it predictable.

This wasn't entertaining in the slightest bit, it was simply boring...

The first minutes while in America were very good, then when in Sweden, everything start to unfold, slowly, and gets really predictable.

now that is a film that builds dread using stunning visuals and music...

Dani is an extremely relatable protagonist as her struggles with mental illness and family ground her in reality making for a really engaging first act.

One if the worst movies I ever seen!.

It was boring and tasteless.

Big waste of time.

anyway save your money and time.

Absorbing masterpiece .

But even then you have to get over that these insane rituals would keep any of them there is beyond belief and goes back to the old cliche horror films where they all enter the scary looking house and stay after people are killed.

Don't waste your time and money.

The first sequence sets a disturbing mood only to become a poor excuse for two and a half hours of a single character development curve, while people are chanting, dancing and making other equally uninteresting/sleep inducing things to see on a horror movie.

We agreed this is one of the worst movies we have ever watched.

The Swedes just love to throw in a load of nudity but c'mon guys it was boring in the 70's and its even sadder now that you have to use it to try and excite the viewer.

Horribly Boring .

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Waste of time .

Based on the trailer, I was quite excited to watch such a thrilling, interesting concept with a disturbing cult and likable cast members like Florence Pugh and Will Poulter.

I haven't walked out of a movie in a very long time.

HIs style has become rather noticeable, with frequent use of runes and symbols, slow and intentionally uncomfortable tracking shots, unsettling atmospheres, uncompromising and almost scenery chewing levels of acting from his performers, etc. Midsommar is no exception here.

Worst movie I ever seen in my life it's so slow and most boring movie of all time.

Slow pacing movie with predictable and boring moments, very sinisterly clear motives and symbolism would not recommend dont waste your time.

I found this film enjoyable and visually stunning, and also fun to think about.

The only other movie I ever walked out of was Benjamin button .

So boring .

First half of this movie is unbearable, means just to confuse viewers they wasted full first half which didn't support story much.

It does not explain why the cult decides to torture people or kill others just because they want to leave.

Simply boring .

The cinematography is flawless and some of the best I have seen in recent years, that alone makes the film worth watching.

Its a pointless brutal movie that will leave you with a feeling that you watched something really bad.

A memorable, thrilling, chilling, gritty, splendidly written horror film.

"Quite pretentious and self indulgent" is a phrase that comes up in reviews.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I've seen in theaters in a long while.

Movie continued to be even more boring and not scary at all.

Another good point was the decision to not insert subtitles for the dialogues in Swedish, which creates confusion in the viewer.

Boring as hell .

The heroine is going through intense grief.

In the end, 'Midsommar' is just an extremely overlong collection of uninteresting scenes about uninteresting characters, that has zero atmosphere, dread, or tension.

I was frankly laughing at some point as every scene seemed predictable to me, even though they were purposefully meant to be weird.

I gave 9 stars because the story is fairly predictable, there are many visual clues that give the story away.

By the first 10 minutes of the first act of this slowly paced horror experiment, it becomes clear that Aster is highly interested in portraying the psychological manifestation of trauma, mental illness, internal and external conflicts, along with family and relationships dynamics.

what a waste of time , piece of crap .

No story, no depth, no pay off.

The rest of the movie is her slow descent into this peculiar family of Harga which she becomes part of, as her boyfriend and his friend are piecemeal punished for their selfishness, cowardice, rudeness and candor.

So ridiculously boring .

Other than that it was a thoroughly engaging experience.

Although Hereditary ultimately explores similar concepts of a lack of control, there was at least active decision-making and answer-seeking from the lead, which was way more engaging, and her lack of control was more of a twist.

And it's 2 hours and a half, please don't waste your time on this meaningless garbage.

(The director was lucky to have that lightning strike twice, as his previous film debut had a riveting lead performance by Toni Collette as well.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a long while.

While the director's films are good, would I say they're enjoyable?

There is no plot, no nothing.

Pointless .

worst movie I've ever seen.

It's wierd, slow and booring.

I think this movie overrated ,,, i like hereditary,, but Midsommar just to slow and predictable.

Overall,I didn't watch it until the end because the story is unbearable.

don't waste your time.

This movie is the worst movie i've ever seen .

I think the way Danny was "trapped" into flowered dress at the end WAS symbolic f how the audience was TRAPPED into this suffocating boring film.

I felt like I needed a shower as I walked out of the theater, and as someone who can normally handle gore, violence, and demonic films, that is saying something.

Waste of time.

What a waste of time .

Waste of time .

Surprise me with some good stuff and make me horror with unexpected turns.

Strange and slow .

The visuals in this film are stunning and the irony make the bizarre viewing even more of an experience.

Some good movies with pretty much the same script have been produced and even then someone was not ashamed to try to do something better, but yes, this empty thing.

A slow building story, unsettling suspense and disturbing thoughts about what you are seeing.

Slowly paced and seemingly forgetting the premise the first 15 minutes sets up, Midsommar finds itself stuck in a cult horror where most of the horror is off screen, as is anything interesting.

Stunning scenery ,annoying actors,way too long...

They get to Sweden and the place is so boring you would leave immediately.

First of all, the cinematography: I really loved the opening of this film taking place in the snow with very dull, dark cinematography and imagery when placed in contrast to the beautiful sunny and warm cinematography that appears later in the film.

It's boring very slow the best thing was the trailer.

It is a slow burn with plenty of gruesome imagery and acts of violence to make you feel uncomfortable and disgusted.

That's the entire film in a nutshell - not my cup of tea, I'd rather watch paint dry.

Don't waste you time watching this film, you will see it as time you can never get back.

The conclusion of the story itself can be a little confusing, but the director likely wanted to leave it open to the audience's interpretation.

Cinematography, lead actress was solid, slow burn movie that gets weird, then weirder.

The story is highly predictable in every way.

The visuals, set designs & cinematography all were excellent but the story did felt like dragged excessively at times which affected the momentum it was trying to build, mostly in the 2nd half.

When I first walked out of the theater, I gave it a solid 7.5. Days later, I bumped it up to 8.5 because I look back and the whole thing felt like a dream.

He told us the story of a hidden community who have some thrilling intentions.

Certainly intriguing at the start.

I found myself yawning throughout most of this sadly as it really is around 45 minutes too long.

That night, Josh sneaks into a temple to photograph scriptures in a mysterious book, he is distracted by a partially nude man wearing Mark's skinned face, he is hit over the head with a hammer and dragged away.

I was falling asleep until the first death occurred.

His films are somehow arty and yet entertaining at the same time.

It's by no means a perfect film though, there are some tedious moments and the ending for me was way too predictable, I found myself saying what was about to happen in my head before it happened on screen and I was right until the credits rolled.

One exciting thing would happen, then it would be boring for 30-45 mins, and that cycle would continue the whole movie making it difficult to follow the plot.

People left the theater when we were there, people try and sound like they are intelligent by saying how mesmerizing and well thought out this movie was.

Boring doesn't begin to describe the two and a half hours of your life sacrificed to this "Aren't I just the artsiest, if-you-have-to-ask-you-wouldn't-understand, director EVER" piece of drivel.

A twisted masterpiece from roughly the same genre as the original "Wicker Man" its fair to say that anyone who loves that film will wallow in this one, since the themes behind of both are similar with an absence of shared plot elements A truly fascinating thought- provoking film Alex Rieneck

the movie is way too long and too pretentious.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my life ...

So slow through the whole movie and everything was predictable and a waste of 3 hours of my life

The long pre-title sequence is brilliantly done and unbearable, and this description applies throughout, as heartwrenching music, creative camerawork, and a beautiful aesthetic decorate the disgusting horrors, which regrettably get grossly self-indulgent in the second half as the intriguing story arcs (Dani's grief, the strained relationship, the thesis drama) fade into the background.

He definitely has a talent for creating a sense of dread and horror while portraying characters in a slow downward spiral into insanity.

Most of the story is predictable due to previous movie.

Technically, this is one of 2019's most fascinating productions.

From the writer & director who brought you the, ok but slow & boring Hereditary comes this 2.0 version bore of a film which makes that film seem Oscar worthy.


A small amount of the film seemed to be drawn out a bit and I believe the same effect could have been achieved in a shorter amount of time.

The whole time it felt like the film was ticking boxes to ensure it was 'weird' or 'disturbing' or 'artistic' when all it achieved was laughter from the audience at what were meant to be serious scenes or severe boredom as there was no compass to the story.


This movie is similar to Hereditary somehow, but Midsommar is too slow.

I wouldn't be surprised if some people who have seen it walked out on it.

Pointless and plot-less drivel.

Once the film reaches its conclusion, even though it's wildly predictable, what the viewer expected to be unquestionably terrible at the onset is suddenly a grey area because the film has been quietly playing mind games and emotionally manipulating us.

It is an interesting horror/drama movie that very well deserves to be experienced and proves that Ari Aster is innovative, has big ideas, understands how camera works and what it can convey, and definitely can be considered as one of the most important directors of this genre that is -thankfully to his and few others' recent efforts- redefining itself to be an interesting vessel to exciting and rich films.

Poorly written, poorly acted, and a total waste of two hours of my life.

And it's pretty slow paced too - but from the first minute to the last it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering wtf is going on?

Boring, disappointing .

I already saw Hereditary as a polarizing movie, but I can't imagine this appealing anyone other then people who like sick images, sad people put through sad things, and a pace slower then Heaven's Gate.

If he's a year deep into the slow breakup process (of a 4 year relationship), I'd say he's still being fairly sensitive for someone who's fallen out of love and is trying not to crush someone he clearly still cares about.

Jack did alright though I feel his character was actually more bland than intriguing which was hard to sympathize towards the end.

So much promise destroyed by a total lack of story .

I was falling asleep until the first death occurred.

Dont waste your time.

This film is so slow, you begin to lose interest as you know exactly what's going to happen that you could probably take a nap half way through and not miss much.

The story is pretty boring and can't imagine many to get enthusiastic about it.

Don't waste your time.

Boring and predictable .

But the accommodation is stunning, with a beautifully folky decorated communal building for each of the four stages of the Hårga to live in.

A complete waste of time.

The slow takes throughout, especially during that scene, added effect with some suspense and just making it like the audience is there discovering what is happening.

By the last leg of the movie, I was bored and waiting patiently for it to end.

The film isn't engaging, entertaining or even close to terrifying, despite its undeniable technical competence.

Simply put the worst movie I have ever seen .

One of the most boring movies Ive ever seen.

The worst movie of 2019 .

The simplest things such as the cinematography is a huge plus for those that may find this movie "boring" or "slow", I mean there's literally a shot of a rock that is just beautiful to look at.

I never leave reviews but felt I had to on this film, I was so looking forward to it after seeing the trailers, omg it just drags on and on, one of the most boring films I've seen.

Watched it all as was expecting the film to come to life, but what a weird boring movie.

one of the worst movie I ever seen .

To anyone who has not seen the movie, keep it that way, it is a waste of time, money, and brain space.

The reason people actually walk out of this movie is because It's boringly below average with a utterly deplorably predictable script.

This was the worst movie i ever watched absolutely disgusting and very irritating , horrifying and not in scream it away kinda way its the image stuck in your head you wanna vomit way .

The biggest minus was the cliche characters of americans and depiction of the relationship between the main characters - Dani and Christian.

And to categorise this a 'horror' is the worst part, I don't think they was one moment that was even slightly frightening, tense, or made me feel anything other than just bored and confused.

The thing I appreciate about it the most is how Aster transitions the viewer from nerve shredding terror to breathtaking catharsis in the matter of only one or two scenes.

At its best, the beautiful and bizarre visuals, languid pacing, and excellent score culminate in an intoxicating surrealism that's not easy to come by in modern movies.

I waited for the jump- off the-seat part but nothing happened.

Worst movie ever and if you (the reader), or anyone you know watches or watched this movie and enjoyed it they belong in a mental asylum.

Much like in his debut Aster has big, profound ideas but the writing, pacing and execution of the last act is flawed to the point that any meaning he is attempting to convey here is lost amongst increasingly confusing and disjointed imagery.

She steals the show, giving a riveting performance, providing the emotional anchor throughout.

Self indulgent, slow, boring, over acted, zero tension, zero interest in the characters, pretentious drivel.

Luls , europeans are not this dum come on , cool movie kinda boring

The parts that were slow were painful in a way that the viewer feels anxious, confused, and fearful for long extended periods of time which make the horrifying things happening to the characters seem all the more real and the parts that you could predict were no less shocking than if you couldn't have seen them coming at all.

The film has stayed with me, and I highly recommend it.

So boring & confusing .

The cinematography is also good, so at least it is enjoyable to watch from that aspect, just don't expect it to be the "Masterpiece" that some people claim it is.

Worst Movie Ever .

I think me and my friend were the only ones who actually enjoyed it out of everyone in the theater.

Pretentious and self-indulgent .

Drawn out rubbish .

No story, no thrill, just bunch of non descript european are doing their theological orgy and the same is imposed on you.

At least watch clips of it to see the stunning scenery and cinematography.

I expected a horror film, but it was so entirely predictable and boring.

Disturbing and unsettling, would class in the same league as The Witch, The Wind, Hereditary or maybe the lighter yet still intriguing Witches in The Woods.....

Get ready to see loads of speeches, dancing, bland ceremonies and a plot that does not come together.

Using artistic editing and stunning cinematography to its advantage, the film presents a visually captivating array of images that wake the purest of emotions in us.

Slow, predictable and long throughout the ENTIRE film!

Stupid, predictable, makes no sense, not interesting at all.

At some point, you stop being arty and start becoming pretentious, nonsensical drivel.

I lost track of how many times I said, "what the #%&*" at the pointless (pretentious) weirdness of it all.

Not gonna go into much detail, but I really enjoyed it.

The only thing scary about this movie is the 2.5 hours of slow torture I sat through

Expect to get bored several times in the movie.

Slow and booring.

Bad things: way too long,very self-indulgent unnecessary style of directing,again WAY TOO LONG!

Only a few problems, like being pretty slow and having many many questions unclear.

Weirdly entertaining .

k on LCD and then starts offing people in a slow, nom thrilling fashion...

Along side this problem we can say the movie is too long, the back story is some how irrelevant and characterization is incomplete.

There is no story or excuse that justifies 2 hs 30 min movie length, needs a lot of editing.

I'm a patient guy and don't mind long movies, but when the scenes are boring and dragging, it makes it unwatchable.

This is a boring thriller.

There was never really a climax point where everything just broke down and went marbles, and that made it quite boring for me.

You will be bored and disgusted at the same time.

Worst movie i ever saw in my life After 1 hour i should have left unbeleavable i had the strenght to stay

The movie is too long, and if I were from Sweden I would be appalled.

Well worth the watch though.

" and "The House That Jack Built" are great examples of this since both are equally pretentious and nonsensical.

It's awkward and pointless.

The downside I found was that after the credits rolled it felt a little empty.

I suggest you find something more productive to do than watch this film, eg put pins in your eyes or watch paint dry.

I just saw this movie, and I left the theater confused.

It dragged and was so boring.

ohh so artsy, so masterpiece, but really it's just a worst movie .

It can be disturbing in so many different ways but always keeps you focused and It's pretty enjoyable.

A slow film from start to finish.

This is unlike the modern horror but rather more like the Wicker man, which had much emphasis on burning a man alive, although the story has similarities, this modern version's revamped and is well worth watching.

It is unending and dull.

Save your money & time.

This movie is incredible for this slow descent into madness after grief.

Initially I was expecting my predisposed thoughts about the film to be true, with a slow start and some questionable dialogue.

A terrific after hereditary ,much more engrossing than hereditary.

Quite possibly the most boring film I have watched in a long time.

Dont waste your time with this one.

It's dull.

A giant 600 hour long Bore.


This is one of the most boring movies I have seen in a long time.

It's not the typical shock "round the corner" scares that get you, but the slow cook of "oh my god, that's what they did" that will make your mind spin.

Match that with some stunning camera effects, such as the subtle hallucinogenic representations, and quality acting, supported by equally impressive cinematography, then the results are an fully captivating without compromising the quality.

Seriously one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

I get it but is that entertaining?

Cant believe people are able to comment anything conventional,like weird movie,predictable,slow...

Mind blowing .

Dragged out nonsense .

Predictable and extraordinarily rubbish .

Don't waste your time on this one, I want my 2hrs30mins back, thank you.

Pretentious and stupid .

Was moving so slow fell asleep multiple times to be waken up from random screaming scenes or music going from 1 to 100.

Stupid, insulting - and a bit boring .

Huge yawn!

While Midsommar moves slowly and predictably almost entirely throughout - the first act tragedy being the exception - Martha Marcy May Marlene (Sean Durkin, 2011) explores the darker, and arguably scarier parts of those themes with more effect in a more unpredictable way.

Thoughts This like his last movie was a slow predictable movie for people who have not watched the originals.

an absolute WASTE OF TIME

Another thing to praise is that visually it's quite a stunning film.

Far too long .

Slow .

Boring, lack of realism and boring .

I enjoyed it to a degree.

I'm just saying that there comes a point where you have to stop awarding, essentially, participation points to well-made but empty fare; most pictures are at least competently constructed and even those that aren't can be enjoyable - or more enjoyable than something like this, at least.

The film is way too long, the acting, for the most part, is pretty bad, the music is enough to hurt your ears and there were actually moments where I was laughing at it and not with it which is not a good sign.

Predictable also ...

Don't waste your time period it goes nowhere ...

The final result is extremely disturbing, unsettling, grotesque, evocative and sinisterly bright: in conclusion, sun worship came back to shine.

It's a slow burn psychological thriller that unfortunately takes way too long to reach it's conclusion.

This is how the film actually starts with a lack of clarity and also at a slow pace.

A shallow and empty exercise that mistakes vagueness for complexity and change for character work.

Nonsense and slow .

First, this is one hell of a slow movie.

It's slow paced, and as the plot evolves, you'll love that tempo instead of a rushed story.

overhyped drawn out yawn fest .

But the movie guys....?? Absolutely one of THE worst movies Ive ever seen.

This movie is terrible, I mean really bad , not fun terrible, not cult classic bad, its just a really badly made waste of two hours of your life.

Boring , Long , Not Scary at all .

On top of that it was way too long.

After this shear torture of around 1 hrs they switch storyline now since you are already bored to death then any little baseless twist will gives a feel good effect.

By that point, many will have given up on the movie and think it's been a waste of time even as the credits roll.

Beautiful photography but very boring story with complete nonsense

Worst movie .

I shan't waste my time writing a review of this EXCUSE for a film.

And it dragged for way longer than it needed too.

Other good reviews are left by pretentious viewers, who like to claim that they see the true worth of a movie.

Predictable but still fascinating to watch .

Basically, the film is too long, too pretentious and too predictable.

After stomaching that, we are then held on tender hooks as to what is going to happen to our American friends in the movie and as the film moves on in all it's dreary tedious progression, i really wanted out of the cinema.

These people are intriguing to watch - even though I guessed through most of the commune's customs, the scenes played out well because of the reactions of the visitors.

There is little that is exciting or compelling.

Me and my wife left the theater laughing and shaking our heads at what we just watched.

There are absolutely no mysteries or surprises with this one, it's a slow burn with some disturbing things thrown in.

It's slow and builds and I think worth the wait.

This film was enjoyable because the director played with tone, cinematogrophy, fantasy, and realism to increase the depth and the shock of the story.

it's a torture to watch.

Don't waste your time as I did, trust me.

Don't get me wrong it was sinister, but it dragged & you felt it after the 3 minute mark.

Ok so the movie is so stupid and has no plot .

Absolute waste of time .

My only negative, is the film is rather slow in areas with sub plots that are often blown away in the drug fueled wind.

Boring boring boring

This makes most of the remaining of the movie revolve about poor repetitive ideas.

Utterly predictable from start to finish, overlong with pointless scenes, no psychological tension, no thrills, poorly scripted and plotted and containing lots of scenes which didn't make sense as in the characters would be all bitching or close or concerned about each other one minute, then when certain characters go missing for hours and days no one is concerned or raises it, or talks about them.

Overall it gets boring and never ending, and if you are expecting a big climax, it is just so predictable that when it's over you are actually happy it finally ended.

Waste of time .

It seems like Ari Aster in the near future is going to embrace the path of comedy, as he finds the genre enjoyable and entertaining.

Did not feel any suspense here, what's or ever (Did I say it was predictable?...

Endless boring goings on.

Worst movie i've seen in a long time.

It's unbearably slow, the violence is gratuitous, and it epically fails to be a horror movie on any level.

we also have the great performance of Florence Pugh who broke our hearts with her tragedy , her tears and her final confusing smile.

An engaging story, beautiful cinematography, brilliant acting, and real artistic thought put in to the shots.

We're terrified and disturbed by his films because they feel like realistic plots, as opposed to obvious fictional situations that, while entertaining, don't resonate and hit home as hard.

Its visually boring, stale sound, or pure bad acting makes it laughable in parts.

Similarly, if you go hoping to get scared, that is about impossible with this slow hypnotic drug-fuelled film.

I think the way Danny was "trapped" into flowered dress at the end WAS symbolic f how the audience was TRAPPED into this suffocating boring film.

And these two and a half hours are full of pretentious details that I was not remotely interested in.

It's a lumbering disjointed thing, limping along for two and a half hours.

Don't waste your time!

Loved Hereditary, bored to death at Midsommar .

It's up there with Melancholia and The Thin Red Line as probably some of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Overall I'm giving this a 7 because I've never seen anything so bizarre, disorienting, unsettling, and yet riveting in my life.

It was only after watching this did I find out it was associated with another boring movie "hereditory" that this drivel made sense, my idea of horror isn't an updated boring version of the wicker man.

Many aspects of the plot are literally shown to the audience in blatant drawings and banners, so it was a matter of waiting for those professions to come through and at the time it seemed tedious and predictable.