Midsommar (2019) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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A couple travels to Sweden to visit a rural hometown's fabled mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Ari Aster
Stars: Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor
Length: 147 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 398 out of 1000 found boring (39.8%)

One-line Reviews (819)

And these two and a half hours are full of pretentious details that I was not remotely interested in.

The visuals in this film are stunning and the irony make the bizarre viewing even more of an experience.

It's visually stunning and beautifully filmed with excellent direction from Ari Aster.

Bit Boring!!!.

Basically, the film is too long, too pretentious and too predictable.

The story is straight forward and if you survive 2 hrs than there is a predictable twist.

Midsommar is a unique experience and very much worth watching.

Brilliantly boring and stupid.

Mostly depressing, barely entertaining.

Slow, boring and pretentious .

Waste of time .

Pros: Gorgeous camera work and set designGreat actingEthereal MusicGood disturbing scenes of horrorCons: Incredibly slow paceWill Poulter's character is a buttheadDirector's Cut has no subtitles and the dialogue is a little hard to follow without themAlso, fans of Robin Hardy's legendary film about sacrifice and cults 'The Wicker Man' will probably complain about this film being an arthouse copy of it.

Slow and predictable.

I've seen reviews saying that the film is unrealistic and that there is NO story or mystery in the film.

This was beyond dull.

First, this is one hell of a slow movie.

Don't waste your time.

Director Ari Aster (Hereditary) might claim that Midsommar only pays homage to brilliant UK folk horror The Wicker Man, but all I can see is a blatant, bloated and extremely tedious rip-off.

Bad things: way too long,very self-indulgent unnecessary style of directing,again WAY TOO LONG!

This movie is way to long over the 2h mark, and this might be why it get soooo boring at some point before something happens.

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life!

It's predictable from the moment they walk into the camp and their decision making goes from poor to extremely bad minute by minute.

Very Boring .

In fact, the longer passages, in a 2:20 run time, add to your feeling of being immersed in the characters situation.

Nonsense and slow .

An engaging story, beautiful cinematography, brilliant acting, and real artistic thought put in to the shots.

The fact that the movie was very slow pacing and the characters were not developed properly.

Beyond that, I found it predictable.

Don't waste your time!

So incredible drawn out and predictable.

Boring, long, cliche movie with a very predictable story that has been done better before.

dont waste your time watching this...

Don't waste your time unless you want to be screaming at the screen from boredom.

The weirdest most boring movie I've ever watched.

After a long and, I think, pointless prologue, a group of graduate students arrive at a festival in Sweden that's a 4 hour drive from anywhere.

It was very slow and annoying at times!

Another good point was the decision to not insert subtitles for the dialogues in Swedish, which creates confusion in the viewer.

There's no substance, no suspense, it's predictable and the storyline is dragging itself to the end, there's little or no climax.

There is no plot.

Just a bit boring .

Yes, the movie will remind you of The Wicker Man except it's a bit more violent and slow.

Love slow, psychological horror.

Around the middle of the movie the story weirdly slows down and can become a little bit boring.

Enjoyable movie??

Watching Paint dry is more entertaining.

As others have pointed out the acting is decent and the cinematography is great but the story is slow and makes little sense.

Predictable but still fascinating to watch .

Well done in many ways, but too tedious and weird.

While I feel as if the pacing was a bit slow, It never lost my interest once.


Not entertaining: yes it's weird, but also pointless .

) It puts forth creative, colorful, stunning and original sequences and visuals, and delivers on the terror element in ways that you will neither expect or could possibly imagine.

It's just dull as watching a fly move is legs for two and a half hours.

Waste of time/Disappointed .

Slow, boring and simply annoying.

Like others have pointed out, the movie progresses at a snail's pace and extremely predictable in most of the storyline.

Why would these guys stay after days full of boring boring stuff.

It made me feel uncomfortable and just weird for sure but it felt kinda dull blank like it has never fulfilled its potential .

These people are intriguing to watch - even though I guessed through most of the commune's customs, the scenes played out well because of the reactions of the visitors.

What a waste of time.

This was a modern and very boring adaptation of the theme used in the original wicker Man movie.

" until the totally predictable last scene plays out.

It's worth watching .

The ending was painful and dull.

It's a long film at over 2 hours and after the first 45 minutes it settles into a suspenseful middle section.

But the only thing Midsommar proved to me is that he is not artistic, pretentious, and obsessed with his work.

Seriously, I am so upset I had to write a review on how a movie can waste so much of my time.

That was a big waste of time.

Don't Waste Your time .

Boring, misdirected, no story, no sense.

The slow pace mistakingly perceived as "boring", the plot being weird and bizzarre, amongst other negative remarks.

The villagers are fascinating and spellbinding.

Surreal, Atmospheric, Slow Burn Horror .

gory yawn fest .

But after a couple of minutes it become pretty boring and it makes you want to sleep.

Pretentious and boring, and ultimately shallow .

The Swedes just love to throw in a load of nudity but c'mon guys it was boring in the 70's and its even sadder now that you have to use it to try and excite the viewer.

And as each crazy idea unfolded and we, the viewer, were treated to more outlandish ceremonies I began to realise that the film was going nowhere.

Thought-provoking, creepy, and a bit tedious .

Stunning scenery ,annoying actors,way too long...

Don't waste your time like I did.

Long, Tedious and Predictable .

Worst movie I've ever seen .

And no, my rating doesn't mean I didn't "get it", it's this low because it was boring.

Boring boring boring

He has successfully created a completely new genre that is terrifying, impacting but most importantly, fascinating.

I fell asleep every single time.

It was just boring.

Refreshing to see a movie with a lot of originality even though it was predictable but still hugely enjoyable, i have just ordered the Directors Cut with extra 24mins of footage.

Sure there's some gore but not even the gore can make up for how slow, long and tedious this movie is.

Too slow and waste of time.

Some good movies with pretty much the same script have been produced and even then someone was not ashamed to try to do something better, but yes, this empty thing.

How Ari Aster, the man that brought us possibly the best horror flick of modern film in Hereditary churned out this complete nonsense is a mystery equal to that of the building of the pyramids..It's ridiculous in (many) places, way too long, predictable and our main protagonists are as thick as they are annoying.

But even then you have to get over that these insane rituals would keep any of them there is beyond belief and goes back to the old cliche horror films where they all enter the scary looking house and stay after people are killed.

What an absolute pile of pretentious drivel.

I was expecting a horror film, but I got a slow gore flick with overextended shots that could save moments of a viewer's life.

Nothing happens .

165 Minutes of Empty Artsy Weirdness .

Top 3 - worst movies ever .

Like Hereditary, only even more boring .

The action is very slow , there's no logical beginning and no logical ending.

Bored to freaking death.

Artsy Fartsy.

Very shallow characters, predictable story and boring dialogues.

Midsommar definitely has some unsettling scenes but goes on way too long.

Beautiful scenery is constantly juxtaposed with hints of horror and gore to make for an equal parts enjoyable and traumatic experience.

The movie is beautifully shot and realy stunning to look at.

There are entire portions of the movie spanning 30-40 minutes where literally nothing happens.

Beautiful and disturbing, but also frustrating and predictable .

Don't waste your time watching this movie.

All rather predictable and a little dull.

the movie has no story or purpose or anything .

It's a pretty well done movie, and I would highly recommend it!

What her character goes through and how she ends up at the end of the film is intriguing to watch.

Don't waste your time...

This movie is incredibly pointless, boring, full of left-wing propaganda, and weird for simply the sake of being weird.

Waste of time.

This is a deeply unsettling, slow burn, sense of impending dread kind of horror.

The story is extremely predictable, the pace isn't deliberate, it is decidedly slow to the point of suicide and the ending...

Bored for more than 90% of it...

The characters make decisions which are so out of norm that it's frustrating to watch, story is entirely predictable, boring not to say the least and the only thing impressive is the cinematography and Florence Pugh did an amazing job and remains to be the only standout in the movie.

Surreal, slow and what.

The movie is far too long and this just becomes an exercise in tedium as it meanders its way from scene to scene and they could not even come up with a different ending than the Wicker Man and is really just a very poor copy of an original classic.

The cinematography is also good, so at least it is enjoyable to watch from that aspect, just don't expect it to be the "Masterpiece" that some people claim it is.

This is too lengthy and slow paced with lots of unnecessary lengthy rituals scenes.

Do you want to waste your time?

My rating of 7 is mostly for the visuals, which are in fact stunning.

I was expecting more after the very, very good Hereditary, Worst horror movie ever it was so slow , dragged on and it was so boring.

This is literally the worst movie I have seen in over 30 years.

Slow and meandering story where nothing much happens, especially in the first hour.

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen .

There're some trappings and attempts at originality along the way but the end result is boring, unpalatable and predictable.

Cinematic speaking it is great, but the story is unbearable .

May be the worst movie I've ever seen .

I think I get what the movie was trying to be, but it took such a slow and choppy path to get there.

I can't even express how insanely disappointed I am with this, I've wanted to see this movie for so long and I truly thought I was missing something because it was all so predictable and didn't make sense.

Surprise me with some good stuff and make me horror with unexpected turns.

Borderline worst movie ever made .

I thought Wicker Man was the worst movie until I saw this movie.

This film was written by a 16 year old on LSD, PLEASE people do yourselves a favor and don't waste your time watching this movie it's freaking HORRIBLE & it's pointless.

This movie is a complete waste of time!

Too slow .

Practically nothing happens in it, and it is too slow (even if they wanted to set the mood or a tone, or suspense?

Weird, boring, waste of time....

Pointless .

This was rather boring and was hoping for something more than a long drawn out slow moving story of a bad relationship and people being brought to their own demise as a sacrifice.

However, the wait is not for everyone, as there are some really slow scenes.

What a waste of time .

It was too predictable and uninteresting, sometimes cringeworthy.

Boring and predictable .

It's slow, very slow and boring.

we also have the great performance of Florence Pugh who broke our hearts with her tragedy , her tears and her final confusing smile.

Most of the story is predictable due to previous movie.

The characters bore the hell out of you and no connection can be made too them.

This movie just plain sucks, don't waste your precious time.

Don't get me wrong this isn't one of those slow burners, it's boring, a lot of scenes could have been cut short.

Okay, now it has dragged on for over 45 minutes, with the main character having orgies and more.

The film's stunning use of cinematography often framed the screen in the style of a painting and sometimes there were subtle uses of asymmetry to remind us that not everything is as it should be.

Worst movie ever.

What a pointless mess.

A bit slow, like having one hand tied...

Overrated, no real ending, plain boring, empty, unimaginative, waste of a good story, stale.

It is intelligent, complex, brave filmmaking that wrestles with many real-world issues while simultaneously entertaining us.

I also understand the she got a family in the end but even then this film is so self indulgent for the ending that it made no sense.

This movie is terrible, I mean really bad , not fun terrible, not cult classic bad, its just a really badly made waste of two hours of your life.

Camera work and editing were probably done by bored interns , and they got what they paid for .

Most of the time, we are talking about celebrations culminating in gargantuan binges of food and / or hectoliters of alcoholic beverages, but in the presence of closed communities, which perpetuate long-standing habits, it is possible to witness unexpected events, literally alien to the conception of time.

The problems I found with the film is that it is predictable and that's what makes it not as great as Hereditary.

Boring characters, predictable meaningless story.

No story, no depth, no pay off.

If you like Saw, or slasher movies, don't bother with this, it's a slow burn, it's beautiful to watch, breathtakingly shot, and is sinister as hell.

what a waste of time and money.


boring and no horror .

Don't waste your time !!

While many are tearing this apart for being disturbing , sickening or pretensions the director has committed the greatest sin of all, it's Boring.

Well worth the watch though.

It's formulaic and very slow.

I don't know why Hollywood left out the fact, that the midsummer "traditions" depicted in the movie that the reactionary nationalist cult celebrates, are just something Swedish state centralizers dreamed up in the 1900's (as part of the state Swedification propaganda about Sweden being a culturally unified country with one people, one language and one historical background)?

Don't waste your time as I did, trust me.

This film could easily have been 1 HR long danced along in a tedious manner.

I don't know where to start this movie is absolutely horrible, It's a big waste of time with one of the worst endings I've ever seen.

if you want to see the most unbelievably boring movie of all times this is it.

Waste of time .

The movie was undeniably slow, but I actually enjoyed it all the way through, I would have liked it more if we got more explanation as to what was happening to the main characters though as that wasn't really explained at all.

This is another proof why Aster is an innovative film-maker , Having been impressed by the obvious echoes of a rising new wave of horror in Hereditary ,I waited impatiently for Midsommar since they anounced it as his next movie , and the first trailer made the wait unbearable, A group of american friends including a couple on the verge of a break-up travel to Sweden to attend a pagan festival , urine on their sacred trees , impregnate them, try their weed, eat their pubes, and eventually getting killed in an aesthetic way influenced by Fuller's Hannibal Lecter one by one as a punishment except for May Queen who had to witness all the madness unfold around her and get more and more fused with the crazy reality around her that is so far from normal till the moment of enlightment and clarity .

I will admit I was very hesitant to watch this because of the ending of Hereditary, but I felt like the ending of Midsommar complimented the rest of the film even though I found it predictable.

If you want to shoot a slow burner then I suppose that you have to fill that up first.

I found it to be absolutely boring!

This movie is pointless and a waste of time.

Totally, pointless.

It was so mind numbingly slow.

Too slow and waste of time .

or whatever) and too boring to be entertaining.

This is not a regular horror movie, this is more of the psychological theme, slow paced and no jump scares.

I must tell the truth I hated this movie it was boring, slow and I have no idea what was going on.

" The aftermath is unpredictable and unspeakable acts and acts of violence.

And absolutely predictable.

Completely predictable.

It was easily one of the worst movies i've watched.

Slow paced and creepy.

I thought it was slow and hardly a horror movie.

The characters are unlikable, the story is boring and stupid.

It was overly long and had so many pointless scenes that dragged on forever.

DO NOT mistake this film as horror it's not horror, it's long, slow, boring, racist, anti-white propaganda (the director said this himself).

Beautiful photography but very boring story with complete nonsense

The worst movie of 2019 .

It does not explain why the cult decides to torture people or kill others just because they want to leave.

In the end it was dull and pointless.

BUT still it was welcome and unexpected!

Weird, absurd and too slow .

Waste of time .

3 hours of nothing.

Anti-pagan propaganda .

If you are aiming at a slow burn horror like the Shining then there better be blood streaming down the walls and a psycho with a knife.

Its very predictable and unintelligent, uninspiring and worst of all unoriginal, basically a rip-off from The Wicker Man (1973).

The people whom invited cannot change anything, it is predictable what they choose, and cause previous happened, they would choose what inviters like.

Super boring and long with no real climax .

Long winded, predictable.

I cannot overstate how mind numbingly boring this movie is.

The story is very predictable since once you know that this is supposed to be a horror movie, the good guys must somehow perish.

Slow, long with no character development so you lose interest fast.

The visuals, set designs & cinematography all were excellent but the story did felt like dragged excessively at times which affected the momentum it was trying to build, mostly in the 2nd half.

It could actually be a bit too long and the middle sequence after the mid-act climax is WAY too long for such an intense climax.

The ending was bland and at no point during this or any other part of the film did I feel peril or menace.

I highly recommend it.

The movie was slow, boring and unrealistic, I wasted 2 hours and 27 minutes.

I enjoyed it a whole lot more than these "oops my kid is possessed"/creepy nuns/teenagers/pointless slasher garbage they keep rehashing.

Solid movie and visually breathtaking!

a boring nonsense movie .

Waste of my time .

The longer i watched it, a lot worse i felt about this movie, The mood of the movie is pretty dull, the only thing that stands out from the movie is the cinematography, I give you that aster.

You've read all of the other reviews about the fantastic acting, stunning scenery and cinematography, and unsettling score so I will concur and skip those aspects.

This will be felt as boredom and an overall sense of stupidity, regret and anger for paying the high cost of the ticket.

Firstly, I would like to say is that this is a boring movie.

Luls , europeans are not this dum come on , cool movie kinda boring

Long and predictable.

Surprisingly entertaining.

There is no plot, no nothing.

Ponderously slow and turgid.

I wont be talking about the bad and predictable script, the awfully bad acting, the horrible direction and the

this is a waste of time....

Too slow of a story line, never any real action!

If not, it'll bore you and even seem funny or absurd and really slow for sure.

don't waste your time.

A Fascinating and Unique Blend of Terror .

I can handle long, slow burn films but this was just pointless.

What a waste of time .

yes, a lot of art in it and also yes, it is too long.

At nearly 3 hours run time it is a pretty bad waste of time.

A slow burner that never really explodes .

It ended with a long, boring, and very shallow movie.

Fascinating, I guess.

That was intense.

This film is so slow, you begin to lose interest as you know exactly what's going to happen that you could probably take a nap half way through and not miss much.

And tension was too slow.

A terrible waste of Time .

There is no story.

Crap, slow and boring, not scary It's really weird tho

Decent horror but slow .

Disturbing visuals and imagery are constantly diluted by overly drawn out scenes and, in some cases, stuff which is frankly hard not to just laugh at.

Waste of time.

Waste of time.

I felt weird after I watched it which I guess means it was better than I wanted to give it credit for because if something can illicit that kind of visceral response, it must have been compelling even if I want to resist that notion.

The whole movie is boring, illogical, and stupid.

For one it is overly long and could have an hour taken off as this contributes to the languid pace and does not create enough tension.

Don't waste your time on this one, I want my 2hrs30mins back, thank you.

dont waste your time .

Worst movie I ever seen in my life it's so slow and most boring movie of all time.

And the ending was very strange and confusing.

This movie was a definite waste of time and I would never recommend it to anyone.

it was telegraphed some two hours and 15 minutes before, right after the initial 15 minutes of this long, pretentious and above all boring movie.

I usually love and into the slow pacing movies.

However, if you enjoy movies that make you use your brain, have a slow build horror that hits you like a brick wall, or mess with you on a psychological level.

Slow and boring rip-off of The Wicker Man .

It's long, slow and ultimately doesn't deliver.

So the main aim of a symbol becomes POINTLESS.

Jack did alright though I feel his character was actually more bland than intriguing which was hard to sympathize towards the end.

Stupid Movie, Pointless .

And it's 2 hours and a half, please don't waste your time on this meaningless garbage.

Good story that is fun to follow - 1 StarMemorable dialogue - 1 StarFeel a pull to watch it a second time - 1 StarMusic/Score stands out - 1 StarNo noticeable plot holes - 0 StarsStory gets resolved in some way - 1 StarI personally like the story - 1 StarMemorable likable characters - 1 StarMost things about the story are believable - 1/2 StarDoesn't get boring - 1/2 Star This film is beautifully shot and has a rich story with tons and tons of foreshadowing if you pay attention.

Worst Movie Ever.

Even after watching this beautifully shot film twice in 48 hours, I cannot fathom how people can enjoy the slow burning pain that is Midsommar.

Simply the worst movie in the history of motion pictures ...

It is so boring, so predictable and the lead Actress is such an annoyingly, clingy creature that I couldn't find one redeeming quality in her or even the movie, a real dud.

Strangely engrossing most of the time - probably hoping for a surprise.

While slow at times, "Midsommer" does not betray the exciting premise, fortitude and engaging drama of the original "Wicker Man," slowly leading the audience to more subtle and nuanced veils of what is true and what is not.

Waste of time .

After this shear torture of around 1 hrs they switch storyline now since you are already bored to death then any little baseless twist will gives a feel good effect.

Slow, confusing, odd - verrryy odd.

Everything else is either predictable or straight forward (if you take random villagers at their word).

A memorable, thrilling, chilling, gritty, splendidly written horror film.

Slow, unpleasant, absurd .

On top of that the movie felt very predictable.

Match that with some stunning camera effects, such as the subtle hallucinogenic representations, and quality acting, supported by equally impressive cinematography, then the results are an fully captivating without compromising the quality.

Absolute waste of 2.5 hours of my life I'll never get back

Really intense movie, not recomendet to watch it in cinema...

Other good reviews are left by pretentious viewers, who like to claim that they see the true worth of a movie.

What a waste of time....

Thankfully, it was just compelling enough that I chose to stay awake.

It's wierd, slow and booring.

There is so many crazy scenes in the movie I do not want to spoil but I'll say you gotta be in the right mood with this movie because it is very long and it is kind of a slow burn.

Boring, lack of realism and boring .

Had some good moments but all in all too slow

But this movie is too long and too lugubriously paced to be as effective as it might otherwise be.

An utter waste of film, props, cast, writers, money etc etc. Truly awful

And even after one insane event after the other, they just kept staying like nothing happened.

Though predictable it was well worth the watch and was not at all disappointing.

There is a very raw feel to it & an incredibly intense atmosphere that's gripping all the way through from the shocking beginning to the disturbing ending, Midsommar is a terrifying new modern Horror Thriller MASTERPIECE!!.

The cinematography is beautiful and tone is so unsettling that it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire movie.

The cinematography was fantastic in places, the soundtrack very similar to Hered's was good, but apart from that..It even got interesting toward midpoint when one of characters takes photo's of things he shouldn't.. I thought a turning point in the film was coming but disappointingly it just carried on at the same mundane irrelevant pace and slowly, predictably came to its ending act, which I embraced wholeheartedly.

Waste of time .

It was only after watching this did I find out it was associated with another boring movie "hereditory" that this drivel made sense, my idea of horror isn't an updated boring version of the wicker man.

Terrible Waste of Time .

Her friends - a bunch of bland characters that you do not care for.

There are so many breathtaking shots in this film that it almost becomes more mesmerizing than scary.

Ari Aster makes movies that are not for everyone, even people that love the horror genre, can be bored by its length.

The movie also get a bit dragged out and boring.

Boring as hell .

Waste of 2.50 hours of my life.

No story, no interesting themes, no interesting characters, somewhat nice visuals at times and the rest is just nothing.

Stop with this pretentious weird garbage that goes nowhere.

Don't waste your time...

It was painfully slow.

It tries to be a horror film I guess and gets gruesome and weird towards the second half of the movie but does bore for most of it.

Subplots went nowhere, everything was bright and crisp and loud with no nuance.

Entire film too slow and many upside down and aerial scene!

Horribly Boring .

So ridiculously boring .

Boring most of the time and disgusting for the rest of the time.

Slow start, slow middle and slow end .

Buckle up for long, boring, unnecessarily drawn out scenes with irrelevant dialog that you sometimes can hardly hear because volume levels are all over the place - loud soundtrack interspersed with distorted feedback noises & distorted music and chanting.

No surprises, just a waste of time.

Great cinematography, but otherwise I've had more thrilling times getting off of anesthesia from a colonoscopy.

Boring Boring Boring .

As mentioned previously, the plot is somewhat predictable, and that is fine for a movie like this because if anything, this just increases the dread the audience feels for the characters.

Midsommar was to my account, one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

Worst movie ever .

Yes and at times visually very good, however the terrible story, monotone limp acting, over the top running time and the GOD AWFUL score really did make this an excruciating experience.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my life ...

The whole movie was so damn predictable and felt like a chore to watch.

Let's start with the good points: (a) cinematography; it's visually stunning, and Florence H.

Long, predictable, disappointing.

One thing that was interesting about this film is that unlike Hereditary, which was unpredictable the entire way through, in this film the outcome is fairly apparent.

Thoroughly enjoyable and crazy.

The acting is superb and the story line intense, the emotional journey the protagonist goes on keeps you engaged until the end.

The build up was intense - Fantastic colours and spooky music even from the cast!

It is also important for the viewer to embark on the long wave to feel its tension and despair, otherwise it will be a long, boring and tiring trip.

Instead of growing tension and menace at the remote hamlet, the creepy cultists offer long-winded rituals, tedious chanting and absurd occult beliefs.

This movie is absolutely pointless, nothing interesting, stupid story, who in their right mind would stick around after watching 2 people jump off a cliff...

Cinematography Breathtaking, Screenplay Lacking .

it's a torture to watch.

I'm not going to spoil anything, but quite early in the film, there's a quite shocking moment (or it supposed to be shocking) the reaction of the characters lasts literally 5 minutes and the next scene is just about them doing other stuff like nothing happened.

If you're gonna do an artsy fartsy "horror" flick, keep it under two hours...

The script may seem over, and yet, under-complicated, but all together proves to be an impressive mix of tension, confusion, and pure terror.

Predictable and slow.

Honestly, I'm not the type of person to review a movie, but I found this so slow, so annoying, so not scary, not even visually disturbing, just very annoying.

This is supposed to be a scary thing, but it is far too long and tedious.

2.3 hours of my life I will never get back.

A truly boring film.

Instead, we continue at the same slow pace until the end where Dani watches the bodies of her friends and boyfriend being burned as sacrifices.

Slow and Boring .

Utterly boring, predictable and forgettable.

Too much slow scenes not bringing anything in sense of plot, too poor expression of main characters, too weak explanations of observed events as results of too much concentration on intrinsic qualities of denizens in general which is very reminds plenty of old fashioned movies which I've seen and not quite liked.

waste of time .

This has to be one of the worst most boring movies I've ever watched.

Nothing happened.

Don't waste your precious time on this or you will feel totally regretful ...

ohh so artsy, so masterpiece, but really it's just a worst movie .

It left an intense impression on me, i was shocked, stunned and speechless after the end for quite some time.

pretentious crap .

Don't waste your time!!.

one of the worst movie I ever seen .

Waste of time.

slow, unknown story, stupid ending,, idiotic gestures and so many other things.

overhyped drawn out yawn fest .

Some surprises, some things predictable.

Waste of time.

I have no idea how this is possible, as it felt so ponderous that I fear that it's being over is just a surprise ending and the truth is I will soon wake up and still have forty minutes left to watch.

Slow, strange and filmed far from Sweden .

Both Hereditray and Midsommar are self-indulgent, Midsommor especially.

He definitely has a talent for creating a sense of dread and horror while portraying characters in a slow downward spiral into insanity.

The movie is too long, and if I were from Sweden I would be appalled.

The longest and most boring movie, not worth it.

This movie is really weird you could say in a good way but its characters are just soo annoying and everyone except the girl acts really stupid, its also really long and sometimes boring.

Don't waste your time with it.

And the movie itself is boring, the plot just drags along whitout any sense of direction.

Midsommar is intriguing, disturbing and frightening and i highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of the horror genre or even a fan of psychological horror in general.

This was a very self indulgent movie made by a man who obviously thinks he is some kind of artist.

It's boring, it's seriously boring, the only concept this people have about "horror" is make you feel uncomfortable while watching their movie.

Get ready to see loads of speeches, dancing, bland ceremonies and a plot that does not come together.

I was waiting all along for some sort of plot twist or something interesting didn't find one untill the end, probably the worst movie I've watched in 2019.

Yes, you can predict something bad is going to happen, that's the point, so how can you say it's predictable?

In my opinion "midsommar" lacked suspense and it was so predictable and cliche.

don't waste your time.

Story and plot are basically non-existent, scares and thrills are simply not there, the pace is slow, characters are undeveloped mono-dimensional cardboard figures...

Basically a Wicker Man remake, but more boring and drawn out.

Cant believe people are able to comment anything conventional,like weird movie,predictable,slow...

He told us the story of a hidden community who have some thrilling intentions.

It's Hollywood propaganda with the main goal is to divert people from looking at an alternative to the mainstream global capitalist way of thinking.

Way too long .

the movie is way too long and too pretentious.

Predictable and extraordinarily rubbish .

Big waste of time.

This was an intense, uncomfortable, beautiful experience with a heap of WTF thrown on top.

It is too slow and predictable.

Ari Asher's previous film, "Heredity", was an infinitely more developed and visually compelling film than "Midsommar.

The first 90 minutes nothing happens, I just had to stop, go out with my friends to the Oktoberfest, I really needed a break from that snore fest.

And it's pretty slow paced too - but from the first minute to the last it kept me on the edge of my seat wondering wtf is going on?

save yourself and watch anything else before you think about watching this silly, boring confusing mess of a movie.


Badly acted, predictable, overlong and frustrating.

The cinematography was absolutely stunning, watch in 4k if you can.

Slow pacing movie with predictable and boring moments, very sinisterly clear motives and symbolism would not recommend dont waste your time.

That is how boring the characters are.

I definitely went in expecting some low level of torture porn, but hereditary was so gripping that I eventually caved and watched it.

The movie is so bad and so boring that I just went to a YouTube video to explain the movie and the ending to me.

now that is a film that builds dread using stunning visuals and music...

This is soooo boring.

Too long, too slow, not enough scary scene!

The horror just fell flat, and the story became a slow family drama with bits of blood sprinkled on top.

The characters are a bit stereotyped and the story predictable.

Worst movie i have ever seen.

What it was, was slow (not usually an issue if the speed leads to a decent film), weird and extremely easy to predict, to a point where I kept thinking "Theres gunna be a twist now, surely.

When the girl witnesses his betrayal, which she not only expects, but almost wills into existence, then she grieves, and her retinue grieve with her, and there is a real sense of the sharing of grief not only making the process easy for her, but more intense, it is paradoxical and palpable, and with a little restraint, it could have been a profound beautiful moment in cinema.

Coming off his directorial debut with 'Hereditary' last year, writer and director Ari Aster brings yet another beautifully shot, well acted, visually stunning and very unsettling horror film.

A predictable film, full of all kinds of little "colorful" details copied from other genre films.

I enjoy character development and a good slow burn.....

This is a very engaging movie with an interesting premise, decent writing, gorgeous cinematography and excellent acting.

Immersed in music to provoke emotions that the images do not transmit by themselves, it is a film of excessive duration to tell an essentially simple story of fanaticism, cultural shock, materialism and primitivism in a hippie-like community in Sweden, with two pathetic leading characters who have traveled from United States to Scandinavia, and that, at least on my part, did not have my sympathy and did not allow me to connect: a woman who does not stop bawling, clinging to the memory of dead relatives, and a man who, in the end, is nothing more than an insipid stud.

Even the Nic Cage remake is better than this artsy fartsy effort and you can tell by all the pontificating ever-so-clever shill reviews which just illustrates that half of these so called arty types have not got a clue what the average man in the street wants to watch or even what they are talking about!

I'll try to phrase it nicely below but this movie was an absolute bore and a checklist of tropes and cliches I remember when I saw the very first preview, the day it came out andd I said "that looks like teen based Wicker Man" Sitting at a lengthy 2.5 hours I was hoping for quite a deep dive of cult horror.

Hereditary had it's problems, there is no denying that, but Midsommar is just full pretentious writing and art driven spoiler mosaics tied neatly between the opening segment and the end credits.

Boring, not even a horror or thriller, just weird.


Yikes, this was the worst movie of 2019 And possibly all time.

Most boring and dumb movie ever .

Thank you Travis Fimmel for your intense, intelligent and unique portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok - were it not for you, I probably wouldn't have watched Vikings and therefore I wouldn't know the background for the awesomely gruesome and medieval rituals in Midsommar.

A boring costume party trying desperately to be a movie .

I waited months to see this and even watched the trailer several times just to psyche myself for the full 2 and a half hour run time which, I thought, would contain stunning visuals, visceral violence not before seen on film, amazing cinematography, atmospheric chills (a la Wicker Man, The Innocents) and an absorbing soundtrack which would further unnerve me and have me on the edge of my seat.....

Such a fascinating movie.

The story was great and it keeps you interested all the way through, but it may be very slow for many and unfortunately the pacing is not as smooth as Hereditary, since the difference between them is 20 minutes (or 44 minutes, if you compare it with the Director's Cut), so the film takes it's time and doesn't rush anything, but in some moments it may feel way too long.

The film is slow moving with its direction.

It's a slow burn psychological thriller that unfortunately takes way too long to reach it's conclusion.

stupid ending just like Hereditary, boring, no gore nothing scary about this movie just plain boring and ridiculous and the rest is annoying and nudity.

I've seen all of them and this is more like a tedious trip to nowhere.

Don't waste your time or $$money.

I think the way Danny was "trapped" into flowered dress at the end WAS symbolic f how the audience was TRAPPED into this suffocating boring film.

Do yourself a favor and don't watch this one, it's way too long, it just feels like the director wanted to jam a lot of subtleties that make no sense in just one movie.

Boring .

Banal horror movie who pretend to be great cinema.

Anyway, the movie is heavy, macabre and disturbing, impossible to be indifferent after watching, has a very slow pace, graphically strong scenes and is extremely bitter from beginning to end, with virtually no comic relief, which has so much spoiled horror movies lately, that in the end they end up looking more like comedy.

I didn't expect a gigantic jump scares, which are pretty expected nowadays, I knew that it's gonna be mind-disturbing and unsettling, and it was, it freaked me out, but the issue with the movie is, that every unsettling, or scary -psychologically- was in broad daylight, and that's my biggest issue with the movie, that it failed to reach the same atmosphere as Hereditary did, yeah the movie was scary, but it was always in daylight, I understand why it was in broad daylight, but there was a couple of scenes in the night, and they could use more of that to build an even scarier tension, but unfortunately they didn't, and that dragged the movie down.

Ari Aster brought us something that was unexpected and masterfully made film with some problems that i have that did hurt the film and lowers the score down a bit.

Cinematography, lead actress was solid, slow burn movie that gets weird, then weirder.

Worst movie ever .

But it's worth watching and will provoke plenty of discussion and it is more refreshing than many horrors around at the moment, if a bit annoying.

Complete waste of time, failure on every level

an absolute WASTE OF TIME

Very entertaining.

A hypnotising and confusing experience.

It's a horrific, stunning, alluring piece of cinema that easily draws you in with the pleasing aesthetics, amazing acting and hidden motives.

Predictable final outcomes await the American characters in the second half, and there is little suspense or surprise in this film.

One of the worst movies I have seen in a long while.

Had high hopes but what this movie turned out to be is extremely predictable not sure why it gets such high praise.

While I appreciate Aster's clever use of visual clues in both films, in this film it wasn't compelling enough to rise above the achingly long, drawn-out dramatic scenes.

It dragged and was so boring.

Don't waste your time .

Don't waste your time with this film, I wish I could give it less than one star.

First of all it's way too long, sometimes we watch the sky for 30 sec for no reason.

Still, his previous work Hereditary is more intense, has a more clever story and is way harder to digest.

Instead he's knocked out and the movie resumes it's slow pace.

Boring, slow and way too long.

Slow and booring.

Don't waste your time!

At first, i had high hope on this movie, because i love Hereditary, and the thriller was good.. But turns out quite the opposite.. The movie was so slow, like watching those chimney channel if you know what i mean...

Dull as dishwater .

It is a total boring nonsense.

Moving at a snail's pace, the first hour of Midsummar is a massive challenge for the viewer, as the students travel to the village of the Hårga, meet the locals, and take part in ancient rites which involve lots of chanting and taking of hallucinogens.

Absolute waste of time.

While the director's films are good, would I say they're enjoyable?

Pretentious shi'ite.

It's a waste of time and will leave you sat puzzled and disturbed.

Boring scenery, people staring at each others, circle dances, meal, more circle dancing, chants, more meals...

The slow takes really makes you feel that you are a part of these characters as they see this cult unravel.

Long drawn out scenes that are telegraphed too often before they even occur.

A terrific after hereditary ,much more engrossing than hereditary.

It's interesting, it's beautiful, it's intense, it's really well-made and it is super gory!

At the beggining was so boring and the end it seemed i was in the beggining.

Waste of time.

These filmmaking resources include unusual long takes, sometimes without close-up shots, only long shots or american shots, which gives the film its own distinctive style, combined with the daytime photography which is absolutely breathtaking.

Its boring...

Still, what makes this film compelling is its characters and the journey they go on.

Super boring and not worth my time.

Where The Wicker Man (Director's Cut) runs at a reasonable 99 minutes, its engrossing story whisking the viewer along as Edward Woodward's character attempts to solve a mystery on a remote Scottish island, Aster's film (The Director's Cut) takes a whopping 171 minutes to tell its very familiar tale of unwary outsiders falling foul of an strange religion that practises bizarre rituals.

This movie is similar to Hereditary somehow, but Midsommar is too slow.

I realize there were a number of plot devices designed to make this seem natural, such as being drugged, distracted, separated etc. But it just made it all seem a bit contrived that they didn't make any serious attempts to escape.

The story is slow moving which may lose some audience.

The characters are rather dull and there is somewhat of an unconnected feeling throughout the film.

It was the worst movie ever.

A small amount of the film seemed to be drawn out a bit and I believe the same effect could have been achieved in a shorter amount of time.

This movie is so slow, it felt like watching a slow motion dressman commercial in slow motion.

This is a brilliant film and well worth the watch.

This was pointless I had to plug my ears through out, because the noise was so awful.

Pointless movie.

I can only explain this good rating by the fact, that many young people, who have never seen any of the good old movies made before 2010, are now into reviewing movies, because it is completely mind-boggling to read that anybody enjoyed this movie and found it exciting, interesting or entertaining in any other way.

From their arrival on the spot, they will witness unpredictable events, which will become increasingly violent and insidious, to the point of making them the main protagonists without their knowledge.

This film was enjoyable because the director played with tone, cinematogrophy, fantasy, and realism to increase the depth and the shock of the story.

but as a Swede kinda confusing, perhaps more so for me than anyone non-Swede.

But the turgid predictability of the screenplay kills any latent tension, so there is no shock at all, and the violence is just boring.

2 words: predictable and boring .

A bit more engaging than "Suspiria.

It was boring and long and I was wishing the film finish as soon as possible.

There is no story or excuse that justifies 2 hs 30 min movie length, needs a lot of editing.

Its so beautiful and immersive in every aspect except it has no story.

It was predictable and any doubt about how this movie was gonna end is shown in all the art work they portray through out the film.

Not a great film, predictable, irritating score and just a bit tedious to be honest.

This movie is a waste of time.

No horror, no twist, no surprise, just nothing, just boring.

Predictable ending, void of character.

This film was so damn wired I enjoyed it personally it's not horror that's for sure maybe like a physiologic horror bcs obviously is all about the mind.

It's really hard for me to give a 1 star to any movie, but this is just a really bad, really boring movie.

Honestly, if you give this pretentious load of BS a bad review, you obviously just dont "get it.

But unfortunately the most predictable ending of course occurred.

Clichéd and Entirely Too Predictable.

There's nothing 'new' in this film that hasn't been presented in one form or another before, but, it's a far cry from the repetitive jump scare, haunted inanimate object guff we've been offered time and time again recently.

A well written and engaging story .

Banal horror movie .

Don't waste your time for 2 hours

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worst movie ever .

For a start it is not a horror movie but a psychological thriller albeit a very, very, very slow one.

Had to mute the movie at the beginning when Dani was SCREAMING/WAILING in her bf's arms, if I had seen this in the movie theater I would have walked out right then.

The contrast between wholesome, beautiful moments in a visually stunning part of the world, mixed with small pockets of despair, raw emotion and graphic violence, is haunting.

I know there is a message on dependency in this but it gets lost in all the cliche slasher film tropes and wicker man ripoff themes.

Waste of time!!.

This movie very slow and boring.

Unnecessarily long, predictable and pointless.

It's one of the worst movies ever.

NONE of the village people are really developed, or given interesting motives for anything, and the main characters are as boring as your child's 4th grade play.

Yes it's somewhat predictable, just like any other thriller nowadays, but unlike some that takes overly pretentious route (*cough "us"), this feels much more perceivable.

However the main characters bored me.

We agreed this is one of the worst movies we have ever watched.

It was very slow in terms of pacing, and never seems to actually pick up.

This is a painfully slow movie - it takes about 65 minutes for something interesting to happen.

There was no plot twist what's or ever, and if there was suppose to be one, than at least I saw it coming from a mile.

Simply put the worst movie I have ever seen .

It just nonsense and too slow.

I can't believe how some people rate it so high, the writer obviously didnt spend too much time writing the script, a plot so obvious and thin dragged out for 2 1/2 hours, no frights or scary moments worth writing about.

Drawn out rubbish .

Complete waste of time .

While some viewers might favor jump scares and slashing action, this perfectly crafted folk-horror appeals to those looking for more than predictable plot devices.

No story, no thrill, just bunch of non descript european are doing their theological orgy and the same is imposed on you.

His films are somehow arty and yet entertaining at the same time.

Bland story telling, bland characters lack of telling us what was going on.

Acting seems to be well enough, but the writing is disjointed.

how I regret having lost those three hours of my life!

Long, boring, stupid and above all unintelligent.

We saw this at home and we were utterly bored.

every minute in the film is predictable.

Horrible slow movie for 80% and then disgusting and weird for 20%.

terrible plot, ridiculously boring and very drawn out.

I even dare to say that it seems pretentious at times.

Pugh looks gorgeous; (b) music; it's bold, evocative, and atmosphericNow the bad points: everything else.

Another negative is that it is very confusing that the outsiders do not immediately leave after the jumping-to-the-death-thing.

It's a pointless movie and I would like my 2 and a half hours back.

This made for a tedious second half of "don't go in the basement" style goofs.

This is the sort of pointless, meandering post-modernist story that really draws inspiration from, as many others like it do, from beat poetry, and the impressionist way of 'telling stories'.

This is the WORST movie I have EVER seen!!.

Stupid, predictable, makes no sense, not interesting at all.

You can tell a lot about how much thought went into the movie by its ending,The film is far too long , although the cinematography /colours are very appealing.

None of the characters are likeable, plot is bland.

Waste of time .

Worst movie ever

Now, the pacing for the film is quite slow and the horrors are subtle.

Worth the watch for the cinematography alone .

Tedious waste of time, don't bother, seriously don't bother.

I wish I walked out on this movie.

Long and boring and nothing really happening.

And yes, I know that I always talk about character development, but God these people are bland!

This movie is exactly like the people who wrote good reviews for it; pretentious and boring.

Don't waste your time period it goes nowhere ...

Sick Disturbing Disgusting Disappointing Tedious Pointless Not horror Not a thrillerWhy do some people think that when something is extremely eccentric it's got to be valuable and it's probably beyond their comprehension?

It's more like a boring kid movie than a scary movie.

Disturbing and unsettling, would class in the same league as The Witch, The Wind, Hereditary or maybe the lighter yet still intriguing Witches in The Woods.....

You're just too full of yourself to see what a waste of time drivel this movie is.

2 hours and 30 minutes of boredom.

What a waste of time!

However, the beginning is slow and a lot of it could have been eliminated, making the film a little shorter.

The characters were boring and this movie was nowhere near being a horror film.

This waste of time is just weird.

While the hereditary was phenomenal, I found this to be a bit dragged and was confused to say the least.

The worst movie of 2019 .

It's 148 minutes of boredom and agony.

This movie is a complete waste of time.

The movie's slow burn approach and subtle hallucinogenic effects gradually take over, like an approaching acid trip.

The other characters ranged from equally annoying to uninteresting.

Think I need my teeth extracted boring characters boring film if you don't think it's bad you must need a labotomy there is, zero horror sorry big zero from me

Watch at your own risk of dying - of boredom.

Pretentious and Pointless .

Performances are getting boring afterwards because for almost 2 and half an hours, almost all characters are in the same mood, no change in the mood.

An absolute bore.

Some of the weirdness is surprisingly good but at most parts it gets back to slow and uninteresting.

The movie is so slow and there is not a single horrifying moment in the film.

Best part was the old people jumping to their death/getting smashed and the rest was a total yawn fest.

Save yourself precious time you could be using to enjoy watching paint dry and walk away from this pile of garbage.

The movie burned excruciatingly slow with minimum excitement and predictable turns.

The movie felt honestly a bit pointless, the end is not there because the plot became too complex and weird where it seemed as if they were struggling to end it.

Boring at times, disturbing at others, based on absolutely nothing and not believable at all.

Compelling and thought provoking.

I waste 2 hours of my life watchig this bad trip.....

It was the worst movie I've ever seen.

The actors play ok but the story is boring and really really uninteresting because all of it is predictable and too random.

Possibly one of the most boring movie that I watched in my entire life.

Along side this problem we can say the movie is too long, the back story is some how irrelevant and characterization is incomplete.

A bit of ritualistic sex and the sight of a bloke with his lungs pulled out of his back are about the film's only other noteworthy moments before the whole boring mess finishes in inevitable fashion, stealing its fiery climax from...

I enjoyed it especially because the subject of the movie is a very upsetting one for me and I had experience with some light drugs so I could appreciate some drug-related stuff.

Got to be one of the worst movies ever.

I think this movie overrated ,,, i like hereditary,, but Midsommar just to slow and predictable.

What the trailer does not show you, however, are the long tedious forever stretching scenes which shows you the community's weird culture.

Don't Waste Your Time .

What a waste of time.

Slow burn surreal movie with some horror gore elements to it.

what a waste of time , piece of crap .

This story follows a great main character with a boring, full of uninteresting, one-dimensional minor characters.

Florence Pugh is really good in the film's first half, but by the end she's so zonked out and hysterical that her performance grows tiresome.

This film wasn´t a bad movie, but make more enjoyable the speaches, make the spectator to feel the sensation to nothing bad are to come.

So slow it's mostly pretty boring.

Predictable and uninspired.

The beginning scenes were depressing,shocking & unsettling in itself & that was just abit of "Dani's" backstory & her family but that was so intense & dark even before we get to The shockingly scary summer festival in Sweden!!.

Bored to death and making audience felt asleep!

You can see this one coming at you from a mile away, and it's moving so slow you've got all the time in the world to be aware of that.

All in all, nothing new under the sun, just one more pretensious "masterpiece" that looks impressive but in the end is just another weak cliché that takes itself waaaay too serious.

2.3 hours of wasted life.

It's unusual horror but the unusual is nothing special, too long and waste of time and most important is not horrific at all.

The only thing it kind of has going for it is the cinematography, which is nice at points but is overshadowed by the utter confusion emptiness of the plot.

One of the worst movies ever .

It was like watching paint dry - in slow motion.

So slow, nothing happend, so bored...

This is unlike the modern horror but rather more like the Wicker man, which had much emphasis on burning a man alive, although the story has similarities, this modern version's revamped and is well worth watching.

It was so long and drawn out.

Technically, this is one of 2019's most fascinating productions.

If you watch it and expect a horror movie it's going to be a very long and boring one.

This was a very enjoyable movie.

Overall it gets boring and never ending, and if you are expecting a big climax, it is just so predictable that when it's over you are actually happy it finally ended.

Overall,I didn't watch it until the end because the story is unbearable.

Beautifully boring .

Stunning .

On top of that it was way too long.

Movie was incredibly drawn out and just trash.

Boring typical movie with religious cult background.

It's devoid of cliché horror tropes which is really refreshing given the state of the horror genre today.

Shocking direction but slow moving.

There is no plot, no story, no character journey, no conflict, nothing.

This movie was much more casual for me, and a good entertaining psychological horror.

First half of this movie is unbearable, means just to confuse viewers they wasted full first half which didn't support story much.

Childish, boring and predictable.

the movie is bad, its a waste of time.

The visuals ranged from borderline pretentious to out-of-the-box amazing.

More like a boring documentary about bozos having sex in a flowerfield and rehashing old plot lines with absolutely NOTHING new.

Midsommer boring .


It was a decent horror, bit slow moving in parts and gory for some people maybe.

Not gonna go into much detail, but I really enjoyed it.

Was moving so slow fell asleep multiple times to be waken up from random screaming scenes or music going from 1 to 100.

And since the plot is kind of predictable, the ending feels a little too slow for me.

PRETENTIOUS AND BORING, with what basically amounts to lazy plagiarism.

Don't waste your time.

The scenery was boring and the setting/props looked like something out of a high school play.

Despite the film feeling a bit too long all cast members produce strong performances throughout, the cinematography is breathtaking and the script keeps you enthralled as the unique plot develops.


I get it but is that entertaining?

Instead I have waited for over 2 hours for something exciting to happen.

Only two want to leave after the suicide scene (by the way it is illegal just to burn bodies without some formal investigation in modern society).

Waste of time .

Boring , Long , Not Scary at all .

This is one of the best horror movies I have ever seen I have been on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end ,you are just being sucked into the movie I never go more to Zweden .

It aims at depicting disparaging glimpses of pagan Litha and comes off pretentious, the ritualistic, purification, blood sacrifice, rebirth, fertility, blah, blah.

Boring, bad acting and a plot?

It's a shame that this movie has such a great beginning and ends up being completely predictable and boring.

Enter cliche Wickerman/Rosemary's Baby storylines.

+ is probably the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

It's stunning.

Well what a waste of time that was.

With just one major shocking scene that seems completely out of place this film is a slow burn of frustration.

Boring and unsavory .

The plot is unlike anything i've seen before, it is original and unpredictable.

Drug infused weirdness with a weird story and weird dialogue and weird people with weird acting on top of even more pointless weirdness?

The story right after was told in a slow pace -- and still -- some sins to add on.

If this film had been a drama/horror about the sister's mindset leading up to her awful end, I think I could have enjoyed it.

Anyone hoping that this will herald a turning point in the film will be sorely disappointed: the dull drama continues, with an excess of singing, dancing and a glut of aerial overhead shots, with hints of weirdness to indicate where the film is heading (as if we didn't know already).

-Unique setting -Unique feel -Amazing camerawork -Intriguing plotOverall, this is a good movie that had the potential to be a great movie if it weren't for a few small errors.

Pretentious and Boring .

It went from a great and intriguing start, amazing acting etc, interesting dialogue, and then unfortunately it went bizarre and slow.

I would have rather watch paint dry than, watch this mess.

They remade Wicker Man, but made it super boring with a scene of gratuitous gross sex that lasts far too long.

I really liked all the characters, the tone and pace of the movie is really enjoyable, it has some really creative cinematography with many long takes, and a very messed up story about a happy and peaceful Swedish commune.

The movie feels more stagnate than suspenseful at times.

This movie was really uninteresting.

The drug sequences are especially tedious.

Visually yes it's stunning the story however was boring.

Good pictures but waste of time .

Babette, suddenly, caught on the wrong side of history, escaped to Jutland, living alongside provincials who believed that "earthly love and marriages were considered of scant worth and merely empty illusion".

This is one of the worst movies i have ever watch .

Am I the only one who thinks this is the worst movie I've ever seen?

Boring and Not Worth Your Time .

No logic, slow, boring, bad acting, no plot.

But it can be nice sometimes with slow paced movies like this, to set the tone and all, works better if you're in the right mood for it.

Watched it all as was expecting the film to come to life, but what a weird boring movie.

This is a story that is so desperately contrived that every dramatic turn is signposted so far in advance that it's a trudge waiting for the consequences to be delivered.

No plot and no story line.

This movie is slow,long &boring.

Aside from the bad acting and cringeworthy scenes, the story was confusing and made no sense, while at the same time progressing very slowly.

This is his style: really slow paced stories, I saw it in "Hereditary", I saw it also here.

No point, no deeper meaning, just an incrediblu dumb movie, don't waste your time

If you're after something truly compelling and enjoyable then look elsewhere.

The film can be a bit hard to follow, and or slow, but it proves to be a certainly thrilling ride with many questions to still ask, and many i'm sure people will seek and follow.

It's just annoying and pretentious.

Boring and predictable might be enjoyable if you are tripping.

Did not feel any suspense here, what's or ever (Did I say it was predictable?...

The movie dragged on and on.

Continual discordant music, irritating wailing and rather dull.

One of the dumbest and worst movies I've seen in a while.

Don't waste your time.

Otherwise I highly recommend it.

One of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in ages

I can kind of relate this experience to the one I had when watching "Suspiria" (2018), meaning that the films entire purpose is to just be gross, disturbing, and pointless.

If you do make sure you have some coffee because you may doze off with some of the meandering.

Meaningless movie: grotesque and unintentionally comic.

That's the entire film in a nutshell - not my cup of tea, I'd rather watch paint dry.

Waste of time and money!.

EVERETHING is predictable as hell.

It was mysterious, intriguing, weird and brilliant all at the same time.

I really enjoyed it, it really builds up the tension throughout the movie, and makes you feel more worried and scared as time passes.

Instead of wasting 3 hours of your life watching this toss watch The Wicker Man instead.

Also, if you got the Director's cut on iTunes, be prepared for more longer and slower scenes.


Even as the movie started, I felt it was so slow in parts.

Just like Schiller's Reel on SNL, this movie was stylish, kind of intriguing and nothing made sense.

No story to tell here, just a series of shots and misdirected actors.

However I felt that the overall story was slow and underwhelming.

the Visual effects are stunning and this will leave you wanting to hit up a pagan festival in Sweden.

"Quite pretentious and self indulgent" is a phrase that comes up in reviews.

Utterly unoriginal and predictable.

Overall, I give it 3 stars, as the scenery is breathtaking, the music is unsettling, and it was not the worst movie I've seen.

To that, I can only respond that it is indeed atmospheric (thanks to the score), but Ari Aster has no right to feed me a self indulged, overly drawn out pantomime passion project that you literally see coming on a washing line.

It is a long quite boring film.

The best bit of acting was in the first 10-15 minutes but after that it was a total snooze fest.

Worst movie ever, the rating is a trap, its just boring and weird, nothing happens, no meaning

Otherwise it was dragged out needlessly long.

Stupid, boring, predictable and an absolute waste of two and a half hours!

Way too long and boring for the whole 2 and a half hours.

Biggest piece of garbage of my life if you can choose between watching paint dry and this pick the paint .

While some have commented on how "slow" the pacing is or how little actually occurs, this is a plot driven film of psychological elements.

They MUST know by then something is really off and that this cult is extremely dangerous, but as every cliche horror movie they act as stupid people because the script need it to.

Slow .

Totally waste of time.

Pretentious, overlong and predictable .

And the location was stunning too.

I think this is truly the worst movie I've ever seen.

The worst movie I ever saw.

Surreal and compelling from start to finish and Florence Pugh is going to rule the world.

It's a true slow burn that rewards that rarest of quality these days: patience.

it's 2,5 hours waste of your time!

Waste of time .

Slow with an u fulfilling ending.

It can be disturbing in so many different ways but always keeps you focused and It's pretty enjoyable.

Stupid, pointless, idiotic movie.

Some people in the audience left the theater way before the end of the movie, we regret we did not do the same after we watched it until the end.

So boring .

Until certain point where it started to get kinda of repetitive and boring.

Other than that, it was strange, slow, and meandering.

Not entirely sure what to make of it, but worth watching once.

I guess it does not have to be, but since Hårga is a well-known little village in Sweden connected to the Devil (check out Hårgalåten on youtube) it get a bit confusing.

A giant 600 hour long Bore.

Long movie , Boring enviroment , No ending .

You have to be okay with a 2 1/2 hour meditation on grief and loss and confusion that's sometimes quite slow or even seemingly happy.

Way too long .

Waste of time, like serioussly don't watch....................

Complete waste of time.

However, Florence Pugh left the strongest impression due to how expressive she was during the film's most intense scenes.

It's long, boring and pointless, after one hour I just started to fastforward (don't think I missed any important stuff).

Also it's an extremely boring horror movie.

waste of time .

In conclusion the movie has a great setting, a great cast and a stylish direction but lacks in plot and doesn't present many surprises.

Don't waste your time watching this movie !

In the first place, it's so damn SLOW!

Intense, artistic and different .

The movie was boring and no excitement at all.

Long, slow, and boring propaganda .

More laughable than scary, intelligent or creatively intriguing.

Beautiful image but boring story .

I admit the introduction was intriguing but the very slow pace of the movie just bored me.

Please don't waste your time unless you're wasted already .

Over long, no surprises, dull lifeless direction.

It's a lumbering disjointed thing, limping along for two and a half hours.

But for my money Midsommar is just ok, just try and skip all the long drawn out moments of silence throughout it, you'll probably save 30 minutes of your life that way.

Such a waste of time.

From the strange inhuman way everyone talks, the subtle transitions, and the constant daylight everything contributes to an intense feeling of unease.

" This movie was gross (and I don't mean the fun kind of gross that you see in ridiculous, gory horror movies), predictable, kind of boring, and left me feeling super uncomfortable.

In conclusion Midsommar is a pretentious and unoriginal movie that borrrows too much from the original Wicker Man and if it was any slower it would be going backwards in time.

If you don't have any plans of seeing it or you won't have a chance of watching the The Director's Cut - the Theatrical Cut still feels complete and doesn't feel like something is missing in it, so it's still a better option, but if you enjoyed the experience like me, then it's worth the watch.

Boring, vapid and overlong.

I asked myself why dude, why all many times :) Total waste of time, don't watch it, u will thank me later.

Just plain old awful and boring.

What an utter waste of time.

This is a fairly entertaining well semi-horror/dark humor film with a mountain of mostly tolerable plot holes and a jumbled ending and message.

Is this the kind of movie people will consider a 7.5/10?I worry for the future because this movie was a criminally dull script with shallow characters and almost no horror or thrill or depth.

A slow building story, unsettling suspense and disturbing thoughts about what you are seeing.

I feel the ghost of Nicholson's "The Passenger," and "A passage to India" now-a boredom resembling a sand dune.

Bizarre (Pointless) Cult Movie .

Slow burn movie aimed to shock audiences.

Very slow and long.

But the self-indulgence of the film went too far in stringing out the mundane activities of the village and an arty approach to the horror genre.

It's actually very boring, very quickly.

The movie has no story, no development and no meaning.

An hour and a half in and I was watching the clock, bored out of my mind by more unnecessary and gratuitous gore, hoping the whole thing would end soon.

Cinema audiences' admiring response to 'Midsommar' is the most mysterious aspect of this ho-hum 'horror' film which shamelessly copycats "The Wicker Man".

What a waste of my life.