Midway (2019) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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The story of the Battle of Midway, told by the leaders and the sailors who fought it.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Roland Emmerich
Stars: Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson
Length: 138 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 123 out of 916 found boring (13.42%)

One-line Reviews (421)

Good thing I didn't buy a ticket for this crap, because I'd have left the theater in the 15 minutes mark.

I literally started falling asleep in the climactic Midway sequence.

This is a thoroughly entertaining war film with fantastic effects.

Ed Skrein remarkably portrays Dick Best, the only character who's genuinely compelling and carries a complete, well-developed arc.

But after a while, the intense action makes you forget.

Save your money .

But it was an entertaining movie and a deeper look into WWII and how America got involved that is full of action packed scenes.

Dont waste your time and money in the cineam for this outing, wait for it to come on TV or streaming.

The critic consensus is quite gloomy, painting the film as poorly executed and at times, slow.

The dogfight squences are very fun to watch and are very entertaining.

After the umpteenth planning and attack scene, the film also feels a little repeatedly what makes the film more predictable and thus a bit more elaborate.

On a positive note, many of the action scenes were well choreographed and exciting to watch.

Well worth watching!

So it feels disjointed.


this film's goal was to show the heroism displayed by American sailors onboard the highest decorated carrier in American history during the navy's most trying time and our most intense battle space to date.

Several factors of this production work against it to be a fully engaging piece of *cinema.

For one thing, the film feels disjointed, as our time hops and evolution of war occur a little too frequently to necessarily keep track of everything.

The acting is boring and clichè....

Don't waste your time.

I gave 9, because it's very entertaining, enjoyable to watch and thrilling.

Boring ......

With all the individual incidents that happened during the battle, the writers could only come up with some trite crass garbage - lazy storytelling.

Take every cliché you can think of, and then replay it in your mind for 2 hours.

The battle scenes are more gripping than any I've ever seen in the big screen.

How can you make a boring war movie?

This movie comes from the one responsible with "american supremacy" propaganda, Emmerich.

Throughout the runtime, there are dialogue sequences with the sole purpose of explicitly telling the audience what we need to know to understand the story, which ends up turning the narrative confusing, convoluted, and lacking faster pacing.

Extremely entertaining.

Terrible acting boring totally unlikable characters.

A total waste of time.

Don't waste your money on a ticket.

Therefore, these characters need engaging scripts and emotionally resonant arcs.

As stated above, this a very fast paced film which starts with the reason why the US carriers were not at Pearl on 7 Dec 41, then moves quickly through some other actions to include the Marshalls, Dolittle Raid, Coral Sea and then on to Midway.

There's no plot, no emotional exchange between the leading rule, just telling the whole history.

Terrible dialogue, awful OTT acting and just way too long to maintain your interest.

But the film's creators somehow manage to get right at least 80% of things involved in a very complicated sequence of battle events in a bit over two hours of action packed mind-blowing movie-magic.

If you like history, worth watching .

As a piece of big screen spectacle, the sky-bound action and thrilling sea battles that form a large portion of Midway's runtime make sure that you feel as though you're getting your monies worth with the simplistic storytelling and more old-fashioned approach to the story by Emmerich likely to please those that found the likes of Dunkirk and 1917 to technically focused to be fist-pumping inspiring.

So, I enjoyed it today and I am sure I will have forgotten it tomorrow...

I can't tell you if the story is accurate or not, for that I don't have enough knowledge on this subject matter, but the truth is that this movie is well made and entertaining.

The music by Harald Kloser and Thomas Wanker is excellent and there are genuinely thrilling moments in the third act.

Shame because the real story is so compelling.

Incredibly unrealistic militarily with every war movie cliché and overdone gung ho-ness on display.

As a WWII History buff, I found this movie entertaining and accurate.


Unfortunately, except for Ed Skrein's character, I didn't feel invested enough to appreciate the non-action moments due to the confusing, convoluted, and exposition-heavy narrative.

Midway takes a well-known and revered battle in WWII and milks as much cliché and melodrama as possible.

Bad but enjoyable .

Enjoyable Film .

Evantually, the action sequences with aerial scenes do get repetitive.


All that said, this film is very much so worth watching.

Unwatchable .

Many of these films are often about the action, and while not as prominent as they once were back in the day, they still offer some intense views of history.

With a strong cast which features Luke Evans, Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, Aaron Eckhart, Nick Jonas and a fine supporting cast, Director Roland Emmerich has given audiences a gripping war movie that despite the impressive visual effects; never loses site of the fact that this is a story of real people who found themselves in pivotal moments of history.

The score was pretty boring.

The actual war is riveting with astonishing aerial sequences and powerful sound design.

This film was boring, battles were blah and could have done without the stupid family backstories.

Nimitz needed to be a Kevin Costner, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ben Afflek etc. The only parts that were worth watching were the fake ships and battles.

While this premise does make for some exciting battle sequences, it's undercut by side plots that feel slightly unnecessary to the overall arc of this movie.

Probably should have been longer by another hour, but then you lose the youngsters that this movie seems intent on educating/entertaining.

The effects also did had a big part in this flick and they were stunning.

Way overdone bullet sprays, way overdone dramatic dive bombs and boring drama made it a difficult watch.

Midway it doesn't let the viewer to relax every gap and scene filled with war actions that's what we want, at the early beginning that i wasn't expecting to start out fast it did and keeps you leashed till the end of the road, it was good didn't need any extra introduction and knowing the characters just dropping on the scenes, (2hr & 18mins) of amazing colorful scenery visuals, keeps the viewer to be engaged in every moment won't let the viewer to sleep over it, top notch acting you will have 10 main amazing characters i can't count but (Ed Skrein) proofs his worth as the lead role and glad seeing (Patrick Wilson) really indescribable acting from all, everyone might not apperciate the (CGI) but it just suits it, generating a classic atmosphere with the beautiful setup, giving a history out there of WW2, entertaining for war movie fans that is really suspenseful, highly recommended, 8/10⭐

They're backed up by an engaging Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quaid and the criminally underused Mark Rolston, who are all excellent playing the senior officers, while the younger cast including Keean Johnson, Nick Jonas, Luke Kleintank and Daren Criss, all do well to make the most of their parts.

If you haven't read the book, Incredible Victory, I highly recommend it.

This film is mostly an action movie with mo depths what so ever, it tries to tell 4 years of war in the most un-compelling way ever.

Action scenes are pretty intense, and give you quite the experience of making you feel like the pilots in the plane.

Does get a little long and drawn out at times.

Along the way, it also proves one adage to still be true: that truth can be just as compelling, and stranger, than fiction.

The movie was enjoyable and a testament to those men who gave their lives to turn the tide during WW2.

The acting is not good and the effects are not good due to low budget but it is like enjoyable bad

The acting lacks passion and comes across very bland, which is insulting, as these were all real American heroes whom all deserve better.

The original version was nicely structured but this version was very confusing.

Otherwise it's unwatchable.

Well worth the watch!!

Ho-hum is as good a description as any for this totally superfluous remake.

Don't waste your time.

I feel like this film does make Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor feeling like a masterpiece when it comes to a story with a forced love story, better action and aerial combat that puts you on the edge of your seat, and the emotional impact you have with the victims and soldiers that was under attack.

Superb exciting cinematography without looking fake or too CGI.

The actors were engaging, the stories leading up to the battle were interesting and that battle itself was exciting to watch.

Action Packed .

The film keeps moving from hefty action, to war room dialogue, back to mind blowing action.

A bit disjointed and didn't explain the story very well .

Dick is a cowboy, and cocky personality who flies and living on the edge when he is dive bombing.

Worst movie of the year

Do not waste your time watching it, even making fun of how trash it is gets tedious.

Enjoyable .

Its worth the watch.

People are bored, and $chlock sells.

His pseudo tough guy facade and terrible fake New York accent are obnoxious and unbearable.

Don't waste your money .

Hollywood relies on old, predictable methods that just don't work anymore.

You literally could've made 3-4 movies out of the plot (which feels disjointed and way too condensed).

The film never hooks you, I was completely disengaged and bored.

The action is, on occasions quite exciting, whilst it's also, for the most part, historically accurate and vividly detailed.

I really was hoping for a rousing retelling of this important turning point of a battle.

but still, I gave it an 8 which means I really enjoyed it and I hope the film makers made a profit with this because in many ways it is a brave movie to make in an environment that is upside down nowadays in the West ...

Of course, those who are watching, not for a history lesson or for heart-rending pathos, but for thrilling scenes of destruction and derring-do, are more than catered for with countless huge explosions, plenty of machine-gun fire and loads of impressive aerial combat.

Repetitive and drawn out .

As an example the wife of Dick Best played by Ed Skrein when told her man is possibly shot down in battle says emotionally that she has to powder her nose some more" and the same Ed Skrein ( I'm sure he was channeling the late John WAYNE) when rallying his men says something along the lines of "the wagons are circling and we'll shoot em down one by one " There's something so predictable about scripts in most not all American War movies.

Lots of talk, too much boring talk and NO charismatic leading roles.

The same boring Hollywood actors on propaganda payroll will bore you to tears.

The battle scenes and CG are very good and make the film worth watching.

But on the other hand, it is just too confusing and not straight enough (without knowlegde) and is way to fast in changing scenes and battles, to be a really good blockbuster.

What makes this film well worth watching is the accuracy of this all important story coming out WWII.

But conversely there's the cliche dialogue, the middle of the road acting and the long running time dragging it down.

Rote, Cliche, Melodramatic .

It's exciting, horrific and revelatory.

It was intense in the beginning, but in the latter part of the movie, I found it boring and ugly.

,Just like video game, ,Cheesy dialogue ,bland characters.

This style of creativity was previously shown in Emmerich's 2000 film "The Patriot", which was not a perfect film by any means, but came off as entertaining enough to prove that he could handle a film based on war with the right amount of precision and care to not be considered entirely terrible.

For the rest, an exciting film with good actors.

The story was historically accurate but the plot was pretty boring.

If you're looking for an exciting movie this one does the job.

After watching for 5 minutes, I found this movie to be very boring.

Tense, gripping drama based on actual events.

It felt like a made for tv movie that was drawn out.

But if the characters and drama are boring done in with lame actors and lame dialogue all the good special effects in the world can't make up for the barely mediocrity of it all.

I don't know how the battle of Midway actually was, but this is the best account I've personally heard of it, and definitely the most entertaining.

Very enjoyable .

It's still entertaining without being overplayed unlike Pearl Harbor when everything was made to keep the melodrama going over the need of remaining accurate about the historical facts.

The cinematography of the air battles is pretty intense, putting the viewer right in the cockpit insanity of the situation.

Had us on the edge of our seats through half of it!

After a year of hyped Hollywood blockbusters which were so often boring longwinded letdowns, this film is refreshingly exciting.

The raw emotions felt by soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen when heading into an operational area is often intense and over the top.

More Propaganda from China .

Stop putting bad information into people's brains by changing historical facts with lame movies while fueling your war propaganda machine.

I walked out of the theater not quite knowing what I'd just watched.

The CGI is terrible, there's no story just random action sequences which are over the top, it's just bad.

dull for the rest of us .

The end result is still a rousing drama despite knowing the forgone conclusions.

Well worth watching this one.

I kept nodding off in boredom.

Propaganda through and through.

and your own thrilling experience in the theater.

I feel it was well researched, accurate and the action kept me on the edge of my seat.

The script turns true heroes into dull characters who utter every cliched line you will find in a film of this genre.

Then, having the repetitive aerial battle throughout the two hour time frame.

I was on the edge of my seat all the way through it.

Wooden acting, terrible CGI, so bad it's entertaining .

I mean, he only does relatively big budget huge in scale nonsense films with little to no story split between 20-25 characters (and re-using them, I felt sad this film had no smug and sleazy supposedly Jewish lawyer stereotype).

Boring, ridiculous plot of soldiers in water .

While I loved "Pearl Harbor" and proudly stand by it, "Midway" chooses to stick to the facts and is thrilling from beginning to end.

This is an action packed movie from the start and remember, its a war movie!

A few fimilar faces now off the A list in Hollywood and a few new faces that will end up in American police dramasDownload the original and don't waste your time.

seems like the actors are dull.

The editing was confusing to me jumping between multiple locations without it being clear who is who and how it all fit together.

Quite entertaining....

Its well worth watching.

Engaging from the very beginning.

Flawed but enjoyable .

Only the best movies of every year can have a numerous and talented cast while giving each and every actor an exciting role.

I'll be generous and just say that ant director who can make a film about one of the most dramatic and decisive battles in history and make it boring has to be in a directorial slump or malaise.

Sadly the cliche script, and hammy acting do this movie no favours.

That aside, an enjoyable, entertaining film.

Formulaic and Dumb .

This movie is nearly unwatchable.

Please don't waste your precious time watching this film.

) on the edge of their seats the whole time!

Gimme some good vehicle mounted cameras (as Nolan and Miller still do) and that's ten times more breathtaking.

Kept me on the edge of my seat from the first moment.

Midway Is A Very Boring Movie .

The fight scenes with dive bombers were so intense and realistic compared to all the other "same old same old robot alien comic book battles.

There were some intense sequences in this film too.

Worth watching.

This makes the film a kind of predictable naval battle game for viewers and especially for viewers who are familiar with the history of this battle.

This movie is one big cliché .

Maybe the film needed a little cheese and relationship drama like that of Pearl Harbor because that film was infinitely more entertaining.

The battle scenes they did provide were confusing and video-game like (absolutely NOT realistic) in an attempt to dazzle the audience as opposed to the more difficult task of story-telling.

war propaganda.

His pseudo tough guy facade and terrible fake New York accent are obnoxious and unbearable.

The special effects and battle scenes are entertaining and visually stunning on the newer screens with incredible sound systems.

And the action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat.

Still, over here it flopped it was only one week in theaters but I enjoyed it, over 2 hours were over before I knew it.

Screenplay is all over the place - so difficult to follow events.

The film is very long and the story is so dull.

Very entertaining.

" As well as a comic book feel, it came across as a propaganda war film.

To make propaganda?

Don't waste your time.

For all that, I enjoyed it and would recommend it as a good war movie.

Exciting Moments in an Otherwise Mixed Bag .


For the more casual viewer it is an entertaining movie with some flaws regarding pacing and a few too many characters to keep up with.

It's historically accurate, and above all, it's action packed and exciting.

Now, I don't want to make people believe that this film is a pile of trash because it's not, but the most enjoyable aspect of this movie for me was also a mixed bag.

Rating 4.0/10 I had high hopes for "midway" war between America and Japan, unfortunetly this movie goes to war of the bored.

Don't waste your money .

If you've ever been involved with such things, you'll know that there are months of boredom and normalcy, interrupted with a hour of terror here and there.

This movie was very well done, the acting was very decent, the script was respectful of the content it was covering and quite suspenseful and the effects were very decent.

Roland Emmerich has put together a gripping storyline that manages to get in all the important elements of an epic story in 128 minutes.

The scenes with Skrein's character in a dogfight or manoeuvring to dive bomb enemy ships were pretty intense and they really play up the chaotic nature of the battle.

it was a entertaining, and its a great example of the exceptionalism we value from our military.

I would definitely say it's worth watching.

It is silly at times but I liked it more for it, It's not Dunkirk but it shouldn't be compared to it anyway, I found Midway to be more entertaining than Dunkirk in a lot of ways.

It is confusing and hilarious at the same time.

No surprises here, there were a lot of well known actors, so at least characters are credible and entertaining.

It was a decent and entertaining movie.

Instead on focusing on these compelling things, "Midway" gave us shots of weepy wives and what Admiral Nimitiz was up to.

There are also scenes that have no place in the movie or add zero value,if anything they create more confusion as to what this movie is really about.

This movie is well worth watching.

an entertaining film.

Cliche after cliche .

This was one of the most accurate and entertaining war movies I've seen.

Kept me on me on the edge of my seat the entire movie.

Disjointed, poor continuity due to filming it in bits and pieces.

I found this movie hard to follow.

Worth watching for free.

It's pretty simple, if attention to detail, engaging dialogue and dynamic acting are your thing then don't watch this movie.

Imagine every war movie cliche possible.

It's so indescribably awful that it renders the entire movie unwatchable.

Most great war movies take you on a compelling journey.

Pretty gripping retell of an incredible battle that more citizens of the US need to know.


worst movie i've had to endure in years!

All in all, Midway is a respectful homage to the people who fought in the Battle of Midway, but it fails to deliver an engaging story with compelling characters.

How you can make such an interesting story so boring is beyond me.

This is the worst movie that I can currently remember watching.

This was boring as hell.

Don't waste cinema time o this

Cueing sad music before investing in the characters was a fatal plot flaw seen in so many propaganda films.

We probably enjoyed it more than we might have, having just watched the episode in the Netflix WWII docuseries about the battle.

But this movie is engaging and engrossing.

Thought they did a great job kept it entertaining and not too Hollywood.

Boring .

This movie played out like a sad propaganda film.

Midway is definitely enjoyable if you love WWII movies.

Cardboard cut out Japanese characters and superficial un-engaging American heroes were boring, the action sequences overblown and exaggerated up-to and including planes flying through wave tips and the wreckage of other planes only to emerge unscathed, combined to stretch credibility to beyond breaking point.

Fantastically entertaining and accurate film.

It has all the ingredients of his better work, as well as some of the flaws, and tells a fascinating real-life story to boot.

His pseudo tough guy facade and terrible fake New York accent are obnoxious and unbearable.

Too boring for a war movie.

Unbelievable action packed movie with spectacular amazing battles.

That I wouldn't know as I walked out after nearly 2 hours in the cinema.

I see many in negative reviews mentioning overuse of CGI, I really didn't find it to be much of an issue at all, and even if it was, it would still be the least of its issuesOf course comparisons to "Pearl Harbor" are inevitable, IMO that is just a much more enjoyable version of this movie overall, while not perfect it doesn't have the same HUGE glaring issues this one does.

Historically Accurate, Visually Stunning .

Bored .

In closing, if you're a fan of war movies, exciting aerial action, or explosions, watch it repeatedly...

It has its heart in the right place, and it's entertaining enough, despite being overlong.


Even the action scenes seemed slow and ponderous and seemed to drag.

The result is again a disjointed movie that struggles to bring A games to any perspective, and relies on B and C graded stories.

But i can say that i enjoyed it as a cinematic documentary movie .

Very exciting with an excellent cast.

But I was highly distracted by the clunky dialogue, the slow manner in which the actors spoke their lines, the one-person-speaks-at-a-time approach and the crappy editing of the non action sequences.

I've only ever walked out of a film once or twice before.

The CGI is absolutely mind blowing, as would be expected from an Emmerich film of this nature.

Following our naval hero "Dick Best" through some significant WWII moments seemed more like pro-war propaganda than true war.

For a war movie it's just well done, with the aerial combats as the most exciting scenes and you get enough of those in Midway, totally worth watching in my humble opinion.

Clocking in at two hours and 18 minutes, "Midway" teems with fascinating details.

There is a youtube video by a user called 'montemayor' that explains the battle for Midway from a strategic point of view, and that video is unironically more compelling and entertaining then this film.

Easily one of the worst movies I have seen in a long while.

The movie does slow down a bit, and may get a little boring.

I haven't seen this in a theater but my home setup is sufficient to enjoy a good picture with surround sound, and I mostly laughed at the dialogue or felt bored during CGI battles.

Well worth watching!!

While it was historically fairly accurate - could not believe they actually showed one of the causes of the War was cutting promised fuel to Japan, and while there were some very good scenes, the movie was uninspiring.

This film is your standard, cookie-cutter war flick with way too many repetitive action sequences that all look the same after awhile.

But overall, this film is riveting at times and down right entertaining.

Just sad to see an overuse of obvious CGI, dull acting, and cringy dialogue at some points.

Purely an absolute waste of time.

Instead it was very predictable, the acting was amateur and did they even have a technical producer on staff?

This is one of the of the worst movies I have ever turned off.

Stunning movie to watch especially in 4K.

But from Pearl Harbor to Midway is definitely far too long a saga to finish within 2 1/2 hours.

It looked like an arcade video game and the acting was weak at best, save your money and pass.

But that couldn't rescue the wooden dialogue, cliche pep talks and utter lack of character development.

I found it very enjoyable and the actors/actresses did a fine job.

Full of bland cinematography, boring action, pointless and unlikable recreations of historical figures and more historical inaccuracies than I can even begin counting.

This is probably the first time in over 50 years Hollywood made a solid war movie without inserting a sappy, contrived romantic sub-plot, pushing some radical political agenda, or re-writing history.

Some parts were different and it was hard to follow.

One of the worst movies I've seen in a long long time.

From an entertainment point of view, it does become slightly repetitive, and corny in parts, and the script wasn't that great.

It has a few flaws but very minor ones, it is a look at the actions of some very brave men indeed, they have resisted filling this with shmaltz, which is sometimes a drawback with this type of Film and it is all the better for that, very good and very sad Film well worth watching.

By the way, was this a pro-China propaganda movie?

Adrenaline is all the way high.

Truly epic visuals with tense and riveting aerial sequences, plus a powerful sound design, get your teeth biting the nails.

It was a total waste of time.

Not to mention, the heroes who are supposed to inspire instead gave speeches which were full of weakness and about as exciting as a T-ball game.

Disappointing and worst movie about heroism and war I don't suggest anyone to waste your time and watch it...

Kinda gets tiresome.

Your truly would have loved a little more action to come together, as the trailers promised, but at least the intelligence parts work together to make for an engaging plot.

Definitely not the best war movie I've ever seen, but enjoyable enough so as not to be completely wretched (damning with faint praise, I know).

In the beginning the characters seemed a little bit odd especially Dick Best, but by the end of the movie I was on the edge of my seat screaming for Dick to come through.

Still have a super boring post credit scene!

Nice editing on these parts, and quite an adrenaline rush at the times it works.

Horrible acting Horrible script Horrible CGIQuite possibly one of the 10 worst movies ever released.

Roland Emmerich is not a name that inspires much faith for historical accuracy, but hey the Patriot was at least entertaining.

The pacing is deeply uneven, the accents are often bordering on atrocious (stop forcing actors that can't do a convincing accent foreign to them to do one for god's sake), the acting is all nover the place (dennis quaid being a strange example of a really good actor horribly directed as a walking gruff cliche) with the best performances being woody harrellson (in a role that didn't push him in any way) and the japanese admiral/generals (although they are largely presented as pastiche save for a couple of moments).

Anyways, it was still entertaining because nowadays visual effects are so real and the big screen just enhances everything.

It was entertaining.

I found myself immersed in this historical drama.

And apparently they won by using CGI planes flying about like gravity-defying space ships, and by using atrocious dialogue to bore the enemy to death.

The quality of cast and production is clear but the editing made the story disjointed and the style appeared to be from the 1940s USA propaganda machine.

So American actors do anti japan propaganda now.

still it is worth watching it to remember the war and herors...

Another thing I will give the film credit for was that it was for the most part entertaining.

Great Visuals & Gripping Story, Watch In iMAX .

Boring .

Oh well, it's entertaining and doesn't require too much brain power.

And yes, quite enjoyable.

Acting is just excellent, and cinematography breathtaking.

I'm writing this as I'm watching that's how gripping it is.

Robbie K here with yet another review as we look into:Movie: Midway (2019) LIKES:The Modern Technology Prowess Multiple Aspect providing different viewpoints The Intensity Of Some War Scenes The Decent Acting The Intelligence AspectDISLIKES:Disjointed Plot Too many Perspectives The Semi Forced Love Story The Choppiness of the scenes Semi-sloppy use of big names The Action ScenesSUMMARY:Modern technology allows us to make things more realistic and engaging, and should in theory lead to better fights.

Although he filled this film with a fictional and long-winded story, he managed to put in credible and entertaining action scenes with explosions.

I was on the edge of my seat.

Awful graphics, uninspiring and dull dialogue, over the top action sequences, skimmed over 3 major Pacific battles when it should've focused on just Midway (hey that's why the movie's called Midway right?

Basically a good movie but a bit drawn out in places with too much detail about their homelife and not enough detail about the planning, scouting raids etc. The expanse of the south pacific and the number of young men who were away from home for the first time doesn't come across either.

Not really good casting, unbelievable characters, cliché dialogue, typical superficial patriotic Hollywood story.

The movie is too long.

Majority of the film full of boring conversation!

I would watch it again on a slow sunday afternoon and I don't regret seeing it at all.

Horrible war propaganda from the victorious evil .

It is well worth watching and learning about this pivotal Battle of World War II, often considered one of six most important naval battles in history.

I fell asleep several times .

Historical and riveting .

Tha acting and dialogue were so contrived and poorly done, there was no way I could sit through 2 more hours of it.

You'll be yawning though out the film duration.

Overall, Midway may be entertaining and very historically accurate but it falls victim to an awful script, bland characters, and too many typical war film cliches.

Good movie, can get a bit drawn out at times.

An entertaining film though try to throw too much into mix.

I'm talking about the super fake cameras moving around the crashing planes: that was good 20 years ago, now it's just boring and fake.

Other than that, its a waste of time read the book would be more helpful.

The plot is fast paced and at times riveting.

This is a very fast paced film with little character development.

Hard to follow .

The movie drags, is boring and so misses the salient points of the battle as to miss the point.

it is just a little boring.

The dialogue is forced and predictable.

The style is visually pretty stunning, the battle scenes look absolutley brilliant and they will keep your eyes on the screen.

The new Midway movie comes across as a predictable game of battle ship.

It was unbelievably full of cliche; I think the worst might have been when Dick Best flew his dive bomber the length of the Japanese carrier just above the deck to drop his bomb right through the very centre of the red sun painted on the deck, while snarling "This one's for Pearl Harbor!

Given the Historic event and the heroism associated with it, just how Emmerich managed to produce something so uninspiring and lifeless is beyond me.

It is just a stale and very bland film that never picks up and feels ultimately underwhelming and forgettable.

Pretty entertaining and decent war movie.

Boring .


" One of the consequences of this cliche was that it made it hard to care about any of the characters.

Midway is an historically accurate, intense, and exciting portrayal of one of the most important battles of WWII.

Too many boring conversation, the action also not intense at all!

It's a shame that a visually impressive film possesses such an emotionally dull story.

Anyway, this film is everything I expected: Typical, Boring, Lame, Formulaic Tripe .

Awesome WWII dogfight film with some great acting and thrilling areial sequences .

I enjoyed it.

Then throw in too much pointless shore leave and the mix comes out like GOT S7.

A plain dull movie with so many amazing actor speaking their line with zero emotion.

Worth watching!

Waste of time, i would not recommend this to no one.

The screen was alive with star studded names and Captain America like bravery full of cliche dialogue and cowering cowards needing encouragement from the brave heroes we all have come to know through the annals of history.

CGI was not that bad, especially for fast paced scenes.

I liked this snappy line from a conversation between the navy captain played by Charlton Heston and the intelligence analyst played by Hal Holbrook.

All the dialogue is either cliche heroism motivation speeches or 100% unrefined exposition, when a character says literally the key note you have to be getting out of that scene, since it's so bad its incomprehensible without an explanation.

It made the move confusing, scattered and rushed.

Overall, this movie was exciting, poignant, and competently done.

What an idiotic waste of time and money, why anyone would sit in the editing bay with this steaming pile of garbage and say, "Yes, this is a releasable film," amazes me.

Overall I found this movie to be very enjoyable and was the first film I saw in the new Australian chain of 4dx cinemas with motion seats.

The combat aerial scenes are breathtaking, especially when we are looking over a tail assembly of an American SBD Dauntless dive bomber before it plunges from several thousand feet to bomb a Japanese carrier.

Poor writing, formulaic plotting, bad casting resulting in bad performances.

It is a barely tolerable parade of bland, interchangeable white men.

Ever since, I've had an intense fascination with this particular battle, the events leading to it and the impact from it.

But at its runtime, film could have easily lost 30 minutes and been a lot more enjoyable.

It strikes me as a cross between historically inaccurate and an American propaganda film.

The movie is boring.

Dull and Uninventive .


Totally worth watching!!

I was surprised with just how original and entertaining it actually was.

Choreography: Great Directing: Good Screenplay: Lame, predictable overacting with stereotype roles.

Don't waste your time .

The actor seemingly with brain damage playing the hotdog pilot makes movie unwatchable .

It's an action packed summary of some pivotal moments of WWII.

I was often bored because it was rarely exciting.

CG were good but difficult to follow because of the fast speed of many planes in the air.

Entertaining from start to finish, I truly think the scenes they used in trailers don't do the realism of Midway any favors and make it look too much like Pearl Harbor the only scenes I thought were too much were the dive bombing flack shots .

When the actors are on the screen this is an interesting and engaging movie.

Genuine, real, and fascinating if you like anything about history.

The new version is entertaining.

Excellent and Accurate Account; Very Enjoyable Movie .

And after all, great performance from all actors add a great gusto of adrenaline intake.

Worth watching once.

Even though the characters are based on real people, they still feel very bland and boring.

I had high hopes when started watching but as the film DRAAAGGGEEED on and on, i found myself bored almost to tears.

Really good enjoyable film .

The entire film was very disjointed and jumped around constantly and featured many scenes that served almost no purpose whatsoever.

Watched it with my husband (ex-Royal Navy) and we both really enjoyed it.

It was enjoyable and I certainly liked it.

Acting was average script was disjointed and sometimes pointless.

Despite the history was treated with respect, was just poorly written, Roland's direction uncertain on different points of the plot and sloppy shots outclassed by a not always excellent CGI, even though the cast was gripping and believing it, especially Ed Skrein.

Waste Of Time .

The plot is solid and thrilling.

The CGI special effects were well done and the photography and sound was breathtaking.

I haven't been to a movie since Bohemian Rhapsody because it has been a very dry year for movies with substance.

Would've made the battle more intense and interacting.

Maybe the tactical decisions aren't really clear, or in my case don't make any sense at some point, but still it's entertaining and that's what I wanted so no complaint from me.

Overall a good effort but the story is seen through a slightly duller lens and leaves me wondering why the original needed to be remade.

Every time Ed Skrein was on screen it was like watching paint dry, only more painful.

Visually this movie is stunning, great effects, excellent CGI.

This quite riveting movie attempts to incorporate all the selective personal, intimate tidbits along with the highlights of both the American and Japanese experiences during the six months from the devastation of Pearl Harbor.

They managed to make one of the most exciting moments in history a boring piece of garbage.

I'm not watching it because I think it's going to win an Oscar, I'm watching it because more WWII stories should be told in an exciting format like this so we can bear witness to what these veterans did for our world.

Here is a stunning recreation of an epic naval battle with stunning photography.

It's a nice blend of quiet scenes where we get to know the characters and intense war scenes.

Mildly worth watching if you don't get too hung up on what's not in the movie and just enjoy what is.

Entertaining for 9 year olds...

Visually stunning.

Very fast paced, moving, and exciting.

Feels like a propaganda film more than a block buster.

The overall story-telling and lineage of the movie are very disjointed and fractured.

MIDWAY is a thrilling cinematic experience!

There are many historical films that are so fascinating that after watching them you immediately want to go to Wikipedia and learn more about the historical events that are depicted in this film.

Kudos to all the actors, directors and producers for making an entertaining and quality movie!

This was an entertaining movie, which is its primary job.

It's undeniable that these are entertaining, gripping, and exciting.

It is noted that the American military present in mostly drab khaki style not pressed garb.

I'm sorry for being so critical of you all these years saying how cheesy and cliche you are and that you are a bad film........

Hard to follow even with BIG PRINT on the screen, as more often then not, those scenes were on the vast Pacific, not much to help the audience; planes, ships, submarines were suddenly one place before appearing/disappearing with little comprehension/logic.

Don't waste your money, wait for it to come online or pirate it.

All in all in was an enjoyable movie to watch and I have the greatest respect for the real people that sacrificed so much to get America the victory in the Pacific.

It provides a good combination of breathtaking action and personal stories.

While Dick Best is an adrenaline craving fighter pilot.