Minority Report (2002) - Action, Crime, Mystery

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In a future where a special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes, an officer from that unit is himself accused of a future murder.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell
Length: 145 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 170 out of 1023 found boring (16.61%)

One-line Reviews (799)

It is thorougly-engrossing from beginning to end.

Watched it twice in two days, enjoyed it so much.

Tedious .

Created an original and entertaining sci-fi movie, that works on many different levels.

The movie itself is quite enjoyable, though it certainly is not a masterpiece.

I'm amazed of how the story goes in the whole movie, I was delighted by the plot because it's very intriguing.

The film that starts off as an intriguing moral debate morphs to the action movie formula, including long, improbable, and exciting chase scenes; huge government conspiracies; and a false climax, or twist with no cinematic purpose whatsoever.

Mmm Well, OK.. Enjoyable!

The visual effects are amazing, and the tone of the film is finely balanced between dreary, rainy grey and futuristic blue.

Yes, I would agree that 'Minority Report' wasn't all that it was hyped up to be, but it is still a wonderful film worth watching.

This could also win Best Picture, but I think either Signs or Insomnia will win this.

Definitely worth watching...

The set designs are stunning, and the bleached look gives MR an Orwellian kind of a look.

<<<<<POSSIBLE SPOLIERS>>>>>This starts off with a very confusing story about cops investigating crimes before they happen.

Notwithstanding a few eyebrow-raising special effects, Spielberg's attempt at informing us that we're all in control of our own destiny is spoiled by one dimensional characters and a very predictable plot.

While an FBI agent (Danny Witwer, played by Colin Farrell) is investigating Pre-Crime, which director Lamar Burgess (Max von Sydow) has great plans for, Anderton notices something stunning.

But its a bit slow.

But a watchable film, MR, allowing for the fact that an UNwatchable Spielberg is a contradiction in terms by and large.

To the extent that "Minority Report" succeeds in engaging us, it owes a great debt to its source material.

The shot showing us all of that was way too long and could have been completely cut short.

Until the present catches up with the future, the film is extremely engaging.

There's just nothing remarkable about his character, it's as cliche as it can be.

The finale is perfect, yet totally unexpected.

Cruise is so intense, and it is amazing how his Anderton stays so intense.

No, actually I want my 2 hours and 15 minutes of my life back to spend it better like twiddling my thumbs or watching paint dry or dust collect or air move!

It provides a fascinating view of our possible future (or futures).

From the peculiar Dr. Iris Heneman (Louis Smith), to the shady Dr. Solomon Eddie (Peter Stormare), to the eccentric Rufu T Riley (Jason Anton), all of these characters are fascinating in themselves and it's a shame we don't get to see more of them.

but I do rate movies as: Must see in theatre, Ok on video, or Total Waste of Time.

This visual effects are stunning and seamless.

I guess whenever a movie has little or no plot going for it, you throw in chuck loads of special effects and set it in the future.

The film lacked something, it seemed pedestrian, I found it hard to engage with those elements I normally find entertaining.

With the plot failing to sustain interest and the characters difficult to identify with, the special effects become pretty tedious to watch very quickly.

The effects are great, the action is exciting.

Exciting and enjoyable Spielberg thriller .

Save your money.

The main weakness in the film is the direction by Spielberg (not surprising considering the director, less Saving Private Ryan and more AI), he seems to not be able to make up his mind about what this movie is, at times making it purely a serious science fiction thriller, but then throwing in bits of slapstick humor (which proved to be quite painful and did lessen the movie overall) and mystery (Which was both predictable after a certain point and poorly acted out by von Sydow).

This movie was so much fun, so entertaining and then so incredibly done that it is definitely a must see.

Action packed and very intense, I would recommend Minority Report to anyone looking for a good action, thriller or sci-fi film.

The program having proved a rousing success in the nation's capital, it's on the verge of going national, and Danny Witwer (Colin Farrell), a representative from the Attorney General's office, has arrived for one final inspection of the process.

At best, it all feels like filler, bland uninspired filler.

Other than being an intriguing thriller, it does have its heart-warming and awe-inspiring moments.

It was fine for the first 1/2 hour or so, then soon became transparent, redundant and predictable.

Minority Report fails on many levels, but succeeds enough to be worth watching.

Can you make while scenes of drama, it also makes breathtaking action sequences.

plot twists come out of nowhere, really bad dialouge and an exposition overkill and some cg effects that look like a 10 yr old nintendo game and character's motivations either are confusing or don't seem to exist.

Some good effects and visually exciting stuff.

Actually, I just bought the DVD and found the 2nd DVD (bonus material) at least as entertaining as the movie itself.

Problem: if the crime is prevented, the future "crime" reported by the precogs is impossible - the future is the prevention of the "crime" - and then it really becomes confusing.

The combat sequences could've been better but they were still enjoyable.

Leave it at a good flick, mayhaps it could have been better, oh well, the REAL world goes on, whether bored and silly overworlders such as we realize it!

Twist and turns seem to be two of the biggest ingredients in this thrill ride's list, enough to make the ending unpredictable to even the most intelligent of moviegoers.

Twist and turns seem to be two of the biggest ingredients in this thrill ride's list, enough to make the ending unpredictable to even the most intelligent of moviegoers.

Anderton is dragged by the pace of the movie instead of him controlling it.

The trailers looked promising, and the first part was fascinating, mainly for the futurist concepts.

This is a very engaging movie that I highly recommend anyone to see.

Overall a modestly entertaining sci-fi movie with a few neat visuals - 5/10.

It did it's job, it was visually breathtaking, well done Mr Spielberg.

It was fast paced and had a great cast and great special effects.

for people who need to fall asleep!

Minority Report is, above all else, an enormously entertaining film.

What a waste of time........

The future setting certainly provides a more interesting setting for the plot, but the plot itself, while engaging in curiosity terms, ultimately isn't that gripping.

Minority Report is a flawless movie it's intriguing and engaging, never boring its directed beautifully, has the greatest future since Blade Runner, has excellent performances and thought provoking arguments that ring true to real life and will forever be one of my favourite movies and a constant reminder of why I love cinema so much.

Bland and predictable .

The remainder of the cast play their roles competently, though not brilliantly, but the film is so compelling that this is rendered immaterial.

Worth watching several times!

A sci-fi thriller that's actually intelligent and exciting.

Blade Runner is a damn sexy film, and I think the female character (what was her name) coming to terms with the fact she has been designed and built is much more engaging than than the run-and-hide as the star wonders whether or not he will murder, or is he being set up.

Minority Report was the next project for Spielberg following the equally dark and intriguing AI: Artificial Intelligence, both films serving to note that Spielberg was capable of thought provoking science fiction outside of the crowd pleasers that many critics love to decry.

Along with the fact of the over doing of the future technology, this movie was fairly boring when it starts off, if money wasn't spent on this movie's rental it would have been turned off before it even ended.

Spielberg uses the worst cliche resource to solve the mistery.

But hey, what an entertaining ride.

Cruise tries to look intense.

At the same time, I find Cruise's roles to be boringly similar: he is cocky, and then suffers (to some degree through something he helped to create).

Don't waste your time.

With some many great things, the minor quibbles are virtually erased to make this a chilling, outstanding and above all else enjoyable science fiction movie.

Overall, this is a great concept film that will keep you thinking, draw you into the characters, and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Are there people who actually take this pretentious piece of garbage seriously?

However, As Anderson hurtles towards the future murder he is accused of, the film is mostly tense, thoughtful and gripping.

Enough said on that.. Minority Report was a fascinating Sci-Fi thriller that was well acted, well directed and visually a treat.

Minority Report for an older movie manages to prompt this thinking in an entertaining way.

As previous commentators have argued, there are plenty of plot holes & inconsistencies throughout the film, but besides all that it was an interesting & enjoyable film to watch.

Dick, "Minority Report" is a tense thriller that poses a number of intriguing ethical questions.

The story is very intriguing.

The result is a movie you will forget as fast and smoothly as any action flick by some dull director.

" It wasn't just the end though, Act II pretty much dragged.

It is intelligent, but also exciting with great action scenes.

It's an entertaining movie, shows some interesting things in the future.

The action is exciting and intense.

Dick, whose writings have inspired Gary Felder's "Impostor" (2001), Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" (1982), and Paul Verhoven's "Total Recall" (1990), "Minority Report" tops the inept "Impostor" but lacks the exciting agility of either "Total Recall" or "Blade Runner.

It has all the elements of a classical plot, unpredictable with somewhat strange turns and connections (maybe Spielberg goes too far here), typical main character with a difficult past, and a chase filled with action that reminds me of the movie "The Fugitive".

He's good for high budget films like Jurassic Park or any other movie that he can make fifty sequels and sell millions in action figures and dull toys from them.

This film has received rave reviews from most reviewers that I have read, and while I cannot disagree that it is often a gripping action movie, especially the second half of the film, I wanted to register a complaint that Philip K.

Spielberg fills his future world with fascinating stuff, alternately awe-inspiring and unsettling: roads are choked with aerodynamic cars that drive up the sides of buildings.

I actually find myself wondering if all the gripers here have actually seen Minority Report, as I just have, because I have to say that is one of the most gripping and involving movies I have seen in quite a while.

As I left, I stopped at the popcorn counter, and the woman told me many people had also walked out.

There's not a whole lot of action (though the jetpack chase/car factory fight is one of the most hectic, exciting action scene I've seen all year, probably surpassed only by the climactic battle in Equilibrium), the story requires undivided attention (and maybe even a repeat viewing to gather in all the themes), and the downbeat, almost pessimistic tone will throw a lot of viewers off.

Confusing plot with too many glitches.

So it's refreshing when a major, major release finds a way of being complicated, involving and exciting all at the same time.

Along with a great script, superb acting (especially by Cruise and Max Von Sydow) and, of course, awesome special effects - this all adds up to be one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking movies I've ever seen.

Visually Stunning .

Overly done and Predictable .

Plus, it's the most entertaining movie I've seen this year.

" Reviewers like "tedg," who apparently seem to be professors, still have only cinematic license to critique based on formulaic visions for what is, should be and how they might have changed it etc. etc.While the majority of films for example are supposed to stick to non-filmmaker Syd Field's three act recommendation, some of the better works through time follow their own conventions and paths, not those set out before writers by non artists, who have never made more than the crap in their drawers.

Best movie I've seen all year: inspired, great acting, great plot, stylishly engrossing .

The story is backed up with some fantastic visual effects work to create a society somewhat different from ours (hover packs, killer plants, and automated cars being the new additions) and there is enough action to stop anyone becoming bored.

Too predictable......

In addition, towards the end of the above-mentioned sequence, there is a bathtub scene that gives Minority Report its most suspenseful peak.

More empty and boring crap for the masses.

Visually, the movie is stunning.

The movie is very fascinating and very well realised with a great amount of special effects and devices.

The crowd was yawning and stretching as if they were watching a subtitled version.

But those ideas, those effects are what make Minority Report entertaining.

There are several suspenseful segments in the film.

It's stunning the garbage some people will produce on these boards...

Instead, you can watch the first half of this film, "Minority Report", which is extremely slow and sufficiently boring to make you sleep.

Breathtaking Perfection.

A fascinating approach to guilt and innocence, free will or determinism, individual rights (as we know them, anyway) vs.

Deeply philosophical, and engrossing, the film tackles several issues of morality.

Minority Report is a thrilling ride through the future of homicide which will leave you thinking long after you leave the theatre.

Unfortunately the climax provided a predictable ending to the main plot area and that's a shame because I really wanted to enjoy this movie.

Two of the most mediocre names in Hollywood team up to give us a slicked-up, big money blockbuster that is boring, amateurish, and predictable, and may be the most overrated movie in decades.

Another disappointing effort that literally drowns itself in cliché.

This movie is as action is as action packed as any movie like Black Hawk Down, Star Wars: Episodes I,II,IV,V and VI.

Other than that, don't waste your time (it could have used some badly needed trimming...

However at times the movie was hard to follow, but all in all it was really enjoyable.

The story is overly contrived, the flaws in the central premise never fully dealt with, and the ending far too simplistic to make this an overall satisfying experience.

The special effects are undoubtedly stunning.

But there's the extra-added twist that keeps us on the edge of the seat- he kills someone in 48 hours who he's never heard of… or does he?

That is pretty rare, considering that most movies struggle to keep the interest of the audience in the second half, but not Minority Report, it just got even more thrilling.

Elegant, thrilling, poignant, and masterful, "Minority Report" delves deep into the moral quagmire that represents the government controlling "psychics" and ostensibly putting them to use for their own betterment.

Predictable 6.

Boring, dark, humorless--and why is Tom Cruise famous, anyway?

The screenplay is wonderful, combining intense drama, some action, a serious examination of some real social issues, and even a little bit of humor.

The sequence is brilliantly realised uses a roving plan-view of the apartment complex to show how the machines infiltrate each apartment to apprehend their 'prey', each of which are indulging in the mundane activities of life, from taking a dump to arguing in the kitchen.

Minority Report, isn't terrible, but it's very far from great, the story is ok and some of the concepts could have made an excellent Sci-Fi movie, but with SS at the helm it's dragged down to the lowest level.

It is complemented by the skillful and stunning direction of Steven Spielberg.

i felt empty, there is something sooooo wrong with that kind of ending!

Her performance set the tone for the films unexpected twists and turns.

The girl he's with is like a boring version of Eleven from Stranger Things, and that is not a compliment.

In many ways Spielberg's career has latched onto the vision of the late Mr. Kubrick, and the directing in this film stands out not only because of its futuristic vision, but also its method of making what the audience knows will happen suspenseful.

What A Bore .

Though it can't match Blade Runner for mixing stunning sci-fi locations and gadgetry with intellectual muscle, it at least has a good shot at being clever and thought-provoking whilst remaining accessible and exciting.

Even to the very last scene you are on the edge of your seat not knowing exactly who to cheer on and who to condemn in your mind.

Exciting and Interesting start to finish.

A very enjoyable film with some excellent performances in particular from Tom Cruise who was more than believable and Max Von Sydow who was excellent as the old man with the plan.

Don't waste your time on this trash and just go rent blade runner again

Fast paced, exciting and deeply moving & thought provoking film.

Boring as hell with no credibility from any of the actors including Tom Cruise.

" The build up to the climax to the movie is great, and had me on the edge of my seat.

Intense .

" VERY entertaining, indeed!

The visual effects work of Industrial Light & Magic is quite incredible, the look of the film is stunning, and John Williams contributes another innovative score of the same stripe he gave to A.

It is exciting, and brilliantly made.

And Spielberg's own vision of the future is fascinating.

So why did it leave me saying "ho hum"?

"Minority Report" is a very entertaining sci-fi action thriller.

As we walked out of the theater, one of them asked me if it was all I had hoped for and worth the wait .

Few and fair between are films that indulge you with original visuals, a compelling storyline, strong preformances, and hardcore nudity.

Minority Report is a self indulgent formulated movie that is not entertaining.

The story is compelling and, although it is a long film, the action and story drag you along with it.

one of the most complex films that is still enjoyable as a blockbuster .

visually stunning, intriguing characters .

It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

) After that we get a totally predictable finale with the good guys triumphing over the bad guys (and neatly side-stepping a lot of the murkier issues of morality and justice raised in the first 4/5 of the film).

I would say a lot of time, effort & money was spent on the look of Minority Report & it show's, unfortunately while the sets, futuristic production design & props are superb Spielberg films everything in very muted sterile bland colours, everything has a pale blue, grey, white or black tone to it & I must admit it started to get on my nerves after a while.

I really want to see it but it was a boring surprise to me.

The special effects are amazing and the action really does have you on the edge of your seat.

'The Fifth Element' was one of the first sci-fi's to use a major movie star alongside stunning effects.

Good special effects and weird plot twists it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It had its moments and was entertaining in the end.

Solid casting, solid acting, superb story, great action (not OVERdone), intense effects, Spielberg magic, and as always a fantastic score from John Williams.

I was on the edge of my seat this whole movie!

All this hi tech-bubble, even though it makes some sense, becomes tiresome for the viewer who just lets the plot pass him by and enjoys these sci fi shots possibly eating pop corn.

In a day and age in which even the most elaborate special effects can elicit a yawn from the audience, Spielberg still shows that he has the ability to dazzle us.

I found this movie very entertaining.

The story line is one of the most complex and yet exponentially enjoyable because of the ability to grasp the concepts that are being introduced.

It was a bit too heavy for such an entertaining movie as this one.

Dull, over-hyped, forgettable.

If he didn't always end films the same way, it might make his movies more enjoyable as you wouldn't be able to predict what type of ending they'd have.

A fascinating Sci-Fi Thriller about the minority perspective.


Dick short story is fascinating and poses some worthwhile questions.

Intense sadness, extreme suspense, happiness....

The combination of the big names Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise turned Minority Report into a predictable futuristic thriller that comes nowhere near Bladerunner, for example, in creating atmosphere and threat.

Minority Report(MR) reminded me very much of Blade Runner(BR), a movie that I always "wanted" to like but always fell asleep watching it.

And the always welcome Lois Smith scores as the reclusive doctor responsible for the pre-cogs, though her scene degenerates into pointless weirdness.

As boring as "Blade Runner" .

"Done in a style all its own,Minority Report is suspenseful, involving, and quietly graceful.

Anyone who says that this movie was too "confusing" has apparently been asleep for more that a few minutes while watching.

Vigorously entertaining and tremendously weird, "Minority Report" feels like a vintage Action Comics adventure spiked with acid.

The futuristic world is well-detailed and fascinating.

From this material, writers Scott Frank and John Cohen have fleshed out an intricate and fascinating plot that keeps us guessing all the way to the film's finale.

Set in the future of the year 2056 Minority Report is a great thriller and action packed movie.

Meanwhile, when the audience should be on the edge of their seat, Spielberg does nothing of the sort.

But this time Spielburg went overboard, overwhelming the story w/his 'grittyiness' and giving us a mudbath instead of a thoughtful and entertaining examination of 'justice' in the future.

With stunning Visual Effects, great jetpack sequences, and bald people who dream about future murders, 'Minority Report' puts this up there with the best futuristic movies of all time.

It was more than just entertaining, it really got you thinking too.

People think it is totally unbearable that the precogs can figure out a name, right?

Entertaining not enduring.

The FX are great, but easily becomes boring.

And Spielberg does a great job in keeping you riveted to your seat throughout the movie raising mind boggling thoughts of futuristic human societies with interconnected telepathic abilities, Internet style and what not.

The characters are well-developed and interesting, the plot (all you should know before seeing the film is that it involves pre-crime, a crime-fighting system which allows the authorities to see murders before they occur and stop them) is well thought-out, involving, and unique, the dialogue is sharp, the world well-developed and just quirky enough to be both tremendously entertaining and believable.

I've seen the movie twice and enjoyed it even more the second time.

The basic story is very predictable.

Steven Spielberg is that kind of director where a complicated topic is beautifully enjoyable by the viewers.

After the first two hours of mayhem and confusion, it slows down a gear, which for some people may drag the film down.

The chase scenes are exciting, the trappings inventive and it's engrossing for the most part.

But far worse, do we really need to find out that the abused human crime sensors, who have spent a life immersed in an isolation tank, get to live happily ever after in a cozy cottage?

The result is nothing short of spectacular - exciting, visionary and gripping, this is Steven Spielberg at its best, which proves that age isn't affecting his talent a bit.

Minority Report is one of those rare science fiction movies that comes every once in a while to induce some weird, yet really intriguing and thought provoking ideas in our minds.

The plot is simple and complex all at once, and is the most intriguing part of the film.

This film soon becomes an exciting action-packed chase that involves Cruise constantly running from his fellow police officers as he tries to find out who framed him in a system that is supposed to be perfect for preventing murders.

If you're into BORING then this movie is for you.

Stunning Visuals and Incredible Story .

She's just empty.

And you can forgive the script for supplying weak exposition through dialogue because the writer thinks the story will be too difficult to follow.

I really enjoyed Minority Report,it was entertaining, well done, and had great effects.

And yet, this movie seem like a waste of time.

The cast couldn't be better, all the events were unexpected you never knew what was going to happen, it is not like any other films it is very unique.

But it's still a very compelling and original film.

"Minority Report" is a glossy, glimmery, gossamer, ultimately empty little flick: use it as a pretty screen saver on your 65" Plasma HDTV while you're waiting to watch a better film.

Fast paced, exciting and deeply moving & thought provoking film.

The photogography and special effects are outstanding, the action fast paced and entertaining, and the tension is maintained throughout.

Minority Report is a long, complex story, but it's fast paced, visually impactful, and will make you think.

Exciting, Entertaining, Excellent.

Entertaining,well-constructed effort .

Minority Report is an excellent sci-fi thriller with plenty of spectacular action & a very absorbing & fairly intelligent script, add all that to a little Steven Spielberg magic & you have a great film.

Slightly flawed, but entertaining film .

Plan to be on the edge of your seat for this excellent offering by Stephen Spielberg.

While the key crime in this story is solved thanks to that old plot stand-by The Detail That Only The Killer Would Know, and while the special effects are as stunning as the legendary Spielberg pacing, this film also works as a meditation on the pervasiveness of toxic faith in the service of the State at the beginning of the 21st century.

It is stunning to me that in this world of grotesquely BAD movies, a standout movie like this is called "trash" by so many.

Overseeing this, the story and the special effects are at least entertaining.

Empty action movie masquerading as high-concept .

Sure it's contrived.

At the end of the day, Minority Report is a solid, and highly entertaining, film that, while succeeding in many regards, does fall short of its massive potential.

This is a good thrilling action film.

The movie is really a handful to watch but it really gets your adrenaline rushing.

Mind blowing, intelligent sci-fi, with a lot going for it.

a disappointment - disjointed, incoherent and silly .

From that point the story is dull.

On DVD, at least, you can fast forward through the plodding, boring middle of the film.

In a nutshell,the movie is perfect and worth watching.

Am I alone in saying that Spielbergs SF is childish and uninteresting?

Also I found the film quite credible, well-constructed, suspenseful, well-acted.

Too slow moving....

a thrilling ride .

Intriguing idea - disappointing movie .

Tom Cruise is undoubtably one of the best in the business when it comes to action scenes and intense one liners and this movie allows him to shine in that aspect.

It begins well enough, ends typically, everything in between is muddled, predictable and boring.

The main character's narrow escapes do wear a bit thin, and quickly too (but they are entertaining).

The message boards are full of guff about plot holes, the ability of the pre-cogs, the stereotypical Witwer character but this viewer is happy to suspend disbelief for entertainments sake if the overall effect is entertaining.

" Enjoyable.

I , a film that i havent seen but i have seen Minority Report and having sat through over 2 hours of sheer entertainment and mind blowing sci fi brilliance the worlds most famous director does not have to worry about this being a flop.

The end was a little too drawn out, and there were almost too many special effects to take in the complex details of this film.

when i put this film on my expectations were low because it didn't seem that interesting to me but i gave it a try and it surprised me because it turned out to be a great film that was very interesting and kept you on the edge of your seat.

Flawed by principle but entertaining .

that mixes familiar, everyday icons with fascinating technological and cultural advances.

In fact Spielberg is so absorbed with special effects that the convoluted and confusing plot seems to have been put on the back burner.

It´s predictable and in all this high tech surroundings it does not make sense that they have to manually move some fileboards around.

This is one of the most boring films of all times.

Samantha Morton also gives a riveting performance as Agatha.

Really hitting the bulls eye making a wonderful thrilling ride of a bleak future.

I think the worst might be when the precog is narrating to Cruise and his sickly-looking waif/wife about their kid going off to college and falling in love, blah blah blah (this unbearable moment of fake drama is soon shattered in a preposterous shift).

All of the action was very entertaining, the gadgets and gizmos were fun to watch and the world that unfolded was visually pleasing.

Tom's equally dull wife (her hologram had much more charisma).

"Boring Report" is More like it.

From this perspective Minority Report fails enormously: the story is really crap and full of non-logical, irrational and really boring moments.

The details were what made Minority Report compelling, as any person who enjoys mystery/thriller films would understand.

The least glamorous of the three parts, the conclusion is a gloomy but enjoyable `clue-in-the-clock' mystery/suspense thriller.

So, if you don't go too deep into the logic and consistency of the movie, you'll find that this is quite an enjoyable adventure into the Spielberg movie-magic.

What a waste of money.

This movie was an exciting, suspenseful mystery that reached deep into my mind as I raced to solve the mystery before the secret was revealed.

Completely unpredictable and surprising until the very end, this is a high quality movie that fortunately doesn't rely on the designs or its renowned two stars - actor and director - to be successful.

I was put off from seeing the film for that reason alone, and I very nearly missed a technological masterpiece laced with exciting visuals, an absorbing and thoroughly involving storyline, and the most thought provoking rollercoaster ride in ages!

However, it is also a great film with a twisted and enjoyable plotline about predestination and the nature of choice.

The point is, Minority Report is so boring that's how I was able to think of this connection.

Despite it being visually stunning, it still has characters of great depth and a storyline that covers a lot of ground.

Effects aside the story is compelling with some ingenious twists and turns and a more adult theme then Spielberg's recent efforts, this being down to Phillip K Dick's original short story.

Directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 2002, Minority Report may be the most entertaining, cerebral sci-fi thriller of the 2000s decade.

For a storyline that brings up so many fascinating philosophical issues (such as predetermination and free will), the chance to make a classic is wasted.

A messy, disjointed script with undistinguished dialogue and a plethora of lazy high-gloss S.

It's well acted, visually stunning and well paced.

A Thrilling Sci-Fi Extravaganza, .

The plot (by today's standards) appears quite complex and intriguing.

Disc two offers some fascinating behind the scenes featurettes with interviews from the cast and crew & more.

It is a science-fiction story that actually dares to be 'Science'- 'Fiction' – a gripping whodunit and a murky future-noir with style to spare!

The acting, with Cruise leading the way, is also entertaining, as Cruise plays a very convoluted Anderton.

a "nice" movie but a little boring .

Definitely worth watching .

Sure, and like I said, it's not the stupid, pointless kind.

Don't waste your time or money.

The ending was also a little too 'Hollywood' for my liking, but solid performances all round made for an enjoyable experience, if perhaps a little overlong.

This is exciting as hell, but Spielberg loses touch in a somewhat dull and too-resolving ending.

Overall it may disappoint the Jurassic Park/Matrix audience expecting a fast, action packed thriller – the marketing makes it look like the Matrix when really it's much more like the noir of Bladerunner.


"Minority Report" looks like nothing Spielberg's done before (except for "AI", perhaps), and it's remarkable how well-realized this future world is and how stunning the visuals are.

My friend in fact, fell asleep during the movie.

Cruise plays the leader of the Pre-Crime unit, a skilled cop who lost his son 6 years earlier and now uses drugs to try and dull the grief.

Apparently the script had a troubled gestation period featuring umpteen writers and producers, but the end result is a gripping, witty, biting storyline full of ironic twists - after a fight on a car production line our hero finds himself in a newly-made escape vehicle, when he's on the run the iris-recognition software in every store and electronic billboard shouts out his name as he passes, the ambitious detective unwittingly hands a killer the means with which to dispose of him, and the minority report of the title doesn't even exist in Anderton's case.

Many of the chase sequences are thrilling and the film maintains an exceptional amount of suspense throughout.

All that being said though, despite some big time flaws it's still a decent movie and it's worth watching at least once.

She is stunning to watch and her screen time with Cruise is something to enjoy.

The movie is not quite as good as Gattaca or Bladerunner, but Spielberg does a good job keeping a tight, entertaining plot.

But the problems I personally have with this movie are that it sometimes looks dull because of the background texture, Tom Cruise was like a puppet in the hands of Spielberg throughout the movie, it was difficult to connect with him because he dint show any expressions on his face, even in the action sequences.

The hype promised me an entertaining time; futuristic setting, action packed set pieces, intrigue, a courageous leading character etc and although the film delivers this it somehow just wasn't enough.

Twenty minutes later I was struggling to stay awake.

You may have got the impression from the previews that Minority Report is a fast-paced compelling action movie set in the future.

) Yeah OK it's good fun, I enjoyed it, and will probably get it on DVD when it's out.

This film is worth watching for lots of reasons.

There are some very exciting and tense scenes, as well as some poignant ones - Anderton goes home at night and puts a hologram into the computer that brings back his dead son.

One word: Boring .

Suffice it to say "Minority Report" is another one of those dud Steven Spielberg clunkers along the same lines as "Artificial Intelligence" (a snoozer fur shure).

I personally do not like Tom Cruise, but Max von Sydow was fascinating!

There may be a few plot holes but overall this is well worth watching.

Overall it is a great movie and one worth watching.

Visionary, thought provoking, and very entertaining .

It is an engrossing story about a system called "Precrime" seeing into the future and predict crimes beforehand by three gifted humans (called "Pre-Cogs") with special powers.

The film, as a whole, left me very satisfied – thanks to the accurate storytelling, engaging special effects and unique setting and vision of the not-so-far future.

As this plot unfolds a mystery is unraveled that can keep your attention for a while, but eventually becomes tedious and overlong.

And except for a couple of really dumb plot holes, it's pretty tight and unpredictable, even when it's being predictable (which itself should be predictable in a movie about predictions!

Everything about this movie is impressive and if you enjoy futuristic action movies with a great cast, impressive visuals, intense action, and a totally absorbing storyline then you will enjoy Minority Report.

Its deeper layers may unearth on multiple viewings but even for those who aren't in mood for excavation, Minority Report simply happens to be an extremely gripping, wildly entertaining & thoroughly satisfying experience.

Lots of unnecessary/over-long & contrived scenes.

This movie is SO FULL of cliche tropes...

And the obligatory Spielberg nods toward the importance of family and the near-holiness of children are only dreary reminders that he seems once again (as in his "fallow period" of the late 80s) incapable of keeping Hallmark-card sentimentality out of his work.

This has to be one of the most involving,exciting films I have seen in years.

A meaty story that is gripping until the very end .

Left me very satisfied thanks to the accurate storytelling, engaging special effects and unique setting and vision of the not-so-far future .

It is really a waste of money.

With a stuck up tone, a load of caricatures running around another world brought to life, but wasted on with a tired chase/corruption narrative as well as a distinctly misguided tone, Minority Report is a wavering mess; a truly daft experience running on empty.

Then, the pre-cogs identify an unexpected murderer, right in the heart of Precrime!

For most of its running time the movie is clever, thrilling, fun, Spielberg at his best; there are some really neat scenes, like the vision of the first murder and Anderton's rush against time to prevent it, or the sequence with Anderton and Agatha evading the Pre-Crime.

Innovative Concept and Plot; Quite Enjoyable.

The film is very suspenseful and entertaining.

I can't remember when I last enjoyed a Spielberg film (Indiana Jones, probably) and I certainly can't remember when I last enjoyed Tom Cruise in anything; but, somehow, I found Minority Report very entertaining.

Mind blowing movie .

This is much more cohesive and entertaining than his last try (A.

Don't waste your time .

Graphics are good, storyline is solid, 'tough boring.

A stunning visual treat for the eyes, a good nutritional feast for the brain, and an exhausting workout for one's emotions.

Inintelligible, hackneyed and thoroughly boring.

It's dark, compelling, and disturbing- particularly in a scene where he has to exchange his eyes for protection...

Minority Report gives us everything we want in a futuristic thriller: it's full of hundreds of details that keep our minds churning, twists and turns that keep us on the edge of our seat, speculations about life fifty years from now, and of course those great moral questions that leave us thinking long after the movie has ended.

Minority Report is a thrilling piece of entertainment.

Some people complain that the story is too complex and confusing - I would simply call it interesting.

Lots of Special Effects going nowhere .

I thought anything with Spielberg and Cruise involved would at least be entertaining.

The performances are great, the characters are all very flawed and unique and seemed challenging for any actor, thankfully the casting was superb and they all did a great job, particularly Tom Cruise, who plays a man who is strange and suspicious from the beginning, and because of his acting, all we want to do is learn more about him, and that's certainly an important aspect to what made this movie so exciting.

Fantastic action packed gripper.

Predictable & gratuitous Violence .

The only aspect that was, for me, mildly engaging was the plight of the "precogs," especially Agatha, movingly portrayed by Samantha Morton.

Pro production, interesting story/concept, good acting, good directing, well - I re-watched Minority Report lately after some years and it is still a good and very entertaining one.

This movie can get a little bit confusing...

"Minority Report" is both thrilling and smart, and is worth your time especially if you are into good works of science fiction or Steven Spielberg's repertoire.

Quick, simplistic, formulaic story telling, no variety or depth in what he is showing.

Unfortunately, the movie raises that question briefly in the beginning - but then quickly forgets about any 'intellectual' issues and turns into a predictable, average action movie.

The most enjoyable scenes come near the end when we discover just how everything worked, who the real bad guy is, why Cruise was set up.

All in all, this film is a typical Steven Spielberg produce - fantastic, moving, funny, action packed, powerful and spell-binding.

Very predictable sci-fi thriller .

With great visuals and an intriguing suspenseful story, why not take a look at what Spielberg's future crime fighters were up to.

Spending hours talking about just the images would be easy, but what really carries this movie is the engrossing story.

I'm sure that'll show up on the DVD and it's just as entertaining.

Entertaining .

Clockwork Orange was stunning for it's juxtaposition of calming classical music with violence?

The rest of the film is an intense hunt-and-chase thriller as Cruise evades the police while trying to solve the whodunit.

Surely a touch unrealistic ;) The story is amazing - complicated, yes, but also engrossing, exciting and scary.

As with every Speilbergian outing, you have a stunning technical achievement in this film.

Definitely amongst the most intelligent sci-fi thrillers to surface on the silver screen, Minority Report is an ingeniously envisioned, smartly crafted & cleverly narrated cinema from Steven Spielberg that presents the director in prime form, paints an endlessly fascinating portrait of the future & remains one of the most creative works of Spielberg's filmmaking career.

A pointless assault on the senses.

Greetings all,Last night I was quite simply bored as hell and decided to take in a movie.

The plot was very engaging and the acting and writing were superb.

"The Minority Report" sounded as exciting as a documentary on the decline of General Motors from an accountant's point of view.

This film proves that Spielburg is the master of making an entertaining film-and is a must see!

" Worth watching over and over again.

Definitely one worth watching.

Well worth watching.

It was extremely suspenseful, emotive, had an incredibly well written script, excellent performances and cinematography.

It has a gritty, dull-blue look, which, in addition to great direction, gave the movie a film-noir feel to it.

With an extremely potent blend of quick cuts and kinetic movements within shots, the film is fast-paced, engaging, and in some parts, very tense.

Also the special effects were stunning, with a beautiful world a la Blade Runner.

Don't waste your time with this trash.

It just feels empty and disappointing, it could have been more than just an action movie by the numbers.

Every scene is so intense that people would feel spectacular to find how Tom Cruise would cope with the situation.

The starting point of the movie is very intriguing: If we could predict crimes, would it be justifiable to arrest imminent criminals BEFORE they actually committed the crime?

The film begins in a future Washington DC with a very intriguing future society in which crime has practically been wiped out due to psychics who can predict crimes before they happen.

Action has always been Spielberg speciality and here he forgoes the disturbing realism of "Saving Private Ryan" in favour of some exciting, funny and brilliantly preposterous fantasy action scenes.

Speilberg knows how to frame a shot better than anyone and his cinematography is stunning.

With a mystery half-explored - half left in the annals of cinematic nothingness (along with the rest of the potential of the film) and the other half being the more exciting and action flick-acceptable – the movie is content with a weak answer to a weak question.

Finally this film is very entertaining.

However due to the level of action and the originality of the idea teenagers and young adults would find this film enjoyable.

In the long run, they're empty and hollow.

i found it boring and too long,and not very compelling.

It's really fast paced as for the mind or the eyes and as with the story, I still have questions (how the minority report really works, why two balls, why no records from Agatha for her mother's pre-murderer).

Much of his success comes from the fact that he likes to tell stories about `people,' and he always manages to find the human element within the story that make his films so engaging.

Seeing Speilberg's vision of a quite believable possibility of what our world could look fifty years from now is quite breathtaking.

The chase and escape scenes were contrived and totally unbelievable.

Probabaly the best spielberg's motion picture with gr8 cast and unexpected ending!!!

Steven Spielberg's Worst Movie .

There again, the sense of paranoia and suspense Tony Scott achieved with his film was due to the fact that he embraced the darkness and immersed himself (and his film) in it.

Overall, a very enjoyable, mind-teasing film.

The picture with blue-ish hard tone and intense brightness contrast, which is probably manipulated through the postproduction, is appropriately futuristic and unforgettably unique.

Fails absolutely to deliver an exciting action scifi film along the lines of the classic of all classics, "Blade Runner.

Some didn't care for the ending, and while it could be considered cliche, I found it quite satisfying.

big-budget hollywood has become so god-awful predictable and stupid that i was gratified when it wasn't entirely so.

Great concept, but must we be dragged thru the mud.

Inthis case the story is intriguing, performances believable, the setdesigns convincing.

The noire element blends wonderfully with the science fiction portion of the story, ending up with a genuinely compelling and original tale of futuristic intrigue.

What may be most entertaining about this film is the extraordinary emotion, conversation and debate it generates.

The story is entertaining enough, in an exaggerated near future, a unit of people called Precrime have used psychics to predict and eliminate all crime in Washington D.

Highly entertaining and when is the next Dick novel coming out on fillum!?

I must get round to reading some of his other material, he seemed to have so many fascinating visions of the future.

But the story and movie sells out the efforts of Cruise as Anderton, and perhaps the the value of the inquiry itself which made the movie so compelling from the start.

If there's a good enough premise and you can get a more than exciting trailer out of the main body of the movie, your last act can be utter rubbish, as is the case here.

And it is very entertaining.

I was surprised when the movie was finished of how much I enjoyed it.

The action sequences were exciting and really brought home the idea that Anderton may be a pre-crime cop as much for the thrill of the chase as stopping the crimes that took his son.

To find that out Anderton takes us on a wild, entertaining ride.

There are a few annoying parts in the script that seem pretty contrived.

Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski really surpasses himself at times and the use of light at times is simple stunning.

Ah well, here's the short version for you: BREATHTAKING SPIELBERG SCI-FI PERFECTION AT ITS BEST!!!

Thanks to their proficiency and effectiveness and intense use future visions generated by three "precogs", (these precogs are mutated humans with precognitive abilities) to stop murders, the city of Washington has been murder free for 6 years.

Entertaining and creative film.

Dick and creating an action-packed film which manages to be intelligent and suspenseful as well as crowd-pleasing.

And he has said that this movie is the worst movie he has ever seen in his entire life.

It has a storyline that, like Shubert's Unfinished Symphony, seems unfinished even as the film mercilessly hurries to a contrived ending.

Predictable plotting, hackneyed dialog, and embarrassingly poor acting (most of the exaggerated secondary characters almost seem to be in a different movie from the deadpan performances by Cruise, Farrell, and von Sydow) can't be redeemed by the multitude of we've-seen-it-all-before action sequences and chase scenes.

Of course, knowing Spielberg is at the helm and ILM is behind the scenes, this film is visually stunning in every single scene.

All the "Wows" in this movie come before Anderton's arrest - after that it really does get a little ho-hum.

I was surprised at how much i enjoyed it.

Ridley Scott took one of Dick's novels and created a masterpiece: tense, visionary, fascinating, full of interesting, multi-faceted characters.

With no homicides in six years, it's a flawless system headed by a perfect guardian, Chief John Anderton (a riveting act by Tom Cruise).

For a thrilling, emotional, and mentally stimulating movie experience I can't recommend Minority Report strongly enough to give the film credit, for it goes above and beyond what so many other films have done.

Spielberg's is just a classic Hollywood movie: lots of effects, lots of adrenaline, lots of action, but characters are extremely dull, and almost every turn of the plot can be easily anticipated.

The movie is breathtaking.

In addition it was too easy to pick out the real bad guy and I even predicted, without "pre-cog", the give-away line before it was said, making the ending somewhat predictable.

The story line is still compelling, despite the childish special effects.

There is a chase scene done on a vertical superhighway that far surpasses anything in this summer's `Spiderman' or `Attack of the Clones' for sheer breathtaking ingenuity and excitement.

But me and my dad watched it last Friday and I enjoyed it a lot.

Minority Report starring Tom Cruise and directed by Steven Spielberg is one of the more creative and visually stunning sci-fi films of several recent years, since it's release.

but he is, without a doubt, one of the most unchallenging, corporate-pleasing, predictable story-tellers I've ever seen in motion pictures.

The movie is far too long for the content.

This movie while fun and engrossing doesn't really rise to the qualitative level of the visionary "Blade Runner.

A Self Indulgent Film Largely Inaccessible to the Movie Goer .

Loved the movie, though it was a bit predictable.

This movie has more in common with the empty, action-fed Schwarzenegger "identity" movies ("Total Recall", "The 6th Day", etc.) than it does with other great sci-fi titles.

But the movie is perhaps a little too complicate at its beginning and difficult to follow.

The story is quite confusing in places and I'm afraid that the characters left me cold, with no interest in them or their situations.

From the first to the last scene it was thrilling,...

Boring head-banger for morons .

Instead Spielberg treats us to a meaty story with twists that is gripping until the very end where the plot springs one final surprise with the unmasking of the villain of the film.

We're never quite sure whether Anderton committed the murder or not, which is wildly confusing.

Beautiful camera work, precise editing and stunning VFX with those typical Hollywood sci-fi background tracks it serves as the best presentation by the best team.

At first I had no interest at seeing this movie at all, I thought it was going to be another pointless Spielberg movie like A.

Other elements of the story seem somewhat contrived to push the story along and, at times, the sheer obviousness of certain pieces is painful to anyone who has any familiarity with the science fiction or thriller genres.

Crap and full of non-logical, irrational and really boring moments .

But after the movie came out, and I saw all the good critical reviews of the picture, I went to see it to cure my summer boredom, and I am glad I saw it in the theater.

As I have already said Minority Report has a strong story but Spielberg also gives the audience some spectacular set-pieces including Anderton jumping from speeding car to speeding car, an exciting fight on a car assembly production line, a chase involving Anderton & some flying PreCrime cops to the visually stylish scene set in an apartment building where tiny mechanical spider go from room to room scanning the occupants eyes where Spielberg places his camera above the rooms & in one continuous shot pans across them looking down.

It is the most suspenseful movie I have seen this year and only Road to Perdition is a better looking film.

A tense and absorbing thriller .

Dick, and If only Spielberg (and the screenwriters) had been more willing to embrace the dark side of this story, he may have been able to create the kind of suspense that made `Jaws' so on-the-edge-of-your-seat riveting.

Spielberg, with Janusz Kaminski, his cinematographer for many films, have crafted a visually stunning movie.

Fascinating collection of plot holes - great entertainment.

It's boring, has characters I couldn't care less about and plot holes aplenty.

Directed by Three-Time Oscar Winner Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones Series, Jaws, Schindler's List) made an entertaining science fiction thriller that in some ways, it's the futuristic version of "The Fugivite".

So on the whole, an entertaining movie with too many predictable elements to break it from the pack of average thrillers.

By far, it was the most complex and interesting sci-fi/action packed flick from 2002.

Much of the middle part of the film is taken up by Cruise on the run from Farrell, and there are some really exciting chases, including a Speilberg classic involving cars.

Don't waste a lot of money going to the cinema - and definitely don't waste even more buying it on DVD.

Minority Report is the kind of adrenaline rush non stop entertainment that recalls the days of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jaws.

A plot that seems silly becomes intriguing.

i've just got back from seeing this film and I have to say it's the most pretentious rubbish since the last Tom Cruise film (Vanilla Sky).

The movie seems to slow down dramatically in pace about 1/3 the way through and although it has a fantastic storyline, characters and cast, it just fails grasp the full attention of the audience.

This is a thrilling film with excellent performances, with Samantha Morton a standout as Agatha, the most sensitive precog, who is kidnapped by Anderton to help him uncover the truth.

Not as stark as Scott's SF thriller, Minority Report moves like lightning right up until its suspenseful conclusion.

It's a messy, trite conglomeration of other films like "Logan's Run", "Total Recall" and "Twelve Monkeys" all spiced up with flashy camera work and expensive effects.

This was a thoroughly entertaining film, with just a hint of warning, much like "The 6th Day.

Good in almost every aspect, but its slow.

Sam Morton, one of our very own, was quite compelling.

Enjoyable, thought-provoking and a visual treat.

Don't miss this provocative, suspenseful and disturbing film from one of the great cinematic masters.

The sheer amount of flashbacks and the visions of the pre-cogs and the conspiracy element, could potentially be confusing but Spielberg's gift of telling a story ensures this film is engaging and uses the layers as a benefit to show the sheer depth of his masterpiece.

Max Von Sydow was also excellent, and the special effects are simply stunning, plus the chase sequences are awesome as well!.

It was nice and enjoyable.

We forget about everything that could be wrong because Tom Cruise is so exciting to watch on screen that nothing else matters sometimes.

Visually stunning, but too predictable *** SPOILERS *** .

Overall a very entertaining film from Spielberg with some excellent action sequences and a few decent twists.

I will say that the plot is a little predictable in places, but the story is still very engaging.

One of the reasons, I think, is that it is an inherently dark tale, and Spielberg is by nature too positive to take it to the depths that would have really made it emotionally absorbing.

Intriguing and Original...

Instead it looks drab, impersonal and unfriendly.

His films are cliche', unoriginal, and a discredit to their original works.

Minority Report (2002)Top 5 - 2002Spielberg's 'Minority Report' is many things: a visual, stunningly spectacular splendour of explosive special effects, a compelling sci-fi picture full of action and intensity and one of the best pictures of 2002.

I wonder why the US, with its bloated "defense" budget, would remove such a compelling, historical issue - and yes, I opened this whole thing with a crack about the current situation(not even getting into drones), and yes, it has gotten a lot worse since this came out...

Over all, I think I gave it six or seven or something like that becasue of major holes yet still quite entertaining.

I recently saw this movie and for the most part enjoyed it.

The innovative cinematography and cool effects end up being mostly an empty shell.

He made of a movie who got an interesting script a movie not attractive with scenes of action that I find average for a director like him, a film too long and too slow, cold, without rhythm, predictable and especially boring.

Intriguing and thought provoking since the plot itself revolves around mental abilities of some unique humans.

"Minority Report" is Spielberg's most assuredly entertaining film since his "Indiana Jones" series.

Too many things in this movie are predictable.

Aesthetically pleasing and cerebrally exciting .

Its plot is easy to follow and personally, I feel it was a little predictable.

Minority Report is a complete piece of comic book drivel, but more than that it is boring.

Pretentious Hollywood trying to do another "formula" movie is an insult to anyone with more than a couple of brain cells at their disposal; that being said, I was waiting for a homogenized AOL like - "Here's your movie!

All in all, an extremely entertaining science fiction movie.

The film should have been told without the convoluted and unbelievable twists and turns ( the arrested Agatha coming back to life to selectively remember what will happen, the contrived bad boss portrayed as milquetoast , the cunning federal agent who magically puts all the pieces together before his fatal end).

So why give this pretty, shiny, happy, but empty movie even two stars?

I had the feeling that as a short story the plot would work well as a Sci Fi shocker but when stretched to a two hours and given a Hollywood happy ending it just seems contrived.

I won't say what the cost is, but it's dirty, and the way it is executed avoids the cliché we've come to know so well.

What a waste of money .

But this, of course, makes the story even more timely and intriguing.

It was stunning.

But otherwise a very well made, good cast and overall entertaining movie.

Certainly some negative comments voiced here are pointless and probably intended to wind people up.

I hated Tom Cruise, and wasn't a big fan of Spielberg either, but after this, I walked out of the theatre with a new respect for both.

It is far too long, and far too complicated; (even for the high brow folks...

(END OF SPOILERS) The first part of the movie has some slow points and the plot does get kind of convoluted.

In artistic terms, Spielberg's been running on empty for as long as twenty years (since his last good-all-the-way-through movie, "E.

A great first half, marred by a slow and plot-hole-filled second half sum up the movie.

In 2054 people will watch this pop-culture brainless waste of time and laugh at us.

It starts off exciting and leads the viewer right into the action (not surprising with Cruise).

The plot twists and turns pretty nicely, with a few moments of real unpredictability, though as I said most of it is pretty predictable.

Even more entertaining is a preview program I saw on TV interviewing the futurists who they consulted on this movie.

In the great hands of one of the greatest film directors of all time, Spielberg, Minority report has breathtaking visuals, a compelling story and a pretty good performance by Tom Cruise.

The acting was solid and Tom Cruise did well, but the plot was quite plain and predictable.

The story and concept itself was really intriguing.

Steven Spielberg does a spectacular job here with amazing camera work, fantastic angles, awesome use of blue,excellent lighting,great slow mo shots, and plenty of other uncanny shots as well, plus he kept the film at an extremely engrossing pace.

The villain is a touch predictable, providing a mix of two movie staples: the "Most Unlikely Person" and the "Character who Disappears for a Long Stretch of Time.

It was such a fascinating movie and the ride only gets more intense.

The design of the world and the technology within it is believable and fascinating.

A film with a poor and predictable plot, decently acted with many ridiculous and ludricrous scenes ( example, Anderton chasing his eye balls!

But the slickness of Spielberg's mega-production ability and the star power of Cruise are not enough to win the day when, ultimately, this movie delivers one of the most Disneyland-like contrived, naive, phony, and pretentious endings I have ever encountered in a so-called movie of substance and intelligence.

In place of startling originality we have a stultifyingly predictable ending that has been lifted directly from other films.

A chase sequence in a car factory is frenetically entertaining material and there are a few classic moments of the bizarre thrown in too, including the highlight where Cruise chases his own eyeballs down a corridor.

The visuals are stunning, a very contemporary sleek view of the future.

Exciting, thrilling, thought provoking, passionate and emotional - this film is everything AI wasn't.

dark and dull .

Minority Report is a surprising intelligent mystery from a master director, a spectacular, visually mind blowing watch.

It's kinda confusing to make sure exactly the main genre for the Minority Report.

A very enjoyable Sci-Fi flick .

Spielberg's Minority Report is suspenseful, dramatic, and deliciously grim.

Interesting and suspenseful .


It had a mixture of genres and it was unpredictable.

You all know the plot (Precrime cop Cruise discovers he's wanted for a murder he's going to commit in just over 50 hours and goes on the run, etc.,), but Scott Frank and Jon Cohen's screenplay offers intriguing notions alongside all the thrills, and Spielberg delivers a welcome return to basics - let's not forget this is the man who did "Duel" and "Jaws" - while not betraying the "Thank goodness he's grown up" crowd.

Immediately, this is an intriguing prospect for a film.

The plot is very gripping, the action is good, never frantic.

The vision of the movie and how it is carried out is stunning.

Incidentally, Minority Report is a pretty entertaining flick.

I justdon't get it why Spielberg manages to drag the film to a slow climax after we know what the WHOLE film is about.

Believeable, intriguing, and suspenseful.

Although I don't think he deserves an Oscar, he has had some pretty intense performances.

This is absolutely totally preposterous, confusing, annoying and too much for the average movie goer to understand.

The plot reflects PKD's forte: the permutation of ideas both visionary and unexpected.

Fascinating idea and well executed.

The only real 'Spielberg' touches are his clever homage to his own first directorial job -the Night Gallery episode with a blind Joan Crawford- and a slight nod to the Chuck Jones-Warner Brothers cartoons -the timing in the scene where Cruise submerges himself underwater from the creepy-crawly mechanical spiders only to have one slow single drop from the tub's spout almost give him away evokes the best Road Runner & Coyote skit- and (of course) the all's-well-that-ends-well finale.

All that said, MINORITY REPORT is still a very entertaining, well made film.

The ending was unexpected enough and it all began to make sense in an excellent way, proving once again how great the story was.

The plot was just ok, interesting enough to keep you from getting up, but so predictable.

The visuals are simply stunning and really get your imagination going.

However the ending, the good guys and the bad guys were all completely predictable.

Minority Report (2002)I was bored during A.

In spite of its massive production budget and big-name Hollywood credentials, or more likely because of it, Minority Report is utterly lacking in humanity, unoriginal and heartless, unmoving, unwatchable.

The unconventional – and potentially fantastic - underpinnings of the story and the film's technical elements end up being presented in a rather predictable.

Sure you may be worked hard to figure everything out but if the answer is essentially meaningless or trite, then so what?

These trinkets of better times fail to purge agony, as do the countless breathtaking gizmos, "neuroin" drug business, and an imaginarium that can give you a tasty session of your deepest dreams, any of them...

One corny cliche after another.

Bottom Line: Cold pointless summer flick that doesn't hold a candle to most others in the special effects, action or philosophical realms.

Although it is sad to see CG effects overused once again when practical and miniature effects could be enhanced instead of replaced, the boffins at ILM manage to drop a lot of their "gee whiz" factor from the effects shots, allowing the audience to become immersed in an "almost" believable future world.

I hope you find it helpful and that when you read this from beginning to the end that you understand the entertaining and educational value of this movie.

Dick, whose writings provided the basis for TOTAL RECALL and BLADE RUNNER, MINORITY REPORT, even at 135 minutes, is energetic, fast-paced, and hugely suspenseful.

I would have scored it higher but I found it too predictable.

The depiction of the future is fascinating.

Engrossing .

Minority Report is highly enjoyable film.

Very profound,very absorbing .

I would definitely advocate seeing this film as it is a really enjoyable action/sci-fi film with lots of plot twists (some of them you can see a mile away, others you won't).

This film is a complete waste of time and money.

The special effects of this film are amazing, providing a believable, yet still fascinating view of the future.

It is action packed and a thriller and sci-fi all wrapped up in one.

Colin Ferrell is sharp and engaging as the "villain" Witwer seeking to steal Anderton's position and capture him with malice and eagerness.

The effects are simply stunning, and the film succeds on all levels.

The plot was predictable, the actors weren't acting very well and there was only 2 or 3 action scenes.

Spielberg's sci-fi film noir about a police officer (Tom Cruise) in the pre-crime division, a division of law enforcement that predicts who's going to commit a murder, is entertaining and thought provoking.

The result was stunning.

It's glossy and gimmicky and laced with pointless action sequences and the usual Spielberg happy ending syndrome.

The movie perfectly mix entertaining lighthearted action and thought provoking issues.

In my opinion, just as "AI", the truth is this movie is boring.

See, I told you it was suspenseful!

The plot has many unexpected turns in the first part of the movie.

The predictable Speilberg special effects got tiring by the end.

This is one of the most boring movies I've ever seen, a complete waste of time.

This was an entertaining popcorn movie that would appeal to most common viewers whom Hollywood movies are basically made for and without their financial support it didn't even exist by now.

But it's got enough good stuff (good ideas from Dick's story, good actors like Tim Blake Nelson and Colin Farrell and, come to mention it, Tom Cruise) to make the pretentious, obvious film that emerges seem even worse because of it.

Too slow.

The story is confusing enough as it is, let alone having to keep rewinding the tape to try and decipher what they were all saying.

yawn .

His pacing feels natural, instead of formulaic; a trait which has proven him one of the most solid storytellers in the movies.

Some of the major plot twists were very predictable while subtle details were handled in a creative fashion.

A kid, alone and bored, going around on a merry-go-round.

Seriously flawed sci-fi movies like "Forbidden Planet" and "Close Encounters" are nonetheless enjoyable because you're watching the raw artistry of a story told by a moving camera.

I like action packed movies with Tom Cruise in them.

The addition of Williams' soundtrack lifts the film, providing one of the finest examples I can imagine of giving suspense to otherwise already extremely exciting scenes.

Entertaining .

It becomes an empty exercise on pirotechnics (aka FX aka special effects) in an extended chase that does not add up to drama.

It's a disappointing flaw in an otherwise exciting and thought provoking SciFi thriller.

The chase sequences are smart and exciting, the special effects range from very good to stunning, and the pacing is about right.

A waste of talent and time.

Steven Spielberg returns to our screens, and I have to say that despite the hype, this movie was well worth watching.

Minority Report is smart, action packed and thrilling fun.

You've got silly jetpack fights, dull fistfights (the Cruise/Farrell fight in the factory is a snoozer) and a computery sequence where Anderton superhumanly jumps from speeding car to speeding car.

I like that the film is very unpredictable, you really don't know how it will end especially when Anderton is faced with the man he thinks took his son and you wonder if he will really kill the man.

Entertaining Movie with Holes .

" What an incredible cliche and total cop out on how to neatly tie up the ending.

Still a very entertaining movie: 8/10

But, flaws aside, an interesting and entertaining film.

But it was still, overall, an enjoyable experience, and I would give it a healthy 8 out of 10.


Here, massive amounts of information and potentially confusing details are subtly introduced and woven into the film's fabric.

Though the movie has a run-time of 2 hours 20 minutes, with a well-maintained pace and aptly-placed twists, it's constantly gripping.

Original and enjoyable science-fiction/thriller.

That said, it's all packaged in an entertaining Tom Cruise actioner with skilled direction.

Most movies with a fast-moving plot have them too, and some of them become huge fan favorites (Spiderman) or even Oscar winners (Titanic).

Gattaca is by far superior on all levels and a very enjoyable one to boot.

The good news is that Minority Report is a lot more enjoyable than the duo's H.

The movie was suspenseful, with twists and turns that were completely unexpected.

Although, this film is interesting at first, then, it starts to get confusing, and I got lost.......

This is the first movie of 2002 that is one of the most breathtaking masterpieces I have ever seen and to put it mildly it is Steven Spielburg's best action flick since "Raiders Of The Lost Ark",and his most suspenseful since "Jaws".

Good action sequences, but just a little too predictable for my tastes, despite the fact that I love Phillip K Dick stories, and was hoping to see this adapted well to the screen.

An entertaining film with an interesting premise .

Actually reaching the explanation of the story is an enjoyable and exhilarating process which left me frequently gripped by the actions on screen.

Perhaps some people find the change more compelling.

It looks almost exactly the same, has the same plodding narrative, lack of credible characterization, predictability, unimaginative dialogue, half-baked and poorly-realized ideas about the future, etc. AI did have better acting for the most part.

"Minority Report" is an enjoyable and fascinating, if perplexing and disjointed, science fiction thriller that is entertaining through and through and a genuine thinking man's futuristic whodunnit.

While the twists may seem to be predictable for some, the twists are for creating an engrossing plot rather than just for the shock factor.


This movie was so entertaining I nearly fell off the edge of my seat.

I left early because I didn't have the slightest idea what was going on & more to the point I didn't care.

Solid entertaining sci-fi film.

It is a fulfilling roller-coaster ride of visual effects, mystery, murder, and concepts of the future that stay with the audience even after they leave the theater.

In terms of pure film criticism, it's easy to lament a complete lack of character development, a ridiculously stereotyped and predictable villain and gratuitously flashy action pieces, not to mention clunky fist fights and stupid cops that seem to come from a different movie altogether.

There is a good mystery, compelling performances, and expertly made all growing out of a great story.

along with macabre scenes of sex, murder in brutal ways (this too is frequently and prevalently repeated), intense emotions (generally hatred, fear, and pain), and drug use.

Rife with fascinating "who dunnit" scenarios, classic chase sequences, and plot contortions galore, yet featuring a perplexing and somewhat unresolved conclusion, "Minority Report" is an exceptional, if perplexing, piece of science fiction suspense that is entertaining, inquisitive, deceiving and wildly provocative.

So predictable all the way through.

Still, this is excellent, exciting entertainment from Mr. Spielberg and company.

I know they explained away the history as having drug-addict parents, growing up in medical institutions, experimented on blah blah blah - but I'm bored of that concept itself, and of watching someone with a shaven head and wide eyed stare pretending to walk funny while managing to avoid a supposedly crack-team of police/agents.

Ahh, finally, a really enjoyable Tom Cruise movie.

obviously spielberg is a brilliant director who technically is always pushing the edge and expanding the vocabulary of film itself, but like so many of his movies, this one left me empty emotionally.

It kept your interest hooked as you waited on the edge of your seat to see what would happen in a world where murderers were stopped before they committed the crime.

Moreover, I think this was Steven's most self indulgent exercise in filmmaking.

Final Verdict: Don't waste your money on it like I did.

At the end the film loses his beauty of rush and turns out to be a predictable standard North American film with flat characters.

After Tom Cruise's "Vanilla Sky" he's back in a blockbuster that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The subject matter is fascinating, nifty, thoughtful and disturbing.

Sound confusing?

The invented future isn't novel, consistent or even engaging.

Many movies struggle with the concept of the future being predicted but Minority Report does a great job and is very entertaining.

Every violent scene in Minority Report felt a bit too staged, the punches a bit too bland.

In my opinion, the plot is absolutely intriguing, as the viewer is pulled through a series of events which leave one stunned and confused.

The pure style and intensity of this film will blow you away at first because it has been so long that a movie this well-made and entertaining has come out.

) But he needs to get over the formulaic approach of Hollywood, be brave enough to share screen time with a screen sizzler (he gets upstaged by Farrell here in some scenes whose LA Confidential-style death takes the wind out of the movie), have at least one heated moment of passion with someone, ANYONE and subject himself to a master story-teller like Peter Weir or an up-and-coming Chris Nolan and Curtis Hanson.

Could it be that Hollywood has successfully weaned people off intelligent movies and on to bland, action-oriented fare like Die Another Day?

It was suspenseful, scary, funny, heartwarming, sad and dramatic.

The movie is visually great, and I found it entertaining.

The action aspects were too contrived to be believable and the dream scenes total BS.

Just saw the DVD and really enjoyed it.

Filming techniques were absolutely stunning.

This is more of an action film than sci-fi and when you watch it as one, it is an enjoyable action-pursuit movie.

The film is visually stunning at times, the set design is flawless.

Overwhelming; visually stunning; stylistically superb .

Tom Cruise is perfect in the role of Pre crime Detective John Anderton although he does not have to put in a brilliant performance because the story and the special affects make this a gripping and highly watchable thriller that has twists and turns that any giant Roller Coaster would be proud of.

The blatant product placement from American Express, Pepsi, Gap etc. Two false-endings (one pretty dark) that are usurped by a predictable happy ending, where everything is tied up neatly to allow Cruise to get back together with his ex-wife and live happily ever afterAnd now worst of all.

There is an excellent twist to the movie and very unexpected if you dont like action dont watch this!

Possibly the most intriguing of all the questions "Minority Report" brings up is that which philosophers have been debating about and tearing their hair out over for decades: does anyone have free will, or are all events predestined to happen?

Beautiful But Boring .

the plot was clear and somewhat predictable, and after seeing the movie i started wandering about a few things.

The film is a fascinating vision of the future, and therefore comes with hundreds of futuristic-looking gadgets that sure would be fun to have around now.

But to take an excellent short story and pad it into a predictable special effects extravaganza is further proof that Hollywood is past it's prime.

She is always mysteriously intriguing and completely balances the pain and sadness of her role.

It´s naive, predictable and exceeds a lot what reasonable people would figure out of the future.

make money) to have to make films with mass appeal you have to make movies that are very bland, so they will appeal to as many people as possible.

Minority Report, while visually entertaining – chock full of technical eye candy – is a curious mixture of the inimitable Spielberg style with a substantive issue.

This is movie making at its best, a magnificent movie that's imaginative, exciting and provoking.

I've always loved time-travel movies, mostly because they explore the intriguing notions of causality, determinism and fatalism.

I probably over-analyze films, but I can easily ignore these problems to enjoy watching this very entertaining and excellently produced film.

The acting's solid and the script tight and mostly believable, so all in all I'd say this is certainly worth watching and I'll probably buy the DVD.

The ending i felt dragged at the end.

We get a compelling story with an array of gadgets, chases and chrome.

It's the compelling characters and performances from the actors that make the difference between a good movie and a great movie.

Overall it was an okay film, but the plot twists were somewhat silly, and it dragged on because of pointless subplots.

The plot is handled very well,and the unexpected twist to the story makes the film all the more fun to watch.

By the way he sits or walks, we can intuit the grief and confusion that's going through him.

I saw this movie with my friends this summer, and when we got out of theater, we all thought that it was a waste of money, the trailers promised so much more than the audience got.

Still, all the action sequences were incredible yet believable and exciting, and most importantly, clear (i.

I: Artificial Intelligence, that one was all right but it just on the slow side.

It has all the elements of a usual thriller : The suspicious looking guy whom the audience suspects from the first frame, the harmless man turning out to be not so harmless, exciting special effects and some futuristic gadgets including eye scanners and back pack jets.

First of all, i like this movie a lot, it's very entertaining and like all good sci-fci it poses some interesting questions.

If you suffer from insomnia and really need some sleep, then congratulations!

The plot is fairly by-the-numbers with a predictable villain and loads of sentiment.

--Fantastic, intense action, fun to watch—especially with those great visuals.

Watching it get played out was boring.

I'd rather do a crossword puzzle than waste valuable time on this mediocrity.

Guess I've been lingering around the crappy underground horror section too much at my local DVD haunts…Like most everything Spielberg has done since Schindler's List, this is another bleak, mildly depressing and somber film coupled with intense action and amazing visuals.

And at times it just looked a little too contrived, as if the production designers wanted to fit in too much gimmickry.

Minority Report is a tightly woven, emotional, thrilling story.

It was trite, overly sentimental and too long.

Thought provoking and Engaging .

)Anyway, MINORITY REPORT bored me halfway through.

It has all the hallmarks of one of his highly entertaining action movies and in my opinion he hasn't made a film as good as this since.

Intriguing Plot, Flawed Movie .

But if you are one of those so called bores who insist that a movie like any work of art must have some message to deliver which has to do with real men and women in real situations dealing with real problems of life that's Ok then go to your video club and fetch yourself a good classical movie and enjoy it comfortably at home.

A complete waste of time.

Androids and Electic Sheep -- Blade Runner -- got ruined with the Hollywood ending but was stunning and provocative anyway.

Andva fascinating movie.

So if your bored on a Friday night turn off the lights, grab some popcorn and rent Minority Report.

I can honestly say, without a doubt, this movie was not at all what I expected, and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it.

I hated those movies and now this makes 3 of the worst movies ever.

Tom Cruise is a hit or miss for me, sometimes he's enjoyable and sometimes I want to crush his head in a vise.

Exciting but Just way too predictable.

Absolutely mind blowing, that gets better after repeat viewings.

The movie has some great action sequences and as well for fascinating story ideas.

What could have been another memorable performance from Tom Cruise like in Rainman, A Few Good Men, and Magnolia, was turned in hackney and predictable acting.

But now the film, nice special effects, not to unrealistic or overpowering, and than you have the problem, its soooo slow, half way you saw everything.

The future on display is intriguing and well-designed.

The soft, bleak camerawork is quite effective in communicating a bland mood of emotional numbness and experiential detachment that seems to permeate our commercialized, regimented future.

Oh look, it's another dull big budget sci fi action film loosely based on a Philip K.

But its slow.

The story is very compelling and the actors do a good job of portraying the various predicaments they are in.

The look of the movie is fascinating to see and eye-popping to look at.

Visually Stunning .

The Terminally Boring .

Bottom line: the story is very weak and predictable.

The determinist approach proposes that all behavior is caused by preceding factors and circumstances and is thus predictable.

I thought the movie was fun and entertaining.

Entertaining, if flawed (***spoiler alert***) .

There are interesting philosophical and moral paradoxes arising from using a prediction of the future to change that future, but given the average audience's intelligence and attention span, it was probably wise (if disappointing for some of us) of Spielberg to steer clear of them and instead present yet another rather tedious variation on the theme of "the system's not the problem, the people running it are".

The script is at times unpredictable and clever.

This is a movie actually worth watching.

An engaging walk on the safely Spielbergian dark side.

I think this highly appreciated movie is a total waste of money.

Minority Report may be the most entertaining, cerebral sci-fi thriller of the 2000s decade.

At worst it is predictable.

Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, and Max von Sydow don't disappear into their roles, but they do embrace them wholeheartedly and all deliver convincing performances that, again, only accentuate both the heavier themes and exciting action pieces that define the movie.

It keeps you guessing until the end, with many suspenseful and thrilling scenes along the way.

All in all I found this movie very enjoyable and worth every penny spent to see it.

Spielberg, with Janusz Kaminski, his cinematographer for many films, have crafted a visually stunning movie.

I could feel Stevens imagination through whole movie, this movie was interesting and intensive for whole 145 minutes.

I've seen Minority Report twice now, in different company, and have thoroughly enjoyed it both times.

The visual effects are amazing, and the tone of the film is finely balanced between dreary, rainy grey and futuristic blue.

But in Minority Report the police station is empty; even the lights seem to dark and have no impact of the white surfaces.

This thrilling movie goes by in a breeze and for that the credit must go to the director for giving the story a nice pace.

A super entertaining movie .

This is an intriguing movie about a man who is accused of future murder.

Farrell is really the only one who comes out of it unscathed and Morton is also very intense in a difficult role.

But it's Spielberg's envisioning of what future advertising and marketing will be like that makes the film so compelling all stores in malls have eye scanners, so models representing the store can talk to each person individually.

The story is compelling and provokes some thought.

The breathtaking DC commute and entry to Anderton's condo looked like they came from one, consistent world (Where Attack of the Clones invariably looked like a bunch of people wandering around a green stage clearly smaller than the jumbled action).

It was good to see an "action" film take some chances and inject some philosophical topics into a stale genre, but beyond the interesting premise and stunning visuals, it's the standard formula "whodunnit".

It can be a little hard to follow, and that if anything is the reason that it has had very few negative reviews.

I found Steven Spielbergs Minority report to be a slight disappointment with it's predictable scenes and clishes.

Overrated, over-extended, over-pseudo-intellectual, boring cliché- ridden garbage.

He sets up the story and introduces how Pre-Crime works in a lengthy prologue that is an exciting prelude of what is to come.

Yawn .

It wouldn't have been so bad had it been may-be half an hour shorter,but instead it just drones on (especially towards the end) losing more and more credibility as it goes along.

The crime story of this movie was gripping and entertaining.

Cruise had excellent chemistry with Samantha Morton, and I especially loved the dialog, plus some scenes really had me on the edge of my seat!.

A superb, long (possibly the biggest flaw), thought-provoking and gripping thriller from a short story by the great sci-fi visionary Philip K.

And -The Pre-Cogs - sorry, really bored with the sci-fi idea that psychics/visionaries are crazy/drugged/mental-patient-types.

The story is intriguing, the plot twists and turns and keeps you guessing and makes you think.

the film was convoluted, underused it's actors and was way too long .

But, as with many of his movies, the story is formulaic.

The concept was fascinating and interesting; the acting was on point; the cinematography looking amazing; and the sound design perfect.

I really, really wanted to like this film, as its premise is great and the storyline intriguing.

Which, of course, leads to this movies slow ass pacing.

This movie needed a compelling story to make the effects and this vision of the future seem special, and it didn't have one: all it got was this dead kid.

The movie's vision is also great - the whole futuristic world is shown in what are not just money/eye candy shots, but shots that really place you in the film's world and take you for a terrifically exciting ride.

The visual effects are amazing, and the tone of the film is finely balanced between dreary, rainy grey and futuristic blue.

But the over abundance of CGI, and the fact that no characters have any chemistry with each other, or the altered-reality world in which they exist, makes this a tedious, tiresome waste of noisy bedlam.

The casts craft a visually stunning movie that give a amazing plot portraying the US authority tries to stop murder cases from happening.

It was also very predictable.

, Report is mostly about morals, accepted ethics, and an intriguing look on just how far people are willing to go for their own survival in this "winner takes all" society.

It has the right touch of action and it will keep you entertained with it's intriguing plot.

It was slow, and Tom Cruise was once again full of himself.

Dull and predictable.

In Eyes Wide Shut he was criticized as coming off flat when, in fact, he unfolded subtly to match the slow pacing and revelation of that film's content.

Very Entertaining .

Probably most confusing to me is that while the film has some intelligent moments it also has some stupid clichéd ones too.

Instead, peripheral elements, such as the Magnetic Levitation traffic system that prevents traffic jams and the 'sick stick' that the cops use to incapacitate wrongdoers by making them instantly vomit, are more interesting than the contrived, drawn- out, convoluted story.

Please Mr. Spielberg leave good quality futuristic films for real directors as Ridley Scott and return to dull films like E.

Outside of the lousy cinematography, the pacing of the film is rather slow and the movie is rather predictable, and though some of the special effects are good, like the little robotic creatures, several uses are rather bad, such as the blind drug dealers eye sockets, and even the scenes with the cars, they look like computer cartoons!

After all the rave reviews, I left fairly empty.

The story is genuinely exciting and gripping, as a good conspiracy thriller should be, and keeps you guessing right through.

It may have dragged on for a bit long.

Full of action and suspense, and still dull.

In this film, he is quite compelling and he has a commanding screen presence, even when he's around so many interesting characters (terrific supporting cast).

Cruise is quite a good lead, but I think it is mainly the quite engaging story and fantastic special effects that make this more than just mystery thriller.

Watching Minority report is a complete waste of time !!