Miss Meadows (2014) - Drama, Thriller

Hohum Score



A story centered on a proper elementary school teacher who moonlights as a vigilante.

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Karen Leigh Hopkins
Stars: Katie Holmes, James Badge Dale
Length: 88 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 58 found boring (13.79%)

One-line Reviews (33)

Watch this movie that is a little predictable, but thrilling enough to keep you watching.


An intriguing concept stretched too thin .

Wonderful central performance lifts a mundane script .

) This movie is certainly not for a general audience, and I suspect that even many devotees of independent films might find it more strange than entertaining.

Everything in the story was fairly predictable, and it also never manages to have a consistent tone or attitude toward its characters.

But seeing Katie Holmes all dressed up like a giant baby girl holding a small gun quickly bores me from early on.

Miss Meadows' clothes, combined with her hairstyles and maybe the makeup, are the things that make this movie so enjoyable.

The tone is quite consistent throughout and it's enjoyable because the humor lightens the dark situations.

Other then the performance of Katie Holmes and her unique delivery of an eerie and at times creepy character, this film was boring for the most part and lost most of my interest by the time the second- act came around.

i found the film to be unpredictable and I didn't see the end(as subtle as it was) coming at all.

Some say Holmes plays too young character for her actual age, some say the film isn't funny enough, when it should be a dark comedy and some complain the story is too predictable.

Uniquely odd in some moments and unfortunately rather boring the rest of the time...

The result, despite the promising premise, is a very bland, vanilla, and ultimately pretty uninteresting movie.

The plotless of Miss Meadows unravels from a mess of confusion like spaghetti noodles sliding from a plate.

Here though, the filmmakers don't seem to have understood the power of their creation and have opted for the safety of the known, the cliché.


But unfortunately, it develops and ends exactly like other cliché Hollywood movies.

For those of you that love gripping vengeance films this one redefines the rules of engagement.

Pulp Fiction utilized an intricately constructed script woven with fierce dialogue as well as an evocative display of intertwined editing.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Like I said, I really liked the set up and concept of this movie and even the introduction of the film;s main character--but was ultimately disappointed with the bland and lackluster way they were handled.

This movie seems, with its rather low IMDb rating, to have a narrow appeal but I really enjoyed it, quirky and funny with a quite different twist.

It's also laced with an unmistakable pinch of right wing propaganda, with Holmes serving as a modern day female Dirty Harry, showcasing the unmistakable evil in society and the only real solution.

I really don't want to hate on Katie Holmes, but fact is, it was her performance that made many scenes of this movie unbearable.

It's quite refreshing in what it does and well worth the watch.

Suddenly the film felt predictable in the sense you could assume at least she would get away with it.

It is not the worst movie out there for sure but really, it develops very predictable and ends similarly, almost wondering how could it end now and like this?!

so tedious.

Sweet, Dark and Entertaining.

Impressively acted, enjoyable plot .

Worth watching.

This one certainly had potential with an intriguing premise and Katie Holmes in the lead who delivered a strong performance.