Miss Sloane (2016) - Drama, Thriller

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In the high-stakes world of political power-brokers, Elizabeth Sloane is the most sought after and formidable lobbyist in D.C. But when taking on the most powerful opponent of her career, she finds winning may come at too high a price.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: John Madden
Stars: Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong
Length: 132 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 32 out of 282 found boring (11.34%)

One-line Reviews (205)

I highly recommend it it if you like brilliant written thrillers.

I enjoyed it and the realness of it, Im surprised this didn't get more attention it was truly brilliant writing, acting and breathtaking.

The last but not the least, it's a great thriller, with an unpredictable twist and not boring for a moment.

However, as much as it was slow paced, it had some great moments.

I was very impressed, the character of Sloane was fascinating and it said so much about politics in the USA.

But it's still an enjoyable two-plus hours and an impressive calling card for writer Perera, not to mention another feather in the cap for the Golden Globe-nominated Chastain.

More entertaining than expected .

But her secret life of pills and paid escorts is dragged through the bill proceedings.

A gripping thriller of Stiletto power, political corruption, and stopping the gun lobby.

With an unexpected election outcome, director John Madden (Shakespeare in Love, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) and first time screenwriter Jonathan Perera may just luck out since their film can alternatively be interpreted as a scathing commentary on a corrupt existing system … the single biggest reason for that surprise election result.

Seriously terrible, formulaic, self-righteous political commentary.

If you're patient enough, it still works but I wouldn't be surprised if people are turned away by the tedious first 90 minutes and walk out the theater.

great film and easy to follow, despite similar themes of fast paced dialogue and complicated themes) ultimately, when you can't keep track of who is on what side and what is and isn't relevant to the film, you have a problem.

This role has been previously potrayed a few times, notable in the TV series "Scandal", but Jessica absolutely slays this one with so much unexpected power and energy.

"Miss Sloane" plays like a chess game, and it's a thrilling experience to see how the pieces are moved.

The payoff that would have made the movie decent was too predictable, it was telegraphed from the beginning.

There is no doubt that feminism is in the frame because if it was called 'Mr Sloane' then suddenly there is no story.

That makes for a compelling background to analyze how the process of pushing a lobbying issue works within the system.

Throughout the movie you can see her as very unpredictable.

40 minutes in I was bored & hubby fell asleep.

She has virtually no personal life (except for her visits to a local gigolo, played by Jake Lacy), she has insomnia (for which she takes pills – and then other pills to stay awake – so she's always working) and she's a "conviction lobbyist".

I saw it when first released i was super excited but it disappointed me but still enjoyable .

Intense, clever and captivating .

VERDICT: Chastain is sensational in this compelling lawsuit thriller that packs in a lot of political and statistical heat, which is sadly undone by the dumb final moments.

Obnoxious characters read off a boring, poorly written script .

The pacing is painfully slow.

It is a great movie and unpredictable.

A political thriller that is enjoyable and engaging.

Anti-gun propaganda film masquerading as a "strong woman" drama.

The most bare propaganda is at the end, when she says that prison is OK, "if you don't have a penis".

Confusing, head spinning movie .

Chastain gives a very powerful performance (possibly one of the best of her career), and her character is pretty fascinating as well.

As a result, where Sorkin could've made the words leap and soar, the rhythm of Perera's phrasing is often labored and flat and the tempo plodding and stagy, like swing music played by a marching band.

Long and boring political drama.

Sloane (Chastian) along with a gaggle of loyal staff set up shop at a small firm, immediately take the place over and shift their weight towards a gun control bill slated for a slow death on Capitol Hill.

+Chastain & Madden are a good team+Feels realistic, but the entertainment trumps all+Gripping thriller-First & second half feel like two separate movies8.1/10

The plot is overshadowed by gun hating propaganda.

John Madden's decision to cast Chastain paid off, She done her best with this movie, fully dialogue driven but totally entertaining with some twist and turns.

Worth watching!!

And yet, it manages to be a consistently gripping & thoroughly engaging ride, all because of Jessica Chastain's swashbuckling performance that single-handedly elevated this political thriller to a higher level.

It is powerful and engaging.

- Yet the facts included and the obvious need for change around the 2nd Amendment are compelling and fascinating.

If you like stuff with lots of politics, lobbying, people in a conference room talking at the same time as if on the trading floor of a stock market, all while phones are ringing and fast-paced music is playing, deadline-day deal-making, etc. if you think that that's fun and entertaining, you might like this film.

The direction was well paced, orderly, and engaging.

Chastain's unexpected Hollywood rise has led to more memorable roles this decade than arguably any other actress.

There's always a sense at once of both fierce determination and vulnerability to the character that makes Chastain's performance utterly compelling.

We were all directed into confusion just like Miss Sloane's opponents.

As the vulgar but intriguing opponent, Sam Waterston makes a case for Hollywood to remember that he still remains Oscar-less after an impressive career.

While i don't believe the ending as in this movie could happen in real life, it was good and entertaining.

this movie is straight told with unexpected moves.

And ofc some anti-gun-propaganda.

story was strong acting was strng presentation was strong and there is a big strong suspenseful ending.

its fast paced, intelligent and punchy script and very well executed.

Fantastic movie - exceptional acting, intricate plot, suspenseful scenes throughout and an unbelievable twist at the end, which was impossible to predict.

It's a dialogue driven story and lacks much in the way of real action but the characters are totally believable, the acting is first class and I assure you that will become thoroughly immersed in the story.

Just when think it goes this way, the movie makes an unexpected move and goes to a way that you won't expect.

Super brainy script, riveting performance .

At this level, the story plays out like a gripping political thriller and Jessica Chastain is brilliant in depicting the twin hydra-headed monster of attractive woman and political assassin.

This is a terrible film, which I had to turn off before the end because it was essentially incomprehensible.

It is difficult to follow at times, when the advisers start talking and plans are prepared and then executed differently.

The film is rapid fire, especially with its enjoyable repartee in more than one place.

And snappy, fast.

Well worth watching .

My wife Monica and I saw this movie yesterday and enjoyed it very, very much.

Movies is fast paced and the flash back and now is well balanced.

The first part is a tedious almost a hour and a half political and legal jargon filled introduction to Miss Sloane and her pompous must-win attitude.

BTW, see my review of Sicaro -- waste of time.

Boring - Hollywood agenda pushing movie .

He wove together a series of intricate twists and turns like watching an intense chess match leading up to the final ten minutes that had audiences literally cheering as the full scope of Sloane's game plan was finally revealed and we realize the chess game was won before the match even started.

But although the filmmakers acknowledge candidly that they expected an enormously different and more sympathetic political climate to prevail by the time of their picture's release, the point remains the same: When a contentious political situation is presented in a manner which is more favorably weighted to one side of the debate, drama can run the inherent risk of becoming propaganda.

I then brought in my partner to rewatch from the beginning and she fell asleep about 30 minutes in.

Good pacing, unexpected plot twists, solid acting–so what went wrong?

Entertaining, of course; brutally honest, yes; and thought provoking.

If you can't see past your own blinkered vision and accept that its a great story backed up by fine performances by everyone involved especially Chastain, then I feel sorry for you, if however, you have an IQ above that of an amoeba then prepare yourself for a really enjoyable, captivating, roll coaster like 2 hours of your time.

Awful virtue signalling bore .

A very engaging and captivating film almost from the start.

Playing Sloane's colleague Esme Manucharian – both a lady with a secret in her past as well as possessing a great name – Mbatha-Raw is just riveting and deserving of a Supporting Actress nomination in my book.

jessica's acting was worth watching.

The dialogue maybe immaculate and witty but it is often delivered unnaturally fast, that it often feels false and contrived to be believable as a real-life rolling conversation.

Don't waste your time like I did.

She's also a challenging character, as far as she is very obsessive, there's heft in her too, she suffers from insomnia and has drugs to get her to sleep at night.

) In addition, some of the plot points feel contrived, but, as a whole, this is one entertaining and interesting film.

) I found Sloane to be one of the more fascinating characters in this year's releases: I was never being sure whether her actions are being powered from a background of strong moral conviction (fuelled by a devastating childhood incident perhaps?

Gripping and suspenseful film with engaging dialogue.

This truly was a terrible waste of time.

tediously predictable political fertilizer .

Are you going to get bored or are you going to be very disappointed?

Congressional lobbyist played extremely well by Jessica Chastain keeps you on the edge of your seat, she manoeuvres well thru a jigsaw puzzle of tactics and strategy and manipulates a web of surprises like a pro.

The reality of USA politics is strange and idiotic and if this film is realistic, boring as well.

But as unsympathetic as she is, there is charm in her in a compelling moment when she runs a mockery of her court case, the obsession takes its place when she still gets her own way.

A riveting game of cat-and-mouse, standing toe-to-toe with other political machinery films of the last few decades.

While Miss Sloane can easily be judged as a political thriller, the thrilling aspects in the film rely heavily on action/reaction shots of the highly unexpected revelations of its supporting characters.

" or "What brings me into this boredom?

So, if you are a liberal who's looking for highly entertaining confirmation bias, this is your movie.

The plot is engaging with a few unexpected twists that will keep you surprised and interested.

Riveting portrayal of lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Definitely worth watching.

Given all this controversy, it may seem an odd decision to make a movie with a lobbyist as the central character, but if you have a compelling story, focused on a timely and controversial issue, and attract A-listers to star and direct… you have "Miss Sloane" (R, 2:12).

Stunning film .

That movie also tanked at the box office, but at least it was entertaining, clever, and true-to-life.

Intense and deep .

Twists and turns around every corner making it engaging on a level similar to that experienced when deconstructing a Shakespeare play.

Sometimes the fast paced dialogue heavy scenes are too much to handle, especially for a guy like me not always privy to this side of the world, but the gripping performances and an unpredictable plot prove to be more than enough to satisfy causal moviegoers.

This is about as exciting as drying paint.

There are some unexpected twists, and sometimes they're shockers.

Overall Miss Sloane is a good film filled with drama, court room trials, political stuff, attorney offices, meetings, fall outs, arguments, disagreements, loyalty, friendship, team work, togetherness, swearing, lots of dialogue, treason, deception, corruption, betrayal, love, some minor violence, gripping moments, mind games, good performances from Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong and John Lithgow and many other things throughout the film.

Great cast, compelling story line, excellent cinematography.

By the time the predictable "twist" about corruption was revealed, you'll be ready to fall asleep.

I initially gave this movie a 7 for despite the movie being clever, the slow first act and the lack of Sloane's backstory is a letdown to me.

A gripping and enthralling political thriller for all lovers of the West Wing .

Yet, like the four years to come for us, it is entertaining and instructive as long as no one gets hurt.

Super entertaining.

The only reason I wouldn't give this ten out of ten stars is because in a couple of scenes the dialogue between characters is a bit too snappy and contrived, which I found distracting, and the audiovisual aesthetics could have stood mild improvement.

But, they just went way too far and made a piece of propaganda.

Sprinkle in a love interest from Jake Lacy, a corrupt senator from John Lithgow, and a revenge seeking former employee from Alison Pill, and you have one of the year's most snappy and creative ensembles.

Jessica Chastain as a lobbyist is electric, her performance magnetic enough to be ceaselessly entertaining, in spite of her dipping in and out of the banal reality of politics at times.

But I give it an 8, just because the mind blowing TWIST.

Foresight and overshadowing certain, very touchy, issues dealing with sexual abuse, violence and emotional tragedy, seems to keep Miss Sloane afloat for the majority of its runtime, although, the high anticipation of the verbal sword fighting between characters acts more like cinematic action pieces than narrative adrenaline, something The Newsroom does without trying.

This movie is recommended only for propaganda film fans and left wing extremists who want to be immersed in a fantasy world in which taking freedom and the right of self-defense away from Americans makes them the good guys.

It takes the current Washington landscape which it turns into a fascinating thriller which examines that sphere of power and the people who occupy it.

Extremely smart drama that keeps you on the edge the whole time, with a remarcable build of the main character, regardless of the sex (btw Jessica is HOT AF).

It's also a riveting, intelligent, and surprising political thriller - the pace of the story is incredible, and it keeps the viewers on their toes from start to finish, never quite unfolding the way you'd expect, which ends up being even more satisfying and original.

However, should you have very biased gun views, pro-NRA, then engaging brain could be difficult for you.

The weak gun control arguments were predictably treated as strong, and the opposition's arguments were, of course, very weak, making this a propaganda piece, rather than a legitimate work of art.

All over characters who act and think like public opinion is some gameplay or ego-game - so the movie may reveal some truth about political bizz but it does in a rather boring way.

That said, even if you don't like politics or statistics being rammed in your ear, Miss Sloane is thrilling, compelling sometimes challenging and with Chastain's sensational performance there's still something here to enjoy.

Feel good movie worth watching.

The subject of gun lobbying and the US 2nd Amendment is something so mired in unsolvable rhetoric I'll admit it gave the script a dull edge for me from the outset.

The movie is overall quite enjoyable.

The ending of this film is what actually makes the 2.5 hours worth watching.

This is one of those movies where the ending really makes the movie and rewards you for sticking through the slower parts.

Her performance is again so powerful, thrilling and enigmatic.

Also there is one storyline involving a relationship for Sloane bored me and felt tacked on and unnecessary.

In short, the film thinks it's more clever than it is, it fails to surprise and is very predictable.

Superbly entertaining .

This was a little difficult to follow, specially by viewers who are not well informed.

Anti-gun feminist propaganda disguised as a thriller .

Jessica Chastain deserves an Oscar for her riveting performance.

Entertaining, educational.

There are a few worthwhile moments in the movie, mostly some jokes and puns, but, in general, its propaganda is showing way too much.

Mind-blowingly intriguing intro to the world of Washington lobbying .

I was on the edge until the very end.

My Rating : 8/10The intense, sharp and cutthroat performance from Jessica Chastain is definitely the highlight for me.

This is a great movie that is suspenseful right up to the very end.

Lead Difficult To Watch - Horrible Acting - Yet Issues Fascinating .

Boring for non-political people .

Would only watch if you're really bored .

It is really gripping and engaging and despite overly subtle hints, the final twist is quite convincing.

Because this movie hands down has the most trite overblown I am woman hear me roar speeches ever.

Mind Blowing!

" "Miss Sloane" features an anti-hero as a main character and focuses on one side of a highly controversial issue, but manages to be a surprisingly engaging movie.

With a powerful performance from Chastain as the flawed heroin, Miss Sloane is an entertaining slice of US legislature that tackles the touchy subject matter of gun control from a leftist viewpoint.

Boring and predictable.

While his demolishing, bone cracking kicks and punches were exciting to watch, they are child's play compared with the verbal melee you will be privy to enjoying throughout this movie.

I applauded the actors who created a world where you became immersed into the movie.

With exciting twists and the fantasy control of situations, like a female sort of "James Bond," Miss Sloane almost plays out like an action film rather than a drama.

The bad: the typical predictable turns and twists.

High-brow melodrama with verbal melee even more exciting than action thrillers .

Left wing anti-freedom propaganda .

Confusing as it may seem, still maybe that's how films treat our minds - we feel enough to stay.

So while I don't feel that John Madden necessarily succeeded in making one cohesive film, he absolutely succeeded in making a dang entertaining thriller.

The typical predictable Hollywood view of how studios need to comment on political life in the USA with a beautiful lie that all is well that ends well.

The political thriller had me on the edge of my seat the whole time like it was an action movie or a horror flick, and Jessica Chastain has the kind of charisma that keeps you rooting for her, even though Miss Sloane is not always the nicest person.

Miss Sloane has an intense and unpredictable story that flows at a very high pace, catching you up from the beginning.

As such, although thematically relevant, sharply intelligent, deeply effective, and extremely well-crafted, Miss Sloane probably—and unfortunately—cannot be judged as anything other than a curio, and a fascinating failure in its intent.

So the movie is indeed highly entertaining, as a piece of Hollywood thrill, because in the end, that's all it is.

The escort is the perfect combination of sleazy and possibly entertaining.

It was entertaining and with a good ending.

The film has a long running time and it starts off rather sludgedly like it is another film about political lobbyists and the games they play but it gets more fascinating as it goes on.

The rotten-to-the-core Congress, more than the sleazy lobbyists, is exposed in the thrilling final scene of this well-made film.

Jessica Chastain was convincing and extremely effective in carrying this film, absorbing herself into the role of the ice cold lobbyist, willing to do whatever it takes and not caring about the consequences she will have to face in the end.

Powerful moments like this occur throughout the movie thanks to director John Madden and writer Jonathan Perera not only to convey Elizabeth's formidable mindset but also to fan the audience's credulity so that when she plays her final trump card, the stunning blow is accepted without question.

It's also very surprising with unexpected events with a clever and great script.

They make testosterone fueled choices and go for expensive pointless non- scripts like 'Gods of Egypt' instead of low budget films that have a genuine script.

Underrated movie worth watching in these times...

productions and a few movies that have an obvious hook to them ("Marigold Hotel") and you get the sense that this is designed to be clever and entertaining above all.

The direction is a little bit rushed - it's hard to follow some of the dialog.

The dialogue is snappy and full of albeit scripted quips (big and smart words, I love them).

Predictable, Propaganda, Mildly Entertaining .

Much of this plays like an Aaron Sorkin spin-off, but it's surprising how few movies have focused on the fascinating world of lobbyists.

Intelligent and gripping .

What binds the whole two hours together is an extraordinarily skillful script by debut writer Jonathan Perera, which has both a gripping and ever-twisting story as well as a host of quotable lines.

But the end of the movie was unexpected and made up a little for me.

But as she grew, the story became more sufficient and exciting.

The subject matter of Miss Sloane breeds intense debate and the movie shows that accurately.

Cause these things can easily bore me.

Never difficult to follow, it has a couple of dramatic high points along the way, and a great ending - fair, but unexpected.

Later, she takes on a crusade to pass a bill through, but matters are complicated by individuals who have much at stake, and there's the eventual resolution, a very entertaining and powerful set of scenes that take place in a court, but that are more exciting than usual, and much of that relies on Sloane's fire.

I live in Norway, we have one of the strictest gun control-laws in the world, I am anti-gun and even I got some heavy propaganda-vibes from this movie.

We also get a look into Miss Sloane's personal life and what's the reason behind Miss Sloane's 18 hour workdays and insomnia.

The issue she lobbies for happens to be gun control, it could be anything and the plot would still move forward, in tact, with all the snappy dialog and chess like maneuvering just fascinating to watch and try to second guess.

Many of the other supportive actors were not good, which may have also caused the movie to be extremely boring.

It's entertaining throughout and whilst something doesn't quite ring true with the main character, well worth a watch.

I am conflicted whether this interferes with the flow of the picture or plants the flag emotionally within a plot which is at times very hard to follow, especially when the film descends into mumblecore now and again.

The film itself has many positive performances, it is well shot, and despite a slow start.

It can also be seen as a cautionary tale of what's to come, events of the plot eerily imitating what's happening in real life, maybe only with a bit more of unexpected drama.

Once the story settles some of the awkward exposition and backstory are quickly forgotten and the viewer will be rewarded with an absorbing contemporary drama.

That said, Miss Sloane is still a riveting little political thriller that is elevated to 11 by Jessica Chastain's brave, ruthless and calculated performance.

Once we gets over the initial slump, there's a turning point after which the film really picks up the pace for a thrilling finish although it comes a tad too late to save the movie.

Energetic with great unexpected twist!

The plot in the movie is very entertaining to watch which is why I enjoyed the movie.

It can be a little confusing at first and it's fast paced just as her character, Elizabeth Sloane is.

Boring, waste of the 40 minutes I gave it.

This movie is extremely boring from the beginning until the end, with only a very few scenes worth watching.

Engaging the audience with its chilling resonance, the film is often beautiful in its slick and smooth exterior, blended with its dark, and even at times creepy undertones of American politics.