Missing in Action (1984) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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Colonel Braddock launches a mission deep into the jungles of Vietnam to find the POW camp that he escaped from and free the Americans still held captive there.

IMDB: 5.4
Director: Joseph Zito
Stars: Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 13 out of 82 found boring (15.85%)

One-line Reviews (51)

One of the most exciting Chuck Norris films is Missing in Action!

Utterly atrocious, offensive to Asians, no story line.

This is a great Norris film that's exciting and well made.

There are better more laughable and enjoyable bad action flicks out there , for example "American ninja" or "Action Jackson".

This is the best in the "Missing in Action" trilogy of course the film Is so misunderstood and underrated it is an entertaining action film from Cannon Group Inc. and I love it.

Unlike the other two which are not great , but solid and enjoyable action flicks this one is bad , very bad .

Of course, we would have felt a whole lot better if the movie had actually been entertaining instead of dull and plodding.

Some tense action sequences include Braddock's quietly moving from his guarded hotel room to Tran's palace to retrieve the whereabouts of the POW camp, and his return..while rather unrealistic, it's still quite thrilling.

This must rate as one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

It's essentially Norris against the enemy, tapping into the scorn that was continuing to permeate after so many American lives were lost in a conflict that went on far too long including a cost that left emotional scars, gaping wounds that continued to bleed.

, That's Exciting And Well Made!

Banal action flick .

Thanks to the high-quality cinematography, the rousing, triumphant score, and the longer running time, Missing In Action has that big-screen feel.

Braddock going on his mission in foreign lands, dodging assassins while he tries to rescue the MIAs were pretty exciting and suspenseful.

Even if the finer details do not quite add up though, Norris is saddled with an interesting enough character to keep things plodding along, and the film suffices quite well as a story of a man reluctantly returning to Vietnam to settle unfinished business that he would really rather forget.

As with all the action stars of the decade, the hard body was an important component to their raison-d'etre, and Norris can be horrifically spotted aimlessly walking around bland rooms, his shirt either open or completely off, revealing his gorilla-like torso.

Boring, racist, brainless rubbish.

This is a great Norris film, and i highly recommend it!.

Missing In Action lacks in thrills and is so contrived, its a chore to get through.

If you want to watch a predictable, satisfying, simple adrenaline fuelled kill-fest, then you'll like this.

Chuck Norris is a complete bore throughout the film.

The one and only Chuck Norris stars in this daft yet nonetheless enjoyable action outing as Colonel James Braddock, a former POW in Vietnam who is determined to prove that the Vietnamese Government are still holding fellow American servicemen against their will.

Joseph Zito directed this rousing(if far-fetched) action film that stars Chuck Norris as Col.

It doesn't help that his character is kind of a dick, and it's a completely by-the-numbers war movie, but with all these bad guys dropping dead (by the tens) and the explosions, you'd think it'd be a little more exciting than .

I am a big fan of funny action films and thats what this is, it's action packed with real silly moments it's a good film enjoy it for what it is.

The pace did have a stalling problem leaving some dull passages.

Banal action flick from director Joseph Zito that capitulates from early on as it tries to take itself seriously.

For the most part "MIA" is extremely dull.

Not the best acted or the best story I've ever seen, simplistic and perhaps clichéd in many aspects but its an enjoyable film.


RATING: 8/10 - Because it's an entertaining bad movie...

Me and my cousin started watching it and laughing at the horrible effects, then we started dubbing in our own lines, it was great because the rest of the party was boring.

Claude Van Damme in their ranks, no less) perform their duties well and the action is glossy, explosive and entertaining.

I couldn't wipe the smirk of my face throughout the whole viewing, but hey it was surely entertaining in its holds-no-barred approach of exploitative violence, outlandish action pieces and obvious political propaganda.

While the pace, at least for the first half of the movie, may seem a bit on the slow side to modern viewers, that's just the way things worked back then.

I get that, and a really idiotic piece of trash like "The Delta Force" is also an immensely entertaining near masterpiece of it's type.

A lot of people found this to be dull, while i admit it starts off a little dull, it soon turns into action packed, and becomes a really enjoyable film!.

Don't waste your time.

It's somewhat similar to Rambo, however it's nowhere near as good, but still it's an exciting little flick, with exciting action and good performances!.

But for the most part, the movie is extremely dull; it takes more than halfway through the movie before Norris starts his primary mission, and the action sequences (the few that there are) are mediocre at best.

It just felt too slow paced and too irrelevant.

The film benefits from a rousing music score by Jay Chattaway and a delightful supporting turn from a moody M.

The stunning Lenore Kasdorf gets little to do.

Although there is some fun to be had, there are also many slow spots that derail some the overall enjoyment.

It's a predictable , shallow and brainless film , though it will appeal to Chuck Norris enthusiasts because of it contains some excellent action sequences (when Braddock shoots with his machine gun or scenes about bounds and leaps aboard a motorboat) .

great for those times when you're bored out of your mind on a rainy day.

Emmet Walsh delivers an unforgettable side-kick performance, and the film offers a riveting glimpse into Bangkok's seedy underbelly.

The main problem i had with this was, it really didn't have a main villain, and James Hong is absolutely wasted, however it makes up for it, with a fantastic performance From Chuck Norris and lots of exciting action!.

The scenes (beginning and end) in the jungle are quite simple, moderately enjoyable action scenes with some explosions (one big 'un) and shooting, though Chuck's emerging from the water is pretty cool (including the preceding laughter from the enemy).

Norris and Stallone both have had lengthy acting careers and have both made some intense movies.

Also, Braddock's return to 'Nam, infiltrating the camp, methodical in his approach to slipping in without their noticing, and the result as he eliminates the enemy while getting those imprisoned out is quite an action-packed, suspenseful finale.