Missing Link (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Mr. Link recruits explorer Sir Lionel Frost to help find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La. Along with adventurer Adelina Fortnight, this trio of explorers travel the world to help their new friend.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Chris Butler
Stars: Hugh Jackman, David Walliams
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 13 out of 84 found boring (15.47%)

One-line Reviews (71)

Pretty boring .

Not so missing, worth watching .

This is very creative, entertaining and suitable for a very wide age range.

It's arguably Laika's weakest so far, but it's still entertaining with outstanding animation.

Speaking of which, the humor isn't as smooth as it was in The Kubo And The Two Strings, there is a lot of extra effort that is to be dragged.

Took my 6 year old to see this think i enjoyed it just as much as he did very funny film lots of fun

This confusion is only exaggerated on when a romance between them starts to blossom...

Admittedly, the plot is rather predictable, as it's not hard to figure out what will happen on Frost's path of discovery.

Its fluidity makes the action more intense, a plus considering there are a fair bit of scenes with that as the focus.

The third act does however provide some unexpected thrills, particularly a sequence involving the characters dangling from a frozen bridge.

The romance angle and her character alone was so contrived, like Zoe Saldona's character joins the adventure after Link and Sir Lionel robbed her house.

It's too slow for young children, too boring and unoriginal for adults, and although there's plenty of jokes and slapstick, most of them don't lead to more than a snicker.

The main character is very under used and story is very boring.

There is a plot, story, and character development, but this goes at a slower pace, especially when compared with something from Disney or Illumination.

It had cool visuals but it felt like a movie you've seen before with a message done a billion times and just overall boring

The plot and writing are familiar and that makes it predictable.

What saves it is the characters and the always-impressive animation from Laika, which alone makes it worth watching.

For example, the journey and the specific events that happen during the journey may seem more comical or entertaining to younger viewers.

More laidback and lighter then other Laika media, Missing Link is an enjoyable bigfoot movie .

An entertaining score from Carter Burwell and some amusing original music.

It reminds me of a really exciting adventure film which feels like a mix of Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes and elements from a Western.

The action scenes are also brilliantly choreographed with plenty of suspenseful stakes to keep the viewers intrigued.

But all in all, although it has flawes, it's still enjoyable.

On top of that, it's consistently entertaining.

It was also kind of predictable, which was expected with a film like this.

Perhaps not the film everybody was missing, but still an entertaining watch from beginning to end .

But this film has a touch of familiarity in its script and that makes it predictable.

Also it's genuinely enjoyable, the story is original and fun, and I would believe sure to be a hit with younger viewers.

Fantastic animation as always and funny one liners from egotistical Hugh Jackman and what I assume is just Zach Galfinakis when he forgets to shave, does make this film very fun and they do take advantage of having the characters going around the world with some brilliant scenery but this film does hit pretty much every cliche you think a "find your family" buddy trip will.

It turned out to be quite distracting, and in the end may have been part of the reason I walked out of the theater glad I had paid only $4 for a matinee.

I would say it is targeted for children age 4-8, but being enjoyable for children up to 10 depending on how precocious they are about social issues.

For adult viewers these things can unfortunately be a bit predictable or cliché.

Totally worth watching on the big screen.

boring .

Another reason would actually be that I expected a oh so predictable plot development in which the title character would in the end have to decide between his "relatives" and his friend and while I was never sure which side he would have picked (tendency to the latter), I am glad they took a totally different and unexpected route from the moment onwards when he meets the other "Links".

Missing Link safely adventures across the globe showcasing Laika's stunning craftsmanship.

Not a classic, but entertaining, well done, with enough laughs that you will be able to say you had a great time.

Beautiful stop motion but a boring story .

Too much for the younger group, boring for the middle aged kids and head shaking for the adults!

However, what makes the story relatively engaging is how it's executed more as a character-drive narrative.

But parents should know that there is some typical cartoon violence and that the storyline might be a little too meaty for younger viewers who might get easily bored.

To put it bluntly, the film comes off as having been written by a committee of screenwriting students at a PC liberal university, who were more concerned with toadying up to the contemporary ideologies of the senior members of the committee than writing a brilliant, witty and engaging story.

I love the detailed style and sophisticated humor of Laika films; however, as a mom, I know some young kids are going to be bored.

The actual story itself is very simple and quite generic, but luckily the globe-trotting adventure includes several locations and scenarios for the characters to be in, which are all entertaining.

So, while it's not all that original and there aren't really any arcs, it is entertaining throughout.

Hugh Jackman is just the overconfident (and surprisingly selfish) journeyman, Zoe Saldana plays the fiercely independent woman we've seen everywhere nowadays and the villains are just stock baddies there for the sake of giving the protagonists some kind of obstacle to dodge, even if it did result in a thoroughly entertaining action scene here and there.

My only reservations were it was it just got a bit too silly and stupid at times but it was still enjoyable.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.

In addition, some of the scenes feel really cliché such as the "heroes argue while in a rather hopeless confinement" and the end fight against Stenk.

The relationship between Frost and Mr. Link leads to some entertaining interactions, and the situations they find themselves in are all fairly humorous, too.

The animation is stunning, as to be expected from Laika, and it really shows the workmanship that was put into crafting every bit and piece that makes up thus movie.

Where the story goes and the character arcs are foreseeable but the fact that they are entertaining and have a lot of charm, it's easy to overlook those aspects.

Some silly antics here and there keeps the adventure exciting, it's just unfortunate that the dry humour was incredibly inconsistent.

Overall, it's arguably the worst film that Laika has produced thus far, but it is still very entertaining and has great animation.

Kind of a boring film .

First of all, and possibly most of all, the animation that Laika use is absolutely stunning.

My 9 year old left the theater in better spirits than myself, although the film failed to make much of an impression since she has not had a single question or observation about it since the credits rolled.

Be it one character thrown at an icy wall, another moving to the side of a bench and he is so heavy that the guy at the other end is thrown up in the air or the bad guy helplessly going full retard on the ground affter receiving a (for him) bad message, it is incredibly funny and entertaining at times.

Arguably the visual highlights throughout are the breathtaking environments like the grand forests, gritty urban cities, and the vastly treacherous Himalayas.

This isn't the best thing from Laika, that honor still remains with Kubo but its a perfectly enjoyable animated film.

Given that this is a feature about discovering new worlds and never before seen creatures, that alone should be enough to make this an entertaining experience.

Beautiful stop-motion with impressive details, but young kids might get bored .

The ending was the only thing that saved the movie - the first part was dull and painful.

You sense the work and passion behind what you see on screen and the animation is breathtaking and even unbelievable at times.

With such beautiful stop-motion animation, even having an okay story results in an entertaining film.

I reccomend you see it, as it is an enjoyable film, and also to support stop motion animated films as most don't make a lot of money.

He's very charismatic, albeit also very selfish with his ambition to become recognised for his exciting exploits.

3 - It's pretty dang slow, most of the time you're just feeling like the film is filling time between action sequences.

Surprisingly, the action sequences are well done and actually quite thrilling, while still retaining the fun 'adventure feel'.

It follows just about every cliche' in the book, and it makes absolutely no effort to challenge itself, or the viewer in any way.

It also takes some unexpected - or, maybe, risky - turns and has a decent thematic underpinning.