Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.

IMDB: 7.8
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Stars: Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill
Length: 147 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 158 out of 1000 found boring (15.8%)

One-line Reviews (675)

Action but NO STORY .

Sean Harris returns as Solomon Lane who is as intense and nonchalant as ever.

You have be on the edge of your seat in breathless anticipation...

Excellent acting.. and Action packed!

As predictable as dawn each day .

Formulaic But It Will Get Adrenaline Pumping Through You .

Topping all of it's predecessors fallout has the most suspenseful and compelling story out of the franchise.

An entertaining larger than life tale of espionage .

Enough is enough, I will go back and enjoy the exciting roller coaster ride on the past MI films and throw this one into the "what a waste of time bin" .

No longer can you count on a funny, action packed larger than life scenario when you hit play.

I dare say without error that this is the best action movie so far this year, the director Christopher McQuarrie who is the first director to repeat a continuation of the mission impossible saga to polish what he did These action and adventure films have been missing for a long time, thrilling the audience with great action sequences, great special effects and, of course, a great story.

Cliché story, excellent action .

It was entertaining.

Tom Cruise definitely brings his A-game as Ethan Hunt; he's intense when events that transpire in the movie call for it, and he can pull off providing some levity when he needs to.

This movie is so real and exciting that it's one of the best theater-going experiences I've ever had.

A very mixed bag for me with long sections where I was quite bored and underwhelmed.

That really lost it for me because it made the rest entirely pointless.

Again Cruise and his team were enormous generous for giving this mind boggling adventure a great time to see and enjoying the experience.

And the problem with Fallout is that a big part of the story doesn't make any sense, and so it becomes more irritating than entertaining to watch.

Over the top action movie that was bored amd hard to watch.

It eventually organizes itself, and it becomes a simple story, filled with predictable twists and turns that ultimately accomplishes its mission: to support the fantastic action sequences.

Breathtaking action scenes, which comes from the fact that all of it purely practical.

At first I thought it would be nice watch in the cinema with my girlfriend, but it's so boring, very shallow.

Boring and long winded .

That they've been able to go this far and continue to make exciting action packed films that don't play to the lowest common denominator is something to be proud of.

They were so thrilling.

The story was pretty predictable, it was poorly thought about.

Personally if you're an adrenaline junkie you'll love this movie for the coach that are like myself that makes me feel like I've just run a marathon LOL!!

Rebecca Ferguson, returning as 'Isla Faust' from 'Rogue Nation' is given a rivetingly unpredictable role.

The motive of why the predictable bad guy Henry Cavill is not revealed.

The Mission Impossible series originated way back in the day and was picked up by Tom's Crew as a team of cunning, genius, intriguing characters completing cunning, intriguing, exquisite acts of hacking, infiltration, insertion, secret agent missions.

Great acting, an engaging story with awesome twists and some of the best action scenes just about ever.

While some of the twists and turns were pretty predictable (if you're a true MI fan), so what?

Combine that with bog standard cliché dialogue that had me rolling my eyes at times, and comedy that really didn't land (we're seriously still doing the "character doesn't notice something going on outside the window" gag?

This movie was completely breathtaking.

The writers need to find a way of making the climax exciting - perhaps with ambiguity - so we're not quite sure what outcome will be the best.

I liked the previous movies in this series but this one was just boring.

Honestly, plot was mildly interesting but of course contrived.

"good guys" and "bad guys", with a very tangled story which sometimes no longer understand, hard to follow!

Consistently slick and entertaining despite its complete focus on surface .

Breathtaking execution!

fake acting and no story mere action .

There are just too many convenient script points that make watching this movie an eventually boring series of reruns just in a new packaging.

Gorgeous scenery accompanies the action here (that helicopter chase was just amazing), as does some engaging, twisty-turny espionage (the additions of Cavill's moody Walker and Kirby's enigmatic White Widow help here).

Worst Movie in the Mission Impossible Series - Spoliers .

I absolutely enjoyed this movie and I was riveted to the screen from beginning till the end with all the fast-paced entertaining scenes.

Very predictable and boring .

The action is also very good, everything from fistfights to shootouts and chase scenes have that much needed weight to it and feel intense and meaningful, the fact that there are also actual stakes and what happens matters only adds to it.

An exciting and stylish film .

Intense and marvellous .

Apparently the last 40 mins are great (if you like action sequences) but I walked out after an hour because it was so boring - incomprehensible plot, silly characters, wooden acting.

A little bit too long but, action packed all the way through

But if your not between the ages of 8-15 teenage boy, stuck in the late 80s of movie making then dont even waste your time, because like me you will keep looking at your watch thinking how can this movie be this long and I really wanna go home...

I actually went to the theaters twice as I really enjoyed it.

I was baffled and bored after 20 or so minutes of this nonsense.

Mission Impossible - Fallout has some intense action scenes that are filmed in a cinematic way.

I've to agree, this is the best Mission Impossible installment in the franchise with also the best stunt work, the fight choreography is something I have to praise as it's breathtaking and realistic, superb!

Great acting by Tom Cruise as per usual, extremely captivating storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times.

The action was brutal, the performances were entertaining and the story gave little room to breathe among all the action.

The unbearable 56 year-old Tom Cruise convinces in the role of Ethan Hunt.

Luckily, when the twist happens the film takes an unexpected turn and doesn't go down the predictable road that has been taken so many times in so many films before.

Regardless of the tiresome story; seeing Cruise perform death defying dangerous stunts in exotic locations around the world is entertaining and sheer adrenaline fuel.

Overall it was a thrilling experience and a must watch.

Mind blowing .

Forget about riding the good old subway: simply sky-dive from stratospheric heights overhead with some cumbersome scuba diving equipment - thereby ensuring a good 10 minutes of adrenaline-infused free fall), to endow characters predictable from frame one with impossible moral dilemmas (should I save the whole of us 7 billion earthlings or just spare this one single life?

There were plenty of scenes that gave you a chuckle and temporarily took your mind off the intense plot.

Some stars given for the quality of the stunts and the camera work is very good, it's just that it has all been done before and when will Hollywood learn that we are all bored of their traditional formula.

They give you a brisk 147 minutes of pure adrenaline, pure poetry, lush locales, and some seriously deluxe, motion camerawork.

Here's a drinking game while watching this : every time a cliche like someone comes out dramatically from behind someone else, something happens at the last second etc happens, you take a drink.

But a really fun entertaining flick...

It's so gripping and awesome and the bathroom fight scene might be the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Highly entertaining and recommended.

Despite the expensive cast, it lacks of originality, scenario is quite predictable, mediocre acting..

Then the obvious evil agent, who killed every eye-witnesses of one of thr main fugitive (John Lark), nobody seemeed to suspect him (except all this dumb movie viewers, of course, that's so predictable given how dumb this movie is).

The set pieces were extremely enjoyable and proved to be some of the greatest action scenes of the year and maybe the decade.

Entertaining, well-choreographed film .

An amazing thrill ride of a movie from start to finish some amazing stunts visuals are stunning at times as close to a complete action film I've seen in years highly recommended

Since then, the action has been consistently impressive and the stunts mind-bogglingly intense.

This was a gripping and action packed entry in the ever improving mission impossible franchise

A compelling rivalry between Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill keeps you on the edge of your seat during a flurry of chase scenes and fight scenes.

Cliché after cliché and the plot is so basic, I can barely remember it.

Was going to give it a 10 but the storyline had some slow points.

I don't want to reject the possibility of this movie getting less score than what i gave but all in all this movie is fun to watch, a bit thrilling, has some psychopathic activity, a story of revenge and heroism and at the same time contains minimal unrealistic scenes.

even mr hunt was bored during the presentation and started staring at his shoes or some bug on the table...

High density action packed from start to finish.

Besides from these action sequences, Rob Hardy's lens helps make it a visually stunning film, building on the visceral nature of these aforementioned segments, resulting in the most beautiful spy film since 'Skyfall'.

I wouldn't recommend watching it if you've seen tons of action movies and are sick of these types of predictable action movies.

The best movie of 2018 You will stay on the edge of your seat for two and half hours .

It's boring.

go for this movie and let your weekend be jolly and entertaining.

It maybe similar to all the rest but I enjoyed it, pure escapism with gadgets flung in.

Practically no plot and completely unbelievable.

There is definitely some very stunning photography that permeates most of this film's scenes.

very nice moves, very predictable plot .

Woke up after an hour and was so bored that I stopped watching.

Keep making these Mr Cruise and thanks for entertaining us!

The two previous car scenes were pretty unbelievable as well, but at least they both didn't distract me, and actually were quite enjoyable to view.

It boasted of the typical MI pedigree - a good looking, sharp star cast, a fast paced, high pitch storyline with gravity defying stunts and continued twists and turns in the plot.

This time it was even more intense, with plenty twists and turns in 2 hours and 30 minutes, which is very satisfying.

And it's the breathtaking stunts that make this movie: there were audible gasps from audience.

Really well used in the scenes where it's supposed to play and get the adrenaline flowing through you.

Enjoyable .

Its bad, bad film, very bad and boring, slow bad boring, anoying aswell, dare i say predictable also.

An action packed movie ride.

Anywaym M:16 is still my favourite action film of the year that has gone leaps ahead from it's predecessors always trying to be more entertaining than the last, in which this one succeded.

Overall an enjoyable movie and certainly not boring.

Big, fun, adrenaline fueled action thriller .

I really enjoyed this movie because of mind blowing action scenes, otherwise story was lame and as if Ethan and his team has some sort of rocket speed wings which take them to any part of the world in seconds without any visa formality.

This movie puts you on the edge of your seat from the opening scene and doesn't let you breath until the end credits roll.

Thrilling with enough number of twists.

Secondly, some of the action sequences were too drawn out to really care how they ended.

Not only is the adjective now applicable, but such a plot is much more engaging and enjoyable to watch; constantly fast-paced and rarely letting up, it's such an exciting ride which you can't necessarily predict.

McQuarrie returns from Rogue Nation to direct again, and he does a superb job, the action scenes are flawless and captured vividly, but with out the hectic cinematics which have plagued so many actions films, making for an enjoyable experience rather than a headache inducing one.

Clearly, Cruise is an adrenaline junkie obsessed with making things appear as genuine as possible under closely supervised conditions.

Actually quite entertaining!

Instead, it's a damp squib, bogged down by a plot that manages to be convoluted and predictable at the same time, alongside turgid dialogue and stilted performances.


After a long waste of time ( as predicted) Tom Cruise crashes his helicopter into Mustached-Superman's aircraft.

It's a true action packed movie.

Oh, we're not done yet, we still have the fascinating storytelling!

Fallout was boring .

Nevertheless, this is still an entertaining ride.

In the end, Fallout is impressively slick and entertaining.

With this latest installment of the MI franchise it is again a mind blowing action packed thrilling game of who is who and what is what.

Lower-voltage scenes get a drastically reduced ratio and the hyperactive, dangerous, bold acrobatics by Mr. Cruise make full use of the overwhelming magnitudes of the screen, stepping up the immersive experience with a sound system as surround as only IMAX can do, conveying sensations of emotion and adrenaline, mixtures between danger and intrigue that, even knowing in advance that our hero is practically immortal, deliver a two-hour heart attack.

Great movie with plot holes and predictable ending .

(Parental Note: Mission: Impossible - Fallout has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA "for violence and intense sequences of action, and for brief strong language".

Wanted to give 1 star but giving 5 star for the sake of tom cruise's breathtaking and hardworked stunts!.

The tension is high, the scenery is spectacular, the stunts are breathtaking, the musical score by Lorne Balfe enhances every moment, and the cinematography by Rob Hard is spectacular.

Action packed and fast paced .

In addition, many of the story clues in the previous work are involved, so the fans of the series should get a more enjoyable watching experience.

There are 5 key action sequences in the film and all of them are a feat of breathtaking stunt work.

While I appreciated some of the action scenes which were truly great, this movie was very boring.

It's very predictable, and very annoying.

But it's not all about Mr. Cruise's feats, but also behind his amazing stunts there is a great cast that supports him greatly, a story that keeps surpassing itself with each outing, and the thrilling action that never stops.

Tom Cruise is totally insane, but, he does make some entertaining flicks, even in this 20+ year film franchise.

Things that are worth high marks are excellent stenography (we are flowing movie plot in London, Paris, and Kashmir), and film makers used it very much to hide that empty story.

This movie is total entertainment and engaging from start to end.

Boring because you knew exactly what was going to happen.

Just give me great action scenes, stunning visuals and great filming locations.

Actions scenes were good, yet certain ones like the car, bike and even the helicopter chase scenes felt somewhat drawn out.

With realistic action set pieces and a gripping storyline, Mission Impossible Fallout takes the Mission Impossible franchise to new heights by being the best action movie of .

We were reintroduced to the gang in a thrilling weapon dill with just the right amount of comic relief.

How can anyone be bored with all the action in this movie.

Whether it's a sequence involving Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and CIA agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) skydiving out of a plane or an intense car/motorbike chase in Paris or a helicopter dogfight, the action scenes in this movie are shot and directed so masterfully and they also evoke so much tension to make the viewer hold their breath whenever things are about to go down.

but as predictable and over the top as this film is, it allows for smoke breaks, leg stretching chats in the lobby, whilst still being able to pick up the action without too much trouble upon returning to ones seat...

Good predictable action movie .

Very entertaining!

So predictable and poor story .

Just an amazing action packed kick a%s movie from beginning to end.

The beginning mission statement was just a foreshadowing of how long and boring the movie could be and how many twists and turns it could take.

The diversity of action scenes and of visual impressions throughout the movie is really immense and absolutely enjoyable.

Every movie cliche, with little new or innovative.

Overall speaking very exciting movie.

Cliche, cliches, stereotype Sometimes I said "enough" Most times I said "as always"

And, things were predictable, and often the payoff explanations were trivial.

Cliche-ridden, unoriginal and uninspired no-brain "movie" .

It just beats out Ghost Protocol because of its incredibly tense and well done action sequences, a gripping plot, brilliant writing and great acting.

The craftsmanship is such that Chris McQuarrie and company managed to keep me on the edge of my seat during the climactic chase sequence even when I know damn well what the eventual outcome will be.

Because if they are as half as good as this one, they'll just as thrilling.

Once again mission impossible does a awesome and action packed fun .

It is unwatchable.

When i watch a movie i just dont want to be bored.

His direction is just as good, with incredibly filmed action sequences which are genuinely thrilling and breathtaking.

Henry Cavill, or cavell or whatever his name is, so easily forgotten - is utterly useless, unless you view him as a plank, planks can be made into shelves, used to light fires etc. The film goes on far too long, yawn, yawn, yawn...

This sequence had me on the edge of my seat, as the other films final "race-against-time" theme, did.

I mean how many times is this stuff going to happen before they decide plutonium bombs, car chases and near death by falling have become cliche and tiring.

Predictable MI film .

There were also two intriguing in-between characters, Ilsa and Walker, who constantly kept the audience guessing on which side they would fall.

By their own efforts, force-sensitive scavenging Jedis; vengeful ladies with psychokinetic skills and enhanced mental abilities or lethal combat prowess from ancient Chinese martial arts; drivers with good values ready for any racing madness involving high speed; young people experiencing memory or hearing problems thirsty for the adrenaline of a car, a motorbike, a yacht or a punch; supermen, superwomen, villains and anti-heroes who fight for stability defending their beliefs about peace, truth, love, hope, justice, "law" and chaos staunchly; top-secret agents/spies wearing elegant attire that, most of the time, emerge victorious from their missions; retired assassins who forcibly return to 'the Continental Hotel' by a puppy incident and characters and/or animated heroes who save continents, countries, cities, friends and families deserve their due respect and recognition both in the industry and in the history of film.

It picks up story threads from previous instalments as well as developing new characters in genuinely interesting and engaging ways.

Stunning direction, same old plot .

If you're looking for an action treat, this is the most thrilling ride in the park, worth every penny you pay and you will come out of the cinema humming the theme.

No plot spoilers in this review.

Boring and predictable .

Overall, if you watch it on a big screen with loud speakers and pretend there's no script you might enjoy it much more.

Predictable story, overly sentimental, terrible dialog.

Good surprise beginning, then a painfully boring concatenation of interminable car- and motorbike- and on-foot- chases (who on earth likes that?

Reviewers must be huge L Ron Hubbard lovers because this movie is a stink fest of bad acting, bad writing and a cheesy AF story line full of cliche after cliche after cliche.

Contrived and annoying script with stilted, forced dialog and overly convenient plot devices.

Entertaining .

Nothing amusing, full of uninspiring scenes and predictable action.

olive that you do your own stunts but I found myself looking at my watch for the second half of this yawner.

Tom Cruise steps out of his comfort zone and does the most intense stunts AN ACTOR has ever done.

Dear cristics, from your point of view is a : boring, self centered, bad(from twists to plot) etc etc. Why you still watch Hollywood movies then just to expose your "well argumented and documented" negativity.

The accompanying cinematography including narrow Paris alleys and a mishmash of a rocky landscape from Kashmir and Norway fjords are breathtaking.

the story takes place in Numerous location ranging from europe to kashmir in india, the bike chase in paris to nightclubs in berlin,the chase is endless and adventure is adrenaline filled .

All the plot twists were so predictable that it almost looked like a parody.

Thrilling, compelling and entertaining.

Overall, I enjoyed it.

Action packed no-brainer delivers on what is expected of it .

Very clever way to keep the viewers watching, gripping and clever.

Now I love a good action movie, but this was all action and no story.

what a boring movie .

The worst movie in the MI series.

Some scenes were dragged out too long as well.

I can safely say this has to be one of the most gripping and exciting action movies i have ever watched.

This movie flows perfectly from one action set piece to another with memorable comedic and thrilling plot elements from beginning to end.

A twist around every corner, gripping dialogue to keep you invested every step of the way.

Not surprisingly, seeing as McQuarrie has always been a more blunt-force kind of action filmmaker, this sequel is arguably the most bruising and intense.

The Most Exciting Mission Impossible Movie Ever .

The halo jump was so predictable.

There are too much twists and turns, but not only are there too much of, but they are also very predictable so there is never really a surprise element.

In my opinion, Mission: Impossible is the single most impeccably entertaining spy franchise in history.

Protracted and very predictable action scenes, a lot of clichés in order to appease today's PC society (and Portland), a very old and overused plot, strange image quality - have they deliberately added grain?

Breathtaking shots and amazing soundtrack.

2 plus hours of thrilling nerve-racking non-stop action, with only an occasional moment to barely catch your breath, then you're back on the edge of your seat again.

This filmmaker not only has the necessary qualities to pull off another strong Abrams-produced production, but also finds time to expand his scope as a screenwriter while giving his own personal seal as an artist with powerful and always focused additions that embellish the cinematic process in a fascinating way.

A few good action scenes, Overall bland, Predictable plot twists.

Why the story has to get so boring at the end.

That's because this entry delivers a compelling action story of international intrigue as well as any Mission Impossible film to date.

Unbelievably boring and plotless .

Kudos to him for all that he brings to the table and a big shout out to the director for giving us a thrilling movie to watch with a great focus on characters...

All in all an entertaining movie filled with action.

(I was dragged to see the latest Avengers movie, which I did not like, case in point!

Boring .

The Impossible Mission saga once again surprises us with a fascinating and entertaining new installment, Fallout, following the fantastic tradition of offering us incredible scenes with fantastic choreography and tense moments, Fallout probably becomes one of the best in the entire saga.

The cinematography is breathtaking, with many beautiful breathtaking shots of mountains and cities.

I dislike all CGI action packed idiocy.

') with breathtaking views of familiar city skylines and Norwegian fjords masquerading as some Asian inter-border war zone.

As said before, the action entertains in the moment but if I were to go back to any Mission Impossible movie I know it wouldn't be this one, as not only is the action less inspired but the story is too, with out of nowhere character moments, and a cliché diffuse the bomb story, and a predictable secret agent betrayal, the story had me snoozing and just checking my watch hoping it would end soon.

While some of the action set-pieces go on a bit too long (the motorcycle chases all start to look the same after a while), any claim to plausibly is thrown out the window (mastering helicopter controls looks pretty easy), and the 'comic relief' is a bit strained, MI#6 is an entertaining hyper-action flick.

Its like a dark hole sucking you in the their intense world.

It follows the FORMULAIC approach, the pattern of its previous films without really trying anything new.

The story line was predictable, with occasional unrealistic scenes even by action movie standards.

Not that other movies did not done this before, they did, but somehow "Fallout" was extremely entertaining because of that - there will never be another Tom Cruise in our lifetime.

A particular highlight of the film was the halo jump scene, which was simply breathtaking.

Yes, he's got a good stride all right, but those scenes are so contrived that you get the feeling the production crews of his films must deliberately scout out locations that would look particularly photogenic for him to run through.

Way too long .

And yes, the scenes between all the visceral mayhem seem like languid preludes or clear setups.

It is just thrilling to see him this phenomenal at the age of 56.

At first I thougt it a bit too much to call this one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Stunning visuals, great camerawork, and smooth transitions, make this a great film for some fun action.

I lost my interest in action movies lately, do to the repetitive style of comedy; after seeing Mission: Impossible - Fallout, it gives me hope for the future of action movies.

You shouldn't be going to this one if you get bored by them or expect more drama.

If you want a film that has great cinematography and is action packed this is the film to watch.

To me every action scene was breathtaking.

Good film, very confusing in parts.

Strong chapter but boring villain .

Mind blowing stuffs.

Hollywood is producing more and more plotless and shallow movies and muricans are rewarding them for it.

Had to split this into 3 viewings and had to check the ratings twice, because it was so boring.

It's ridiculously predictable, the plot mostly feels like your average 24 or NCIS episode.

Action packed .

I must say that every single action (and non-action) scene of the film is very enjoyable.

The story is intense from the get go and it only gets amplified as plot progresses as McQuarrie concocts a gripping plot around jaw-dropping action set pieces and makes even the dramatic moments brim with charged intensity.

FALLOUT is the latest thrilling instalment of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise; I've been a fan of these since the third part which remains my favourite overall.

Tom Cruise , as always, is excellent and some of the stunts are breathtaking.

Bond and Marvel movies can never achieve this level of perfection like the Mission:Impossible franchise, and CGI is spoiling the way movies are made because people want to watch a film that keeps them on the edge of their seats with great characters and plots.

I started for some reason watching Ghost Protocol (MI4), and from no prior knowledge I had incredible enjoyment with the set pieces, thrilling action sequences and fantastic character and actor chemistry.

It felt intense and very real, just as it had almost no cgi in it.

Really well used in the scenes where it's supposed to play and get the ADRENALINE flowing through you.

Each of them put together some stellar performances to make the movie really awesome and enjoyable.

The expected turned to the unexpected during the movie.

They also exploit every cliché possible in the action movie book.

Predictable plot twists, not much originality, and in the desire to pack in as much as possible, excessively long at two and a half hours.

Despite all the noise, bangs and car tyre screeching, I fell asleep after half hour.

And Lorne Balfe's intense, rousing score provides added momentum to a picture already sprinting in top gear.

I havent seen an action movie this tense and enjoyable in a very long time.

I liked the bathroom fight scene which was visceral and entertaining.

Cavill delivers a thrilling performance.

In terms of jaw-dropping stunts, intense high-stakes action and character depth, this film exceeds all expectations and brings the entire series full circle connecting all its previously disparate strands in the most elegant way imaginable.

Mission Impossible: Fallout is not an awful movie, it's an awfully boring one.

It's filmed well and acted well but the script is so bland.

He managed to go above and beyond by delivering an intense, darker and satisfying enstallment to the franchise which in my opinion went above the quality of GP.

And the director captures it in such a way that half the time I was gripping my armrest as if I was in danger and I haven't experienced that in years.

Anyway, I think that Tom Cruise has done every stunt known to man by now, so I think it's time for him to hang up his "adrenaline junkie" shoes, and try something new to entertain audiences.

There were some surprises, but some of it was a little predictable..Still it is a fun movie and very entertaining.

His sidekicks are very entertaining.

The narrative is dependent on a series of very entertaining plot twists, the first of which involves Hunt and his team deceiving nuclear weapons expert Nils Debruu into revealing where an arms dealer named The White Widow (Vanessa Kirby) is planning to meet Lark.

For the worse, while they obviously tried to make it more complicated, in contrary it is more childish and boring.

Boring and unnecessary, mood bad.

They're down as thrillers, which should have me on the edge of my seat.

And last but not least, Mission: Impossible- Fallout also boats good editing and sound and an ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat with your teeth chattering.

I liked how Cruise (ageless at 56) sometimes gets knocked down or fails in this one, and the stunning shots in Kashmir.

Whether you've followed the Mission Impossible series from the beginning or you're just getting acquainted with it now, this installment is worth seeing for the sheer adrenaline/action quotient.

This section is called "the longest 15 minutes of my life" In a display of pure cliche and a hard try attitude to make a whole movie out of 3 scenes, the 15 minute countdown to the explosion has brought the whole cinema to start laughing and joking each time the timer was shown.

Entertaining .

they Bring back grumpy BORING Villain from last film ( LAZY ) , create some UNBELIEVABLE life or death tension between characters who are meant to be ON THE SAME TEAM.

Thrilling and exciting throughout.

Plenty of movies have ridiculous, over the top stunts, but this movie is the first in a long time that made those stunts look fluid, unpredictable and even believable, even if we know they are absurd.

MI6 - Fallout is a fast paced, very enjoyable action movie that never gets boring for the glimpse of a second despite almost 2.5 hours running time.

old plot we all have watched it in many movies then story line was easily predictable,they using same technology in every mi sequels its really irritating.

You expect subterfuge to the highest level, plot twists, surprises, action packed scenes that are larger than life, etc.You get all of these with this movie.

From the moment Tom delivers his first stunt, the movie is pretty much a non-stop rollercoaster that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

so save your money and find another hobby.

canon has a plodding and predictable beginning that had me wondering if the franchise had run its course.

In the first hour and a half it was pretty good actually and then in the last 45 minutes or so it went completely downhill and became extremely predictable.

Don't waste your time or money on this.

This movie was so good a little boring at first but once it got to the second act i was on the edge of my seat

The action sequences were top notch and excellent and the music felt more engaging like the first Mission Impossible movie.

Tom is looking a little bored.

No way, this is one of worst movie I ever seen.

All in all, a waste of money and time and this film needs all the fake bought reviews for it to lure people to the theatre...

Maybe they didn't like them because they all looked too pretentious.

The stand-off in a car park, brutal fight sequence in the gents, a riveting motorbike chase through the streets of Paris, a rooftop chase from St Paul's Cathedral to the Tate Modern, helicopter battle; and a clifftop climax.

American bond - that is fast paced and funny - minus the PTSD.

There is real chemistry between the characters and it is a really entertaining movie.

Tjhis movie is way too long.

As much as I enjoyed it though, the run time maybe dragged on because I had to check the time to see how much of the movie was left.

Confusing script and some bad actors.

And the worst sin of all is that this one is way, way, way too long.

The plot of the film is unexpected and effectively written.

Fallout is thoroughly entertaining.

It kept you on edge and it was very engaging.

Full of cliches, boring fights, and chase sequences, the movie moves along with twists every few minutes.

Adrenaline rush at its highest!

Bigger stunts with cgi are SOOOO boring.

Confusing Hard to Follow MI Entry .

It is mind blowing!

Worth watching in theaters!

Absolutely terrible, predictable.

This film is highly enjoyable.

High speed adrenaline rush that delivers every time.

They may not top the data core scene from the last installment, but they are still absolutely breathtaking.

Tom Cruise pursues him in a helicopter, leaving Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson (The nicer Swedish lady) to stay on the ground too watch Tom pressumably die in a helicopter, because that's how predictable the plot is.

Woman looking for villain in a log cabin on snow (Insomnia) Focus on gadget-laden main character not allowing anyone to die (Dark Knight Trilogy) Motif focusing on choice between personal attachments and the greater good (The Dark Knight) Lead character choosing between catching a villain or letting someone close to them die (The Dark Knight) Villain having half his face burned (The Dark Knight) Extracting villain from a van, with Zimmer-copied music (The Dark Knight) Anarchy loving villain using two bombs at once to make a challenge of finding either (The Dark Knight) Copy of Dark Knight theme as team arrive in Kashmir (The Dark Knight)Low tracking shots following motorbike in a tunnel (The Dark Knight) Van falling slow motion into water, anti-gravity shots, water pushing in (Inception)Sudden foot chase to music copying Zimmer's Mombasa tune (Inception)Using Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge location in Paris (Inception)Character saying "I have to do this one last job...

Perhaps the worst offense of all is the way that this film distrusts the audience to handle its formulaic and simplistic plot (even resorting to show us a flashback of something we saw just a few minutes earlier.

His stunts were thrilling and indeed "impossible" .

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is a very boring movie, like all the movies of this kind ...


I fell asleep in the first hour.

It's so bad it's just unwatchable.

Both are mindnumbingly boring.

This is definitely a thrilling action summer blockbuster film surpassing Skyscraper though, in my opinion, I feel you can't compare these movies as they are on different levels.

The action and the stunts are jaw-dropping intense, there's some nice moments of comedy (mainly from Pegg and Rhames), the cast is excellent, the characters are developed further (as much as they can be in an action movie) and while there are moments that stretch plausibility, the rest of the movie is executed so well that I could easily look past it.

I did found Sean Harris' performance this time around to be rather bland just because I expected much more from him considering how well he brought Solomon to life in "Rogue Nation".

This film's chase sequences on Paris felt exciting to watch and tense, especially as events unfold and catch you off guard leaving you guessing what will happen next.

This was action packed, from the twists and turns to the superb music.

One could tell that the cast and crew really cared about delivering a good movie for the audience: the plot was surprisingly good (for a 6th movie you'd expect something completely exaggerated and dumb because it's a commercial movie); the script and dialogue was good and complex (but sometimes had very cheesy, cringey , and awkward lines); the action scenes were very enjoyable, bringing pleasure to the viewer (unfortunately, some scenes were produced in a unenjoyable CGI and you could notice how fake they were); the acting was very good, but nothing out of this world.

Entertaining but very predictable and déjà-vu.

Here's where it gets really dull and stupid: In order to get the plutonium, the woman from Netflix recruits Tom Cruise to rescue that same bad guy he captured two years ago (The guy from 'The Borgias' ...

A pumped, full of adrenaline, exhilarating and fun action film that brings both critics and audiences alike a more solid take on the MI franchise.

One who watch the movie had some thrilling two and half hours.

Dull and slow moving-- filming competent--direction OK I suppose actors are usually competent unless misdirected.

Well, you don't need a science degree to know that if you were wearing such a thing, you wouldn't be able to see a damn thing, because of the intense glare.

I was on the edge of my seat for two and a half hours!

Really enjoyed it.

Some of the critics made a hobby of bashing pretentious directors who loves to put his/her signature in his/her films.

All good spy thrillers have a couple of really cracking plot twists that are usually completely unexpected.

Then enjoyed watching on YouTube the Graham Norton show the entertaining interview with the film's stars.

Cause severe audience confusion by attempting to create multiple plot lines that stop as soon as they're started - force in a romantic story arcs that have NO substance in case you offend someone for a kiss scene ...

But it wouldn't be the hugely entertaining film it is if everyone wasn't firing on all cylinders; from the pitch-perfect supporting cast (Simon Pegg's comedic sidekick, Rebecca Ferguson's MI6 agent, Henry Cavill's undiplomatic CIA henchman) to the behind the scenes crew.

Queue, pretty girl, car chase, motorcycle chase, helicopter, boat chase, gunfights, token characters, confusing plot, nothing new to see here, folks, move along.

An adrenaline charged thrill ride!.

Max(Kirby, imitating Redgrave beautifully) is the daughter of her namesake from the first movie, and is even more compelling than her(no easy feat), as well as given more to do.

Be rest assured that the stunts in the movie are breathtaking and perhaps unseen on celluloid.

Too many dark scenery, too much (dull) talking which doesn't fit in MI, too slow overall tempo, the lack of true MI mind blowing action scenes and lack of plot dynamics...

I only watched this because my wife likes action packed boring nonsense, I've read some of the reviews and the high ratings almost seem repetitive like maybe they are not real.

It's the same old cliché action movie: Oh no some bad guys, you must save the world!

This was a brilliant action movie from start to finished, fairly fast paced with some brilliant action packed scenes.

Hollywood's most consistently entertaining franchise churns out another winner.

Photography, stages, scenarios are accurately choosen to enrich the experience with colour and breathtaking shots.


Definitely worth watching in the cinema.

The breathtaking stunts, the direction, acting, casting, story, and almost everything else.

An entertaining action film full of marvelous stunts, thrilling set pieces and exciting chase scenes.

I say good because that's where my only real critique comes in; the typical M:I twists and turns are a bit too predictable in this installment.

Predictable and unoriginal.

McQuarrie, Cruise and the creative team found new ways to push the envelope even farther and it made for a thrilling trip to the theatre.

The big action set ups in Paris and London are memorable, injected with exciting score by Lorne Balfe.

There really isn't much wrong with this film, the storyline is well crafted, with enough new intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat, whilst keeping the familiar, and a stellar returning cast for supreme continuity.

Bored .

This is a stunning film, and the best-looking installment in the franchise by far (no small feat considering Oscar winner Robert Elswit shot both GHOST PROTOCOL and ROGUE NATION).

After an action packed scene finished, the next action packed scene began.

In general it's clever, and engrossing.

Tom is still refreshing, energetic and ageless with his mind blowing stunts and coolness.

And I thought the MI #1 was hard to follow...

A wild and exciting ride that wont disappoint!

Predictable till the end, Nice Visuals / Boring story

I enjoyed it.

Henry Cavill was underused and Angela Bassett pointless.

But through a few well-placed tweaks to a familiar, tried and trusted story line, Mission Impossible: Fallout succeeds in being both entertaining and suspenseful enough to keep the old grey matter sufficiently engaged over the film's two-and-a-half hour duration.

I think the best scene for me is when the secretary showed up in the safehouse, TOTALLY UNEXPECTED but it made me feel like there were dire consequences here and the whole scene kept me on the edge.

Entertaining action movie .

The rest of the cast is fascinating and trustworthy as ever.

' McQuarrie is clearly aware that intense action is not intense without the audience being emotionally invested in the characters.

After watching this movie, your Mission Impossible will be to find a movie as good as this one because it really has taken cinema to a bold and enjoyable and scary new place.

Knowing this is a Mission Impossible movie, the predictable twist in the first half of the movie seems lame.

The movie is so riveting and well done, and Tom Cruise's excellent work as Ethan Hunt makes his character feel real.

On the plus side, it's a fast moving action film, but it's really confusing and hard to get the characters straight.

Thankfully, by the final act of the film all my questions had either been answered or simply brushed aside by the breathtaking cinematography and action.

Too much cliché.

Some fine action but an empty movie .

If one hasn't seen the most recent M:I movie (Rogue Nation), then this movie will be very difficult to follow.

The movie was an action packed ride, saw things I had not seen before in movies, something that I expect from Mission:Impossible, and it did not dissappoint.

Save your money and go watch anything else .

I wasnt a fan of Henry Cavill as he was his usual boring self.

Harris and Ferguson, along with the otherwise-excellent Angela Bassett, are given relatively meagre screen time, dominated by tedious exposition, unintentionally hilarious attempts at pathos and smirking pantomime villainy respectively.

Very slow start with not much plot.

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise have, in this film, made one of the strongest American action films in recent memory, forging a visually stunning and technically fantastic film.

The climax is breathtaking.

Mindless entertainment, but still entertaining .

No story, only action .

Completely action-packed and exciting!

The set pieces are bigger and more exciting than ever.

At times around the 2nd act of the film, I felt a little mixed but picked the pace back which got some confusion.

It's pretty much the same type of twist as in Rogue Nation, but this time McQuarrie made it overly complicated and yet somehow predictable (I mean did anybody not expect Henry Cavill's character to be a bad guy?

I was sweaty when we left the theater .

Man was it intense!

My wife who hates action movies enjoyed it so much!

Because only the braindead can enjoy another boring sequel like this one.

Excellent, thrilling, visually dazzling- a great time at the movies!

Boring predictable cliche boring predictable cliche boring predictable cliche .

Let's just hope that Tom Cruise stays safe as he does his breathtaking stunts.

Besides this, the performances featured here further enforce that strength of the film as a whole, with newcomer Henry Cavill proving an intimidating, brutally intriguing counter to Cruise's protagonist.

Shots are breathtaking, and the stunts are phenomenal.

A film that has some of the best and most thrilling action scenes ever filmed and a story that kept me genuinely intrigued.

03/14/2019 About as good a fast paced thriller as any viewer could ever hope for.

Near the halfway mark I was ready to leave the theater.

Fallout is a constant surge of slick action and riveting stunts.

The first one being a classic in my opinion, the second one being alright, the third one being a great comeback, Ghosts Protocol being a very fun flick and however I found Rogue Nation to be a little underwelming, it was still a very enjoyable film.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout is quite the rousing picture.

Sean Harris as Solomon Lane is the closest this franchise has to a traditional compelling villain.

What a waste of time.

But the execution of all the elements from the previous entries have been perfected to give you a thrillful helicopter chase with engaging character moments.

good adrenaline filled action movie .

A globe trekking, twisting-and-turning, intensely exciting sequel that continues and expands the reigning power of this unlikely blockbuster franchise.

"Mission: Impossible-Fallout" by Christopher McQuarrie smashes, on several occasions and ways, big-budget action movie tropes much like contemporary classics do, moving away from the artificiality of danger to get fully into building a true-blue adrenaline rush.

The story was pretty cliche.

Waste of actors time and way to ruin careers and paint them as commercial.

No story, weak characters, even the action sequences aren't that good.

Extremely predictable and a huge amount of plot armor

I'd also like to mention about the connections to the previous series, which is really exciting for the fans of the whole series.

Tom Cruise may not be over the hill, but in several of his action sequences his reaction time appeared noticeably slow.

The characters are bland, the soundtrack is out of place, and the action is just cheesy and uninteresting.

The movie is an action packed thrill ride from start to finish.

Secondly, the last action scene with the helicopter was way too long and definitely over the top to the point of it being comical to me.

In a sea of mediocre and uninspired action movies, Christopher McQuarrie managed to keep the genre tense and exciting.

Film doesn't falsify reality, imitates it, for this reason, those breathtaking, stunning- in the vast majority truthful -set-pieces are an out-of-this-world experience, where suspense, adrenaline and enjoyment are involuntary reactions to a cinematic cocktail everyone should see.

Tired and predictable .

Too predictable, too long, too cliché .

The story was certainly the most compelling of all these movies.


Impeccable stunts, great story and soundtrack, not once second of the movie is wasted, as it is to tightly action packed, it doesn't give the audience a moment to breathe.

I have seen far worse and boring James Bond's.

Everyone gave it their all and the action was intense.

Bad movie full of cliche and nonsense.

A nuclear bomb to get from a terrorist in a thrilling hunt with spectacular action scenes and beautiful images.

Simply the most entertaining movie you will see this year.

That said, this is a minor flaw and when the finale occurs it is a pulse pounding assault to senses that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Finally, a good and enjoyable film from this year.

Over all thumbs up to Tom Cruise still at this age and mind blowing action.

Propaganda = me not paying to watch MI movies anymore .

I didn't really believe Hunt or his team were going to die, or that the bomb was going to go off, etc, but through shots like Halo jumping into a lightning storm, riding a motorcycle into oncoming traffic (one of the most well done chase scenes I have ever seen), or the mountain helicopter scene, I was left in awe and on the edge of my seat to see the resolution.

Mission Impossible: Fallout was probably one of the most entertaining experiences I've had at the movies in a long time: the set pieces are phenomenal especially the Paris sequence, and the helicopter finale is great while also being entertaingly implausible, because who'd have thought that choppers could become bumper cars when they're crashed and about to fall off the edge of a cliff, all while Tom Cruise is trying to disarm the nukes from Henry Cavill, Superman himself.

I was utterly bored,so will you.. Avoid!!!

Stilted acting, with the exception of Alec Baldwin, way too many chase scenes (they seem obligatory these days), formulaic plot - is that enough?

I waited it out until the bitter end and what a waste of my time it was.

I enjoyed the first 90 minutes of MI:5 as far as a fairly pointless action movie that didn't have much plot...

With top notch acting from Tom Cruise (playing Ethan Hunt) and cinematic action shots framed more like a Wes Anderson art piece, this movie was a non stop thrill ride with unexpected twists (per usual) and iconic "I knew it moments" that stayed true to brand.

97Quite frankly, the only thing I thought to myself as I walked out of the theater after seeing MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT was "wow, I wish I could have seen that in IMAX.

He was such a boring villain.

How can a sixth film in a franchise be this phenomenally breathtaking?


Fun and Entertaining .

Overall, very entertaining and look forward to the next one!

There are no less than four sequences that are genuinely jaw-dropping in their execution, featuring crunching hand-to-hand combat, an invigorating car/motorbike pursuit, an adrenaline-pumping roof-top chase on foot, and a ballsy helicopters-playing-chicken sequence beginning with an unbelievable stunt.

Still its worth watching for Tom Cruise.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time.

great trick photography, and assured direction make it a riveting film from beginning to end.

The story felt flat to me and all of the characters (even Ethan Hunt) are so boring to watch except Ving Rhames as the hacker Luther a character I hardly care for before this movie.

Still, very enjoyable.

The action feels grounded but still thrilling in a way the endless march of over the top marvel movies never do

Ultimately leading to you being on the edge of your seat.

I've seen the argument presented that by the end it doesn't make sense, and is overly difficult to follow, and I'm not sure I disagree.

McQuarrie has taken everything that has worked within the series, as he did in 'Rogue Nation,' and escalated them through stunning tension.

Overall: This motion picture offers quite a thrilling ride.

But there's more action and more unexpected twists.

Cliche, repetitive .

The script is the best of the MI movies to date and the action is thrilling and at times brutal.

They managed to miss out on everything that made the other modern mission impossible movies great and instead made a two and a half hour snooze fest.

The Mission Impossible movies have been renowned for their thrilling and original action set pieces, so how does this one stack up against the others?

The aerial views of Kashmir were great and in a hard to describe way, helped me to stay on for the bland ending.

The action, the realism, the stunts, etc. Pretty cool and exciting.

At the end, I just couldn't care about the plot device characters, the boring twists & turns & unbelievable yet predictable story turns.

Honestly, this movie was boring.

IMF group care about your time and watch out you don't waste your time by watching IMF'S last product.

The story was predictable and over dramatic but other than that it was a good and entertaining movie.

This is a great and entertaining movie.

I found the movie very entertaining.

There are some breathtaking shots throughout.

The situations these characters find themselves are in much more intense.

It's contrived.

Mission:Impossible Fallout is absolutely the most exciting movie of the summer and all the credit goes to Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie, who really raised the bar and gave movie-goers an action movie packed with intense stunts like never before.

Don't waste your time on this.

They got us fast-paced, real stunts curtesy of the dare-devil Cruise, a plot that is full of twists and turns, and a team of characters that are fun and exciting to watch.

Just another action movie with some new lure stars It's turning into bond somehow You just can't belive cruises expressions as usual , team is old , blot is sooo boring I really didn't find any impossible stuff !!!

This wouldn't be a Mission: Impossible movie without the plot twist, and there's many plot twists in this one, but all of them are slightly predictable.

I hope the next MI movie has a good engaging plot (if its planned).

Thanks to some stellar editing, it's predictable when it isn't important, and unpredictable when it is, making the mysteries and the marquee action scenes that much more impacting.

The film through its star direction makes us feel the real pressure of the characters, rewarding us with incredibly intense and long action scenes that do not leave us with dry mouth, on the contrary, leave us asking for more.

Though it may be a slow start compared to previous films Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation, it soon makes up for it, slowly immersing us in a non-stop thrill ride.

In conclusion, it's incessantly boring, devoid of substance, and full of holes.

It's about the stunning set pieces.

A nice movie but way too predictable...

THE SCORE - this time its the score that has upped the ante of this movie,Lorne balfe has found a rich sound that matches with the fast paced storyline.

You'd think the sixth installment of a film series would be tired, repetitive, and offer very little refreshing material, but Fallout manages to deliver quite a rousing marathon of engaging set-pieces, including fast-paced car chases in London, blinding shootouts in the canals, foot races on building tops, and even helicopter dogfights along snowcapped mountains.

Were they bored of all these The Rock and Superhero movies ?

Picking up where Rogue Nation left off, Fallout is pure 2 and a half hours of action packed fun that will leave you guessing until the very end!!!

Action is fast paced with wide angles, you can see everything clearly.

Boring, but load to help you stay awake .

Sorry, I fell asleep .

Absolutely stunning!

With the return of Christopher McQuarrie to the helm, we have, arguably, the most enjoyable instalment, and for me, perhaps the most exciting action film since 'The Raid 2'.

The movie was hilarious at times which breaks some of the tension that was caused by some of the intense action scene that were played so well by the actors.

And of course, Rebecca Ferguson helps the team in great ways by giving an intense and impressive performance.

You see it for action, which the previous, breathtaking movie delivered in spades.

Very entertaining movie.

Uneccisarely long, predictable and weak storyline.

Defo worth watching..The plot was ok not as bad as some of the reviews...

Fallout, thrilling delivers on action, characters, villains, music, and another satisfying entry to the Mission Impossible franchise.

The action scenes were by the numbers and the use of facial masks a bit too predictable.

I must admit I got very bored with this movie.

McQuarrie has created the most emotionally intense film of the series by developing its characters before placing them within the action.

Here for action - everything else was boring.

Mission Impossible Fallout is perhaps the worst movie in the MI series and epitomizes how big movie hollywood keeps stealing our time and money, by churning out formula commercial mumbo jumbo in the name of a movie.

Boring .

I will have to give this film seven points for a good but predictable twist.

As Lark and Apostles have all the opportunity, tools and means to perform this "holy" task, Lark's entanglement of himself and all his gang members in a such mess for something as mundane and trivial as framing Ethan as a terrorist weakens the story.

The action gets more and more implausible, the stories more and more ridiculous (and confusing, with double- triple- and probably even quadruple-agents), and the stars get older and older.

The conversations and fights can get pretty heated at times, and with how many gadgets and tricks they have up their sleeves, it really keeps you wondering and on the edge of your seat.

This movie was completely breathtaking.

Of course a bad ending might not affect your overall opinion of the movie as much as it did for me or you might disagree that the ending is bad in the first place, but to me it really dragged down what started out to be a great addition to the franchise.

Tom Cruise did so well in making this recent installment of IMF series into a loveable intense action packed-family based-spy movie.

The locations where they shot the movie was just breathtaking and mesmerizing.

Which after 100times gets boring.

This movie is so real and exciting that it's one of the best theater-going experiences I've ever had.

The plot/storyline, while it's certainly not much that we haven't seen before in other spy movies and even certain twists can be seen coming, was still very riveting.

These films, they don't have a family friendly moral code, and they all look so pretentious with their big plot twists, prominent cast and independent directors.

The plot was questionable, unrealistic, outdated, predictable and boring.

It's tense, exciting, action packed, and everything in it just works.

Great story,exciting action scenes,good characters,personal stories.

exciting, captivating, suspenseful, and girl power.

Totally unwatchable.

Fallout has an enormous amount of beautiful and fantastic scenes, taken with excellent precision and detail to give us a glimpse of a beautiful world immersed in frenetic action.

Apart from great scenery and brutal fights the film failed to give me the reason to be on the edge of my seat mostly because all the "fool the bad guy" scenes were exposed right from their beginning.

There's an unexpected heart to this movie.

Instead of interesting spy movie we got the predictable race against the clock.

Normally franchises that continue for so long tend to become boring and just predictable with mindless action and a plot that doesn't make sense!

Snappy unbelievable dialog really turns me off.

Waste of time.

A simple yet captivating plot supports the excellent action, and it still carries a few (predictable) twists.

This film was ok but ending seemed little boring and henry cavel was realy bad in this film.

This guy is nearly a senior citizen and he's still performing some of the most mind blowing and difficult stunts in the Hollywood by his own self.

The story is predictable from the start, has not depth at all and at no point is there any scene that is just the tiniest bit believable.

was boring at times.

Mission bore me to death .

It's just pointless dude action from one action moment to the next with a paper-thin plot that falls completely apart at 90 minutes.

The near-perilous HALO jump into Paris, the high-speed chase through Parisian streets the next day, and the insane helicopter chase towards Fallout's end all benefit the most from Eddie Hamilton's restrained cutting of Rob Hardy's cinematography and the intense sound mixing by Gilbert Lake and Mike Prestwood Smith.

It was stunning.

It delivers in every sense, Good story, good acting, suspense, breathtaking suspense and the best car chase since Ronin (what is it with great car chases and France?

When I say this is the most tense and thrilling action film I've seen in years, I'm not being hyperbolic.

It has the incredible action and fighting sequences, the nailbiting infiltration scene, the very complex and hard to follow plot and Tom Cruise's incredible stuntwork dedication and stamina.

No trimmings or embellishments, it was just dull, plain, grey, ugly and boring.

Here's a tip, make the film darker, it's extremely predictable and very pg13 and only idiots would gasp at a film like this.

A Familiar Yet Breathtaking Experience .

Cliche .

It was intense and best Mission impossible ever.

Fast pace and full of unexpected surprises.

Anything except the same old predictable banter between simon pegg and Ving Rhames.

They copy each other: The market is overwhelmed with such dull movies, movies made just to make money!

However, much to my suprise, the film itself was extremely intriguing and eye catching and the whole time I was captivated; the films antisipation and dramatic music keeping my eyes glued to the film.

Boring predictable cliche boring predictable cliche boring predictable cliche Boring predictable cliche boring predictable cliche....

So you pretty much know the ending and just sit there watching tedious car chasing and naive dialogues.

From Henry cavills justice league ending mustache to Tom cruises insane stunts, this movies is non stop hardcore intense, all the other good review words from begin to end.

Sorry but it was totally waste of time and money.

When you write reviews, you always aim for neutrality, stay away from your own emotions in order to write unbiased and earn credibility, but when what you review is so good, so perfect, so exciting and emotional, you just cannot remain untouched.

I really think the cast and crew went out to make a thrilling spy sequel.

Whether he's throwing himself out of windows, clinging to the underside of a helicopter or climbing a sheer rock face, he still thrives on stunts and adrenaline rushes as much as he did when he started this series 22 years ago.

Action packed from start to finish.

Fallout is the 6th instalment of this action packed series Mission Impossible which was originally based on a TV series.

yawn, so boring.. endless car chases, bland dialogues.. Zzzz .

The helicopter sequences though looks thrilling, I felt it somewhat overstated or exaggerated.

But all in all an enjoyable movie to watch at the theater and at home.

After about the 19th car chase, I was like..'whatever'. At the end of the day, I found this very boring.

Which is where the film really impresses, as every action sequence ustilises practical effects with refreshingly minimal CGI, only used to enhance events otherwise unfilmable ie an adrenaline charged motorcycle chase through Paris.

Each outing becomes more thrilling and intense.

Fast paced action packed awesomeness.

It keeps you on the edge of your seats for 2,5 hours, never a dull moment.

), bland unwitty dialogues, and to top it off a thin, pseudo conspiracy plot (plutonium, name-dropping CIA, MI6, etc.).. it's so bad, not even the action scenes are interesting!

Is this unexpected of Ethan?

The reason I'm rating it as well as I am is that the helicopter sequence near the end of the movie was shot beautifully and was easily the most tense and exciting part of the entire film.

Tom Cruise has once again found a new way to fascinate and amaze us with the same, good old, intriguing spy story, we all love.

It was so exciting and well done!

The story felt a little too generic to the point that the disavowed parts were self-aware lampshade in the film, by the deliberately trying to sabotage predictable wolf in sheep clothing villain.

This must be the worst movie ever.

This film was exciting from start to finish, McQuarrie has improved his directing since Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise and the supporting cast are great as always.

By choosing the safe route, he guarantees the saga's vitality, but the film suffers from the issue in the last paragraph since everyone is going to leave the theater thinking "oh, I wish they would have gone with THAT ending".

Everything is predictable, it has no charm....

She has 5 lines and they are boring.

On the upside, Fallout's stunts are as adrenaline-pumping as any previous M:I film, with eye-popping visuals throughout, all shot and performed superbly.

The story is 100% predictable and clichee, double cross after double cross, a few cheap surprises and the most implausible turnout of events you'll ever see.

Witty writing and unexpected plot twists are what made the previous 2 movies so much enjoyable to watch.

This had some very good moments but overall I thought it was a bit dull compared to previous in the series.

This movie has no plot holes, the acting is incredible and the action scenes take your adrenaline to the next level.

Editor Eddie Hamilton deserves praise as well - his clean and precise cutting infusing every chase and fistfight with a burst of adrenaline.

it's just boring.

Total waste of time and money...!!. .

The plot makes it completely unwatchable.

Action packed movie...

The first 75' was intriguing, the ending was interesting because of the helicopter chace.

Anyway, this movie exceeded my expectations, it's really entertaining and one of the best of it's kind.

In fact, her presence has made the last two installments of MI even more fascinating.

' There is a stand-out action sequence in a bathroom which is far more grounded than larger scaled stunts within the film, yet it is made just as intense, maybe more so, through stunning choreography and the casting of 'Liang Yang' whose menacing facial expressions alone elevate the intensity of the sequence.

That's a beautiful thing in this movie, every incident, suspense, fight scene, on everything the audience reacted and according to me that's a great thing, it shown how much gripping your movie is.

The rest of the movie is filled with other incredible stunts and chases that had me on the edge of my seat.

I dont give 1 star becuase it has a few good action scenes, more of the same and literally fell asleep about 15 minutes

The exception is the end sequence which treats the protagonists' bodies as largely indestructible and gives us another cut-the-wire-with-1-second-left cliche.

It's a repetitive, predictable, and has zero heart.

The plot proves an intriguing progression for the series, continuing the narrative threads set up in 'Rogue Nation', culminating in the development of several character arcs that ultimately prove more emotionally fulfilling than anything we've previously seen in the franchise.

Saving the entire world is getting boring.

But, honestly, when you stop caring which side wins, you know the movie is way too long and you're tired of seeing Cruise do his own stunt after stunt after ridiculous stunt just to say he did his own stunts.

Tom looks good for his age, the stunt scenes are great, but there is so much non-sensical action, it becomes boring after a while.

It is a mixture of solid suspenseful film making and a sense of wonderment as the audience is in awe at what Hunt is doing.

Just keep an eye on those bombs and this will become most enjoyable.

Some scenes in the movie show how beautiful the landscapes are, which is rare to see in an action packed movie nowadays.

The movie is very intense , entertaining and I was on the edge of my seat watching it.

At this stage, with a sixth film released, it is truly a pleasant surprise to be able to say it doesn't feel tired, and that, despite being a tad heavy on the plot exposition, it remains a joy due to wall-to-wall, jaw-dropping stunt work, chase sequences that echo classics from 'The French Connection' and Nolan's 'Batman' series, more than a smattering of on-point charm, and stunning location shooting.

To top everything off, there are also some nice twists and unexpected turns of events along the way, so I suggest to keep your attention on the dialogue constantly because otherwise you might lose track.

The most thrilling action film in years.

Tom Cruise really is amazing his work being the agent Ethan Hunt, also without hesitation takes the palms is Henry Cavill that undoubtedly in this film his performance is impressive (it was worth the famous mustache), Simon Pegg also appears that undoubtedly his character gives a pleasant tone of humor to the film and repeat Sean Harris, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin that undoubtedly make it incredible from sequel, the music of Lorne Balfe makes emotions get stronger with each tone, each effect or in an incredible way, in summary Mission: impossible is an entertaining and solid film that manages to revive a saga that many believed dead, really recommendable if they like this saga of secret agents.

Entertaining even a little long.

This is very bland and at 2:27, it's also very long.

Still, it's worth watching for the visually stunning action...

Whilst it is good fun, it is too long and you can find yourself having viewers fatigue.

It built on the same foundation as the five preceding films were, meaning there will be a lot of same repetitive somewhat wearisome tropes like Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) getting framed, while trying to take down some vague criminal arm dealer organization from launching nuclear weapons upon the world like another terrorist group did in 2011's film, 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol'.

So glad I did: strong cast, all good performances; right amount of humour and exciting from beginning to end.

Christopher McQuarrie has written a smart plot full of clever and unpredictable twists.

But the plot is predictable and, at times, overly complicated.

Writer-director Christopher Quarrie tries his best to make a great and entertaining story to allow Cruise to shine once more especially as he is close to getting 60 years of age in 3 years as this review was being written.

No plot needed in my opinion, the action scenes alone could get you through this film.

My only complaint is that I feel that it is getting a little repetitive that Ethan Hunt is always going rouge because the government thinks he's the enemy.

I won't spoil it for anyone, but the last twenty minutes, which was the most jam-packed with action, was the most boring.

However I thought the Tte surprise, surpringly, was quite predictable.

I enjoyed it mostly, now I'll definitely watch the series from start till this (some things I didn't understand like his ex wife (I think?

I'm sure this movie is enjoyable for people who are more invested in this universe seeing all the positive feedback it has from others.

But still, quite fun and thrilling.

Enjoyable to watch through and through.


The fight scenes are so adrenaline packed and there are loads of them.

This isn't the film's undoing, however, and neither is the trite plot, the real drag is the character work.

Throw in a CIA agent into the mix, the plot's intrigue gets exciting at every turn.

However, it's a pretty damn good action movie that has all the amazing things a spy movie about undercover agents and secret societies should have with the story and its main character finally being more intriguing and multilayered than ever before in the series.

It was so contrived and predictable.

The non-stop action story is engaging and funny, there are good plot points and it is worthwhile watching.

This one will keep you on the edge of your seats.

I easily see myself watching Fallout again one day when I have spare time to watch a fun, action packed film.

Hunt and other characters are constantly being tested and challenged physically and emotionally, making them compelling to audiences.

Not to mention, it's all very predictable.

Cruise seems sad and slow and doesn't have much energy overall.

This is an over-hyped, cliched, boring magic trick.

Like an 8/10, but can be slow at times.

The fight scenes were so intense to the point I could feel every punch and kick!

That was totally unexpected and hard to guessed.

That's how fast paced this film is.

"Fallout" is a sleeker production, utilizing stunning cinematography and a driving score to slowly increase pressure, while the screenplay does a fine job with escalation, gradually increasing the urgency of the mission as it visits a few countries, selling the globetrotting atmosphere of the franchise.

Thoroughly thrilling .

However, also totally predictable and so boring.

It was entertaining and enjoyable.

Still Entertaining .

There are enough twists and stunning revelations to fill the best spy novel.

The action is more intense and high stakes.

It was one of the worst movies of recent years.

I cannot argue against it being entertaining, thrilling at times, but it is generic and way too long.

I thought this was going to be better, in the manner of the more recent James Bond movies, sharp, smart, good production values but it was mostly boring and silly, way beyond the kind of silly one would expect in these movies.

Used to enjoy all the movies Tom Cruise churned out throught out the years and I really hoped i'd also do so for this one, but Fallout just felt too shallowy and empty.

It's a summer blockbuster that filmgoers lapped up like ice cream, and it's entertaining enough as it trots out all the usual tropes.

This time it was 90 min of the same old car chase through Paris, a plot twist you could see from miles away and "action" scenes in slowmotion set to string music to really drive home the boring!

Thrilling .

I did find myself a little dissapointed in the last quarter (predictable cliches and obvious twist), the villain just wasn't interesting at all.

Writers Christoper Mcquarrie and Bruce Geller definitely bring an exciting and refreshing take on this movie with stunts that keep getting better and better which were all performed by Tom Cruise himself, which leaves us thinking ...

Sub-Genre: Thriller Intense=10 What makes a thriller is how intense it is.

Maybe it's because of its absorbing and original story.

Furthermore, the progression of the story is complex, but avoids becoming convoluted, allowing for equal parts immersion and enjoyment, as opposed to potential confusion which all too oft becomes the downfall of similar films.