Mission: Impossible III (2006) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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IMF Agent Ethan Hunt comes into conflict with a dangerous and sadistic arms dealer who threatens his life and his fiancee in response.

IMDB: 6.9
Director: J.J. Abrams
Stars: Tom Cruise, Michelle Monaghan
Length: 126 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 130 out of 886 found boring (14.67%)

One-line Reviews (909)

What wrong with original exciting new work instead the churning out the tedious uninteresting sequels that they do, wasting the vast array of talent that they have at their hands.

I spent an entertaining Saturday evening with my wife because this story is built up very clever and all is well packed in a fast paced thriller with full of Oscar worthy special effects.

Breathtaking, non-stop action...

guru that did manage to make me laugh, but casting Pegg in a small role wasn't the only good choice in casting, no; the film is pretty well cast throughout; from Keri Russell as Hunt's protégé to Billy Crudup as an IMF team manager, Laurence Fishburne as the IMF operations director and Philip Seymour Hoffman as the icy villain, but they are all underused, which is a damn shame, and even though these are all great choices and it certainly keeps the film entertaining and exciting.

The stunts are amazing, the musical score is also great and intense.

The visual effects are solid if not outstanding, while the stunts are insane - they manage to maintain realism somewhat while being incredibly exciting.

A real return to the original show, but still has enough action to keep an adrenaline junkie going.

It's a hugely entertaining movie and it manages to support character based drama while still staying true to the Ethan Hunt crazy stunts and the absolutely impossible missions.

I also think Mission: Impossible III is one of the most entertaining and ,sadly, underrated action movies ever made.

Very action packed and funny too.

Borderline cheesy but entertaining .

Woo's MI2 was done beautifully compared to Abram's dull version.

Abrams, we are given an enjoyable piece of popcorn action infused with just the right amount of heart.

It is exciting, fast paced and a lot of fun.

Predictable, flawed and boring.

Very enjoyable!

I found this installment to be very entertaining and on the edge of my seat exciting.

The beginning was a little slow, but once the action started it was fast paced till the very end.

First let me say this.. I don't care what people say about Tom Cruise and his personal problems, but the man is a wonderful actor and makes the mission fun along with Philip seymour Hoffman who was great and made it intense in ways the last two weren't.

Some predictable scenes, but the fast paced action made the effort worth it with some very welcome ideas.

First, there is the very first scene which repeats itself later in the movie and the adrenaline injection inside agent Lindsay's body, which recall "Pulp Fiction".

Adrenaline Rush .

And the Mission Impossible theme is still the most thrilling spy-movie music ever written.

Without giving too much away, the bridge scene was just the most intense.

The musical score is very engaging and matches the action without being too distracting.

Abrams, executive producer of television's current mega-hit Lost, manages to assemble everything in an entertaining package.

That said the movie is just entertaining and spectacular – with some nice new gadgets.

) Anyway, what had helped make the first two enjoyable was the film score which was almost non-existent the third.

The movie has to much action and not nearly enough focus on the plot and especially lame twists, witch made mission impossible 1 enjoyable.

Waste of Money .

And from there it just get's more and more exciting and engaging.

Impossible to be bored .

The movie is fun, action packed, and a thrill ride of a lifetime...

The movie was exciting from start to finish.

He created many wonderful and entertaining scenes like the bridge scene and the sequence at The Vatican.

There are also some very humorous parts in the film and it does a good job of feeling like the first M:I while also executing intense action.

Mission Impossible 3 is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of frenetic violence and menace, and disturbing images.

But she's truly just window dressing here, a reason for Cruise to get all intense.

Tense and exciting entry.

Not yet a masterpiece, but very enjoyable .

And what I really like is that he used the composer, Michael Giacchino, from "Lost" which for me, made it even more enjoyable.

For Cruise fans, who are mostly interested in watching him doing stunts and looking young, this is definitely worth watching.

This might not have been the worst film I've ever seen, but it was a horrible waste of time, unless you are a fan of Tom Cruise (which I'm not).

John Woo directed the previous Mission installment, and I think he tried too hard to blow our minds with the action sequences and delved into tedious self-indulgence.

I really did't miss the slow mo action of the last movie....

The film is intense from start to finish and features great actors, directing, story and music.

etc.Ahhhhhhhh what a waste of time....

I thought it was really action packed and it kept me on the edge the entire time.

Picking on the film's lunacy is unfair, as a standard genre film it is darn entertaining.

However, the plot is very generic, predictable and its structure makes some supposedly suspenseful scenes lose its emotional impact.

The other thing is the movie use too many cliché from the previous M:I movies!

The first mission had great scenes, but came off as being rather dry.

This dull action non-action movie (and I'm a girl who loves 5th Element and the Transporter) was heavy on the emotional "choosing marriage" scenes - there were people laughing out loud during Tom's crocodile tears scene.

From beginning to end there is plenty of exciting action including gunfights, leaping from buildings and the almost mandatory exploding helicopter!

The stunts were inventive and exciting.

The mind games between ,Ethan and Davian ,are very suspenseful,and creates a ton of suspense.

I also liked that there was good plot development which I often find lacking in some of the action packed movies.

After the disaster that was John Woo's MI2, the MI series needed a kick start and that's exactly what it got in the action packed MI3.

This movie relied on improbable eye candy whenever there is no plot or the plot has spun out of control into comic book land impossibility- in order to distract you from obvious inconsistencies.

And that is a fast paced action movie that has not got one dull moment.

The rest is bluster, flashy but empty pyrotechnics on the ground and in the air, painfully corny lovey-dovey nonsense between Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt and his new missus ("On Her Majesty's Secret Service" anyone?

He knows how to incorporate the actors with the visual effects and this time everything looks incredibly realistic and riveting.

Very predictable movie with many clichés scattered throughout.

This film, I'd have to say, is the most entertaining and energetic of the series.

i still enjoyed it though.

The only time the film stops is with the ending which might be the only dull moments in the film.

But M:I3 also returns more to the twisty, breathlessly suspenseful of Brian De Palma's original, with a fair amount of plot twists ahoy.

Mission: Uninteresting .

I wish they would have spent less time on the whole family aspect though, a pointless and failed attempt to give the movie a deeper meaning.

This is easily one of the worst movies of all time, a true moron's delight to be honest.

And this was against sizable odds by the way which gave it a sense that the franchise itself played out and not to mention its star much overexposed,but in all fairness,the third installment to the Mission:Impossible series really delivers the goods and then some in one of the most action packed thrilling roller-coaster ride of the summer.

We've seen plots like this before in Pulp Fiction and Ronin, but done to much better and much more intriguing effect.

When I think of Mission Impossible, I think classy and mentally engaging (of course totally disregarding M:I: 2) and this just doesn't stay close.

Finally the date has come ,somehow the the screen is shockingly empty less than 10 person in a 200-seats screen for the first day.

The set pieces are uninteresting, the plot is uninspired to say the least, and the action is fundamentally boring.

Will make any box set of all three worth watching all the way through....

Maybe a director with more vision could have done a better job Unfortunately the director was JJ Abrams who despite the budget found a way to make this scene and in deed the entire movie dull, more of the same and implausibly laughable where it shouldn't have been.

But it in fact is an exciting, well-crafted movie which held my interest for its 2 hours running time.

He may be a bit weird, but when he does what he does best which is act, he does a mighty good job that is well worth watching.

The only impossible mission I could find was to transform such a lousy under-developed script into something even remotely entertaining.

It's what makes many of the Bond movies entertaining, as well.

Even if you think Tom Cruise is a little insane, MI:III is extremely enjoyable.

The film grips the audience on the edge of the seats in some of the fast-paced action sequences.

Yet somehow Mission Impossible 3 has quickly proved that there is some life, a new and exciting one at that in this world of IMF (Impossible Mission Force) The film written by Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman and J.

What I did find fascinating was that someone thought you could actually wring some suspense from "will Tom Cruise be successfully resuscitated?

It has four breathtaking action scenes and each one could have been the thrill of each one of the episodes.

Speaking of the intense action, it really makes your heart thump really fast.

He is dragged back into the job when one of his students is compromised on an espionage mission.

But all in all a great entertaining movie with twists and turns at every corner and will have you on your seat from start to end.

Fascinating and luxurious cinematography by excellent cameraman by Daniel Mindel.

The opening scene of the film is intense and fantastic.

The plot was extremely cliché.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining film.

2/10Rated PG-13: violence and intense action

The confrontation between him and Ethan is what make this movie so thrilling because the villain is mentally torturing Ethan making him his pawn and forcing him to do the dirty work for him.

The action never lets up, and it's actually enjoyable to watch.

I loved how the movie breaks away from MI:I slow pacing and brings action AND intense scenes.

The guy has a feel for what's entertaining and spectacular for the audience to see – value for money, I like to call it.

Fun and Fast Paced .

Anyone who can come up with such a creative and gripping series is sure to dazzle in the theatre.

While the twists are sometimes predictable,this movie was action packed.

The first two films were formulaic, average action films, this is when the franchise started to really find its place.

I literally walked out of the film at one point to get a glass of ice from the concession stand, simply so I could witness something engaging going on, such as solid dialog ("Can I have some ice?

Overall: Boring and very, very loud.

Special mention must be made of Maggie Q - Abrams shoots this stunning actress with obvious affection and she comes across every inch a movie star.

During the time I went in and the time I came out, I was on the edge of my seat every single second.

It was more about the action then suspense, but with John Woo at the helm it was stylish and hugely entertaining movie.

It's smart, entertaining, action-packed, and intense.

And finally the techie stuff, mind blowing...

The third, back in the US, the rescue of the villain en route, offers some of the most stunning explosions and demolitions you ever witness on a screen.

The stunts were better and more entertaining if one watches the other to MIs.

Mission: Impossible III is a loud, exciting fun film with a non-challenging plot.

This is supposed for entertaining purposes only, and it does....

slow starting action film .

Sadly enough, the film needed some more careful trimming in order to make it as enjoyable as some of the "Alias" episodes that Abrahams wrote and directed.

I get bored with those and tend to fast-play through them.

The action sequences are very good, the acting is better than usual and the storyline is the most entertaining of the three.

There are other IMDb mentioned Mission Impossible videos worth watching as well.

His performance goes from intense to intense and then back to intense again.

As an action movie, however, this film is just a little bit of a letdown - there are about 3 elaborate action sequences spread throughout the movie that are brief and only somewhat exciting.

) and you're not likely to take anything too profound out of it , but for a highly enjoyable night out at the movies, you need look no further.

I also watched "Taken" (2008) before watching this movie and MI3 was miles more entertaining.

It's way better than the second one and it offers many exciting and tense moments .

The action is exciting, the pace furious, and the script well above par for a summer spy flick.

In fact the whole movie omits that terrifically exciting climax that the first two movies had.

Apparently this means getting insane closeups in the middle of a gun fight along with camera shaking that would rival withdrawal symptoms, often rendering the scenes confusing and disappointing.

Ethan Hunt, after two movies full of explosions, double crosses, and plenty of high tech gadgets, has decided to settle down and start a family with the cute and uninteresting Julia (Michelle Monaghan), who is apparently appealing because she both Trusts Him and Is Concerned.

And I believe this movie is the definition of action packed.

Slick to be sure (6.0 for slickness), but as tasty and empty as saccharine (and about as good for you).

I have already been three times to see this, so if your in the mood for an action packed movie MI:III is the movie, your looking for.

Ultimately, a great movie, great acting, great directing and a very entertaining film!

but unfortunately the lack of plot keeps it from being anything more than a loud, crash bang, Tom running around like a lunatic, plane exploding entry( take some advil or tylenol before seeing this) I left with a headache.

An exciting third instalment .

This is an extremely exciting film that goes at breakneck speed.

Just look at the action packed in less than two hours and you will understand that, sometimes, third pats are good.

Entertaining action romp and not much more .

John Woo replaced Brian DePalma and instead of an intriguing premise with some sweat-inducing sequences we get a stoic Tom Cruise acting cool and casual and risking everything to save a girl he hardly knows.

There's a whole mess of brainless, cheesy action scenes and explosions that are fun to watch (good to know if you're an action fan), and a story I found more engaging than the previous two films.

Impossibly entertaining .

A dumbed-down spy movie with a silly plot line but entertaining action.

But Ethan was much too smart to tell him but dragged him to an opening in the plane, opened the door and then tortured him with pretending to drop him out.

Nevertheless,this movie is an adrenaline pumping, edge-of-your-seat action film that will completely satisfy your movie going needs.

See it if you're incredibly bored and depressed.

because it is a waste of time.

Despite it's flaws, however, it put a smile on my face, put me on the edge of my seat and kept me entertained for it's duration.

J Abrahams adds color to the third film after the second film has brought the series to the breathtaking and traceabilityIn the second film, we saw many things about Asia, with these films, both these are getting up and there are quality action scenes, we see the film and the drama in a fluent way, and meanwhile we wanted to touch the movie, there is music almost everybody else made this film more influential In short, watch the movie for sure

It's action packed, did I mention that?!

Highly entertaining!

Tom Cruise is on his A-game, his character Ethan Hunt has been given another dimension in this instalment and the rest of the cast is enjoyable too.

Mission: Impossible III is an action packed adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat virtually the whole time, with plenty of taut tense moments where you honestly won't know what happens next.

From the exciting beginning through to the end I was captivated by the beautifully done action sequences, effects and a very pleasant quick pace.

Keep your eye on Jonathan Rhys Meyers, (who also impressed in this year's Match Point) Keri Russel, and personal favorite, Michelle Monaghan, as Cruise's fiancée, who also gave a hilarious turn in this year's excellent, but very overlooked film "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", who all gave wonderful and very enjoyable performances.

Very intense and just awesome.

Maybe this is the best movie of the saga, very enjoyable!!

Hoffman delivers his lines with conviction and menace; he's a bored sociopath.

There's also a lot of loud and frenetic action, to include a thrilling helicopter chase scene through a windfarm, a drone attacking cars on a bridge, and plenty of gunfighting.

"M:I-III" is a taught, suspenseful, action packed thrill ride that packs more excitement than the first two films put together.

There is one positive point about this movie, it had some very nice action in it, and the adrenaline pumps the entire movie.

There's a reason why Vesper doesn't make it out of Casino Royale alive, and it's because our heroes are more interesting and engaging when they're not tied to a love interest.

All the fashion effects (slow motion, blurs, handy cam), often boring, are well made, and action is very over the top and inventive and believable in the same time.

If you are critical, there's a lot of problems to pick out: overly dramatic dialogue, a shaky storyline, C- dialogue, mediocre acting from big stars, and rather predictable twists that can insult your intelligence.

Full of unbelievable stunts, but the one single one with Agent Hunt falling from the roof is just getting boring right now.

So the explosions made noise and gunshots were obnoxiously loud and the movie overall was exhausting but still very entertaining.

Overall, a very entertaining film, even with its slight drawbacks.

Abrams directs and Tom Cruise stars in this thrilling, fast paced action thriller.

From the first frame, you're immersed into the IMF world, and you aren't released until the final minutes.

An efficient, energetic and suspenseful third installment with a good, coherent story, exciting—though often loud—action scenes, and well-drawn characters.

The visual effects are simply outstanding (not that you expect anything less from 'Industrial Light & Magic'), sound is stunning and the action just doesn't yield.

A gripping story that follows a dangerous arms dealer, Owen Davian, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

A movie like this is so much fun and so entertaining that I took little notice of the flaws in the plot - it's just a means to string the action set pieces together.

It was a breathtaking adventure that Tom Cruise had.

Well, I have to say I found it very entertaining and definitely action packed.

The plot is not the most elaborate, but it is an ideal foundation for the rapid, ongoing dialogue of intense action and dramatic special effects sequences that carry you briskly from the begging to the very end of this exciting journey.

From beginning to end you are sitting on the edge of your seat!.

II was a dog, a huge WOOF of a film that had no story, just two hours of special effects.

Sadly the Bond-like pre credits sequence is so intense, a lot of what follows fella flatter, as we wait to catch up to that scene.

The pace of the movie was sooooo slow, I fell asleep three times.

The writing in truth could have done with spending more time with the splendidly vile Hoffman than with the Cruise & Monaghan (engaging and fine enough) axis.

It is a little violent for a PG-13 and very menacing and intense.

It had many chances to save itself and never pulled it off, there was an entire action sequence that was left out in favor of at least half an hour of bore.

If one can suspend their own personal cynicism of what could conceivably happen in the real world, MI3 allows for a wild ride and is quite enjoyable.

The film is extremely high-paced and unpredictable from the very beginning and its 120min running time is not at all overcooked.

It's a 100% action movie, contains no message at all, just pure entertainment.

The nonstop action rivals anything that, say, a "Bourne" or Jason Statham flick could ever produce, and the visuals are stunning and slick.

) Simon pegg, which all result to give a pretty enjoyable film.

There's a comfort in seeing familiar characters in a mostly predictable action flick, as long as the movie is decently made, which this is.

It can be over 7.5 because this movie has a few touching scenes and many exciting action scenes and funny scenes.

He's the most intense, and passionate action actor out there.

All in all, M:I3 should be considered worth watching: very frequent, and incredibly satisfying action setpieces masked by an actually decent storyline, and some genuine quality acting.

Unbelievable, yes, but breathtaking.

Boring, predictable from beginning to end .

I'm very surprise that so many people actually liked the movie because the storyline and plot were completely predictable from beginning to end.

There was the weak, extended and boring party scene early on that only served to highlight Ethan (Tom Cruise) loves his wife to be so very much and he can read lips.

Thw plot is just too predictable to be attractive to anyone.

One minute you are calm, the next you are wanting to jump in and help, the next you are nearly in tears, then laughing, then on the edge of your seat again!

The scenery is far from bland.

If what you want is an action-packed, adrenaline filled, thrilling ride, go see this movie.

An enjoyable watch.

Despite its flaws, Mission: Impossible III brings the saga back to life with the best action of the entire franchise, some fantastic additions to its cast and a super exciting and riveting pacing.

It will be too late before they've realized how bored the audience has become with the same standard blockbuster recipe each year...

Everything about this character's arc makes sense, and his relationship with Julia provides some nail-biting suspenseful moments in the third act, where Michelle Monaghan also shines.

I am really to sad that it was a very very boring movie.

The various tension created in certain action sequences were pointless.

It put Ethan in the retired camp, wanting to settle down with a wife and dragged back in after the death of a former trainee.

A problem I found whilst viewing it at the cinema, was that I lost track of what was happening and there was a lot of confusion towards the end when the tables are turned.

It opens with an incredibly intense scene where Ethan is chained and helpless as Davian holds a gun to Julia's head.

The second installment of the series was an action packed summer blockbuster....

M:I3 is quite an entertaining action film, I'd go as far as saying, it's my favorite from the three Cruise movies made.

An enjoyable action flick with some pretty good scenes as well as a well-executed (no pun intended) antagonist...

Just from the opening sequence, and Philip Seymour Hoffman's fantastic villain I knew that this one is gonna erase John Woo's dull sequel from my memory.

It was (and the dialogue was) very silly and often predictable.

MI3 really tries to be an exciting action movie.

I originally thought, "Well this is going to be interesting, it's going to get really personal, and I bet that'll make it much more intense.

The opening scene, which I will not go too into, is very intense and made me want more.

Finally Hollywood seems to be over their boring (hoping for Oscar) drama movies.

M:I-3 has really hit the nail when it comes to summer blockbuster since they took the already used formula and gave it a new and more fast paced look.

A first-rate cast of actors, brilliantly paced, stunning and totally over-the-top action scenes that never cross the line of being completely unbelievable for some reason.

When Hunt sneaks his way into the Vatican using the old quick-descending rope trick we've all seen in the first two films (and uses it fairly early on as well), you can feel yourself stifling a yawn.

"Mission: Impossible 3" is enjoyable, fast-paced and entertaining.

I am not sure how this ending could have been punched up but after solid action for the rest of the film, you actually appreciate the rest at the end so that when the closing theme music kicks in, you walk out of the theater humming that great old TV theme song again.

I went to see M:i:III over the weekend expecting an entertaining action flick, and it delivered.

It's intense, emotional, and exhausting - and it's a great way to start off the summer lineup.

Now if you have half a mind and think during the movie you see many weird, confusing things.

The viewer really has the impression of being trapped in a thrilling roller coaster ride and the only thing to do is to grab the seat and hold on.

The opening sequence, Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt tied to a chair struggling to fight the bonds on his hands, sets the pace for the next 125 minutes of pure adrenaline.

Since much of the story deals with Ethan's personal life, it would only slow down the film to give these new characters a family and depth.

The original Mission: Impossible was terrific - taunt, thrilling, and intelligent.

Or enjoyable.

Contrived and forced this plan is obnoxiously bad and features some needless melodrama to 'build' Hunt's character.

They use the same gear as in the previous parts, the plot is predictable and not innovative, although there is a surprising twist of action at one point.

The stunts are choreographed brilliant and fast paced.

First of all, I have been thinking about one thing since I left the theater.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds) is starting a new life with his fiancé Julia (Michelle Monaghan, North Country) and trying to end his career in the IMF agency when an unexpected call from a former employer of Hunt's needs him on a mission to rescue a former apprentice of Hunts whose been held hostage by powerful terrorist weapon dealer Owen Davian (Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Capote).

As in previous MI films, I left the theater trying to figure out the plot.

i am truly blown away from how great this film really was and i HIGHLY recommend it to everyone, especially to action lovers!

Replete with clever schemes, and unexpected twists and turns, MI III is gonna hold your attention and have you hold your breath at times.

It is welcoming to have an action flick with an element of confusion.

If you watched this movie and hated it and call yourself a Mission Impossible fan then thats sad because you're pretty boring and unoriginal yourself.

The action is superb and the story line is very gripping.

It's packed with all the sort of enjoyable moments.

The plot is okay with a boring sub plot with Ethan and Julia.

I think I walked out of the movie theater sterile too.

The bast thing about this movie is that it's exciting.

Intense action sequences, coupled with a script that is better than most highlight this action thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Thrilling, Entertaining and Occasionally Smart.

Don't waste your time on this!

From the opening scene this film kept me enthralled, it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Highly entertaining.

A much needed action packed kick start after the disaster that was John Woo's MI2 .

Still it was worth watching.

Inject casual talk between principals during the most intense and dangerous scenes.

Obviously a decision was made that this is what the public wants in its action films and that it would find a tradition Mission: Impossible story too boring.

Adrenaline rushing through my veins.

T he film is another attempt to deliver some over-the-top thrills - all of them hopelessly contrived and silly.

Clearly overstepping the predictable boundaries of previous installments, though not altogether triumphing, MI3 nonetheless turns out to be the most entertaining of the three for many reasons, though primarily for the casting of Phillip Hoffman as the villain, and the fluid, engaging direction by JJ Abrams.

Very thrilling.

It's unusual to get such an adrenaline rush from an action movie these days.

Other than this the movie was enjoyable.

The stunts are definitely breathtaking as always, and the acting is good for an action movie.

The fluffy, two-bit and wholesome bore that was the second 'MI' film has gone and has been replaced by 'sit there and struggle whilst bound to a chair as I threaten to execute your wife'.

After a few unexpected moments and a failed mission, now the spotlight is on Ethan, as he hunts after a dangerous arms dealer that is threatening to end the life of Hunt's new wife.

That theme just gets my adrenaline pumping every time.

Tom Cruise is quite up to snuff once more for "hard" action and the visual conflict effects are quite stunning.

The action is great in the movie and the actual action scenes are long, intense, and thrilling.

Predictable Plot but Enjoyable Action .

Abrams, creator of such TV shows "Alias" and "Lost" turns out to know what he's doing a lot more than one might give him credit for, creating in the end a very solid and wonderfully enjoyable action flick.

It's full of mind blowing action scenes, gadgets, cars, guns and even Vatican City!

Oddly with all the action going on, the middle of the movie was slow and could have shed at least ten or maybe even twenty minutes from the movie's duration.

The effects were great of course, but the bridge scene went on way too long.

The best thing about this movie is that you can't be bored for 1 minute, every minute is worth watching, and it is very rare these days to have a movie like that.

But the failure to entertain just makes watching painful followed by intense irritability.

"This is a film that, if in the mood, could be very enjoyable.

The script seems to have taken the strongest elements of the first two movies and mixed them together, so we get to see the intelligence of the first movie through the spy thriller genre, as well as the fast paced, highly stylised antics of the second movie through the action genre.

Incoherent and tedious .

Despite all this, there are many seamless and engaging action sequences.

Which is not to say that MI has done badly, but just like with Die Hard, you know going in what you are going to get: great action sequences, an interesting villain and a predictable ending.

I find that kind of stuff tiresome to say the least.

and The "twists" are easy and predictable.

A very very enjoyable film that you should go and see like right now!

Still, all things being even, M:I III is an enjoyable entertainment that does it's job of providing appropriate excitement for it's running length and not leaving too much disappointment in it's wake.

Still nothing to rave about, MI3 does wrap up this trilogy with it's most engaging episode to date.

Abrams delivers an adrenaline rush that only falters a little near the end, when we're near exhaustion anyway.

It was entertaining and kept my wallet happy for two hours.

So, already knowing that, I expected a lot from Abrams, and he still blew me away with some of the most incredible and intense action I have seen in some time.

The bottom line is this is a great rental, but save your money and don't go and see it at your local movie house.

It is simply intense experience thanks to him.

It's enjoyable and the two hours fly by effortlessly.

I also liked how it didn't go the typical cliché route in certain scenes (ticking countdown), with some unexpected results.

The film's key action scenes are breathtaking, esp an extended sequence set within Vatican City.

There were scenes that dragged out and could have been so much shorter and then there were the scenes that details were left out.

This movie has very little plot, which is good, no messing around.

People expect far too much out of franchises such as 'Mission Impossible:' character development, intense family dilemmas – you name it.

It doesn't ask for much, except to deliver and highly entertaining film; which it delivers in spades.

After seeing the latter, one does not really expect much especially after the idiotic motorcycle fight scenes, boring and draggy plot and sequences and pathetic attempts at add complexity to the plot.

Watched it at 04/05/2006 23.59CET. I felt like a geek by being one of the few ones in the cinema hall, but already after the first scene, with thrilling performance by Phillip Seymor Hoffman, I say....

The film begins with a fairly intense scene with Cruise tied up watching the bad guy threaten to kill a woman.

Each one of the four is masterfully executed, with a breezy slickness that is both cool and exciting.

Mission Impossible III is exactly what Tom Cruise said in one of the promotional interviews: just a highly entertaining ride.

In the third installment of the franchise, Ethan hunt has retired from the IMF (the exciting one - not the money one) and found a wife.

Tense, taut, and full of adrenaline.

The movie was boring and witless apart from a couple of phrases by Huffman and Rhames.. Dialogue delivery involved speaking into headsets and cellphones or the robotic chatter of video game consoles.

Once we get into the main plot of the film, there is a focus around the Philip Seymour Hoffman villain, and Hunt and his crew kidnap him in a sequence which illustrates how the mask-making works - exciting!

The soundtrack is riveting, and no one can forget the adrenaline pumping, Mission: Impossible theme.

That's just how predictable it was.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this turned out to be an exciting film with plenty of action and suspense all the way through.

While we're on the subject of life mirroring art, why is Ethan's wife a spitting image of whats-her-face… the bland one from Dawson's Creek?

The movie to me was still enjoyable, even with the sneaking into the Vatican, the swinging from one skyscraper to another.

Instead I enjoyed the constant adrenaline and the over all plot was pretty good without the cheap sequel feel to it.

This is the most action packed, intense movie I have ever seen!!!

This has got to be one of the worst cliché and pointless movies I have ever watched.

As a movie that was supposed to follow in the footsteps of the "Mission Impossible" legacy, I was expecting high stakes, thrilling action and captivating drama.

Abrams know how to make entertaining stories, now, with his first movie for the big screen, shows his imagination to create tense sequences and keep suspense on very high levels.

The first one, for me, can be seen more times and the second one gives me the 30 minute adrenaline rush at the end every time.

The stunts were eye popping and the action fast,The story was fast paced and not as convoluted as the previous two.

But hey, it's still a very entertaining movie.

When he's dragged back into action, he spurs the villain, Owen Damien, to hit back where it hurts the most.

If you don't remember the TV series, the movie is a bore; if you do remember the TV series, the movie makes you angry.

The comic stir-up by Ving Rhames, are entertaining.

My MPAA rating: PG-13: Intense Sequences of Frenetic Violence and Menace, Disturbing Images, Some Sensuality and Language.

Those looking for more will probably have worked out that Abrams was not the man to give it to them, since hollow but engaging movement without substance is what he does best.

In truth, I saw it in theaters one day after what I had wanted to (I saw it on the 6th), but the wait made it all the more exciting when I finally got to go.

Action, OK/good directing, basic plot or less, nice acting, enjoyable.

Once in awhile, a good entertaining film that doesn't require too much thought is what a person needs and this one fit's the bill.

His boss is the bad guy who betrays his trust, and they're again in the black list, etc. I could think he dragged his relationship with Katty Holmes into the movie.

M:I:III included the by-now-expected array of guns, gadgets, explosions, and fistfights, but what stuck with me afterwards, was the tense, suspenseful drive of the film, and the spectacular acting.

Maybe its the fact Phillip Seymour Hoffman is so far more compelling on screen than Tom Cruise that I actually started to root for the bad guys.

If you're looking for an action movie that starts out kind of slow and ends with a bang, this is for you.

Superman never got married, batman never really had a girlfriend, RAMBO never got hung out with chicks, why is Ethan involved in a drawn out love story?

It is film that is enlivened by a young director with a natural understanding of what makes movies enjoyable, and giving his first shot at big screen glory every effort.

John Woo's 2000 effort, was very cool, very action packed and a great piece of action cinema from the Hard Boiled Director.

Ridiculously entertaining for a largely cliché flick .

So, unlike what John Woo did with the second of the series the action here is believable and therefore exciting.

Though the storyline itself is a little bit predictable, it is a a few steps up from the second Mission: Impossible.

This energetic movie packs unstopped action, drama, hair-raising suspense, exciting thrills, frenetic pursuits and lots of violence.

This movie is exciting, action packed, and old fashioned, and a great bad guy.

It rather seems like a waste of money and it also doesn't always make the movie flow well.

But like I said, enjoy it for the intense action, because they are extreme, creative and different.

This movie was a total waste of time to watch.

The first Mission:Impossible was a classic, the second an adrenaline driven disappointment with the Cruise being the only superhero.

The action is pretty intense, it's definitely not a boring movie.

it was so unpredictable and tom cruise is so gorgeous!

Again, while mildly entertaining, I felt that the story might have benefited from the perspective of a writer outside of Abrams' circle.

Exciting movie,much better than II .

They probably thought it would help enhance the storyline, but where there is no storyline, it appears as if they had to cover up lengthy and faulty scenes and sequences by using this fake orchestra kind of score.

I saw this at the premiere in London and it was intense.

Pure adrenaline from start to finish.

He makes beautiful, yet compelling, music.

There was a lot of stuff in the movie that was plain boring, its supposed to be an action movie, so wheres the action, no one who goes to see the movie wants to see ethan hunt making gaga, kissing girls, and saying wedding vows.

The only thing that made it better than the 2nd was, that Ethan Hunt wasn't the invincible "James Bond meets The Matrix" than the John Woo crap-fest from 2000 had been, but it still remains some "Action: with no story" that the former big screen Mission Impossibles have been.

But what's wrong with an empty-headed couple of hours?

If you can get past the Harlequin Lovestory going on, the action is fairly mundane except for some of tom's stunts.

Da-da-da-da-duh-da-da-da, the score to the new and third action packed flick "MI3".

It seems as though the handlers now just want to churn out bland action movies.

I walked out of the theater glad and disappointed.

Abrams knows how to make a spy/action film more entertaining than the previous film.

That's exciting.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun and semi-engaging movie.

I have to say it was entertaining enough, considering I thought I'd be throwing my Coke at Tom Cruises gigantic head.

Abrams / Cast: Tom Cruise, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Monaghan, Ving Rhames, Keri Russell: Easily the best of the series with a rousing opening sequence that exceeds anything done in the previous two films.

Ving Rhames makes a welcome return as Luther Stickell, while we have the additions of Maggie Q and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the rest of his team and it should be said that this element works very well, so well that it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and ensure these characters come back for any proposed fourth installment, while any film in the world that features Laurence Fishburne is worth watching in my estimation.

In MI3 I felt I was just being assaulted by unpleasant violence and then assaulted by tedious exposition and dreary romance before the next blow up.

Boring, predictive and utterly obnoxious.

He is now the teacher, fitting into the mould of the wise old master, the cliché that Liam Neeson has perfected so well.

1 was convoluted and confusing and No.

It all comes together to make a solid and entertaining summer action flick.

An Entertaining Action Flick with a Great Villain.

He is the best villain in the franchise so far, and he is connected to the most suspenseful scene in the movie.

Too bad I kept falling asleep watching this flick (it took me three times to watch the ending).

Viewers will be taken on a very thrilling and enjoyable ride through the world of fantasy international espionage.

The overall plot was OK but very predictable and trite.

There was a reason why the producers refrained from exposing much of the plot in the previews ,because there are so many predictable moments and obvious twists that the plot is simple and flat.

The bad guy is dull, Tom Cruise is bland and the screenplay is something that we've seen millions of times before - the guy has to rescue the girl (rolls eyes in annoyance).

Here's what works: the story here is by far the most compelling of the three.

Cruise, along with Philip Seymour Hoffman, make MI:3 a nonstop action thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the full 2 hours of the film.

I can handle the logical shortcomings of the genre, and yes, I even love when James Bond is chasing an empty plane like Superman did in his best days.

The movie is fast paced, although it doesn't really offer much to challenge your mind.

The movie isn't smart, nor stunning, neither are there mind blowing action sequences involved.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable movie which is highly recommended.

Its all very by the numbers and predictable, with really nothing special.

It's not as simple as that of course but, after the screaming suspense and unbearable tension of that opening sequence, the earlier events hit the ground running and you soon forget about that opening.

Hope you will keep in mind the bridge + Vatican sequences, which are truly enjoyable.

This person looked like just having lost consciousness (or was so bored by the toy gun "threat" that she just fell asleep in relief once the "loud sound" gave her the cue.

It's action packed,with a lot of great emotion,and suspense.

It was even boring except for a few minutes.

The premise, even as predictable as it was, would have been enjoyable had they taken the time to at least try and get the audience even a tiny bit invested in the characters.

FINAL VERDICT: I think it is worth watching if you are looking for an action film.

This is pretty much describes it, mission impossible means loads of action, unexpected storyline..and M:I 3 was successful in both points by a big margin It has been long time really long time since a movie kept me on the edge of my seat till the last minute.

Action is thrilling .

What a cliché.

Its fun, has great dialogue, a wonderful villain in (the ALWAYS impressive) Hoffman, has exciting action sequences, marvelous cinematography and the best score of the (first) three movies.

It is worth watching.

Will be enjoyed by most as the action is fast paced and thrilling.

Very boring.

What a well made and tremendously entertaining movie.

MI:3 is by no means a classic, but it is certainly enjoyable, and despite the heavy use of genre clichés it avoids the fate of MI:2, which was pretty much a ninety-minute music video.

From the opening frame this movie is an adrenaline rush, the perfect film to open the blockbuster season.

The acting is great (except for Tommy who just screams and runs), the action is great, and the mood is intense.

I saw an early preview of this movie and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Worth watching at home.

It avoids being as confusing as Mission: Impossible and is less cliché and cheesy as Mission: Impossible II.

Goofy Cruise is mesmerizing and the overblown action is riveting.

trust me it's idiotic and bored me [*]the bird in it is a moose, she looks like cruise's bird Katie Holmes(and she's a moose with a bog eye).

bad-guy action, the final reverse is also predictable.

his role as FBI is good to watch and make this movie worth watching few thing shown in the movie was really heart trembling and has been shown with exclusivity in summation this movie is good for watching .

All in all, this film is a great addition to the M:I film series and a wonderful action-packed thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the final scene.

" speech is pronounced during the interrogation), manages to escape, in the breathtaking Chesapeake Bay Bridge scene, and blackmails Hunt: if he can't find the Rabbit's Foot in 48 hours, his wife Julie (Michelle Monaghan) will die.

I was lucky enough to attend the premiere in London the other night, and after seeing MI:2 was not really hoping for anything other than your average, formulaic, big budget, Tom Cruise Show TM...

Don't waste your money on this rubbish.

I love the scene where these utilities are written, they're gripping.

Abrams maid another action packed movie full of ups and downs through out.

That makes a brilliant soundtrack, even if stolen, for a pretty good action packed movie.

MI:3 is a fast paced, entertaining entry to the series that will make you forget just how truly awful mi:2 was for a couple of hours.


), but there are so many explosions where there should have been plot, that it becomes dull.

Your time is better spent watching paint dry than watching this movie.

It is an entertaining movie to put

Sure it was an improvement, but I was still bored with it.

Then, in 2000, John Woo came along and gave us a ridiculous action sequel riddled with pointless slow motion and excessive style.

Okay Mission impossible 1 was mind blowing.

It functions very well as its own action packed movie, with plenty of character development and creative, mind-blowing action.

It was boring enough that you begin to wonder about Cruise's height (5'6) and sexuality and wish it would just end.

Too bad though, that the plot is quite far from original (and very predictable) so I guess the first Mission Impossible still rules.

Each one is memorable and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Everyone was on the edge of his seat even before the movie begins.

The first one was an intense movie that lacked action a great deal whereas the second one was really just action and absolutely nothing more.

It's action packed and very entertaining and gripping.

His strength is in merging beautiful backdrops with intense action, whilst retaining the qualities of both.

So cold is Hoffman that his character is uninteresting - and indeed the editor seems to have realised this, Hoffamn gets about 8 lines and only a few short scenes.

And the action just keeps getting better and better and more intense!

It's propaganda, really.

I liked the first Mission Impossible, i wasn't much for the second Mission Impossible movie, it was okay, but it was a little flat and there wasn't as much excitement or action as expected, some of it was a little boring i guess.

Number two was so crappy in every way apart for the entertaining action.

Some of the action sequences towards the end of the film are quite gripping, if not breathtaking, there are plot twists (even if a couple are preposterous), and most of the second half of the film is suspenseful.

Worst movie ever, what else can I say?

De Palma understands that what lasts in the mind of the viewer is not the big explosions or the plane crashes, it is the thrilling chill of a joyride that keeps you hanging (like Tom) throughout the movie.

And the worse part is, after plodding along for all this amount of time, it seems as if the directed check his watch and though, "Ooh, better rap this up!

After watching 25th Hour, Boogie Nights, Red Dragon, Capote, etc. it was clear to me that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was an actor worth watching no matter what movie he is in.

After concluding the last mission (there are at least 3 missions jammed into this film), there are a couple of slow moments when Cruise is explaining to his wife Julie what has just happened.


Every minute of this movie is just crazy intense!

During some of the most intense action scenes in fact, the camera shakes so bad, you'd think it was sitting on top of a blender.

Impossibly contrived to sell tickets .

It also has breathtaking action set-pieces, cool stunts, dazzling special effects, twisty-turny plot that kept me thinking throughout its entire runtime.

Once the movie started, I was on the edge of my seat for nearly the whole time.

It was a serious struggle to sit through this painfully formulaic (or should I say methodic) waste of money and resources.

But then again, it would probably have been a waste of time to tell us what it was.

), the plot is intriguing and the script is tight throughout.

In all this film was very enjoyable (with a lot of beautiful actresses) and I did not regret paying £4.50 to watch.

The action is fast paced and the editing is sometimes a little hectic.

As a successful commercial trilogy, MI:3 can ensure you a exciting and worthwhile movie experience, if you are not a picky movie reader.

It certainly was entertaining.

There isn't any suspense, JJ Abrams thinks he's writing for television, so the movie is structured like a double-episode of an action TV show (season finale or opening of a good one like Prison Break or 24), no psychological portraits, valuable message on anything, soundtrack or funny parts, just a very enjoyable action scenes stream.

The movie began slowly, i'd say the first 15-20 minutes might be boring.

For whatever reason, Abrams decides not to show us Hunt's capture of the Rabbit's Foot in China, focusing on his boring and forgettable teammates in the van.

One has to feel a little sorry for Tiny Tom, being set against a proper actor, one with actual screen presence and who has used the bare-bones of character sketched in the script to create a more memorable screen-persona than the bland action-movie clones around them.

In some ways, it even compares unfavorably to last summer's Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which was another dull dozer.

I remember I walked out of the first movie feeling pleasantly satisfied until I thought back over Brian DePalma's bucket of red herrings to realize that the movie, for all it's pretzel plot twists, really didn't add up to much.

"Mission: Impossible 3" is actually an enjoyable action movie, and the storyline is quite good as well.

It keeps you with the breath hold non-stop, taking you from one suspense action scene to an unexpected other, keeping the mystery of who's the bad guy infiltrated in their team and how everything will end up till the very last minutes of the movie.

It is impossible to comprehend the exquisite boredom that gradually builds up and is ready to explode by the end of the movie.

However, the core of the film is its breathtaking action sequences.

This is a real adrenaline-pumper - as heart pumping as actually riding a roller coaster.

M:I:III is a rock hard,action packed spy movie in the style of the first part.

Hoffman seemed like a cunning, conniving (and emotionally intense) villain...

Particularly stunning is an air vs.

Action is admittedly not this writer's favorite genre and, having happily avoided seeing the first two in this franchise, very loosely based on a suspenseful TV drama, Mission: Impossible III was not a top choice.

Basically, everything that made the first two enjoyable is gone and everything that brought down the second one in a few scenes has been increased to absurd proportions.

From its first scene onwards - half of a torture scene that is ultimately revisited later in the picture - the movie sets itself apart from its predecessors.

Abrams does bring a fresh style to the spy action film with a kinetic style, lots of action, a simple plot device that puts characters in a globe trotting adventure, and it is very fast paced that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The action was exciting and original from start to finish, with a few good stunts thrown in along the way.

Abrams helps make MI:3 one of the most intense action flicks of 2006.

The locations are still breathtaking especially Shanghai and the Vatican.

The action sequences are pretty intense and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Th start sequence is a bit confusing , the reverse order of a story-telling format is unusual for a gadget-spy-action film.

They're always a little too slow for me.

Whilst the shocking beginning hooks viewers and the high-paced and unpredictable nature of every action scene provides a real thrill-ride, the film also has a real dramatic edge - 10/10(i would suggest that those who dislike the film due to a love for the original TV series or the franchise just view this as a separate movie!

No plot 5.

The entire film, from start to finish is action packed and excellent special effects award this movie its success.

The action is breathtaking.

When Cruise makes the plot of M:I 3 secretive, it makes the audience worth the 6 years wait for the most explosive, most thrilling and most exciting than the previous 2 M:I franchise.

The night stuff is particularly tedious because you can't even enjoy the cinematography.

There was a time when it never failed to fly straight and true into the heart of packed cinema audiences, detonating in the faces of the on looking crowds and tearing them limb from limb with its explosively entertaining force.

The action is great but the build up of it all and the story- and storytelling is too lacking to make this an enjoyable must-see action spectacle.

A really enjoyable popcorn flick is how I remembered it!!

There's not really much to say about a blockbuster designed for entertainment, however, this was only barely entertaining, and I shall dictate why.

I never lost the excitement of watching the movie, and enjoyed it all the time.

MI:3 is Gripping .

Went to catch the show last night..To be honest, I did have some trepidation as recently I've become quite bored with Tom Cruise and his acting (or limited acting).

If the filmmakers could manage to make another entry as entertaining as this one, an M:I IV wouldn't be a bad prospect.

The bridge scene on the ads was much more violent and intense as it came out to be, there were new characters who were in it and Cruise did no more solo missions this time, it seemed that he was always with the team, just not in the end.

A very enjoyable movie.

Most entertaining for all it's short comings.

In a world of confusion, you can always trust Mrbios

Cruise and his girlfriend seemed authentic on the screen, and Cruise even gets quite intense (again the topper is the opening scene).

It's got a good plot like the first, and more intense action then the second.. Don't miss it for the world guys/girls.

Abrams raises the tension level to a maximum and also it is a cliché that will leave your pulse racing for more and more to follow.

Abrams' kinetic style works perfectly for the film, and the action scenes are spectacular, hugely entertaining, and quite well-shot and edited.

"Mission: Impossible III" is an entertaining popcorn movie indicated for fans of this genre and Tom Cruise.

I highly recommend this if you want to enjoy a very entertaining action movie with great action sequences--with a pretty clever story.

Now, the danger is more compelling.

Nothing for action, no real crazy chase scene and no real fight, and both bad guys die in a boring fashion.

Maggie Q as Zhen is stunning and tough.

It's 2 hours of adrenaline that splashes of the screen.

I am big fan of spy movies and I have enjoyed this whole movie and times it was gripping.

But I will say I was wrong, that this is the start of what will become the most exciting summer movie season in the past five years.

Thats how exciting this film is.

Cruise is very intense, too, and does these roles so well.

However, those expectations were shot down early into the film by the cheesy dialogue and SUPREMELY PREDICTABLE PLOT.

Better than #2, it does have a decent story, but the writing is so bad and the directing makes the film confusing at times.

of course there must be a lot of action, adrenaline , suspense, chase scenes..you name it.

The main reasons for that is following: lots of exciting action sequences, prominent characters (especially when it comes to villains - Phillip Seymour Hoffman is outstanding here, best bad guy in series) and keeping the basic tone similar to previous film.

It's one of the better action movies to come out in recent times, definitely better then the bore fest known as Mr and Mrs Smith, the ridiculous xXx 2: State of the Union and the horrible Alone in the Dark.

The action sequences are plenty and visually exciting.

Instead we are given an overlong and pretentious plot that can barely sustain itself with overblown action scenes that call too much attention to themselves, has some very talented supporting actors in roles that demand nothing from them except sitting behind a wheel or standing around with vacant looks that pretty much reflect the audience's reactions to this boring film.

He seems like an engaging character, and not enough was shown of him.

- If you just like a lot of un-innovative action and a predictable storyline, well gosh darn it if this isn't the movie for you.

This is one of the best action films of the year, and it's sure to push your adrenaline levels to the max.

What I specially liked about this movie is that it is fast paced.

used as FILLER between the even more useless, uninteresting character building scenes.

) some of the background stuff, like why a secret agent would have dreams of living a mundane second life (anyone see "True Lies"?

The stunts are breathtaking and the new cast members play a roles that are needed and hopefully will expand in future franchises.

True to its hype, the MI 3 delivers fast paced storyline loaded with breath-taking action sequences and obviously a cool suspense.

But the character is bland.

Anyways, I was on the edge of my seat all the time, and there were funny parts, too.

It keeps you on the edge of your seats all of the time and proves once and again that the Hitchcockian McGuffin is still as important nowadays as it was in Hitch's good days.

Unoriginal story - but made fresh with great actors & exciting locations...

Abrams delivers an adrenaline rush that only falters a little near the end, when we're near exhaustion anyway.

Drawn out endlessly.

Heck they even gut one of the toughest puzzles with a pointless starting stunt and then just cut to the exit.

Finally, that villain were so two dimensionally boringly acted by whomever did it that it was laughable.

The plot was good, and had enough twists and turns built into it to ensure that the viewer could have been thrown all over their chair as it jinxed it's way across the screen, but, sadly, some of those opportunities seem to have been sacrificed for what I can only guess is self-serving propaganda on the part of Mr Cruise.

Some of the action scenes too are just powerful and full of adrenaline.

Yet this one obviously was more realistic than both the first and second and had more intense scenes and didn't have the stupid infra red clocks that signal that you have a certain amount of time to get outta there.

Overall, this is a very empty and unaffecting experience indeed.

It was so episodic (hence totally predictable.

MI3 is bland and uninvolving for the most part due to confusing editing & not enough plot information.

While Woo focused unnecessarily on visually stylized boring action sequences without any pace in the story (well, if that's a story at all), M:I-3 rightfully portrays a simpler yet entertaining basic storyline, carefully added subplots, optimum and balanced visual effects for the action scenes all of which are quite helped by decent casting choices like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Maggie Q and to some extent Michelle Monaghan.

It's a fast paced movie, thankfully, the editing is superb and one doesn't get bored while watching this action drama.

If De Palma directs action as an eerie and suspenseful sequence of motions (station shootout in Carlito's Way as well as the pool hall scene plus the drug deal prior to the 'chainsaw' scene in Scarface), then Abrams directs action as a spectacle: the jet, the helicopter, the guy being thrown off his feet into a window, the machine gun fire, etc. When I recall De Palma's 'MI', I recall the coming down through the ceiling and the opening ten minutes as memorable set pieces whereas the chopper in the tunnel at the end was a bit silly and an easy, explosive way to end a summer released espionage film.

An enjoyable action flick with a twist of Thriller-lemon.

Dull, Duller, Dullest.

Mission: Save your money .

' Turning in a relatively mature performance with a smidgeon of self-mocking, Tom Cruise makes this adventure utterly enjoyable.

The second installment was an unfocused action flick, dragged down by its flaws.

They were extremely stunning and realistic, in the films context.

Even if you think Tom Cruise is a little insane, MI:III is extremely enjoyable.

I did not feel like it was 126-minits,this is a very good edited movie,with nice and exciting action scenes.

MI:III is entertaining enough if you don't demand a Fight Club-level plot from your movies.

When the movie started, I thought it was cool to see a great spy being tortured, about to collapse and helpless (it reminded me the last delivery of the Bond saga, but this one is more intense).

If this is the swansong for Tom Cruise's version of the legendary TV classic, then I found it a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Not a movie for those who prefer intelligent scripts, but for an evening's diversion it is entertaining, Grady Harp

I would never expect reality in this type of film, but the predictable story has the most absurd flaws and situations, the usual clichés of action movies, and the ridiculous villain is the typical "made in Hollywood for this type of movie", with grimaces, sparing the hero and giving the chance for his vengeance and victory in the end.

Most importantly, MI:3 offers an engaging story to go with the stunts and glamorous locations, and while it may not be up to the standard of great spy films, it is thoroughly engaging and enjoyable.

Good action and enjoyable...

From beginning to end, Tom Cruise and company gave intense performances while allowing the special effects, high octane explosions, and super cool spy technology to serve as characters themselves.

Tom Cruise gives us lots of "intense" looks while breathing as hard as possible.

The action is better and more intense; it is back to a level that easily allows suspension of disbelief.

So bland and unimaginative, it was filmed like a TV episode with an over abundance of close ups and was so tacky and clichéd.

He's really not a bad actor, and though he tends to play the same character, he's very good at that character- intense gaze, everyman smile, casual talk.

The scene had some great action and mind boggling special effects.

Mission Impossible Three, or MI3 if you work in advertising, is an excellent movie, action packed, visual effects and stunts by the boatload and what i believe--is the best in the series.

" Even the trademark James Bondian moments are borderline dull.

And, truthfully, it does have some very intense moments that anyone will get drawn into.

The action sequences in "Mission: Impossible 3" are nicely executed and nicely filmed, which makes it really enjoyable.

The lines too much predictable!

It seems disjointed.

By far, the Vatican scene was highly enjoyable and genius.

Add in a nice mix of the exotic settings of Europe and Asia, scattered injections of humor, slick directing and quality acting, and you have a pleasantly entertaining movie that would satisfy both the mindless and the intellectual.

But whilst he is able to keep the franchise action packed, his style is unable to flourish the same way that Palma or Woo were able to in the previous films.

Electing a fan as director was a foolish move as scene after scene plays like a school-girl love letter to closet case Cruise, lingering close ups while decked out in physique enhancing wardrobes come across like those tedious scenes in soft-core erotica that are supposed to pass for exposition.

Either you love him or hate him but you're still going to watch his movies and this one is highly entertaining.

The actual movie is everything fans hoped for, the best in the trilogy, an exciting adventure in which style and content are present in equal quantities.

This movie is so full of action and moves so quickly from scene to scene that it is hard to be bothered by the problems with it, until after you leave the theater.

By focusing on the characters rather than the technology and weaponry, the film is far more engaging and intense.

Abrams (behind many "Lost" and "Alias" episodes), "MI3" is non-stop in its intensity, and is thrilling enough to keep what's left of Cruise's fan base in their seats.

All in all it's one of these rare action movies that gives you a positive exciting feeling.

However, the intense part of the movie is if the other, not as prominent characters are going to survive.

They should have stopped with the first one, which was enjoyable.

Mission: Impossible III is big, action packed and at times emotional and breath taking.

Dull, Bloated, Disappointment.

Suffice it to say that the action sequences are more intense than in the first two movies.

This movie is one long adrenaline rush.

but my favourite part of the movie was the first part were Davine has Ethan's wife chained down and he is threatening to kill her that really got the old adrenaline going.

otherwise, if ur gonna be a total roger ebert and judge every second, then don't waste ur time.

The evil plan/object is called the Rabbit's Foot which seems to be confusing at first because you don't know what it is.

I just wish the chatter-heads who puke up their hysterical mind-chum in these reviews would take a cue from the objects of their juvenile obsessions and save the tedious epics that they spew up as opinion for their personal blogs.

I have to hand it to MI3: It delivers nonstop action and the kind of over-hyped "intense" moments of which Hollywood builds prefab popcorn movies with sleep-walking regularity.

It's a fairly standard, predictable and cliché piece of entertainment, which only just barely gets away with it.

The second one is the closest you can get to the good old black-and-white TV series, with everything from clockwork planning and execution to mind boggling high-tech, in the teams mission to kidnap the villain in the Vatican.

unbelievably breathtaking .

All in all an enjoyable couple of hours.

Which is good, that this means the film is out of the cliché universe.

He acts circles around Cruise and you're awfully tempted to root for Owen against an incredibly dull and tepid Ethan.

It just had cliché written all over it.

Lived Up To The Hype: Very Entertaining .

It's the only movie in memory which I've literally fell asleep to.


The music in the movie made the movie very intense and exciting.

As well as that, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is spellbinding as the films antagonist, he is thrilling and immensely intense in every scene, a realistic villain that grabbed me from start to finish.

In the MI series, however, plot is the most entertaining piece of the film and revealing it prematurely (without a substantial payoff) is a mistake that will defeat the film on credentials of its own genre alone.

The action gets so boring, that my companion fell asleep.

The action is unoriginal and confusing, and the "Ethan's love interest" plot line is more of a hindrance than an enhancement.

Scenes were succinct and action packed.

It's truly intense, and I'd say it's one of the better suspenseful openings of films this year, which sucks you in right into the heat of things, and slowly demands an emotional response from you, which is quite rare in a genre movie like this.

I still LOVE MII (except Thandie) and I think it's A LOT more visually interesting (great mix of slow/standard/fast motion) than this latest installment.

Sure I love guns stunts and bombs but the only really good scene in this film was the Vatican cos it was actually suspenseful and clever unlike the rest of the film, I feel so let down by JJ Abrams whom I believe to be not as good as people say.

This has a lot of action, suspense, good supporting cast, and an engaging plot.

Instead a boring dose of misguided thrills and spills that fall short of suspense or adventure.

Aside from the pre-credit sequence, the whole film is cliché.

Whoa, those scenes are really intense emotionally and physically.

The third instalment in the Mission: Impossible film series is also the very first that manages to get every single thing right for it is an intensely engaging, relentlessly paced & absolutely thrilling sequel that packs in a riveting plot, crazy stunts, cool gadgets & explosive action to succeed as the finest chapter of its franchise and is great enough to rank amongst the best examples of its genre(s).

'M:I 3' will give it too you, along with more mind blowing action sequences in which I got sweat in my hand palms.

Uninvolving, Boring, and Too Long .

Worst movie ever .

Thrilling, memorable and featuring the best acting the franchise has ever had .

One of the Most Intense Action Movies Iv'e Seen .

It was really Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing this part, not Tom Cruise in make up, so it was once again Hoffman making something completely fun out what was probably dull on the page.

I felt every bit of the adrenaline and stress that they were feeding me.

It's a pretty entertaining ride while it lasts, but it leaves a pretty dull impression when the show's over.

It was intense, it was fast - it was action packed and it is easily the best in the trilogy.

MI films are never going to be cerebral, and I thoroughly enjoyed it when I wasn't scaring the natives of West India Quay, E14 by slapping my forehead and screaming Noooooo!

Well, it was better than the last one, at least, but still utterly predictable and dull, despite the supposed action sequences.

There's only so many time you can watch the same high speed chases and good guys shooting bad guys before it can become boring.

The Vatican operation, very reminiscent of the Prague operation in the first film, was also stunning.

That being said, the scenes themselves are quite breathtaking.

It provided Cruise a platform to showcase his acting range of fear, moments of calm, intense rage, desperation, all rolled into one, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, just absolute chilling.

In summary: acting was good, action scenes were stunning, story was well paced, interesting and highly entertaining.

Whereas the second one was predictable, this one kept me guessing...

This was simply an action packed movie with a better plot than I thought it would have.

The thankfully eliminated the predictable IMPOSSIBLE HEIST but I would have still liked to see a bigger better more exciting ending.

There was no one else to 'editorialize' the thing, bring in something new & exciting to the end product.

Its got more action than the other two more than adequately action packed offerings put together, it'll have you glued to the edge of your seat from start to finish.

He keeps everything intense, right on spot with the plot and performances.

This film however manages to capture the best aspects of both of those films and combine them into enjoyable flick.

Ethan Hunt's character is retired, which accounts for his obvious lack of skill he had in the first 2 M:Is, but it does get tiresome after a while.

So if you don't expect more from it than that (like me) you will not be disappointed, and actually find watching it to be quite a fun and engaging experience.

It's all very confusing, but still entertaining in a lowbrow kind of way.

Overall M:I3 is a well directed action thriller that is worth watching over and over again.

But as the movie goes on these promises become lost in a movie full of unnecessary twists and pointless plot lines in order to get to a happy ending.

Very thrilling and a must see movie.

The beginning and ending action sequences are somewhat blah, while the middle is chock full of fun and exciting scenes, especially the infiltration of the Vatican.

once again it doesn't really come close to being as good as the first but to be honest when your watching it thats not really in your mind because on its own its just a really good film that at times proves pretty exciting.

Philip Seymour Hoffman exudes creepy power and sinister criminal genius in his role as Davian, an international terrorist; Laurence Fishburne and Billy Crudup play their spy movie stereotypes with vigour; supporting team members Ving Rhames et al play their respective parts with comedy, loyalty and downright coolness and as ever, Tom Cruise becomes the archetypal screen hero he seems to born to play, complete with tears, yelling and adrenaline-fuelled rushes towards the goal.

I'm old enough to remember and revere the 60's original and better yet got to view them all again (and I do mean all) recently on a classic TV satellite channel, with the great cast of the ultra-cool Steven Hill, ultra-resourceful Martin Landau and ultra-beautiful Barbara Bain, in neat, intricately plotted story lines, wrapped up in 50 entertaining minutes.

i really do hope there could be a fourth one, this is definitely going to be one of the biggest movies of the summer and was quite enjoyable.

It is cool, exciting and entertaining.

It's sleekly directed and even though the events seem fairly unbelievable, they remain entertaining.

And he also has very few lines, he doesn't talk much, when he does he is threatening someone or trying to kill someone, such as the beginning scene in the movie, which is a very intense scene.

Two hour smart action, thrilling run and rush.

They try to make it like "24" but it doesn't quite work, it reminded me of that ho hum Sean Connery film Entrapment where they go off to foreign climes to try some heist you don't honestly believe in though it looks quite nice.

Another thrilling impossible mission movie.

Stunts that should be amazing seem ho-hum, business as usual.

I don't really know if that was because of the story, or just because the setpieces were more exciting.

Time has answer the call of those who wish to be on the edge of there seat for the entire movie experience.

That was completely over the top' but I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was.

For a 2-hour movie, it sure was exciting and eventful!

Yes, Mission: Impossible III may seem like repeat of previous plots, gadgets and effects, nevertheless, it is entertaining as any successful Hollywood action movie.

Besides being very predictable, its structure bothers me a little.

this may seem out there but i think it would have proved more entertaining and definitely more original.

Hoffman is actually a high-point as the villain, managing a very cold and humourless but ultimately rather empty and cardboard character.

Again the same score can mean one thing, action or just espionage in a dull form like the first two?

The film also shamelessly cranks out the oldest suspense/action flick cliché in the final scene.

Way better then the first two and is just full of action, it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat!

It's not supposed to be a classic, but it is entertaining.

Overall this is a huge improvement and a film definitely worth watching.

The cast which includes Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Monaghan, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Maggie Q all excel in their roles, which particularly makes this film worth watching even without all the action.

However it is entertaining.

The choice to cast Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the bad guy in this film was an excellent one his charisma and attitude has just made this movie what it is a very entertaining high octane filled movie.

and from the bridge scene on it is tedious.

MIII has got a few great, heart-pounding action sequences, funny moments and intriguing high-tech gadgets to please any action-spy genre fan.

One of the worst movies ever...

getting into the Vatican on a whim), but it is entertaining.

7/10-just an excellently entertaining action/thriller,well worth a watch!

The music by Michael Giacchino is suspenseful and adds to the wonder this film has.

From heartbreaking till terrifying till adrenaline pumping.

Overall: A B-grade script (Seagal would probably jump at it, actually), A-grade 'talent' (Oxymoron #1,156) and some of the most boring, 'seen-it-a-hundred-times-before' action sequences ever filmed.

Not Smart Like M:I 1, no real action like M:I 2, A Rather Bland Movie.

It's not a bad movie, but it's not a good one either, just hopelessly bland and unimaginative.

Don't get me wrong, the two hours watching-time went past quickly and I was nevr bored.

A lot more entertaining than the first two, the first was confusing then slow, then confusing and a little exciting, the second was slow and slow and slow then action packed.

very entertaining just not enough of them...

The action is mostly incoherent, hard to follow and shot in a quick-cut, hyper-fast way that makes everything look unbelievable and implausible.

Another cliché used in the movie comes about one-fourth into the film.

A more straightforward plot got drawn out by Woo's "look how pretty my action sequences are" style of directing.

It was horrible because 1)There was no new action, or what was new was predictable, ie helicopter.

) and the requisite empty buddy-buddy bonding between Cruise and the rest of his team.

Mission impossible 3 is a thrilling movie that is worth seeing.

The story was quite compelling and there was a some sort of stupid device called the rabbit's foot which we never find out what it is .

The lines are witty, precise, and unpredictable.

it's repetitive.

For those of you expecting memorable dialog or an intriguing plot, you'll probably be disappointed.

There is no plot - it's just the usual jumble of gunfire, explosions, and people jumping, shooting, talking on radios, flying in or being shot at by helicopters, drones, airplanes, etc. If I had to categorize it, I would say the movie's got a severe case of attention deficit disorder.

It's exciting to see the hero beaten down...

Fun and fast paced, MI3 is the most enjoyable film in the series.

Nobody shows the spy game at it's most fun, dangerous, and emotionally gripping as JJ Abrams.

Hoffman manages to capture Cruise's pure essence – his intense stare, his frenetic gestures and even his charm.

An adrenaline rush .

Here it is simpler but it's still entertaining because there is an efficient storyline alongside it.

The action scenes are kind of long and exciting and very intense.

Every time you think it has reached a point where things will have to slow down, something happens and you're gripping the arms of your chair once again.

It had all the action, suspense, and semi-predictable plot twist of the first movie.

Somehow the film really left me empty and not in any good sense of the word.

it felt like some basic cheesy cliché action movie, with the quick cuts and lethal weapon-type action.

Really enjoyed it.

It was also particularly interesting and very enjoyable to see how they cam up with new tricks, new strategies and great locations for the cast to film at.

The characters and their motivations were much more believable, the action sequences were exciting, and I even enjoyed the supporting characters - especially Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

The most intriguing aspect of the Mission Impossible universe is a device that crafts faces.

The second film is an ultimate bore.

I also found the ending to be rather bland.

Both Cruise and Hoffman are two of the screen's most intense and driven actors.

The plot was unpredictable, and full of: twists, turns, cranks and spins.

The plot was basic and straight-forward, but definitely exciting.

It is so slow to watch.

Mission Intense .

For the action/thriller/explosion type individual, this movie has a "credible" story line and enough tension to keep viewers on the edge of their seats for the entire movie.

I only saw it yesterday and have probably forgotten most of it, though I'm sure I could have said the exact same thing the instant I walked out of the theatre.

An entertaining addition to the series that will make you forget how poor MI:2 was....

Cruise gives Hunt an energy and fire that make him a compelling and likable character.

Excellent acting, good music, well-written story, clever twists and a good pacing make this movie a very enjoyable and tense ride.

IMF leaders Laurence Fishburne and Billy Crudup round out the high adrenaline mix.

After two bland villains, Philip Seymour Hoffman blows the roof off the dome and into the ozone layer with his performance.

This movie is so intense from beginning to end, it's impossible to watch it and have one minute where you are even bordering close to anything that resembles boredom.

Abrams (behind many "Lost" and "Alias" episodes), "MI3" is non-stop in its intensity, and is thrilling enough to keep what's left of Cruise's fan base in their seats.

It was action packed and I just thought Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great asset to the movie.

It was a tense, intriguing action thriller that struck an impeccable balance of taut, gritty suspense and campy fun.

And by then he has run us through a wringer that's thrilling and dramatically engaging.

They should be this action packed.

What makes MI-3 especially thrilling is the acting performance of the bad guy played by none other than legendary Philip Seymour Hoffman.

From the opening sequence to the thrilling finale you only have a few moments to catch your breath and this is the way action movies should be.

Mission Impossible 3 is a pretty fun exciting and action packed sequel.

But this one just boring.

I have seen many action movies, this is not the best, but, really is intense, rhythm is accelerated with some funny moments very exaggerated.

This is hands down one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

Along with the amazing special effects,adrenaline filled sequences , a vast improvement on Cruise's acting abilities,a more interesting plot and a convincing bad guy this movie has just put the previous two to shame.

This movie is exciting, shocking, suspenseful, emotionally satisfying and has a fun retro soundtrack.

There is not a single moment to rest between scenes, and that might be an issue for some, but for me, I needed it after the tedious M:I-2.

Others dull your senses with one mindless montage of violence and car chases, without a point to be found.

The publicity extravaganza @ this has been intense and I can see why; if you make enough noise, they will come.

Abrams can weave a good story and create an entertaining popcorn flick.

The movie was enjoyable popcorn fun, much much better from any stale rendition John Woo could ever do to a Mission Impossible movie.

Though I hate the latex masks and the stupid laptops that make a 'bring' sound every time someone hits 'Enter,' the action sequences are intense – epically intense.

Predictable and Mild .

Cruise is bland.

It is very disappointing and boring, and lots of corny cliché scenes.

To add to that we are forced to cope with Sensitive Action Heros, Strong Women Who rise to the occasion, the over predictable double cross, the faithful team, the oh so simple plot that is as clear as water.

By no means any masterpiece, complete with it's share of flaws, M:I III nonetheless proves an enjoyable action romp for it's two hour running time.

This is an action packed movie with some thrilling and powerful elements thrown into the mix.

Worth watching!

This adrenaline rush of a film will keep you entertained from start to finish with little flaws.

Mission Impossible III starts off differently than others in the series, beginning with one of the most agonizing, intense, best acted moments in the entire film.

The opening factory rescue is stylish yet practical with lots of cool moments, and the team breaking into the Vatican to get at Davian is some of the most intriguing spy work in the entire franchise.

It lacks some dazzling long shots to intense the cinematic feel, so people would go to watch something else what they watch in 24.

This torture scene definitely sets up the story to follow, and is in fact, one of the most intense scenes I have encountered in my cinema viewing.

The action is there the FX (ILM no less) are awesome, but the thing that amps all that up is how engaging the characters are.

Slick and stylish with amazing action scenes, great special effects & locations, a gripping story and a fantastic cast, including Philip Seymour Hoffman who kills it as the bad guy here.

In short, I thought this was an entertaining movie and I have rated it accordingly.

The television serials are even more exciting that this one.

Abrams, he knows how to make an action movie exciting.

Let me begin by saying that this film is immensely entertaining.

The plot and everything else just goes in a direction where it's more entertaining than the previous 2 films.

Instead we get a boring stunt side shot, the like which we have seen countless times before.

Cruise does his regular routine of facial expressions and postures—cocky, intense, victimized—and includes the Risky Business sunglasses.

On the whole, though, this was a fun, entertaining summer blockbuster that just could have been better.

Intense action with love interest .

What follows is a quickly edited but slowly paced romp across the world to find The Rabbit's Foot, a macguffin of supposedly destructive potential that everyone under the sun wants for various reasons.

While action scenes are cool and entertaining, too many of them can become boring.

Intense, exciting, and very well acted...

Over all I just didn't buy most of the characters or the plot, the villain was too over to top and unbelievable, the story line was absurd, the stunts, while entertaining to watch did nothing to strengthen the story and were too spectacular, they actually took away from the viewers ability to accept what they were watching, I watched them thinking they were there just so they could say forget about the lame ass story, wasn't that stunt cool?

This is one of the best movies of Tom Cruise, feels some really good acting and some surprise unpredictable in the film.

Ethan accepts the mission and reunites with best bud Luther Strickell (Ving Rhames), along with new members Declan (charismatic Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and Zhen (stunning and deadly Maggie Q).

How can a film with so many explosions be so boring.

Love story between Cruise and his wife dragged it down.

An enjoyable action flick .

Well made high-tech hijinks and full of breathtaking set-up with impressive images.

While I feel that this film is overly criticized, I do think it has some merit, but no story of value.

The first was pretentious and confusing while the bullet-laden second film was pretentious and shallow, albeit more enjoyable.

The movie keeps you interested and its last half an hour is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

MI:3- Well, all I can say is that if you take James Bond's most action packed episode and times it by ten, you may be somewhere near the mark!

A rush and raw adrenaline-full movie .

Dull moments are nonexistent, and the excitement is always at high levels.

Some class actors were in it, but awful script and awful tedious boring story.

But if you want an action movie and are willing to accept the movie on its own terms, then this movie is worth watching.

A smart, intense and incredibly fun movie, television veteran J.

Ludicrously engrossing action sequences?

However, the plot was also very confusing leaving the main stream everyday man out of the loop.

" at his driver, "Luther" was yelled at one point and Luther himself yelled "ETHAN" several times during their interrogation of Davian in the helicopter, which ended with Davian calling him "Ethan" while suspenseful music played - *Shock* GASP, how did he EVER find out that Ethan was Ethan when everybody was calling him that all the time?

This film is very enjoyable and runs smoothly.

If you're looking for an engaging, exciting and CLEVER (as CLEVER as action/thrillers are in this day and age) piece of entertainment, forget this - and rent Keifer Sutherland's '24'.

All in all, definitely worth watching if you are looking for something not too intellectual.

She might like it also for the romantic moments which were very enjoyable for an action movie.

Truman Capote though as the duo gets into a crazed match of wits and verbal exchanges that culminates into sparks that are just as well thought-out and executed as the most intense of action motifs.

The action, the special effects, the sound: all of these make this one of the most exciting movies that I have watched.

And the gadgets to copy their subjects voice are also fascinating.

And the actions which seemed far fetched in Raiders -- Indi being dragged top- speed under a truck down a gravel road, the face off in the pit of a thousand million snakes, the final blowout confrontation between supernatural forces and the bad guys -- are tamed by comparison with the downright giddy visual hyperbole by the time we get to the MI franchise.

I thought the first film was way too confusing for its own good while the second one was way too much action and not enough brains.

A Thrilling and Pulse-Pounding Action Film with Flaws that Make it Fall Short of Greatness .

Basically, we have three long (about twenty minutes) action sequences, with some scant - mostly confusing - plot elements thrown at the audience, that don't make a whole lot of sense.

The two lead roles are also performed superbly by both Cruise and the unexpected but brilliant casting of Hoffman, who's character is unpredictable with a dangerous edge.

But the explanations are either reasonable or not needed, as opposed to the confusing mumbo-jumbo we had to get used to lately.

MI:3 was an enjoyable movie.

An enjoyable piece of action fluff best seen on the big screen.

The ACTION is a superb extravaganza of adrenaline-pumping, breakneck-speed shake-cam vigour – a shamelessly elaborate model kit assimilated from other movies to provide non-stop thrills en masse.

i was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole of the film, every time you think something is going to be OK they instantly throw another complication in the mix that keeps the audience gripped and wanting more!

You should be surprised that "Mission: Impossible III" will include the usual difficult story, special effects gadgetry, at least one moment of intense suspense, and jaw-dropping stunt-work present in the first two films; "Mission: Impossible" came out in 1996 and was directed by Brian De Palma, while "Mission: Impossible II" was directed by John Woo in 2000.

Hunt is no longer your total hard-nosed, emotionally bland man that gets through his days one at a time.

Hi-Octane, Action Packed, Roller-coaster Ride, name your cliché...

My only critique of him, is his trademark way of showing intense emotion.

It's an exciting 2 solid hours of non- stop action.

It's funny, tense, and intriguing.

they were totally mind blowing to me anyway.

And towards the end I felt bored by the unstop action.

On an overall scale, Mission: Impossible III is a fascinating blend of kinetic direction, solid script, exuberant camera-work, blistering pace, mind-blowing action, brilliant performances & fantastic score, all of which work in seamless harmony to deliver the goods in a manner that's far more enjoyable, entertaining & satisfying than expected.

Predictable Entertainment!

Mission: Complete: MI:3 is entertaining.

I also think this film has a formula, it goes: Pointless Talk, Guns, Bombs, Pointless Talk, Guns Bombs....

Talking about the acting, tom cruise has put in an intense performance and so has Philip Seymour Hoffman.

This was a very entertaining sequel to the mission impossible trilogy.

There is something to be said about a great villain that makes a film that much more enjoyable.

An adrenaline packed, bullet blazing action bonanza.

Her bland performance didn't hurt the film too much though.

The action is fast and furious, the characters are interesting and engaging, and even the love story is effective.

Beautifully shot, fast paced story - there's not much I can fault it on.

I thought it was very entertaining.

In those, the writing is better, the dialogue is better, the hero is easier to identify with, and the action is just as intense.

My Canadian rating: 14A: Intense Violence, Frightening Scenes, Mature Theme

BORING, again no flair whatsoever.

The movie starts with a very intense scene in which you don't quite understand until the movie develops.

An impressive, exciting start to the summer movie season.

first,Laurence Fishburne,a physically imposing presence for sure,but also extremely charismatic with a very palpably intense screen presence.

This movie has an unforgettable climax and some of the most intense action I have ever seen on the big screen!!!!!!!

It's all very confusing, but still entertaining in a lowbrow kind of way.

What has happened now is what might seem like the ultimate solution to appeal to a wider audience, combine the intense plot with tons of "impossible" action.

But the third one seemed like it was trying to resurrect the first plot and insert more pointless action packed sequences and hyperbolized moments.

But even with high production values, the movie is bland and unimaginative, mostly due to directing and script.

But what was holding together as a solid entertaining action film was somewhat ruined by this inclusion.

Said stunts like some of the shooting scenes and helicopter chase are confusing and are rather enerving.

This movie suffers from a serious lack of plot-imagination and tries to make up for it with stunt-imagination and shock-and-awe.

slightly better than a total waste of time .

Every situation is done against clock, making the movie exciting and action packed, including some great scenes involving a fight with a chopper over a water excluded bridge.

Don't waste your money on going to see this movie.

There are some intense action sequences that are a lot of fun to watch.

This film WILL have you on the edge of your seat (at the bridge part that you preview in the trailer, my hand was almost shaking in excitement), comprised of a handful of mini missions that'll leave the kid in you grinning, and expect all the questions of loyalty, emotion and righteous anger from the man behind Alias.

However, Cruise fails in having any genuine chemistry with Michelle Monaghan, for and the romance comes across as rather bland.

That still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I sit down to this boring movie.

The third reason is the very good choice in the organisation of the narration: the first scene is stunning and then it's the calm and after the increase in tension with a lot of action during all the time.

) and all sort of useless, boring action scenes and gloss special effect that are...

Whizzing by to avoid even a nanosecond of scrutiny, this section is the most thrilling, though it is completely implausible, with a chi-chi cocktail party inside the Vatican, manholes, men's rooms and, naturally, a briefcase.

+s a memorable screen villain, great acting and cast, a couple of great scenes, fast pace, complete package, Doesn't Disappoint DESPITE THE HYPE,watched it half price in the morning show hehe -s tooooooo simple, toooooo predictable, no big ending, complete package, NOTHING NEW TO OFFER.

In summary, M:I-3 fits the bill of an exciting action flick without high expectations of anything more than that.

From Berlin to Rome to Shanghai, M:I:III is an unstoppable race against the clock, spiced up by clever dialogue and layered, compelling characters.

Now comes JJ Abrams's version that seems to be a bit more formulaic.

A wickedly fun ride with some amazing cinematography and gorgeously intense action scenes.

The film even pushes him out of the way for a while, instead focusing on the overused traitor from within the organisation cliché we've already seen in both of the previous films in the franchise.

So what am I to expect, in the midst of crazy Tom Cruise antics and pointless 'action' movies that bore, not excite?

M:I 3 is a kinetic action packed sequel that throws you into a wild ride.

And yet… maybe the "motivation" bit worked as well as it was supposed to, because after some long stretches of boredom in the first half, I found myself a bit more caught up the closer we got to the end.

3 kept me on the edge of my seat, I wish I hadn't delayed watching it because of the mess John Woo had made of M.

Its simply a popcorn action flick, with good action a somewhat suspenseful story and some comedy scenes thrown in.

All the sequences have a certain something, they were certainly the most credible stuff the franchise has done and certainly make this film worth the watch to ask how in the hell did they do that?

Lots of fast, intense running scenes for him as well as some very heartfelt tears -the scene where he thinks his wife is dead and also when he asks her to trust him, no questions asked.

There are multiple stunts and action sequences which are extremely thrilling and leave the viewer breathless.

Exciting, good looking, and the kickstart the franchise needed.

The movie opens with a great, intense two-minute pre-credits scene.

For me, it was kind of predictable.

It seemed to me that the "Inside guy" was VERY VERY predictable.

Pointless .

The main problem of the movie is the intense focus it has on Tom Cruise's profile.


The action is supercharged but most importantly the characters and story are gripping.

Abram's "Mission: Impossible III" is spectacular and stunning eye candy with its mind blowing action and international locales.

It was VERY exciting/entertaining to watch that scene.

Easily eclipsing the previous two movies in the series (with the first one's over confusing plot and the second's lack of it), this movie delivers one blistering action sequence after another, getting better and better as it goes along, before finishing with a powerhouse climax that'll have you pounding on the arms of your chair!

The plot was intense, and it was great, though I wonder what happened to Thandie Newton.

If you are looking for an entertaining movie this will definitely grasp it.

I saw it on the big screen and can only imagine how boring and shallow such a production would look watching on small screen.

and the plot was also a lot of drivel, didn't make ANY sense, about the stupid "rabbits foot", oh brother, thats so cliché and typical to keep you in suspense, like What is a rabbits foot?

I have to say it's easily the most entertaining/thrilling out of the three and quite possibly the best one.

On a fun side, it did have a poke at the US foreign policy, but that's only a poke, before tossing that idea aside from boring audiences who are in for some cool set action pieces.

Some of the most entertaining parts were actually the build-ups, such as infiltrating into places, preparing their trademark prosthetic masks and voice changers to temporarily steal someone's identity and such.

Even so, M: I III emulates the original series better than either of the first two films, and when it does go into full action-film mode, it delivers entertaining action.

Well, some of it was, but mostly the movie was intriguing and well done.

Though it is over the top and unbelievable it's extremely fun and absolutely action packed.

It is visually stunning.

A strong supporting cast helps solidify the non-existent plot line, whilst Cruise plays his character with more cheese than ever.

MI:3 is well worth watching.

), it also cops from other high-adrenaline thrill-fests past and present.

Don't waste your money here, just wait for the DVD.

Rife with shaky cam, quick editing and tiresome repetitive displays Abrams manages to outdo even John Woo's MI:2 in terms of mindless emotionless entertainment.

Action packed and very engrossing, Mission: Impossible III is a stellar movie that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good action or thriller.

It looks like a TV movies, lacks imagination & tension and is entirely predictable.

Abrams Starring: Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Monaghan, Ving Rhames, Billy Crudup, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Maggie Q, Keri Russell, & Simon Pegg MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (for intense sequences of frenetic violence and menace, disturbing images and some sensuality) "Mission: Impossible III" was a sketchy project from the beginning…so much so that I was beginning to doubt whether or not the movie would ever be made.

So, forget about everything you may have read or heard and just go see M:I:III, as it is probably the best and most enjoyable piece to this amazing series.

Once Abrams sets the stage for his story, MI:3 floors into overdrive with non-stop thrills, world class action sequences, and gripping emotion.

The plot is fairly engaging, if the ending is unsatisfying in a couple of ways.

Camera is shaky (could just be the projector though) Save your money and don't see this movie!

Abrams (Alias) takes over the director reigns in this action packed installment of the franchise.

It is to say that this direction right away marks unchartered territory for the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise, making this movie potentially enjoyable as something slightly different.

For Cruise fans, MI3 delivers but for those who want to see something original, save your money.

If you try to follow the plot, you will notice that it's kind of slow in developing.

During some of the most intense action scenes in fact, the camera shakes so bad, you'd think it was sitting on top of a blender.

Too bad it comes 6 years too late, too bad great talent was under-used and too bad that it is too predictable at times.

Mission: Impossible 2, though entertaining, was basically your typical BDAM (Big Dumb Action Movie).

The action looked intense, and there was the good ol' music theme.

This movie I am SO sad to say is only worth seeing for the theme tune and the parts where they say "This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds" and "your mission should you choose to accept it" Really, there's loads of pointless dialogue and stupid crappy gunfights, why couldn't they just make it good like the 1st one.

It created a great promise back then, and I feel it lived up to that promise it was action packed en visually stunning – not in the least bit because of Thandy Newton.

gripping, what you can expect .

MI III is far better that 2, and I enjoyed it better that the first one.

Which is a shame, because it's a jolly entertaining piece of cinema when it's not buggering it up for the sake of "humour" and/or sentimentality.

This movie is full of what has made the Mission Impossible series so fun: devilishly clever schemes, the occasionally funny dialog, and most importantly, the mind-blowing gripping action.