Mission Mangal (2019) - Drama, History

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Based on true events of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launching the Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan), making it the least expensive mission to Mars.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Jagan Shakti
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: Not Rated
Reviews: 33 out of 255 found boring (12.94%)

One-line Reviews (86)

The climax is of course predictable as Mangalyaan is etched in the modern history.

Boring .

Total waste of time and money.

Very entertaining movie.

Stop forcing propaganda down peoples throat.

2nd half starts slowly but then has enough enjoyable part towards the end.

Those people who said it's such a boring movie, i want to tell them it's not a comedy or not a action movie so pls don't manipulate the others with your badly reviews.

Overall this is a feel-good film with a rousing narrative sure to bring in a proud and patriotic feel in every Indian who watches it!

The movie felt so pointless that people started leaving the movie half way through from the theater.

Mind blowing movie.

To be honest this movie is a waste of time if you are expecting to see the real process that went behind Mangalyaan.

Very Gripping .

and of-course like a propaganda .

Waste of time .

The fact these roles are played by an aptly cast competent set of actors headlined by Akshay Kumar and the ever dependable Vidya Balan delivering pitch perfect performances makes the unfolding drama all the more engaging.

,) i found the subject superbly presented, filled with entertainment, no boring moments, a wonderful movie, Worth watching.

Entertaining and engaging .

Total waste of money .

Well definitely a lot of drama as expected, but hey, drama is what it takes to make the movie entertaining.

Mission mangal very slow movie not good .

Boring Movie akshay kumar what are you doing is not your right choice

Mission Mangal is educative and entertaining.

"A rousing historical drama which induces a patriotic feel in every Indian!

This is a slick, well-made funny movie that is highly entertaining with a huge feel-good factor.

#MissionMangal is a borefest...

Go for it, you will have exciting couple of hours

It's interval and till here MissionMangal is a crap and waste of time film.

Hearth thrilling experience was thinking what would have been feeling of those who were actually involved in this mission.

Highly entertaining, funny, feel-good movie .

The movie is a must watch for that itself but it's entertaining as much!

the worst movie of all time .

Entertaining .

Mind blowing .

the movie depicts a mission showcasing an achievement with a very predictable storyline.

MISSION MANGAL REVIEW :- True events surrounding us leave us fascinating.

As the basic intense Idea of delivering such a world wide feat with blossoming new Ideas and scientific creativity is really a true story one must be proud to feel it.

Unnecessary propaganda of promoting islam in the movie.

Mind boggling movie 😍 .

Mission mangal actors performance very slow movie Akshay Kumar bad acting best choice John Abraham batla House

The objective of this movie is to make the scientific technical terms easy to understand and entertaining for the mass public.

Boring Movie I don't like it I waste my time not my choice I was wrong

Worst movie by Akshay Kumar ever I seen If you watch this movie then you feel too boring the story of movie is too boring in the movie last 20 minutes are interesting but whole movie 2 hour is boaring

But that launch mission ends up in unexpected failure when a technical error forces the rocket to veer towards earth.

Both actors team up to give measured and engaging performances as scientists who give their heart and soul to realise India's dream of being a big player in the international space race.

Mission mangal very slow movie hit song ek bhi Nahin Jo movie mein song Nahin hota Hai movie dekhne ka maza hi kharab hota Hai

Special credits are also due to Jagan and his team of co-writers for presenting the science behind the Mars mission in a package that is easily accessible to the novice audience and making it entertaining as well with oodles of humour.

First time in my life I fell asleep in a movie.

Worst and most Boring movie after Padman.

Mission mangal actors very bad performance very slow movie .

Worst Movie- Only For Bhangians(Akkians) .

But hold on,.. it waste some time waiting and then finally Sun came out of nowhere and whack we have a launch4.

The writing, at times, felt contrived.

(However Akhiya Milau was an enjoyable fare)Film sometimes went off track and scenes which are not related to mainstory line were shown.

Honestly i have never seen this kind of disaster movie, there's no stories or nothing interesting..I would never recommend this movie to anyone, It's waste of time & money.

Screenplay in the 1st half is Highly Engaging that you don't even realise when an hour is passed.

Saturated and entertaining.

Story outline was good, acting was enjoyable also.

Mind blowing and don' believe to some disgusting fanculbs .

It's emotional, entertaining, enlightening and it makes you want to stand and applaud in the theatre towards the end.

Worst movie .

However as I said you want to watch a feel good entertaining movie about underdogs triumphing with a reasonable dash/tadka of momentus Indian achievement along with some stunning visuals.

It is intriguing tale of underdog story.

If you go expecting to see a realistic documentary then yes you would be disappointed, but if you go to see an entertaining movie with a dash of reality about an Indian achievement - you won't be disappointed.


Debutante director Jagan Shakti deserves kudos for marshaling all the resources ably and weaving the multiple strands of issues into an engaging tale without losing the focus on his main story arc of India's Mars mission which is a thriller in itself.

Worth watching .

Far from realistic SciFi movie, full of drama and lsIamism propaganda.

Waste of time and money .

Movie is very slow , same old concept nothing new , below expectations , batla house is much better than mission mangal

All in all a beautiful & entertaining patriotic film .

Just watched #MissionMangal One of the worst movie of all time.. over the top melodrama.. over the top cinematic liberty..over the top acting from all actors.. They made a serious Mars mission complete joke in this movie..Highly disappointed..

Propaganda movie for BJP by Akshay kumar .

Very very dull movie Story taken for granted Badly scripted

That typical dramatic portion at the end looks unrealistic while we were expecting some realistic and fascinating stuff.

Waste of money, time and patience.

But that launch mission ends up in unexpected failure when a technical error forces the rocket to veer towards earth.

The last 20mins are the only worth watching parts.

Absolutely a worst movie of akshay kumar

What works for the movie: 1) Visuals are stunning 2) the character storylines were surprisingly interesting 3) fast paced 4) good comedy without going overboard 5) entertaining family entertainmentWhat doesn't work 1) over dramatization : may be in order to make movie more entertaining.

Don't waste your money to this crap movie it's too boring movie only Vidya balan is good in the movie that's it

Far from realistic SciFi movie, full of drama and lsIamism propaganda .

Waste my time .

It a fast paced movie and entertaining, you won't regret spending money to watch this.

Mission mangal very slow movie .

Worst movie ever by Akshay Kumar .

Boring .