Modern Family (2009) - Comedy, Romance

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Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways.

IMDB: 8.4
Stars: Ed O'Neill, Sofía Vergara
Length: 22 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-PG
Reviews: 32 out of 235 found boring (13.61%)

One-line Reviews (80)

I really really hate this show, fake rich family with no real problems that live in huge houses with new haircuts everytime you turn around, boring, stupid, can't relate to any of the annoying characters, it isn't a real representation of a modern family, but a corny smiley tv family, they never make tv shows of people living in mobile homes, only rich people, this show makes me mad, nobody cares about your ugly baby or being pregnant, you have money so shut up your going to be okay, try being pregnant and homeless with no family, that I'd watch, by the way I'm a guy, try being poor and being broke with no escape that's life, that's a modern family, i hate shows like modern family, go watch a better underrated show like strangers with candy, that show is comedy gold, so naturally it gets canceled, the best always do, don't waste your time watching modern family, its so phony

Modern Family proves once again that you can put a thin coat of shiny paint on an old, boring car and sell it as a sports-car.

All the actors are great in their particular roles but interactions with Sofia Vergara (the stunning Gloria) or Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) or Ty Burrell (Phil) are my favourites.

' Each episode has three main story lines that involve the members of each branch of the family, and unlike some multiple strand shows where some story lines get boring, this show makes them all work.

When I saw summer promos of this sit com I thought it looked forced and very predictable.

When the mockumentary camera is used to deliver a pure sitcom in "Modern Family", it reveals only that banality is...

while i doubt that they will weave complex plot lines, watching the interactions between the family members with their surrounding, and their family dynamic is fascinating enough.

The first few seasons were good but the show got very repetitive after that.

There are times when the comedy is surprisingly slow to where you've figured out the joke before it's told, only what's told actually ends up being a less punchy version of what you saw coming.

Yeah, cliché, so much that it's now pathetic as anything.

Even Ed O'Neill is bland and boring, that made me sad.

The screenplay feels forced and predictable once in a while.

Makes it unwatchable.

After 6 seasons it gets repetitive and annoying.

Modern Family is Okay but It gets boring sometimehe last season came I hated it.


Very enjoyable comedy about three different households of one family.

It was boring, clichéd, and annoying.

For the most part, I find it tiresome, a broadly played, cutesy attempt at a portrayal of "contemporary life," replete with fairly gently insulting caricatures of gays, Latinos, precocious children, and a crusty "colorful" character making an attempt to adjust to his aforementioned Latina wife and her son.

This show is awful and boring.

Boring and fake.

This show just seems like everything is contrived and forced.

The cast is absolutely fantastic together and really make it an entertaining Comedy and Drama.

) in Mitchell was OK, too bad he borders on plain dull, still retaining some of the awfully outdated traits of the typical gay man.

It's smart, sweet, and unique and most importantly unpredictable.

Easy entertainment worth watching.

Why they felt they needed to make 10 seasons when the show had obviously lost its touch well before season 10 was been filmed and to ruin such an amazing show I'm so disappointed "Modern Family" I'll try to only think of your early seasons back when you were for sure worth the watch and I'll try to forget what a mess the shows become.

From "The Office" it steals hurky-jerky rapid camera shifts to try to show it is "new"; from "I Love Lucy: it steals contrived plots that are completely unrealistic.

When you contrast it with most of the formulaic sitcom driven that has dominated the airwaves for the past decade, it might seem like a revelation.

Nine enjoyable seasons and a rushed one.

The characters are more contrived and less creative than "Sons & Daughters", and the strain and weight keeps the show from taking off.

It makes you feel like you're watching a home video, maybe that's why the series is boring.

The stories are not far-fetched or unrealistic, yet every episode is original and far from boring.

The show had a really good run but they have dragged it on too much now and sadly have ended it poorly.

On boring sets.

Especielly interesting is the action packed episodes where the families go to Australia, to Las Vegas, to Hawaii and so on.

Manny was a very cute, chirpy and happy child but now they have just ruined his character, he is too stubborn, dull and not interesting, this is why I gave the show 9/10.

However, what makes the show worth watching is feel good.

The situations are so contrived and exaggerated.

Everything is bland and boring at best, or annoying and unbearable at worst.

But you don't really get involved in the characters of any particular show: It's simply a view from the outside looking in, watching what's happening on screen for a very enjoyable 30 minutes each week.

Sometimes Ty Burrells' character was annoying but I now find him to be a buffoon and unwatchable - and even Eric's character has become annoying.

The actors are simply a natural, kudos to every single one of them for making a supposedly simple comedy into one of the most hilarious and entertaining show I've watched in years.

The chemistry between the cast members is so enjoyable as well.

Also, the writers include humor as well as serious matters into the script and the writers for this show are wise and entertaining.

i enjoyed it.

With it's take on the modern semi-dysfunctional family, it's just realistic enough to be enjoyed by most people, but there is an air of surrealism (in my opinion) that makes it all that more enjoyable.

Boring, fake awful show .

A fresh and enjoyable family sitcom .

Kudos to the producers and the director for integrating technology with television that reflected the current times which allow high-speed internet, voice and visual technologies via Skype to set a new tone for television comedy in such a creative, unique and entertaining way.

Gets boring and annoying .

Modern family is one of the best comedies on tv and is a very enjoyable show to watch.

This show is terrible, unfunny and boring.

Every episode is entertaining no matter the plot because of how in depth the characters are portrayed and the situations they face with whether it's a family issue or life situation, they always find a way to make up in the beginning and continue their next sequence of laughter and happiness.

What was once fresh and hilarious about its wink-wink knowingness, has become predictable and crude.

But this all makes for a very enjoyable program.

It got too repetitive .

Funny, warm and engaging .

The kids are bland or clichéd at best.

shows that is actually entertaining.

Banal and repellent .

But this show is now unwatchable.

This truly is an excellent show which is satirical , humorous , and it has that toe - curling awkwardness at times which makes it all the more enjoyable.

The plots are very dull, and the acting is just very forced a lot of the times.

Modern Family is horrible, boring, unrealistic, unbearable at times.

Entertaining, sweet, light-hearted and funny.

The viewers can relate to something about every character, and it's quite entertaining to have a laugh at the family while you're somewhat laughing at yourself.

All you to do is have some cheep laughs with boring character.

Sofia Vergara has done a mind blowing job as the nagging Colombian wife, Gloria.

the women in the series, sexy super cliché all the time, not funny!

I don't really have a favorite season, but if I had to choose, I would say that the later seasons are more enjoyable, for me, anyway.


Most of the children are untalented and downright boring.

Even /had/ the writers decided to use the mockumentary style to depict the lives of these characters as empty, pathetic, and meaningless, the characters aren't even substantial enough to savage.

It's definitely humorous, light-hearted, epic and unpredictable.

Boring and repetitive story line.

However, the acting from the majority of the cast is so pretentious and falsely exalted I have to skip through the episodes on Hulu just to look for a laugh.

Don't ruin it for yourself I don't watch it anymore other than the odd one here and there just to see the show finish because I was so disappointed it's just boring cringe, worthy even.

Again i started fresh by watching its 4th episode , but this was also boring ...

And Julie Bowen - almost criminally gorgeous to begin with - turns out to be sublimely talented as well, giving us a fascinating and fully 4-dimensional character that dazzles in every way.