Monster (2003) - Biography, Crime, Drama

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Based on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a Daytona Beach prostitute who became a serial killer.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Patty Jenkins
Stars: Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 47 out of 541 found boring (8.68%)

One-line Reviews (283)

All in all I found the movie very depressing and downright boring.

Still, this is a tough and brave movie, actually interested in understanding how something as terrible as the events it depicts could have happened, and worth watching although unquestionably grim.

Patty Jenkins' feature film debut is a thoroughly gripping & unexpectedly heartbreaking biopic that details the troubled life of notorious serial killer Aileen Wuornos in a way that surprisingly evokes a little sympathy for a despicable persona, and benefits greatly from Charlize Theron's jaw-dropping transformation & Academy Award-winning performance.

Malick's mid-Seventies epics "Badlands" and "Days of Heaven," meditations on the dichotomy between "evil" and the somewhat (anti-)heroic stature we attach to it on the one hand, and on the other hand the decidedly mundane and pedestrian aspects of the actual people who do the actual "evil" things.

It is worth watching only for that.

These attempts were too predictable.

This film, is pretty good, owing most of course to the intriguing story and the great acting of all involved (in particular that of Charlize Theron).

I found this movie riveting.

Riveting portrayal of a despicable human (?

Monster is gripping.

Finally, one has to judge whether the movie was worth watching.

Charlize Theron gives a searing, deglamorized performance as real life serial killer Aileen Wuornos, an intense, disquieting portrait of a profoundly damaged soul.

The innocence of the lovers and "Lee's" intense need to be loved form a centerpiece around which the killings seem almost incidental.

Powerful and intense (spoilers) .

Aileen's story was not particularly unique, but her character coupled with her lifestyle was compelling.

I think it succeeds in being a very gripping drama and providing a psychological profile of this woman.

Engaging story, awesome talent, life-changing film .

Was on the edge of my seat the whole way through the film.

This is a complete 360 and she's so engrossing.

Thank you for letting me waste your time.

Don't waste your time or money on this movie.

However, the reason it is effective and compelling is for Charlize Theron.

Anyway, the script, the dialogues, the stereotypes, the worst sex scene ever, the boredom of it all, are not the worst things about "Monster".

Fed up of hooking every night on the edge of the freeway, Aileen aims to turn her life around and soon meets the meek little girl, Selby, gradually the couple fall deeper in love, and both have to accept that there is indeed some lesbian in each of them, evidenced by the scenes depicting them kissing and fooling around, also they share a bed, and it is implied that they have also had sex.

That alone makes this an intriguing story.

The dialogue is sometimes slightly muddled and hard to follow, simply because Theron is so absorbed in being Wuornos, she doesn't always enunciate well enough to be understood.

I commend both Ms. Theron and Ms. Ricci for their performances, but this ugly and pointless film leaves me at a complete loss.

Fascinating how this movie(assuming you have a heads up on the subject matter) can instill empathy (at times) with the lead characters.

I looked at photos of Ms. Theron and swore that the stunning beauty was the not the same actress from MONSTER.

The authentic writing combined with Charlize's tour de force performance is totally compelling.

It's probably been noticed before I'm saying it here but Monster really reminded me of Ridley Scott's 1991 film Thelma & Louise; a film in itself an entertaining and unpredictable one about self discovery and 'dates with destiny'.

She gives a compelling portrayal of a mistreated prostitute with crime winding through the background.

It was just some boring, nonsense scenes put together.

Intense Acting Performance .

Monster is an amazing and compelling movie about acceptance and love.

Again, this is intense, and Charlize Theron is AMAZING.

While Theron's stunning transformation and performance sucked up all the accolades, Ricci is also quite wonderful.

The performances were intense and so believable I found myself crying in parts.

One of the most intense films I've seen .

Although the film has been lauded by many critics, I found Monster to be a rather unexceptional film, being rather dreary, with an over-long running time, and a script that is seemingly economic with the truth in order to suit its own agenda (from what I have read, Wuornos was far less deserving of pity than is shown in the film, having never actually acted in self defence).

It's heartfelt liberal claptrap, a gutsier piece of feminist myth-making than the hypey Thelma and Louise, and a more compelling argument for mercy than the didactic Dead Man Walking.

How fascinating that America's first female serial killer turns out to really be a victim herself...

But there have been plenty of movies based on true stories which, even though you knew their ultimate destination, have been throughly compelling and entertaining.

Seeing her become Aileen Wuornos was breathtaking.

Direction: In attempts to create a suitably bleak atmosphere, director Patty Jenkins shoots in very simplistic ways, instead of having a lot of fancy camera movement, etc. However, the end product doesn't look artistically bleak like intended, just boring.

The biggest flaw of the film is its failure to show any flashbacks about Wuorno's traumatic childhood which was complicated, intriguing and sad.

Through Theron's compelling deliverance, we discover the painful misery, as well as shades of happiness and hope, in this tortured woman, so afflicted from life and never really given a chance to succeed as anything else than a "nobody" prostitute on the brink of collapse.

I can highly recommend it for all film fans who appreciate serious acting and who love true stories.

Riveting Portrayal by Charlize Theron .

Beyond that, the film seems true enough to the real story but wholly uninteresting.

This movie deserved all the Oscars it won because this movie is brilliant, tragic, and will be intense if you see it.

One of the worst movies I seen in a long time.

I don't think it's necessarily going to be good for the whoring business along interstates in Florida mind you, but it made one riveting on-screen story.

I would suggest,not to mince matters,that Miss Ricci is a very limited,average actress,but Mrs. Theron makes here a compelling role as a lacerated tat,an envenomed homicidal maniac,holding forth a compact performance;she drives the flick home.

Christina Ricci is equally as compelling as Selby who is one of the catalysts for Wuornos transformation from highway hooker to highway killer.

Allow me to summarize this film in one word: "boring".

The result is not your usual indie movie that tries to be hip, or a sugar-coated version of this tragic story with an answer for everything and a nice confortable message in the end, but a truly moving and absorbing film that focuses on the people whose story is telling.

It's hard, however, not to be distracted by Aileen, the completely disheartening yet fascinating character Jenkins and Theron have crafted.

This movie is riveting.

I can honestly say, i thought it was a very gripping film.

Riveting performance by Theron .

) I don't know how well the average moviegoer will appreciate this film, but for those of you who are interested in seeing one of the best realized, and most engaging, tragedies this side of Shakespeare, you are in luck.

Was it indeed worth watching?

2 thumbs up for Charlize Theron's stunning portrayal of the multiple murderer.

Absolutely Extraordinary and Stunning Performance from Charlize Theron .

Thankfully, "Monster" is quite compelling in this department.

And this is a dramatic and gripping movie.

A must see for Theron fans and for anyone else who wants to witness a gripping story.

The interaction between the two female leads is fascinating.

Her performance is riveting, and she well deserved all the praise she received for it, because she truly did a magnificent job.

The terribly misguided casting of Ricci is the fatal flaw that makes what would otherwise be qualified as a difficult (but illuminating) film, into an unwatchable one.

Theron known as one of the most stunning women/actresses on the planet looks homely here from start to finish.

Albeit, yes, I will admit that the rape scene was played appropriately, well, disturbing and gruesome, but it doesn't compensate for the rest of the movie, which is bland, and doesn't hold our interest in any way.

Theron's projection of this woman who so wanted love and affection from Selby and could only return it in a controlling albeit deep sense is gripping.

Charlize Theron's tour de force performance highlights this gripping true story of Aileen Wuornos, a hardened street hooker who became an infamous serial killer during the late 1980s and early 90s by murdering her clients along the Florida highway, though most of the emphasis is placed on the relationship between Wuornos and her naive young lover Selby Wall (Ricci).

Further advantages are an intelligent and beautifully-constructed screenplay, that balances Wuornos' character with aplomb and the different mood components with equal adeptness, and a continually gripping story that is frightfully rich in atmosphere and mood.

Charlize Theron, in a performance which is nearly unbelievable in her transformation from Hollywood starlet to Midwest hooker for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress, plays Aileen Wuornos, an unstable prostitute who engages in a romantic fling with a young lesbian, Selby, played by Christina Ricci in an equally-compelling performance.

" Ricci's intense Selby is not a nice person.

Even the narrative itself is a little confusing at time, so that you can't be sure where Lee and Selby are at given moments.

Depressing waste of time.

True Crime fans should eat this film up because the performances of the two lead actresses are simply stunning.

Yes, Theron undergoes a stunning transformation.

She put in one of the most compelling performances I've ever seen on film.

With the exception of the power ofCharlize Theron's portrayal of Aileen, the film is empty and tiresome.

Magnificent performances (most notably Theron) really make this film stand out, but it's a powerful and horrific story nonetheless- tragic, compelling, and at times hard to watch.

If you haven't seen this film, if you assume it's a slow-moving arthouse movie, you're wrong.

Aileen's first, unexpected murder has given her the courage to keep killing because she decides ahead of time to kill her very next client.

The reasons for that and her relationships in the film are riveting throughout.

A gripping, gruelling, story of a highway prostitute who becomes a serial killer and one of the most powerful films of the year.

Superb, gripping performance by Charlize Theron keeps this story well afloat .

Charlize Theron gives one of the most compelling and emotional performances in movie history.

But I did buy the DVD because it's worth watching several times.

The beautiful Charlize Theron is outstanding and quit unexpected as the monster.


A torture with no purpose .

The first half of the movie was worse then watching paint dry but luckily picked up the pace to a slow jog during the last half.

While I don't think this is the best movie ever made, I do think it is one of the most well acted, and also a fascinating, powerful character study.

I recommend this movie, for its dark honesty, it's seamless, nearly invisible direction, and for Charlize Theron's stunning work.

Despite many comments that Theron's performance is great but that there is no story, I disagree heartily.

This movie is mind-numbingly boring.

The narration is unnecessary and the film becomes rather dull and repetitive after an hour.

Monster was one of the most thought provoking and compelling movies of the year.

The violence is there, but not overwhelming, and in the end, we have no one and nothing to root for, but Theron and the underrated Ricci make Monster well worth watching.

Movie is boring and lack any depth.

This movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

The movie itself is also gripping and heart wrenching .

First, this movie is too long.

Riveting stuff, and one of the best films I've seen this year.

One night she makes her way into a gay bar for a beer and meets Selby, (Christina Ricci) a young, insecure lesbian who spends the night buying Aileen drinks, which begins an intense, dysfunctional and passionate relationship that ends in the murder of seven men and the death of Wuornos in the electric chair.

Intense film that starts Charlize Theron (who just won a Golden Globe for this role) as a prostitute turned serial killer...

" Ricci's intense Selby is not a nice person.

"Monster" is for sure one of the most blunt and compelling and provocative and outspoken crime biography movies ever made.

This made her characterization stultifying and boring.

That job falls to Theron, and it's part of what makes this film a compelling and harrowing trip through the mind of one disturbed individual.

It's engaging, engrossing, and realistic.

If you've seen interviews with the real Aileen Wournos, she could be quiet and earnest, but always psychotically intense.

This is a gripping, devastating performance, a physical and psychological transformation comparable to Robert DeNiro's in Raging Bull.

I wanted to see for myself what I had heard was a breathtaking performance from Charlize Theron.

This story is so heartfelt and emotional as it is intense.

Charlize Theron gave - in my opinion - the most dazzling, gripping performance in cinematic history.

I had wondered how anybody could actually create a story for a movie out of such a drab news ('a Florida prostitute killed many men').

The film, for all its shortcomings, is riveting, mainly by virtue of Theron's portrayal.

So I will waste no more of your time.

And i suppose the most compelling thing is that, thank God - most of us never have to find out, so we begin to enjoy the drama and the unknown of what we are watching.

It is fascinating to watch and truly deeply disturbing.

Excellent, Gripping and Top Shelf .

Shocking, intense and excellent.

The performance of Charlize Theron is stunning, and she really deserved the Oscar of best actress she won.

First, let me make it perfectly clear - I found this movie to be well acted and fascinating.

The pacing is very slow and the runtime is overlong.

Charlize Theron gives a prodigious portrayal of an unsettling tragic figure in this disturbing, yet gripping biography .

Some of the scenes between the two go on too long and become boring.

It is become cliche in hollywood in recent years...

However, it seemed rather pointless and distracting the rest of the time.

What's so fascinating (and scary) about this film is that I actually began to sympathize with Wuornos!

'Monster' is a riveting true-story, Based on the life and death serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a former prostitute who was executed in 2002 for killing seven men in the late 1980s and early 1990's, comes a film that gives in too soon.

This movie shows in brutal and gripping fashion that there is more than one way to kill a soul.

Stunning Performances .

What an intense movie.

Can the "new" Theron really transcend a clever make-up job (and it IS stunning) to connect with her troubled character and, most importantly, deliver a performance that reflects the complexity and ambiguity of the part?

Basically, this movie works good because Charlize Theron gives a performance that will make the audience feel her pain, without feeling that pain, this would have been just another movie, but in the end you can really feel the anger, the confusion, the sorrow.

Monster is often slow and rambling, but it's still essential viewing for anyone who is interested in another dimension of this repellant and fascinating character.

My dad on the other hand prefers stunning vistas, simple to digest storys that arent in any way challenging.

The performance of the lead actress and also the close resemblance to the real person was so freaking stunning that, had I not looked up her movie history on this site, I'd have believed she'd be the real Aileen Wuornos!!!

Many times I sat in the theater on the edge of bored-only to be aroused by the talent displayed.

Basically I thought this movie verged on boring.

Aileen was on the edge and because of her mental health problem, fell over the edge.

The film's worth seeing for Charlize Theorn's stunning performance1!!!!.

What is most unique and compelling about "Monster" is that it is much more a love story than a thriller or a crime drama.

One might also merely appreciate the art of acting in much the same way that one might appreciate a painting, beautiful but one wouldn't call that entertaining.

That's it: this is an ugly, sad story, worth watching for the feat of acting that will earn Charlize Theron lasting recognition, and for a look at the darkest side of life.

Riveting, sensational, and horrific .

An intense, depressing movie.

The thing that makes this movie more than just another "based on a true story" melodrama is the rawness and truth of its emotional core - here we have a woman, raped and abused from childhood on who sees no other options for herself but to become a hooker, brutally marginalized by society, whose life is just one long series of bewildered confusion (although she believes she sees things very clearly in her deluded state), who meets someone (Tyria/Selby) that needs HER, someone she believes she can invest all her love in (and she does have a lot of love to give).

The story is so gripping, especially the first time you watch it.

On route to this there are several quite extraordinary scenes, mostly with Wuornos and her victims, but also between Wuornos and Selby and between Selby and the church-going woman with whose family she boarded with, in which Jenkins manifesto is subdued by the trivia and banality of the everyday.

Theron's performance was mind blowing in a way, to see that someone can crawl so deep into a character and look out from their eyes.

Also, the first murder was one of the most intense things I have ever seen on film.

It's complicated, exciting, dark and potent.

The pacing is very good, there are only few scenes that seem to move slow, and I don't think there was really any point where I was bored.

I had no prior knowledge of the backstory of the real Aileen Wornous (having only moved to Florida a few months prior)The performances by Theron and Ricci really made the movie a gripping, suspenseful, tragic, and dare I say enjoyable experience.

Aileen, of course, has been loveless for most of her adult life, so the interest Selby shows in her is a new and exciting experience.

Add it all up and you have one pointless motion picture.

Compelling, quite possibly the best movie ever made.

I give the film a 7.5 out of 10 cause it was based on a true story and that makes it more intriguing than it really is.

I thought this movie was going to be superb after hearing Ms Theron had won an Oscar for it; however I was a little knocked back by the slow detailed script and lack of imagination of the Director to get the best out of his actors and surroundings.

Those plethora of experiences ultimately turned a regular young woman into a very cynical, callused & unpredictable individual.

Predictable and linear to death, the structure of Monster is more suitable for a TV Movie; the script is second-rate, and they hasn't racked their brains writing down those dialogues.

In summation, the performances were great (Theron will win best actress), the music was terrific, the direction tight and the story entertaining.

The character she created was compelling, it's why I decided to watch it...

Before "Monster" I had mostly regarded Theron as an actress whose main function was to provide the glamour in bland family films like "Mighty Joe Young" or second-rate thrillers like "Reindeer Games" or "Trapped".

Intriguing true story becomes a fashion-staple's Oscar ticket, and for good reason: the speech, the mannerisms, the fierce stare, the bravado of a dead-end life on a ruinous road are all letter-perfect, and Theron's make-down gives our imagination just what it needs--nothing over the top.

Brilliant Performance makes this worth watching .

Charlize Theron does an intense, dark, and unbelievable transformation into Aileen Carol Wuornos, a highway prostitute turned serial killer.

Theron's projection of this woman who so wanted love and affection from Selby and could only return it in a controlling albeit deep sense is gripping.

The movie was both believable and enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I just saw again Monster, followed by Nick Broomfield's gripping documentary on Aileen Wuornos, and what a brilliant film it is.

Charming, funny, intense, heartfelt, all her films boast range and credibility and immediate likability.

Theron is the reason; she inhabits the role, and shows fearlessness alongside a breathtaking amount of talent.


I saw the oscars and she was absolutley stunning.

What a tortured life this woman led; a life of inferiority, confusion, violence, victimisation, prostitution, anger and ultimately, murder.

She has become Aileen Wuornos (whom she portrays) in a way so intense and so completely it literally scared me.

Charlize Theron unleashes her inner hag with her compelling portrayal of Aileen Carol Wuornos, a Florida prostitute who starts murdering her johns after beginning a lesbian relationship with Selby, a naive younger woman played by Christina Ricci.

Her infatuation with this ugly hooker was compelling in the sense of why?

I went home and popped in my Journey CD and listened to "Don't Stop Believin'," absorbing it all again.

It was still a well made, well acted, well written, intense drama with emotion filled to the brim.

Both movies give perfect examples of how the evil of this world can push someone who already lives on the edge of reality over it.

Monster is a unique, suspenseful story wonderfully acted, directed, told.

Theron was so immersed in character that she is purely non recognizable.

She creates a deeply complex and fascinating character, a woman we revile even as we sympathize with her.

Theron's performance is riveting and devastating, and it would have been so even without the makeup.

Gripping, no-nonsense cinema.

Well, Monster is an effective and compelling film.

The two main love scenes are absolutely riveting, with intensity levels higher than you are likely to find in any other film.

Theron's performance is riveting because she is so into her character that we believe she actually is Aileen having a meltdown.

It's a film worth watching several times.

The performance is excellent and the intensity of this movie just riveting.

Great movie that is very intense and moving .

What a waste of my time...

Waste of two hours of my life .

Bulked up in weight and with beaten down make up withering her face, Theron goes on to give a towering performance as the troubled, on the edge killer.

Compelling and devastating film.

I don't know how closely this movie follows the real story, but it's riveting.

Aileen's rather misguided attempts at pursuing a new career lead to a few unexpected laughs, while her roller-disco kiss with her lesbian lover Selby is remarkably touching.

Charlize Theron displays a stunning performance in Monster, that has doubtless shocked her fans, more used to her baby doll image in The Devil's Advocate or The Astronaut's Wife.

MONSTER Watching this film proves that, despite the boredom and predictability of the Best Actress race in '04, Charlize Theron is one of the most deserving Oscar winners in recent years.

Aileen's adrenaline pumping killing spree finally catches up with her and Selby.

Worth watching though.

Jenkins provides a number of intriguing psychological insights into Aileen.

One of the Most Riveting Movies I've Ever Seen.

The best thing about Monster, however, is Charlize Theron who single-handedly makes this film work with a performance that's as compelling as it is chilling.

Holy mother this is a cinematic performance for the ages, Theron completely melds into real life serial killer Aileen Wournos, and it's terrifying and gripping throughout.

Mind blowing performance by Charlize Theron, as Aileen Wuornos - highway prostitute and serial killer.

Theron's Oscar winning and much lauded performance as Wuornos is first rate indeed but probably over-touted because of the rub-off from her physical metamorphosis and the intense drama of her situation thanks to the vision of the film's relatively obscure auteur Patty Jenkins.

She is literally unrecognizable and considering she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, his transformation is even more stunning.

worst movie I've seen in years .

I recall a brilliant movie that was harsh, intense, and extremely well done.

This movie is one of the most intense movies I have ever seen, they made Charlize Theron look so much like Aileen Wuornos that it's almost scary.

Quickly they become friends, and then in a compelling and entirely convincing scene, fall in love while roller skating.

A disturbing and compelling film.

In one of the most unexpected cinematic performances of the past decade, the naturally beautiful actress Charlize Theron has metamorphosed herself into a troubled and not particularly glamorous prostitute in director Patty Jenkin's "Monster" (2003).

Gripping and Tragic .

It really slowed the film down and I started to get bored in between the action scenes.

The intellectual satisfaction of understanding how this murderer got into a violent mess cannot mitigate the desire to leave the theater the way you would leave a smoky bar because you were stuck next to a sweaty biker dude with garish tattoos and a foul mouth.

" As Aileen drives away from the murder scene in her victim's car, her intense demeanor reflects the "grim reaper.

I cannot believe people actually think this flick is an enjoyable "work of art".

But Theron's turn made me more than once wonder if this were a Hollywood movie or a riveting A&E documentary.

However, Charlize Theron's incredible performance makes it worth watching.

I don't think it's necessarily going to be good for the whoring business along interstates in Florida mind you, but it made one riveting on-screen story.

The exotic beauty decided to go through a complete physical transformation that is both fascinating and admittedly a bit horrifying.

Short and Simple Review by WubsTheFadger Glamour girl Charlize Theron's breathtaking, heartbreaking transformation into the completely opposite image of Wuornos makes this film an astonishing achievement.

SPOILER OVERPro: Interesting story, Theron's performance, and some good killingsCons: Missed opportunities when it comes to the story (see spoiler line), slow pacing, an overlong runtime, and not enough depth into the mind of WuornosOverall Rating: 6.2

There is no feel-good about it, and it is fascinating and glorious in all of its ugliness.

Ricci has been typecast as the oddball character or the cutting ingénue in past films, but her performance here as a repressed suburbanite with no friends due to her overt homosexuality is downright inspired and is perhaps unfairly overshadowed by the gripping performance of Theron.

Great Touching and Dramatic True Story, With Stunning Performance of Charlize Theron and Excellent Direction .

Absolutely stunning.

If you love this film and especially Theron's stunning portrayal, you'll fall in love with a film called BOYS DONT CRY (1999) which has similar themes.

In the early stages of Aileen's relationship with Selby, the passion is intense and easily felt by the audience.

I dragged anybody I could to see this movie and it was only playing in two theaters.

It's a bleak story, to be sure, but it's told with such compassion and it's so remarkably free of pathos that the film is thoroughly engrossing.

Here I got bored in the middle.

Always an intriguing performer (she was quite good in `The Devil's Advocate'), here she refuses to hide behind her sun-scarred makeup and weight gain and succeeds in letting emerge Wuornos' entire personality rather than simply her barbaric need for revenge.

Theron's performance is as powerful as it is intriguing .


But some of Lee's killings are harsh, compelling and even ironic.

The story could've been a "Buring Bed" type of feminist liberation story, which would've been sensible, but instead chooses to focus on the relationship between Aileen and Selby, which sounds good now, but the final-product of just focusing on their relationship makes the film extraordinarily drawn-out.

This movie is so successful because when I left the theater, I was made because I figured I had just seen another psycho-liberal movie bashing religious people and the death sentence, among other things.

Theron holds the picture together with her bravura intense and riveting acting as Aileen; she astutely nails the burning rage and underlying despair Wournos feels about her lowly and miserable station in life.

Some scenes drag on, with boring conversation about things that don't make me feel for or understand the characters more.

The problem is neither has money or prospects, so fake promises and empty optimism that things will get better are all they have to hold onto, and when Aileen's aggressive nature gets the better of her and she murders a client who tries to rape her, she seems to get a thirst for it - the murder of these scumbag rapists seems justifiable to her.

Theron, in particular, is stunning: she seems to connect with Wuornos in a primal, subconscious manner and you get the feeling Theron is living the part, not merely acting it.

The music is used sparely but when used is very evocative of the period.

Besides, I like both these actresses as women very much and that was maybe first time in my life when I found that love between two women can be beautiful and exciting!

Two academy award performances by Theron and Ricci made this picture very enjoyable.

Love, compassion, narration and predictability all have failed in this movie, making it close to a waste of time to watch.

Charilize Theron's great performance depicts true side of a confusing society .

That is the trouble with true stories, as the cliché goes, they are often stranger than fiction, and when you throw in two famous, alluring actresses, the bounds of plausibility stretch ever further.

That's because the rest of the movie is very ho-hum.

Aileen's story, and in fact Aileen herself, was compelling.

Absolutely stunning performance!

But in any event, one cannot disregard the stunning portrayal by Charlize Theron of the story's central character.

Monster is deeply disturbing and frequently uncomfortable to sit through, yet marks for a gripping biopic of its central figure thanks to the poignant performances by Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci and intelligent direction by Patty Jenkins.

Beautifully acted, snappy script, never boring or dull.

Death Wish is too long ago for me to remember the details.

The editing becomes closer and quicker, with intense music in the background, just like it did when she killed the first man.

The movie itself is one of the most gripping and emotional stories I've ever seen in a film, and, true or not, its right up there with the other great indies depicting the sorry lives of Middle-Americans, such as Boys Don't Cry and, ironically, Monster's Ball.

Theron—rendered unrecognizable by heavy makeup—is stunning in the lead, and Ricci hits just the right note as her impressionable companion.

There's a lot of sexual nature and there anything but enjoyable because it constantly ends uncomfortable or in bloodshed.

There's a subplot about Wuornos' relationship with a conflicted young lesbian played by Christina Ricci; while I can't claim to know how "true to life" it is, it's compelling enough onscreen.

I left the theater totally depressed.

True crime stories are inherently fascinating especially when it is intertwined with a large dose of sex.

The lead actress is stunning in her performance.

It left me with dry eyes and an empty heart.

For those mature enough to dive into this tragic story, the film is a fascinating tale.

But I am glad that I stayed because theron's portrayal of "a dying soul" was breathtaking.

I have watched the trailer, thought of the movie as a crime thriller, with drama ingredients, but only watching "Monster", I have realized it was an intense (very) intense drama.

The story is told by Aileen herself, in a very sarcastic and cynical tone, and she proves how adagios like "all you need is love and self-confidence" are just nice words, empty formulas with no real ground.

It is worth watching.

This movie is a must-see, but warning to you, it is intense and has very pervasive language, NOT for little kids.

When I saw the film in theatrical release I found quite a few audience members walked out on the film in disgust.

Theron is especially remarkable - authentic, intense and involving.

Theron and Ricci had good on-screen chemistry together, and the story itself is quite riveting and, given the circumstances and what could have been done with it, not as graphic as it could have been - and I say that in a positive way.