Monster House (2006) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Gil Kenan
Stars: Mitchel Musso, Sam Lerner
Length: 91 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 34 out of 258 found boring (13.17%)

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Even, the last scene was totally thrilling.

Nebbercracker collapses, leaving the two boys in a state of confusion.

The pizza shop is also completely empty.

The climax of the film is so predictable that it made me feel bored.

Yes, I can understand why some people think the jokes fall flat, but this film was very entertaining.

There clearly has been debate over whether kids should watch it or not, and there's no denying that it is scary, so parents just might want to be cautious, but I'm sure many kids have enjoyed it over the past few years (maybe mostly older ones, though I can't be 100% sure).

At some points I became somewhat scared, as my dad fell asleep during it.

While the script and story is very entertaining, the writers and director fails to make this a top-notch Halloween film.

The idea about a scary house that comes to life is exciting for kids and mind-blowing for the adults because of its suspense and fright,and I was glad to see that.

Directed by Gil Kenan with nifty animated segments, unfortunately this may be way too intense for its intended audience.

The final 20 minutes of this movie are very intense.

The animation was crude, the storyline dull and predicable and the content was not appropriate for children (to whom this film is aimed).

Our 3 heroes are pretty bland.

The idea of adding reference points to actors as an aid of creating a base for an animated film is not entirely new, but Monster House uses this to create a very entertaining film, in which both the actors and the production team evidently enjoy themselves, as both the actors movement and their voices are used, and the 'cinematographers' can choose their camera angles very late in the process, long after the actors have moved on to other things.

The main characters are all bland and not entertaining in the least bit, the main feature in the film, the main source of entertainment, is the monster house itself.

Very Entertaining .

Save your money and go see something more worth your while.

What I saw before I walked out of the theater was every expectation of mine failing on an level that can only be described as abysmal.

There are some intense scary scenes, something I would not take the little kids to see.

Was it boring!!!

Though it is a bit predictable, this film completely steers clear of stereotypical animated film territory - the usual kiddy-drivel with talking animals and a fairytale plot, and is a film that will go down well at Halloween.

Generally entertaining mix of shock, silliness, and schmaltz...

The animation just doesn't seem right, the plot has too many conveniences with the eponymous house and its backstory is a bit cliche.

Boring movie, too many genres?.

I enjoyed it quite a lot, and wouldn't hesitate to take my niece or nephew or friends' child just to see it again.

The Polar express is a boring animated film that the only good thing is the 3D animation.

With a little girl being scared away by Nebbercracker and losing her tricycle near the beginning, the story is already intense, and pretty much remains that way for the rest of the film!

Movie was scary, funny, dramatic and entertaining all at once.

Besides the extraordinarily dark scenes it just feels like those very entertaining Spielberg productions of the eighties.

The script is also filled with numerous energetic moments, much of which are very enjoyable.

Stunning to hear how this 30 years old song by Siouxsie and the Banshees still sounds fresh and edgy in 2007.

Monster House was not meant to be factually correct, but entertaining.

The film is exciting and innovative.

This was entertaining and I'd say it's destined to become an annual Halloween favourite.

This should have been a modern-day, CGI Stand By Me, a coming of age tale woven into a more convoluted plot while still possessing relevance.

Gil Kenan gives the movie an enticing malevolent charm and keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, wondering what is going to happen next.

Although it was not as good as I thought it would be, Monster House is still quite an enjoyable movie.

Intriguing for adults though.

What we found out was they too walked out.

To my immense surprise and pleasure, "Monster House" turned out to be a frightfully creepy movie that hit the nail on the head when it came to balancing between entertaining adults and entertaining children.

The only one I knew was Kathleen Turner and we had got up and walked out before her voice came into play.

I enjoyed it very much.

Stunning animation, tedious and disjointed story .

All I remember from rewatching it was a couple of pee jokes, some flat voice acting, and being both bored and scared.

Adults and teenagers will probably find that the film dragged.

The characters are so formulaic, I am typing this review with my eyes closed: DJ is the cute hero kid, Chowder, his dumb fat friend, Jenny (Spencer Locke), teen girl whom they both fall in love with, who is smarter than both of them (and who gravitates towards the skinny kid, of course); there's the two-faced babysitter (Maggie Gyllenhaal), the stoner boyfriend (Jason Lee), the dumb cops (one fat and white (Kevin James), one skinny and black (Nick Cannon)); and of course, the oblivious parents (Fred Willard and Catherine O'Hara).

The animation, which involves capturing live action, then using the moves to trigger the same in the digital realm, was most recently attempted in "The Polar Express", a borefest I roundly criticized not too long ago.

I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

It's an engaging movie, entertaining, and it doesn't dumb things down for children.

When the film goes into its final act and the house then literally lifts off of its foundation after the kids, it really becomes an entertaining spectacle where cliffhanging moments are abound and there's always time for a grin.

According to this movie using 3D motion capture techniques to digitally record the physical performances of the actors before "skinning" them with their animated forms proved to be something dull, that has no quality of other cartoon, 3D, or live action movies, neither a special quality for itself !

His round rolling eyes, "humorous" mental slowness and mannerisms were too much like the racially stereotypical comedy popular in 1920's-1930's.

All of this just makes this one a bit of a waste of time.

The only redeeming part of this film was when it ended and we could leave the theater.

I didn't know what to expect, but I must say I found it quite enjoyable.

It was quite an enjoyable ride.

However for adults, while it might not be everyones cup of tea, it is enjoyable and a fun ride to take.

This film is very enjoyable and could win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

An entertaining story done in a boring fashion, Monster House will keep the kids busy, but will bore everyone else .

I enjoyed watching this movie, the characters were well developed and the story line was entertaining.

The 2 kids are excellent & are so enjoyable & fun to watch & are so real as my friend & i was exactly like DJ & Chowder,so yeah great little characters & the excellent scene stealing Mr.NebberCracker (voiced by steve buscemi) is such a great character & the heart of the film!!.

The plot isn't well-developed, the characters are cliché and underdeveloped, and the animation looks unfinished.

Overall, this is an entertaining film that will not disappoint.

Overall, pretty tame, and slightly boring compared to the "big" projects in modern animation (Over the Hedge, Madagascar, Nemo...

Initially the boys and Jenny think that old man Nebbercracker is dead, but his unexpected return changes everything they once thought they knew about the old, scary house.

This year's been fairly boring, with mediocre to not-so-good movies coming out (Cars, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, Doogle, Over the Hedge, Barnyard, The Ant Bully).

Highly enjoyable, tame animated film about three young teens delving into the secrets and villainy of the deserted, forlorn, rickety house across the street - a house which, along with its owner, has stood for meanness, terrifying youths for decades as it swallows the toys and belongings of children who played too near its borders.


Cars was below par for the masters of animation and Happy feet was a degrading and predictable collection of penguins, and somehow it beat this spellbinding picture to best animation Oscar!

I liked the creative storyline of the film and it was very entertaining and I liked the weird and creepy things about the house which perked my interest and overall I just found it to be a fun and entertaining film with a lot of originality and well drawn out characters that a lot of recent animated films seem to leave out.

The movie flowed very well; The characters were really good that I felt something from each and every one of them and the story of the movie was riveting and compelling.

Some parts of the film doesn't make sense but with realistic personalities, engaging storyline and characters that are so mean to scare children, it is truly an enjoyable watch.

It's boring and a bit dumb.

Though it adds effect to the movie a dull sky and town was a bit too dull for me.

MONSTER HOUSE was an entertaining movie to see.

Six years later I still had the memory that it was a really nice movie and that I quite enjoyed it.

The suspense and mystery is riveting.

However after sitting through an extremely long introduction to the central characters in this story, and some tedious and pointless meanderings into non-central characters, the kids finally enter the house, which lets face it, is all viewers really want to find out about.

By mixing stylish 'architecture-horror' and occasionally more fantastical stuff with slightly more 'realistic' ghostly elements that tie directly into a fairly nuanced backstory, the picture manages to pull all the right, if predictable, strings.

The images are too intense and there is too much of them.

The frights were appropriate and sometimes downright intense, even for adults.

everyone was convincing, empathetic, and engaging.

Beside the over-the-top ending bringing the "Monster House" to its feet, literally, the rest of the animated flick is very entertaining and is surely not a picture to miss.

We brought our seven year old and walked out.

Just enough to get your adrenaline up.

The scary scenes are much too intense for children.

For it's great 3D graphics, originality and for just being a plain entertaining film that will work for both adults and kids I give Monster House a recommendation for fans of animation and anything a little creepy or unusual.

pretty fun and exciting 3d animated movie(though some kids under 13 may find it a bit intense) .

scary, predictable plot/ 3-D animation .

But, whoa that animation is brilliant, absolutely stunning.

While not great, it is entertaining with some wonderful cinematography.

With a plot like this, some parents may think that it will be too intense for their young children.

This is a very enjoyable film.

Empty House .

As for an adult audience - you won't find it scary or amusing - just boring, contrived and predictable.

Enjoyable CGI Halloween tale is most likely not for young children as it's marketing may have suggested, but would sit well with boys over twelve as one of the more entertaining animated films of the year.

I highly recommend it.

It's a thrilling ride that's as entertaining as it is stunningly visual.

He's infatuated with the dark and dreary house, and spies on it via a telescope from his upstairs bedroom window.

it would be easy to see how scary it would be for young children,as there are some thrilling sequences and scenes of peril.

Stunning and totally lovable .

The storyline is great and intense.

But a had a big surprise, it is amusing, thrilling and funny.

Parts of it seemed a bit too intense for small kids, and I think older kids just wouldn't care.

It is also very exciting to have a real problematic villain that is not so easy to get rid of, and with the help of talented artists, some of the scenes in and around the house are truly a lot of fun, with some unexpected jolts every so often.

However, the plot's explanation is turned in too fast and the picture's climax seems routine and even a bit dull.

This movie did get pretty intense and scary in a couple of scenes where it almost felt like it should have been rated PG-13.

Borrowing from quite a few spook films, the smashing together of ideas and then displaying them in a compelling manner really works out.

A stunning job!

Good luck staying awake for this movie, I barely did.

It was a complete waste of my time.

The kid's in the movie are engaging.

Excellent plot arc and the dialog, relationships, and special effects balanced all together to make it an enjoyable movie!

Way behind of the computer-animated movie race, Sony Pictures Animation launched MONSTER HOUSE in 2006, and with some professional help from thrill masters Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, it turns up pretty well and enjoyable, even if it doesn't hit the same ground as FINDING NEMO or SHREK, which set the comparisons among recent animated films.

It was stunning that the Monster House was Nebbercracker's wife, Constance.

THE BADShallow and formulaic character development, hollow one-dimensional characters, lack of face expression (they relied too much on the actors).

Rather than pleasing the eye, it was, in fact, subtly and persistently confusing to the eye.

What makes the story even more intriguing is how the owner of the house is just as scary looking as the house itself.

no, it's not genuinely scary, but it is engaging as hell.

This Halloween adventure proves to be quite an adrenaline rush.

Especially when we get inside the house, the story gets gripping - the kids find things that make them very suspicious.

Going for the "Toy Story" doll-like animation in this instance, Monster House pulls off its stray from realistic looking characters with its engaging animation and aesthetics.

I did not like this movie, very boring almost all the time.

Its exciting stuff.

The characters are very fun and intriguing, the plot is very entertaining, and the special effects (CG) are impressive.

Save your money, save your time, and save your children's minds - go rent Ice Age, Monsters Inc., the Incredibles, Shrek, A Bug's Life - ANY of them are way better than this horrid film.

For the younger kids it was terrifying and we had to leave the theater.

Perhaps a bar is being set by Pixar to work from an entertaining script like "The Incredibles" that would make an good movie no matter how it was made.

The script is solid and unpredictable.

the movie is very entertaining and pretty fast paced.

It's pretty empty to me, and I remember why I didn't like it all that much when I first saw it at the movies.

But, take away the house, and you have yourself bland characters in a bland environment with stereotypical situations.

A great and very entertaining film with just a few flaws...

Not a lot of hype, but worth watching .

Consistently entertaining, with fabulous animation, a great creepy storyline and some nicely realised characters, this is one scary movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Ultimately the movie was loud, shrill, and mostly boring.

With movies like "Rest Stop" and "Mortuary" ruining everything such innovative horror directors as Alexandre Aja and Rob Zombie have worked for and with nearly every horror movie being either a watered-down remake or a bloodless, dull PG-13 schlock-fest, I too am beginning to wish Hollywood would take a break from the horror genre, except, of course, for those filmmakers who have proved to be great horror creators.

What can I say, this is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time!

I am 18 and I just watched this a few hours ago and was bored.

as an adult, while I was a bit Scroogey for the first half (it's slow), by the end I was mildly enjoying myself.

Leave it to the great team of Spielberg and Zemeckis to create a fun and exciting computer-animated movie.

Up against HAPPY FEET and the awesomely entertaining CARS, Monster House was the lemon in the animation ranks.

It was an unusual mix of animation and horror that was done very creatively and did do some new animation tricks that were entertaining to watch.

It's a PG, a kids movie but equally as enjoyable and hilarious for 'adults'!

And while much of the script is pretty vacuous and predictable, the story DOES have heart and a neat twist as to why the house is evil and terrifying all the children in the neighborhood.

Quite the enjoyable movie.

7.5/10 - Outside of PIXAR, this is one of the most imaginative and entertaining animated films of recent years.

Monster House is slow in the setup—do wait around.

Just when the horror aspects threaten to reach too intense a level, the makers knowingly pull back and treat the audience to a wink and a joke.

The problems I had with the movie were the slow beginning, and the inconsistency of the age-based attributes of the little girl on the tricycle.

Beautiful art direction, composition design and visual conception, fluid camera-work and a fine direction with a good eye for details can't save this story, which is repetitive, derivative, and mercilessly thin.

I do think the black cop was played too knuckle head and that took away from the eerieness, but most the characters were bland enough that the story and creeps were not overshadowed.

For adults, and especially adult fans of animation and suspense I think it's worth the watch.

My six year old son went from the regular seating position, to being on the edge of his seat, to then standing behind the seats in front and then finally back into his seat again.

I saw this movie TWICE at the cinema - and enjoyed it both times.

There are scene which some people might call "intense for children".

The rest of the movie was not inspiring, predictable, and simply unreal (especially towards the end).

While it isn't the best animation, it is quite entertaining and can be fun (and scary) to both children and adults due to the humor appealing to adults while the horror is for children.

Save your money, go see Miami Vice instead.

" Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Like those films, MONSTER HOUSE is consistently entertaining and well-paced with a great balance of humor and thrills.

It's fast paced and exciting.

Everything is predictable and some of the scenes were getting so loud I couldn't ever take a nap.

All in all it's certainly a movie worth watching.

A good movie well worth watching with your family.

When, Chowder is going to the monster house, that scene it is totally thrilling.

So no story for this adult, not much humor, and unexciting animation sums up why I give this movie a four out of ten.

Lovecraft's "The Shunned House" Amblin delivered an entertaining popcorn movie that ranges in age appeal.

I felt more like home alone in an empty house.

There's a huge amount of adrenaline-pumping suspense in the story, and viewers will likely find that they're in for some surprises as they wonder where this unforgettably scary story is going to go next!

Save your money, this is not worth seeing.

If you want to see a good, fun, entertaining film, watch this!

It's a simple story but very entertaining despite the not-so-great-role models and, as most pictures do, has a good message and a few heartwarming scenes at the end.

Jokes were not funny, action scenes were dull and watching this took 2 hours of my life that I will never get back.

The movie is very entertaining.

The animation is OK, but the movie is as said boring.

But above all that, this is a purely entertaining, though thoroughly recycled, venture.

This is a decently enjoyable animated family comedy, energetic and I'm easily recommendable.

Like a good kid's horror book it delivers on some interesting bits involved in the mystery of the crux of the story, while as an animated feature it delivers on being engrossing (and fun) entertainment in its execution.

And that's exciting, folks.

I really wasn't sure what I'd be getting with the new film from Robert Zemeckis, utilizing his technology from the enjoyable Polar Express.

But, to me personally this movie meets more of my taste, and it seems like a more entertaining and less cheesy movie to watch than a lot of those other computer animated movies.

We almost walked out of the theater.

This movie was very entertaining for me and I really enjoyed it.

As I mentioned before, one issue with the movie is that the violence can get pretty intense at times.

Truly a boring movie, and I am a huge proponent of children movies for adults (see Hoodwinked, The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc.). If you're interested in seeing Monster House, I recommend waiting to rent it around Halloween.

But still a great, entertaining film indeed!

Riveting Horror Kids Flick .