Monster-in-Law (2005) - Comedy, Romance

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The love life of Charlotte is reduced to an endless string of disastrous blind dates, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin. Unfortunately, his merciless mother will do anything to destroy their relationship.

IMDB: 5.5
Director: Robert Luketic
Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 53 out of 243 found boring (21.81%)

One-line Reviews (165)

While this is hardly one of the great films of our time, we watched it on PPV and enjoyed it.

Character motivation and good storytelling have been replaced by gross caricature and "connect-the-dots", formulaic writing that is as predictable as it is depressing.

The excellent actress has an unique charm that is so spectacular that she makes the entire movie worth watching.

Whenever an engrossing scene or dialog is taking place, she makes sure she puts in her smart aleck comment to tickle your ribs!

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Overall this miserable movie owes its critical bricks to a one trick premise and a mundane and predictable script.

It had it moments that just were boring and not too funny.

I saw Monster In Law this afternoon and really enjoyed it.

A poor excuse for a person and a poor excuse for a movie Save your money and go see something with good people in it that will be entertaining

Michael Vartan is utterly bland in the admittedly hopeless role of the man over whom the two women are waging their titanic struggle (when the bone-of-contention is this unworthy, how are we supposed to believe in any of it?

Otherwise "Monster-in-Law" is a mess and possibly the worst movie of Jane Fonda's career.

It's really dumb, cliché ridden, and common.

my two friends thought it was really good but to be honest i would of rather stayed at home and watch paint dry!

Charlotte "Charlie" best friends were Remy (Adam Scott) and Morgan (Annie Parisse) played a minor role in the movie, but still were pretty entertaining.

Wanda Sykes, ever-earthy, plays Viola's personal assistant, and seems like she is given too little to do, but is in reality being reined in to keep from stealing the show from the uninteresting betrothed couple.

Although very predictable from the beginning, it still made for a enjoyable movie.

Nothing very much happens for a long time, so you feel a bit bored and restless, alas I was not the only one watching, so I couldn't just reach for another DVD.

The fight between Charlie and Viola is very nice and interesting and is worth watching.

What's worse,the romance between Lopez and Vartan is simply boring and uninteresting.

This was a very enjoyable movie.

Ya, there are some priceless nuggets of yech littered about this as-Hollywood-as-you-can- get formulaic tripe.

Lo catches his ex kissing him then she runs out the door then gets ready to leave .

Trite rubbish.

This movie is waaay too predictable.

Cliché-ridden "Monster-in-Law" is a true stinker .

I enjoyed it !

Anyhow, I would not recommend this fluffy, somewhat empty movie, which hardly evoked a laugh or even a smile from me.

Someone would really have to be highly impaired & below average intelligence to find "Monster In Law" anything but badly acted,very boring, and horrifically unbelievable!

The main problem of this film is that the script is so predictable, the jokes so thin, and we must have seen the end in zillions of other movies.

If you are prone to easily falling asleep, don't see this film .

If you want to see a funny, enjoyable movie, go see Monster-in-law.

Great another cliché.

Funny and entertaining film about a free spirited young woman Charlie(Jennifer Lopez) who falls in love with a handsome doctor.

If you enjoy romantic comedy, I highly recommend it.

The general story was entertaining especially when the two were bickering about the marriage and playing each other off.

The movie is worth watching only for her!

This movie is predictable as anything and couldn't really be called "good", but it is one of those guilty pleasure type movies when one is in the mood for nothing to heavy and just wants to have a good time watching something, that while maybe being ridiculous, is unexpectedly funny and enjoyable.

Jennifer Lopez delivered another stunning performance, keeping with her talent in romantic comedies.

It has love, laughter throughout the movie , intense moments.

The film was boring and predictable and I was so pleased when it was over, even Gigli was better than this rubbish!!

The theater was fully packed and you could tell that most people really enjoyed it as they gave an ovation after the show.

I sure that whatever the ending is was predictable.

The Unexpected Return Of A Fine Actress In A Flop-House Movie .

That said, Roadrunner cartoons don't provide much character development either, but are entertaining on their own merits.

It is a disgrace and a waste of money.

The acting (and directing, shooting, editing, overall production) is so wonderful that it makes the film worth watching.

However in this movie it's a lot more comedy acting from J Lo instead of romantic, the romance is in it (so don't worry girls) but I found that J Lo is a really good comedy actor And then there is Wanda Sykes, she had me in stitches throughout the whole movie, however the reason it got a 6 was because I felt it was a bit repetitive.

I thought the film was going straightforward - carrying the plot in a very bland way, but it was concept when one thing just let to another, I found (suprisingly) entertaining.

The cinema i watched it in enjoyed it thoroughly.

Some of it was quite predictable, but not in a bad way, it was highly enjoyable and very funny, especially on some of the more physical parts.

"The movie was entertaining and hilarious at times.

Yes folks, the music and lines are THAT corny and predictable.

The characters are so bland and blatantly stereotyped (which wouldn't be so bad if it were intensional) that most of them fade into the background.

I watched this movie last night and thought was very entertaining.

This introduction seems too drawn-out and ultimately worthless to the plot.

I shouldn't have judged, because when I saw the name of one of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Lopez, and the glorious Jane Fonda joined by directors and writers I didn't know, I sensed I wouldn't get bored.

Anyway, I went to this movie cos of my wife and boy did we both regret doing that after we walked out of the theater.

don't waste your time and money.

If you like to turn off your mind and be spoon-fed lots of brainless drivel, then this movie may well be enjoyable to you.

If you watch at home in the nude, you can have your girlfriend pour scalding or freezing water on you, which is more enjoyable than watching MONSTER-IN-LAW.

At first, her Charlie is a sweet and eccentric innocent, then a vengeful harpy and finally a forgiving sage - all for the sake of the contrived plot turns.

It is also very predictable, filled with a hardly likable supporting cast, and it seems more of a re-hash of the Ben Stiller-Robert De Niro blockbuster.

Funny and entertaining .

Speaking of the two lovers, I'd be hard-pressed to name a more boring on-screen couple.

Its premise is cute, and some of the bits are entertaining.

The ending and story in all is just too cliché.

The Kevin character, also, has zero substance and is bland.

"Monster-in-Law" may just be one of the worst studio romantic comedies to be released in recent memory, a movie so bland, brain dead and unengaging that it almost defies explanation.

However despite the banality of the script, and the weedy and weak-willed leading guy who inexplicably keeps on being referred to as a hunk, the jewel that is Jane Fonda still manages to shine through in some form.

Right up there (or down there) on my list of All-Time Worst Movies I have ever had the misfortune of sitting through.

Very Enjoyable and funny!.

This movie is funny, sad, and very entertaining.

Fast paced and up to date.

Not a perfect film, but overall entertaining!

On one level with the horrible writing is the dull acting performance of Jennifer Lopez.

Delivers expectations as an entertaining comedy.

is so formulaic be original lets have a comedy in which the guydoes not get the girl letshave a flick thats not a morality talelets have the hero marry into money...

This thoroughly predictable set-up could have been more interesting had first-time screenwriter Anya Kochoff's script bothered to address any of the potential conflicts - racial, socioeconomic, and even physical - with emotional intelligence, psychological insight or even a sense of irony.

that's how drawn out the movie was.

A real waste of time .

An enjoyable slap stick comedy.

The romance with Vartan is a little bland.

From the moment I saw the poster and trailer I knew that this movie going to be marvelous .. it is really a funny & entertaining piece of act.

The contrast is entirely confusing and confounds the plot or any attempt at humor.

Wanda Sykes as Fonda's adviser has the best lines but the role is flat and uninteresting.

Maybe the critics didn't like this movie, but the audience I saw it with had a ball and left the theater smiling!

Fonda hams it up, delivering groan-worthy one-liners while Vartan and Lopez stare vacantly into each other's eyes, spouting cliché-ridden romantic dialogue that would make George Lucas cringe.

Monster-in-Law is overlong and too formulaic.

Save your money, and let someone else rent the DVD....

:D There were some very entertaining moments, quite a lot actually, that got the whole cinema laughing hysterically.

However, I really, really enjoyed it.

A sweet, entertaining rom-com...

A word of warning; during this half your head could collide the person sitting in front of you as you fall asleep.

There was really nothing new in this film, and I was pretty much bored throughout, getting downright antsy near the end.

Predictable in almost every way, this film follows Viola, and Charles(Says a lot about Lopez, don't it?

As to the movie itself, it's very entertaining and funny.

I wish she would have done a more compelling movie.

What a waste of time and money.

Yes, it's predictable.

No, but I found it enjoyable.

I watched "Monster-in-Law" last night and I found it uninteresting, boring, and irritating.

very entertaining .

This was one of the worst movies I've seen--anybody saying otherwise is getting paid by the studio to lie through their teeth....

Tedious mess that has multi-tasker Jennifer Lopez falling in love with the new surgeon in town (Michael Vartan of "Alias" fame).

I would have enjoyed it more if I did not have such heavy expectations.

Okay, this isn't a HILARIOUS movie but it surely can entertain the viewer because the story is simple but entertaining; the situations are funny and there's no place for drama.

Well I must say it was a boring Sunday and this was the most "decent" movie on HBO.

Wanda Sykes as Ruby, Viola's long time assistant, was the most enjoyable character in the movie.

Sounds like another boring movie , its isn't .

As she chose Monster-in-Law as her comeback, I guess money is a motivation somewhere down the line, or perhaps that unpredictable, perverse Fonda streak in choosing a lightweight rom com as the vehicle, or even hubris in imagining her input could 'make' Monster-in-Law other than the complete also-ran comedy the script must have screamed it would be.

And I must say, the ending of the movie is the biggest, most awful, ludicrous cliché of all.

That is partly because she has become so cocky that she is a waste of a time to look at.

If you feel even the tiniest bit of emotion watching the ending scenes of the movie, then you can be sure that you have already sold your soul to the American propaganda machine.

A few laughs, but mostly dull .

The film is saved by Ruby's character, but at the end the film abuses of her "funny lines" and becomes repetitive, Fonda's acting is descent too, with some nice/funny moments.

This was truly an enjoyable movie and is worth seeing in the theater and owning on DVD.

I thought why not, I'm bored and I like Jane Fonda (both politically and artistically) and was amused when I saw Wanda Sykes on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Predictable, but enjoyable date movie .

This is an adult comedy and as I said is very enjoyable.

Enjoyable escapism if you can stomach 101 minutes of Ms Lopez.

The characters are fun and engaging.

This 2005 rom com starring Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, and Wanda Sykes is pretty entertaining and very funny at certain moments.

Boring as hell!!.

Enjoyable to watch as long as you don't take it too seriously .

This isn't the worst movie of the year, but it is one of the least entertaining.

It starts off slow, and I was desperately praying it got better -- and it did!

I woke up in the middle of the movie, having taken sleeping pills to alleviate the boredom.

As a result, it's also a predictable engagement, and from the first few scenes alone you can imagine what the ending will be like.

Tho the movie was predictable, it was really funny in certain scenes.

her old exercise videos were more entertaining than this film, including the low impact ones.

The script is cliché hell.

Very entertaining.

It was e real waste of time to see this attempt occur.

But the excuses they give us are so tired and so cliché (i.

Jennifer Lopez was like she usually is, not meaning that in a bad way though, she was still entertaining, even if Jane Fonda over shadowed her a bit.

Her sickly-sweet formula acting is predictable and lets the film down.

Other than that- this film is a total waste of money, talent(Fonda), and time.

"Monster-in-law" would be cheese even if it had been developed as a single episode of sitcom, and drawn out to a feature length movie, it's unbearable...

This was a really entertaining comedy.

Too simple, too trite, not a very good movie.

Made me want to gnaw my legs off out of boredom .

So with the battle of two evils, it all grinds down to a predictable finale where everyone's troubles are thrown out the window and everything's forgotten even though their dastardly deeds is totally unforgivable.

The result is tedious and mundane.

It makes me feel sad for the movie studios to send bad formulaic comedies out to market in such a hurry....

Slow, Dumb and give me a break .

Every twist in so- called plot was predictable, every joke -stupid, the ending - sappy and mediocre.

Hers is the only character whose zingers, though standard and predictable, are actually somewhat funny.

The movie was an overly long TV sitcom dragged out too long, it was dumb, cliché, poorly written, composed of 1 dimensional characters and full of tired stereotypes.

People seemed to enjoyed it, specially the scenes with Wanda Sykes, who by the way, I would LOVE to see more in the sidekick role, if with Mrs. Fonda all the better (sequel?!

A Barely memorable movie that is rather repetitive and unoriginal by anyone's standards.

I found the movie mildly entertaining.

However, Monster-in-Law is still an enjoyable movie.

Entertaining Comedy with a great comedic performance by Fonda.

Jennifer Lopez gives a bland performance, nothing special.

) made an amusing entertaining comedy.

Very entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also good is Wanda Sykes as her sidekick, whereas a great cameo by Elaine Stritch is also as entertaining, the modern, conformist cast such as Lopez, Varitan, and their friends in the cast are so out of place alongside Fonda, and Stritch.

Maybe what was breathtaking was Jane Fonda's return without any mistake and very correct in her exaggerated parts.

Honestly I enjoyed it, but got bored in between the humorous portions.

Monster In Law was probably one of the most funniest and most enjoyable movies I've seen in a long time.

We have the typical cliché's of a romantic comedy.

This is a genuinely sweet, entertaining rom-com that delivers its material very well.

The script got to be a bit predictable at times and Jane Fonda reminded me a bit of my own mother, which made it kind of scary.

The games they play are really funny and entertaining.

I loved this movie and it wasn't because the topic was unexpected, you pretty much knew what was going to happen when you viewed the trailer.