Monsters: Dark Continent (2014) - Action, Drama, Horror

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Ten years on from the events of "Monsters", and the 'Infected Zones' have now spread worldwide. In the Middle East a new insurgency has begun. At the same time there has also been a ...

IMDB: 4.3
Director: Tom Green
Stars: Johnny Harris, Sam Keeley
Length: 119 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 50 out of 131 found boring (38.16%)

One-line Reviews (109)

This was really just an anti-war movie and I think there was a message in there about the middle-east conflict but I couldn't be sure because there were so many confusing themes happening at the same time.

The worst movie I've ever seen .

Its a crap waste of time unfortunately.

Otherwise, it was a 90 minute waste of time, with a boring script, acting, and plot.


The most part of this film is a dreadfully boring war story that just has monsters on the outside of it, I am willing to say I don't even know what the point of having the monsters in this film actually is.

This has to be one of the worst movies ever made.

It's boring.

So at the end this is a complete waste of time and if you don't want to spent time after seeing the movie to think about all the little, stupid and no logical scenes and parts of the movie and shaking your head, whenever you think back of it, then do something better with your time.

I leave the theater (has happened many times) and I press the pause button and I do something else.

I should admit from the start that I was no fan of the original MONSTERS, which I found to be an arty bore.

One thing I've come to learn though is that the ratings on IMDb are now pretty useless as any sort of guide as to whether a movie is worth watching or not.

Wasn't expecting much from this, To be honest, I just went to kill a few hours on a slow Friday afternoon.

All in all, an extremely enjoyable and, at times, thought-provoking film.

Unfortunately, the sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent, ignores all the pros from its predecessor to punish us with a boring war film which takes the concept of the monsters as a distant and inconsequential background of the exaggerated drama developed between a group of absolutely anonymous and antipathetic soldiers.

This was definitely an anti war propaganda movie as the entire movie fixated on the insurgents fighting American troops because the troops killed their families with air strikes.

If you have 2 hours and nothing to do and can't sleep , it might be worth watching.

So overall, for me, the scriptwriters have to take the blame for this as they seemed to have become bored and loose interest in writing a decent story about half way through.

Boring movie.

Bottom line: the movie failed in a number of ways: bad character exposition, pointless length, stupid soldiering, a plot that has no need of the aliens.

Following on from the enjoyable comes the sequel, Dark Continent.

An ending that leaves you empty and without reason.

Instead I got a pretentious war drama with two-dimensional characters and an admittedly impressive backdrop.

If you are a fan of the first movie - don't waste your time, you will be disappointed and you'll feel tricked.

There are great scenes, stunning visuals, and it manages to avoid a lot of the clichés and tropes that it could have.

It then falls to a new low that just goes on and on like that dreary uncle that won't shut up about his boring job in the cardboard box manufacturing trade.

The whole thing is just a super depressing cliché modern warfare movie.

Dull, unsympathetic characters and monsters that could be edited out entirely without you noticing they were ever there.

What a load of pretentious, art w*nk nonsense this film really is.

(10/10) Suggestion: Monsters: Dark Continent is really going to have to be one to avoid, it is too long, too dull and lacks any real monster action.

This film was empty and for all the bullets flying around was frankly quite boring.

Waste of time.

Continuing in the boring footsteps of its predecessor...

its boring boring boring.

So bad that you'll be tempted to turn it off or leave the theater.

Waste of time.

The movie is filled with pointless denigration of the soldiers.

Unfortunately it feels terribly superficial and contrived.

For me, I saw the aliens as a metaphor for the waste of time war is (no disrespect to anyone who has served).

If you found the 2010 "Monsters" movie to be a dull experience, then you should do yourself a favor and stay well clear of this 2014 sequel, because it was essentially as boring and pointless as the first movie.

The monsters are mesmerizing in all their varied forms, there is a story here that is fascinating, a cinematic universe that could create many, many movies.

Its main problem is just how frickin' boring the film is.

All of this is jumbled into a long drawn out hodgepodge which -- is both pointless and boring.

The monsters are the best part of the movie, and some of the scenes (involving them) are truly breathtaking and beautiful (just like the first film).

No plot, limited action, lots of useless screaming.

If anything, it makes you realize how pointless violence is and how it just breeds more violence and hatred.

Complete waste of time.

As I said, boring.

Shakycam Unwatchable rubbish.

The one good thing that came out of this absolute waste of two hours of my life is that I hear the first movie was actually rather good and I intend to watch it soon.

The first Monsters film was unexpectedly great - I really enjoyed it.

Same pretentious metaphors, taking itself too seriously with no lasting action or attachment to emotions.

This sequel attempts to pick up on this theme, with a military twist, but winds up being too long, too predictable, and buries the message too far under the main story.

This is Tom Green's first feature film and he had a bigger budget to work with than Edwards did, but unfortunately the sequel is a mess and a bore.

I really enjoyed it and I was especially happy to see all the newer actors in it.

The friend I went with fell asleep twice and that was in a packed Premier screening!

The action showing each man beneath the warrior was so incredibly intense that I'm hard-pressed to call this movie "entertaining" and the over-grown creepy-crawlies which could have added a lot to the story were largely MIA.

And, due to the setting of the story in the frontier between Mexico and the United States, it added a fascinating political subtext about civil rights and immigration.

Boring, Boring, and More Boring .

It was noisy, chaotic, boring and there was little much to like about it.

The characters aren't as relatable, or likable, and the movie is just a lot more boring (although the original film was slow paced too).

The entire plot got lost in a story that went nowhere and had very little to do with the original movie.

While I though this one was a little better it was still pretty slow moving and was really missing something the first one had...

I dislike propaganda movies and this one had some of the hallmarks.

What an ugly, pointless use of cameras.

A genuinely confusing film.

In conclusion, I found Monsters: Dark Continent a waste of time, due to its weak screenplay, bad performances and boring rhythm.

If you want to go watch an action packed disaster movie, don't bother watching.

There's a lot of screaming, shouting, and crying, which all gets very tiresome very quickly.

You can even put aside the amateurish handheld directing technique in an attempt to retain the warfare's gripping and ferocious environment.

It is boring and slow at times.

It was soooo boring.

And the verdict is that this movie is every bit as boring and pointless as the 2010 movie turned out to be.

Tedious war movie that has been done better a thousand times before.

It's a good way to waste some time if you don't have anything to do.

In short, the film's war story is tedious mostly, with only one or two moments that make you pay attention.

The pointless nature of conflict with a twist .

After this point, the movie becomes exceedingly tedious, because it is obvious the two characters won't die at least until the very end of the film.

waste of time .

Some imagination has gone into the design of them and every scene in which they appear is infinitely more entertaining than the sub-par war drama being shown elsewhere.

Long shots, close shots, lens flare, angled, shaky cam, slow mo and none of them working.

A lazy allegory with uninteresting characters .

The original movie was an unexpected and lovely surprise.

Not Monsters 2, more like boring war movie with monsters in the background .

Some of the photography is breathtaking, first the urban desolation of bankrupt Detroit, then the wild spaces of the nameless Arab state where the monsters are thriving and finally to the close ups of the faces and especially the eyes of the soldiers.

Well I think with this kind of confusing story the actors subconsciously gets it hard to give maximum performance.

First I would like to say, don't waste your time on this movie.

And so on and so forth for TWO boring hours.

The film portrayed a desert landscape at war well, and I found the characters and story convincing and intriguing.

also theirs an entirely pointless scene within the first 15 minutes wear the main character interrupts his friend having intercourse and they hold a conversation while his friend is having intercourse with his girlfriend.

Waste of time unless you like war films, people firing guns at each other and a story line which to me didn't make much sense.

It was a rather slow moving introspective affair and I could see Edwards trying to gain a reputation as an English language Wim Wenders and despite being a British production there is a strong element of commentary on the American war on terror .

This movie deserves to be a horror movie coz its a horrible waste of your precious time.

A lot more boring.

This is a thought provoking and intense film experience.

Edwards managed to direct an entertaining sci-fi film using alien monsters as the background to tell the story of a journalist trying to escort an American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico back to the US.

It is the world's most boring US v Middle East War movie and they pointless plot goes on and on and on with uninteresting people doing uninteresting things that you couldn't possibly care less about,all while they mixed in about 40 seconds of total screen time for the monsters.

just be prepared to acquaint yourself with all new characters and a whole new venue with a story that will bore you to tears if you are any kind of a fan for the original.

This film brings us back to a world invaded by slow moving organisms which are devastatingly powerful and massive to behold.

it was a nice way of putting across 'this is all messed up and pointless.

Intense, dramatic, thrilling, imaginative...

The film seamed to go on and on and there was very little plot.

One pointless scene of a helicopter taking off showed it's ascent from at least 10 different angles - outside looking up, inside looking out, inside looking inside, outside different angle etc etc.Every character must have had at least two shots of them silent screaming from the Dummies Guide to filming internal angst.

The only negative criticism i could make to this film is that it is really slow sometimes.

Monsters is absolutely stunning visually and has a soundtrack to match.

From the get go the movie shows the sense of brotherhood between this group of battle hardened GI's, the built was subtle, slowly introducing us to each member before they are sent out on this routine rescue mission that instantaneously after a beautiful shot of breathtaking visuals spiraled into a lucid insanity and we are then reminded that this is the Middle East and these men, they are at war.

This has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever sat down to watch, what made it even worse was the fact that there were monsters in it to try and prop up one awful story line in fact the story line in parts were almost the same as "Hurt locker".

That's it for my review, do look out for more along with other entertaining content.

This is the anti-thesis of the latest 'Godzilla' were it's just noise, paper thin characters and no plot.