Moon (2009) - Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

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Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet's power problems.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Duncan Jones
Stars: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 120 out of 571 found boring (21.01%)

One-line Reviews (532)

Moon does not fascinate with the spectacular and flashy special computer generated effects, masterfully set fights or breathtaking chases.

There is a depressing almost hopeless theme throughout about loss, Insignificance and identity and that is conveyed by Sam Rockwell's stunning performance.

The story is interesting, acting is solid, plot is convincing and character development is very intriguing (old, tired clone meeting the new, enthusiastic one with conflicts arising between them before they gradually realize they have both been misled).

This is very much a thinker's flick, so if you're the kind of person who bores easily, I'd say stay away.

Most of the time it is a dull soliloquy, with occasional monotonous computer voices thrown in for a conversation.

After finally talking some of my friends in watching the movie, one of the biggest complaints I got throughout was how incredibly slow the movie moved.

But it is a decent sci-fi flick, worth watching once, if you like the genre.

Parts of the movie I felt like I wanted to quit watching because they were boring (and some scenes showing blood being vomited were disgusting as well).

evocative .

His monotone voice adds a certain creepiness to the role making you feel uneasy and suspicious of the character.

His onboard helper is an odd machine named GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey), a bulky machine that follows him around, talks to him in a flat monotone and has facial expressions that appear as emoticons on a tiny screen.

Moon was a compelling debut from Jones, and I found it hard to believe that the budget was just $5 Million.

Kevin Spacey voices the robot GERTY, his smooth tones and look are reminiscent of 2001's HAL and his monotone voice adds tension.

No, I not saying this movie is being like a modern day "2001: A Space Odyssey" or "Solyaris" but its being a movie that more or less picks a same sort of approach, with as a big difference though that "Moon" is also being a very entertaining and even somewhat lighthearted movie to watch, despite of its story and its settings.

The pacing was perfect in this film; it made it feel all the more real and thus enticing, along with a captivating soundtrack to create an utterly fascinating atmosphere throughout.

The plot has several stages each with a different plot twist, some predictable and some not and you are gradually dragged into caring about what happens to Sam.

The film tells the fascinating story of Sam Bell (Rockwell) who when coming to the end of a three year stint as the sole crew member on a moon base encounters a duplicate of himself.

This is original (despite its references to so many movies and shows), moving, exciting, and most of all believable!

Firstly, I'd like to mention that the movie is very enjoyable despite the fact that the story is not entirely unique or surprising.

The whole thing ended up coming across a little dull and boring for my liking and the final third of the film just kind of petered out rather than ramping things up.

Duncan Jones' direction and Sam Rockwell's amazing performance (he absolutely deserves all of the praise) combined with a compelling plot result in a masterpiece of a film that doesn't shy away from exploring human emotion and struggles on a deeper level, whilst delving into two of the trickiest genres to pull off.

But this is mere hair-splitting, for the work is a thoroughly engrossing ride, demonstrating once again the old adage that no amount of special effects budgets can replace a good story well told.

I've giving it a solid 8/10, as personally I enjoyed it far more than I had anticipated.

Without delving too much more into the plot, the plot takes an interesting turn when something unexpected happens outside of the base.

It's so dull and predictable, I'm shocked that it's won awards and 8/10 on IMDb!?!?

Unexpected twists and turns have brought me back to this movie again and again.

Now please don't get me wrong, I did give this one a chance and watched it several times, desperately trying to see what folks were raving about, but no, it just bored me and said movie now just sits on the shelf gathering dust!

Sam Rockwell's performance is sublime, and while the aesthetic does let the screenplay and performance down a bit, Jones does succeed at creating a great, suspenseful atmosphere and deserves credit for Rockwell's performance as well, surely, and the film is very nicely-paced.

Whilst director and co-writer Duncan Jones includes elements of sci-fi, and enough suspense and mystery to establish an intriguing storyline, the film draws its strength from Rockwell's hugely empathetic and surprisingly humorous Bell.

Clint Mansell's score has a haunting, deliberately repetitive rhythm which suits the story perfectly.

I'm deeply impressed by 'Moon', an intelligent science-fiction movie that tells an entertaining and plausible story instead of indulging in sci-fi pyrotechnics.

Moon (I suppose) works in small chunks but the big picture feels dull and not very enriching.

And Sam Rockwell is terrific here, taking on the dual roles with a level of quirky craziness and moving vulnerability that keeps Sam compelling.

However, I just found it boring.

Much of the content in Moon are things that have been the subject of many science fiction movies, even campier ones, and I guess if anything holds it away from being truly great and "merely" enjoyable it's that it moves within it's own comfort zone, not breaking any significant new grounds, specially in contrast to the perplexing heights at which real sci-fi masterpieces have gone.

It was like a really, really boring movie.

The story is well developed and is very intriguing, thought provoking and generally interesting with a few good twists.

It's difficult to explain this confusing story without being spoiled, so I won't try.

It became confusing and ambiguous.

GERTY is a wonderful and emotional character and dare I say, more intriguing than HAL could ever hope to be?

The film is well paced, intriguing, funny and it looks great!

If they would have made the whole plot/story line a little more mysterious and thrilling, it would have got a better rating from me.

Unless this happens, the android remains a "simpersonator", able to simulate personalities, but always confusing personality-function with consciousness-as-essence.

The moon-landscape is lifeless and dreary even though the 'moon-surface' images are full color and taken from the Japanese lunar orbiter, SELENE, they still appear to be monochrome, lifeless & in stark contrast to culture and romance; things that make us human.

It's slow paced and you know where it's going by 30 minutes into the movie.

With a script too repetitive and a lazy score (sounding exactly like the crap I made in the 80's with my first sequencer, perhaps I should sue for plagiary) very poorly timed in places, the movie became sort of annoying especially considering the potential it had.

Though the story moves a bit lazily (only negative I can see and in-spite of it I give 10/10) it picks up pace towards the end and overall an excellent movie which is really worth watching.

All that he sounded like to me was just some completely forgettable nobody who was talking from inside a toilet stall in a public washroom (which was probably where Spacey was when he phoned in his uninspiring performance).

Ambitious "Moon" lands short of exciting .

It makes you think hard until you feel silly for thinking it was confusing, because it truly is a simple plot.

For sure it is worth watching.

This is a very slow, deliberately paced movie.

Interesting and suspenseful, a very good sci-fi thriller .

Actually I think they would not stick just one person up there, it would just be too boring and all that isolation is a recipe for disaster.

But the story is compelling and very well thought-out.

When most people think of science fiction films they think of a fast-paced, technically stunning experience (i.

I love Sci-fi movies, I can really enjoy a slow movie but this one is the stuff yawns are made from.

As such, it is brilliantly executed, fascinating and involving, and contains an outstanding double role performance by Indie star Sam Rockwell who is completely convincing as the confused and lonely astronaut who plays ping pong with himself.

in this film there was only philosophical stuff as if it was a boring speech in hall somewhere.

a very slow movie, some will like it and others will not.

The visuals are incredible and the overall story was breathtaking.

Y Has to take actions that have unexpected repercussions.

Rockwell is pretty much overacting off the bat, the whole 'astronaut as truck driver' cliché is beaten to death for the first five minutes.

First of all, this is one of the most boring movie I have ever seen.

Moon, the thought provoking and thoroughly engrossing first feature from U.

Far from having a lack of emotion (as some have perceived), there is an all pervasive and tangible sense of intense isolation and disconnectedness throughout Moon.

In Moon, you may begin to think that everything is a big cliché, but than with all of the seemingly cliché plot points, Moon changes them into something entirely original and unexpected.

The minimalistic and futuristic sets look real, but plain and dull at the same time.

Two further assets to the production that bear mentioning are Clint Mansell's evocative score (with, I might add, no use of Bowie Snr.

A slow decent on a thrill ride .

Spacey's voice has the perfect quality for a menacing computer, and by using more than just computerised monotone, he constantly has you guessing whether he is friend or foe to Bell.

But I can understand why people didn't, it is a thinkers film, played out at quite a slow pace and not everything that happens in the movie is actually explained so the more simple movie goers amongst us will struggle with it.

While "Moon" has an intriguing premise, the mystery is not really in the center of the story.

What can I say about this film it was thought provoking it was thrilling full of suspense and an emotional roller coaster and completely emersive.

It should of been called ROOM not MOON, as it was a film solely shot in a room and had a few bad moon scenes now and again for the pointless task the character had to endure, as part of the comically cliché storyline.

On the contrary, I believe it is an achievement of the young director/ writer that he made a film on the themes and subjects that have been explored many times by famous and prominent directors, and as result, he made a clever, exciting, touching, and original film.

And then there's the word 'Moon', merely four letters long but used to describe something so big; so exciting; so mysterious and so seemingly far away.

Low keyed and a little slow, 'Moon' isn't for everyone and may seem tailored primarily for sci-fi buffs.

In that context Moon slow, thoughtful approach comes as a real shock to the system, here characters engage and discuss, they contemplate in silence as they try to comprehend the enormity of their discoveries and when the twists come they are slow reveals that the audience are trusted to understand without a flip chart and diagrams.

I have to compliment the filmmakers on excellent writing, a gripping, suspenseful mystery that leads us on clever plot twists, and wonderful acting.

What's fun about this movie is it's fast, confusing pace, allowing viewers to dissect it almost endlessly during a pizza dinner following the show.

Though it does take a while before the story really begins to develop, I wouldn't necessarily call it too lethargic or dull.

Predictable, slow-paced and far too simple plot line .

But on the dark side of this 'Moon,' it was rather slow at times, it had the same ole corporate story (Ripley didn't just battle aliens in her outer space films) and Rockwell – act as he might, he never really does anything for me.

That is neither the fault of Sam Rockwell or Duncan Jones' direction, which are both impressive and suggest greater things beckon for both, particularly Jones who seems unable to have an uninteresting image on screen.

He single-handedly makes the film compelling as it is he we watch over the majority of the running time, which is no easy feat.

Only the acting is good but the environment was made so boring I felt asleep many times.

In short, don't waste your time, watch Interstellar instead, at least it had CGI budget.

If anything, the lack of action works well to convey the main character's boredom and mounting depression on this empty extraterrestrial island.

Besides 2001 a Space Oddessy I truly struggle to think of a Sci fi flick as engaging as Moon.

As he dives deeper into the mystery of his mission, his reactions to some truly disturbing discoveries are anything but generic or predictable.

The character interaction was by far the most entertaining part of the film.

Builds to a stunning climax that ties together the various loose ends very well.

I really enjoyed it.

But overall,it is a compelling work of science-fiction.

Maybe it's just me, but I found that enjoyable, and helped for the unexpected mysteries which lied within.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

I enjoyed it, and there are fewer more intelligent films out there than this.

Despite the small budget the film was made of there can be no complaints regarding the visuals, the locations look stunning from the first minute to the last and you really get the feel of that out of space loneliness.

Definitely worth watching more than once.

Moon is what science fiction was meant to be: compelling, suspenseful and emotional.

I don't think I am particularly thick, but the long, drawn out sequences of a moon rover approaching various stations, the haphazard editing and the way the scenes are manipulated so as to get the same actor in the one shot made it a real effort to keep watching.

The movie starts off near the very end of his cycle, and something unexpected happens, thus changing a lots of things.

It makes this compelling viewing.

Now some people state that it was too slow paced.

Sam Rockwell, playing two versions of himself gives an intense performance.

A film that is truly great will be entertaining to watch, all the while delivering the metaphors and symbolic meaning and all the subtext good stuff, and a film that is truly great will make for a great second possibly third or more viewing.

'Moon' is a fascinating, independently produced sci-fi which, unlike most entries in the genre, features no hi-tech, big-budget effects, monsters, or fancy trickery; it is just a good idea, great film making, one of Clint Mansell's most impressive scores, and a superb performance as its beating heart.

Gerty's eerie, monotone voice will make you wonder if he's not a relative of 2001's H.

Are you really trying to sell me this outdated, banal stuff, seen so many times.

Overall, it was pretty much a waste of time.

"Moon" is an intense little movie that will probably knock around inside your brain for a while.

It's unexpected and very well thought out (and marketed as something else ...

It's not just a scifi film, it's a story that's gripping, intense, unique and most of all, makes us think and question many things about ourselves and our world.

One day, a vehicular accident leads Sam to make some stunning discoveries.

I also found the talking computer, (complete with nickname and personality), an all-too-familiar cliché.

The storyline and movie in general are very boring at times.

"Moon" tried very hard with its intriguing script, and they had a lot of choices to make.

A thoroughly recommend sci fi slow burner on the nature of identity, find it, watch it, discuss it.

It takes quite a while (at least in the context of a movie that lasts only a bit longer than an hour and a half) for the mystery that surrounds Sam to be revealed, and without that answer, the movie is confusing rather than thought-provoking, and you do wonder just where it is that the movie wants to take you.

And, what a unique and fascinating world it is!

This film is about a lunar mining employee's last weeks on the moon, when he encounters many unexpected twists.

Predictable is an understatement.

Normally in movies featuring space travels and moon bases one expects either colony wars,problems regarding random technical terms and unexpected spaceship repair troubles,but this movie manages to captive your heart breaking dull stereotypes.

Here, it's more like a empty void that separates us from the ones we love.

But then just as there are few days left for the end of the contract we encounter a confusing twist in the film for which answer gets slowly revealed over the remaining length.

From the blinking smiley face of robotic companion GERTY (superbly voiced by a monotone Kevin Spacey) to protagonist Sam Bell's teary fondling the screen while playing a tape of his daughter back on earth, seldom do such films dare to engage with the heart as much as the brain - less detached and far more engrossing through its emotional resonance.

After his recuperation, he takes an unauthorized trip back to the broken harvester, where he makes an unexpected discovery.

This one solo person out there on this three year mission confronting all of this alone I found it easy to put myself in his shoes and because of that I found Moon entertaining.

Moon, though a little slow and confusing, is brilliant.

However, for me I just found it a tad repetitive, tedious and aside from the first 30 minutes I found it rather boring and uninteresting.

As far as how much I enjoyed it?

However the movie became extremely predictable right after the rover crash and the clone was shown for the first time.

The whole movie revolves around similar rooms and sets which gets boring with one actor throughout the whole movie.

Stuck with essentially a solitary show in a static location, Rockwell delivers a triumphant character study without unnecessary showboating, compellingly portraying Bell's intense loneliness, boredom and gradual mental instability through perfectly calculated frantic bursts between manic energy and subdued pain.

Man, I've been putting off this space epic for WAY too long!

For the first half, Moon was a tense and gripping sci-fi picture.

Unbearable Drag .

Intriguing .

Duncan Jones and co-writer Nathan Parker are able to constantly keep things fresh and exciting throughout.

A clear throwback to HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, I found GERTY a fascinating character and expected an examination of artificial intelligence and ethics.

But it was growing and growing in intensity until I was completely immersed in a brilliant performance by Sam Rockwell, more proper of a theater soliloquy than a spaceship.

Revealing too much about the story from this film is forbidden, because big part of its attractive is on the gradual discovery of data and events which clear the situation from the main character, and they offer a fascinating psychological study.

This means that the film is slow, dull and plain.

He had to play two different kind of characters and it was very entertaining to see him deliver such a great performance.

Gavin Rothery who worked on visual effects for the movie has some fascinating background on all of this on his blog at http://www.

This kind of made watching the rest of the movie pointless because you already knew everything that was going on.

This movie, given its minimalist approach, is surprisingly engaging, smart and good.

Eventually, as the unconvincing and tedious psychological posturing dragged on, without any depth or emotional effect I became resigned to the reality that this one was a stinker.

(Spoiler Alert) Although the beginning of the film gives us the usual stark view of the "astronaut alone," common in all well-done space movies and in this case especially derivative of the original Solaris, it is in Sam's discovery that the film really takes flight and becomes something exciting and new.

It's hard to imagine a better one than Sam Rockwell or a more effective, entertaining, and satisfying cinematic experience.

Not only did Gerty's cheap, over-used, little "Happy Faces" grate on my nerves like you wouldn't believe - But, Spacey truly sucked as the choice to voice this dreary robot who clearly had some serious issues when it came to the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Great big yawn .

It's one thing to find yourself thinking, an hour after having left the theater, "That didn't make any sense.

It bores the hell out of me,its not moody,its not arty,is not beautiful desolation its just mind numbing.

'"I appreciate slow-moving, thoughtful movies such as Duel and The Last Picture Show.

"Gripping from the starting.

I've got to admit, Sam Rockwell is fantastic in this, but I was thoroughly bored throughout this whole movie.

The film is simple it has a beginning which is hugely absorbing leaving the audience not knowing which direction the film will go in a middle with character development and an ending which like a nice desert finishes the story perfectly.

Dull and implausible .

The pace of the film is very slow, almost dreamlike at times, and it makes it hard to get in to.

This film's a sleeper, in the ZZZZZZ sense.

I found the movie to be a bit more accessible than Tarkovsky's Solaris in that it is much more fluid and entertaining (Solaris was 3 hr long – executed very slow albeit with a similar idea).

Sure there were moments that made me think ' Hey maybe this will get better ' but those were shortly followed by Kevin Spacey's voice trying to lull me to sleep.

A movie just as empty as the space itself .

Well, the SF Gate review has my words:"'Moon' is boring.

While the introduction scenes in the movie seem to foreshadow a too realistic and thus boring approach to the story, Jones reveals his talent for creating suspense later on and while becoming more and more confused, the audience also develops a greater bond to the protagonist respectively the movie itself.

It's a quiet, engaging little surprise.

The problem being that the character of Sam (the single-handed protagonist) is completely bland.

Actor Sam Rockwell carries the entire film by himself and does an amazing job at building a very suspenseful plot.

As the credits rolled I was left thinking "I should have really LOVED that, but instead I just kinda enjoyed it instead.

The plot is so haphazard, dull and convoluted I still don't understand the story line.

An issue that pretty much everyone will face while watching Moon is that it tends to be quite tedious and you will really lose interest during some of the long wordless shots.

Also impressive is the on-moon shots that look especially realistic and cool, but the action (if you might call it that, I wouldn't) is so slow that when the plot does advance rapidly near the end I was already out of patience.

The lack of an ensemble cast really helps drive the film forewords and it's because of this that, at the most suspenseful of times, becomes harrowing and very bleak.

Sam Rockwell's performance is incredible, but the film itself is slow and tedious .

The loneliness and isolation of being a contractor in Space certainly hits home with he slow pace.

This film was about as gripping as one of those bulky space suit gloves.

For large spans of time nothing happens.

It's an intriguing topic that can make for some excellent post-movie discussion.

It's a smart, slow building psychological thriller that puts in the effort to include mind-bending elements into its innovative storyline.

The best elements from this film are definitely Rockwell and the brilliant screenplay, which challenges our expectations and is based on fascinating ideas in order to express a deep and interesting message.

The story line is a boring concept.

The feature debuts of director Duncan Jones and cinematographer Gary Shaw aren't always impressive, as what initially seems to be a deliberately grungy look is proved by awful use of slow-motion and some very clumsy transitions to be the result of inexperienced direction, while Shaw's work is consistently dull and plain.

It has a great plot (slow pacing) that reveals everything when it has to.

The pace in the first half is bit low which may bore some who are not much into sci-fiction films.

It is a one man show of Sam Rockwell and he misses the spot completely by switching between comic and dramatic acting, confusing the viewer during long pointless scenes.

A tedious Frankenstein of a film, using a hash of ideas gleaned from far better examples of the genre.

The clichéd happy ending newsreader voice-over trope also felt a bit gallish after the slightly horrifying, thrilling film I'd just watch.

Dull, lame, predictable...

Instead, Moon will have you on the edge of your proverbial couch, cheering on its main protagonist(s) and asking tough questions about big business, genetic research, and what it means to be human.

The film also makes a great job at being suspenseful; the film's suspenseful throughout its entirety.

Intriguing and thoughtful sci fi film for a niche audience .

The first half hour, I really got bored ...

This question posed by the filmmakers is what makes Moon more suspenseful than most science fiction dramas.

Agonizingly, deadeningly, coma-inducingly, they-could- bury-you-alive-accidentally boring.

While the movie itself is a little slow and at some times not interesting the dynamic acting performance from Sam was enough to win me over and keep me into the movie until them credits started a rolling.

Narratively it's evocative in its telling, even haunting and philosophical, where a brilliant Rockwell nails every inch of Bell's search for being, and crucially, the truth.

Some aspects of the story are intentionally confusing.

The DVD contained a short film "The Whistle", which I found quite interesting, with good ideas and characters, but dull and with not enough dramatic and mystery tension.

That's exactly what this film is, predictable and ordinary!

Completely unexpected .

Its no wonder that Duncan Jones won his BAFTA because this movie looks stunning from start to finish and you don't find yourself losing interest or getting distracted, keeps you completely hooked from the get go.

So, Moon deserves the most enthusiastic of the recommendations, because it is hugely entertaining and it leaves us thinking at the same time.

However, the story is delivered slowly and is confusing.

For all things indifferent, this plot could well have been set in a deep mine, the highest tower or the most offshore island, but the moon it is, it makes for a fitting and just location for paranoia, confusion and lunar lunacy.

There is time to be thoughtful, which some viewers seem to find "boring".

GERTY's personality or programming was a little too deus ex machina, but on the other hand was a refreshing change from the general technophobic cliché of most robots straining to follow orders at the expense of the sanity or lives of their cares.

Moon is absolutely fascinating.

With such little human contact and all of it indirect, he feels that three years is far too long to be so isolated; he knows he is beginning to hallucinate as the end of his three years approaches.

Duncan Jones (who, by the way, is David Bowie's son) makes an excellent directorial debut in this film which challenges conventional storytelling and feels as fresh and as intriguing as anything you've seen before.

His performance is absolutely riveting and is clearly one of the best performances in a film in recent memory.

Fascinating and thrilling, if occasionally slow-moving...

So for me the film is very well crafted, but pointless.

Don't waste your time on this.

An absorbing psychological sci-fi drama...

The movie moves at a snails pace, is extremely predictable and steals in a too obvious manor from far superior predecessors.

Last year's Moon is one of those exceptions in that although there is little action, it is clever, suspenseful, and is never boring.

While the film could have been longer, what it has is more than enough in order to make this a film well worth watching.

It's somber, engrossing, and almost heartbreaking at times.

Boring beyond belief.

the movie is so engaging from the word go, there is no time to waste or not even a single boring frame.

Anyhow, this is on the whole an enjoyable, thought-provoking and solid sci-fi flick and I'll be watching out for Duncan Jones' next feature.

The mystery I am supposed to care about was too shallow and uninteresting for me to finish watching.

worst "fight the system" message type ever..didn't realize much logical mistakes, yet didn't need to anyway, cause after 1 hour, i was bored as hell, just finished it for having completely objective things to say..I wouldn't recommend this movie to any friend or family for them not to waste their times.

Unpredictable ride with the great Sam Rockwell .

the story was extremely predictable.

The pacing is bad all round (hence the 7 rating) - it's slow, very slow.

More than sci-fi it is real beautiful drama -- not very difficult, but very intense.

All and all, this movie was boring, predictable, and fits right in with Hollywood's sup par film making that has regrettably become the norm.

With a wonderfully nostalgic lo-fi veneer, complete with chunky lunar buggies and medical style white walled space station, Jones picks his influences well, paying homage to the wealth of slow burning, existential science fiction ruminations of the 1960s and 1970s (most obviously Kubrik's 2001), both visually and thematically without ever drifting into over the top excessively cheeky referencing.

NOT in any way clever or inventive, just tedious and dumb.

This movie starts out very interesting and engaging.

In many ways it's a beautiful piece of movie making - thought provoking, finely shot and engrossing.

It's based off a somewhat intriguing concept that's been done better a million times before.

The cinematography is consistently breathtaking and wonderfully assists the direction.

I think that is what makes film so enjoyable.

The first plodding hour put paid to that.

It is rare for a science fiction film to be slow paced, yet remain entertaining.

Moon being made in 2009, has a stunning array of visual effects and has quite a strong plot, even though it revolves mainly around a single actor.

"Moon" is impressive in that, despite (or due to) a limited budget, it's able to tell a compelling story in a suitably realized setting.

Moon - So simple yet so stunning .

Also confusing is how the older Sam clone could possibly have had visions of his teenage "daughter", when he only had memory implants of the time when she was a baby.

Amazing piece of work, very much worth watching .

Surprisingly, the sole actor to appear onscreen is Sam Rockwell, and the film is even more stunning because of it.

The character motivation is however somehow bizarre, the main character and his clones are mostly fairly simplistic but why did he start fighting with himself - it was actually a fairly pointless scene in the long run - and why did GERTY do all that stuff?

To describe why would get into spoiler territory but Rockwell and Duncan do a very convincing job of selling the central conceit and creating an entertaining science fiction story with $5mil, basically 1 actor, and the voice of Kevin Spacey.

But at many times it felt a bit slow.

The film loses points for falling back on that age-old cliché of having a huge and faceless corporation act as the bad guy.

As much as I find idea good and storytelling intriguing, authors just didn't succeed to make good job.

Moon is entertaining and original.

The story is simple and engaging.

Gripping from beginning to end, full of tension, fascinating, heart-wrenching, and certainly not predictable.

Every line feels like it's written to be eccentric and clever, but it just comes off as confusing and tedious.

Special effects are (in most cases) minimalistic and pacing is slow and heavy.

"Moon" is a interesting, and enjoyable motion picture that will provoke your thoughts and test your patience.

It's so engaging that you feel as if you personally know Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell), you WANT him to succeed, and it get's quite sad and depressing as you watch his losing battle with insanity and a strange illness.

Eschewing the big budget and CGI special effects of most sci-fi films, Moon is a quietly intense, claustrophobic mood piece about the loneliness, isolation and paranoia of an astronaut who has spent too much time alone in space.

I highly recommend this compelling movie set on the Moon .

I thought it a magnificent film and when compared to the bloated, nonsensical 'lets have more pointless explosions' of Transformers 2 it shows that you can still have such thought, style and cleverness in a film for a fraction of the budget.

Spacey and Rockwell performed fine but I found it hard to appreciate their performances because the story was so bland.

Moon pays homage and has similarities to classic Sci-fi such as Alien, Blade Runner, Sunshine, 2001: A Space Odyssey (a must see) and 2010: the Year We Made Contact (a boring dud).

I just couldn't like it am sorry, even If the characters had been played by A Listers it was just so monotonous and boring.

Whatever Duncan Jones does next will be certainly worth watching and will be more interesting than every other film of the summer, unless Christopher Nolan has a film out.

" After a while, the confusion becomes overwhelming as the plot gets more complicated, with new elements being introduced.

", or "does knowledge provide true happiness", are certainly not new, but Duncan Jones gives us a fresh and interesting take on them, which is certainly worth watching.

Our story concerns a lone astronaut occupying his time in mundane ways while waiting completion of his assignment and ferrying home back to his loved ones.

Recent coverage of the Apollo 11 mission reminds us that the video camera that captured the stunning live pictures of Neil Armstrong's historic "1 small step" was itself left behind, as was all the other stuff the mission designers could reasonably unload.

The story is intriguing and grabs your interest from the onset.

Director Duncan Jones' story is thoughtful but not dense, and though he occasionally stumbles in translating his ideas to the screen, he's crafted a compelling anti- blockbuster worth the price of admission.

Moon is that rare breed of film that seamlessly weaves existential introspection with thrilling story-telling resulting in the most satisfying and touching of film going experiences.

Some may say the film starts slowly but I found the first half hour to be an important and gripping portrayal of what it would mean to be alone in space, without which the movie would not be as effective.

Nevertheless, I rate it 7 as the first half an hour was kind of dull.

I was more concerned with the time I'd wasted watching this pretentious drivel.

I'd have to admit, however, that my wife was bored.

Even Spacey's voice acting as GERTY is strangely satisfying to me; evoking this calming yet intriguing tone throughout the film which additionally helped to stabilise the drama, combined with Sam Rockwell's truly magnificent acting preventing this film from falling into a feeble melodrama.

This movie is just simply too boring.

This film though quite predictable, very underrated and for sure worth watching.

Interesting philosophical implications, boring film .

boring and predictable .

the predictable.

And that may very well be why I really was bored at first.

Things seem peaceful and uneventful...

Here is an engrossing intelligent small film that repays a bit of knowledge of its genre.

claustrophobic, intentionally slow paced scenes which I felt was right as it helps promote the feeling of isolation.

His portrayal of his character is hauntingly emotional and layered to the point where every single scene he's in is perfectly compelling.

The truth is, two identical personalities stuck in a room is just as boring as it sounds, Sam Rockwell's game try aside.

Believe me, Moon was the sort of sickening Sci-Fi slop that intergalactic yawns and celestial farts are made of.

"Outland", a more entertaining sci-fi film, was also more effective at using moral injustice as an antagonistic platform.

And as this film moves along, deeply intriguing things do emerge, like butterflies struggling to emerge from their chrysalises, and taking their time about it.

And whilst there have been some fairly lukewarm reviews for Moon, personally I really enjoyed it.

One of the most enjoyable classes I took in college was a summer course on sci-fi literature.

This movie had way more potential then it lived up to but it was still entertaining to watch.

Kevin Spacey lends his monotone vocals to the bases computer, Gerty, who is clearly a nod to HAL from 2001 with added smiley face.

It has made me appreciate and respect Kubrick's '2001' masterpiece much more on repeat viewing, and I continue to ponder on the story of Sam in "Moon" - wishing for more enlightening, intriguing sci-fi fare from Jones to come.

Moon does a good job confusing you at the beginning and makes you ask some good questions about what it means to maintain perspective on life.

Although, the film itself is prone to some confusion, Rockwell does an exceptional job of keeping the audience focus towards a surprising ending.

Clever, Suspenseful and Never Boring .

Best of all, Actor Sam Rockwell has been given all the room he needs to do his thing and he delivers a compelling performance.

The movie won't disappoint, provided you are prepared to do some thinking - otherwise you'll be bored of the lack of action.

But these movies had a point and the slow pace contributed to the storyline.

This strength is also occasionally the movie's greatest flaw, as there are many moments where confusion rather than interest are produced in the audience.

If u have read more than 3 novel books in ur life, be sure u'll be bored with this movie so much

The idea that somewhere along the way a person finds out that he's a clone, a hologram or a machine is so incredibly mundane in the realm of SF, that you cannot base an entire movie on just that.

If, on the other hand, you think these movies are boring, then there's no need for you to read further; skip this movie.

Possible criticisms are that some elements of the plot are never fully explained, and I found the heavy handed socialist theme of the "evil corporation" a bit tediously predictable.

Written and directed by Duncan Jones, Moon is strangely unique because while it contained a series of familiar clichés, it still managed to string itself together in an engaging manner, also in a large part thanks to Sam Rockwell's stellar one-man show, acting against himself with the occasional banter with a computer voiced by Kevin Spacey and represented by a smiley emoticon interface.

It has been said endless times already but it does have an engaging "70's" feel to it and, in the wake of the mindless, boring rubbish of Transformers 2, it is nice to find something good being made under the sci-fi banner.

The story is fully engaging without suffocating us.

However, sci fi fans will tend to love it because it has some solid ideas in it, though they are slow to develop.

Despite dealing with the very nature of existence, it is never heavy-handed, never hectoring or dry, always intriguing and interesting.

quietly intense, claustrophobic mood piece .

In terms of the script, I felt that it was fairly well written - The dialogue was engaging and realistic.

It has flaws, though, mainly that after the big twist is revealed, most of the film is fairly predictable and it felt slow.

but then something unexpected happens, and he has to change his perspective on everything.

While more mystery could have been added to the identities of the characters, it's well written, acted, compelling and suspenseful like most science fiction movies aren't.

It's a nearly two-hour investment, and requires to be fully engaging.

Thought provoking yet accessible, slow burning yet consistently engaging, Moon proves the ideal reprocessing of the science fiction of old, blending familiar visuals and themes with recent ones into something fundamentally new.

Reading the plot synopsis of "Moon" is enjoyable, as the story is filled with unexpected surprises.

but then something unexpected happens, and he has to change his perspective on everything.

This film is hard hitting Sci Fi and with a minimum of cast members truly delivers an interesting story that is compelling right up to the end which goes to show you don't need a lost of characters to make movies work.

And, though it definitely spends some time on that, it also delves into much more entertaining stuff: Things like questions of identity and what is permissible in our mindless pursuit of profit.

Highly enjoyable

"Moon" is a compelling work of science fiction.

All the techno-talk and special effects camaflouges a ridiculous and confusing plot.

What I watched was a slow mixture of silly acting and senseless scenes trying to be "different" and "difficult" It succeeded on both accounts however it was also successful in being totally dire and pointless and rather stupid!

Directed by the son of David Bowie, Duncan Jones, this claustrophobic, slow-burning thriller builds in tension as secrets are revealed.

If you can manage to stay awake until the end, congratulations.

This movie displays some dull life on the moon.

They deserve credit for creating such an engrossing, thought-provoking story and filming it so inventively.

The movie is slow throughout, with minor events occurring that contribute to the big reveal.

But if you get past that and are able to get through the slow beginning and still be paying attention to get to the halfway point, this movie will no doubt get interesting and will keep u watching.

I look forward to seeing further movies by an exciting new director.

Certainly not a blockbuster that keeps you on the edge of your seat, nor would it claim to be that type of film, but nonetheless one of the most riveting films I've seen in a while.

The occasional incident will occur but they are infrequently exciting and serve often no purpose.

Clint Mansell as always delivers a suspenseful score that makes you wish he worked on more films.

The script which spends a long time enforcing the monotony of Sam Bell's day-to-day activities and once its slow pace, that served Alien so well, is broken by incident it forces the audience to pay attention again and much is lost.

It is beautiful, both in scenery and in acting, it is gripping yet slow moving and time really seem to move very slowly both on the moon and for the viewers.

The first forty minutes of Moon, which is about half-way through the movie, is confusing.

He is harvesting moon rocks for energy (something explained concisely at the beginning), and staves off boredom by exercising, growing plants, building a model of his home town, and talking to his wife via belated signals.

But this computer is a crying bore too.

Slow, dull and plain .

Maybe this is Sam Rockwell's best acting, filled with passion in scenes that get interesting as the story develops, in a very entertaining sequence of scenes that kept me attached to watching it since the early minutes.

The contrast classical music/ high-tech in 2001 was and effective , in Moon is simply dragged in .

A few years ago I began to miss these kinds of films – in fact, the only one I saw that even remotely reminded me of them was Soderbergh's 'Solaris' from 2002, and even though I enjoyed it I found my appreciation of it slightly discoloured by Andrei Tarkovsky's 'Solyaris' from 1972, a film I was never a huge fan of.

"Moon" is slow to start but soon turns more and more intriguing.

We might expect that they all have to do with GERTY, that this creepy machine is just HAL with a smiley face, but this movie is anything but predictable as the screenplay offers a cleverly-paced building mystery.

Moon is a surprise for the Summer of 2009 which has already included a 3D Ice Age, a second Transformers and pretty much a never-ending series of underwhelming, boring movies.

I'm the kind of guy who finds series like Star Wars and Harry Potter utterly boring.

Imagine the film The Matrix plodding on for 80 minutes with Neo having endless discussions with himself behind his PC and then, 20 minutes before the end, have the film reveal that he's actually in the Matrix, having him eat the pill, do a quick voice-over and end the movie right there.

Here, the titular satellite orbiting our planet is used as a backdrop for some rather humbling scenes revolving around raw human emotion; some confusion and ambiguity as the lines between drama and horror are blurred as well as a scathing attack on the working commercial world in which we live and work.

'Moon' is built around a stunning solitary performance by Sam Rockwell as 'Sam Bell', a lone astronaut overseeing a mining operation on the moon.

The movie is as grey and boring as the interior.

If you read any serious sci-fi before, this will be a dull experience to you.

Slow to start, but ultimately gripping .

Sam Rockwell plays astronaut Sam Bell who seems so bored he cannot wait to do menial tasks like jump into a surface rover and retrieve a cannister of mineral from one of the enormous terrestrial harvesters outside.

While some said it was "slow", I thought the pace was fine.

It's very slow to start, and although interesting things are to follow, it never quite picks up in intensity and remains very seriously introspective and lowkey linear.

There are so few modern films worth watching in a theatre – go see this one.

The story is gripping.

The only thing that I find lackluster about this movie is its soundtrack,its very dull and boring.

It starts out very slow with the star of the movie already on the moon for about 3 years or someshit on his moon duties with about two weeks left before he returns home.

Keven Spacey, the voice of robot Girty, is not especially inspired, though, as his voice is dull and plain and improper of a robot like the one in the movie, which is very chunky, heavy and not that developed.

A multi-layered character who is both rich and engaging.

Ideas or images from these and others were cloned and skilfully put together (with addition of one talented actor in a sometimes - unintentionally, I suppose - caricaturing double-role) into a little sci-fi thriller, partly effective, but more manipulative than emotionally powerful, and in the predictable second half with cogs creaking in the screen writing department.

I will give the director effort on the story concept (which is still over used imo) however as much as people seem to enjoy Sam Rockwell, his performance was dull and I just couldn't for the life of me relate to his character or even find compassion for his character.

gripping plot line with a subtle twist thrown in.

One more thing: if you think a robot can't "act," watch for when this one gently puts it's mechanical arm on Bell's shoulder; stunning how effective it is...

Moon is a classic small budget sci-fi film driven by fascinating ideas and twists, and guided by a stellar Rockwell .

It really is funny, dramatic and suspenseful and pulls it off, without any big problems.

From there the movie goes in a very unexpected direction.

Rotten Tomatoes says, "Boosted by Sam Rockwell's intense performance, Moon is a compelling work of science-fiction, and a promising debut from director Duncan Jones.

It will open up slow for you, and become more and more intense as time goes by.

Moon is a fascinating, ingenious, and original sci-fi/fantasy film by first-time (full-length) director, Duncan Jones.

I liked the exciting twist at the end which I will not reveal as a spoiler.

A Compelling Work Of Science Fiction .

Although it has its flaws, Moon is unique, enjoyable, and a must see for viewers looking for something fresh in the sci-fi genre.

I can attest that the second time around it was even more intriguing.

I don't want to give anything away, but the film can be confusing.

I have to say that Jones and screenwriter Nathan Parker put together a taut thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A simple premise, and in the hands of amateurs this $5m budget sci-fi indie flick could have turned into a predictable series of space clichés, but the inspired acting of Sam Rockwell and the creative force of Duncan Jones (formerly Zowie Bowie, and a near-ringer for his dad) turn it into a compelling, thoughtful film dealing with issues of technology, corporatism, loneliness, human identity, and long-distance love.

This is a stunning movie and I recommend everyone to go and see it, sci-fi fan or not.

He's the heart and soul of the picture and it's a shame really that such a good performance is confined to such a dull film.

An incredibly polished, downright original & thoroughly engrossing effort that's brought to life with remarkable care, brims with endless passion & stays firmly grounded throughout its runtime, Moon is a masterwork of science-fiction filmmaking that presents the first-time filmmaker in complete control of his craft, is deftly scripted from start to finish, and is all the more boosted by Sam Rockwell's heartbreaking performance & Clint Mansell's sensational score.

i was very frustrated,after i was bored of course.

The story-line is about as compelling as watching Sam-1/2 rummage through his vomit to find a tooth.

Without spoiling anything, I can say he gets to use body language, psychological presence and provide action from his character facing intense and unimaginable emotional situations.

During his last week he experiences a minor accident which leads him to find a clone if himself, leading to a major confusion.

Instead it delivers a slow build up resulting in mind blowing, climactic scenes.

Cons: Some may find the movie completely boring and stupid.

This movie may only have a few characters with only one appearing regularly, but this movie still manages to be very exciting and interesting.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie for anyone in a mood for a somewhat predictable, but nonetheless entertaining and creative plot line.

The visuals of this film are stunning.

In telling this story, Jones constantly plays with the audience's expectations exploiting their knowledge of film convention in general and science fiction convention in particular so that the narrative is kept fresh and unpredictable and the audience kept on their toes.

Equally terrific is Spacey as the voice of Gerty, the computer, whose tones blend mellifluous, bland and disquieting together, developing a charming and surprising character from literally nothing.

A film with solid content on real issues, in a well-structured, entertaining story with a sympathetic character, and excellent acting.

Really that sums it up, but to meet word count requirements: Spoilers follow - Sam Rockwell as the Sams' was just stunning - so completely convincing, and beautifully portraying their uniqueness in their sameness.

The whole basis of the plot seems utterly pointless and silly.

An unoriginal and tedious sci-fi story that thinks it's really clever .

Sam Rockwell strays from boring to annoying whilst making time for a few choice moments of being tiresome.

The story on the other hand is so bland and you'll have everything figured out less then halfway through the movie.

This film is slow and brooding, so therefore not exciting for all viewers.

At first sight, Moon looks like an hybrid between 2001 and Silent Running, but I think it would be unfair to say that, because although it shares some narrative and stylistic elements with those two classics of the sci-fi genre, its story is totally different, and it presents fascinating ideas about human identity and the function of memory as the individual basis.

The time spans are fascinating and leave much open for discussion.

MOON puts a relatable human touch on an intriguing and deep sci-fi story that, while it originally appears to be taking the path of 2001 Space Odyssey, is a unique adventure.

When he wakes up, the film kicks into another gear - always leaving the viewer slightly guessing, working out what's going on in the moon station with Sam Bell is compelling stuff.

Moon is a movie that rides that fine line between sci-fi cliché and pure originality.

The story was bland, the visuals were non existent and the ending was so boring I ended up falling asleep through 10 minutes of it.

Its suspenseful and also has great emotional as well as scientific depth which is a key ingredient for any sci-fi movie.

They search high and low, on base and off for clues and evidence, which of course lead to conflict and disagreement between the Sams, and to them putting in place a daring plan…I got bored.

Just two years ago I was bowled over by Danny Boyle's shimmering spectacle "Sunshine" which provided human drama And Made for one intense thrill ride.

Instead, I found it very boring and predictable!

"Moon" is an enjoyable sci-fi drama, a refreshing change from the chop-sokey, space-cadets/marines-going-yo-yeah, monsters-going-ghhrrgaw sci-fi action garbage of recent years.

'Moon' is dark, broody and atmospheric, there is only one main character throughout the entire length of the movie and pace of the movie is extremely slow.

Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacehead move this along at a cosmically boring pace.

Working peacefully, his problem-free situation begins inherently more complicated when he finds unexpected company aboard his station, leading to the unravelling of a giant conspiracy that challenges his very existence as a human being.

Kevin Spacey as Gertie - or PAL or even KPAX the talking robot - was a good touch and the eerie and tense atmosphere, especially once the 3 year life of the job is revealed was both compelling and effective.

Rockwell is terrific as a man on the edge, and his desperation is actually rather heartbreaking.

Everything's going swimmingly until Sam gets into an accident on a standard surface mission and the plot plunges into a dark and fascinating direction, examining humanity, corporations, technology, and ethics through a very, very small cast, a tiny handful of sets, and only the subtlest bit of special effects work.

nothing happens.

Rockwell has an amazing talent to visually communicate his emotional isolation, boredom and deprivation of human contact while also conveying a full-fledged, completely fleshed out, easy-going character that any of us would be happy to know.

The stunning futuristic scenes from the moon's surface separate the film from life as we know it, whilst the aptness of the script pokes and prods 'very- human' and powerful emotions throughout.

But here are so many holes in the story and so many open questions that make it quite pointless to follow the story.

By the time the film ends you are lost is space, or at least went through a space warp where 97 minutes stretched to what seems like three hours of tedium.

Completely breathtaking and beautifully understated.

It is a well-known setting by sci-fi lovers and very enjoyable to see reproduced.

very intriguing straightforward character-oriented sci-fi .

I loved the film, was compelled as I watched it, and unable to easily leave it behind once I left the theater.

All in all it was a pretty decent low budget movie and Sam Rockwell did really well in it.. Whole movie was really predictable!

I really liked the fact that 'Gerty' was a mix of completely computer, and computer with emotions, as films often get this wrong, but Spacey really does get ti exactly in the middle which is really enjoyable to watch, and see the development of the relationship between Spacey and Rockwell, its brilliant.

All of them ask philosophical questions , while the last two are also very entertaining.

Most importantly, Sam is such an interesting and compelling character that we truly experience everything that he goes through and the choices he makes.

It was engaging and gripping the whole way through.

I only took off points because I would've liked it to be twice as long so it could've explored some of the compelling themes even deeper.

Highly enjoyable, even more highly recommended.

For large spans of time nothing happens.

This movie is complete rubbish and sadly has been given great reviews by all the pretentious "yay a sci-fi movie with no explosions or aliens" people.

The denouement was both predictable and implausible.

Revelations in the plot that are meant to be showstoppers seem pretty predictable.

Even though he is expressing emotions he looks bored too.

Moon is a bit dull and serious in tone.

Jones' minimalistic approach is crucial and perfectly delivered, allowing the gripping mystery to unravel.

Taking these detours effectively ruin this movie and bores us to death.

It's a one-man show from Rockwell, who delivers a great performance, but there is too much repetition and it is too boring.

I just wanted to add another positive comment here for this film as I just watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Although I expected a more metaphysical story, Moon's story is actually very mundane, I'd even say crude.

Gripping, Extraordinary And Evocative Sci-Fi Film Of Solitary Lunar Worker .

Sam Rockwell's fantastic performance, slick production design, and an engaging, thought-provoking story: MOON is an excellent piece of independent work and it has established Duncan Jones as a director to watch.

I felt like Space Odyssey 2001 and HAL most of the time, also Alien3 came to mind, it was fascinating.

This film most definitely deserves that approach, it captures isolation and human emotion on a genuinely profound level, and Rockwell's riveting performance is undoubtedly an Oscar-worthy one.

It is an enjoyable film which punches many surprises and I can now see why this has been receiving very good reviews.

Sam Rockwell is fantastic in an otherwise extremely boring movie .

In Moon he simply IS the whole movie, and he is compelling to watch.

He is cracking up from loneliness and looking forward to leaving in a few weeks when a accident while working sets an unexpected series of events in motion.

"Moon" is absorbing and definitely thought-provoking sci-fi.

He is the movie in so many ways, makes it enjoyable, sad, exciting and infuriating all at the same time.

The story is fairly standard sci fi fare, but enjoyable.

Don't waste your time and better watch one of the sci-fi classics of Kubrick or Tarkovsky .

Ultimately, the film is fascinating and thrilling, if occasionally slow-moving, and a welcome addition to the low-budget sci-fi canon.

Kinda dull .

To conclude this is a definitely worth watching.

Definitely the most intriguing film of 2009.

A film that really makes you think outside the box and this film does just that, with just one man and his off putting smiley face monotone robot assistant really make this film a fantastic watch for anyone!!

The visual effects are superb and Clint Mansell's music is a fabulously evocative series of deep piano chords, percussion and industrial sound which fits the visuals like a glove.

The plot is not original, but moves in an altogether unexpected direction, while continuing to explore similar themes to its influences.

When I see an actor take on a difficult role, it gets very exciting.

The story is explored in a delicate and intriguing fashion with themes of loneliness and humanity, and the script is intelligent and poignant.

Yes, the silence and stillness contributes to the atmosphere a lot, but can very quickly get boring.

It's a real treat from beginning to end thanks to its unconventional, compelling narrative and an excellent performance from Sam Rockwell.

Moon is a fascinating film.

the most boring film ever...

I liked how the movie turned from somewhat boring scenes of working out and connecting with his wife/daughter on Earth to the mystery of Sam 2.0. I think it was a noble effort and on the same track of another low-budget space movie 'Sunshine.

I blame the under-ambitious script for lack of gripping drama.

Unsurprisingly, Sam deals mostly with boredom and restlessness as he finishes up a three-year contract mining The Moon for Helium-3.

This character driven sci-fi/drama which explores being human feels too cold, bland and overlong to work.

The wonderful tone here taps into the subject of isolation and a slow uncertain doubt that brings on the traits of a lifestyle of living alone for three years and the breakdown of the mind and impending madness.

Moon is an impressive sci-fi drama with thriller elements from writer/director Duncan Jones whose admirable in making this movie that has a compelling story and equally impressive special effects which help bring the film to life.

to meet yourself, to befriend yourself and to ultimately, protect yourself against anything adverse, as a team, this is an extremely provocative and awe inspiring situation.

It takes elements of "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Solyaris" and "Silent Running", and weaves them into its own uniquely fascinating story of isolation, madness and human exploitation.

And as Sam discovers how Lunar Industries is using questionable methods to prolong his employment, Rockwell brings real pathos to his situation, and makes "Moon", in the end, a moving film as well as intriguing science fiction.

"Moon" is evocative of the sci-fi greats whose visuals were done in-camera, i.

GERTY was a character in this film, and it was intriguing to see some hints of humanity coming from GERTY, it was touching in fact!

It is entertaining, fascinating and a somewhat realistic sci-fi, the space station brings me back to a mix between Aliens and A Space Odyssey, it is very cool and very fitting for this movie.

Anyway the plot unfolds as some kind of 2001/Slient Running/Alien pastiche which can't decide if it's being played for laughs or drama (one can't help but snigger at Kevin Spacey doing HAL), we lurch between casual revelations and grinding cliché.

The pathos of the film is intense when the clones, who have had the memories of the original Sam Bell implanted in their brains, realize that the beautiful young wife whom they both 'remember' died long ago, and the charming little daughter whom they 'remember' as a toddler is now a teenager, and that her dad, the real Sam Bell is living happily at home with her on earth.

If you're looking for big explosions and girls in tight rubber, you're looking in the wrong place, but go and see it anyway cause you may be surprised at how enjoyable true sci-fi can be.

The pacing is slow.

Not confusing like 'The Usual Suspects', but more along the confusion of 'Donnie Darko'.

It's often said that Tarkovsky was the master of this but i've seen his movies and i understand the limitation placed on him by the soviets, still his movies are boring and TOO contemplative.

Some scenes are confusing when they shouldn't be.

In addition to being excellently made and both intellectually and emotionally engaging, Moon is also a subtle and chilling indictment of the capitalist drive for exploitation and the unconsidered consequences of enriching oneself at the expense of another.

This film is an engrossing conundrum with a standout performance, both technically and dramatically, from Sam Rockwell, and is well worth watching.

There he was a scream, here he is a yawn.

I never liked considering that movies should give us a moral at the end or be philosophical, but if the script is good, the acting is great, and it ALSO has that extra magical thing that leave us thinking about it for a while after you walked out of a movie theater or turned your TV off...

It is to her credit that this is manifested in a well made, credible work rather than pompous self indulgent vanity project amongst the rich and famous.

His progressive disorientation and confusion about time, himself and his mission allow for so much thought and introspection for the viewer.

Unlike Solaris however, Moon offers a real, gripping storyline full of unexpected twists from this point on.

Instead, what I was treated to, was a flabbergasting drag of laughable scope, with a plot twist so trite and predictable that I nearly ate my giggle.

Certainly, GERTY is good company, for a computer who can only display emotion by way of a small screen and creepy emojis, but, pardon the cliché, as the day for his leaving approaches, he has a really close-encounter that is far more entertaining.

Unfortunely it is a sadly boring movie.

There were a few sequences where I was looking at it trying to see if I could see the strings and wires but then I stopped looking because the story was actually pretty engaging.

It trots out predictable tropes of the genre and then quickly - and superbly - subverts them at every turn.

What I really like about this movie the most is that it seems so devoid of "movie moments" – it seems unpredictable simply by being sort of predictable.

But that's not to forget the satisfying simplicity of the lunar landscape design sculpted by cinematographer Gary Shaw and production designer Tony Noble, or to overlook Clint Mansell's evocative musical soundscape.

The overall creative idea for this story makes up for any shortcomings, and as someone who feels used and abused by the empty promises of big corporations, this movie really spoke to me.

On the other end you would have Science Drama movies like '2001', 'Blade Runner', 'The Thirteenth Floor' where the place is slow, the viewer is required to figure the plot out for himself, the action is minimal and heroes and villains are either non existent or interchangeable.

It's compelling and more than a little surprising.

The pace of the movie was pretty good, but did have a few slow spots.

The pacing is slow, even leisurely at times.

Throughly Engaging .

Aside from creating a fascinating premise, Jones employs old school special effects that stand up to the best computer animation in Hollywood.

Some parts are very well executed and catchy and then the next scene of the movie will either be boring, silly, or downright confusing.

He has the robot attending to his every need; in maybe the movie's best touch, the robot has a "face" consisting of those excruciatingly annoying "smiley face" "emoticon" symbols (the voice is Spacey's trademark monotone).

The film was unpredictable, and as it went along you realize more and more about what the industries are about, and learn more about Sam Bell.

Brilliantly executed, fascinating, and involving .

He captures many different emotions of his hero (loneliness , boredom , depression , anger , psychosis) and gives a true one man show through all movie.

The pacing was off.

It is a dialogue movie which just gets better and better as the full scale of the intriguing plot emerges.

All of these doesn't change the fact that "Moon" is dull , shallow , boring and pretentious movie.

Secondly, the trailer is a bit of a tease in that it promises a smarter, more psychologically compelling story than it can deliver.

The hybridity works, making Moon far more than a mere throwback film, and a far more beguiling and intriguing take on content both familiar and new.

There are, perhaps inevitably, moments where the film has a slow-moving quietness about it (how else could Sam's loneliness and tedium be conveyed?

Just that final conclusion ("either he's an illegal immigrant or crazy") felt like an overly contrived and easy reference to something social-critical on which I don't feel like dwelling.

For a film that starts slow, it sure packs a stinger of a blind-sided punch in the end, one that will have viewers reeling in thought and drooling for more.

A compelling sci-fi in the cerebral mode of 2001 and Solaris (with a hint of Ishiguro thematically), Moon explores themes of loneliness, belonging and identity in an intriguing and entertaining fashion.

Some of the moon shots especially are incredibly beautiful and quite awe inspiring.

The Clone Bores .

Accidents, began to happen, dialog between himself and GERTY become confusing, he begins hallucinating and questioning himself and his CLONE.

The mining station's isolation becomes increasingly heavy and is the perfect backdrop for the intriguing drama that ensues.

It was ponderous, obtuse, illogical, took itself way too seriously, and was filled with too many plot holes.

The plot is OK but sometimes a kind of boring and difficult to understand because some things happen again and again.

A wonderfully suspenseful film throughout.