Moonlight (2016) - Drama

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A young African-American man grapples with his identity and sexuality while experiencing the everyday struggles of childhood, adolescence, and burgeoning adulthood.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Barry Jenkins
Stars: Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 280 out of 812 found boring (34.48%)

One-line Reviews (665)

Boring, predictable, dull.

Apparently, it was some pretentious offering which ticked all the boxes for the Academy which was suffering from guilt from the allegations of the all white Oscars the previous year.

These types of films usually have the tendency to come out as propaganda.

The plot of this film is rather boring, and characters you do not care about at all.

Maybe I missed a few things along the way, but it was just empty.

Sprawling with powerful storytelling and striking visual heft, this emotionally riveting tackles the harsh truth of what it is like to grow up in a world where no one understands you and having no one standing by your side in your times of tribulations, even the ones you love.

Slow, uninteresting story, (though the performances were very good), unimportant dialogues.

This reminds me of the joke,"If a tree crashes in an empty forest , does it make a sound"?

", "Our Lady of the Assassins", "Paranoid Park", etc. It's stylish, it captures a slice of life, and it is mostly engaging.

Overall Moonlight was a very enjoyable film that had absolutely amazing cinematography and sound design.

Unfortunately, it has a broken, or to be honest no plot!

But it was unwatchable.

From the start it's so slow that a few coffees may well be needed to keep you awake.

Even from the trailer, you can have the majestic and intriguing pleasure of listening to the score by Nicholas Britell.

Slow, Boring, Gay Love Story.


The ability for this movie to hit upon many important issues and concepts within society is breathtaking.

But while keeping his outer life stagnant with the environment, his emotions were forgotten in the process, resulting in a relatively unchallenging protagonist in an otherwise very compelling film.

However the story can seem incoherent at many points and is filled with tiny plot holes and just overall confusing dialogue.

It's written excellently, and I was invested in the movie the entire time, I sat motionless for probably the entire third act, it is so riveting.

No message to dwell on.

The script is also pretty monotonous, sparking in only a few moments, with some conversations (especially the 'Moonlight'talk) especially unbearable.

Started good, ended in cliché .

But it's a bit too slow, and it definitely lacks of action, just to spice it up a little bit.

When there is dialogue it's difficult to follow due to lots of mumbling and street slang.

Unbelievably bad, bad camera work, long and drawn out, bad acting, you name it, everything was just bad.

The ability for Barry Jenkins to bring together race, sexuality, poverty, drugs and other issues into one magnificent movie is breathtaking.

This is one of the most stunning movies I have ever seen.

Moonlight is a coming of age movie about Chiron who we see develop across three different ages.

This story of a gay black youth's coming of age is one intense movie.

At the end, the story returns with intriguing visuals that tell us Chiron's internal state of being with a heartwarming return to his childhood.

sometimes it's even boring.

Mahershala Ali and Naomi Harris deliver knockout performances, but the entire cast fills up the film's environment in a way that makes them truly engaging to watch.

It is quieter than most American movies, and more intense.

The next chapter ("Chiron") sees the protagonist at sixteen (Ashton Sanders), as his shy personality and lanky frame continues to make him the target of schoolyard toughs, while his mother's downward spiral continues, and his relationship with Kevin (Jharrel Jerome) takes more than one unexpected turn.

There was a time when movies were made in weeks rather than months, when they came out in droves rather than a slow release and when even drive in movies provided entertainment and creativity.

A very interesting beginning that leads to endless and boring dialogues.

Now Chapters 1 and 2, I found very engaging.

It's predictable, straightforward, and often a bit too on the nose in comparison to what is to come, which is probably the best act of the film.

The cinematography, music, and use of sound bring us to art-house territory without being untenable, and keeps us grounded in reality while we get immersed in a world from an artistic angle.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

Powerful, poignant and compelling three act harmony portrait of a young, black gay boy from adolescence thru adulthood while experiencing trauma, self-reflection and finally acceptance is enhanced by strong acting by the three actors portraying Chiron (Hibbert, Sanders and Rhodes).

The conversations are often dull and pointless.

The second and third chapters of the movie break apart .. the outer as much as the inner of the character is lost, the only thing keeping them in transition is the aesthetics and over dramatization of a very dull script.

The film has bored me a lot, it was another film of the same social theme.

Waste of my time and my money rent.

Barry Jenkins is a fascinating storyteller, and in large part because of how he goes about being fascinated by his subject, how his camera roams at times, and at others when he knows to cut between his subjects.

I was attracted to this movie for a number of reasons; it has an African American director, an all black cast, and the trailer is one of the most compelling I have seen in a while.

Waste of time .

This is like political correctness in its dullest form thrown at a screen , and labeled a film.

Watching this after another celebrated gay story reveals just how empty an emotional experience Moonlight is.

It is a beautiful film, it is so simple in its format, but equally as clever, it tackles the subjects of youth, poverty, sexuality, identity, drug use and some racism truthfully and brilliantly, the use of colour throughout is marvellous vivid, the music is wonderful, and it is intimately moving, it is just an extraordinary film, I would highly recommend it, a masterpiece drama.

The film is stunning in its portrayal of emotion, struggle with masculinity and sexuality, and from what I've read it also portrays growing up in a hard place very well too.


As a young adult and now fully immersed in the gangster lifestyle in Atlanta, Chiron is beefed-up and blinged-up, seemingly growing into his once-guardian Juan.

There is no story, no screenplay, no direction.

The story is told in three distinct episodes: the first, titled "Little," captures Chiron's childhood as he is introduced to an unexpected father figure, local drug dealer Juan (Mahershala Ali).

So how many films do we have to see about poverty, drug use, inner city struggle and young boys coming of age n the hood?

A long drawn out film of character study and identity development of self discovery and meaning.

Although it has some flaws,like some really slow or unimportant scenes,it is steel a must-see.

If you absolutely love coming of age dramas with utterly awkward and undeveloped protagonists, then you'll like this film.

Unexpected Amazing Film .

Some of the scenes that are shot are breathtaking.

Worst movie ever .

I waste my time watching this sh*t and probably worse than La La Land.

On an overall scale, Moonlight is undeniably an emotionally absorbing & powerfully moving cinema that's all the more strengthened by muscular performances from its cast and skillful execution from its filmmaker.

A powerhouse of raw emotions that's handled with care, shot with compassion & told with composure, Moonlight is a riveting character study that covers the themes of identity, masculinity & sexuality in a highly authentic manner, happens to have an in-depth understanding of its subject matter, and presents it with absolute honesty to deliver a timeless tale that resonates on a personal level.

It's definitely worth watching for these elements alone but I wouldn't particularly recommend it as a 'must see' as I believe a lot of people could find it slow and lose interest quickly.

Although I didn't want it to end because it was so riveting!

Without giving away too much, the little boy in the beginning of the movie finds, quite by accident, a mentor who shows great dignity despite his intense shame in dealing drugs.

Carefully unpacking the truth in each glimmer of cliché, Jenkins courts sympathy, not empathy - this is Chiron's story, not ours, and our job as audience is to bear witness.

I'm all for character studies but this movie was pathetically boring.

Slowest, most boring movie I've ever seen.

Also, it didn't really deal much with the gay aspects, so ultimately, it was rather boring, and didn't result in the viewer experiencing much empathy beyond the first section.

Atmospheric inner city coming of age story has major third act problems .

The screenplay is extremely tedious like many other Oscar movies and could use about 20 minutes of editing.

Cliché is written in too many places starting with characters tied up with screenplay.


i am a fan of Mahershala Ali, his acting was wasted in an extremely boring,disappointing ,bleak and useless two hours of my life.

The stories main theme is scratched out in predictable fashion with all the expected clichés strung together and again, padded out - so it seems to take forever to go virtually nowhere.

Its a slow and sluggish film where I was waiting for it to end.

It's slow perhaps and for me it is a typical Un-American movie.

while I admit with many reviews of this movie being slow art some parts, I very much enjoyed this movie.

Last year, Spotlight won just for the controversy subject matter about a daily newspaper uncovering the Churches molesting young children - the film itself is extremely boring unless you find office meetings exciting.

There is no plot.

Viewing this movie is like watching paint dry and no matter what good features it has the film is mostly boring and tedious.

And I'm sad to say that half way through the movie trying to painfully wade through its overtly pretentious artsy aesthetic I realize this was oscars way of getting this monkey off their back by giving a movie by black artists an Oscar already.

Just when you think the story was about to take off it went back to the long drawn out scenes with too many pauses between dialog that you are left wondering if the conversation has been muted.

It is a very basic, almost cliched, coming of age story that deals with the theme of overcoming hardships and discrimination.

Then they moved to the mid-life of the character and it was still OK to watch, but then the adulthood was very boring and pointless.

it's pathetically funny how everyone on here who have this movie a "1/10" or something close to it pretty much did so because they thought the story was boring, and didn't personally identify with anyone in it.

So far, they are dead slow character studies.

The changing angles as he ran through the doors, was really fascinating and helped to convey the idea that he was rushing through the school to do this.

Moonlight strikes audiences through it's shocking, but entirely prevalent topics and it's breathtaking film style.

Slow and begging for pity .

The last 20 minutes was very boring.

Slow, sensitive film that requires some degree of involvement from viewers .

The movie crawls along at a snail-like pace, occasionally awakening interest, but just turns out to be as dull and unexciting as La La Land and Manchester by the Sea.

I want to say the film was slow, tedious, and lacking in dialogue.

Much of the dialogue is unintelligible to a British audience and the mood of the movie is probably too bleak for many people, but anyone who admired BROKEBACK is sure to find MOONLIGHT a deeply absorbing experience.

The acting is good in parts, but with no plot.

I just felt so boring at almost every scene.

A slower progression was in order - the first two periods of Chiron's life seems rushed and we are just fed the story without having time to contemplate on it.

His struggles between the isolation and bulling of his sexuality and having to cope with his unpredictable drug addict of a mum, I felt was very endearing and I had a high amount of sympathy for his situation.

Ungodly boring .

It is: gripping, believable, engaging, sad, hopeful, bleak and powerful.

Overall, the film followed a tired format that paints a pretty bland and shallow picture about life in the "hood.

Their relationship is restrained, but undercurrents of sexual yearning - the physicality of touch - a tender finger grazing a hand - can transform years of misery and sorrow into the confusion of love.

This and some similarly contrived situations of the script contrast with the very real performances and atmosphere of the film.

Britell mixed the violin playing and edited with some southern hip hop style so that the music would sound distinct the pit went down so does the music and it is truly fascinating how they accomplish that.

The movie is actually boring, pointless and completely forgettable.

Movie : Well the movie is like pointless and doesn't address anything significant at all.

The same visual style that is present in the first two sections are present here as well, with the long, drawn out close ups and focus on people's faces still used to capture this world.

It sounded so compelling and poignant I could not imagine how it could be anything other than spectacular.

Good film, but moves along at a slow pace.

There is a paralyzing, fascinating, beautiful truth to this film.

2 minutes before the ending screen, there is an intensive and tense moment staring right into that Academy Award.

First, too often watching it was just down right tedious.

Jenkins keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film.

This is an extremely rewarding film to savor and watch again and again for the great performances, stunning visuals and emotionally resonant story.

boring, dark, depressing, painful to sit through .

watch it only if u wanna waste 2 hours of you life.

I had difficulty even relating to the main character, it found him dull and uninteresting.

Boring and dull .

"You can be gay, but you don't have to let nobody call you a faggot"Narratively, it can be compared with dense, epic and fatiguing Richard Linklater's "Boyhood", "Moonlight" employs narrative in sections as standalone episodes comprising altogether an intense realism, an initiative bracing the trip and psychic and emotional spurs of the characters.

The script is so real and engaging because everything drives the story forward.

But I cannot for the life of me see how it won the Golden Globe for the best motion picture drama, or that it can win the best picture Oscar, as while enjoyable, it is some way from being a great movieIt is the story of Chiron, a gay African American, and it is split into three distinct time periods, with three different actors playing the main role.

Slow doesn't begin to cover the tediousness of this habit on screen.

While it may be an immediate shut-off for many to see the very open life of a homosexual, especially in a film that features only one White actor (playing a police officer), this is one of the most intriguing looks into Blackness of the past decade.

MOONLIGHT gives us some lovely moments between Juan and his pre-teen protégé - particularly one involved with learning to swim and the oft-used metaphor of the power of water to cleanse; but this scene is so beautifully filmed that it erases any notion of banality.

Well, that's exactly what I did today after stomaching about 45 minutes of this very poorly written, poorly directed, slow story of despair, desperation, and misery.

If you've seen a coming of age story like this before you already know exactly how this act is going to go.

While the film is very slow paced, enough cannot be said for the acting across the board.

This was from the start boring, it proceeded into more boring and followed with more boring.

As the film dragged on it became predictable especially when I realized what it was actually about.

Did not deserves an Oscar, boring and cheap.

It is a complete denial and very confusing, takes some time to understand and when you do, the question is why?

Yes, this is a really engrossing film with a fine and surprisingly non-standard Hollywood ending.

The narrative feels unpredictable to the point where you have no idea where the story can turn at any given point.

Moonlight is presented to it's audience in three gripping acts; childhood, adolescence and becoming an adult with each being as fascinating and poignant as the next.

Better watch hacksaw ridge or other nominees..this movie is hell waste of time

Through various hardships and relationships with others, we see a character so real and so engaging.

Personally I thought the movie was boring and it drag a lot, kept making me lose interest in the character.

Extremely slow.

I found the performances of Mahershala Ali and Alex Hibbert to be particularly stunning.

The movie has no story, nothing special, doesn't worth to be even in the movie theater, I have wasted 2 hours for nothing.

A fictional coming of age biopic that is more driven by the character's development instead of plot or conflict.

This movie was incredibly boring on the lack of the things mentioned above, I think they could have made this into and actual Oscar winner vs a default win based on PC reasonings.

brigade - rave reviews - awards, with a leaning towards questionable propaganda.

Above average coming of age story.

The final part *possible spoiler* was boring, not poetic.

The photograph of the film is completely beautiful, with a blue palette, as foci that blur and mix passages, the photography is sometimes almost experimental, and I particularly enjoyed it, the soundtrack of the film is completely perfect, full of instrumental songs that dictate The tone of the movie, he knows to be pop at the right time, and if he uses the music to talk with the narrative of the movie, we also have a great sound mix and a good edition, and the camera strolls behind our characters and likes to film In profile.

But the last :40 was slow, boring, singular-pointed, lacked any concrete resolution, and it had a really lazy ending.

This sadly was disjointed and choppy.

The first time I watched each of my favorite films, I was white-knuckled on the edge of my seat from the first frame of the movie.

) Slow paced movie- Duration could have been reduced because it was boring the audience.

Most boring film I've seen this year.

Director Barry Jenkins has made a small scale, slow paced, low budget drama.

As a result the film leaves you feeling quite empty and thinking the story of Chiron could have been told better.

However, it feels empty during some moments when it should really be the most powerful.

worst movie ever made.

good acting, interesting cinematography, utterly plain and uninteresting story of a poor black kid, crack-addicted mother, a drug dealer for a role model, some sexual identity problems, and he grows up to be a - surprise !!

There is no plot, you cant hear what they are saying, which to be fair didn't make any difference as there was no plot.. The camera work was nauseous.

The one word to describe this movie is boring.

The cinematography was stunning and the story is one that I think needs to be told.

It was truly boring in every way.

Its story is paced well, and although it isn't the most complicated story, the movie was engaging and rarely got boring.

The main conflict at the heart of "Moonlight," a beautiful movie about a young black man's coming of age in poor and drug-afflicted Miami, is our protagonist's inability to define himself in terms that his environment will allow.

He holds up stock images – of the crack-addicted mother, the drug-dealing mentor, the bullied and sensitive queer kid – to a cracked mirror, capturing how they refract and rebound in unexpected ways.

It's a true coming of age story, throughout which we learn that Chiron is gay.

Snoozer .

Half way I just wanted to turn it off.

This is more of a coming of age story/examination of how we shapeshift throughout our lives to deal with society.

Again, it's the subtle scenes and lack of dialogue, mostly by the lead, "Black" or "Little" that make this engaging.

Perhaps the darkest coming of age film in years, "Moonlight" follows Chiron, a person from a rough upbringing in the streets of Miami.

I enjoy slow movies, even I found Manchester by the Sea, Spotlight, Doubt and so on are enjoyable and even prefer this slow drama type that conveys important issue than action movies.

As the film is divided into three acts, each paints an emotionally absorbing picture of Chiron trying to discover his identity and how to into a world where everyone is at odds him including his mother who is on the crack pipe and displays more anger and frustration to than motherly affection.

Both the sound of anger and empty space push our emotions just that much further.

The soundtrack is loaded with the kind of old soul and R&B that Kanye West made a career out of sampling, contrasting with the strings of the stunning original score.

A story of a black boy/man growing up gay and being bullied for his withdrawn personality and his eventual struggles with also a drugged-out mom-among other things-I'll just say this was quite a mostly compelling drama with sequences that make it hard to predict what will happen as it goes on its narrative.

Tried to like it - plottless dull and empty ending .

"Moonlight" shines a subtle light on the story of a very compelling central character.

The cinematography is stunning, the story is subtle and carefully crafted, the performances are all amazing.

Bad Storytelling When There's Actually No Story .

He is dragged off by teachers and arrested by the police.

There is no plot to this movie.

In fact, "Moonlight" remains a rather slow movie, giving you time to dive into the setting and accept the circumstances one after another, so they don't feel unreal or exaggerated at all.

So if you want LGBT movie with a different end and a touch of realism, this is a must see, but be warned, at moments the film goes slow, despite this, is one of the best of 2016 and a strong Oscar contendeer.

I ended up watching the movie again later on and this time I really enjoyed it.

Chiron's coming of age story is one that we usually don't see much of, being that he is a presumably gay, black male who grew up being bullied for his sexuality.

It is thrilling, sensuous stuff.

No plot, no storyline and poor acting and directing.

I also personally thought the third act felt a little uneventful.

It was just a little confusing.

From a craft perspective, the simple three act structure worked wonderfully and allowed you to be with each character at the crucial moments and to stay with them and be immersed within that particular reality, thus being able to relate or compare it to your own experience of those ages and periods within your own life whether you are gay or not, or even relating it to someone you may have known that went through the same thing.

I was hoping something was going to happen, I felt as though i wasted 2 hours of my life in this slow and boring film.

Moonlight is overall a brave and decent film with strong performances marred by its boring uneventful conclusion.

It is a very visual movie that true fans of film will surely appreciate, but it's story is compelling enough to make sure everyone is able to follow the story.

It backs away from dialogue and, through the stunning performances by the three actors who play the main character (and who never met before or during the production at all!

While engaging, not every scene needs to stun the audience with visual messages and sudden color changes.

- no plot, no deep inside drama, no photography.

The best way to describe the failure of this film is thru all the non existent relationships they keep leading you to and that you are dying to see them build, and then… nothing happens.

Worst movie ever - Do they let you give negative numbers.

This movie was a complete waste of time.

Don't waste your time.

Good cinematography, some good acting, but no plot, no character development, and if there weren't subtitles I wouldn't have had a clue what the characters were talking about.

Too slow.

The three parts work well as a short film, coming of age trilogy put together to make one film.

Its only redeeming feature that makes it worth watching is Mahershala Ali's character and performance in the first act, and the first act itself.

The pacing of the movie is incredibly slow.

i was really intrigued by beginning of the movie even though it was a bit cliché.

The film is too long.

Don't waste your time!

Borderline unwatchable and certainly not deserving of an Oscar nomination.

Frightfully slow, boring, and in no way deserving of "Best Picture".

But sadly disappointed, it was a waste of time.

The performances are riveting and will be noticed in awards season.

I knew it was a "coming of age" drama about a young man growing up in a black neighbourhood in Miami.

The bullying scenes are too intense and the movie is so good.

It's overdone camera 360's, and front boring scenes really represent where today's films are headed.

Just boring sequences one after the other.

This is a great movie and worth watching.

Janelle Monae is also in the film as Juan's girlfriend who is extremely cool and enjoyable to watch.

The most compelling part of looking at Chiron is his eyes.

The main character himself is completely uninteresting.

Chiron's relationship with his crack-addicted mother is unstable and intense and leaves Chiron more alone and helpless than ever as the school bullying gets worse as he ages in act two, "Chiron".

Boring, boring, especially the last act.

Worst Movie I have Ever Seen .

Much of the power of Moonlight comes from it's gripping plot, and the growth of a boy into a man.

It's a coming of age movie of how the environment and relationships can have an affect on someone.

Waste of time .

The acting is stereotypical, insisted, and uninteresting.

The build up is good, but nothing happens afterwards.

The speech was slow, perhaps 1 line was uttered every minute it seems.

The tv show "Atlanta", produced by Donald Glover, is an excellent example of entertainment exploring multitudes of struggles experienced by the black community in a unique and enjoyable way.

If you want a better "coming of age" film, Boyhood (2014) had a much more impressive production.

No twists, no tension, quite boring and predictable .

But the small details are so skillfully delivered that they are simply breathtaking: the spiritual baptism of teaching a boy to swim; the loving preparation of a meal; the feel of sand on skin; and the blue-glow of moonlight reflected on black shoulders.

Not sure what message the director was trying to convey, but it utterly lost in the unbelievably slow pace and sleep inducing dialogue.

There is much that is good about Moonlight and in the overall, I quite enjoyed it.

I feel it's definitely worth watching to gather your own opinion about it, though.

This movie is absolutely a waste of time.

i watched this movies because of the overrating reviews , i came to here just to wary the people who didn't watch this movie yet ( if we should call it like that ) from losing 2H hours of their life because there is no reason to watch it , i don't know how and why did it won the Oscar's , it's about a kid a gay kid depressive the hole movie , 2H watching a boring, depressing and going-no-where- movie , it make you feel depressive and very bored at the non-sense end.

I can appreciate the filmmaking -- but the movie itself was a real snoozer.

James Laxton's extraordinary cinematography pulls the entire atmosphere together with a stunning perspective into the upbringing of one boy, which significantly creates an innovative way of looking at life, the world, and identity.

Really boring.

Many of the scenes are tedious.

Imaginative Indy poetic, lyrical, pretentious.

Amazon should give me an extra day on my free trial for this waste of time.

But i say boredom is part of one of my favorite movies, 2001: Space Odyssey so i have nothing to say about that, and the "gay stuff" of which my friends were scared of, i have to say it's just something many of us aren't used to and that it shouldn't be like that.

Calming or carefree moments in Chirons' life are reflected through soft and slow camera moments, whereas dramatic or tense scenes called for their well-used, rough, jarring shots.

The silence, the limited dialogue, the music, the editing, and the acting all combine to create a breathtaking piece that deserved to win the best film of the year Oscar, because it was truly a work of art.

The Academy has lost their collective minds.. This was one of the worst movies I have seen.

It was long, boring, and drug out very basic obvious scenes.

Moonlight has become an unexpected smash on the art-house circuit, I think because it's legitimately thrilling to see these two lost souls – straitjacketed for so long by our poisonous culture's concepts of what it means to be a man – at long last able to share a meal and speak about what could never be said.

Naomi Harris' character was completely predictable 4.

Barry Jenkins comes to the forefront as an emerging talent in directing, with the standard set so high, it is now intriguing to anticipate just what his next project, 'A Contract with God' (a three-part directed feature), will be like.

Boring and unremarkable, wonder if the high rated reviews are from the cast and crew.

ACT THREE Most pointless and non comprehensive act.

Each of these factors contributes a movie so visually engaging as it is challenging.

This movie is absolutely the most boring, dark, non-eventful piece of nothing that I have ever watched.

Absolutely Stunning .

The main character, Chiron, struggles with rejection from his distant and abusive mother, isolation from the rest of his peers, and confusion on how to express himself.

Dull and pointless .

This movie is a slow starter and takes a while for you get drawn into the story and characters.

Waste of time .

This has got to be the worst movie to ever win an Oscar for best picture.

This is a terribly boring, slow paced, bad written and poorly directed movie.

The movie Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, is simply a "coming of age" story.

A breathtaking look at the fragility of the gay, black man .

The main character in the film – 'Chiron', doesn't speak more than two or three word sentences at a time, and has a very dull personality.

A beautiful coming of age story worth seeing.

The camera instead whirls around these two men, floating through the street and immersing us in a the scene that is unexpected and memorable.

Apart from the performance of Ali (only first 30 minutes, for about 10 minutes of screen time), Moonlight is one of the most boring, uninteresting and predictable movies i have ever seen.

Yes, it moves a bit slow and doesn't have a lot of dialog.

It's certainly worth watching.

The ending, what could've been amazing, intense situation - is instead shrunk into a twilight-romance that just doesn't cut it for three oscars.

Boring Silent Monotony .

Then in the third act he is an empty man.

I knew that it was very likely, predictable even, that I would be interested in a story centred that dealt with the intersecting multiple identities of race, gender, sexuality and class.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The story line is predictable and formulaic.

This film is weird and confusing.

More propaganda designed to make gay more normal.

Every frame of this movie is breathtaking, and I can't think of many other films to which I would give that praise.

Jenkins' final 30 minutes is dragged out where there are no surprises.

Initial parts were okay, but the latter developments were unexpected.

" Good beginning, some middle and an ending that makes the movie a waste of time.

The only reason this dull movie got 3 Oscars is because it is about black and gay people.

This is the worst movie i ever watched in my life.

I just told you the movie so don't waste your time.

Deep, subjective and slow-burning .

Disappointingly dull .

good acting, interesting cinematography, utterly plain and uninteresting story .

It was very easy to follow as the transitions happened and each actor brought something new and compelling to the story.

Waste of time .

What a waste of my time .

I think it's a cliché from start to finish.

The characters were bland and dull, doing nothing extraordinary.

Ummmm Moonlight was boring with a capital B .

Naomie Harris was a force to be reckoned with her stunning performance as the verbally abusive mother Paula.

One of the few films I almost walked out of the cinema on.

Desperately pretentious and earnest, one of those "pat yourself on the back for getting it" movies.

This is an emotional independent "arty" film set in the 1980's Miami, a coming of age drama / character study.

Awful movie and total waste of time .

If spinning shots were suppose to symbolize the life confusion of these kids, it did not work for me.

Nothing special about the act, story, photography, directing, very amateur and very boring.

It was slow.

I fell asleep I was that uninterested.

The false high rating on IMDb only further proved how false the rating system that a dominant film reviewing website could lure people paying their hard earned money to see a lousy deadbeat movie and regret when they left early and stepped out of the theater and cursed themselves as stupid morons who once again were fooled by the false media.

The plot is boring, the acting average, the cinematography meh.

Waste of time .

The movie is very slow and way overrated.

In the film's final and most breathtaking sequence, we follow Chiron as a man in his twenties to a reunion with a high school friend who gave him his first gay experience and whom he's never been able to completely move on from.

Other than that, this movie is an emotional experience that one would be challenged to not get invested in with its stunning visuals, engaging storytelling, and believable characterization.

However, while the film feels incredibly slow and some of the characters feel passive, My main issue with Moonlight is the ending.

Tight schedule, tight budget Jenkins probably through necessity bombards us with intense close ups interspersed with 360 shots of dizzying suspense that makes for an excellent introduction to Juan and an ugly lead up to a schoolyard confrontation.

The high school section is compelling.

But the detail was artistic and the tone was consistently engaging, albeit painful from the perspective of the characters.

In a world where the struggle for equality still seems to be raging, and creeping into as many diverse, unexpected areas as you can imagine, this year the Oscars got a taste of the pressure to acknowledge minority performers, which even a slip up with the auto-card couldn't undo.

By doing this, Jenkins is able to show the audience the confusion Chiron is experiencing in his life.

The film is like a slow rolling ocean wave, one that builds and builds always having a sense of light climax hitting the screen.

Add in intimate camera-work that intrudes on the characters' personal space, an unusual yet potent music score and accentuated audio effects and this is an oddly compelling movie.

I agree with other reviewers that said it floated along and barely told a story, the time line was confusing, and that the characters were poorly developed and that the dialogue was so pointless, that it added nothing to the story.

Good effort at depicting low lives realistically but too many gaps in the story while too slow at other times.

Thoughly enjoyed it!

The film resonates because it is a subtle dance – Jenkins plays with convention by portraying a quite cliché plot line and then subverting it at every angle.

This movie totally sucked, it was slow and completely uneventful and uninspiring.

It's really mind blowing and a real challenge.

This film is simply an engaging masterpiece that definitely was not what I was expecting.

It didn't really emotionally touch me, but it was enjoyable to watch and was very well done.

Vacuous and dull character biopic .

Just no storyline the ending didn't make sense.

Moonlight bathes itself in small moments of love and coming of age.

It is enjoyable despite focusing on the darker side of life.

This all said, the story is original and engaging.

Dialigue aa bit trite and predictible.

I cannot believe that I managed to stay awake during this trite story that goes absolutely nowhere.

Too shaky camera it becomes pretentious, sickening and tedious .

" The result is a coming-of-age narrative that employs intense psychological imagery and character relationships all characterized as some level of tragic.

The bullying scenes wiped me out emotionally and I left the theater filled with melancholy.


I found the film tedious and dull.

No story, no plot, no character development (at least not to the point you care about anyone, including the kid).

I am finding a lot of movies nowadays are so boring that I am inclined to walk out after an hour or so.

Moonlight does tell a story which is unfortunately far too common in American society; single mothers, segregated neighborhoods, mass incarceration & bad examples all around – but is executed in a very cliché and uninteresting fashion.

Outside of that - no plot, character development is next to zero and straight out boring.

A fascinating and surprising film about being black in the USA today.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.


it doesn't have a point, endless non point talk, nothing happening, i have never watched a movie that its so not going to anywhere, NO POINT!

Throughout these three acts we see Jenkins' powerful use of music (or silence), dramatic lighting, rich color, and a balance between simplistic & complex shots to portray Chiron's fear, confusion, and vulnerability as he navigates his internal and external relationships.

The story is extremely slow with noticeable lack of dialogue at times.

The beauty of the slow camera movements in many of the scenes sets a calming tone that contrasts the hectic, violent, and high intensity of the situations that the protagonist is going through.

It was pretty boring, though.

There was no story-line.

I felt the movie was a little slow.

And, in fact, his character was the best one in the entire film--the most engaging.

It's a completely pretentious and horribly tedious film in both structure and content.

Next thing we jump to her on crack, spewing all sorts of vilification towards her son's orientation while he's at home in the apartment now empty, no hot water and the kid's boiling water on the stove to take a bath.

It was shockingly boring.

But the dynamic between the two comes off as simply contrived.

Teenage Chiron had some pretty notable facial features (which added to his awkwardness) that adult Chiron bore no resemblance to.

Well, Moonlight is no better, taking you on a slow train and using the 111 minutes of its turtle pace to squeeze all the pity and sympathy out of you for its own satisfaction.

This movie is boring in the most awful way, and how it won the Oscars baffles me - I have a feeling there is a lot agenda behind the win and very little objectivity.

This coming of age tale explores a segment of the population - inner city black gay teens - rarely visited on screen.

Ridiculous Waste of Time & Money .

This movie was a pretentious disappointment.

Because compelling characters, unique stories and beautiful visual storytelling will tend do that.

Moonlight was just incredibly dull and pointless, and only served to reinforce the negative stereotypes of black people, which unfortunately are based in reality.

This movie is an absolute snore fest.

The movie bears witness to Chiron's childhood tribulations; overcoming intense bullying, dealing with his drug-addicted mother (played expertly by Naomie Harris), and coming to terms with his sexuality.

Moonlight builds its main subject with substance-filled chapters, acted by brilliant and compelling actors, in a rare fascinating story while dealing with difficult issues, race and sexuality, while fighting the pressures of life.

The camera doesn't dig beyond surface, and photography is shallow and uninteresting.

Absolute waste of time and money and should never have received a nomination.

this is i guess the worst movie ever .

Pure piece of propaganda, I actually believe Oscar was manipulated in the last moment and something went wrong.

I watched it ill, this is just another boring, low-budget, movie, that kills hopes of a young director and actors to be in a film that wins Best Picture.

No story, no act, no drama, just nothing .

Despite the good performance of Naomi Harris, the move is very boring for me taste.

They're both very well-made technically speaking, but both are a little slow and pretentious, making it hard to fully enjoy either one.

boring and predictable .

It is really amazing editing and makes the movies really enjoyable.

The selling point for this ludicrously overrated bore?


After the first hour , the film falls and it turns boring, the story does not advance any more and it seems that the movie is about anything, we can not explore more our main character, there is not much rank on what we see about Chiron.

Yes, but it's a boring well done.

This film, divided into three chapters totaling an hour and 50 minutes, tells a coming of age story of a black man and his family and friends set to an eclectic soundtrack and amazing cinematography not to mention some dramatic acting despite moving at a slow pace.

Timeless, emotional, thoughtful, and yet still entertaining.

i see many users trashing the movie saying it is boring and it is 2 hours of nothing.

Tedious Ad Nauseum .

This movie was very boring and the acting was awful.

Hibbert as the young Little, a stunning Ashton Sanders as the teen Chiron, and Trevante Rhodes as the young adult Chiron.

And I say "unique" as how this movie was filmed in a shallow depth that made the whole thing pretty intriguing.

It's a coming of age drama about a gay, black drug-dealer!

It was boring with a weak plot and I couldn't wait for it to end.

I left the cinema after 45 minutes of pure boredom.

(All the cliché traits that conservative white America is afraid of.

Dope didn't follow the road of victimhood till the very end though, instead imbuing the once-a-loser with some unexpected (and, to be honest, rather unexplainable) strength to come ahead of his troubles.

Pedestrian and over-long film about coming of age.

Although we are not in Chiron's shoes, we are always close to the action, and experiencing the intense emotions people are displaying to him.

Slow and boring beyond imagination.

Excellent, Riveting, Spectacular.

The film dragged on a bit at times, and the highlights are definitely the first two stages – child and teenager.

bad movie don't waste your time .

Beset by chronic bullying (which, Jenkins clearly outlines, extends well beyond the schoolyard), confusion over his sexuality, and the encroaching drug addiction of his mother (the superb Naomie Harris, who masterfully avoids Oscar-bait grandstanding in favour of a more brittle portrait of impotent anger and desperation and bitter humour), the life of "Lil'", as he is insultingly branded by his peers, is not a carefree watch.

The plot was thin and predictable.

Maybe that's a good story line, but it is impossible to relate to any of the characters due to the horribly boring writing.

This is the most uninteresting movie I have ever seen in my life.

"artsy fartsy" etc.etc.

Waste of time .

Each one focusing on an important moment of Chiron's coming of age.

Nothing happens.

There are large gaps of information between the stages of Chiron's life where the audience have to fill in the gap with context clues or imagination, but it made the film very enjoyable.

The acting is really good, but there is essentially no plot and it reminded me a little of Precious in the way you are just watching a child struggle to get by on his own with no real guidance or story.

The movie explored a lot of interesting concepts and I enjoyed it.

The cliché' mother who's a crack head etc...

This piece shows the strongest performances, and it grows more intense as it reaches the shocking resolution.

"totally boring"...

The flow is broken by the second act, and everything after that feels like a drawn out segment that, in actuality, shouldn't be nearly as long as it is.

Right from the beginning it was obvious that this was going nowhere, terribly slow.

One, that brings the child within you, by showing multiple fast-moving, colorful images that are grand, visually.

This sentence has absolutely nothing to do with race, but IMO La La Land was about eight times better and more entertaining.

Traditional society's emphasis on hyper masculinity results in the teenage males engaging violence simply for the sake of validation.

Though Chiron says nothing to either one of them throughout the day, as if petrified by strangers or traumatised by the unexpected act of benevolence, he finally reveals that he does not wish to return to his own home in Liberty City until the following morning.

The person I went to see the film with thought the movie was very slow.

Boring .

A Sharply Drawn and Engaging Tale of Struggle and Redemption - Not to be Missed .

Unfortunately, among so many good movies, there was this one, slow, uninteresting, not original in any possible way, a story about nothing.

I'd say give it a watch if you want something that's more engaging then entertaining.

Bullying, which is intense.

I felt that it followed childhood in an honest method that was very entertaining and had a lot of rewatch value.

As a gripping drama, Moonlight is entirely effective.

It is slow and painful and will not be to all viewers' taste.

The story is compelling and makes the audience fight for the main characters.

A boring story about literally nothing- waste of time .

Really boring.

Okay, to start with, a lot of idiots are on here saying that the picture lacks plot; this poor, 'tarded, age-old excuse has been used by morons all over the world since time-immemorial for films that are, to be frank, for adults, instead of grown children with low IQs that can really only absorb romantic comedies and/or summer blockbusters .. this film isn't a damn detective-mystery set in 1930s London, you fools - there isn't SUPPOSED to be much of a plot .. it is, after all, an emotionally, intellectually, even spiritually complex coming-of-age film - they rarely have structured, stage-like, three-act 'plots' .. ironic to what i just said, this film actually is neatly, cohesively structured with three distinctive parts, all of which ARE, on purpose, pretty plot-less - three slices of the boy/man's life to show an "arc" (so to speak) that is powerful, and extremely fascinating, too, and incredibly complex on so many levels beyond what the typical idiot sees as 'plot', which, to said idiot, is really just a collection of cliches that have been used for generations - they have to be spoon-fed through phony twists-and-turns, probably knowing better somewhere deep down inside of themselves.

Simply unwatchable.

This movie is boring, and I am not sure why this won Best Picture at the Oscars.

Pointless, boring and predictable.

We are starting to let go of coherent, deep and well thought of films in favor of incomplete, slow and dull films.

Beyond the technical challenges of the film, there was the challenge of developing many themes around the conceit of "coming of age" for the young man.

The scene where he's just been bashed, yet wisely refuses to snitch on the guy who did it, while a school counsellor spouts empty platitudes at him, is one of the best in the film.

For that reason alone it is worth checking out, but what really draws the viewer in are the riveting and subtle performances from the main actors, and the authentic, gratifying script written partially autobiographically.

The movie is boring, and only sadly reinforces stereotypes.

then it must be worth watching right?

I watched this movie due to all the amazing reviews for it and let me say this is the worst movie I have ever seen; i use the term movie lightly as it made no sense, had no story line or plot that is understandable.

Those who found it boring are probably used to action or melodrama, not the intricacies of film art or the human experience.

I stuck with it, but found it pretty tedious.

Well Last night I did, to an empty movie theater all by myself.

"Moonlight" is, simply put, a dull and unpleasant experience through and through.

If your looking for those elements along with a boring film with thin consistency, no story to tell, weak writing, and characters that are difficult to relate to.

But the brazen informative close-ups begin to linger, the camera movement become repetitive while the third act falls into a funk and fails to ignite like the first two.

The faces of boredom they had were incredible, and they thought i had got them into a gay porno.

They seem to cover it with some comment about the slow pace or quality of the story, acting or dialogue.

Waste of time .

Slow .

An artistic indie that is clear, deliberate and articulate, Moonlight is a quiet slow burn gem.

In the end these problems often make the movie first puzzling and then yawn-inducing, especially in Acts I and II, and overall really keep it from being the best film it could have been.

Contrived .

Dull Best Picture .

This movie is so poorly directed, written, and just a slow story of misery that offers nothing.

First two acts are gritty realistic depictions of sexual confusion, abuse, bullying and homophobic violence with surprising comfort and refuge coming from unlikely characters.

A total waste of time .

Boring plot!

As it stands MOONLIGHT will probably be the film to pick up 8 Oscar nods butt go home empty handed after the ceremonyUpdate Feb 2017 .

Barry Jenkins' direction and writing is simply mesmerizing due to an intricate blend of somber color pallets, stylistic visuals that complement the story, and minimal dialogue that instead, utilizes the stunning power of silence to evoke certain emotions.

The hand-held camera work in many settings and the slowness of the indoor scenes makes the audience come close to the characters.

The Miami ghetto was not kind to a black, gay man, but this was conveyed to the audience in a disjointed manner.

Unlike last year's insipid and dull "Our Kind of Traitor", where she was given criminally little to do, here she is blisteringly real as a caring mother spiralling down an addiction plug-hole.

The film deals with subjects such as identity, love, courage, sexuality and maturity, subjects that aren't rare in film, but having a story this engaging with performances this good its something amazing.

It is probably designed to shock, but after a while the shock wears off and it becomes more tiresome than offensive.

This film is technically well made, the performances are consistently absorbing and moving when required to be, the story itself not unduly familiar, and the denouement is satisfying for a viewer who bought into the subtle romantic thread that develops throughout (albeit not without disturbing interruption).

I found Moonlight very boring and waste of my two hours.

One in which every audience member regardless of race or sexual orientation can walk out of the theater aware of.

I'd heard reliable reviews from people I trusted that it was dull.

Just boring nonsense with the odd moment of excitement thrown in.

) While the film never becomes emotionally devastating due to its disjointed episodes and an ending that seems unresolved, Moonlight still remains compelling and casts a haunting glow in this shadow-land of lost souls.

Changing actors in the same role in order to age them up is usually a necessity, and it can be jarring, even confusing.

Grim, tedious, too long .

Act 1 I think the first act, though slow, was OK except that I only understood about 20% of what was said.

Then, it just becomes more and more slow and boring.

Life changes when "Little", chased by a group of stone-throwing boys, finds refuge in an empty shack , breathless, curling up on the floor, bony arms flung around his thin body for protection.

The segmented structure doesn't do its fantastic cast justice, but this is still a quietly passionate and constantly engaging piece with a truly beautiful score.

Worst movie of the year!

The amount of emotional and realism they bring this character is something really breathtaking to watch.

"whyt an award for this uneventfult, pretentious crap"...

This is becoming a bigger Sundance cliché than the end-of-the-second-act car accident.

But, when the director decides to play with all the filmmaking techniques existed, the drama wasn't there, the story wasn't convincing enough and at the end, you feel extremely bored.

I find that Moonlight is a really interesting way of approaching the concept of a coming of age story.

The story is plain and dull and can be concluded within 15 words , and most of the conversations go to nowhere.

The end was dumb and pretentious.

If you answered no to ANY of those questions, Moonlight might be a bit too artsy for you, or you might not be the kind of person who will be moved by it.

Breathtaking In Every Detail - A MASTERPIECE .

The unique choices are across the board stunning to see: the use of classical music for example is a stylistic element that works so brilliantly on an instinctual level.

He follow him through 3 important stages of his life as he deals with the poverty of his upbringing, his confusion with sexuality, and the issues of masculinity and race for a young African-American.

its on of the worst movies i have ever seen.

The holiday dry spell of movies worth watching is officially over.

Every part of it is cliché.

checkA tepid, slow, meandering, meaningless, sparkless two-hour bore?

In comparison however, this slow, silent style mirrors perfectly Chiron's quiet, gentle demeaner.

It was boring.

Brooding, challenging and sad but well worth the watch.

It seems people may have drawn out meaning from what to me seems a meaningless movie, or secretly used it as a potent tranquilizer.

A boring movie .

Based on the first two acts it certainly is but the third act lets the movie down pretty badly to the point that it became overtly boring.

In fact I wish it had been made into a HBO series because the characters were that compelling.

But subsequent scenes at the diner, and at Kevin's home, are so slow to the point of sleep-inducing.

Pointless scenes, for the most part, either involving silence or plot exposition that becomes irrelevant almost immediately.

Wild Wild West has been overtaken as the worst movie of all time by this nonsense.

Either way I enjoyed it.

As I said before, with the non-traditional structure and no laid out story, it can be perceived as boring or slow, maybe even pointless to some.

The film is awash in a sort of "tropical drab", dark hues of blue appropriate moonlight and leaving a refreshed almost improved 80s neon, as the story of "Little" is acted during 3 periods of his life by 3 different actors, all of them equally brilliant.

"Moonlight", however, chose to look at these topics in a bland, overused way that leaves the audience wondering "Haven't I seen this before?

Other than that, it was a worth watching film.

This is particularly so in the scenes between Chiron and Kevin, where I suppose we are watching the transformation of Kevin from school friend to gay conspirator, but it is not done very well and frankly, you just get rather bored.


In addition to Mr. Ali and Ms. Monea (both who are excellent in the upcoming Hidden Figures), and the standout work of Ms. Harris, the six actors who play Chiron and Kevin through the years are fascinating to watch.

MY FINAL CONSENSUS: A heartbreaking coming of age story that has enough energy and perfect realization for making it worth if its recognitions.

An understated coming of age film, "Moonlight" presents a triptych of stories about a gay African American youth living on the hard streets of Florida.

Don't waste your time and energy.

It does not have anything interesting in this film, is dull and devoid of emotion for a normal person.

Although La La Land was received much more broadly, and had much more of a cultural impact among the masses, the Academy decided nonetheless the gong for Best Picture must go to this coming of age tale set in the black community, from writer Barry Jenkins, also making his feature length directorial debut.

The final scene is moving, even suspenseful, as the two adult actors say so much without saying anything at all.

Moonlight (2016), written and directed by Barry Jenkins is a breathtaking drama based on the semi-autobiographical play Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue by Tarell Alvin McCraney.

The film had one speed ,dead slow ,the sound was so bad i could not tell what was been said.

Many modern dramas in this style tend to be artsy, pretentious and not to my tastes.

Naomie Harris was stunning as a mother of the main character, complex and not so one sided as it might seen at first.

I was lucky enough to see this in the theater, however, it was absolutely empty the showtime I went to...

From that on nothing happened that could wake up my feelings for the characters.

It was the most pretentious thing I've seen, and worst movie I've ever seen (and I saw the first 3 seconds of Two Girls One Cup).

I do not know if all that part is to show that he is locked in himself, but I have enough and he bores me.

As a film, it's a work of art, with gorgeous imagery and gripping camera-work.

Empty characters and even a more starving, echoing script won't make good pictures nor a great director or actor any justice.

This is a plane boring and useless movie.

But anyone thinking that Moonlight, with its all-black cast and African- American writer and director, was handed the trophy as a sort of guilty apology to a minority that has struggled to find a voice in cinema, is simply wrong: Moonlight is one of most engaging and powerful films of the year, and certainly the most personal.

except the good image and lighting, the movie is awful, in one word to describe it, wast of time, nothing new, no story, and it giving a bad image of the black society in America.

Late in the film there is a reunion between Chiron and Kevin whose slow emotional simmer resembles a delicate dance laden with machismo and sweetness.

Coming of Age in All Its Complexities .

Long boring passages where nothing is said, the main character stares at the camera or the ground.

The beauty of the writing and expert portrayal by the actors, wrapped up in engaging visuals along with a magnificent score make for one of the most gorgeous, touching, and fulfilling films of all time.

The film plays out in three parts; Part one, the neglected childhood of Chiron the child is very good and ex-rapper Mahershala Ali was riveting as the muscular drug dealer who takes a fatherly shine to the abandoned boy.

Ultimately though, I feel the film is too slow and mainly let down by its story.

Nothing happens, thought provoking or otherwise.

It has no plot.

Barry Jenkins and James Laxton gave a fantastic cinematographic look to this film, a beautiful dance of different compositions, and camera movements to bring life to this fascinating story.

Snooze fest .

I found this movie to be heart wrenching in every aspect and quite breathtaking honestly.

Very boring waste of time .

It is still an amazing movie and I highly recommend it.

This movie is an average movie with an Intense and Serious plot.

And then boom, the movie was over with no plot (of which there was none) resolution to be seen.

Described by some as a film in which nothing happens, 'Moonlight' certainly is not for all tastes; it is more of a mood piece than a narrative and given how introverted the protagonist is, the film is more focused on what is left unsaid in each scene.

Good, but a little slow .

plane boring and useless movie............

Naomie Harris gives an engrossing portrayal as Chiron's mother who wrestles with drug addiction that places an obstacle on her relationship with her son.

While there are many layers of impeccable artistry to this film, what truly stuck out to me the most was the stunning cinematography- each shot is scrupulously framed, the use of color is outstanding and almost all the action takes place in very shallow focus, making this film incredibly visually interesting and a true treat for the eyes.

There really was no plot to it, we just watched a young black kid growing up and struggling with his sexuality which is truly award bait.

Started out good, but then just got slower and slower.

All in all, what a boring piece of crap.

I feel like everyone involved with this movie was moving in slow mo.

It begins cliché, with Ali's character playing the wizened, matured hood- father figure.

Watched it with great expectations but it was a total waste of time.

And to top it all off, he's coming to realize that he is gay as he's coming of age.

Having said this there are several characters that are more than just interesting and, thanks to the great acting, engaging.

To a large extent this is because for me the dialogue was difficult to follow – since it is mostly in a rather indistinct southern US urban style.

We felt completely defrauded after 2 hours of relentlessly slow emotionless humdrum, wishing for the first time to have a refund.

It again proved that Oscar winning movies are seriously boring and seriously lack entertainment quotient.

The main character is extremely one dimensional and dull.

Slow, boring what else.

And now a few words to the plot: there is no plot.

Please save your money and go watch La La Land or something else which is actually Oscar worthy.

I kept yawning~ .

" This question echoes throughout Moonlight, the breathtaking second feature from Medicine for Melancholy director Barry Jenkins.

Two hours later, when the film ended seemingly abruptly, after yet another mind numbingly boring piece of dialogue between two characters I could care less about, we both just looked at each other and thought "What the.......

* Boring movie * Movie without plot * Endless movie * Movie without explanation and connection of facts * Movie without notionSeriously, it was the worst movie I've ever seen!

There are times when Chiron, with his 30-yard stare and ramshackle poverty, is impressed upon to be an empty vessel.

It really helped to tell the story and added another layer or intoxication to the film and it made each complicated, but subtle moment of this story all the more engaging.

I'm getting bored of writing this the movie sucked big time.

Pretty tedious .

At least 3 people in my theater walked out.

After other opinions, the film is boring.

They say this film would be better for a time in like 10 years, because it's boring and the gay stuff, they say.

Slow moving and dull .

Though the look of Chiron is not my main issue with the final chapter, it is the fact that it is so drab and uneventful.

Horrible waste of time and money.

If you love long drawn-out scenes with no dialogue, trite characters, and around an hour too long, then this is the film for you.

Struggling with sexual confusion without clear answers or a unbiased confidant only leads to suppressed actions and emotions.

Instead, the ending was predictable and extremely drawn-out.

engrossing indie character study .

Ali is an intriguing actor.

Moonlight tells the story of Chiron's coming of age at three crucial moments in his adolescence.

It had the perfect and predictable ending.

(It's also fascinating how they resemble the pair in "Brokeback Mountain" where one partner is more outgoing while the other is more reserved and afraid due to his difficult past.

But, to anyone that may feel this story is pointless, you would seem to be missing the actual point: Unless you are a gay/lesbian African American being raised in a hard neighborhood, how can you truly know if this story is pointless or not?

Sexuality and differences are a huge deal and the way Barry Jenkins wrote it in regards to a young kid struggling all the way up to adult hood is breathtaking as this movie is very realistic.

However despite, the boring plot-line, this movie does have fantastic writing, and acting.

It commits the ultimate sin in a movie for me: it's boring.

As for the rest of the movie, if you're going to have a slow moving drama like this, character development is so important.

When he receives an unexpected call from an old friend, memories and romantic tensions disrupt his carefully-molded sense of identity, and he sets out to reconnect with his past.

The movie is boring, yes its plain boring.

His act of Juan, The rough dubious mentor with a heart of gold is a breathtaking performance that overshadows anything this year.

So before you care to critique that this story is useless or boring, jump off your pedestal or quit watching Oscar nominated films and stick to The Fast and the Furious.

The actors are great, yes, but the story is extremely slow, often boring and there doesn't seem to be a real story line.

It's typical of American producers nowadays making slow boring dramas with no edge at all to them.

I honestly couldn't tell you the point of this film or write a more a more comprehensive summary because it's a waste of time.

It's like the film still had to act macho and be a 'coming of age' story.

This circle of life is understandable, while at the same time being nearly unbearable.

Moonlight is an utterly absorbing and beautiful film with unfailing empathy for its main character.

Of course this movie has that feeling all Oscar winners have - it feels a bit too serious, a bit too important, a bit too artsy and a bit too hyped.

Watching a movie is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, the two things that I did not feel while watching Moonlight.

Worst movie ever .

This movie is less than average and actually there is no plot, no actions, no message, nothing, absolutely nothing.

Yet, the characters are intriguing and the actors portray them well.

The movie is really boring, it doesn't have an interesting plot.

Just one big dull moment.

Everything was slow and boring.

Complete waste of time and $$.

If this deadbeat boring "Moonlight" could be the BEST movie of 2016, then all of your home made videos could be national treasures.

Clearly one of the WORST movies I've seen in quite awhile.

Slowest and most uncomfortable watch I've ever had.

Slow and not what I expected .

After seeing the nominations that moonlight gets, I was so exited to see it but sadly it turn so bad and i wasted 2 hours for nothing, there is no story and no point of this movie and in the end you will get zero benefit from this movie.

it's about dark, boring scenes, no dialogue, him walking, him sitting down, him getting picked on....

Couldn't bear it any longer, was going nowhere.

The acting is very good and direction is good, but the story is pointless and the ending leaves you wondering why on earth did I just spend two hours watching this weird film.

Also, while the supporting characters have defining attributes, the main character is more of an empty shell.

This film is very slow, and the actors who played Chiron at the three points in his life were grossly under-prepared to play a role like this.

Waste of time.

Nevertheless, it makes for a breathtaking picture if the viewers allow themselves to take the enthralling trip it offers.

If anything it is a display of somewhat random and uninteresting events in a person's life.

No plot, no excitement, just a complete waste of time.

Disguting and a complete waste of time .

It is boring and not the least bit entertaining.

In the end, the viewer feels like he just watched a documentary of the life of the main actor, which was quite boring from the start to the end and without any interesting twists or tensions or emotions.

Pretentious as hell.

This film is just as slow as Spotlight, it tries to be artsy with random shots.

Sure it was perfectly cast, directed and written, but it was too slow and didn't really have anything exciting to offer except for a story that's been told before - only a little fancier.

It is breathtaking to watch .

It was just boring.

With many movies with a huge hype around them, more often than not, they end up being somehow disappointing, this movie doesn't live to the hype that everyone creates around it, it has a few flaws, like a few not so good performances, or even some off putting moments, that aren't executed very well, some moments that seemed rather pointless, and also a very weak start.

A simple coming of age story is told through gorgeous cinematography, some of the best I have seen on films in years.

Moonlight is a coming of age story about the struggle of being different in an environment which excepts you to act and behave a certain way.

While I felt at times the storytelling itself was formulaic and the writing and dialogue could have been improved, the heart of the story, the characters, and the overall work made it a very special film.

This film is poignant, engrossing, innovative and unexpected, and will pull you in with its unassuming and understated grace.

Moonlight is unoriginal and boring; not much of a script.

#1 in my list for worst movie ever .

Moonlight is undoubtedly one of the worst movies I have even seen.

Slow, predictable and specially there are many issues not explained.

But stays Above Average Bland to keep you seated without feeling there was nothing substantial.

It felt like one cliché was followed by another.

Like others mentioned before, the film was slow in certain parts.

The triptych-like narrative structure is an interesting way to grapple with coming of age and how a person's identity is fractured.

It is a remarkable film that tells a moving coming-of-age story of a young gay African-American from Miami in a compelling fashion: a triptych in which each of the three segments is titled by the name used for the central character at that time of his life and in which a different actor pays that character.

Pretentious and tedious .

This is probably the most boring movie I've ever tried to watch.

I admit the structure and pacing seem a bit too slow for me, and for an oscar winning movie it's a bit too small.

These are minor quibbles overall though, in general I thought this was a really solid movie and well worth watching.

Waste of celluloid, and most definitely a waste of time and a rental.

Adult Chiron is too straight to play that role and the final scene with the longtime lover is too plain and mundane.

" The rhythm of the film is slow, steady and calm.

The movie is boring and lacking real content.

I find this movie so boring.

This must be the worst movie to ever win a Best Picture Oscar.