Moonraker (1979) - Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

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James Bond investigates the mid-air theft of a space shuttle, and discovers a plot to commit global genocide.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Lewis Gilbert
Stars: Roger Moore, Lois Chiles
Length: 126 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 49 out of 317 found boring (15.45%)

One-line Reviews (275)

The opening sequence which involves a mid air struggle for a parachute was absolutely breathtaking.

Roger Moore does a good job,he is very confident and seems to be enjoying himself,and in an unexpected twist,when Bond is in danger,he actually seems scared.

Really suspenseful.

There is little originality in the script and it often resorts to cheap jokes to complete the otherwise dull scenes.

I couldn't believe them, this is turning into caricature more than thrilling action.

The plot is stodgy and in places hard to follow.

The film starts out with breathtaking scenes high above Napa Valley, California, as Bond engages in a thrilling sky-diving duel.

However it's still Bond for the most part and is enjoyable for anyone who likes Moore's Bond.

There are lots of breathtaking scenes in Moonraker: the precredits sequence, the death of Corinne, the boat chase in Venice, the fight with Chang, the second boat chase, and most of the final space sequence.

Despite its occasional decline to over-silliness (even for Bond standards), I actually find it more entertaining than Roger Moore's early entry "The Man with the Golden Gun".

The most entertaining movie of them all.

And yet there are still a number of exciting scenes, just enough to make the whole mess worth while.

The skydiving opening is completely thrilling, the Rio cable car sequence has a unique and memorable spectacle to it and famed "Bond" production designer Ken Adam's space station offers a lot to marvel at.

Yikes, it's too much, but it's rather entertaining if you don't think.

But it is guiltily enjoyable, in a vacuous way.

Its one of the most obviously flawed Bond films but it is enjoyable and thats what counts for Bond .

Riveting and fancy main titles by habitual Maurice Binder , furthermore eye-popping production design by Ken Adam .

The boat chase in Venice is rather bland and stoops down to the boat chase in TMWTGG, even copying it at times.

Whenever there's no gravity, everyone starts moving incredibly slow because…I dunno…outer space.

The movie is very very exciting.

The final 20 minutes, with its incredibly cheesy astronaut battle and explosions, take far too long to arrive.

Worth watching twice.

"Moonraker", Shirley Bassey's third and final theme for the series, is arguably the most forgettably bland ballad in existence.

It's boring, it's not funny, it's foolish.

The plot is extremely pointless and extremely stupid.

And if she ever talked in anything other than a monotone, I missed it (maybe she was really a robot, like in Westworld or something).

Great looking, a good start, but an empty middle and finish.

" Bond is now pretty much a space cowboy who knows how to fly a space shuttle, steer a motorized gondola, ride a horse, free fall from an airplane, maneuver a runaway gurney, and put the shuttle on autopilot so he can have sex with bland Dr. Goodhead.

Maybe too fanciful but still enjoyable .

Think of Goldfinger or You only live twice)However, Moonraker does not compare to Octopussy or TSWLM, because of a sometimes plodding pacing, due to the addition of unnecessary scenes, especially during the first half, when James is Drax's guest in California.

The end space battle and shooting down of the nerve gas filled globes are still thrilling over 30 years later as is the scene in the G-force simulator.

What is more important in these movies is how entertaining it is.

It's all flatly filmed and uninteresting.

It's a thrilling scene that's fantastically shot and is appropriately on numerous "best-of" lists.

The interesting thing about this film and TSWLM is that, while the films are tired, the music is exciting, enchanting, and everything the film was supposed to be.

Coyote - other than one suspenseful moment (as he stalks a woman during Carnival in Rio, dressed in a clown outfit), he brings unwanted humor to every scene he's in, non-demonstrating the same light sense of humor he brought to such classics as Eegahh and The Human Duplicators.

It's perhaps the first and only time I ever walked out of a 007 flick not eager to turn around and see it again.

As is like a roller-coaster , as is fast-paced, light, excitement, funny and entertaining ; it's a winner for oo7 fans and non-fans alike .

Jaws returns, and the scenes of him which were peppered in, as well as change of heart, were all entertaining.

And even the final laser showdown in space is well-filmed and enjoyable regardless of how absurd it might be.

And now that I think about it, the good, the entertaining bits are the long action sequences whose ridiculous choreography, against all odds, is enchanting.

This works fabulously because Bond films were never meant to be deep, thought-provoking pieces of art, but rather grandiose pieces of thrilling eye candy with an amusing sense of the absurd.

The film comes off as boring and dull which is surprisingly for a plot that includes Bond going to outer space.

Its all too formulaic and is no more than Bond by the numbers.

7/10Enjoyment: Moonraker is an incredibly enjoyable movie that is best watched with friends at a movie night.

Avoid Moonraker at all costs, unless a genuine die hard Bond fan, in the truest sense of the term, or one searching for a cure for insomnia.

The opening sky diving sequence is pretty spectacular, and Bond's first encounter with supervillain Hugo Drax is entertaining, featuring some witty one-liners.

I'm only just now checking out the James Bond flicks for the first time, and so far find them to be a mixed bag ranging from the fun to the spectacular to the boring to the incredibly stupid.

Secondly, the script is uninspiring.

The locales of Venice and Rio are used well, and the mystery of the deadly liquid is very intriguing.

But action remains mostly exciting, sometimes brilliant, and highlights what could have been a mediocre entry.

the film couldve been a serious exciting bond adventure.

The picture contains comic-strip adventure , sensational pursuits , silly set pieces, great stunts, tongue-in check humor, frantic action packed , amazing gimmicks and stimulating images like are the happenings on the spectacular races, the breathtaking aerial scenes, and the spacial fights .

The whole of Drax's evil plan is ultimately pointless.

Poor special effects and an absurdly loose grasp on physics and technology kneecap the orbital scenes, while a redundant gauntlet of traps and action sets, plus a dry, repetitive bit of recon work, spoils the Earthbound action.

"Moonraker" is thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end and is one of the best of Roger Moore's 7-movie stint in the series.

There is also a scene where Drax has one of his female assistants killed by dogs for revealing information to Bond, and this scene is inexplicably drawn out with slow motion photography and lots of unnecessary footage of her running through the woods while the dogs chase her.

But I will say it was entertaining to watch actors try and exhibit zero gravity by moving in slow motion.

Cashing off the release of Star Wars, this movie is contrived of originality.

None of the cast stand out, and but for the very realistic looking stuff in space, this film becomes boring after a while.

The end result is a mixed bag of memorable Bond moments, set in a incoherent story consisting out of unlikely moments and disjointed sequences.

The eleventh Bond film was changed from the scheduled For Your Eyes Only to tie in with the phenomenal success of George Lucas's action packed Sci-fi.

Now,the bad,some acting is a bit wooden,the pacing is pretty bad,varying from too fast to too slow.

Ian Fleming's Moonraker was one of the better entries in his iconic espionage series, with a simple yet suspenseful plot and some good, old-fashioned racism against the Germans, and to not see it realised on the big-screen simply because it wasn't 'ambitious enough' for Broccoli's tastes is utterly infuriating.

Goodhead" is beautiful, but kind of bland.

Not only is it the worst Bond film so far, it ranks as one of the worst MOVIES ever!

" Now, twenty-eight years later, I viewed it again and I agree w/ the reviewers who write it's the worst, and the reviewers who write it's enjoyable.

The fight scene on the plane was boring and ineffectual, and the skydiving itself, although thankfully much of it was real footage, was screwed up, especially in the way that Bond kicked the bad guy and managed to send him sailing helplessly across the sky.

Waste of time .

And from Venice Bond goes to Brazil where the vials, filled with deadly nerve gas, are shipped to the underground layout of Drax (boringly played by the usually reliable Michael Lonsdale.

See that some harm comes to him"), is one of the more dull Bond villains, mainly because he speaks in monotone throughout the entire film and doesn't even seem to truly relish his evil schemes.

Agent 007 James Bond blast into orbit in this action packed adventure that takes him to Venice, Rio de Janeiro and Outer Space.

You've got to hand it to them, with no motive or a message to spark the battles, their dance is quite engaging.

He has the some bored expression throughout and it actually adds to the character as he is clearly sick of Bond's intrusions.

This movie has a variety of different settings, an intriguing mystery of a plot, some heart-warming moments between unexpected characters, jaw-dropping action scenes that are fun to watch, the most capable Bond girl than any of the previous Bond girls, and a Bond villain whose goals make Hitler look tame in comparison!

In fact, he seems quite bored during the entire movie; this suggests an intriguing concept, that the villain has decided to change the world simply because he's bored with the whole thing, but, unfortunately, the boredom attaches itself to the viewer.

But after a couple of amusing double entendres, and an enjoyable action scene that sees Bond steal some hapless lackey's parachute, we're confronted with what's in store, namely lots of lousy attempts at humour.

There were some really good intense moments, such as Corrine Dufour (Corinne Cléry) being hunted by dogs chase that was beautiful haunting shot.

He is surely one of the most boring of the Bond villains.

An Entertaining Bond Movie.

The Villain "Drax" is a Monotone Bore with Lines that are only Memorable because they are Cringe-Worthy.

"You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.

I think Moonraker was one of the best Bond movies and one of the most exciting.

Of Roger Moore's later Bonds, "Moonraker" is still enjoyable, ranking with Octopussy, even though it is a case study of how things went wrong.

It isn't a bad song, it's just a bit slow and it doesn't have that good a hook or lyrics.

Entertaining .

The whole story is insanely comicbookish and I was extremely bored through the entire movie.

The story is fast and fun and although of course is a more silly, outlandish Bond plot, it can still be thoroughly entertaining.

I enjoyed the space elements, but found the rest of it boring.

Following the pre-title sequence is one of the dullest songs in Bond history- sung by Shirley Bassey!

Like certain other Bond films, tediousness is a problem in this.

I found the pre-credits skydiving scene enjoyable, though even that was ruined by the very noticeable and obvious stunt doubles.

To me it's like an advert for Venice and Rio at times, the battle in the spaceship is a blatant cash in of Star Wars and has dated horribly, and Jaws turns into some banal comedy villain and his role develops into a far fetched love story with an American 18 year old.

It's fast-paced, entertaining and follows the "Bond formula" to the letter.

Moonraker marks one of the low points in the Bond series; a few interesting (even exciting) sequences strung together by a thin plotline and only two memorable pieces of dialogue.

Roger Moore, in his fourth Bond film, hangs from the roof of a cable car, gripping the side.

Sounds like a cliché for Bond to me.

This is the most entertaining movie I have ever seen.

Lois Chiles is possibly the most boring Bond girl in the series, and such stiff acting!

He's very dry, pretty unflappable, and gets off some killer lines.

But the movie still also does have more than enough good points to consider this a above average entertaining-flick.

Weak in terms of plot and plausibility, that is, because the last Bond film directed by Lewis Gilbert is undeniably fun and entertaining in a light- headed/undemanding type of way.

"Moonraker" starts with a thrilling scene where the space-shuttle was hijacked and the jet carrying it is blown up in mid air.

He gives sarcastic remarks about 007: 'You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.

However, it was entertaining, had some good action scenes, lots of pretty woman, almost no profanity and some nice European and American scenery.

However, if you're ready for a bit of mindless escapism with plenty of bad one liners ("I think he's attempting re-entry sir"), large explosions and beautiful women then this is certainly a lot more entertaining than some of the horrific misfires that would dog Brosnan's post-Goldeneye jaunts.

Bond and Goodhead must stop him before he can succeed and in doing so the receive help from an unexpected quarter.

If viewers can accept the unbelievable storyline in the last quarter of the movie, that their favourite spy finds his way in a Moonraker shuttle, having to team up with Jaws to battle Drax's army in a laser gun fight and having to destroy globes carrying the deadly chemical before they reach the Earth's atmosphere, the movie can be quite enjoyable.

)But what makes "Moonraker" truly unbearable is the comic relief.

Everything feels tired and half-baked – it's the Bond franchise running on empty.

But from that point on, it's actually very thrilling.

The storyline is laboured and silly as well, with Drax's predictable and absurd plan to destroy the world a carbon copy of Stromberg's in The Spy Who Loved Me, and even more unconvincing.

However, Moonraker is still entertaining and the box office was excellent.

Bond was in front of you dull people while immovable cases before ??

Their relationship begins coldly, but begins to warm when Goodhead places James in a centrifuge chamber and it malfunctions and threatens to crush James to death; he uses Q's dart discharger to blast the controls out of action and slow the centrifuge to a stop.

Then the action shifts to space and the film becomes tedious and drags on far too long.

I found the rest of the action to be either bland or just not all that exciting and especially when you compare it to stuff from the earlier pictures.

Sir Hugo Drax is as evil as a Bond villain gets and the terrific pacing of this movie makes it one of the most enjoyable of the Bond adventures.

The money "is" up there on the screen, it's excess overdrive, outlandish from start to finish and actually is very very entertaining.

He's needed when the movie sometimes "fall asleep.

In my opinion, Moonraker is far from the worst Bond movie, and actually quite enjoyable.

The lines delivered from all actors are contrived and artificial.

If nothing else, the final line about 'attempting re-entry' is worth watching the whole film for.

Being a hit at its time tells you a lot about the low level of the entertaining movies in the 1970s.

Rather than sharks or piranha, Bond tangles with a snake in the water, a misconceived and pointless scene (there has to be a weird animal threat, based on previous Bonders).

Jaws (Richard Kiel) made a surprising entrance first as Bond's adversary in the stunning aerial dominated pre credit sequences and eventually as his ally.

(yawn) It feels like we've seen it all before, and that's exactly because we have, in the form of 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.

Unfortunately, again, this is a James Bond film and thought provoking ideas are set aside for formulaic action.

The story is full of plot holes, defies all logic but still manages to be entertaining depending on your point of view.


but can hardly be called a counterpart to Bond in the manner of the leading ladies in the Brosnan Bonds to date; but like Corinne Dufour (a luminous Corinne Cléry), she is stunning and the camera delights in her presence.

While maligned by many Bond enthusiasts, "Moonraker" is certainly a fun, visually compelling film.

" Then, it shows him flirting with a woman, which leads to an exciting and daring scene where Bond jumps out of an airplane to avoid his assailants.

Things start off dynamically with a breathtaking sky-diving sequence that is undoubtedly one of the best teasers in the series and also earns high marks later on for a scene in which Bond is trapped helplessly on a G-force simulator.

The special effects are awesome, Meddings out does himself yet again, the model photography is stunning.

Although Moonraker is often degraded for being overly fatuous, it is a highly entertaining adventure that epitomises Moore's light-hearted portrayal of Bond.

The story is interesting because everything before the launch of Moonraker I find to be boring.

The opening sequence or the cable-car fight for instance, those scenes are as thrilling as it gets!

Despite being attractive, Lois Chiles is dull as Holly Goodhead.

The actor Lonsdale has been superb in many other roles (as in "The Day of the Jackal"), but here he is very stiff, in monotone, as if someone was pointing a laser gun at his head during his acting scenes, threatening to pull the trigger if he dared to emote even slightly.

Overall: Campy as hell, but still entertaining.

The scene with Bond nearly being crushed by G forces in Drax's gyroscope is brilliant, Drax is a convincing villain who wants to take over the space programme and start a world war, the gondola chase in Venice is entertaining, and Shirley Bassey provided a top notch theme song.

As a kid, I loved the space action and found myself bored with everything that led up to it.

Teaming up with Holly Goodhead who reveals herself as a CIA agent, Bond travels to Rio DE Janeiro where he finds an empty C&W warehouse.

The movie is worth watching for those lines alone.

He has some truly brilliant lines and his mildly bored delivery makes them all the funnier.

Bigger sets and locales and more creative stunts seem to be the name of the game, and such goals usually lead to a franchise movie like this becoming too formulaic.

What we have here is the opportunity for a tight, exciting, gloriously spectacular 007 adventure, but due to the filmmakers' decision to substitute juvenile humour for thrills at every opportunity, the final result is sporadically enjoyable at best, placing this overblown entry on the very bottom rung of the Bond ladder (well, the official Bond ladder anyway - at least it's still miles ahead of "Never Say Never Again").

One disappointment about Moonraker is how terribly bland the Bond Girl turns out to be.

Unfortunately, we are talking about a James Bond film and of course there has to be the usual formulaic stuff seen in every other James Bond film.

His stern portrayal was always dependable as well as enjoyable and he would certainly be missed.

Drax is the most understated Bond villian of all, easily matching Donald Pleasance's Blofeld in monotone of evil.

(may contain spoilers)Yes, Moonraker has its bad points, but overall it's worth watching.

Bond will charge to places such as Venice and the Brazilian rain forest, gradually putting together clues that allude to something a whole lot more sinister than just a case of a missing rocket, but it sounds more exciting and more roomy than it is – this being the Bond film in which the hero covers a lot of ground without there actually feeling like an awful lot of ground is being covered.

It's entertaining enough, particularly the boat chase, Moore's second as Bond.

Sci-fi may not be pure James Bond, but here it works for one of the most entertaining entries of the long and classic series.

I'm old enough to remember seeing this when it first came out and my 12 year old self thoroughly enjoyed it and watching it again 34 years later it is still fun.

Holly Goodhead is perhaps the most uninteresting Bond girl in the series.

Some of the action set-pieces in the first half are quite enjoyable.

The story again involves a megalomaniac trying to destroy the Earth to create a master race, only this time the filmmakers trade Under the Sea to the empty vacuum of space.

The movie becomes totally ridiculous ( but somehow strangely entertaining) when Bond's adventure takes him to outer space to battle the evil Darth Vad...

Obviously Moonraker isn't the best Bond movie, but it's still a very entertaining way to spend 2 hours.

But overall Moonraker is a straight up goofy ball with a plot that goes nowhere, and a boring main villain.

Dr. Holly Goodhead (oh so subtle) is Moore's primary love interest, and is embodied by the stunning Lois Chiles.

However, the 90 minutes before Bond arrives at the space station are bog standard and boring.

Arguably the worst of the Bond films, but definitely the most debated one is this empty-headed entry that, like most of the other films, has very little to do with Ian Fleming's novel apart from the title.

It is nonsensical, but genuinely entertaining, thanks partly to composer John Barry's music.

James Bond is basically a streetfighter in a tuxedo and Moore was slow and unconvincing in his fight scenes.

The entire film seems too overblown and lends far too much from other films, meaning that the attempted tongue in cheek nature becomes self-indulgent.

Lois Chiles is a tad bit wooden and monotone as Dr. Holly Goodhead (hehe lawlz) Drax is very memorable because of actor Michael Lonsdale's commanding screen presence.

Lois Chiles was monotone as an actress and never really in the moment with her character.

Moonraker is an enjoyable Bond adventure, partially ruined by an insipid space climax.

I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I was a bit disappointed, even if it was watchable.

Enjoyable title song by Shirley Bassey and stirring musical score fitting to action by the usual composer, the classic John Barry .

(Witness the scene when M and the others storm into the "Laboratory" wearing gas masks for a predictable "it was here...

The only way for Bond to get the machine to slow down is to shootout the instruments.

" Because of "Star Wars," James Bond was sent into space, and it is this kind of empty-headed cash-in attempt that makes most of cinema the garbage that it is today.

The villain,while monotone,is menacing and does more than the similar Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Why did anyone involved with this wonderful franchise allow this trite to be filmed?

When it comes to Lois Chiles, frankly, I just found her to be boring, as both a character and actress.

Still, for anyone else, especially anyone young, this is one of the most enjoyable.

It's no secret that this movie was made only because to the sudden and unexpected huge success of the science-fiction movie "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope", that changed the genre for ever.

On my opinion, this is Moore's best fourth outing as 007(may be not saying too much, but there are three films left), and a very entertaining sci-fi film.

That is one of the things that divide the Bond films from so many other series of films and their pointless sequels that continue to get worse and worse.

All in all, this is an entertaining Bond movie as long as you don't take it too seriously.

What starts out promising with a spectacular aerial stunt, the introduction of villain Hugo Drax (the excellent Michael Lonsdale), and an exciting pheasant hunting scene, falls apart after half an hour when Bond goes to Venice...

Finally, the villain Drax is the dullest of all, which is unfortunate because usually the creators of the James Bonds are very good a creating villains.

Even Shirley Bassey's theme song is dull and tired, although John Barry's eerie incidental music is quite good.

One of the most exciting scenes in the movie is a fight which takes place between James Bond & Jaws on the cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain high above Rio De Janeiro.

To be fair to all concerned its one thing to aim high and fall flat on your face so you can understand their reaction to go the other way and make the next one as bland as possible.

Moonraker drags along, with absolutely no excitement or enjoyment derived from the feeble action sequences, or the boring, completely unthreatening villain, or the tasteless and pointless love interest...

No"), empty volcano ("You Only Live Twice") or under water ("The Spy Who Loved Me").

This has got to be the dullest Bond villain so far.

The film is boring as a result if you want to pay attention.

Bond fights Drax's henchman Chang in a museum and it is a really entertaining scene.

This film was a blatant cash-in on the success of Star Wars in 1977 and shares that film's problem of being all spectacle and virtually no plot.

The film is really funny and entertaining, with beautiful sceneries and sets.

An entertaining and mad villain in the form of Hugo Drax played by Michael Lonsdale who practically seems to bounce on the tip of his toes whenever he is shown on screen.

The turgid script is cringe-worthy, even for a Bond movie, and each action set- piece seems dull, poorly executed and just plain uninspired, with the exception of the airborne parachute battle between Bond and steel toothed villain Jaws (Richard Kiel), the high point of the movie.

It's as exciting an opening as you could want.

Outside of the return of Jaws, the henchmen are meager and uninspiring.

This locales used to film this movie were appropriate for the story line, but they were all equally exciting.. from space shuttle centrifuges in California, to ancient ruins in the Amazon.

Pretty Dull .

Before that, we get a thrilling set piece, where Bond is pushed out of a plane by Jaws, without a parachute.

Later comes the inclusion of dull and completely unnecessary love interest Dr. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles), perhaps one of the least interesting or even attractive "Bond girls" ever, and other useless and yawn-worthy supporting figures.

Overall a 6/10 meaning Solidly Kind of OK and with some fun parts like I was saying, it can be entertaining for those willing to just let themselves go and stop thinking about what secret agents really do in this world.

As such it is fairly entertaining although Mr. Moore is starting to show his age at this point and believability already on the wane is really stretched here.

The locations are stunning.

Lois Chilles is one of the most intriguing Bond women and certainly one of the most likable.

They were also perhaps the dullest villains Bond ever faced.

Moonrakers suffers from trying to be a balance between a serious action packed film and a comedy.

It is enjoyable and also not very good.

Rating : 6'5 , well worth watching .

But when I watched it today, I really enjoyed it.

More importantly, the climax is actually interesting and exciting unlike the ending of, say, "The Spy Who Loved Me," which isn't as compelling.

Many prefer the Connery era, and I certainly appreciate those films, but I find the Moore period to be the most consistently entertaining in the series.

The returning Jaws and the fight between 007 and henchman Chang in the Venini Glass store were quite entertaining.

So in the end, a good Bond film that may have borrowed a bit from Spy, but still manages to be different enough to be entertaining in its own way.

In all fairness to Moonraker this sequence is truly thrilling.

In short then one of the most riotously-enjoyable entries in the franchise.

My advice: see this film as its mostly enjoyable, just skip/Fast Forward through the final half hour and you should have an entertaining time overall.

The plot is slow at times and drags toward the middle.

At any rate, worth watching.

Roger Moore is my favorite Bond because of the fact that his movies are the most entertaining ones (although they also are far from the best Bond movies) to watch over and over again, which is definitely mainly thanks to Moore's more comical and less serious approach of the Bond character.

It was actually among the best Bond books, a thoroughly entertaining read.

He's my 2nd least favorite, but he was entertaining.

Although not the best movie in the James Bond saga, I really enjoyed it.

The film is well paced and exciting.

If this movie was 80-90 minutes long, it would be watchable, even enjoyable in a campy sort of way.

The sex scene with Bond and his chic for this film when they lose gravity truly sets the tone for how dull this film's humor attempts are.

Still, aside from this most obvious and other flaws, this is a very enjoyable (and quite funny) film.

Sure it's stupid and easily the most absurd Bond movie, but I still found it very entertaining.

And on that level, it is entirely enjoyable.

Colorful, entertaining and underrated Bond film .

It's brimming with colorful and fascinating cinematography by cameraman Jean Tournier.

I have gone through many feelings toward Roger Moore as James Bond, and although this is one of the weakest films of the franchise, there is just something so enjoyable about the cheesy action scenes that this portion of the films seem to bring to the table.

Moonraker went over the top, but it's still highly enjoyable.

, she's just terribly dull.

For example, in the scene where Bond is in the G-Force simulator, spinning faster and faster (an attempt to kill him), it starts out exciting, but is too long, with the simulator just rather gradually picking up speed more and more.

Moonraker was the last of the great Moore Bond's, FYEO, Octopussy and AVTAK were bland by the numbers outings.

Moonraker is Roger Moores fourth time as agent 007 and is quite enjoyable.

The final battle is entertaining as well.

There's a long, dull space laser battle to really drive the point home.

It certainly lacks in all other areas,I feel,with the worst of it coming in the form of the return of Jaws(Richard Kiel),as he seems somewhat out of place in the story line,and immersed in an incredibly sappy love story,which could ruin your memory of the bad guy we loved to hate in The Spy Who Loved Me.

This movie is pure joy, entertaining, shouldn't be taken as a serious Bond movie.

Often inexplicably referred to as one of the worst Bond films (I can easily mention at least one worse from each Bond actor: "Diamonds Are Forever", "The Man With The Golden Gun", "Licence To Kill", "Tomorrow Never Dies"), "Moonraker" is an entertaining, large-scale fantasy-adventure that essentially follows the "Spy Who Loved Me" formula (so closely, in fact, that it's something of a mystery why that film has such a higher reputation than this one): a megalomaniac villain who wants to destroy the world and create a new one, a female special agent who begins as Bond's rival and later becomes his ally, Jaws as the indestructible henchman (OK, he DOES fall in love in this one....

This movie isn't ground-breaking in any way whatsoever, but it is an entertaining movie that those who like cinematic Bond should like.

The duel between Bond and Jaws (returned from "The Spy Who Loved Me") in the dizzying height of the cable railway is breathtaking.

It has many good features: good actors, intriguing plot,a frightful villain, a great soundtrack by Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger).

But like I mentioned before, the movie is still entertaining enough.

Technically, it isn't very good, but it's entertaining and that what counts.

Highly enjoyable entertainment .

Real entertaining!

-The character of Jaws (Richard Kiel), who is one of the most exciting Bond villains of the entire run.

I know a lot of people will find this film sub-par due to its bandwagon jumping Sci-fi elements but I rather enjoyed it; silly moments included!

Exciting and Funny Bond Film.

It's just too bad of the disjointed and improbable story, which causes this movie to be one of the more incoherent and lesser Bond movie.

It's a decently made film, but Moore looks bored and unsatisfied with the material, and doesn't help the film at all as a result.

Coyote-type battles with 007 are still entertaining.

Just the breathtaking extent of the villainy gets me every time I see it.

You also get a billionaire Blofeld surrogate (this one played rather well by Michael Lonsdale) with a plot to destroy the world, Jaws, a rival intelligence agent as Bond girl, and a final scene where Bond embarrasses his superiors by engaging in a round of decidedly un-private fornication.

A bland entry with only a few decent moments scattered around.

The film will appeal to James Bond series's buffs but good for fans only ; because this one goes on far too long .

And even the big space laser battle finale seems slow.

Moonraker is one of the most enjoyable Bond films for its complete package of excellent stunts, special effects, gadgets, beautiful women, and Globe-trotting plot.

The film is light-hearted with a comic-book style throughout, but that said I find many of its sequences quite dramatic and suspenseful.

Drax, Bonds villain isn't very good either, he's just boring and his plan about making a new super-race into space isn't very believable.

The film displays some of the more engaging SFX of the opulently imaginative late-1970s-early 1980s sci-fi era as well as one of John Barry's strongest scores; particularly effective is the cue used for James' discovery of white-clad young women in the jungle of the Amazon.

The movie itself really does have some great and entertaining moments as well.

The villain is wholly uninteresting, save for the fact that he's a complete and utter idiot - he has Bond in his clutches more than any other villain ever, and every single time he still has some hairbrained scheme to reveal, before placing bond in an easily escapable deathtrap.

The ridiculous attempts at humor in the script make the film very boring, and the overall plot of the villain; destroying the world and then re-creating it; is a carbon copy of "The Spy Who Loved Me" and even more ridiculous.

But acting is poor, Corinne is clearly dubbed, Chiles delivers every line in a monotone and I didn't find either of them as hot as Jaws' girlfriend played by Blanche Ravalec.

While the character is a carbon copy of Karl Stromberg from TSWLM, the actor manages to not only look menacing in every frame, but the way that he says even the most banal of lines will leave the viewer in stitches.

Finally on plot it is crazy at the end now I won't tell you, but Oh my it truly is crazy and you may see what I am talking about, it dragged it's mark down considerably which was only about a 5 minute scene.

There were to many slow spots through the middle of the movie.