Morning Glory (2010) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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An upstart television producer accepts the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co-hosts.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Roger Michell
Stars: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 40 out of 167 found boring (23.95%)

One-line Reviews (148)

The intensity of Becky's job is well portrayed, the two anchors' verbal wars and Mike's indifferent and selfish attitude all makes "Morning Glory" entertaining to watch.

All the leads do a really good job at entertaining you.

Great performances by Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Jerome Weinstein, and most of the other constituents in this very watchable, enjoyable, and likable film.

Writer Aline Brosh McKenna has done as she did before in Devil Wears Prada, put a naïve but ambitious young woman in a high-profile industry, where the outcome after the hard knocks is formulaic.

But if you want to view a cerebral and engaging film about the television news industry turn the movie channel to "Network" or even "Broadcast News".

It's very typical and alike all the others of it's genre, so it's entertaining if you're into it.

The film runs on the chemistry and there is plenty here - sparks abound and we found it, seriously, one of the more charming and just enjoyable films of the year.

However, the entire film is very slowly paced.

It's schmaltzy at the end and predictable, but when a film is this enjoyable, and funny, (the weather man challenges are laugh out loud funny) you can forgive the predictability of it all.

Completely entertaining movie about a young TV morning show producer and the difficult "talent.

Inspiring, Rich and Entertaining .

Starts slow, it takes an hour to get to the heart of the story, which to be honest, isn't that great to start with.

Yes, she was "charming" and "hard working" but her life was so empty.

The story moves in a slow pace and picks up gradually.

With atrocious loud performances, it was completely unbearable.

So that's the story, "Morning Glory" is a very enjoyable story that you should see at least on DVD.

Thank goodness for the sheer amount of talent that director Roger Mitchell has assembled, for this comedy is so much more enjoyable despite its flaws because of their presence.

Despite all of my praise for the actors, the main shortcoming of the film really has to do with the predictable, telegraphed, and underwhelming dénouement (where Becky finally gets the interview for her dream job at the Today Show, forcing her to choose between what she has created at "Daybreak" and her dream).

The story is predictable and drawn out.

My one huge problem with it is that they tried so hard to make it a chick flick that the added a love story sub-plot that dragged the movie down.

McAdams does a pretty good job and tries to put as much life into this boring movie as much as possible.

However, I mentioned on the first paragraph that I found this movie to be moderately entertaining, and I think that the main reason of that is because of the cast.

A nice message for workaholics but a bland film overall.

She was so engaging that it was not credible why she as executive producer of "Daybreak" would not have cast herself as the program's host.

Morning Glory may have some entertaining moments, but even with McAdams, it will likely disappoint many moviegoers looking for an engaging and memorable comedy.

Hardship follows as she tries, being a new recruit also, to make a successful CPR to the morning boredom.

This fast paced comedy was made better by all the elements at Roger Michell's disposal.

Other than that this is an engaging film about the industry up long before we're out of bed.

The movie starts great and then gradually slips through a boring middle into a disastrous ending.

Between the disappearing act by Mel Gibson, the fade of Ford, and the slow down of Hanks....

The movie was also very predictable.

Sweet and fun but a little ho hum .

It is really a must see movie, truly motivational story and enjoyable film with sweet and great performances of its actors.

There is nothing wrong with spending some cheery time with friends, watching a simplistic but cute movie which can take away the boredom and stress off the day.

And currently the show is on the verge of getting canceled (Cliché no.

Disjointed Editing...

It is Pomeroy that raises Morning Glory above the usual romantic comedy cliché.

Everyone involved in its making should deeply reconsider their life choices as they chose to waste their time on something like this.

But the fact that the leading cast has solid chemistry and there a few chuckles means that it is decently entertaining.

This was the worst movie I have ever seen.

Rachel McAdams does buoy the film even at its most predictable moments.

It's a funny, fast paced rom-com.

I left the theater thinking about my own career and how I could improve myself or work ethics.

At times it feels rather formulaic at times and yes it's perhaps obvious, but there's enough fun to be had to make this really enjoyable.

Worth watching!

Harrison Ford as Pomeroy was a robotic train-wreck who had the "monotone channel thang" not working here.

With a few quirks ,smart lyrics,a few unexpected hilarious moments and decent cinematography,it makes for an entertaining watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon with your friends,spouse or even office colleagues,come to that!

If it wasn't for taking too long to develop, the unnecessary and uninteresting romantic sub-sub-sub plot, this movie would be great.

Under contrived circumstance, Becky is fired from her job.

I will admit the parts where Rachel McAdams's character tries to turn the show into Jerry Springer and tries to put really wacky stuff to get the audiences attention was entertaining to some degree.

It's good, entertaining, has some great jokes and a terrific and comic Harrison Ford that makes this film wonderful.

I found her screen presence to be adorable and well worth watching, even if the character itself was slightly obnoxious.

Oh, and the soundtrack was a little bit awful and too loud, there's a song that was repetitive and so happy that it actually got annoying.

She attacks Becky at first with a gross perkiness that eventually evolves into an engaging awkwardness, becoming the film's strong leader that earns her top billing over the likes of screen legends Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.

Relishing the challenge and full of exuberance (with an extra helping of naivety) she collides head on with the dysfunctional team and its uninspiring lead anchors.

Diane Keaton's performance is a little predictable, although she's admittedly enjoying herself, and Harrison Ford's character goes too far in the curmudgeon stakes to be convincing.

Their inspired chemistry elevates "Morning Glory" in the slow spots.

It's still really funny and even when you hit the predictable feel good ending, it doesn't affect it too much.

With that being said the movie was very entertaining!

He recognizes her sincere intentions, and eventually rewards her with some entertaining skits and routines on the show.

Enthusiastic and cheerful at the beginning of the movie, the cast looks somewhat tired, bored, confused, and disillusioned by the end.

He is incredibly monotone even when he is reporting on something he does respect.

So what's up with this predictable, sometimes horrible, sometimes charming romantic comedy?

What makes Morning Glory boring is that it believes in the success of the stars that take part in it so much.

) Story was predictable and guess what - boring.

The storyline and execution are cookie cutter, that makes viewing seem tedious.

ho hum.

I saved Matt Malloy for last because he was an unexpected treasure.

You walk out of the theater, shrugging your shoulders and contemplating what to cook for dinner.

Again, the biggest knock on this film for me was, it was just incredibly slow to get going and in fact never peaked out the pulse meter in any one scene.

But they are also extremely pretty and gentle; causing an intense wish to smile when seeing them.

The film is also very slow to start and very slow to inspire until a little snippet at the end of the film.

The first rate cast of older pros (Keaton, Ford, Goldblum) and younger rising stars (McAdams, Wilson, Burrell) make it worthwhile, and deliver smart, sassy humor and snappy zingers.

The unwillingness of Pomeroy to budge mixed with Becky's trying to improve the show goes on for way too long, yada, yada, yada.

The acting is enjoyable and the directing was well done.

Don't waste your time like I did.

This movie was very entertaining, it had some very nice moments.

The difference here is that, unlike the sports movies where we know exactly how its going to end, here because we haven't seen many news caster/producer (my first) movies, 'most' things are new and it was entertaining throughout, the music was really good too.

The crew has grown cynical to the point of cliché and so have the morning anchors Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton), a bitchy Diane Sawyer-type whose duties have resigned to such humiliations as an on-air pap smear, and Paul McVee (Ty Burrell), a sleazy half-wit with a foot fetish.

It's a mildly amusing lite-comedy that's somewhat entertaining, but undeniably bland.

Morning Glory could definitely be seen as a movie that has multiple flaws, but it is purely a harmless entertainment flick that with the radical and unorthodox, but generally effective changes that Becky makes to the show, turns into a riotous, hugely entertaining, and tenderly heartwarming comedy that invests us in both the show and the characters who work at it.

She literally over doze every scene.

A bit slow to be sure, a simple premise and pretty shallow.

The two main differences were that Network played out as a fairly intense at times drama that was hard hitting and even a little disturbing at times.

The predictable, but believable and witty story gradually morphs into an incoherent, superficial, cheesy, banal, and boring preschool level fairy tale.

Shallow And Predictable .

The main somewhat entertaining part about this movie is Harrison Ford who plays a veteran television journalist, the grumpy elements of his character was actually entertaining to watch.

The approach strikes me as somewhat of a shame since a more than capable cast has been assembled for what amounts to bland, fitfully funny studio product.

Everything happened to Ernie, those crazy things they did on the show, those were so enjoyable.

In a succession of mistakes she will discover what audience really wants in time to radically transforms the regular morning show into something interesting, sensationalist and entertaining for the sake of the rating numbers and not because it is really informative or intelligent.

He still shows his talent with the dramatic bits and Ford, Keaton and McAdams playing off each other is way more entertaining than the half developed romantic angle that McAdams has with Patrick Wilson's character (it's not Wilson's fault, he's his normal charming self, his part just isn't written all that well).

They work well together, some good secondary characters, (Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson) McAdams is enjoyable, her romance is kind of lukewarm, an afterthought really.

I thought it was predictable and they pushed the limits with the swearing just a little, to the point of it being distracting from the film itself, almost like they were just trying to push the envelope of PG-13 .

Kind of hard to know whether to congratulate Morning Glory for being enjoyable - so dashed all-round pleasant - with such formulaic ingredients, or to condemn it for failing to be much better with ingredients that offered more.

And I think Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford's chemistry was another part that makes the movie so enjoyable.

Diane is quite funny in her "down-home" willingness to "go-along" with the program's "program"… … Particularly funny is weatherman Steve, who's really "PUT-upon" in the "stunts" they ask him to do-- but he soon grows really enthusastic & happy to carry out the plans, since it gets him a lot of favorable attention from the public… … Harrison is quite RESISTANT to the "Happy Talk" type format, & his fights with Diane are enjoyable to behold… There are various guests who play THEMSELVES in the film, such as "50 CENT", BOB SCHIEFFER, MORLEY SAFER & others… … Will Harrison "CONFORM" to the new ideas?

I was bored for the most part and didn't grow attach to anything.

This is attributed to the film's very slow start that leads to a very funny core and an inspirational reward at the end.

Every plot device and suppressed working woman cliché that did not work in that film really don't work hear.

Yes there were moments of overacting, and it seems that Ford is past his prime, and story peaks were a bit off, but snappy dialogue, good jokes and decent story make it all worthwhile.

So, it's long, it's dull, it's not funny and the prestigious cast can't save anything!

Hats off to the writers, as the script really gives the movie a shot of adrenaline and reels you in.

Nice slow cameras shots.

Plus, it looked quite different than an offbeat but predictable romcom.

Anyway, a reasonably entertaining hour and a half, if a tad disappointing that more hasn't been made of the situations.

Abrams have put together an enjoyable film.

He also recites his lines in a monotone and doesn't offer any color whatsoever.

I've seen 30 minute sitcoms more satisfying than this empty effort which has all the components of a film except an actual story.

And Harrison Ford, almost unrecognizable because he's aged, is slow and sure, in contrast to everything else about the film.

It's Admittedly Really Light and Fluffy But McAdams, Ford and Keaton Are Really Entertaining In Morning Glory .

Rachel McAdams is fresh and charming, Harrison Ford is charismatic and irresistible, Diane Keaton is convincing and funny, the rest of the quirky "DayBreak" morning show team is hopeful and intriguing.

Better re-watch "Broadcast News" than waste your time on "Morning Glory" .

We both enjoyed it immensely and I walked out impressed.

While entertaining, "Morning Glory" could have been a better film.

Despite this problem, the film is still enjoyable.

The story was engaging with interesting stakes and always kept your attention.

It was kind of dragging and ho hum predictable until you came along and starting doing all of the stunts.

Here, she proves to be a very good comedienne, and she is able to take Hollywood's contrived cliché of the talky, klutzy, and heart of gold heroine and turn in a performance that seems genuine and is endearing.

It's pretty obvious they will somehow save each other, but still I found it entertaining to watch the road.

Again, there are many moments of brilliance and it is worth watching it just for that.

Now, Becky has to deal with her two anchors getting along together, Mike having more pep and energy when he talks (because he is very bland and monotone) and altogether getting the staff and crew to work together to produce the best morning news broadcast out there and much improve their ratings as well.

You would have thought that screenwriter McKenna would have come up with some better ideas to illustrate Daybreak's resurrection, instead of the mundane arrest of a sitting governor on corruption charges and an aging anchorman showing off his cooking skills.

Like Pomeroy, it's shallow, it's dull and it's predictable.

Good entertaining movie, Harrison Ford is especially effective as the grizzled old newsman, and Adams appears to develop good chemistry with him.

Director Roger Michell's big claim to fame is Notting Hill which is a solid romance film that also dragged a little long if memory serves.

McKenna's story is predictable, having spunky Becky Fuller (McAdams) as a long shot hire as executive producer for the floundering and dysfunctional "Daybreak".

The film while elements are still borrowed from other films is still very entertaining and there are quite a few laugh out loud moments and even some more heartfelt feel good moments as well.

The unique and charming behavior of Rachel Macadam's character, so adorable at the beginning, becomes repetitive, forced, and even somewhat irritating by the end.

At one point in the film, Pomeroy complains angrily to Becky that the morning show genre of TV is all sugar-coated empty calories, a far cry from his experience interviewing the likes of Mother Teresa and Dick Cheney in serious morning shows.

And, get this: Harrison Ford's character made the biggest difference because he played it straight, gruff, bored and above everything that was going on around him.

As other actors, even Diane Keaton, do their best to lift up the screenplay into something enjoyable, Ford makes Pomeroy a classic ass**** who is full of himself and secretly enjoying putting some psychological torture on his young superior Becky.

Morning Glory strays pretty close to being generic at times, it's predictable, and there's not much about it that you'll remember after it's over.

Miss McAdams also succeeds in finding a boyfriend at IBS (Cliché no.

Boring .

Great cast but so predictable .

It is one of those movies that is really unforgettable and at the same time very enjoyable.

Tedious and formulaic.

Mr Ford was bland, playing typical grumpy old man, Ms Keaton played typical role for her in last decade (what happened to this talented and versatile woman I wonder...

A big thank you to the makers of this entertaining gem!

But all said the movie is anything, other than unbearable.

Surely the media can present "high minded ideas" in an entertaining way.

From 2010, Morning Glory is a nice film, if predictable and derivative.

Bottom line, this is an engaging and sweet movie with endearing characters, charming, stylistic direction, a soundtrack reminiscent of a hipster coffee house and is just a generally funny and lighthearted film that will probably make you say "awh!

If you are older than 16 and have a brain, save your money.

Ford's turn as Mike is formulaic cantankerous caricature at the beginning.

The only things missing here are great editing, snappy dialog, decent pacing, and a director that isn't in need of ADD medication.

Absolutely worth watching.

Empty, distracted imitation of Melanie Griffith's Working Girl .