Mountaintop Motel Massacre (1983) - Horror

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A mentally unstable elderly woman, recently released from a mental asylum, proceeds to slaughter all the guests staying at her motel.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Jim McCullough Sr.
Stars: Bill Thurman, Anna Chappell
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 44 found boring (59.09%)

One-line Reviews (46)

Boring Motel Massacre .

Boredom kicks in early during a long irritating sequence in which the crazy old bat hears her dead daughter's voice in her head and continues it's steady progress as the unlovable stereotypical characters get picked off one by one.

well, that's just about it; it's a rather slow, slow piece of slasher horror with just enough pros to counter the cons (the soundtrack left me mostly indifferent, even if the ghostly voice of Prissy tried hard enough).

Some effective moments can not compensate, however, for an hour of nearly nothing happening..the pacing drags at a snail's pace.

Also, the way Evelyn kills her victims is, for the most part, dull.

My only complaint is that this movie takes way too long to get going.

The story is a rather boring one, especially considering that there is no mystery or suspense to be had!

Fans who are curious of this film shouldn't expect a full musical score with a brass and wood section but a more synth-based medium and a few notes played at a time in a slow and ghoulish manner.

This movie is so bad that the badness is just unbearable.

Terrible waste of time .

People see the New World Pictures cover art, with the stupid lady who is not even in the film, they read the funny tag line, and think "Gee, this will be a real entertaining fast-paced cheese fest, golly won't this be fun.

She also owns a hotel by a small town, and after the funeral she has a particularly busy night with the predictable assortment of guests e.

The most obvious and crippling one is the extreme boredom that the film exhibits.

Instead they went the BAD WEIRD STUPID route and made one of the dumbest slowest and boringest horror movies ever.

And the acting in some moments was really amateurish and watching boring scenes with amateurish actors don't make for compelling viewing.

Pretty creepy and slow-moving slasher with some sickle murders and suitably eerie moments.

While the film is pretty slow going to start it does pick up at the end with some creepiness and light suspense.

Motel Hell is a great movie whereas Mountaintop Motel Massacre is one of the slowest, worst, most boring movies ever made.

From the moment that the killing takes over is well into hour into the film, and so all the moments before that are just plain boring as the following around of the victims is just purely aggravating.

This movie is slow and boring and the only reason i watched all of it was to give a review.

After getting off to a glum, slow start, it gradually grows suspenseful in its taut layout (secluded backwoods setting) where its creepy, twisted underlining breaks out (although that eerily offbeat music score provides an unnerving tone throughout).

MOUNTAINTOP MOTEL MASSACRE had potential but it missed it with its super slow pacing.

Mountaintop Motel Massacre is just as trashy as it's name suggests, but it's also a 'slasher by the numbers' with few surprises and, even worse, few good kill scenes and very little violence, which kind of makes viewing it pointless.

I made that movie sound like the worst movie ever and in reality mountaintop motel massacre makes it look brilliant.

Then there's all them pranks which was fun and creepy at first, but went on for far too long and grew pretty tiresome.

Dreary eighties slashing by the numbers .

To me this takes away from the fun that can be had looking out for the mistakes that make low budget films so enjoyable.

Well, it's pretty slow, the acting is amateur, the gore minimal (I'm surprised it didn't get a 15 cert instead of an 18 here in the UK) & as it was filmed in Louisiana there is no mountain.

It is rare for a genre movie this bad to be soooo boring and dull.

, dopey, cliché-ridden script by Jim McCullough, Jr. (like father, like son, like pathetic, man), a clumsily shoehorned into the main clunky narrative "where the hell did that come from?

Don't waste your money on it.

Instead, I was bored to tears!

While the acting was fine, some of them were pretty boring and didn't keep my interest, and scenes in between the killings also got boring and plus there is no explanation of why Evelyn is the way she is, nothing is explained.

True, it has some dull spots that think they're suspenseful.

The story is sluggish and boring, the acting is hammy, and there isn't much killing and hardly any blood or gore.

The movie is so cheap and uninteresting that it doesn't even make for a good joke.

Particular downsides are the slow evolving of the 'story' and...

The location is another one, with the individual, isolated cabins out in the middle of nowhere help that along immensely, and even the design of them is really neat, making the later trick of it appearing out of the different sections with a rather nice sequence of events to get it to a rather unexpected feeling.

This is a genre movie of the worst kind, and whenever anything interesting starts to happen (a teen being hacked up, the beginning of a sex scene) the camera decides to cut away to a pointless unrelated moment, and all sense of excitement is lost.

This helps give the movie a dangerous off road reality that helps keep a sense of danger going during the rather uneventful proceedings.

However, the pacing is admittedly rather slow, the cinematography is way too dark and the murder sequences are tame and non-gory, which makes it all impossible to count it among the better efforts in a decade overcrowded by similar films.

This so far is the worst movie i have ever seen!

Sometimes we get snowballed and the movie sucks but other times, we are treated to a semi-entertaining gem that stands out from the rest.

M features too many tedious moments in which absolutely nothing happens and the grand finale is sadly lethargic.

Overall the film is just plain bland.

This one uses up so much time on the talking scenes and this just gets really tiresome at the end.