Mr. Majestyk (1974) - Action, Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



A melon farmer battles organized crime and a hit man who wants to kill him.

IMDB: 6.8
Director: Richard Fleischer
Stars: Charles Bronson, Linda Cristal
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 6 out of 76 found boring (7.89%)

One-line Reviews (38)

Mr Majestyk has some clichés as far as action films go, but for Bronson fans I guarantee the experience will be an entertaining one.

Majestyk" is no great shakes, but is still nicely plotted and solidly entertaining for its duration.

For an '70's action movie it's quite action packed, with a couple of nice chases and shootouts throughout the movie.

Tough guy Bronson is at his best here delivering snappy comebacks and manhandling the bad guys in the best way he knows how.

Lettieri is an effectively intense antagonist, Linda Cristal has lots of appeal as migrant worker Nancy Chavez, and Koslo is great fun as the pathetic Kopas, although Lee Purcell has an underdeveloped role as Rendas' associate "Wiley".

) But I never get tired of these situations as he writes them, because the stories are all unique, thrilling, well told, and (if you stretch a little) believable.

The movie has a lot of fast paced action.

This filmhas a message and no story.

Entertaining, suspenseful, humorous, in fact deadpan witty.

On the down side, the film moves slowly at times, and certain facets of the plot seem pointless.

In the film there is action , exciting car pursuits , shootouts , thrills , suspense and a little bit of violence .

Majestyk" features an engaging Bronson performance, and a strong supporting cast.

Enjoyable .

Repetitive, Formulaic and predictable: not recommended unless you have difficulty following plots.

The movie is simple, entertaining and just the right length.

They just tell an interesting and exciting story.

I thought this was an enjoyable film.

From the beginning to finish the noisy action-packed and fast-moving are continued and that's why it results to be entertaining .

The premise is also exciting and downright cool: Bronson as a watermelon farmer who gets screwed by the man for protecting his property and then gets screwed when he attempts to secure his freedom via a poorly conceived plan.

Majestyk" an entertaining knuckle-buster with some "3:10 to Yuma" thrown in for good measure.

The break out at the start is stunning, the scenes of melon picking in Colorado interesting and the final chase through the dusty mountain tracks stunning.

All things considered, "Mr Majestyk" is probably not one of the most essential Bronson flicks, but it is definitely an immensely entertaining action film that I highly recommend!

Highly Entertaining Action Film .

Charles Bronson plays watermelon farmer/landowner(and Vietnam veteran) Vince Majestyk, who runs into trouble with organized crime when they threaten his workers, then scare them off, threatening to put Majestyk out of business, which of course he won't take lying down, leading to an escalating one man war that leads to an exciting finale.

Renda is just itching to get at Majestyk, and what follows is an action packed battle of wits between two determined foes – with only one left standing at the end…Mr.

The second half of the story though is totally predictable.

A well written and made, slow burning action movie with Bronson being Bronson even while playing the part of a melon picker.

But because of the good action the movie stays entertaining the whole way.

The plot also relies heavily on the hit-man being impulsive and unpredictable, which does not quite gel with the notion of him being so successful in both his profession and ability to evade the law.

" After a series of attacks, Bronson fights back and a final shootout at a mountain cabin has predictable results.

Majestyk" is probably not one the most memorable of these films, but it definitely is another highly entertaining action flick with Bronson that his fans can not afford to miss.

Not the sort of film to try and capture the imagination of the multiplex generation, but along side, say, Don Siegel's Charley Varrick, you would have the perfect examples of how entertaining 70s action movies really were.

Majestyk"--though certainly less popular, seminal and influential, was perhaps even more exciting and well done.

Everything about this one feels freshly handled and downright gripping, even with its slow progression.

Fleischer stages an exciting, impromptu shoot-out in broad daylight between the authorities and Franks' men at the crossroads of a small city.

Nowadays, movies bore me—maybe all of them, and certainly the very idea of watching them, or taking an interest in them, as I have found them to be only surrogates of art or fun; I have ceased seeing movies.

While Bronson may not give his best performance, it is certainly one of his most entertaining.

Overall, classic 70's action cinema and an enjoyable watch.