Mr Selfridge (2013) - Drama

Hohum Score



Centers on the real-life story of the flamboyant and visionary American founder of Selfridge's, London's department store.

IMDB: 7.7
Stars: Ron Cook, Jeremy Piven
Length: 45 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 6 out of 58 found boring (10.34%)

One-line Reviews (33)

Its heartfelt, its exciting, its a joy to watch .

well worth watching .

But there's so much else that's wonderful about this series, including engaging story lines, that Piven can almost be overlooked.

Great period piece with intriguing storyline.

Beautiful set and costumes, wonderfully entertaining .

All the principal characters are bland and lack motivation (although Frances O'Connor and Zoe Tapper stand above the fray somewhat), the writing is really uneven, and the photography is even more uneven.

All the unexpected twists and turns of plot were carefully designed to moisten even the driest of eyes.

But the strength of the rest of the cast saves the day and continues to make this a compelling program.

The story line seems trite and the writing extremely inconsistent and uninteresting.

At first, Pivens, as an actor, seemed stiff, monotone and non-human, like a caricature.

Every episode is exciting.

the screenplay was so roughly glued together with unlikable supporting characters around him, the wife, the employees, the butler, his mother, his wife, and those bunch of London rich and powerful pretentious group led by lady may and the night club dancer-singer woman.

What I found brilliant, was American speed of life, meets English speed of life, which was that much slower, and reserved.

Piven and just about worth watching for that alone.

the department store was such a boring arrangement.

It's got everything: fascinating characters, beautiful imagery, enthralling storyline, and it gets better and better and better as the seasons go.

But that's fine -- I know its historical fiction and historical fiction can be very entertaining.

Dump into a pot of another Edwardian period England stew, sift in a large supporting cast of upper elites and lower classes, and you have a too familiar and predictable over-long series that is just plain boring in the end.

For me it is like watching paint dry.

One unexpected dimension was the historical look at the development of department store marketing.

The American accent and drawling on and on about the woes of being rich are just too trite and contrived for me.

Still, so many things about this TV drama work that I've found it worth watching and I'm looking forward to the series finale this coming Sunday.

A Period Drama Worth Watching .

They get the best, most exciting shopping experience, with all those happy employees striving to please, and although glamorous and luxurious enough for the King himself to shop in, Selfridges welcomes the poor with bargains that even undercut Woolworths!

Easy going, fun and well worth the watch.

selfrige' is a hollow, superfluous, pretentious, with a less thickness than skin-depth.

the first episode proved to be completely waste of time and we won't crave to watch the 2nd episode.

what we saw was a poorly casting mr.selfrige with pretentious big mouth surrounded by a full beard, a cartoon character with shallow personality.

But watching even only this first episode was a waste of time.

I also thought the dialogue stilted and contrived and the narrative itself sounded second-hand,a thrift shop sort of series where the actors are primed and primped and off they go...

This series is based on a fascinating book - it's the real-life story of American entrepreneur Harold Selfridge and the American-style department store he created in the middle of London a century ago.

Visually stunning, well-acted period piece .

His story was very interesting and very compelling, so despite Jeremy Piven being in the starring role, I was very interested.