Mr. Woodcock (2007) - Comedy, Romance, Sport

Hohum Score



Taken aback by his mother's wedding announcement, a young man returns home in an effort to stop her from marrying his old high school gym teacher, a man who made middle school hell for generations of students.

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Craig Gillespie
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Seann William Scott
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 22 out of 84 found boring (26.19%)

One-line Reviews (45)

" Heck, even "Goodfellas and "Passion of the Christ" had more laughs than this pointless piece of dredge which takes the worst elements of "Meet the Parents" and "The Girl Most Likely To," although with none of the charm, intelligence or humor of these pictures.

I would imagine this piece is more enjoyable for adults above the age of 25, as we reminisce on our freakish teenage years.

Worth a look on a slow night on cable where you'll be more forgiving of the dull bits on the way to the good ones.

Woodcock' is actually a funny,smart,and entertaining comedy that teens,especially boys,love.

don't waste your time .

It's also way more dull and boring, the story if it's even a story is just random and stupid.

Predictable with Scott attempting to sabotage the relationship thus heading to a corny redemptive ending.

For those that know this cliché, you know what happens, for those that don't let me explain.

That basically becomes the premise of the movie, and a highly predictable one at that.

I would of preferred something unexpected.

The rivalry between the two is entertaining and lighthearted, I enjoyed watching "Mr Woodcock" a lot!

The comedy, yet predictable, still makes you chuckle but can be a little boring.

The script has ups and downs in terms of gags, but the overall feeling is pleasantly entertaining.

The Screenplay moves from funny to becoming repetitive.

Mr.Woodcock is a boring comedy which did not produce me any laughs because all the jokes are clichéd and tired.

Amy Poehler, of "SNL" infamy, tries to steal the show with her snappy one-liners.

There are laughs here,and the "joust" between Thornton and Scott is compelling enough to keep with.

Sadly, most of the best bits made their way to the trailers, making the movie seem like an empty shell.

It's a good concept film and, in this case, thanks to Billy Bob, it comes out well, even if a bit empty in terms of the overall story.

Thornton produces a perfect mixture of boredom, deadly seriousness about how to play kickball with a thick top coat at delight in torturing fat kids and asthmatics.

Speaking of predictability, here's a cliché for you: Seen the trailer?

)So this is a terrible, terrible film, in my view, because of the unforgivable waste of time, talent and money.

His role is toned down from the typical sidekick role to make way for both Scott and Thorton so he kind of gets lost as a pointless character.

I thought the movie was funny and just plain entertaining.

i rather enjoyed this movie, but thinking about it afterwards i thought it was a rather disjointed and hollow movie.

In the new version of the BBTM, Thornton plays a gym teacher with a tedious name, introduced as he's pummeling little boys with basketballs, tormenting the ones who are overweight, stutter, or have asthma, infusing all of them with lifelong insecurities and nightmares.

This so-called comedy is horrendous on all levels, and worst of all--it's boring!

It's predictable, its boring, it's not even mildly funny.

The storyline is fairly cliché, some of the scenes were cheesy, but it was very enjoyable thanks to solid performances by Seann William Scott and Billy Bob Thornton.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Its simplistic plot and memorable actors could have made it into a rather nice movie but it is oh-so empty.

Yes, we've all seen this feel good comedy before but the acting was good and it was fast paced enough that I didn't think it dwelled on the same joke or same part of the plot for too long.

In other words, it's a good, enjoyable comedy.

It's been done before, but, this one had a lot of laughs and I found it very enjoyable.

The gags are absolutely predictable and brainless.

Pointless comedy with few laughs .

He goes out with Farley's mom, get engaged, and as the cliché goes, Farley tries to break them up.

Just everything about this film is predictable and has a lousy script to go with it.

However my sinister anticipations were gladly disappointed and it turned out to be a very solid and enjoyable comedy.

Well,maybe not every teen or adult loves this movie,but I really enjoyed it.

It has some very funny moments, the premise is good and the execution is quite entertaining.

That's right, this movie was a waste of time and i think i lost a few more brain cells watching it.

So we are treated to a boring character, played by a wooden Scott.

It's boring, not interesting, not good and certainly annoying.

Lousy and predictable, also very boring .