Much Ado About Nothing (1993) - Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Young lovers Hero and Claudio, soon to wed, conspire to get verbal sparring partners and confirmed singles Benedick and Beatrice to wed as well.

IMDB: 7.3
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson
Length: 111 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 11 out of 179 found boring (6.14%)

One-line Reviews (81)

Stunning and witty--Shakespeare at his best .

There are bum notes - Neo is no Shakespearean actor, and quite what Michael Keaton is up to is debatable - but it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Vibrant and enjoyable .

Unfortunately, by whittling down Shakespeare's masterpiece of comedy, Branagh has left us with a sunny, boisterous jaunt with a handful of real and interesting people and a whole crowd of talented actors forced to go through the motions with boring, stock characters.

Highly entertaining .

Incidentally in June of last year Harriet Walter also contributed to the excellent new Faber series of `Actors on Shakespeare' with her illuminating and empathetic interpretation of the Macbeths' "folie a deux" (although regretfully a couple of decades too late for my own O'level script I would highly recommend it to any students of the text), as well as producing her own thoroughly instructive and entertaining thoughts on acting in `Other People's Shoes'.

From the stunning beginning shots to the beautifully staged end scene, it was a joy.

I haven't seen enough versions of this play to throw around terms like 'definitive', but this feels like a role fully explored, all the nuances drawn out, all the ambiguities taken into account.

The language is highly enjoyable, of course.

The whole film is framed within Patrick Doyle's rousing music score, which gives the film a lot of its spirit and atmosphere.

I highly recommend it to both lovers of Shakespeare and those that want to get to know his work.

Mysterious Shakespeare at his most entertaining .

Prince John is shallow and pointless except to cause the ado the play needs to progress.

His character, a drunk law enforcer, worked in creating a moment of enjoyment in a long boring movie about nothing, in fact, much ado about nothing.

The movie is extremely enjoyable from start to finish...

He plays Dogberry as a genuine lunatic, totally unpredictable and occasionally violent.

This is a very good film, extremely succinct and entertaining.

Very enjoyable film .

If you're a fan of this play i do recommend the BBC updated version of it from the 2005 ShakespeaRetold series, because although it is nowhere near the quality of the Branagh version, it does maintain the spirit of the original play and is a really enjoyable watch.

Also for the BBC, an ardent Michael Woods earlier gave an entertaining and well-presented counter argument.

Michael Keaton's acting was really entertaining to say the least.

It is a fantastic end to a flawed but extremely entertaining movie.

He delivers most of his lines in a monotone and just shouts the rest and not in a good, Shakespearean way.

Visually Stunning, Brilliant Acting, Magical, Great Fun.

Shakespeare's plays are somewhat confusing to the average American because we don't speak his language.

I found this film vastly entertaining and particularly enjoyed Denzel Washington in it.

The language is highly enjoyable, of course.

A wonderful introduction to Shakespeare, and a truly enjoyable film for those long aquatinted with the Bard.

What makes the film is the exuberance, the sense of fun, the humor, and the fact that it is rousing entertainment.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Sharp witted dialog worth the watch .

Shakespeare's comedies are far more entertaining than his tragedies and histories.

It is set against the backdrop of breathtaking Tuscan scenery in vivid colours.

Denzel Washington really is enjoying being in a Shakespeare-movie, and Branagh is very, very entertaining.

1993 was a great year it had many great cinematic releases like hard target,sleepless in Seattle but this one is boring piece of junk.

We generally are left gasping for air, or are bored to tears listening to wooden tongued actors laboring over words whose meanings they never seem to comprehend.

To pass the time this supremely bored, meddlesome couple conspire with Don Padro to set a "lover's trap" for Benedick, an arrogant, confirmed bachelor, and Beatrice, his favourite sparring partner.

Pleasantly entertaining, due to amusing cast choice .

Michael Keaton's very weird but entertaining Dogberry), is so broad, that it's hard to put it in the same film with the over- sober tone of the story of the young lovers.

The costumes, the scenery, the acting is all very engaging.

However, the sharp witted exchange of words between the rest of the cast makes this film well worth watching.

Weak because "MAAN" is not supposed to be about deep motives, it is supposed to be entertaining!

much ado about nothing 1993 is a waste of time & money my rating for this is 1/10:Avoid it at all costs.

The film lost a little when the two begin to woo, but it is still enjoyable.

Much Ado About Nothing 1993 is one of the most boring and worst films released in 1993.

I sat through this movie just feeling stupid most of the time, trying to follow what was going on by listening to the Shakespearean language that to me sounded more like very confusing mumbo jumbo.

A very entertaining film and a superior film adaptation of Shakespeare.

The older more seasoned actors are stunning in this - Branagh and Thompson speak their lines as if it were plain modern English and bring it alive, Washington - always brilliant - is beautifully cast.

However, in general the film was still very enjoyable and a fun watch if you are looking for an interesting film with plenty of comedy interesting, well performed characters.

A smart, funny and visually stunning gem of a film to add to Branagh's already distinguished repertoire.

Too predictable, unlikable characters, and the list goes on and on.

It's a very cool enjoyable flick and almost as good as any Shakespearian comedy play.

Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson are both excellent as the two cynics turned lovers, sprouting Shakespeare's witty dialogue in a very natural manner and the fast paced banter between them is easily the high point of the film.

A quintessential example of Kenneth Branagh's great talent at bringing Shakespeare to life and to modern understanding (while his Hamlet is much better, Much Ado is accessible to anyone while Hamlet is more intense, concentrated and complex- of course!

Laugh out loud humour, great musical score (the song "Pardon Goddess of the Night" is stunning) and flawless direction.

This is my favorite film adaptation of a Shakespearean play to date and my favorite role for Kenneth Branagh (I enjoyed it even more than Henry V.

Wit doesn't age as well as Pathos, and whilst modern audiences can cope with Iambic Pentameter whilst caught up in the urgent, fatalistic drive of 'Othello' or 'MacBeth', they are less likely to follow the comedies, based upon confusion and complication, when both the exposition and the jokes are in archaic English.

It's actually quite entertaining.

THE PEASWords given by William ShakespeareAnother masterful adaptation of Shakespeare to film given by Kenneth BranaghThe beautiful light of sunny Tuscany - Watching this film's location shots can summon up images of summer even on a dark and dreary winter's day Branagh's use of mainline American actors such as Denzel Washington as Don Pedro, Keanu Reeves as Don John and Michael Keaton as Dogberry provides an interesting contrast with accomplished Shakespearian actors such as Briers (Lenato) and Blessed (Antonio).

Kenneth Branagh assembles an all-star cast with varying expertise at Shakespeare for his marvelous "Much Ado About Nothing," a bright,sexy entertaining 1993 version of the play.

Shakespeare spent a lifetime creating fascinating people that actors can truly bring to life; it's unfortunate that Branagh didn't let his cast do that.

Completely entertaining.

Energetic and highly entertaining film marred only by Keaton's performance.

Overall this is a very enjoyable version of the play.

It stands as one of the very best adaptations on screen of the Bard's work, and can be enjoyed just for what it is: a really entertaining and good film.

I think this was an enjoyable film that you should watch if you enjoy Shakespeare and his work.

Denzel Washington really is enjoying being in a Shakespeare-movie, and Branagh is very, very entertaining.

He created beautiful, picturesque, entertaining, amusing and hilarious movie with awesome actor's work and fine music.

The music is obtrusive and unappealing, there is way too much slow motion for no particular reason, a lot of meaningless boring 'business', and the color is murky (this was video tape, though).

They're delightful - very good, in fact, and Denzel Washington holds up his end well, but the overall production is clumsy and ponderous.

What I wonder about is how the actors can memorize their lines of Shakespearean dialog and deliver them with such stunning ability and competence.

Enjoyable and really captures the Shakespearean feel .

Only Michael Keaton (in a role that he could have excelled in had he been directed differently) and the bland Keanu Reeves as Don John, mar this perfect cast.

To make things worse, his performance is so `Pythoneseque' and over-the-top that it actually feels like slow torture watching it.

A very entertaining version of the play.

There is tiptoe-ing around among hedges, struggling with a balky lawn chair and splashing around in a fountain, and it's all dreary and inept.

And coming in, I found it quite dull, until Emma Thompson and Branagh squared off for the first time.

*SPOILERS* Shakespeare's comedy, 'Much Ado About Nothing' is one of the most enjoyable plays ever written by Shakespeare.

However, it also features darker moments and a fascinating exploration of the nature of honour, particularly as regards Hero being publicly and, more importantly, unjustly shamed due to the machinations of Don John.

It is a perfect example of why Branagh's works are so incredibly enjoyable.

Thrilling, somewhat random, but the most entertaining modern interpretation of Shakespeare.