Murder Mystery (2019) - Action, Comedy, Crime

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A New York cop and his wife go on a European vacation to reinvigorate the spark in their marriage, but end up getting framed and on the run for the death of an elderly billionaire.

Director: Kyle Newacheck
Stars: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 95 out of 523 found boring (18.16%)

One-line Reviews (284)

Also included was an unexpected collection of well known British stars.

Average, but entertaining .

The best thing about this movie was the hamburger I had for lunch while watching this masterpiece of boredom.

It was just entirely too slow and quit honestly, just down-right boring.

I did not expect this one to be a good movie, It is so much entertaining from start to end, really enjoyable with actions and thrills.

Aniston can pull off bored wife better than anyone.

Of course, the movie's main objective is still to make you laugh, and that's something it does handsomely throughout, furthered by its deliriously entertaining fast pacing, featuring great action that actually had me on the edge of my seat while laughing away.

The good parts of the movie, spoilt by the predictable jokes he brings, that's just went on and on.

It's funny, entertaining and Aniston and Sandler deliver.

It was that slow to get to the point I felt like I was sitting through the entire stone age again.

The dialogue is so rambling, un-funny, and pointless that I think it would have been better if the actors improvised.

Average film overall,but if you are bored and want to pass your time.

Worth watching.

Daft as a brush but thoroughly enjoyable, I hope they make another one

Highly recommend it keeps you entertained the entire movie.

Others seem to have liked it, but personally I wouldn't waste your time.

A complete waste of my time and their money.

The film was action packed and well paced from start to finish.

Adam Sandler and jenifer aniston what a cool couple they make.. movie is very funny specially some scene however it could have gonna more mystery murder movie but than that would have ruin the funny part of it but i like the movie all so entertaining .

Frankly, enjoyed it .

Not amazing, but pretty entertaining.

Don't waste your time.

It was boring.

This could easily be one of worst movies ever.

Just boring, outdated humor.

Enjoyed it.

This movie is a waste of time.

The easy accessibility of this movie, with it being on Netflix, is probably the main cause for its mass viewing, however I will give it credit for being an enjoyable, and unique watch.

It is enjoyable movie when you are tired of everything and just wanna watch something mindless.

The story line was totally predictable but that's why it's an easy, enjoyable watch.

Quite funny and entertaining!

The story, or lack of it, makes this one of the worst movies of the year.

An Entertaining Murder Mystery Movie .

I've watched many Adam Sandler films and I do love a good comedy and I've been a fan of Jennifer Aniston's since Friends and I love a murder mystery film and this one was entertaining, guessing each scene and enjoyable from start to finish.

No, but it was entertaining and enjoyable which is what they wanted to achieve.

Other than that, it was still entertaining.

It's terrible but I still enjoyed it .

Annoying, dull, and a boring movie full of cringeworthy dialogues.

It was somewhat simple, but enjoyable, and the acting was solid.

but this one falls in to the entertaining and actually funny type of adam Sandler movie from old...

Very entertaining and always love movies with Jennifer Aniston.

To be honest this isn't a deep complicated movie, people expect it to be a masterpiece when it's just as entertaining as a comedy can be.

And that Netflix wants to be a part of the Academy when they produce for television the most banal movie.

Teally really bad and boring .

While the film was predictable for those who are accustomed to reading whodunits, or watching true crime shows, it was quite enjoyable.

Possibly worst movie ever.

The rest of the cast were quite engaging and by the end of the movie, you wish this could be a franchise and longing for a part 2 !

Boring, cringeworthy and unentertaining .

This Sandler/Aniston pairing is a harmlessly enjoyable romp, with believable chemistry between the two leads.


The first 30 minutes of this movie were funny and entertaining and it seemed like it was building towards something special....

Don't waste your time on this one..

The beautiful scenery, the plot twists and the amazing yacht also makes the film even more entertaining.

This movie was enjoyable from beginning to end.

The acting was on pair with some of Adam and Jennifer's better films and the over all plot line was exciting and left you wondering up to the end how it would play out!

The characters on the ship were one dimensional, paper thin, and incredibly predictable and boring.

This film deserves a good rating to say thanks for the entertaining moment it affords the viewer.

This was an enjoyable film that was lighthearted and reminded me of Murder She Wrote the classic tv series.

It's not god tier Sandler like in Sandy Wexler, but it does deliver an entertaining evening in, as opposed to standing outside in the cold.

Terrible but entertaining .

Boring, unfunny and entirely unimaginative.

If you are looking for a movie that is intriguing, fun, and all around hilarious then this is for you!

This film was long and drawn out with little humor and zero suspense.

Really enjoyable murder mystery romp.

Plot was cute and entertaining, definitely not winning any awards.

Sandler and Aniston are not funny, the dialogue is cringeworthy, and the plot is formulaic and predictable.

It's entertaining and easy to watch.

One of the worst movies on Netflix.

Definitely worth watching.

If you suffer from insomnia and are looking for something to help you drift off the bed, this might just do the trick.

This was an entertaining, light movie.

With that same unorthodox method and repetitive familiar jokes and goofy flirty language, the film suffers the same consequences.

Completely waste of time.

The only boring thing is quick talkative character of Splits couple.

For me, it was a waste of time, believe me, you have to be so childish to laugh at it.

There's so many characters but all of them are so flat and boring.

sandler's performance is unbearable and drags the movie down.

Not funny, boring, pathetic.

Boring silly and unbelievable movie.

Very much worth watching .

If you're looking for an easy, entertaining watch, Adam and Jennifer got you covered!

Even so, this is a fairly interesting story with some interesting characters and worth the watch.

"Murder Mystery" is an enjoyable, funny lark: an Agatha Christie- style whodunnit mystery spoof that surprises for being a well-made film.

All in all a film well worth watching.

It plays on all the ideas of a class murder mystery novel - a murder in a closed setting with a group of suspects, each a fascinating character with a strong motive to commit the crime.

It is quiet predictable, has some fun scenarios and the action is okay.

Entertaining .

)if you're looking for something to watch on a weekday evening, or bored on the weekend, it's worth a watch..

Lame and dull .

Boring as hell, unfunny, poor script and even Sandler and Aniston sucked.

Don't waste your time...

Don't waste your time guys just go and watch something else!

Boring and not that funny .

Dont expecte an ocsar contender but a easy to watch and enjoyable enough film

Lots of twists and turns and very entertaining.

Easily dripping with Adam Sandler's distinct brand of off colour comedy (Though not as thick as some of his raunchier comedies, it's definitely present and it pairs well with Jennifer Aniston's quirky comedic energy, as well as the rest of the cast), the movie does well to present a dramatic and serious atmosphere complete with fantastic cinematography and beautiful set pieces, that gives the entire movie a deeply enjoyable feeling of sincerity in it's satire of classic murder mysteries.

There are no funny moments in this script, the formula is very predictable and storyline completely arbitrary.

To my surprise, I found it to be a very entertaining with good mystery twists and plenty of humor to spare.

Sandler and Aniston, an overrated duo, play the same dull characters they always do, trying way too hard to be quirky and funny, and failing miserably.

Story is predictable.

Boring Mystery .

It is a totally waste of time, I dont understand what kind of movies is netflix making

I throughly enjoyed it and laughed often.

It has the elements you would expect of a movie of this type with great actors but really bad writing and boring and predictable story.

I should have watched paint dry instead

Complete waste of time, cannot believe so many people are giving it 8/10, 9/10.. is this the first movie these people have seen?!

This whole "story" was a yawner...

While the writing is poor, the movie is thoroughly entertaining with a good plot-twist at the end.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Started off slow and never picked up speed.

The production seemed good and worth it but the lines and situations was stupidly cliche and I am sorry I wasted my time.

The problem I have with this title is just how painfully average and sometimes boring it can be.

It's worth the watch.

predictable as ever.

Boring .

It's entertaining .

Super boring and unfunny

Surprisingly Enjoyable .

In fact, this movie does a pretty good job of rehashing her standard formula and making it entertaining and accessible to a new generation.


Worth watching.

After watching, the best way I know to explain my experience was boredom, with a few chuckle out loud moments.

An Enjoyable Whodunnit Comedy .

it was very entertaining.

Waste of money & time !.

Not a super interesting unique plot, but it's a funny entertaining movie.

Funny and exciting it keeps you entertained and guessing along.

I was hesitant to select this movie during my perusing, but Netflix productions tend to be very engaging so I was willing to give it a try!


I enjoyed it, is it Sandler's best?

Funny and entertaining .

Very Entertaining Film .

But it's entertaining enough to watch.

Don't waste your time.

But in general I found the story very bad and watching the movie was a waste of our time.

Just a great Adam Sandler film, very enjoyable and nice chemistry with Jennifer Aniston.

Overall, very engaging- a screwball comedy hitting the strike zone of exactly what it is.

Really fun and entertaining.

no harm in watching it, it's quite enjoyable and entertaining

It's supposed to be cliche and plain ridiculous in some parts.

Surprisingly entertaining .

We enjoyed it and laughed with our children.

Not amazing, but entertaining.

Except for the unbearable presence of the gorgeous Gemma Arterton.

In all fairness, I only watched for about 30 minutes, but even for a free Netflix stream it was unwatchable.

It is just stupid, unfunny and bland.

Very enjoyable.

This film was a boring, half-assed attempt at a murder mystery film, packed full of the basic Sandler comedy which many have grown to dislike.

Entertaining enough - Aniston as always elevates the proceedings .

Thank God for the interactive play bar which allows you skip forward and waste as little time possible on such shallow and stupid entertainment.

The script is a mess, the characters are boring and the chemistry is lacking between the two leads.

Predictable Mediocrity .

The efforts to give a European Vacation kind of comic touch to a wanna be Arthur Conan Doyle style mystery, the movie some where loses the plot and becomes a drab affair.

It is quite riveting and it definitely entertains.

This movie is so boring and the plot is so played out.

Entertaining overall.

Consistently Entertaining .

Very entertaining solid little movie.

Very entertaining!!

It is quite cliche murder mystery movie as they wanted to make.

A nice, entertaining movie.

Waste of money, Trash.

Entertaining and funny, with no plot holes or loose ends, definitely worth a watch.

Of course, there has to be the predictable incompetent Interpol gendarme chasing the wrong people for the crimes.

Cute & ridiculous but I truly enjoyed it.

Boring .

" While this movie won't be winning any awards, it succeeds in being an enjoyable film and a nice escape for one evening.

Also, it was tedious and unbelievable when two very spoiled and self-absorbed, extremely wealthy, Hollywood movie stars attempt to act as ordinary people.

Fun, entertaining - exactly what you expect from Sandler and Aniston.

Only worth watching if you're really bored.

Such an entertaining movie .

This movie was actually funny I enjoyed it for a comedy.

Fell asleep through the movie.

Worst movie in years .

It is a enjoyable funny movie 100% !

Take away Sandler's cop persona and this movie is just two boring characters wandering around sets with stock footage of European cities thrown in.

Very entertaining and funny.

Found it funny and entertaining.

Entertaining mystery .

An entertaining action comedy film that worth the time watching!

Light and Entertaining .

Occasionally Funny but also boring .

And while I see some of the points they are making - nothing new here, formulaic, thin on plot, I enjoyed it.

Murder Mystery is a fun take on your traditional murder mystery that is entertaining throughout.

It may only help you fall asleep.

such a waste of time .

This was genuinely simply entertaining.

A most enjoyable silliness .

But it is worth watching once.

The comedy is over the top, but very enjoyable.

Consistently entertaining and surprisingly good.

The introduction is attractive but the movie ends up being very boring.

Pointless drivel, stupid, unfunny, boring and moronic.

The 2 main actors look like they're extremely bored and hate being there.

It's like a bad cliche of the classic movie of Clue which was great.

Utter rubbish please don't waste your time.

Entertaining .

One of the worst movies i ever saw .

but I must say this is a very entertaining movie.

I found this film/movie very enjoyable as both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston were hilarious through out the whole of the movie, I feel that they worked very well with each other and they helped tell the story very well.

It's funny, the action scenes are exciting, and the chemistry is great between the actors.

In this formula murder mystery plot Jennifer Anniston raises the quality of the film and at times the writers deliver a good joke, but at other times it's so boring and flat, this movie has no soul, message or deeper meaning, simply people moving on screen attempting to be funny.

Boring .

It's unwatchable, not even funny, nor interesting.

It uses stock characters and stock plot devices, toward an entirely predictable conclusion.

Another cliche-bounded flick falling down the Netflix heaven.

I Enjoyed this, for The most part, it was cool having an Agatha Christie Mystery with A Modern spin on it also all the characters were compelling and it did have great Comedy overall A Comedic Take on Classic Whodunit Murder MysteryGreat Costume Design By Renee April(Blade Runner 2049)and Score By Rupert Gregson-Williams(Aquaman) Cinematography By Amir Mokri(Once Upon A Time In Venice) and Direction by Kyle Newacheck(Game Over Man) l A Comedic Take on Classic Whodunit Murder Mystery 8/10

Real effort was put into this production by at least some of the people involved, this gave me the same empty feeling as Blended, Just go with it and Pixels.

Much more enjoyable than I expected it to be.

Enjoyable and nice escapism .

Is the film enjoyable?

Such a waste of my time .

Hackneyed, Trite, Commonplace .

I enjoyed it.

definitely worth the watch just for the fun.

Not funny, predictable plot and irritating dialogues.

But, I guess you could watch it if you're super bored.

The whole feel of the movie is so light and comical despite being about a very suspenseful and gritty genre.

The easy storyline was still exciting and enjoyable, the actors' performamces were great (my personal highlight was David Walliams' mini appearance, I love him!

The film had many laugh-out-loud moments, and we were very satisfied and happy with this enjoyable film.

Very funny and enjoyable .

Just entertaining enough for a nice evening

Its like when you go to your in laws for Christmas and are forced to play charades; pointless, tedious and forced frivolity.

The worst movie I've ever seen .


It was actually really boring, and Adam Sandler is not really that good in this.


Characters: This is literally gonna be the most dull character section I have ever written.

And the Ferrari Chase even though it was totally ridiculous looked amazing and was pretty exciting.

Don't waste your time watching this!

All the jokes were cliche or just plain bad.

Just slow, unbelievabley stupid story line.

Yes, the plot is cliche and I think that's the whole point.

However, the action sequences were surprisingly entertaining, the cast was game, and the chemistry between Jen and Adam was natural and ultimately probably saved the movie (much like Just Go With It).

Enjoyable movie

Boring, predictable and annoying!

This movie wasn't phenomenal, but thoroughly entertaining and had some twists.

Jennifer Aniston always shines, and the other cast members were entertaining as well.

So I give an 8 for it, because they made it to be a "cliche murder mystery movie".

I enjoyed it.

Waste of money and time!


The acting was as expected from a cast of such calibre, and while some of the dialog was a bit messy at times, it was overall an enjoyable movie.

It was fun, funny and also kept me on the edge of my seat.

it's trying to be an over-the-top and absurd comedy of a couple who go on an impromptu vacation and end up in a murder mystery that's as cliche as the books Anniston's character reads in the movie.

Before the climax, the movie was just boring and almost wearing out my patience to keep watching.


Bored with her ordinary existence, Jen is craving for some action/adventure in life and is some what underwhelmed by her sooo predictable hubby.

Don't waste your time!!

Very entertaining .

The film might not be the most intelligent or satisfyingly intricate murder mystery, but it has such a brilliantly entertaining pace and sense of humour that you'll have a blast regardless.

I found this movie very enjoyable it has an Agatha Christie vibe to it Adam sandler and Jennifer aniston have great chemistry it's worth a watch

Delightfully silly, funny and even exciting at times .

The parts that were in the trailer was just as funny in the moment as it was in the trailer, but the filme was still full of comedic and exciting scenes.

Surprisingly entertaining .

Predictable, lack of drama, not so good dialogs and a couple of stars.

Their casual attitude to certain events in the film and the husband's unexpected creativity added a fresh element to this comedy.

The worst movie I've ever seen.

As a netflix movie it was really enjoyable Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is double combo.

Worth watching it.

While the cliche who's the murderer is the basic storyline for the film it is made funny by a great comedy duo, with many laughs and a great cast this film may not be a amazing one, but it sure has you on the edge of your seat wanting more!

If you're in the mood for some really bad cliche slapstick....

Sandler always comes up with unique storylines and, like his other movies, it was enjoyable and fun.

This was surprisingly fun to watch and entertaining.

Relatively played out premise, predictable storyline, and not really ever "laugh out loud" funny.

Cannot really say anything bad about this movie, except that sometimes the jokes fall a bit too flat, but mostly it is just a very harmless, good-natured, old-fashioned murder mystery, very enjoyable, just right for a relaxing evening with popcorn, a cocktail and a few laughs.

Such a waste of money and talent.

Not a laugh-out-loud kind of movie, but entertaining nonetheless.

Pretty boring.

You have to be really bored to wanna watch this movie.

The pair up with Jennifer Aniston turned out to be perfect, as Jennifer is a queen of sitcom comedy herself, you can see that she immersed herself perfectly in the comedy world of Adam Sandler.

This was soooo entertaining.

Funny, fast paced, action movie ...

The plot twists were honestly dumb and predictable and character behaviors in some parts didn't make sense.

This is in my top 3 of the worst movies i ever saw.

No matter, the movie is entertaining with Monaco as the the backdrop, while the famed Formula 1 race takes place through the city streets of Monte Carlo.

But more than Date Night, which takes on a slightly more generic all-night thriller premise, Murder Mystery uses its parodying of the Agatha Christie/Clue genre to great effect by telling a story that not only cleverly plays on the tropes of the premise, but also manages to craft something that's genuinely unpredictable, engrossing you to a surprising extent in the resolution of the mystery.

Don't waste your time .

Enjoyable .

It will pass the time harmlessly on a rainy day & is entertaining if rather silly & totally unbelievable with it's wafer thin characters.

That's not a criticism - just a fact, and with two A-listers onboard and Aniston as always subtly adding her comic chops and legit acting skills, it makes this old-fashioned move worth watching for a pleasant 90-minute diversion.

It's a perfect movie for when you're bored, just opened a six-pack, and got your hands so deep in the pringles tube that you think you've reached another dimension.

wonderful, snappy, witty, silly, good writing done so well...

And I enjoyed it...