Murder on the Orient Express (2017) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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When a murder occurs on the train on which he's travelling, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Penélope Cruz
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 191 out of 790 found boring (24.17%)

One-line Reviews (622)

It was an entertaining movie.

So boring .

Characters which were originally intense and interesting now come off as melodramatic and buffoonish, not to mention there are obvious modern agendas forced into a story set decades before anyone would have believed in them

As a result, other than Poirot's intense stare and the nice stage sets, there is no story.

It's at times difficult to follow the numerous characters and their motives to commit a murder in the second third of the movie until the final third wraps it up coherently.

Entertaining 7/10

TLDR- Boring and poorly paced, despite interesting visuals.

We've seen from BBC's Sherlock that when filmed well investigations can be delightfully exciting and lavishly filmed in a really stylish manner, flashbacks and effects utilised in a way to make each revelation and finding of a clue thrilling.

It's pretty entertaining during its second act but the odd opening and contrived finale let it down.

I would recommend you this mainly because it does not happen that much that we have a cast as wonderful as this all together in the same screen and also because it's a really interesting and entertaining movie, a little bit different of all of the modern action blockbusters were are getting again and again.

The film changes some details in book relations, many serve and crutch for character development, and some are very well developed and others not, the film deals with justice and reminds of glimpses up to spectacular "twelve men and one sentence" in the final speech , but it's just a fun and enjoyable movie.

Lacking in so many ways, but there were some really enjoyable moments.

After explaining each of the suspects' reasons to kill, a flashback reveals that Ratchett was sedated, the pipe- cleaner and handkerchief (a Cyrillic "N" resembles a Roman "H") were planted, incidents which disturbed Poirot's sleep were contrived to confuse him, each of the passengers then stabbed Cassetti in turn, in an act of justice.

It is farse, an ugly and boring one.

For sure, Branagh does make for an amusing and engaging Poirot, even if his dialogue did need some 'tuning in' to.

I let my mind empty, for creativity of scriptwriter and the director.

Everyone involved gives a good performance, and the action has lots of entertaining twists and turns.

From the opening piece, set in Istanbul which has nothing to do with anything, with regard to the plot, till it's exceptionally tedious laughable end, taking place in a tunnel in a snow covered mountain, you just won't believe your eyes.

He is an exacting and fastidious man, and as entertaining as he is skilled in crime solving.

My goodness is this movie dull, slow and boring.

A group of excellent actors together with a fine plot and diffuse suspense has made it a good enjoyable movie.

Dull, dull, dull .

It's very entertaining.

This is bland.

When I discovered it was the same director, I watched the movie again and enjoyed it all the more, this time realizing I needed to watch it a bit more closely.

This movie is really having a great fashion designer and imaging Director, but for the plot director, I am quite disappointed, even though this movie has a big budget with such kind of actors, Johnny Deep, Penelope Cruz, etc, but the plot is not interesting, is boring, and is predictable.

The style of the film is very lavish, which works and seeing the different interrogations made this film feel interesting if a bit repetitive.

Comparing this version of the film to the 1974 version is like comparing a lavish film production to a rather dull, dark and rushed made for TV movie.

That being said, it is a decent mystery that follows the plot of the story pretty well and it would probably be enjoyable to people seeing the story for the first time and having no preconceived notions of what Poirot should be.

As someone who has never seen the classic film, I found the ending to be rather predictable and this was an issue that I had.

What is even more insulting, the movie is a tedious endless ebb boredom fest.

We can see how Agatha Christie, herself, during an interview in the 1960's, began to talk of Poirot - her own invention - as a "detestable, bombastic, tiresome, ego-centric little creep.

The sound track was exceedingly dull.

More like Murder on the BORING Express heh heh .



A useless, pointless (if not for announcing the remake of next murder mystery on the Nile), overplayed, boring.

Ending was simply drawn out, unsatisfying, and too long.

the positive vibe that i get from the beginning of the movie is constantly becoming bland repertoire among the detective and his suspects.

I enjoyed his interpretation of Thor 1, it has flaws but I enjoyed it.

It progresses at a slow pace and the clues never lean me towards one person or another.

Branagh mumbles his way through the film and the amazing cast gets very little plot background or screentime.

Acting is ok, direction is slow, screenplay is also not very convincing.

Some might consider this movie to be a pointless remake; I think that would depend on what you consider to be pointless in regards to remakes.

i wish they prepare this movie more serious, in a sense, with an exception of the ending, the whole movie is rather boring, there's no suspense or thrill.

Stunning .

They all look extremely bored and uncomfortable.

Enjoyable :) .

This is a stunning and beautiful production.

Having said that, it is with absolute sorrow that I say that Kenneth Branagh's remake made me leave the theater utterly disappointed.

The scenery and the stunning sets.

Poirot decides to take the case to curb his boredom.

With an all star cast, beautiful sets and an all round fantastic picture, this film successfully re creates a classic in a modern and enjoyable fashion.

maybe I get bored easily but this mess was boring.

But for those of us who do know the story, how do you make it entertaining when we all know how it ends?

Arrogance reigns The use of totally unnecessary CGI is annoying and silly, the action scenes are dull, tedious, pointless, adding nothing to the plot.

that just shows how boring it can get.

It was an enjoyable two hours.

Empty, shallow, void and null nothing.

The dialogue was bland .

Murder on the Orient Express is a very enjoyable and pleasant experience, even with its fatal flaws.

Dull - Albert Finney (1974) did it so much better .

Uninteresting Characters & Dialogue .

Fortunately for him, a fresh avalanche causes a delay in such a way that he can unravel the exciting mystery before the authorities arrive.

By staying fairly faithful to the original source material, the movie renders its own existence fairly pointless, as this is clearly made for fans of the original...

Visually the movie is stunning and the way it is filmed is varied and original giving you the impression at times that you are eavesdropping and observing private conversations.

I felt that it dragged on for a bit too long and, i'll admit some people fell asleep during the first 20 minutes of the movie.

The characters are intriguing, and acted out really well.

A compelling storyline is complemented by the drama of the situation, and reviews of a overtly masculine Poirot are simply untrue.

If your anyone who will watch paint dry or garbage rot THEN GO DO THAT THEN WATCH THIS FILM.....

Waste of Money .

I found it unwatchable.

I wanted to walk out several times, and only the presence of a few tolerant, long suffering, and bored friends kept me from doing so.

Mediocre and dull, unfortunately .

A fascinating transposition .

I hate to say this (because of how much of a literary genius Christie is) but the story is actually a little drab.

Completely pointless opening sequence to pretend the film has something original to offer and then a slapstick pastiche rip off of the 1974 classic with zero charm, zero dialogue, zero soundtrack plenty of dull, lumbering monologues and in total a clumsy excuse for film-making.

However often these films are the remakes of brilliant originals and whilst these remakes can be very entertaining, they are still miles away from the quality of the original.

Superb acting, splendid scenery, and a stunning story that you won't figure out.

The ending scene, where things are explained and the murderer revealed, is incredibly dull.

after that its all downhill and I just wanted the inspector to die because he was such an annoying character with predictable actions.

Painfully dull .

A thoroughly enjoyable watch.

Where it can make up to curb boredom is the cinematography and editing.

There is an intriguing group of fellow passengers.

the introduction of the characters was tedious and for those not familiar with the story, probably confusing.

Ok, the first bird's eye views of a Orient Express cutting through the landscape and those swirling camera movements in the snow, look breathtaking.

The story does have some intriguing moments and it is a very clever one in the first place.

Breathtaking .

Few errors in the movie, waste of money.

So, to me, I personally feels like it's too predictable.

Worth watching, even for me.

But I rather I'm lucky because it's really absorbing narrative and final minutes like a revelation.

Agatha Christie was always a bad rip off of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but at least the written versions are readable, in this format the story became unwatchable.

It can be very slow in the middle of the second act.

There are some dramatic scenes which are a departure from the earlier version, but they help develop certain of the characters and the overall story remains intact and suspenseful.

This is not to say that the film is ever boring; however, one is advised to board this train with a tall coffee and an empty bladder.

I was originally very excited to see this movie, however it felt rather amateur and was very boring.

It is a very beautiful film visually, very elegantly shot, lots of stunning scenery, sumptuous costumes that are evocative of the period and a train that has the grandeur and claustrophobic confinement that is necessary.

yawn worthy execution .

So setting those persons aside, this was a very enjoyable film.

Murder On the Orient Express seemed to be exciting and with a clever plot in the trailer.

Intriguing costumes.

There are mind blowing long shots taking you through the train that bring you right into the Orient Express as if you're just another passenger.

Most of them have a "unexpected twist" at the end, which is probably the reason one just need to grab her next book.

Th storyline is so painfully slow I actually got up and started cleaning the house.

It felt long, but was thoroughly entertaining.

A Tedious Viewing Experience .

When he first appeared on screen, I thought that he would quickly become tedious and annoying.

The 70mm film origination looks stunning especially in the effects-driven swooping shots of the train in the mountains.

The preview made it look suspenseful.

An enjoyable murder mystery with a famous twist .

A bold venture that became a stunning movie .

Slow, Slow, and Whoa .

I really enjoy a film that keeps you guessing and gives you a few unexpected twists.

And I did for about the first 45 minutes then it went nowhere very ponderously.

DISLIKES:Slow: We know mysteries have to go slow to build things up, but Orient's wheels really slog at times.

A lot of famous actors and actresses, old fashioned drama and good screen write makes it enjoyable to watch in a middle of all digital effect rumble movies.

From there the cast of characters start to introduce themselves in a range of absurd (a dancer using his dancing skills to beat up some photographers) or dull (Penélope Cruz moaning on about religious stuff) encounters as we make our way towards embarking the Orient Express.

Since the very beginning, with the dartagnanesque whiskers of the improbable Poirot-Holmes, you understand that Branagh is going to serve you a bunch of topics interrupted by digital visions of a toy train crossing the heights of boredom.

I enjoyed it overall.

the most boring movie since snowman!!!.

I actually have a predisposition for slow paced, dialogue driven films.

Solid scenery and acting, languid pacing .

And the "acting" spands from looking as bored as the audience to acting way too theatrical ilike they're in a bad play.

He is rumoured to direct Death on the Nile, which is another Agatha Christie classic, but I personally hope that he doesn't take the lead again, because he lacked wit and the stunning detective work that David Suchet brought to the role.

Characters were boring, dialogue was boring, plot was dumb, and the pc/progressive/liberal angle, enough already.

Slow paced to build suspense, this murder mystery kept you guessing til the last moments.

The irascible, borderline OCD, but undeniably great Belgian detective, Poirot, is dragged around the world by grateful police forces to help solve unsolvable crimes.

A must see breathtaking movie!

Visually stunning .

Other than that though it was superb and I enjoyed it beginning to end, I felt genuinely choked up at the end and this is not something that happens a lot with me.

But all in all it was an enjoyable film, exactly what I was hoping for, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is tired of the same old crap that Hollywood has been churning out over the past few years.

Branaugh even MADE SURE we ALL KNEW his Poirot was HETEROSEXUAL by repeated non sequitur contrived references to a young, thin, pretty, white female love interest in a photo who had about as many lines (none) as the "prostitute" added to a scene with the creeped up Monsieur Bouc character, whose only line was to gush over meeting Poirot, when she wasn't simpering like a child.

And as even the critics have said, the movie is visually stunning and beautiful.


However the rest of the characterizations felt dull, I was uninterested in them plus I saw the original and knew how it ended.

This is a visually stunning movie!

I saw i am gonna be bored from the moment when i heard Poirot saying the phrase about the balance when stepping into manure with his second leg.

This film is a little bit of drama and a little boring.

totally pointless and a waste of time that could have really been used to flesh out the history of the crime that is later examined in detail.

The acting was impeccable, the story was mind blowing, the setting...

Don't waste your time.

Really very enjoyable .

So there you have it, a boring movie that you will be begging to end.

This is compelling enough that it goes a long with the long dialogue.

This one is far more breezy and entertaining.

But somewhere in the middle, well, right after the murder, it turned clunky and UNinteresting.

However, in spite of this issue the modern day rendition had brilliant set pieces and magnificent camera work followed by brilliant acting that makes this certainly an enjoyable viewing experience.

Just a bland, expected conclusion that leaves one a bit disappointed.

Despite the impressive cast, the interpretations of the stars are trite.

Simply dull.

The end, oh my God, the end is the most unexpected in the world.

A waste of time, a remake wasn't needed.

Other than that, the visuals were stunning.

This was a reasonably enjoyable film with a great, quirky performance from Kenneth Branagh.

The cast of 14 main characters makes for a fragmented story that is hard to follow even if you know the story and know what to pay attention to.

It's exciting to see camera angles from the heavens that peep in on a intimate conversation.

But I'll admit the truth, it was so long, and the dialogue so droned on and on, I fell asleep on it.

It is a dull movie, Kenneth Branagh's Poirot isn't convincing at all, his French accent is bad, his mustache too big ...

Boring and non consistent .

)In fact it was so dull I nodded off and woke up when the murder had been committed .

This alone does not make them interesting, however, and as the movie plods on, we realize that none of them have anything notable to say or do outside of Branagh's Hercule Poirot.

The film has its faults like it was so boring in the middle.

The scenery is breathtaking and the script witty, amid the horror.

I actually quite enjoyed it.

I found myself either bored or REALLY bored for the vast majority of it.

But if you never saw the original, or you want to have a great experience in one of the most gripping plots I have seen recently then this is well worth a watch.

There is hardly any tension, minimal background music/suspense and it was all a bit boring to be honest.

It starts well and gets so dull - the 3 of us fell asleep in the cinema .

I have not read the original source material, so can make not points about how accurate a retelling it is, but for nearly two hours of escapism I found this to be an entertaining film.

and will make you yawn .

Boring, ridiculous.

Yet if you're not familiar with the Agatha Christie novel, the stunningly overrated 1974 film or the even more unbearable 2001 made-for-TV movie, you'll be somewhat surprised that the whodunit at the head of this story is very much beside the point.

He nails the accent and it is so entertaining watching this charismatic performance from him.

Enjoyable .

A film that goes from absurd to dull will not earn much recognition for anything other the sheer acting talent that it wastes.

They try to establish him as the greatest detective in an opening scene that is so basic and predictable that I as a viewer "solved the crime" minutes before the answer is presented, at which we were supposed to be impressed.

Overall, a significantly underdeveloped investigative thriller with some enjoyable moments.

But as I have been a Christie fan for 50 years, have read all her books more than once, and own all the wonderful TV series DVDs starring Suchet, this movie was a waste of time.

It takes a really true artist to ruin Agatha Christie at her best and a Dench-lead cast and come up with a boring Branagh soliloquy.

Pacing – Went from slow… to slower… to OMG please hurry up and find the killer so I can go home.

Too much added political correctness which made a boring adaptation just that much more boring.

I was also pretty disappointed with the whole outcome of the plot, mainly because it didn't take much detective work to find out that they were all lying, so from that point of view, it seemed like a total waste of time.

I quite enjoyed it.

Murder on the Oriental Express was a charming film, it had amazing set pieces and colourful intriguing characters.

They made me feel very immersed in the time period.

Then, 10 minutes later, she tells me she's going to see if they sell coffee, cause she's falling asleep.

I found that sequence more compelling than a lot of other things in the rest of the film.

The clues are at once vital, finicky, and dull, and Branagh, perhaps fearful that his tale might be sagging, peps it up with escapades that would have had Christie dropping her teapot.

I really enjoy a film that keeps you guessing and gives you a few unexpected twists.

But the story is a classic for a reason, it is compelling and engaging, making the movie entertaining all the way.

But Johnny Depp is just stunning in every way possible here.

Boring since the very begining.

In summary, some good things that stops it from completely derailing but the lack of steam makes it a bland endeavour, this wonderful story and Christie deserve better.

Even the big named actors appeared like amateurs,trudging along at a boring pace, portraying the most ridicules characters.

Entertaining .

An enjoyable detective movie .

The cinematography is breathtaking: everything looks picture perfect, from early 20th century Jerusalem to the high mountains where the train gets stuck.

Good but a little dull .

I felt bored in between, which is never an ideal situation in a crime/thriller.

I can barely come up with a review because something would've needed to happen in this movie before I fell asleep in order to critique it.

Enjoyable, not unlike chocolate .

Bland .

I like his Poirot, I know that everyone is fond of previous versions but I've always found Poirot's past interpretations too "two-dimensional" and repetitive...

Its a very theatrical performance (considering his background, it makes sense) but without him chewing the scenery, the movie would have dragged.

After seeing the trailer for this film I actually had some anticipation for this film and after seeing it I enjoyed it.

Well worth watching.

The first 30 minutes was unbearable.. I thought it would turn into an action movie with the fast camera, bar fight kung fu sh*t, and overly dramatised characters...

I blame director/actor Kenneth Brannagh for the bland portrayal of this potentially terrific story.

Highly recommend it .

The overall story managed to feel too slow.

I googled the film and looked at how many people were involved in the production and post production and all the different jobs, take a look sometime, it's fascinating and easy to see why film making is such a big industry.

We want to play along with the detective thing and feel at least dull-normal in our ability to track.

Elegant retelling, has a slow, and silly, beginning, which makes Poirot seem just a finicky old man, who happens to solve problems by bumbling and pure luck alone.

Pointless, barely entertaining .

What a boring and bad movie :-/ I did not enjoy it .

Beginning scene with the wall was pointless.

) I felt as it was an absolute waste of my time.

this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Very enjoyable family movie .

" – Hercule Poirot Tips for parents: Young children may get bored, as it's a "talking" movie that unfolds slowly.

First off this movie was extremely boring...

Murder on the Orient Express is a solid mystery that could've been much greater, but still a very pleasant and entertaining time.

The only thing preventing me from rating the film 10/10 is the slow character development in the beginning of the movie.

Even you know the ending the movie is very enjoyable old fashioned crime drama.

Rather boring with wasted talents .

'Murder on the Orient Express' as a book is, speaking as a big Agatha Christie fan, one of her best with a compelling and twisty story, many characters that are also nicely developed and one of her most ingenious endings (along with 'And Then There Were None', 'Death on the Nile', 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd' and 'Witness for the Prosecution').

Dull and unnecessary - watch the 1974 version instead .

The whole story is changed, sometimes confusing and some of the scenes have been done with great green screens, instead.

Cast of thousands, poor CGI and Branagh trying to make this the worst movie ever.

Is dull, thin, melodramatic, almost stupid, has a girlfriend, he fights!

To put this in perspective, I found the first act to be too long which to me felt like a sign of a slow movie.

Boring movie .

-Drawn out first act, including a very unnecessary and poorly done opening.

Even while reading the book, I could guess the ending much much before the reveal and was bored with multiple chapters of Poirot's questioning.

Worst movie of the year.

If you like mysteries for the sake of a mystery perhaps you'll enjoy this one, but I found it rather dull.

The film has some pacing issues, is very predictable for those that hadn't seen the original or read the book, and the ending just kinda comes out of nowhere.

An hour had passed and the rest of the film trundled along like a slow goods train, whilst Branagh did his stuff.

Sure, some of the acting was was a little bit hammy, but the whole thing was visually stunning and honestly just thoroughly enjoying and captivating.

We found ourselves cheering his significant physical encounters and cannot imagine either Suchet, Finny or Peter Ustinov (in the 2001 TV version) engaging the other passengers/suspects as is seen in this recent film.

Maybe it was that a stage-play was advertised before the start of the film which depicted a "lovable" comedic Karl Marx fighting to get his murderous ideology across that set the tone for this tedious movie.

It is boring and has nothing of the Agatha Christie or the older versions spark.

In general, I rate him very highly as an actor, and he had treated us with some outstanding performances over the years, but, and it's just a personal inference, he in his recent movies, his acting has becoma quite monotonous and predictable.

Enabling simple minds to be worse human beings is mundane.

The format and layout of the film works tremendously well, the dark and twisted kidnap and killing story at the beginning sets the tone well, it hits hard, and makes the end of the film all the more engaging and believable.

Surprisingly uninteresting .

In this version, director Kenneth Branagh somehow manages to make an Agatha Christie mystery dull.

"He carries around a ridiculous cane that then serves to choreograph an incredibly lame and unnecessary action sequence that, I suppose, was attempting to add some excitement in an otherwise incredibly flat and boring series of interrogation scenes, and other than that, he spends a lot of time yelling for no reason, or making theatrical moralizing speeches that are completely ridiculous for anyone familiar with him: Poirot's new arc is to recognize that there may be a gray area in our moral code.

There's a sense of "class" about the flick: Grand vistas, beautiful art-deco environments, exotic locations and a general flair of slower, more elegant era (not so) long gone-by.

It's hard to identify precisely which element impacts the narrative the most but nothing feels quite right, and, despite its pedigree, the finished product is a dull, lifeless affair.

Granted, I went to the 9:30 PM showing, but I nodded off out of boredom no less than twice during the movie.

Great movie with stunning soundtracks.

The pictures were pretty in some sort of vulgar way, but this film really can't hold a candle to the David Suchet version from 2006 which, in my opinion, exceeds the rather drab 1974 version with Albert Finney (I never saw the 2001 Alfred Molina version).

There can be few premises more contrived than a complicated murder being assembled while the perpetrators are fully aware of the greatest detective in the world sleeping a couple of doors down.

"Murder on the Orient Express" is an enjoyable movie experience.

True, he is the main character and thus gets the most screen time, but his acting was very enjoyable to watch for nearly 2 hours.

I found this version to be, frankly, boring from start to finish.

Otherwise it felt genuine to Christie's intent, was very engaging, and made me hope they do Murder on the Nile next.

The cinematography is stunning with numerous long shots and fun angles to draw you in.

Yes I realise Agatha Christie adaptations are slow but I nearly fell asleep three times.

Director Kenneth Branagh's cinematic adaptation Agatha Christie's classic whodunit "Murder on the Orient Express" qualifies as lush, atmospheric, but sadly pretentious.

In the end, he only succeeded for sure in making it more boring.

Well, the story is still powerful enough to remain surprising and absorbing.

There was lot of suspens, I was immersed in the film to find who is the murder.

Tepid, over long, and boring.

All in all a dull script and movie.

There just wasn't any chemistry, Even though I know the story and always enjoy watching the 70's version & the TV adaptation, but with this I was bored, I found myself checking how long was left as I just wanted it to be over.

Every other character I found to be either boring or irrelevant.

very enjoyable .

We're really transported back in time, but the other way Branagh delivers that nostalgia is with the absolutely breathtaking natural scenery that revolves around the Orient Express's journey.

Come on, guys, this is Agatha Christie, it is supposed to be entertaining, funny, clever.

Really he's the reason I enjoyed it at all.

Derek Jacobi and Manuel Garcia- Rulfo deliver two very enjoyable performances.

The photography is stunning, and sound track moving.

A very self-indulgent film from Kenneth B.

The characters are boring, except for Poirot of course.

Perhaps they all fell asleep and didn't wake up until this dreary affair was over,

It is a worth re-statement of the Christie story if a bit too drawn out.

Even with a gargantuan cast, I was once again bored.

The script is bland, the CGI terrible, the acting bland and the directing a tour de force of Brannagh's egomania.

It is a very enjoyable film, and Branagh is a fine actor, always.

He lost entirely all the subtleties of Poirot, making him selfcentered, uninteresting churl.

The movie is a little slow but overall an enjoyable watch.

Not the worst movie you could find yourself watching, but possibly the most uninteresting.

Cinematography is weirdly cut, confusing.

The cinematography delivers very thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing and unique angles In closing, I recommend Murder on the Orient Express not as a morally sound piece of cinema, but certainly as an entertaining, considerate story that will be especially effective on viewers unaquainted with the mystery's solution.

Those of us who chain-read Agatha Christie's mysteries during her resurgence in the 1970s can recall how the parsed and slow confessions of murder suspects could be thrilling in the trusted hands of a great storyteller/detective team.

Like the title I found this drama extravaganza was very entertaining leaving you guessing and suspecting alongside the dashing detective Poirot and his amazing mustache.

I haven't read the book, but the movie for me was so fascinating that I am still amazed.

The worst movie I've watched in 2017, Agatha must be crying if she's still alive.

He simultaneously portrays Hercule Poirot, an amazing character you empathize with, and gives Agathe Christie's tale the cinematic treatment in an engaging way with style (having not read the novel).

Branagh and Green try to sex up the action where they can, but there are lengthy passages of fairly repetitive dialogue.

The pacing is also too slow for my liking, with the murder and subsequent whodunnit mystery taking too long to arrive.

I believe that the movie is greatly shot and even if it's a remake, it is a good one because actors really put much effort into making this movie worth watching.

Whoa, calm yourself: I know the movie's an adaptation and Agatha Christie is revered worldwide: but, spoilers: getting, what was it: 12 people to agree to kill someone is, and let's be honest now: contrived.

The unexpected humor of Poirot and the pile of poop he steps into is also an add-on to the authenticity of his character.

However, the finished product never seems to come alive: In this version, the mystery is uninteresting, the cast is mostly underutilized, and the tone seems to veer from scene to scene, while the climax is interminable.

What I minded was the lack of character development that reasoned in very shallow characters which concluted into a film that dragged more than it deserved.

Most of the people who gave negative reviews addressed the "version" of Poirot which is not faithful to the book, the pace of the movie which is too slow, the other great actors who could not develop their characters.

And I got a bit bored again.

It's not unusual for the director, of course: restraint is not exactly the first adjective that comes to mind to describe his previous work, but here, it is simply so over the top that it becomes quickly unbearable.

The visual are stunning (although quite obviously fake) and the cinematography is very interesting with the films use of birds eye view for each cabin.

From there on the movie has trouble withstaining the right tempo, as it goes from being tense and fast - to downright slow and boring...

The plot is confusing and there is little mystery.

Because once the yummy visuals wear off, you may notice how shallow and frankly boring the movie actually is.

Far more than the other renditions, this movie places you in the action very successfully on the Orient Express in a snow storm with an engaging group of people ranging from the always formidable Judi Dench to a sleazy Johnny Depp to a captivating Michelle Pfeiffer to an annoying Willem Dafoe, and much more.


Save your money .

Boring acting and predictable plot-twists.

But after 10 minutes I was ready to leave the theater.

Now of course this film was not meant to be "realistic" in any sense, and clearly the producers and director wanted to product a visually stunning tour-de-force.

The mix of the great soundtracks with Kenneth performance made worth watching.

A very tedious and frustrating movie that I've already averted others from wasting their money on going to see.

It is an enjoyable film even if you are familiar with the ending.

The ending was very artistic which saved the movie from being a terrible waste of time.

The first is spectacular, the other is a cliché to the point of non belief.

Each character has its own arc and motivations that work into the larger picture in a way that is engaging with no wasted space at all.

You also see some rather stunning political correctness in the part where the train operator tries to convince Poirot to take on the case....

And Branagh uttering these words, as Hercule Poirot: 'I am probably the greatest detective in the world' took things to a new level of banality.

The film is visually stunning, the actor are great in the limited time they get to shine.....

Because it is blank, it is slow, it is monotone, it is boring, it is simple and most of all, it is trying to much to be an exact copy of the book, which very often does not end up well, cause books can be boring unless you don't wake up your imagination and create your own scenario.

This movie has everything you could ask for in a crime/mystery- stunning acting and an intricate plot and beautiful cinematography.

And throughout the entire film I was waiting for the other members of the barbershop chorus to join Kenneth Branagh in a snappy chorus of Sweet Adeline.

After waiting excitedly since Dec 2016 I could only bare 55 minutes it was too painful and I walked out on this $USD55 million doozy.

Engaging and fun, even if you have seen the earlier versions .

Pretentious, articial, boring.

The film starts off pretty slow, and it was rather too theatrical in the beginning scenes in my opinion.

The introduction scene was so trivial, the whole movie is a joke, and the cherry on the cake, the ending scene with that long pointless contradictory speech...

I have tried to watch this film twice and fell asleep 5 times in the middle.

This movie is a poor and pretentious imitation.

This was a really enjoyable flick - one of my favorite of 2017.

The movie is poorly made, full of ridiculously phony CGI backgrounds, terrible acting - this cannot be understood - and an ever-present blanket of boredom.

The premise of the film was quite intriguing, however the plot was dull and beyond disappointing.

The introduction of the characters is messy and it becomes rather confusing as to who they are.

But my daughter elbowed me, when I began to audibly snore.

I was surprised to see just how unpopular this film appears to be as I really enjoyed it; perhaps that was because it was quite a while since I'd seen any other Poirot mystery so could accept Kenneth Branagh, and his ridiculous moustache, in the role.

wooooooow, that's a bit of exciting action in the movie!

I just LOVED everything and every bit of this film, it's just was amazingly director, one of the best performance I've seen this year, the way the story was delivered was just genius with a great cinematography that was simple yet breathtaking and of course a fantastic score by Patrick Doyle that fitted the film perfectly.

Dull and unnecessary.

It's an incredible blend of heavy-handed, studio-forced expository asides and pointless vignettes that fail to identify or even pursue stakes.

The music score in this attempt is bland and the song at the end credits so saccharine sweet and forgettable I've forgotten it already.

The script employs few physical action scenes, some of which are poorly choreographed or illogical, but supplies ample psychological action which is dramatic, bold and exciting.

Even if by chance I haven't read the book, the film was evolving too fast and was 'predictable' as to what is going to happen next.

With stunning cinematography, costumes, and locations, Murder On The Orient Express has me hooked from the opening scenes in Jerusalem, to the gorgeous train journey through Europe Kenneth Branagh has directed a film that makes you forget that the film for its most, is set in a train carriage and works wonders with the cameras, including some lengthy camera tracking shots that will make film makers smile with admiration.

The plotting was so tame and uninteresting that it makes me wonder how this movie could even be written.

The dialogue was good for the most part, there were a few parts where things got a bit dull, and my attention did wander a couple times.

It's a breathtaking display of technology that keeps the darker spirit of the movie alive, and may leave you chilled at the menacing nature hanging in the air.

The mystery itself felt bland and disconnected.

So yeah, Murder on the Orient Express is gorgeously made and has a talented cast, but it's boring AF.

After this though, the film becomes incredibly dull and slow.

Branagh's Poirot is so dull.

The film has a slow and awkwardly staged beginning and the ingenious denouement feels under-cooked and contrived for an ending so justifiably famous and brilliant.

The film starts with a relatively entertaining light-hearted action sequence which brings Poirot to the forefront of the story-line.

Don't waste your time with this version!

Starting from the plot, anyone can point out how slow paced it is.

Because there were sooo many characters, I found myself a bit bored at times.

Everything was soooooooo drawn out and kind of boring.

I enjoyed it immensely and will absolutely watch it again.

However, once Poirot gets on-board the train Branagh seems to change tack and fills the film with many stuffy and bloated exchanges between the cast members which I suppose are there to advance the story, but these exchanges are frequently dull and uninteresting.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Objectively, it's an engaging film suitable for mainstream tastes.

Imagine sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for the miraculous twist of who could have murdered the man?

To end it the review..we wanted to get out of the cinema after 25 minutes and my friend fell asleep three times.

I give Branagh some credit for engaging in this project while simultaneously it seemed that a remake which is not as good as the original may have been ill-conceived.

what a waste of time.

Murder on the Orient Express is just as intriguing and developed as it's source material.

Otherwise, rather tedious.

And never has a cast of that many famous stars, acted more wooden and dull.

Is terribly boring.

Waste of time on my part.

Still the movie is appropriately entertaining.

Kenneth Brannagh's "Murder on the Orient Express" is by no means a masterpiece, but certainly an entertaining and very competently made mystery/thriller.

This remake is completely unnecessary and tedious I have only given it 5 stars because I have significant respect for Agatha Christie's Poirot and it is only the base story-line which rescues it.

I got a bit bored at one point.

The pace is uneven as it shifts from starting out slow when introducing Branagh, then quickly speeds through the rest of the characters when they are boarding the train.

Entertaining and more than decent overall

His live action Cinderella was delightful, But this remake looks beautiful but is so wordy and boring.

The music is fine and the small amount of action is gripping enough; the movie uses a surprising amount of CG for it's set pieces and back grounds, it ranges from not half bad to clearly fake.

It is incredibly cheesy and half of the scenes are just pointless, these scenes include the start with the predictable chief inspector being the thief and the stick which trips him up.

And it was so well told, that I understood the rather complicated plot then, but now - even as an adult who knew the story - I found it hard to follow.

However, this film's brilliant performances and dry wit throughout makes this film enjoyable for anyone with a taste for mystery and wonderful theater, for this film feels more like a traditional play than a film, and it's the better for it.

Protagonist – The detective played by Kenneth Branagh – Very cliché character with a distracting mustache akin to a combination of the Swedish chef from The Muppet Show and the Monopoly Man.

The very cleverly written and exciting book has been totally railroaded here (pun intended).

Remaking a whodunnit especially a famous one seems rather pointless, as most people will know who the culprit is anyway.

Perhaps the only criticism might be leveled at the pace, as it is slow at times.

Murder on the Orient Express is starting as an intriguing and appealing movie, with the beautiful 1930s background, with the quirky Poirot solving a rather quick opening exposition.

May that be lazy poor acting such as Johnny Depp or Daisy Ridley or just boring characters who really offer nothing more than just a filler in this movie (literally everyone else).

Tedious .

It was refreshing to see a movie that was entertaining and suitable to watch with family members from teens to seniors.

Since then he has become progressively more self-indulgent and commercialized.

Things I didn't like: Some say it grinds to a halt, rather than get more intense.

Still, the movie was still very entertaining to me.

Murder on the Orient ExpressAfter the Orient Express became trapped in an avalanche of snow, killing a passenger of the expressed, in the middle of the confusion.

On the contrary, where the middle section is less detecting and more a series of interrogations, it could easily edge on being dull and monotonous.

The stage is set for a grand & engaging whodunit.

It was dull in script and visuals and also made the boring and vapid morals seem even more tired.

Somewhat slow ensemble mystery .

Quite enjoyable, great cinematography (especially in the mountains) and set design, the train was the main star!

I give still 7 points out of 10 for it, because it is till enjoyable and I can recommend to watch it - at least once.

An engaging suspense thriller with a strong cast which fails to impress in the end.

His direction is rushed and boring, the stellar cast has little do or say and the story is an abriged version of the original film.

Even if you know how it ends seeing how that conclusion is reached is entertaining.

I saw the 1970s film when I was probably too young to see it, but remember it being intriguing and having a very unexpected ending.

Just that its a boring movie and I found the conclusion confusing.

A cozy and enjoyable ride on the orient express, don't forget your ticket!

Furbished with polished attire, neat cinematography, star-studded ensemble & a moustache that overshadows everything, the second feature film adaptation of Agatha Christie's famous novel is a sumptuously produced mystery thriller that's narrated in a dull, uninspiring & uninteresting fashion.

Visually it is stunning, the train is magnificent, superb.

That spoiled Poirot's true nature according to the books In all, a good movie, worth watching.

The mystery film is slow and boring that makes hard for it to improve throughout.

I saw the star-stunned 1974 film version of Agatha Christie's famous 1934 novel, so I knew the outcome of the equally star-stunned 2017 remake, but I still found it an enjoyable ride through the snow.

The cast is (obviously) great but I felt all their performances fell flat - no matter how good a cast, you just cannot make up for a dull script, especially in a murder mystery!

Visually stunning train journey, shots of Instanbal and an incredible cast.

The cinematography is breathtaking, Johnny Depp's excellently portrayed Ratchett is truly a horrible man, and the rest of the cast are just as superb.

A ham-fisted, pointless remake .

Too tediously bad to waste any time reviewing.

: "Cinderella" - 2015, Actor: "Dunkirk" - 2017) and writer Michael Green ("Green Lantern" - 2011) toss CGI special effects, a packed and at times confusing storyline, and all kinds of celebrities (Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Josh Gad, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench and a whole slue of others) at this famed Agatha Christie novel turned movie to unexpected boredom.

High budget trash and an absolute waste of time.

Pretentious and boring .

The rest of the movie was just mundane, the ending just didn't get there.

The only reason, why I write a review for this rather mediocre film is the stunning 65mm cinematography.

Despite of this little blemish, Murder on the Orient Express is very enjoyable movie.

Just plain boring...

I quite enjoyed it and was thankful for Depp's early departure, when did he last deliver a decent performance?

I didn't get that same sense of conflict and emotional distraught, confusion, and rage.

It was a big ask for Kenneth Branagh to replace David Suchet as Poirot in our minds, but he puts a different spin on the character that is entertaining.

The film started as good and while the film continues, the film gets boring and boring.

Terrible waste of time.

I'll get right to it--the movie is boring.

I have never given this advice before on Imdb, but you could maybe better just read the Agatha Christie book, instead of watching this boring, complicated movie.

In the 2017 version, the scenery, photography and digital work is breathtaking.

Kenneth Branagh does a very impressive job directing this, and also shines as Hecule Poirot, his mannerisms and movements are completely unlike himself and he is truly immersed in to this character.

Even the poster reflects an uninteresting tone, the font used is modern and lacks any sense of style.

It is extremely dull - and that is coming from the perspective of someone who's never seen the original / read the book and has no idea who the killer is - I should have been on the edge of my seat.

That said the main character who's the detective is dull.

Some scenes just took too long, and it just makes the movie feel so much more boring.

This is a super boring movie with no suspense whatsoever, which is not what you want for a good murder mystery movie.

The great Willem Dafoe delivers enjoyable authenticity and some charm as the Nazi Professor.

While the style, atmosphere and slow unveiling of the mystery isn't as strong or fun as it could be, Kenneth Branagh and his inimitable Poirot moustache leads a phenomenal all-star cast with some excellent performances.

It was all so disjointed and pointless, the murder, the journey, the suspects, the raison d'etre of the story.

However, remaking Poirot as a character does not work, not when the character is already so established - Branagh's Belgian detective is emotional, lacks cool, sulky and dull, i.

in fact it was enjoyable....

Don't waste your time .

It's a losing battle almost by default, like comparing the bland Kate Middleton to the glamorous superstar that was Lady Diana.

Judi Dench is elegant and funny but her companion played by Olivia Coleman, who usually turns in stellar performances is totally uninteresting here, again not her fault.

An ensemble of famous people who play a bunch of over the top but flat and boring characters.

Loaded with mysterious intentions, cheeky humour, clever repartee and an ensemble cast that comprises some of cinema's biggest names, Murder on the Orient Express makes for an intriguing watch.

After the conclusion of each big scene, I was sucked back in my rapid-fire dialogue by Kenneth Branagh, only to be bored by overlong sequences of conversations, with only a handful of them being of any interest.

First act is too long, second act is too short, third act is too long.

This is a very good production showing intricate scenes within the train, colorful period clothes, breathtaking mountain scenery, CGI showing an old-time locomotive racing thru the mountains, and dazzling sunsets with heaven-like pastel colors.

Quite enjoyable.

The whole movie is a waste of a scenic journey, the diverse characters as bland as an unbroken field of snow.

This absolute turkey of a film, was barely entertaining.

overall enjoyable (1 viewing)

Painfully Slow .

The movie lacks the engaging aspects of a crime movie and relies too heavily on its cast to deliver its moments.

Quite enjoyable, great cinematography .

However the scenario is fascinating !

The ending was also quite predictable, though I won't spoil it in this review.

There's a bit of comedy sprinkled in here and there, and it's a very enjoyable hour and forty-eight minutes or so.

I enjoyed it.

The message at the end brings an intriguing thought provoking experience.

A waste of my time and money!!!

Its still worth watching.

Very Dull Cinematography .

Boring, overly long dialogue that never went anywhere, a Poirot who was unlike the Poirot we love in the books, unnecessary additions/removals from the book in order to make the characters more "modern"...

It's entertaining, the cinematography was beautiful (the murder scene especially), and it stayed true to the source material.

The Cure for Insomnia .

Great cinematography, interesting story and a bunch of A-List actors means that this is a very interesting and intriguing story full of twists and turns(presumably more so, if you have not read the novel like me..) that is both pleasing to look at and trying to guess what really happened while it unravels amidst the snowy mountains!

I liked this movie because it had a very good plot and the storyline was simply breathtaking.

Still it is slow at times.

It was unpredictable, fresh and through the efforts of the excellent cast and the shocking nature of the crimes, it raised the rating I was going to give the movie by at least a half a point.

This film was boring, obvious and I have to say had a strange dark gray tint...

The conclusion lacks a climax because the viewers are still under the impression of what we today consider cliché, that the grand reveal becomes anticlimactic.

And it was an enjoyable movie to watch.

The exquisite cinematography alone was breathtaking.

Dull, dreary, tedious and unnecessary remake .

It keeps the mystery until the end, generating suspense along the way until the unexpected finale (at least if this is the first adaptation you see).

An enjoyable film.

One word to describe this film: Pretentious .

Don't get me wrong, we need calm moments in films, but the pacing just felt too slow during multiple occasions which just left me bored with the films.

I wasn't familiar with this story or the solution to the mystery but I knew it was popular, so imagine my surprise when I found it so uninteresting.

self-important and boring .

And oh my, what a dull dull dull cast.

It's too easy to fall asleep because there is no tension to keep your interest.

Throughly enjoyable .

Plot – Murder mystery on a train… I love a good mystery… but this plot was long and drawn out.

Boring, uninteresting .

Indeed, the movie had a painfully slow start, with a completely overproduced prologue that seemed quite unnecessary.

Director Branagh shot on film and it pays off in both the stunning snow-covered mountains and landscapes, as well as the tight, precisely-blocked interior shots around the exceptional set designs.

But if we can manage to ignore the constant race-baiting, what's left in this film is tedious dialogue and characters I don't care about.

Murder on the Orient Express is far from a perfect film, and can be a bit of a mess in some sequences, but it's an enjoyable film that presents a worthy mystery of telling.

Absolutely stunning...

"Murder on the Orient Express" started pretty average, nothing fantastic, but it was entertaining, slowly, the movie evolves into an engaging experience.

In the end you don't really warm to anyone or want more, it's very predictable and flat.

What an unexpected ending, initially I feel bored with this movie, apparently the ending wasn't disappointed.

However, all the good performances, great cinematography and interesting dialogue DID deliver a fairly enjoyable picture.

It all starts off with an extremely slow first act, filled with pointless character introductions and equally pointless CGI shots.

With so many great actors and actresses, one is left wondering why they would waste their time to be in this production.

This was such a borefest, I can't imagine how anyone on the train stayed awake, because I dozed about 20 minutes in, got a bump from my girlfriend to wake up.

The investigation, which should be tense and slow burning, is rushed through and feels empty.

Also I'm arab myself and I found the little bits of subtle humor in the first part actually cool and unexpected in an American movie.

One of these supposedly respectable passengers is actually a murderer, etc. Thus begins a mystery that is at turns plodding, irrelevant and completely suspense-free.

Visually stunning, fairly decent film.

Branagh did an outstanding job and I found his character walked the line between being eccentric and unbearable just right.

the actors and actresses are very good, and they help the movie to be enjoyable.

The characters do things that are completely incomprehensible and only adds to the confusion.

There are intriguing parts of this movie, and it has an unexpected ending that I really liked and I thought was cleverly done.

Most enjoyable.

Other than that, the redeeming qualities of the whole undertaking are the gloriously executed production design: the glamorous Art Deco interiors, the stylish costumes and the breathtaking panoramic vistas of the surrounding scenery.

Boring story and boring acting.


The case is too simple, predictable, all I see was only introduction to Poirot's distinguished style of classic Belgian gentleman detective.

it leaves you bored and not making you feel like you want more or sending chills down your spine etc. You just can't wait for the movie to end.

Narratively Dull & Uninteresting.

A waste of time.

From the sweeping landscapes to the way the camera angles helped move the story along, I found myself immersed in a film that I didn't really care about, which was a pretty frustrating experience.

Dull .

1- The film has a dull blue tint.

Boring .

Murder on the Orient Express is a lavish, entertaining film that will grab mainstream audiences in an instant.

-5 stars for a dated and contrived story, for stilted, pretentious dialogue, for seeming small and dull in spite of exotic locations and setting, and for the overpowering, compellingly distracting, scene-hogging, more-screen-time than anything else and often in nearly fill-the-screen closeup, bizarre and completely outlandish mustache of the main character, Hercule Poirot.

The movie is very slow, and it's almost hitting 2 hours long.

  The scenery, costumes and sets are lavish to look at (which is why I would recommend you see this on the big screen) and Branagh's acting take on one of Christie's iconic detectives, Hercule Poirot, is fun and engaging, with a mustache that goes on for days.

Very slow and Branaugh's terrible French accent makes it very difficult to understand at times.

Boring .

A group of excellent actors together with a fine plot and diffuse suspense has made it a good enjoyable movie.

I Saw this movie last night, it was so damn boring and slow I fell asleep twice,if it had not been for me never seeing the 1974 version of this movie and not knowing how the movie ended or who the killer was,I would have left the first time I woke up!!!!

Allthough an enjoyable movie (after the chaotic start), it is not the best version of Murder on the Orient Express.

The pacing is snappy and energetic and at no point feels like its running out of steam.

Kenneth Branagh's portrayal of Hercule Poirot was enjoyable to watch and loyal to his character in the book.

If you HAVE seen the 1974 original, which I refer to as a CLASSIC, stay as far away as you can from any theater showing this waste of time.

This comes off as a low-rent, uneventful Sherlock Holmes rip.

Poirot is only an avatar for the audience who wants to assist in solving an exciting mystery.

As we discover that there are just 12 passengers on the whole train I wondered what happened to all the other empty berths on the other carriages.

Flawless directing, gorgeous cinematography, incredible acting, thrilling mystery, spectacular ending!

When I saw the first film, I knew the ending, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you're not familiar with Christie's Poirot stories or David Suchet's version of Poirot, you might find this film more entertaining than I did.

I for one, thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, these reservations aside, it's an enjoyable night out at the flicks, although a bit of a disappointment from the level of expectation I had for it.

It is very exciting and fun to follow.

I was quite saddened when I walked out of the cinema: it was very hard for me to accept that, while the film was nearly perfect in almost all technical aspects, a film that you could feel that those involved took their effort in making it as perfect as they could, it failed at one of the most important: its pacing.

Don't waste your time on Orient Express and based on the last scene I would pass on Death on the Nile too..

An engaging suspense thriller which fails midway.

pros: good cinematography great line of cast some great written dialogue (at times)cons: stiff acting weak story slow boring pacing with a dull soundtrack

The story is good, the clue that we thinking is very detail, and the first time I watch this, it is very unpredictable.

This rendition of Murder on the Orient Express, even though I haven't read the original material or see the other adaptations, is quite the bore and here is why I just can't get myself to really recommend this movie to anyone.

So incredibly boring.

I went in a group of 3, 2 of us liked it and the 3rd said it was boring and disappointing.

Have decided to buy it, for when I have cases of insomnia.

It's a simple enough story made hard to follow by actors who didn't appear to know their characters.

For the first half of this movie I was right, it was tension filled and entertaining.

Was good for the first 30 minute, then began to feel bored

Boring and overacting .

Very boring.

Lumet's "canon" version never loses momentum despite the play aspects of it, you're intrigued through it all while Branagh reserves some thrills here and there and then it becomes a snooze fest halfway through.

It was unnecessarily slow at points, characters were lacking in a very character centric plot, and it was rushed in areas that was the sustenance.

I cried at the end6.7 is too low of a scoreI got the same emotional overflow when I watched Shawshank Redemption This should rank around 8-9 too Either Perfectionist Agatha Christie's fans or Millennials by disposition lowering the scoreVery enjoyable and heartmoving movie If you haven't read or watched any iteration of Murder on the Orient Express, watch this first

Boring , unnecesary and at the end they are tryin' you to go into a sequel Murder at the Nile.

Of course, no one EVER betters john Gielgud in any role, but I preferred Branagh to Finney, Although AF is a favorite, i found d his Poirot a bit too stodgy and forced.

Unfortunately it was boring.

Ending song while credits rolled, awe inspiring!!

But overall I enjoyed it.

The beginning of the movie is very unexpected because it's very light hearted and funny.

This movie is incredibly boring and as about as much fun as watching paint dry.

As for the film - it is good and entertaining - light entertainment to pass a pleasant evening.

Boredom on the Orient Train-wreck .

Even the story has told many times and you know how it will end, it is still enjoyable to watch this kind of old fashioned drama.

My rating 6 out of 10 Worth Watching

So slow, it can be boring at times and you can easily lose interest on were the story is going next.

I came in expecting an exciting story that would keep us at the edge of our seats, avidly anticipating the solution to the murder.

As I said earlier, I am a fan and enjoyed it enough to buy it on DVD.

Although I prefer the original version, and I'm no fan of Kenneth Brannagh, I still found this enjoyable.

I fell asleep during the film and when I woke up I realized I didn't care about what I missed and it didn't make any difference.

As a huge fan of Agatha Christie, I find myself thrilling by the idea of another movie adaptation of her books, and I was not disappointed by this one.

Sitting through this poorly-done remake of what was previously filmed with style, class, and glamour in 1974 is a waste of time.

Mundane Attempt .

Me and Dino watched this on a park bench next to a guy from Carson City with an IPad he claimed he won "in a church raffle" and I have to say that this piece of mediocrity was far from an enjoyable whodunnit.

I didn't make it till the end of the movie, just first 25 minutes, it is that boring.

Branagh brings a great, thoroughly entertaining Poirot to the screen.

The second act stuff on the train is actually rather well done for the most part, with the dialogue-driven detective 'leg-work' of 'Murder On The Orient Express (2017)' being fairly interesting if a little convenient, but unfortunately the surrounding material is relatively contrived and oddly clichéd, with Poirot occasionally coming across more like Guy Ritchie's version of Sherlock Holmes - complete with almost clairvoyant levels of 'deduction', especially in his few extremely out of place action sequences - than a portly and particular Belgian; the ending is especially disappointing, though this is a fault with the source story more than the flick itself, and leaves things seeming rather empty after its ham-fisted attempt at both haphazardly starting and completing an arc for its perfectionist protagonist, though it doesn't quite sour the film's finer moments - which still shine through the muddy mess that this finale transforms the narrative into - and can't quite ruin what was mostly an intriguing and entertaining journey.

He's more interested in the thematic elements that complicate and layer the truths that Poirot uncovers than crafting a gripping, heart-pounding genre film.

The Alfred Molina modernization is interesting attempt to deal with the "problem of the remake", but is unwatchable.

I considered if it perhaps could be suspenseful enough for children and families to be watched, but the story is too complicated (and boring) to keep the attention of the youth.

Don't waste your money and time!

The movie is excellent and visually stunning!

Also, the plot was slow, slow, slow to develop and I just don't see how you could have a ready made plot line like this, with the star power this movie has, and still do absolutely nothing with it.

These days many movies are so predictable you can recite a line before it's spoken, this is not one of those movies.

I found this version much more compelling than Sidney Lumet's 1974 picture.

A waste of two hours of my life.

The movie makes me fall asleep.

A gripping experience of twists and turns .

Suffice to say, it's extremely unpredictable and could only have been done by Agatha Christie.

this one just felt pointless and unnecessary.

Lumet's directorial skills left me on the edge of my seat for the entire run time of the movie.

Lack of any creativity in the plot; amazing casting but interpretation really modest;main character really poor performance Definitely would not recommend it to someone who is passionate about the detective movies, and who enjoy a good plot with an unexpected final.

The sets are spectacular and the CGI is stunning without being over the top.

Cause that will make this film a total trash and a total waste of time.

Maybe not one for the AC purist, but nonetheless an entertaining film.

Watch Albert Finney, directed by Sidney Lumet, and see how it should be done Don't waste your time on this.

Losing this momentum takes away from the suspense, and sort of gets a yawn if you don't pay close attention to the dialogue.


It was actually moving and engaging enough to provoke tears.

I was disappointed by this movie, because it had a top cast, and undoubtedly a very good crew, but the movie is too static and too boring.

Disappointing dull wordy remake .

The film very well shot and looks exceedingly beautiful, lots of soft blues and whites paint very breathtaking views of the mountains, the CGI does look a touch cartoonish especially on the wide outdoor shots of the city and the train, this makes it very jarring when the very next shot has the practical effects in full view.

Pros: Few well timed laughs, Kenneth Branagh is fantastic, Guessing Twists, Being focused on what is going on Lovely scenery, Great cast and an intense story.

I would love to become a story-writer for movies because intriguing stories develop in my mind all the time (Yes, I am telling the truth, and I am not crazy !!

With this film, we have a rather dull and uninspiring effort that does little to warrant its creation.

The ending was somewhat predictable from me.

A complete waste of time.

Murder on the Orient Express had a great trailer, and it looked promising on paper, but with terrible execution and boring characters, Murder on the Orient Express is an average movie.

Beautifully shot, enjoyable movie.

The film begins with a totally unrelated crime that establishes Poirot's quirky behavioral traits but adds little to the plot, except confusion.

Puffing boredom .

It's that slow.

This movie got off to a VERY slow start… somehow got even SLOWER… and finally climaxed and all came together with like 17 minutes left.

Very entertaining film.

however, it is concluded with a stunning ending that in my opinion can do some amend to salvage the movie.

It's well-made and entertaining at the most.

But one seat remains empty.