Mutant X (2001) - Action, Adventure, Drama

Hohum Score



A fugitive geneticist and four of his "creations" search for others of their kind while attempting to stay a step ahead of a morally ambiguous government agent.

IMDB: 6.1
Stars: Victoria Pratt, Forbes March
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 9 out of 40 found boring (22.5%)

One-line Reviews (22)

Not really a false performance, but dull.

Outside of the action things are no better; the scripts are dire, failing both in terms of plot and pacing, and what passes for each episode's story is so predictable as to be painful.

What a waste of time.

Based on watered down uninteresting x-men rejects...

It's an entertaining show, albeit heavily flawed.

Although it was probably just as flawed as the first, it actually became enjoyable to watch.

all of which have very cliche powers.

The most emotional moments have been tedious stories about someone's childhood friend turning against them or Jesse's father having to be bailed out.

But when they were in a fight, instead of confusing the people mutant x was fighting, she joined in the hand to hand combat.

Karen Cliche is Lexa Pierce (replacing Lauren Smith), a character that can teleport from one place to the other, obviously a copycat of "NightCrawler" from X-MEN.

I read an article about Mutant X on imdb that was titled "good start but needs heart" It featured some waste of life who labeled Xmen fans as "dweebs who obsess over comics".

There isn't one single character to take a liking to, and is too episodic with no real plot development other than running from a supposed villain, who looks like Andy Warhol.

Shalimar Fox, Victoria Pratt, is intense because of her feral nature.

If you're into guys, then this show might be worth watching for the occasional shot of star Victor Webster without a shirt.

I gave this show too many chances and each time it proved more and more tiresome with every episode.

Jesse Kilmartin, Forbes March, is fascinating because of his ability change the nature of his body at will.

This show may not get rave reviews,but I think it's worth watching.

Emma deLauro, Lauren Lee Smith, is intriguing because of her telempathic ability.

Any way, this show is a train wreck; is as good an idea as jumping off a diving board into an empty pool; is like a black hole, it just keeps on sucking...

The story lines of mutant x were excellent it was full of adrenaline and now they have impaired our right to finish a great series.

I don't say it's unwatchable, but in endless see of amazing shows available this one is complete waste of time.

Mutant X, a show so heavily saturated in Xmen its mind boggling, takes place god knows where (even though it's filmed in canada) and features what seems to be an underground group of cliche characters...