My Bloody Valentine (1981) - Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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A decades-old folk tale surrounding a deranged murderer killing those who celebrate Valentine's Day turns out to be true to legend when a group defies the killer's order and people start turning up dead.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: George Mihalka
Stars: Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 21 out of 160 found boring (13.12%)

One-line Reviews (95)

Anyway, all in all an entertaining view.

The Canadian cast are quite entertaining as they actually bring personality to their characters such as Paul Kelman as the unhappy and touchy T.

Valentine's Day is a pretty pointless holiday so it's only normal that it received a pretty worthless slasher picture attached to it.

Which brings me to another gripe, the intro of the film, while entertaining, is leaves one unsatisfied, and realizing it's just a cheap cop out.

I gave this film nine out of ten, because, like I mentioned earlier, I found it quite predictable.

After watching it,I think that it is a very enjoyable slasher film,with fun special effects and a good story.

It's proved to be a delight for many a insomnia-stricken devotee of obscure horror films searching for a nice late-night horror film to divert ourselves with, and this is perfect.

Not as gory as you'd expect (most of the murders take place offscreen), but it's pretty slow and unpleasant.

Despite an opening that promises all to the contrary, "My Bloody Valentine" goes from a merely passable first-wave "Friday the 13th" rip-off (bankrolled by Paramount, even) to a downright enjoyable little slasher with some atmosphere and suspense to accompany the inventive kills.

Stodgy Canadian slasher.

Boring, tedious and not worth your while.

On one hand; it saw the birth of several of the genre's greatest films and many of the most entertaining films that still have historical significance.

Made in Canada during the sub genre's Golden Age this has a great storyline, is well acted with characters that we can actually get into, it's creepy & suspenseful and throws in plenty of gory, imaginative deaths at a good, even pace.

While the double-disc with "April Fools Day" is cheap and still worth watching, you don't really know this film until you've seen it uncut.

Boring slasher rubbish with a good location .

In any case, this was a pretty suspenseful movie.

Tedious slasher that should have been enlivened by its gruesome kills .

The love triangle between the three leads is an intriguing sub-plot and the script is strong enough to allow the characters to work their way into the hearts of viewers.

I saw "My Bloody Valentine" when it played theatrically and I was bored.

These suspenseful scenes are augmented by the fine action throughout here with all the chasing, encounters and a thrilling pickax battle that reads a lot like a sword-fight, a marvelously designed and wholly chilling killer and plenty of gruesome deaths to really round out the film's positives.

The local boogey man legend, the doom saying old timers, and the post coital murders are all present but so is a rather original setting (the mines), a compelling love triangle and a somewhat earnest take on a working class dead end town.

The film offers all the usual trappings: scares, gore, a little nudity, teenagers (comprising the romantic triangle and the inevitable obnoxious clown), state/law officials, a childhood trauma, an old-timer's warnings going unheeded by the kids, etc. As such, it's no worse (or better) than many of its ilk - at least among the few that I've watched myself - but the mining-town setting does provide novelty value and a little atmosphere (though the sight of the masked pickaxe-wielding murderer, whose identity isn't too hard to guess by the way, eventually grows tiresome!

This is one enjoyable cult film that is not to be missed!

Slow and unpleasant 'Bloody Valentine' .

I would highly recommend it to horror fans who appreciate this era in horror filmmaking.

Director George Mihalka ably delivers a solid offering filled with few neat strokes (superb shadow work) and as well he keeps a fairly snappy pace and while John Beaird's story is conventional and derivative to the bone, it still contains some interest because it plays the clichés with plenty aplomb, even the reactions seem plausible and develops into an amusing ending.

That the second half tends to really ramp up the suspense factor from this early set-up enables a near non-stop amount of tense and thrilling stalking scenes throughout the party upstairs and the mine-tunnels below, as both manage absolutely fantastic scenes that follow a pretty simple pattern.

Whilst it still revels in the tropes of the slasher genre 'My Bloody Valentine' is a solid, entertaining and slightly different film which should be enjoyed by fans as well as the casual viewer.

Definitely worth watching, it's just very frustrating as a film goer that My Bloody Valentine could have been even better without the interference of an outside body only interested in censorship & a distribution company only interested in money.

A lot of time in the early part of the movie is spent on a love triangle which is kind of dull and outside of the trio involved almost not time is spent on developing the other characters.

So many clichés, too predictable.

It doesn't really stand out from the slasher flicks of the early 80's too much, but it's enjoyable enough.

This movie was so boring we actually started having teddy say lines that Teddy never even said such as "The south shall rise again!

As a tragic accident involving five miners getting trapped, as their supervisors left early to get to the dance.

Granted, the kills were kind of fun and it wasn't excruciating, just nauseatingly boring.

It's one of the few films from the much maligned (and yet, enjoyable) era to actually hold up to today's standards (for the most part).

I highly recommend it.

Valentine's Bluff is a dreary working class town with a single industry, the mines, to keep it going.

It's one of my favorite slashers, not without small flaws, but still entertaining and better than most the 80's had to offer.

i think i actually did pass out for 10 minutes, only to wake up and found out NOTHING happened.

The picture is a sleek production with average budget and packs genuine chills , suspense , tension , head-slitting and shocks ; it turns out to be a terror-thriller very exciting .

This pointless holiday deserves a good slasher film.

Not much, but they seem a little realer than their bland US brethren from other slasher movies.

"My Bloody Valentine" was Canada's answer to the success of "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween II," and as the old cliche goes: Imitation is often the best form of flattery.

However, when I first watched the film, I found it to be quite predictable up until the ending.

SPOILERS:The final showdown between TJ,Sarah and the killer is very thrilling...

The set-up for the murders is a nifty twist on the usual mad killer formula, and placing the second half of the film deep underground in seemingly endless mine-shafts creates a gloomy and claustrophobic atmosphere that serves the largely predictable affair well.

A good thing to try to attempt in this genre, but I think this film goes about it the wrong way, resulting in many boring and drug-out scenes between the heroine and her two love interests.

The original "My Bloody Valentine" is a tedious and utterly unexceptional slasher flick.

Kills that were rendered confusing in the "R" version are now presented in all their unrated glory in the Special Edition, and set-pieces like one poor lass being turned into a human shower head and a meddling prankster getting his eye gouged out by a well-placed pick-axe, both nearly absent from the original release, are played out in their entirety.

The outcome of the love triangle is rather predictable along with everything else.

The love triangle between TJ (Paul Kelman), Axel (Neil Affleck), and Sarah (Lori Hallier) was done very well and made for an engaging watch.

It may only be a minor blip in the history of horror, but it is worth watching for a good time.

Just as the use of 3D lifted the status of the MBV remake from mediocre (6/10) to very entertaining (7.5/10), so the reinstatement of several very gruesome scenes of gore cut by the MPAA transform the original movie from what was just a reasonably fun effort into one of the most effective slashers of the 80s.

It's so entertaining it keeps you waiting on the edge of your seat, which alot of horror movies lack.

The death scenes are much more detailed and graphic, but either version is worth watching for the flourish that the director and his cast and crew have imbued into this little horror gem.

Despite that, My Bloody Valentine is very entertaining to fans of slasher films; the film has a creepy mood all the way, decent actors and some top notch set pieces that are sure to give you a jolt on occasion.

The ending is good, you may guess it, but still good, and what truly makes the film worth watching is the song that plays during the end credits.

The deaths, while obviously edited, are very effective and intense, especially the laundry room sequence.

He is right in acknowledging the fact that the amount of money a producer would spend on such a performer just to see him get splattered on the wall is an entirely pointless exercise.

In its original "R" rated incarnation, MBV is a tedious and tame mess that is bound to be a disappointment, since genre fans have a right to expect a movie with "Bloody" in the title to feature at least a modicum of gore.

" Perhaps if released in the late 1980's, or even the 1990's, George Mihalka's My Bloody Valentine would've been a film many slasher fans would've sneered at; it would've likely been a film dismissed as "more of the same" in a genre unwilling to subvert its more predictable principles to become something greater.

I highly recommend it over the severely mediocre remake.

It definitely trounces empty-headed imitators like "The Prowler.

This is a formulaic slasher film, playing on the premise of a local legend of a homicidal minor.

However, 'My Bloody Valentine' is bitterly disappointing in that, despite its high regard among many slasher fans, it simply trots out the format related above in the blandest and most uninspiring of ways.

the original much more of a hometown , slower paced.. this movie has much more gorier kills than the new one.

I like that fact that George Mihalka was able to infuse a relatively suspenseful plot to compensate for the gruesome killing.

If it was bloodier, it would still be a boring slasher...

While it isn't a cinematic masterpiece, it's extremely good (and entertaining) considering the type of film that it is, and contains enough little interesting touches to put it ahead of its fellow slasher counterparts.

And as for the ending, it all just felt way too predictable once I got half way through, it just didn't feel satisfying.

But other than that this was a fairly entertaining film and I rate it as slightly above average.

But the thing I hated most about it that it's too predictable.

Hey,but if nothing else,you get a nice little intriguing whodunit, right?

This is a customary splatter plenty of grisly killing , thrills , gruesome shocks , nauseating chills and quite entertaining .

Or the scene at the laundromat), the villain looks creepy and the cinematography is excellent (which is unusual for slashers) but the story/script is awful, the characters are boring, the gore in low, the music is forgettable, and the ending is really silly.

I also love the claustrophobic setting of the rustic mining town and the final act which takes place underground, making for some very suspenseful and creepy moments.

This easily could have been a great slasher, since there are many characters (= wide selection of ingenious killing methods), but instead it became a boring and overall bloodless thriller.

It was suspenseful and gory with lots of surprises to make you jump.

Tedious Slasher .

The easygoing feel of the town (almost stephen king-esque) is rocked by a holiday slasher, climaxing with an exciting chase through the mineshaft with few survivors.

Naturally, the resulting film is just as pointless as all the other slashers, not to mention the day itself.

The mine setting, with its underground tunnels has a closed in look that ads unexpected atmosphere.

However, a Special Edition DVD release of this modest whodunnit restores nearly 3 minutes of previously excised footage, and the updated version proves to be a pleasantly entertaining addition to the splatter canon.

There are very suspenseful moments and a few really good scares.

They proved themselves up to the challenge and have delivered a thoroughly entertaining movie that still holds up well over 30 years later.

And the compelling backstory he was given is intriguing as well.

Granted it's not nearly as terrible as Grim Reaper or (shudder) Dark Harvest 2: The Maize, But it's still an awful, boring movie.

A mining town(..the kind of place where dreams die a slow, agonizing death)plagued by the memory of a deranged psychotic, Harry Warden, who murdered several folks he held responsible for the methane explosion that killed his fellow workers and buried him alive.

Cheesy at times, but actually quite atmospheric and enjoyable .

The score is very good, a mix of thrilling sounds with early 80's dance.

i nearly fell asleep at two points.

Unless, of course, you love seeing dumb teens being picked off by a dull killer.

This is a pretty Fun movie and its very suspenseful and has a few creepy moments too and i thought the look of the killer was quite creepy!

And keeps you on the edge of your seat.