My Sister's Keeper (2009) - Drama, Family

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Anna Fitzgerald looks to earn medical emancipation from her parents who until now have relied on their youngest child to help their leukemia-stricken daughter Kate remain alive.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Stars: Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin
Length: 109 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 26 out of 201 found boring (12.93%)

One-line Reviews (77)

Those books I have read have in common a powerful motor to drive the story and fine writing, but I find them such an intense experience that it is difficult for me to read them in quick succession.

It runs 109 minutes long (perfect time, thank GOD it's not as long, dragged out and dreadful as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).

Once again, he did what he does best,tearjerkers, films that play with emotions,intense stories which one cannot feel indifferent to.

Worth the watch if you can stomach it.

If you think you've heard some awful, trite and just completely ancillary narration in your time, think again.

It is a moving film in a delicate theme about family issues that crosses the line of right and wrong, and the rights one has over the other in order to save other, tough subject that is presented in a good way in some moments, in others it was a tear jacker melodrama with unbearable moments of selfishness (delivered by Diaz and Breslin characters), limitless things on the story itself.

Bored senseless...

Sometimes that can be very confusing because the passes are not always visible.

Characters are dull and have barely any actual realism to them; the same goes for the characters' relations and interactions with one another (Kate and her "boyfriend" come across as cheesy, unlikeable and totally forced; only distracting us further from the main story).

Same boring drivel .

Adding the predictable tear-jerkers, like a perfect day at the beach with your family - just before you die.

Definitely worth watching, although I didn't cry (And I don't in most films anyway) a had a lump in my throat...

Interesting, entertaining and sad.

Anyways, at first i thought the movie was kind of boring and had the urge to stop it.

A very matured and intense performance.

As it stands now, it's just another predictable ending.

And, ultimately, the potentially fascinating court case is pretty much skimmed over in pursuit of the mawkish story of a dying child.

We really felt like we were witnessing an intense family tragedy.

So when I see 'My sister's keeper', I cry, yes, but I don't like the movie, I find it a bit off, and way too long, me who is able to watch the long version of 'Dances with wolves' without moving!

In comparison to the book, I left the book at the cinema door and enjoyed it as an almost separate story.

What a waste of time.

The lines seemed way too cliché and predictable.

This is the best and unpredictable part from this movie.

The book however ended with the unexpected twist of the healthy donor sister, Anna, dying, and the dying sister, Kate, surviving off of Anna's kidney donation.

The montages become so redundant and so repetitive they almost derail the film from providing more sentimental scenes.

It was touching and entertaining and at the same time invoked a certain uplifting spirit.

I almost walked out of the theater.

In the end it is an all too American movie; pulling it's punches, avoiding emotional confrontation, and letting us all off the hook from having to leave the theater wrestling with real life issues.

This movie is so well done and with such a compelling and heart-wrenching story coupled with the superb acting of all the cast, particularly Cameron Diaz and Sofia Vassilieva, that both my wife and I were spellbound.

The film is ingratiating, and at other times a bore, and when it gets really amped up with the drama (re: the big courtroom battle between mother and daughter on the stand) one pines for the days of Stanley Kramer for his subtlety (ho-ho).

I'll just say it: this movie is pretty boring.

Taken as it is however, My Sister's Keeper is a compelling and oft heart-breaking portrayal of love—not death—that leaps off the screen thanks to an entire ensemble of wonderful performances and just enough restraint to avoid negating the experience to one of melodramatic folly.

Absololutely gripping .

Very worth watching along with the entire family.

Same boring story that you see 24/7 on Lifetime Network that my wife watches religiously.

The book was very enjoyable.

I went into My sister's keeper expecting to be bored, or to fall asleep or to sit there analyzing every little detail about the film.

While there are large portions of director Nick Cassavetes' movie here that uplift (potently so) and lighten the spirit, much like life's tougher paths the journey is one burdened with pain, confusion and conflict.

It was disjointed and jumbled and made no sense.

This was probably the most emotional, gripping, heart wrenching movie I've ever seen.

Admittedly a fascinating premise, this plods along tolerably focusing way more on the cancer experience than the ethical conundrums that we came to see.

The acting was stunning.

Don't waste your time.

All in all, it's definitely a kind of movie that is worth watching - just to give some food for thoughts.

It's predictable with no plot or climax.

A great deal of potential put to one side and abandoned in pursuit of (in story terms) the mundane, in my view.

The cinematography is bland and ugly (I did not like the overuse of the soft golden lighting).

I don't really cry during films, but I literally cried from start to finish and left the theater, among an audience in the same condition as me, with a face more swollen from crying than if I got stung by a thousand bees.

These characters were so inconsistent that any attempt at exploring them was pointless.

-Jesse was a totally different character and uninteresting in the movie.

I'm here to explain how this movie is compelling, realistic, and above all moving.

Needless to say, it was breathtaking.

the books ending which makes Anna case against the family even more compelling because she died even though she won her case.

In the book the cliché ending of the cancer patient dying is bypassed because Anna doesn't have to be hurt for Kate to get her lifesaving kidney.

And besides of that,Cassavettes shows us various languid sequences filmed in a stop motion and accompanied by plangent music.

Why did the director choose to go with the predictable?!

Here also he portrays the intense moral battle going on inside the father, Brian Fitzgerald (Jason Patric) & the gloomy brother Jesse Fitzgerald (Evan Ellingson) who is battling with himself about what is right & wrong.

Essentially, what she attempts to tackle is delicate subject matter, but handles it with carelessness and a heavy hand, thus resulting in a cliché-ridden mess...

However, the end of the book was stunning, and I don't understand why they felt the need to change the end of the movie.

One, it's unexpected.

the fact that Kate dies is predictable and Sara's character in the book is very different from the one in the film, in the novel Anna dies, it is a painless death, how she went from healthy to on the verge of death in one page shows how death is unpredictable on the other hand Kate looks like a corps, you already know she is dead before she actually is.

You know a movie has cheesy writing when you can smell the cliché from a metric mile away.

I found it original and intriguing.

I think the book's ending may have felt too contrived in the movie, and really not answered any questions.

Before I watch this movie, I read the reviews to make sure it's worth watching.

There is a heightened rate of lively drama which makes this movie so intriguing to watch.

Fact: Life is unpredictable.

but this one was entertaining as it progressed.

She has the most compelling melodrama in a teen romance.

I highly recommend the book, but don't waste your money or time on this "movie".

" ugh, you would have to drag me to see that stupid, predictable, chick tear-jerker movie!...

By all means, let's go for cliché.

She has so many mind blowing scenes in this film I hope they remember her at Oscar time.

" However, the whole plot is very foreseeable since Kate's disease is developing, the whole family is trying to seize each moment which they spend together, trying to make Kate's life as enjoyable as they can.

While it seemed contrived, the author was doing it to make a point.

The plot is well written, gripping and exposes that even motherly love can be irrationally destructive.

Also, I get tired of Hollywood propaganda.