My Spy (2020) - Action, Comedy, Family

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A hardened CIA operative finds himself at the mercy of a precocious 9-year-old girl, having been sent undercover to surveil her family.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Peter Segal
Stars: Dave Bautista, Chloe Coleman
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 17 out of 227 found boring (7.48%)

One-line Reviews (125)

Make the film unwatchable!

but still enjoyable.

This is a very entertaining film.

But the story is predictable.

Also there are some funny LOL moments that are unexpected and flashes of brilliance.

One of the most featured aspects of the film is the pair of Coleman and Bautista who bring a very diverse form of comedy that makes the film feel very lighthearted and enjoyable throughout.

Dave Bautista ("JJ") turns in quite an engaging performance is this third-hand version of the burly agent meets child with single parent mother drama.

Very funny and good movie and it's entertaining and it's a nice family movie and i recommend it to all other families

Light and entertaining .

It was an enjoyable movie that would be great for a family with middleschoolers.

Okay, if you're a movie critic, you may have a ball with this movie, but if youre looking to laugh and have an entertaining time, this is a great way to do that.

Similar movies have been made, but it's still pretty entertaining and endearing

Don't waste your time.

At first, I thought this would be--at least--as decent as Paul Feig's Spy (2015): decent story, standout and likable characters, quite intense action with a pretty smooth plot, good drama, an action comedy that is actually funny and entertaining.

The movie didn't have many action scenes but that wasn't the main focus, but the action sequences that we got at the beginning and end where actually entertaining and well executed for a comedy, and they were proper scenes with humour taking a back seat so this was good.

Very entertaining .

Its light, entertaining, and somewhat meaningful even just a little because so many similar movie like this.


Light-hearted, predictable, very unrealistic, but totally enjoyable!!

Everything else is just boring, predictable cheesy drama, not even close to being a solid action comedy.

Well worth watching.

The comedy moments are also somewhat predictable if you are familiar with these kinds of comedy movies.

Formulaic .

I give it a 10 just for how watchable and entertaining this is.

I really enjoyed it.

Complete waste of time .

but totally enjoyable.

We both thought it was cute and enjoyable, despite the many negative reviews we've seen online.

Very Cliche .

Chloe Coleman was awesome & the film was very enjoyable.

But this movie is clearly a kids movie (not like say, Star Wars, which was made for adults, though kids enjoyed it).

I didn't have high hopes for My Spy after seeing the trailer but walked out pleasantly surprised at how a completely unoriginal film could be so enjoyable.

A good family spy movie worth the watch.

Gets boring a lot .

It boasts a fast pace and a few exciting action sequences, so it has all the ingredients to be a fun, entertaining film.

Meanwhile, it made me forget how intense 2020 has been for a hot minute, so I appreciate the effort.

Super predictable.

The script, written by Jon and Erich Hoeber, is complete nonsense, but it's the best nonsense it can be and provides entertaining viewing.

While most viewers will be able to see where the film is heading; the enjoyable cast and the chemistry between them makes the movie rise above standard family comedies.

but it's entertaining and self-aware.

As a film it feels very safe and formulaic.

The movie isn't exactly "Fifty shades of amazing" as one of the character says in the film, but it was still super entertaining and made my tired husband laugh MANY times.

Entertaining, a lot of funny moments and it's not a boring movie at all, like a lot of one's of this type.

The relationships between each character develop in a formulaic, cliche manner.

I knew what I was in for going in, but it was entertaining and better than expected.

"My Spy" is nothing original but still manages to be filled with action, sweet at its core and entertaining.

Fun family and entertaining .

A funny family movie that was enjoyable to watch.

I like his 'more entertaining' work in Get Smart (2008).

Had some laughs but is very predictable.

My Spy was entertaining starting till end.

Formulaic and not funny.

For people familiar with such films, this film can quickly become predictable.

I watched Cop And A Half: The New Recruit a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, so I have been looking forward to this since I first saw the trailer.

The movie was also very predictable, you could tell what was going to happen throughout and sadly the film never did anything about it with nothing particularly surprising or nothing that you couldn't see coming before it happened.

Cute, fun, and entertaining.

My Boring, Redundant, Done that Already Spy .

You know what you are getting but it's still entertaining .

I laughed, I cried, I sat on the edge of my seat.

An enjoyable film to finish off the school holidays!

This kind of movie never gets an Oscar or a 10 rating, still it is on my top 5 of most enjoyable movies the last year.

He was very funny in his interactions with younger kids and his awkwardness with women and people in general was very entertaining to watch, he also showed a hint of versatility with the emotional side of his character as well.

Story The plot is enjoyable enough, it s really sweet to see the main characters bond and you care about their relationship and it is nice to see.

enjoyable .

Overall this is a good family movie, heartwarming even just a little, enjoyable from start to end...

Mr. 9: It got really boring in the middle because there was no action happening.

Gets boring as you chew it.

Too many boring conversation, and overuse scene!

In a lot of these 'kids teaching adults to be kids' films the child usually comes across as bratty and unlikeable but Coleman finds a great balance of clever, likeable and entertaining which Mr. 9 and I really found appealing.

My Spy is exactly what it intended to be, and it checks the four famous boxes: it's a cheesy, predictable, cliche, formulaic genre film that, while it doesn't bring anything remotely unique to the realm of movies, it's still fun to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Entire film full of boring conversation, and overuse scene!

It's pretty formulaic.

It's worth the watch just to see Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman together.

Sorry to say but this film just got extremely boring very quickly as the story is very predictable, after reading the above you can probably guess most of it.

Hilarious, entertaining, great acting .

Overall, I found the beginning and end of the movie to be a bit dry and cheesy while the middle part was quite enjoyable to watch.

It was like the film knew it was predictable, so it incorporated this into the jokes.

Very cute and entertaining movie.

My Spy isn't the best film you'll watch this year, far from it, but for me it was a fun film to watch during another boring day in quarantine.

Despite all that, this was still an enjoyable time for me.

Unexpected Win .

Many laughs Very Enjoyable Family Film .

The story is fairly simple, sometimes even predictable, there aren't any big moments you will still remember in a few years, there is no 'real espionage action" which you might hope for and of course you could have done more with it.

The story line was a bit predictable, but enjoyable.

No, it's not an Oscar winning movie, yes it has cliche stuff...

We are not professional movie reviewers or anything like that but absolutely enjoyed all the different emotions in this movie, it was Charming, Comical, Witty, Action Packed, Heart Warming, Suspenseful, and more!

I'd rather watch paint dry than a formulaic rehash like this.

Way too long, not very exciting and honestly nothing new, just the same story re hashed again and again and again.

Let me start out by saying that this is predictable.

Emotional and entertaining .

But overall, this old, retired guy and the wife enjoyed it.

Things take an unexpected turn when the precocious Sophie figures out that their apartment is loaded with surveillance gear and soon tracks it to an adjacent apartment and confronts JJ and Bobbi.

But even the movie is aware that it uses every cliche of a spy and a child topic to create something "new".

Very funny and Entertaining .

Also can give feels at certain scene while sarcastic funny is really entertaining.

Love the connection between JJ and Sophie - funny, entertaining and some good action scenes.

I really enjoyed it this movie.

I didn't find any acting flaws, or flaws of any other type; it was just, simply, entertaining!

I found a lot of the scenes with them to be really enjoyable and fun as we see Sophie get JJ to start opening up and begin to have a normal life as he teaches her some things about how to be a spy.

I find it pretty enjoyable, some really funny moments, i laughed many times.

Overall fun entertaining weekend movie for whole family.

It's predictable and adorable.

They make this film worth watching.

Overall, a cute enjoyable movie that your Family will enjoY.

I am an old guy, so this is not my type of movie, but this one was quite engaging.

Watched this movie with my whole family and it was hilarious, exciting and just a great time.

I enjoyed it.

It was funny, touching and just an entertaining watch!

In many reviews, they keep repeating "it is cliche" ...

The action scene also very messy and slow!

Lots of laughs and very exciting, just like a wrestling match, so it works that one of the best wrestlers in the biz is the star of it.

Since the movie is all about building connections to the characters as they develop, the first third of the movie feels very dry.

Cute and entertaining .

Although this film was nothing new, it was very entertaining.

It's pretty predictable.

Movie is empty nothing really happening the comedy is also empty.

A wonderful exciting film to watch friends and or your family.

Movie is predictable still enjoyable.

Yes it's predictable but so is every James bond film, yes it's clichéd and been seen in other films but so has most of today's moviesLikeable characters and a fun plot, easy to watch and thoughrally entertaining and funny.

Corny start, middle and ending and honestly just a waste of time.

I give my generous 3 stars for the warm lil family vibe--despite its predictable cliche.

Worth watching.

Enjoyed it .

I saw this movie on opening weekend and enjoyed it very much.

I'm shocked at the low score, this movie was very entertaining!