My Week with Marilyn (2011) - Biography, Drama

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Colin Clark, an employee of Sir Laurence Olivier, documents the tense interaction between Olivier and Marilyn Monroe during the production of The Prince and the Showgirl (1957).

Director: Simon Curtis
Stars: Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 28 out of 228 found boring (12.28%)

One-line Reviews (149)

The film has a tendency to drag in the more intimate scenes with Monroe and Clark, which does suffer from occasional disjointed-ness, some trite moments and lack of chemistry at times.

She goes for all of that in this role, but the script is so expository and contrived (with bits and pieces from other sources that are thrown in to make sure we get it).

Overall, My Week with Marilyn is a good movie and Michelle Williams's performance is worth watching.

So confusing.

I wanted to enjoy the movie, but the plot was a bit boring for my taste.

In each scene, she may screw things up and leave them in unimaginable disorder, but she's slow and deliberate.

But just like the boring "dates" of Marilyn and Redmayne's character, it came to nothing.

Watching it was tiresome itself.

Michele Williams Makes This Worth Watching.

I urge people to write this off to Hollywood film by boardroom, produced by a man with proven infantile sexual maturity, and watch the films this film is about, plus deeper documentary material about these incredibly fascinating people.

Adrian Hodges' screenplay was exemplary with the Monroe and Olivier scenes, but bored a tad with the Monroe and Clark scenes.

Similar to The Artist, one aspect of My Week with Marilyn I found to be especially fascinating was the narrative it employed about the tensions between "old" and "new" Hollywood – or rather classical vs.

Eddie Redmayne shines in the lead role, but the performances of Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh as they play Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier are simply breathtaking, they lived and breath these characters, their mannerisms are very accurate and they're unrecognizeable, they deserve any award they received for this film.

The story is quite engaging, and whether it's true or not, it squares with other accounts of Marilyn's mixed up behaviour.

too boring for me .

Troubled people are even more likely to do the unexpected.

But as it is, My Week with Marilyn is an incredibly enjoyable, sort of intriguing "dramedy" that's one of the most light-hearted and likable films of the year.

Despite top-notch acting, a bit bland...

I thought the movie was very well done and was a great period piece as well as a highly entertaining drama.

Nevertheless, My Week with Marilyn didn't leave me very satisfied, because of its weak direction and structural problems in the screenplay which make the film occasionally disjointed and not very credible.

Overall good film with themes of love, attraction, coming of age and a lasting memory and a big treat is watching the performance of Michelle Williams who's take and look of Marilyn is as close as it gets to the real thing.

Overall, beautiful setting, costume design, and a thoroughly believable love affair between Redmayne and William's characters, all add up to a captivating, beautiful film, which I feel will be looked upon in years to come, as a sensitive and inciteful look into the life of Hollywood's most intriguing superstar.

What I liked is that the movie showed the character and fragility of Monroe rather than the stunning star.

If you want to see a film based on a factual event, the making of a rather dull 1950s film directed by an actor whose career was in decline this film holds up well.

Williams delivers a compelling performance that simultaneously addresses the many reactions that Marilyn has evoked over the years.

It swiftly moves onto Colin asserting himself into the film industry which is made both admirable and entertaining through a montage of scenes.

and she did it brilliantly, bridging the subtle tightrope between overt imitation and the inner Marilyn with stunning clarity.. I found myself delightfully lost in her characterization, completely losing myself in her phenomenal understanding for the pathos involved in the character.

Eye-popping cinematic dreams turned into stale movie cliché .

It is to appreciate that someone takes these acting icons and tries to show us real people--but to not direct them to give us the spark that makes these stars interesting even still, is inexcusable and, ultimately, dull filmmaking.

If this was really what she was like then she must have been a little tiresome it has to be said.

"My week with Marilyn" is very enjoyable, more so than the film which it is about.

I wouldn't say that it's not sort of an Oscar-baity film, since this is Marilyn, Weinstein, and Williams were talking about, but it still feels completely enjoyable.

an easy mundane week.. .

However, there is very little plot and the story is predictable in every way.

Entertaining .

But it is entertaining, compelling, at times heartwarming and at times heartbreaking.

That being said, My Week with Marilyn remains an entertaining and interesting film, illuminating some parts of the enigmatic life behind the celebrity Marilyn Monroe and doing so with the help of a superb actress at its core.

The subtext of a woman whose main attribute is her sexuality, who only achieves based on her attraction to men, is sublimated to endlessly dull scenes of a vapid actress trying to recite lines on a movie set, with some lackluster comic relief tacked on gratuitously.

This is a very nice and entertaining movie without too much artsy pretension.

The film is bookended by Williams' fearlessly entertaining takes on the Monroe classics, Irving Berlin's "Heat Wave" and Harold Arlen's "That Old Black Magic" (although completely out of their original context).

She's bland and uninteresting.

There seems to be an aversion to using cinematic style, as if it is vulgar somehow and so many of our productions fall into the category that My Week With Marilyn finds itself – cosy, nostalgic and ultimately a little boring.

)Williams' singular performance is breathtaking and will simply blow you away.

I think the plot of "My Week with Marilyn" as such was sweet & predictable, resting largely on what some of us already know about the debacles on the set of "The Prince and the Showgirl," and there were no surprises there.

My Week With Marilyn is a thought-provoking and engrossing film that looks at fame and its consequences.

Even though the ladder is highly unlikely, it was fascinating to watch Colin & Marilyn spend time together.

I should mention, I have seen The Prince and the Showgirl starring the real actors and actresses, it is a film worth watching, and certainly one for dedicated Monroe fans.

Anyone who has read biographies of Monroe will see through this film early, and become bored with the whitewash.

In real life (my life at least) people do unexpected things.

The film is insightful and a really intriguing biographical portrait of a star gone too soon.

In the view of many in our film industry its what sets our films apart and makes the great but quite honestly in my opinion it's what makes British films so tedious and disappointingly safe.

Besides the acting job by her, the movie is very good and is very much worth watching if you are a fan of bio-pics.

It's also evocative of the period.

The first 20 minutes of a film are long enough to have a spectator either stay in their seat and relish the rest of the film or walk out of the theatre due to boredom or a lack of interest generated from the film.

What's tiresome is that the myth never seems to change a bit.

What made this movie so enjoyable are definitely the stunning impersonations by Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh as Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier respectively.

"My Week With Marilyn" succeeds by entertaining us the way films used to be made; by focusing on great characters and great performances instead of the visual gimmicks of special effects.

Dull .

But don't expect much from this movie, it's a pretty bland show.

" Very entertaining.

The many problems on the set caused by Marilyn's neuroses were beyond annoying and I grew tired of them and frustrated with the repetitive plot.

That same stereotyped image attached to a score of movie clichés: tabloid proclamations, banality, hackneyed emotion diffused into TV soap.

She was, in the final analysis, only human; the product of her childhood which was empty of love and absent parental care.

While undoubtedly the most exciting thing that ever happened to him, it's more of an anecdote than a feature film.

The cinematography is evocative of '50's Eastman emulsions and lighting techniques, and that seemed neither to add nor detract.

It's decent, nice, entertaining.

This film turned out to be touching and charming, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, once the characters are established, there is really no story here to hold one's interest.

Anyway, the something 1,5 hours pass fast, moreover, it is fascinating to peek how films were made in the 1950ies and what happened beyond the shootings.

The main problem with it outside of the empty script was how poorly paced it all was.

'MY WEEK WITH MARILYN': Four Stars (Out of Five) Michelle Williams is more stunning and beautiful than ever in her best performance to date playing the iconic Marilyn Monroe (in which she was nominated for an Academy Award and won a Golden Globe, for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy)!

Curtis had some great actors to work with in this film, but I just felt the movie moved to slow.

Michelle Williams is fantastic as Marilyn Monroe and very enjoyable to watch.

The storytelling drags occasionally, but is also very entertaining and heartfelt with the scenes with Monroe and Laurence Olivier being particularly intriguing and well done.

The wallowing, self-pitying Marilyn with a streak of manipulation comes off just okay, but becomes tedious with the repetitive and slow script.

Incredibly enjoyable and light-hearted .

FINAL VERDICT: Don't waste your time.

Yet, the young actress does something quite unexpected in capturing the essence of Monroe's wounded psyche for all its frailties and doing a convincing job of conveying the public Marilyn for all her breathy sensuality in this modest 2011 showbiz tale.

But whatever the case, I found this movie to be slow, but surprisingly enjoyable.

Result: My Week with Marilyn is supposed to be a biographical drama, but unfortunately which turns into a romantic drama with love, romance, desire, emotional conflicts, tragedy, fun, desire, fame, glamour, entertainment, colorful, brilliant performance and its worth watching.

Kenneth Branagh was quite evocative of Olivier, even if he doesn't look that much like him.

no story ,nothing to watch .

But Michelle Williams performance as Marylin is just stunning.

It's a quite bland movie, with a bland story and characters in it.

Despite a somewhat slow pace at times I adored the movie for those qualities.

Redmayne is so bland as the fellow whose memoir inspired the film that it's hard to believe that Monroe would have anything to do with him.

This is a story which is empowered by the intriguing binary opposition created in the narrative, the classic binary opposition of love versus hate, where tensions boil and relationships sour.

In this movie she's absolutely stunning and has never been better.

I thought it was boring.

Williams and Branaugh make this worth watching .

As for the rest of the film, My Week with Marilyn thinks a little too small for me, but as entertaining as it is, I enjoyed myself.

While the subplot between Colin and wardrobe assistant, Lucy (Emma Watson), is shortchanged for the Colin-Marilyn relationship, the film as a whole is just a fascinating marvel for a lover of film history.

And, of course, already starting down the path to physical ruin by taking pills to sleep, pills to stay awake, pills to exist.

How accurate the happenings are in question, but nevertheless, entertaining and enlightining.

It is a riveting look at the experience of working in a different environment in Britain, alongside Sir Laurence Olivier, undertaken by her.

It is also a compelling and well-told story of the making of a film and of the competing personalities and agendas involved.

My Week With Marilyn is a biopic that works so efficiently due to the bravado acting of its stars and a highly entertaining script about the makings of a movie.

My Week With Marilyn is an easy mundane week which is forgettable as soon as you are off screen.

And I feel bad for Williams because she was handed such a bland script that was focused more on a boys rise to the film industry than shedding light on the most exciting woman of film.

Williams gives an uncanny impersonation of the late cinematic sex icon with some lovely nuances and skin-deep neuroses cum demons and is the best aspect of this otherwise dull exercise in biopics thru an observer (to with Clark's memoir adapted by Adrian Hodges and directed limply by Simon Curtis proves what a bore the story is otherwise).

Williams' Empathetic Take on Marilyn Trumps the Evocative Film's More Superficial Elements .

It was breathtaking to watch.

I encourage you to take the time to see My Week with Marilyn for the critically overlooked Branagh performance as Olivier and an overall enjoyable movie.

So because we already know that Marily was not just a sparkling movie star and because this is all so widely familiar and with its own widely referenced myth and iconography, the only reason to make this into a film is that you have come up with some unique angle that sheds new unexpected light into the thing.

Summary An excellent performance from Williams, far more enjoyable than one might have been led to believe.

The acting was wonderful, but the story felt like it lacked a clear climax and the second act dragged.

The story is somewhat fascinating for film buffs and Monroe fans.

Only the film takes a coming of age story turn as Colin has a crush on Mrs. Monroe, and this young man is giving a time of his life with encounters and meetings with Mrs. Monroe .

When the stunning American actress steps onto the set, everyone is set aback by her, including the young Clark.

It is nothing more than an awful, insulting cliche.

At the very least, it was an very entertaining and moving night at the movies.

Michelle Williams is more stunning and beautiful than ever.

It is bittersweet and evocative of a golden age of Hollywood.

However, I found My Week with Marilyn moderately entertaining, mainly because of the extraordinary performances.

Although the most egregiously miscast are Dougray Scott as Arthur Miller, Dominic Cooper as Milton Greene, and plodding Julia Ormond as ethereal Vivien Leigh, NONE of the actors convincingly portray the real persons they are supposed to be.

The first half was quick, exciting and enjoyable, but once they began to really introduce Marilyn it became this tedious process of doing practically the same thing over and over again.

The end may have been a little fanciful, but very entertaining.

Nearly gave it a 9 but settled for an 8 as it has a slight tendency to slowness, which is a strange juxtaposition to the adrenaline-paced week of the title!

It was a stunning performance.

The dialog comes off as trite.

The film follows the diary very closely and makes for a thoroughly entertaining film.

One of the things this film sheds light on is just how tiresome Marilyn's insecurities were to the people close to her.

The film doesn't add up to much, but it's entertaining enough, and it does do a good job of portraying the quality about Monroe that has always been most prevalent for me when watching her on screen -- that melancholic sadness that makes her seem like a vulnerable little girl wrapped in a sex bomb's body.

A "ho hum" movie with a long drawn out ending .

Nuanced channeling of screen legend works well with breezy, coming of age backdrop .

7 of 10 enjoyable

But unless you are a cinephile or a huge follower of the late actress, and not terribly offended by a film that points out her downfalls , this film will be just as enjoyable on DVD.

I read THE PRINCE, THE SHOWGIRL, AND ME by Colin Clark only two or three years back, and it was an enjoyable enough book.

I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

That film was also a big cliche, of sorts, and I was disappointed for many of the same reasons.

The story-line itself is predictable and focusing on strong feelings and intrigues during the making of the 1957 film The Prince and the Showgirl, which starred Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier.

It's a very interesting film, as it takes us in to the life of Colin Clark, a man who served as a production assistant during the filming of the Prince and the Showgirl, it is an intriguing story that I had never heard of before, I have a huge interest in film making and getting to get to know what went on in the background of these films will always captivate me, especially if they're as complicated as this one was.

Still, sharp-eyed, independently thinking viewers can still spot its thematic details, and the very high-level performances from the captivating Williams, the very charming and likable Eddie Redmayne, as who is really the film's protagonist, and the always compelling Kenneth Brannagh playing his theatrical, Shakespearean idol, are all very attuned to the sophistication of the material they're working with.

Despite a fact-based story that strains credibility, an insightful look at the cinematic phenomena that was Marilyn Monroe makes the 2011 docudrama My Week with Marilyn worth watching.

Williams is sensual, unpredictable, and even innocent in her behavior because we don't know too much about her, and more importantly, because we don't see too much of her...

So, you can see how many would find this boring.

" While the movie might be called "entertaining" to an extent, it is trite and pointless.

Even though Monroe was one of the most famous people from 20th century, her private life preserves an aura of mystery which still makes it fascinating to the new generations.

Again, just lazy cliche, and mostly just an impersonation.

Anyway, a very enjoyable and moving film on a subject I had no expectation of being moved by.

Obviously, it is nigh on impossible to find a person to be exactly like another, but this lady was just so empty I didn't feel anything about Marilyn through her, only through the story and others actors.

All in all it is a hugely enjoyable romp, in complete contrast to Terence Davies's travesty of Rattigan, The Deep Blue Sea, released on the same day and playing in the same cinema, where I have just seen both.

Hats off to the director to make a movie absolutely intriguing with so less of a story, understanding in capturing the emotions than the plot.

The other actors were wonderful though, and made it enjoyable enough to watch, especially with the Eddie eye-candy.

The barely prolific filmmaker Colin Clark might be little known, but the joy he finds in cinema is palpable in the few works that he's been responsible for, and his early memoirs The Prince, the Showgirl and Me and My Week with Marilyn give some intriguing material for television director Simon Curtis to draw on.

Some Like it Dull .

Another film with great performances, but uninteresting stories .

While entertaining, the film suffers from the limits of its venue.

"My Week with Marilyn" is entertaining and sufficiently well done to interest anyone who remembers her story.