Mystery Team (2009) - Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Hohum Score



A group of former Encyclopedia Brown-style child-detectives struggle to solve an adult mystery.

IMDB: 6.7
Director: Dan Eckman
Stars: Donald Glover, D.C. Pierson
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 9 out of 36 found boring (25%)

One-line Reviews (17)

Well we were bored to death; when the movie come finally to the end was the most pleasant moment.

It is an unbelievably stupid and vulgar waste of time.

I made it through the first 20 minutes or so but man, it's really unwatchable.

One day, I was lucky to find derrick comedy when scrolling through youtube on a boring Sunday afternoon, as I recall.

Again, I don't understand why something like the Change-Up gets general release just because it has NAMED talent, and a smaller, albeit more entertaining film, doesn't.

Totally waste of time to watch this movie, the only reason I registered at IMDb was to made this post.

Don't waste your time or your money.

Its when the movie gets a little more serious as the mystery comes to its predictable climax, the directors freshman colors start to show.

The fish out of water aspect is very enjoyable.

There isn't much to the bit, but the filmmakers have an advanced sense of when to smartly weave in secondary story elements and hilarious supporting characters to keep things entertaining.

But, again and again, the film chooses jokes about erections, nudity, bestiality and other stuff that becomes tiresome.

One of the worst movies ever .

Their mundane lifestyle is changed with a murder taking place in the neighbourhood.

The script is boring, the acting is bad, the jokes are just lame.

even a 15 year old kid will get bored by watching this, although from the language and sexual scenes in the movie its aiming for adults I hope, the story of the movie cant hold a 10 YEARS old kid to watch it,there is NO single point in this movie that is going to tell something to anyone, from the beginning and till the end of this movie I couldn't even SMILE.

The mix of innocence, immaturity, and real world situation made for a wildly entertaining and hilarious movies.

On the surface, this movie might sound cliché and familiar, ala the Andy Samberg 2006 picture, Hot Rod.