Nacho Libre (2006) - Comedy, Family, Sport

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Berated all his life by those around him, a monk follows his dream and dons a mask to moonlight as a Luchador (Mexican wrestler).

IMDB: 5.7
Director: Jared Hess
Stars: Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 115 out of 465 found boring (24.73%)

One-line Reviews (275)

I was dragged there by friends and otherwise would never have seen it.

My 15 year old son dragged me to the theater to witness this celluloid train wreck, (he has subsequently lost movie picking privileges forever).

Black performs stunts, sings, wrestles, and speaks with an ever-changing accent throughout the film in hopes of entertaining us.

What should be a 3 minute skit has been hacked into a full length, beyond stupid bore.

But there's no story here.

Nacho Libre is funny in parts,dry in some but overall a good way to blow off a boring day.

Fortunately, Jack Black's portrayal of the main character is engaging enough to carry the film.

I mean really truly boring.

Entertaining though strange .

But this one was pretty entertaining.

My husband dragged me to this movie on a HOT evening, (mainly to sit in an air-conditioned theatre, I'm sure.

Worst movie ever .

If you like films such as, Napoleon Dynamite, School of Rock, even Monty Python, with silly, probably quite predictable jokes, you'll like this.

Indeed there are at least two occasions during Nacho Libre where our portly protagonists bursts into song the rest of the movie could have been complete pants yet these two moments of comedic brilliance would have, at least, made the trip half enjoyable.

Worst movie in many years.

There is something about this guy that allows him to take a bland line and turn it into something entertaining.

It's slow, simple and quiet.

'Nacho Libre' isn't anything brilliant, perhaps not even "good" film-making, but it is a very enjoyable way to kill 2 hours.

This was truly the worst movie I've seen in recent memory.

The plot is utterly banal and the actors timing is close to non-existing.

Honestly, unless you are a die-hard Jack Black and/or Napolean Dynamite fan, please for your own sake, save your money.

However, the story does unfold pretty slowly and it is utterly predictable.

Predictable; thus boring .

It is hilarious at times but as I have said at other times it can be a bit slow.

Throughout the cute establishing sequence, lively exposition, and thrilling climax, it's easy to get caught up in the journey of Nacho.

I have to say that I expected a little more 'crudeness' than it actually contained, and felt uplifted and refreshed when we walked out at the end.

I highly approve of original movies, especially original comedies, especially funny original comedies when most American made stuff seems so formulaic.


It has a great premise and a funny star, but the jokes are so unbearably predictable that it is actually just boring.

Words cannot express how unfunny, bland and insulting to the audience's intelligence this was.

About the characters they were extremely predictable, dull, underdeveloped and stereotypical.

Jared Hess makes dull comedies.


I like that his progress to the goal is slow and humorously humiliating.

It may not be the most imaginative idea ever, but, really, it's a couple of hours away from reality, and i throughly enjoyed it.

Yeah, this picture COULD'VE been better, and if you're looking for stuff to DISlike you'll find many problems: campy plot, disjointed pacing, gags that don't come to an apparent punchline...

Much like Napoleon Dynamite, the move paces slowly and uses many plain looking people to deliver monotone dialog in random and extremely hilarious ways.

Tedious, slow, boring, Jack Blacks meandering accent…These are just a few of the things I noticed almost immediately.

"NACHO LIBRE" is an entertaining parody of a beloved Mexican cult hobby: wrestling.

One awkward main character with a weird, dull sidekick team up to accomplish a seemingly impossible goal, and get into strange dilemmas all along the way.

Mildly entertaining .

Worst movie of the year .

Flaws aside, I must confess I did laugh out loud and my wife enjoyed it even more than I did, so I guess NACHO LIBRE and Jack Black achieved their purpose of putting a Mexican parody on film.

Overall, the whole film is cliché some of the time, and has not enough good puns to keep you entertained for the entire running time.

Kids would enjoy it, middle aged people would enjoy it and my grandma would have enjoyed it.

This predictable comedy has Jack Black's ability to achieve comic humor in the many forms, from great body language mimic the Mexican brand of movie making to the one-liners.

Overall the movie is very enjoyable and your children will fall in love with Jack Black.

its just Jack Black being himself in a slapstick movie with a bit of crude humour and basically its just a good little entertaining movie.

This movie, however, takes pretentious to a whole new level.

Thoroughly enjoyable, leaves you smiling.

Please, save your money; even your kids will hate this.

But after watching Nacho Libre, we all decided it was a waste of our time and we could've been watching a more thought-out written, funny, and interesting movie instead.

I have to say I enjoyed it more than Napoleon Dynamite.

Save your money .

It looks boring, and the trailers don't really help to make it look better.

This was, without a doubt, the worst movie I've ever seen.

Most of the "jokes" were either mildly funny seventy years ago or fell flat even then, and it looked as though whole scenes were missing throughout, it was that disjointed.

the movie gets my vote for one of the worst movies ever and i haven't even seen it; the trailers on TV give away the whole plot.

I'm a big fan of Jack Black but this is, in my opinion, the worst movie he has featured in.

With predictable set ups and punchlines, there is nothing at all to make this movie worthwhile.

Easily the worst movie of 2006!

The central character, aside from being a wannabe wrestler also cares for kids and wants to be a friar - and this subplot comes off as being very forced and uninteresting.

Yawn inducing melodrama .

Take it with a grain of salt and it'll end up compelling you.

Kids learn more from this movie than watching some empty animated movie full of songs and about the same subject every time which somehow underestimates the capacity of analysis kids have.

I wouldn't waste my money on this one.

I think this movie was extremely boring and not at all funny.

Some of the movie's gags require a long and tedious build up, like the quest for the Eagle's egg, with no payoff whatsoever (was the egg yolk on his face the funny part?

Otherwise, it's kinda boring.

It will die quickly at the box office as word of mouth spreads the slow,sorry pace of this film

I'm just happy I was barely able to get my money back for this complete waste of time.

This movie was a big waste of time.

For me, the film dragged.

In fact some parts are so boring I almost slipped into a coma a few times.

It has some outrageous jokes and some mediocre acting, but actually has a nice enjoyable plot with the main actors being as ridiculous as possible and honest a great soundtrack.

This was one of the worst movies I have seen in a very long time and that's bad when I watch many movies (many of which are horror).

His character is clearly set-up to be absolutely hilarious, but he is just lifeless and boring.

Don't waste your time!

well it was one of the worst movies I have seen in my short 25 year life span, what is the point?

The sad thing is, the Hess team and the usually great Mike White have tried to pass off the script as first rate comedy, when actually it is for the most part, just plain boring.

The people in the theater were so restless and silent it was like watching paint dry.

I thought the movie was funny because of the intense desire Black portrayed at becoming a "great wrestler.

I normally give movies a second chance but this one really take the cake for worst movie ever made.

It was predictable that he would end up getting that girl, predictable that he would enter the tournament, and was predictable that he would end up winning the whole thing and receive money in the end.

They remain funny as they are unexpected and almost entirely new jokes, rather than tired puns pulled from old Looney Toon cartoons.

The movie however is at times very dry mostly when he is training or buying groceries.

Save your money for when this thing is on TV at three in the morning, and maybe then tape over some wrestling with it.

This is a great family flick and is entertaining for both kids and adults alike.

To conclude this movie is mildly entertaining.

This movie is "airy" in the same way that film is - it's visually driven rather than dialog driven, and the barely-existent plot moves along at a snail's pace.

The wrestling scenes are funny but very, very predictable and same old when it comes to stunts and funny scenes in the ring.

I was thoroughly bored though, and found 'Nacho Libre' too slow and predictable with very little to laugh at.

This was possibly one of the worst movies i've ever seen.

But then I suppose you'd find your own regurgitated oatmeal more compelling and you'd lose interest in Nacho Libre soon enough.

This film made me really bored.

From the trailers, I thought this would be a cheap, predictable, sophomoric comedy like "Shallow Hal," or even worse-- completely cruel in the targets of its humor.

The film is very dry and if you don't know what to expect its easy to dismiss the comedy and think the film is horrible.

And even as a film, its an enjoyable comedy!

But instead, it was drawn out almost 2 hours.

I was bored and nervous watching a film that would make no sense.

The characters are boring.

I have seen some terrible movies this year (including click) and this by far takes the prize as worst movie of the year.

Off course any comedy featuring Jack Black creates some amusing moments in which most of them are inside the ring, as soon as we step out of the ring the movie seems unfocused and empty for ideas, disappointing.

Some shots are totally random and way out-there, and utterly pointless.

Nacho Libre could easily be another pointless nickelodeon show.

His idea of funny is being as dull and stupid as you can be which seems to work for everyone who thinks Napoleon Dynamite (also his baby) was hilarious.

This is truly the worst movie I've ever paid to see.

The pace is slow, the music is terrible, the jokes are non-existent and the acting is sub-par.

Definitely a film for those who hold that loudmouth Jon Stewart is something other than a tacky, banal, second-rate comedienne .

There were no funny lines, the scenes were very predictable, and the story was slow.

To start the story was choppy and confusing,I was at many times wondering what was happening.

The movie was a little bit of a let-down for me, personally, but I still enjoyed it.

It's a beautifully shot film, it's lovable, and very unpredictable; and you walk out feeling pretty good.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Stereotypical Hollywood comedy, but unusually and unexpectedly enjoyable.

Lame bathroom jokes, a lot of useless, not funny, dialogue, and a very boring script.


The rest of the time I was squirming in my seat doing my best to stay awake because there was actually a plot.

The flaw is that it's both dumb and dull.

i also cannot believe the other comments i read, because this was the worst movie i've seen for years, ick p.

However, i did enjoy watching Jack Black make an idiot of himself, and i think that he was the only thing that made it worth watching at all.

I thought it was kind of boring, kind of predictable and of course the funniest scenes were all in the previews so that wasn't much to watch.

The music played at the very beginning and throughout the whole movie is entertaining in itself.

moderately enjoyable thanks to Jack Black .

It has a beautiful and engaging visual style and the wrestling scenes are well choreographed.

Finally, most people don't give this film a chance because its pace is too slow and it does not include modern humor.

White's talented mix of subtle, ironic humour and laugh-out-loud ridiculousness combines with Jared Hess' simple and smooth storytelling to create one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time.

Why did I waste my time with this??

a stunning surprise to me came from nacho lib-re.

The character's actions were just dumb and pointless.

Awfully Unfunny – Certainly One of the Worst Movies I Have Ever Seen .

Nacho Libre is one of those films that will be more enjoyable on a second viewing thanks to the wonderful mechanism that is known as the fast-forward button.

It was so damn predictable I can guess the parts I missed and I would be right.

My daughter was bored about 1/3 of the way thru and I was looking at my watch.

It's so wildly predictable that you could guess it RIGHT NOW.

By using the full use of the natural beauty, with the cinematography to capture the amazing work of all the technical aspects of the film, this film was visually compelling.

A Subtle, Surreal and Entertaining Experience .

It's silly fun and I enjoyed it.

He longs to be a luchadore (a Mexican wrestler), and to gain the affections of the stunning Sister Encarnación (Ana del la Regura).

The music in the movie was also well done and enjoyable.

unfunny and tedious .

Don't get me wrong, the first half of the movie has several good moments but after that the story get thin and sometimes predictable, a little more work on the story would have been in order.

Entertaining .

The wrestling scenes, while far between and almost too short, are highly entertaining, and should make any wrestling fan let out even the faintest of laughs.

It is bad enough that the few jokes that do appear are only worth a small snicker, but if there were actual jokes in the middle of these lulls and they just fell far too flat for anyone's tastes, than that would only continue to perpetuate this film's badness.

It moved so slowly throughout the entire thing that My Fiancé actually started to doze off while we were watching.

I was looking forward to this movie, and I walked out after 45 minutes.

Be forewarned though there is no strong supporting characters, a pitiful repetitive soundtrack, and no evolution other than a predictable plot.

Once you get past this, Nacho Libre is actually an enjoyable movie if you enjoy seeing interesting characters develop and grow.

It's kind of a bore, really.

I would have to put this one in contention for one of the worst movies ever made.

OK movie, enjoyed it for what it was .

The story was so very slow, no memorable dialogs of any kind, backyard fight scenes, and just no jokes once so ever.

I know it's a cliché but this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen and for so many reasons....

It's just the same boring crap with this guy.

It could've been entertaining...

Not only is it the funniest film I've seen sense I don't know when, it is unpredictable and makes you never want it to end.

So if you find yourself bored on a rainy day, and you can't take your kids outside and play, take'em out to see this movie, you won't regret it.

And from the standpoint of "I just want to watch a funny movie that's enjoyable and will make me laugh," it accomplishes this very well.

In short, the film is disjointed, not funny and a real yawn.

He's tired of serving the same bland food to the young boys in his charge.

I enjoyed it.

And the eagle egg scene is just a waste of time.

I have to say though, that the wrestling in the film is downright entertaining.

The pale allusion to the trials of Moses (and his slow, arching struggle against Ramses), never really flies.

Jack Black's acting/role was self-indulgent and self-regarding...

quite possibly one of the worst movies of all time .

OK, well he's funny and stuff, so this could still be entertaining...

The only reason for me to waste my time writing about this movie, is to save others from bying this DVD as I did, and painfully regret!

THIS was Jack Blacks worst movie in Jack Black filmogrophy.

The editing was horrible, The Script boring, and without colour, And the Musical track didn't bring life to the film.

The rest of just plain dull.

I found it boring.

But it's not that, either; everyone, save perhaps the radiant de la Reguera, seems listless, sleepwalking through a dull pseudocomedy that shouldn't be mentioned again.

I might have walked out...

This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The action scenes aren't farcical like the rest of the film, though some of them are thrilling.

However, if it was more realistic I would have enjoyed it a bit more although my sides are still sore from laughing.

The story is flimsy, predictable and about as entertaining as watching a twenty minute short.

Mind you, they didn't like it, but at least they didn't abandon their love for me because I took them to this waste of time.

Only the dull feeling as you cough up another four quid to go see a better movie.

We left the theater glad that we saw this one instead.

050 joke batting average, it was still an utter waste of time.

Offbeat and entertaining Parody .

Waste of time .

The awfully unfunny "Nacho Libre" is certainly one of the worst movies i have ever seen.

I could see every joke as it came along and had to endure the dull delivery of each old joke as it slowly played out.

This movie makes fun of all the cliché's of the sport genre, and the love story and the religion VS sinful urge theme.

Jack Black more than steals the show as the main character, and a charming supporting cast helps makes this film an enjoyable one for kids and adults.

It plays it just straight enough to be a bit tedious and there are cartoony sound FX that clutter up the start of the film in a way that makes you worried until the charms help make up for it.

Toward the end during the "big fight" it wanders into "Rocky" territory with the guy getting beat up then conquering in the end and that is the most entertaining part of the movie.

And yes, I agree with what someone said earlier, although it may seem like silly humor, there is an actual intelligence about it that makes it even more enjoyable!

Sometimes, Hess makes some shots of people looking at the camera take way too long.

They begin to lose their freshness after multiply times and it becomes a tiresome joke.

flat out boring with gags and jokes that are so stale they stink and a story that is just plain boring.

It was bland and thin on any genuine humour.

If you see the movie on HBO, do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on it unless you can't find anything else and are just desperate to kill 1-2 hours.

The later half of the movie feels formulaic and conventional, the joyous spontaneity lost as Ignacio continues to fail and fail.

Don't waste your time.

Jared Hess is the creator/director the suckfest Napoleon Dynamite, and he's joined forces with Jack Black for this tour de force, and the results are predictable: 100 minutes of awkwardness with moments of wannabe rock-star.

The delivery of some of storytelling's oldest cliché's in this film was not original at all and made me feel like I was listening to a child tell me a story.

Don't waste your time seeing this mess.

The too few quirky moments may stick with you after you forget the cliché elements that drag it down.

way too predictable for me.

I saw this movie last night and I must say that this movie is one of the most entertaining movies I have seen so far this year, or that I remember seeing for a long time.

The love songs composed and sung by Jack Black are so slapstick operatic exaggerated, so insanely ridiculous and so poorly rendered, that they end up being immensely entertaining.

Only you hardly ever get any of that, either, except at the very end with a predictable ending.

This movie was as exciting as a plate of cold refried beans.

That being said, there were a few things about the movie that turned me off, the farting in the movie was incredibly pointless, and i didn't like that Jared Hess seems to want to be Wes Anderson really bad.

Their brand of humor, which is very dry, makes it a whether-you-love-it-or-hate-it kind of humor, one that can be compared to that of Woody Allen.

All in all not a very meaningful movie, but entertaining if you are in the right mood.

On the list for worst movies ever made.

I must admit that I moderately enjoyed it.

Here, we have the main character farting occasionally, and fart jokes are a rather tiresome cliché in comedy these days that mustn't take much talent to come up with!

The wrestling scenes get a tad repetitive and I would have liked to have seen more sequences with the kids.

Everyone else was just bored.

It probably was funny and I probably would have laughed… but I fell asleep twice.

It was just a fairly mediocre flick, that's good to kill off an hour and a half if you are extremely bored.

Really funny, enjoyable movie.

But don't misunderstand me, the humor is even more enjoyable for adults since only we get some of the jokes or see the craziness in them, humor is delivered in a way that makes it enjoyable for both young ones and adults.

This film (if you can call it that) was a complete waste of my time.

We just watched it again (probably the fifth time I have seen it)and it was as delightful and entertaining as ever!

Worst movie ever!!.

It was astonishing, it was great, it was funny, it was enjoyable I liked it I can't wait to see it again and thats all I have to say!

I'm warning you people, don't waste your money on a movie as stupid as this.

Some critics are saying the plot is too predictable.

First time I have ever walked out of a movie...

Luckily there are a slew of hilarious, outlandish, freakish characters populating this movie who are intriguing in the way they so often defy the stereotypes one would usually attribute to them.

Sweet hearted but slow and barely droll.

Although some may say that the humor was potty-ish, I would probably describe it as crazy, hilarious, and unpredictable.

Besides the direction, writing, lack of plot, constant mugging (aided and abetted by constant straight-on camera shots), and a .

My son enjoyed it so much that, when grown and he saw Nacho Libre, he called me.

Worth watching!

Also, this has to be one of the most predictable movies I have seen.

This film goes for the laughs and ends up empty.

The relationship between Black and the nun is quite entertaining and tasteful while several violent shots appears to be excessive and distract from the movie.

It's cute, sweet, and you get to stare at Jack Black's upper torso for far too long.

The looks and costumes of the opponents looked disturbing and the fat lady was pointless and mad me want to hit something.

After Jared Hess's "Napoleon Dynamite" kept me thoroughly entertained for the entirety of the movie, I was surprised to find myself so often bored with "Nacho Libre".

I have heard this movie compared to Napolean Dynamite, and the style of weird and dull humor was kind of similar.

The soundtrack was tedious.

My 10 year old son and I went to see this one afternoon in summer hols, we both enjoyed it and made us both laugh in places.

but i had such low expectations of it that when i walked out of the theater i was singing its praises from the roof tops and quoting my favorite lines from it.

and the other characters were equally unmasking and uninteresting.

If you're like me and are getting bored (or maybe disgusted?

As entertaining as Teletubbies .

Nacho Libre starts out a little slow (mainly introducing characters & main plots), although since most movies start out this way; it's okay.

I found it to be an entertaining movie and it had a lot of offbeat characters and situations which I really liked.

I'm not a fan of Jack Black; to be honest, I thought "School of Rock" to be pandering, absurd, and just a waste of time.

I thought it was entertaining with it's quirky characters and interesting directing.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Don't waste your time with this one.

I can only hope that in the future, Jack Black can produce some better movies and more funny things then just a dull movie which everyone is bored to tears with watching.

It was not funny, not entertaining, and a total bore.

Most will remember Hess for his stunning direction of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

A lot of it just awkwardly dragged on.

this movie was really unexpected.

Outside of some of the wrestling scenes this movie was mostly unfunny, boring, with bad sound, as well as, uneven editing and not to forget Jack's inconsistent and poorly understandable Spanish accent.

Anyways I give Nacho Libre a 4/10 for sheer disappointment but still being enjoyable for much younger viewers.

I thought Glitter was the worst movie ever- Then along came Nacho Libre.

Please don't waste your time.

The song was so completely pointless and stupid that it was actually entertaining.

The film is too inconsistently entertaining.

This may not be a film for everyone, but it is certainly entertaining.

It makes for a charming, warm and enjoyable "feel good" experience.

But hey, I enjoyed it, though admittedly I am a bit of a Jack Black fan.

Painfully slow and not as quirky as Napoleon dynamite .


Behind all the silliness is a story about how legalism traps us in a place of boredom and predictability.

Pass on this one, but if you are bored out of your mind - its OK.

A funny movie, but slow moving at times.

It was boring and at times just plain annoying, repulsive even.

And, above all, the plots where soooo lame and slow; most of the scenes were El Santo fighting on the ring or Capulina making his silly jokes.

I generally enjoy Jack Black, and although I don't think of him in terms of being some comedic genius, his films are usually entertaining.

There was no plot at all.