Naked Fear (2007) - Horror, Thriller

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Diana arrives in a town to start a new job. She's threatened into working as an exotic dancer. She's later kidnapped and let loose naked in the wilderness as prey for the psycho hunter, like many women before her. Will she survive?

IMDB: 5.1
Director: Thom Eberhardt
Stars: Danielle De Luca, J.D. Garfield
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 3 out of 43 found boring (6.97%)

One-line Reviews (37)

Cheap, but occasionally very gripping low-budget exploitation thriller .

The plot was plausible; and, gripping -- I was enthralled right from the opening scene.

The action was fast paced.

The hunting and fleeing scenario manages to be tense and involving, at times even gripping.

What's left behind is a ponderous and ugly glop of bad plotting, terrible dialog, awful acting and bizarrely horrible editing.

NF's effectiveness comes mainly from Danielle De Luca's intense turn as Diana, a lovely, red- headed Texas woman who moves to a sleepy (make that comatose) New Mexico town to take an alluring job as a dancer.

But, despite its meager budget, its use of non-actors in all the important roles, and the general sloppiness of its construction, it has odd moments in which someone -- the writer or the director -- managed to transcend the mundane foundations of the narrative.

After this the story becomes quite compelling as the unfortunate Diana struggles to survive and stay one step ahead of Colin.

It does lead to a resolution that is unexpected, ending this thing on a rather interesting final note.

I thought the very end like the beginning was a bit contrived and hooky, but neither end stopped this from being a very watchable and enjoyable film.

I found it enjoyable, only the acting of the supporting cast and the sound sometimes irritated me.

An entertaining hour or so.

While a majority of the film is made up by great acting and suspenseful scenes (which have some intense synth music by the way), some scenes can be picked out that I would call mediocre.

Despite her fear, shame, and confusion, Diana proves to be quite a challenging, elusive quarry for the deranged Colin.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

Assuming that Danielle De Luca is no "Meryl Streep" (and I'd love for her to prove me wrong), the only other explanation for this performance is that she has played "herself" -- as if she were in the same situation as her character; and that Eberhart has either cast her for that very reason or at least realized early on what she was delivering and went with it full bore.

To my mind, "Naked Fear" succeeds by actually committing a consummate taboo: rendering the plot almost irrelevant by causing the viewer to become more intrigued by its direction, cinematography, and most of all, the riveting performance and physiognomy of its star performer.

Kudos should be heaped on Danielle De Luca who goes far beyond the call of duty, her character naked and bruised in the middle of New Mexico wilderness..certainly a breathtaking setting to have this naked girl running about.

But most of it was repetitive.

Her hunter is bored with animals, and now likes hunting the most resourceful prey of all.

Apparently realizing that the first 45 minutes of the film are unbelievably boring, someone decided to try to compensate for it with excessive female nudity in the latter 45 minutes.

But as the story developed, it actually became an entertaining movie.

There was the cliché.

This flick is really a slow starter, it takes around 40 minutes before it turns into what the title says.

more thriller then horror but still enjoyable .

An unexpected treat .

What points they may have lost from me were gained back by the unexpected ending.

It is, however, one step above it, though, and that is the fact that the movie is a very cheap, but occasionally very gripping low-budget exploitation thriller.

There was some snappy dialog and some interesting scenes.

'Naked Fear' could have at this point simply turned into a boring exploitationer with the main purpose for the camera to linger on De Lucas' nude body as she runs from her nemesis, but instead director Thom Eberhardt crafts a suspenseful and enthralling movie.

Boring stuff.

What will sound like a terrible exploitation movie is in fact a very clever handled mixture of drama and thriller, sometimes creepy, sometimes entertaining in the way of a self-parody.

This was better than an empty dessert.

"Naked Fear," despite its budget limitations and exploitative values, is occasionally a very gripping and very suspenseful film.

I give the producers credit for delivering a credible and compelling story, as well as a believable performance from Danielle DeLuca.

Your two-minutes of screen time were the most enjoyable part of the movie.

All in all, I'd recommend a viewing on the basis of the thrilling and dynamic events at the centre of the film and advise not paying too much attention to the peripheral stuff.